A scion's legend is just as powerful as that of any classic hero of yore- just being in the modern era doesn't make them any less important than the children of the gods born further back. Additionally, the reason they exist in so many numbers is because the gods have realised something; Fatebinding, and its effect on the world. Whoever or whatever Fate is, whenever those with the power to do the impossible do so in the World, the strands of fate react to them, and tangle up people, places and objects.

As any being grows in Legend, the pull of this Fateful Aura becomes much stronger. Were the gods to take center stage and resolve the problem of the titans themselves, by their sheer presence they would bind whole populations to their actions- and failure would bring instant doom to the world. Or 'worse', they could be warped by mortal opinion and desire until they became unrecogniseable to themselves and the others. As such, they operate through their Scions, whose pull is relatively less than their own. This is absolutely no comfort to those Scions, to say nothing of the people who they catch up in their Fate.

Any use of a Scion's knacks and boons to aid people, be it preserving their crops with the fertility purview, gathering them around him with charisma knacks or driving them away with fire boons may cause Fatebinding. This assigns a Fated role to the target of the power. People may be aware of this and try their best to fight it, but Fate always seems to get its way, and they become the supporting cast of the great and terrible story told about that Scion.

But hey, it's not all bad shakes- after all, where would Robin Hood be without his merry men, or John Henry without the people whose jobs he swore to save racing the machine?

Fatebinding Strength

Depending on the strength and pull of the bond, often in relation to how significantly a scion's power has changed the life of that person, the strength of fatebinding may differ. At its weakest, they may only perform their role in the presence of the Scion, and for as little as a day. At its strongest, the bond lasts beyond even death and their ghost will be driven to carry on that role. Whether the Scion is alive, dead or anything or anywhere inbetween, and depending on how near to them they are, the effects differ.

Fatebound Roles

Depending on the power of the person in question, these roles may or may not take prominence. Although coincidence and happenstance will conspire to bring fatebound individuals together, many Elites retain greater free will and will not be forced to act in the way described below. Mortals are less lucky and will always find themselves doing so. Mind you, whatever's most fun always takes priority, right?

  • The Apprentice - The Fated greatly respects the Scion and wishes to follow in their footsteps. Iasmuch as he understands the Scion's personality he will act as they do.
  • The Backup - Even if they're not necessarily good at it, the Fated will always be in the Scion's corner and do what they're told to do.
  • The Balm - When the Scion's emotions rage out of control, the Fated will always be there to calm them down, even if the Scion doesn't know why they make them happy.
  • The Boon Companion - The Fated follows behind the Scion, and tells them what they need to hear even if they don't like hearing it. They'll never give up on them.
  • The Canary - If something bad is going to happen to the Scion, it always happens to the Fated first.
  • The Catastrophe - Problems are on the rise and it's always the Fated's fault. They screw up often and spectacularly, leaving the Scion to clear their mess up.
  • The Contrary - Although the Fated seems to be playing one role, they're actually a different one altogether.
  • The Herald - If the Scion needs- or even if he doesn't- to be wellknown and lauded, the Fated provides, even telling lies about how awesome they are.
  • The Jinx - The Fated wants to help, but everything they try to do to assist the Scion blows up in their face, with hilarious consequences. Or not.
  • The Lover - The Fated falls in love with the Scion. They do what they can to get the Scion to reciprocate, but always within reason.
  • The Martyr - A dangerous one by far, this makes the Fated willing- and in extreme cases, actively attempting- to die for the Scion.
  • The Mentor - Even if what they know is no use to the Scion, they think it is, and the Fated does their best to share it.
  • The Nemesis - The Scion is the Fated's white whale, and they will do anything they can to chase after them, fight them, and make their lives unpleasant.
  • The Rival - Doomed as it is, the Fated can't stand to see themselves inferior to the Scion. They always try to outperform the Scion in anything they can.

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  • The Patron - When the Scion really needs it, the Fated will step in to bail them out financially or otherwise, making use of their own abilities even if they're not requested.
  • The Preacher - The Fated thinks the Scion is a certain kind of person, and they'll do anything in their power- however unscrupulous - to convince the Scion of same.
  • The Traitor - Until the instant it matters, this guy's the Scion's best friend. Then, the Fated stabs them in the back. Sometimes literally.
  • The Trickster - Anything the Fated can do to mess up the Scion's day, they do. They are completely malicious and love pissing the Scion off.
  • The Unrequited Lover - This person likes the Scion, but they can't admit it. The feeling might not be romantic, but the Fated watches from the corner… until…
  • The Victim - Repeatedly, the Fated has to be saved by the Scion, and if they don't Fate will make the Scion's life really suck.
  • The Weak Link - In a crisis, the Fated just can't measure up. They profess to be the Scion's boon or ally, and when they need them, they tend to crumple.


People see the Scion as either a Hero or a Villain. Mortals just DO, regardless of their actual activities. This works both ways, and the Scion's life is affected by peoples' feelings towards him. The more they impress their Legend upon mortals, the stronger this bond grows, and at its worst can even make the Scion a slave to the desires of the people. This is the fate the gods work so hard to avoid for their own safety, but their children may not be so wise…

Living up to the expectations of those with Reverence towards them gives the Scion more luck and power depending on the strength of the fatebinding, and acting in contradition does the opposite. In the same way, letting people to whom they are Fated in a good way come to harm in a situation where they could help but chose not to will temporarily rob a Scion of power, and letting people to whom they are Fated in a bad way escape unpunished will sap the Scion's will.

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