Fate/stay night-2

60 years have passed since the Fifth Holy Grail war and the events which would transpire then. Enough time for wounds to have healed, mana to have gathered, and the Grail to re-manifest itself. But more importantly, enough time for the world to have forgotten what happened and for more mages to come seeking the power and temptation of a wish being granted.

And so in the bitter winter of 2057, the challengers will steel themselves, come to Fuyuki, and summon their Servants. And in that snowy city they will wage a war for the ultimate prize: Their Wish.

The Sixth Holy Grail war is beginning. New Masters, new Servants, a new time period. Who will win?

(OOC Note: If you want information on this theme, feel free to contact The Black Knight <Alias: Lancelot>)

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