Exalted Setting Information

This page exists as a supplement to the House Rules page, so that the setting information for each iteration of Exalted on the MUSH does not need to be crammed all into one page alongside the House Rules information.


Exalted-1 is farther down the timeline than the default game and assumes a significant amount of differences from the default setting. Some characters have hefty influence in certain spheres, and enough time has passed that Elder Exalts are somewhat more common than is normal. Of particular note is the fall of Lookshy, the Bull of the North's hordes having coalesced into a proper civilization, and the Realm Civil War having remained in a state of cold war for the past two and a half centuries. Inquire before applying to avoid thematic discrepancies between setting and character.

Lytek & Exaltations

Lytek fills a mostly ceremonial position. Many of his powers (and the powers of his tools) cited in Compass of Celestial Directions: Yu-Shan do not carry over in Exalted-1. He is able to prune the memories of Exaltations as normal, but may not implant an Exaltation of any kind in an unworthy host, or significantly reformat Exaltations. These restrictions apply to all entities that can interact with Exaltations in a similar manner, with one exception. Primordial-level entities are capable of reformatting an Exaltation to operate off of a different power supply, such as was done with the Solar shards transformed into Abyssal and Infernal Exaltations. This, however, cannot be undone without great personal effort to change on the part of an Exaltation-holder - this does mean that the Green Sun Princes cannot be restored to Solar Exalted any more easily than Abyssals can.

The Realm

The Realm, the Immaculate Order, and associated organizations are not uniformly Confederate in Exalted-1. The Great Houses are split between each faction depending on their specific morality, and in general the brewing Civil War has been exacerbated by this. There are individual exceptions on both sides however, and it bears mentioning that neither faction will tolerate much from the Realm or the Wyld Hunt about Anathema, though the Confederacy and Union alike will generally not stop them from hunting enemy Anathema.


Lookshy was destroyed in RY 768 by the Mask of Winters, and what was left was subjugated by him from RY 768 until RY 1019. Currently, Lookshy is host to the most massive Hellscape in Creation and also hosts the headquarters of the Green Sun Princes. Some of the Dragon-Blooded Gens from Lookshy's last days still remain, but most were killed or subjugated by the Mask of Winters.

The Mask of Winters & Juggernaut

As of R.Y. 1019, the Mask of Winters has been killed for good through a joint Union effort originally orchestrated by Viridian Sunrise in the guise of Smiting Star of Heaven. The one to deliver the killing blow was Psyber. Juggernaut, however, has gone missing without a trace.

The Reclamation & Green Sun Princes

As of R.Y. 1019, the Reclamation has come to fruition through the efforts of Viridian Sunrise, and the Yozi are now free to spread their influence into Creation. The Green Sun soars alongside the Daystar, and the oaths that the Yozi swore have been shattered. At present, the Green Sun Princes and Hell itself are in wild disarray, as is the Reclamation as a whole. Declaring his legend as the Emperor Ascendant, Viridian Sunrise transcended his station subordinate to the Yozi and unintentionally convinced She Who Lives In Her Name that he was her rightful king. This has caused a schism amidst the Primordials, and split the Green Sun Princes in two… giving Creation a fighting chance against what was a formerly united demon host.

One other thing has also become clear to the Green Sun Princes: They do not have to be servants.

Sorcery: Demon of the Xth Circle

Because of the success of the Reclamation, Demon of the <X>th Circle spells are no longer capable of binding demons in any way, shape, or form. Deals may be made, bribery may be had, but the progeny of the Yozi are no longer beholden to the Exalted or the Gods. Infernal equivalents of these spells still function as normal.


Slowly being infiltrated by demons. Curiously rising to exceptional levels of wealth and prominence.


Turned into a smoking shadowland by Shadows Cast by Bones.

Even Blade Style

The majority of the masters of this style were murdered by the Infernal Exalt called Perfect Emerald Blade. While practitioners exist, the original innovators are gone.

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