Fate/stay night-5

Welcome to Fuyuki City.

Welcome to a land of old and new. A city where one side of the river contains classical-style architecture of both western and Japanese make, where you can find a European manor and a Japanese mansion both within walking distance of the other, and the other half is a cosmopolitan center of skyscrapers, cutting-edge stores and the best bars and restaurants in the city.

Welcome to a city that is not what it seems. A city where the daily life of the teeming hundreds of thousands goes on in utter, blissful ignorance to the second, deeper world that underlies it. A smaller, but infinitely more dangerous world, where magic lives and breathes, and evil creatures stalk the night — most of which would be mistaken for human when seen in the light of day. This is a city in which the supernatural thrives, held in check only by the magi who call the city home… and who says they can be trusted?

Welcome to a city that has played host to a secret competition for hundreds of years. A city where an ancient relic dubbed 'The Holy Grail' — not the cup of legend, but still an artifact which can grant any wish — has lain for several lifetimes. This city has been the battleground for a contest every sixty years, wherein seven magi become the masters of great beings known as Heroic Spirits: reborn heroes and legends of ancient times, brought forward to do battle with each other on behalf of their masters. But while they are all great, that is no guarantee that they are all good; this is a battle of life and death, and the Masters and Servants alike who would use any means to be the last duo standing are multitude.

Welcome to Fuyuki City. Welcome… to the Holy Grail War.

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