Fayt Ravus
Fayt "Stuffgetter" Ravus
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source none
Faction Union
Rank 2-Lieutenant
Function Chaos Mage/Stuff Getter
Groups Gatecrashers Union and Thousand Dreams
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 15-16
Age (Actual) 15-16
Still Aging? No
Height 5'5"
Weight 110
Hair Color Pale Blue
Eye Color Dull Green
"I wasn't sure what to make of my powers. Yes they're strange and yes, there's the constant risk in using them. but I think I'm pretty happy with the results."
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A chaos mage from what he'd call "a generic fantasy hell-hole". The multiverse has done much to change Fayt over the years. originally a grumpy mage trying to stay out of trouble and avoid the war, events have seen him taking on a trading company soon after unifying, and soon after that Joining the Union. His friends have managed to bring Fayt out of his shell somewhat, showing him to be friendly and helpful if somewhat timid. Now Fayt uses his newly developed powers to try and help the Union in whatever way he can. He just needs to be careful, Chaos is some rather finicky stuff.


Chaos Magic: Fayt's magic is chaotic, and this allows a lot of freedom in what his spells can do. Things like changing a spells element (Fire to electricity, for example) or making a projectile split into several. He's also capable of casting spells with unusual effects, like altering probability (works as a +buff or +debuff). otherwise, his most basic spells are pretty typical for something found in an RPG or tabletop game. Force bolts, fireballs, teleporting, etc. Finally, he can change seplls mid-flight, making them change drection or split into several copies of themseves, amongst other things.

Enchanter: Fayt has the ability to enchant objects with some of his power, giving them unusual new abilities or a limited ability to cast one of Fayt's spells. While the results of Fayt's enchanting can be quite amazing, armor that shifts or twists to better protect the wearer, arrows that can seek enemies, etc. It does come at a high cost: binding his chaotic magic to (safely) stay in an item takes a lot of time and effort, and the process is unstable and prone to causing surges. (See +flaw: Spell Surge) (OOC Note: Permanently using an enchanted item acquired from Fayt requires an upgrade app on the part of the user)

Enchanted Gear: Since learning how to enchant things. Fayt has taken to keeping some enchanted weapons armor and items on hand on hand, while the things he make don't necessarily make him any stronger, (No PL increase) and he can only carry so much at once. it makes him a lot more versatile when dealing with whatever the Multiverse throws at him. (OOC note: for more details on the gear itself, see the 'Enchanter' power.)

Tiger Warrior: Thanks to training from Untamed Breeze. Fayt has surprisingly honed combat instincts for a mage. Able to quickly dodge attacks, make decisions, and keep a level head in the thick of battle.

El Presidente: Due to a combination of the wishes of it's previous owner, and all other involved parties basically quitting or disappearing. Fayt Ravus is currently the president of the Black Dragon Shipping company. As president, Fayt's job mostly revolves around setting up trade routes, dealing with customers (particularly the elite ones) and going over reports from all the ships that either belong to the company or pass through the Dragon's Nest. And he still helps out with moving the cargo around.

Castle Ravus: Fayt's home is currently a subterranean, upside-down keep located in Magix. having been abandoned for some time, Bloom pointed it to him as a potential place for a workshop, and he's since taken it over. The keep is trapped to keep intruders out, the traps mostly based around confusion and misdirection, and the locals are willing to help defend if push comes to shove.

Surge Protector: this device, made by Alicia T. Harlaown, works to help control Fayt's magic, drawing off and dispersing the excess chaotic energy that builds up as Fayt casts spells so he doesn't surge (see +flaw; Spell surge) Fayt has to be wearing it for it to work, and it's possible for it to be broken or stolen, but as long as he has it, he's far less likely to suffer a surge than normal.

Wing Scarf: A scarf enchanted by Fayt, when activated, the scarf turns into a pair of wings that allows Fayt to fly. It's good enough for Fayt to fight in the air if needed and strong enough for Fayt to carry things in flight assuming Fayt himself can actually handle the load normally.

Abstractum: Fayt has an Abstractum in the form of a pair of gloves, named Maugris. It's demanding and drives him up the wall, but it also allows Fayt to enchant stuff out in the field. (OOC: See character abstractum.net for details.)


Spell Surge: The more Fayt using his magic, the more chaotic it grows in response. Using too much magic over a short enough time can cause it to overwhelm Fayt in an uncontrolled magical surge. The results of which are random, quite strange, and usually inconvenient to Fayt himself, and sometimes others if they're too close.

Volatile: Fayt's magic is very, VERY strange by most magical standards. Attempts by outside forces to directly tamper with it, such as draining mana, tends to go poorly, and might even cause Fayt to instantly surge, and likely also effect whoever caused it.

The Dragon Awakes: Fayt is normally quite calm and in control of himself in battle.. enough provocation from his opponent or a bad enough injury however, can cause him to snap, entering a state of panic that causes him to fight back much harder than normal and pulling out much nastier spells than what he normally uses.

Don't Drink and Cast: As it turns out, booze and chaotic magic REALLY don't mix. Being drunk make's Fayt's magic more volatile and prone to surging than usual, and Fayt's low tolerance to alcohol makes getting him drunk worryingly easy. Fortunately, left to his own devices, he almost never drinks.

Oh, right, wings: Fayt is not a natural flier, having to use the wing scarf to do so, and still very new to the idea as a whole. As a result, Fayt occasionally forgets he can fly in instances where it would be useful. Such as say, when he's pushed off a ledge.

Work-a-holic: Fayt takes his job seriously, very seriously. Left to his own devices, Fayt tends to only work or study, and rarely if ever shows any signs of having a life outside his job.

With Help Like This…: Fayt's workers generally mean well, and are otherwise quite effective at their jobs (He wouldn't keep them around otherwise!). Unfortunately, they're also quite weird, having been known to random backtalk or annoy Fayt and being somewhat silly overall. There's no good explanation for what causes this. Maybe it's cabin fever from long ship flights? Maybe it's stress from facing elite threats in the multiverse? Fayt's generally willing to shrug it off as long as work is getting done though.

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