Exalted House Rules

Exalted House Rules

This page is here to delineate the house rules for Exalted on Multiverse Crisis MUSH. Note that while there are some things here that will apply cross-theme (that is, between exalted themes whom this writer does not have direct control over) there will be good reason for such rules or they will be purely beneficial. Note that the 'Universal House Rules' are largely dictated by Reliant, and that this is normally just not done.

Universal House Rules

NOTE: Universal House Rules are Official, meaning that this is in most cases just how Exalted works on the MUSH. If this is a problem in your particular Exalted themelisting, please contact Reliant to hash it out. This is because many Exalted mechanics can be iffy in their applicability on Multiverse Crisis MUSH, and I would like to make it both as useful and as fun as possible without being completely broken or borked. This is also because supplements such as Dreams of the First Age introduced many mechanics and Charms that are thematically unfitting or simply wrong.

All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight

This rule is specifically applicable to ALL Exalted themes applied for at MCM. It's not optional.

A common piece of magic throughout multiple charmsets. For the purposes of the MUSH, its effects are modified as follows:

  • The character is able to see all forms of magic and relevant extra-planar magical activity such as dematerialized spirits. Magical items and locations are readily identified as such, though details are up to the expertise of the user. It's much like viewing something through a microscope or a telescope — anyone might be able to see, but not everybody will UNDERSTAND.
  • The character is NOT able to see entities utilizing magical stealth, invisibility, disguises, etc. It provides no bonuses to observing such things either. Even given consent, PCs are not obliged to inform the user of trait numbers of any kind, and entities with Essence 4+ do not automatically register as supernatural.

In conclusion, the charm is a sorcerious aide meant for studying magic. It is not meant to be used as a catchall, on-all-the-time, automatically successful information gatherer for magic that is not plainly laid bare before the person who uses it. Furthermore, Occult as a charm tree is not a valid expansion path for discovering hidden/obscured supernatural power in any way. That is the purview of Investigation, Awareness, and Perception charms. Even so, these things should be handled with care.


In most regards, Akuma work as normal, with a few exceptions:

  • Mortal Akuma gain access to Spirit Charms, with restrictions and uses flavored in accordance with their Yozi patron. Their Essence cap is 5, and they gain the Aura of Power and Magical Attunement mutations automatically. Apart from this distinction and the commensurate restrictions it places on their charm purchases, they are otherwise reconstructed as normal in MoEP: Infernals. Note that unlike spirits, they are able to form combos with Spirit Charms and must do so in order to use more than one at a time.
  • Mortal Akuma may not learn Reserve of Will, and the extra motes acquired by learning Essence Plethora may only be re-filled in accordance with their Yozi patron's own mote pool expander per MoEP: Infernals and those found in The Broken-Winged Crane, or elsewhere. (For example, a mortal Akuma of Malfeas's Essence plethora would work similarly to Sun-Heart Furnace Soul.)

Artifacts & Off-Worlders

Artifacts rated at or below 2 dots may be acquired without an upgrade application. Artifacts at or above a rating of 3 may not be. Off-worlders with any kind of mystical energy to their name may attune artifacts, but do so as mortals and gain no magical material bonus. Off-worlders without magic or compatible energy may not attune to artifacts. Some artifacts may only be attuned by a specific being and similar entities; these may only be attuned by off-worlders with similarities to said entities on a case-by-case basis.

Character Creation

Characters use the new character creation mechanics outlined in the Scroll of Errata. See the General Errata section of the Scroll of Errata, which can be found here. In addition, characters may spend up to an additional 150 XP to flesh out their characters further. Note: Players do not have to apply for "baby exalts" or starting characters of any kind, but these rules are here to accommodate those who wish to.

Artifact Armor Ratings

The Artifact Armor listed in Exalted 2e Core uses the following ratings instead of those listed in the book:

  • Breastplate, Chain Shirt & Lamellar: Artifact 1
  • Reinforced Buff Jacket & Reinforced Breastplate: Artifact 2
  • Articulated Plate & Superheavy Plate: Artifact 3

Lunar Tattoos

They obey the Rule of Cool, and not the written guidelines. Therefore, heavy armor can be used as artifact tattoos, as can weapons that might not necessarily make sense otherwise, although use common sense when determining tattoo costs for weapons that provide a great advantage this way. (For example, superheavy plate tattoos may cost more than the adjusted superheavy plate itself; a daiklave that shifts off your arm and into your hand, or an essence cannon that lets you fire essence out of your hands, will probably cost one or two dots more than their artifact equivalents would.)

