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From the start, the world in which False Positive takes place has been inherently multi-world in nature. Although worlds did not come from other universes or dimensions they were all clustered together near one another in space. They never were quite 'planets' in the traditional sense: They aren't that large and don't fit the physical nature of the word 'world'. However, they all have atmospheres and sufficient gravity to hold themselves together while maintaining human and meta-human tolerable environments.

Humans are the dominant species, and most others are sub-species, but there are a fair chunk of other, stranger beings out there in the world. Originally each of the worlds was disconnected from one another, prior to the advent of the Claviger Weapons. Nobody remembers who the first Masters of the Claviger were, and at the time there was no naming scheme though these days they might call them all the Aces of their respective fields.

All that is known today is that it was their actions that connected the worlds together for good, in their own way. The Interstellar Pathways were unlocked by the Claviger Bearers, and a city was formed at the location of the 'central' Nexus Point, a once-empty land mass that has come to be called 'Nexus City' in these days.

Since then, the Bearers of Claviger have been the driving force of change. Sometimes in awful and horrific ways…

A war sparked. Creatures that fed on negative emotion and multiplied in number because of it came from old, ruined worlds. They came and attempted to drive worlds into similiar miserable states, or they simply came to worlds where it was already prominent and lurked where they could breed and feed on the people there. These were called the 'Inviscus', and in the First Great War they were driven back to their worlds by an organization of Claviger Bearers and those strong enough still to fight them.

The campaign was successful. However… The Claviger of Spades decided that they would attempt to control them because of their lust for power, and became the first free-willed Inviscus, bearing the 'Inviscus Claviger', capable of corrupting and causing great harm to those whom they are used against. They expanded, secretly, and for a time used the largely mercenary Claviger of Diamonds to help plunge worlds into depression. However, the Diamonds soon realized what they were doing and repented. They convened with the Hearts, and the Clubs and the three of them formed The Infractus, which to this day is scattered about the various worlds, keeping the interstellar pathways shut and the Inviscus in their lonely, isolated worlds.

This would have been effective, were it not for technology.

Technology in all of the worlds vary, but are fairly well along today. Most worlds are effectively on a modern level of living, whether by technological or magical methods of being so, and ALL of them have space-capable ships that can traverse between the worlds effectively. The Inviscus begin their assault on all things anew, and in present day The Infractus — now extremely large — persists in driving them off from their own worlds as well as others.

As for the Claviger themselves, they are sentient weapons that adapt to their wielders. They take on a number of different powers depending on their wielders. Heart acts primarily out of love, loyalty, kindness, pity, friendship, or even a number of other positive good-intending emotions. Diamonds act primarily for personal gain, whether for power or wealth. Spades act primarily out of malice, revenge, or general ill-will towards others. Clubs act primarily out of Duty, and loyalty to People, or Leader.

Locations are Eden Island, Nexus City, Sunset Town, Phantasmal Castle, Albion, and Nowhere.

The modern-day Major 'FCs' are as follows:

Actus the Ace of Hearts, Varus the Ace of Diamonds, Sectus the Ace of Spades, Acio the Ace of Clubs, Ames the Jack of Hearts. Others include Merlin, Arthur, and Mordred.

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