Experience Costs

Much like in other tabletop RPGs, Exalted uses experience for character advancement. Experience-based progression works at MCM much like it would anywhere else, with the following changes to the rules as written:

  • General Revisions: All Celestial Exalted may learn Terrestrial Martial Arts at a cost of 4 experience per Charm, and require no tutor to do so. They are intrinsically beyond the Root of the Perfected Lotus even without martial arts training.
  • Sidereal Exalted: Sidereal Exalted learn Celestial Martial Arts at a cost of 8 experience per Charm, instead of using native costs. In addition, they learn Terrestrial Martial Arts at a cost of 2 experience per Charm instead of 4. Finally, their native charms cost 9/10 experience favored/unfavored, instead of 10/12.
  • Lunar Exalted: Lunar Exalted gain knacks at a cost of 8 experience per knack. Additionally, their native charms cost 9/10 experience favored/unfavored, instead of 10/12.
  • Alchemical Exalted: Alchemical Exalted learn martial arts at a cost of 10 experience per charm instead of 11.
  • Dragon-Blooded: Terrestrial Exalted native charms cost 10/11 experience points favored/unfavored, and they purchase Celestial Martial Arts at a cost of 11/12 per charm instead of 12/15.

Heroic Mortals & Half-Breeds

Although applicable as normal, it bears mentioning that mortals and half-breeds such as God-Bloods are significantly less powerful than even middling Exalts. While there are some exceptions to this, the fact of the matter is that choosing to play a Heroic Mortal or Half-Breed is also choosing to be a lesser hero, and often one who can in-setting be killed trivially by any number of means. Most of these characters will accordingly encounter a very low power ceiling.

Power-Awarding Prana & Similar Charms

Charms like Power-Awarding Prana which empower a Mortal target with a small variety of Exalted powers do not usually work on Elites in the Multiverse. Exceptions are possible, and would require an upgrade application for the person targeted by the charm. Note that such powers are entirely dependent on the Exalt who granted them — the targets of these charms do not actually develop powers of their own or their own power source. As such, any such upgrade would carry with it the inherently massive +flaw of its continued existence being reliant on the whims of the Exalt.

As an addendum, at Multiverse Crisis MUSH no charm or power may reduce the commitment made by the user of such charms below the total size of the mote pool that they are granting the target.

Resurrection & Denizens of Creation

Exalted, like some other themes, has its own spiritual cycle that it obeys in place of the default "die and go to afterlife" assumed by some. It is not possible for any character in an Exalted setting to be resurrected. While this is not an actual house rule and is just how Exalted works, it bears mentioning where somebody can see it. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • Firstly, this is the canonical cosmic behavior of Creation and the Exalted theme in general - you die, you stay dead. While this does not apply to visiting off-worlder(s), it does indeed mean that anybody who is dead is dead. Ghosts likewise cannot be restored to full human life.
  • Secondly, resurrection would have odd interactions with certain thematic fixtures (see: Exaltation itself) and as such it is simpler if it isn't possible.

So what does this mean for you? For off-worlders it means that they can't bring dead people from Creation back to life, and for denizens of Creation and members of the Exalted cast(s) it means that if you kill your character they are dead and gone. Note that some charms circumvent this to a limited degree (Final Ray of Light, Immortal Malevolence Enslavement), but themselves do not violate the overall intent of this rule.

Note that this can be circumvented with plot-level fiat, but generally should not be without a good reason. Finally, like any character on the game it is possible for souls to eventually exit Creation's spiritual rules and move on completely. However, as the cycle of reincarnation is not particularly harmful this is not forced upon any of them.

Being Outside Fate, Sidereal Astrology & Etc

Due to the way the Multiverse works, only beings from Creation are truly able to be "Outside Fate". This allows the Sidereal Exalted to be able to use their powers and astrology on most if not all characters on the MUSH and prevents characters from arbitrarily deciding they are Outside Fate, something the administration does not wish to regulate. There are a few key points worth noting regarding Elites and automatically being considered to be part of Fate:

  • Elites are naturally resistant to fate-altering powers the same way the Celestial Exalted are. Use of their powers disrupts their thread in the Loom of Fate and the more powerful they are the harder they are to find and to affect with astrology or other such abilities.
  • This in no way means that Elites have a predictable future or a fate that can easily be read; consent is required to deal with these matters, to apply astrology, or any other such matters.

In the event it were needed to determine the difficulty of an astrology roll against any given Elite (or to determine how many destinies an Elite is able to hold), a good guideline to use would be to equate PL38 to Essence 10 and go down from there one point at a time. All Elites, regardless of PL, are considered to have a minimum Essence of 2 where astrology is concerned.

Furthermore, due to the way the superfactions function, the following Charm is available to all Sidereals unless they do not wish for it to exist in their particular Exalted-# setting (it is considered to exist in Exalted-1, bare minimum); its purpose is to allow, at the very least, the Facheads and other chosen allies to know about Resplendent Destinies without inflicting Paradox to the Sidereal.

Cost: 10m 1wp; Mins: Bureaucracy 2, Essence 2;
Type: Simple
Keywords: Prayer Strip, Fate
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Any Bureaucracy Excellency
The Bureau of Destiny works unified; whatever Faction its members may support, whatever family or background they hail from, they work together to ensure above all Creation's well-being. To this end it is not rare that Viziers form teams to handle threats to the Loom or to fix certain events, past or future, and it is not rare either they will requisition the help of some gods, spirits or elementals. The all-seeing eyes of the Pattern Spiders might normally prevent them from using Resplendent Destinies that others have knowledge of, for fear of Paradox, but a Vizier who knows this Charm has nothing to fear.

The Sidereal who activates this Charm must first write the Scripture of the Paradoxical Maiden on a prayer strip, once for every target she wishes to include in the Charm. She then pays an additional 5m for each of these targets. The strip(s) begin(s) glowing a dull purple, and may then be applied to the forehead(s) of her target(s). Each target must wear the strip for at least one hour, with no benefit to wearing it any longer. Those who do see parts of their connections to the Loom of Fate abruptly terminated, and the Pattern Spiders will no longer consider that they are not authorized to know of the Sidereal's secret identities using Resplendent Destinies. This Charm in no way helps them recognize the Sidereal if she does not tell them her identities, and even then only eliminates the additional difficulty added by Arcane Fate unless the Sidereal identifies herself.

Paradox will be gained as normal if those the Sidereal trusted not to reveal their ploy reveal that information to others. Creatures with individually thinking heads or personalities will need to be the target of the Charm several times to include all minds in its effect.

This change cannot be reversed. Viziers who use the Charm are advised great caution in who they trust with it.

Once, there was a maiden…
… who was and who wasn't.
When her friends looked at her, they saw someone else.
When she looked in a mirror, she did not recognize herself.
When others tried to recall her, they could not.
And when she died, she did not.
Amidst the confusion, she would always repeat the same thing:
"The only certainty is that I will reach multiple endings."

Magic-Shattering Strike & Spell-Shattering Palm

Although it is understood that the Exalted possessed methods of countermagic that did not require sorcery during the First Age, these methods were generally stated to be less efficient and effective than those of actual countermagic. This house rule is meant to reflect that, as is the exorbitant costs and permanent Essence requirement of each tier of countermagic presented here. Since these two charms render all countermagic completely obsolete by being charm activations and by having lesser costs than actual countermagic (which is far more specialized) by far, the following changes are in effect regarding their effects:

  • Firstly: Magic-Shattering Strike does not give back any motes for disrupting a Spell or a Charm.
  • Secondly: Neither charm allows for the disruption of Celestial or Solar-Circle Sorcery by default. Both charms become capable of doing this at Essence 6 for the former, and Essence 7 for the latter. All three uses of these charms carry a willpower surcharge equal to the Circle of Sorcery they are disrupting at the time, and have slightly higher mote costs than equivalent countermagic.

While this means relatively little to most of our players (as they are not required to keep track of their motes and willpower as they might in a tabletop game), what it ultimately boils down to is that both Magic-Shattering Strike and Spell-Shattering Palm are less effective at countermagic than actual countermagic is, and it takes much more juice to make it happen. Enough so that, given the appropriate countermagic to use, the superior choice is obvious.

Elsewhere & Related Charms

Storing objects Elsewhere is perfectly safe. Any effect that would cause objects to disappear from a character's Elsewhere supply causes the objets to rematerialize nearby, usually within the safest distance possible from their feet. While the objects reappearing on a battlefield in the middle of a life or death struggle might not be safe in itself, it is the only possible inconvenience of storing objects Elsewhere short of needing to summon something and being out of Essence to do so with. Objects cannot be lost in Elsewhere, no matter the effect that could cause such a thing.

Dreams of the First Age

Please consult Reliant before using Charms or mechanics described in Dreams of the First Age. While that supplement is interesting, a lot of the material found inside is either unbalanced or thematically inappropriate (for example, Zeal), and as a result, a lot of simply might not exist at all on MCM, for example, the various effects that may cause someone to lose objects they store Elsewhere.

Exalted-1 House Rules

Exalted-1 is farther down the timeline than the default game and assumes a significant amount of differences from the default setting. Some characters have hefty influence in certain spheres, and enough time has passed that Elder Exalts are somewhat more common than is normal. Of particular note is the fall of Lookshy, the Bull of the North's hordes having coalesced into a proper civilization, and the Realm Civil War having remained in a state of cold war for the past two and a half centuries. Inquire before applying to avoid thematic discrepancies between setting and character.

Lytek & Exaltations

Lytek fills a mostly ceremonial position. Many of his powers (and the powers of his tools) cited in Compass of Celestial Directions: Yu-Shan do not carry over in Exalted-1. He is able to prune the memories of Exaltations as normal, but may not implant an Exaltation of any kind in an unworthy host, or significantly reformat Exaltations. These restrictions apply to all entities that can interact with Exaltations in a similar manner, with one exception.

Primordial-level entities are capable of reformatting an Exaltation to operate off of a different power supply, such as was done with the Solar shards transformed into Abyssal and Infernal Exaltations. This, however, cannot be undone without great personal effort to change on the part of an Exaltation-holder - this does mean that the Green Sun Princes cannot be restored to Solar Exalted any more easily than Abyssals can.

Setting Information

For the setting information previously found here, go here.

Pressed Beyond the Veil House Rules

For the time being, please consult Silent Starfall's +info files.

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