Exalted Homebrew

Exalted Homebrew

Although as of the moment of its Creation this page will have little to no content, it is a place for MCM's Exalted players to put their homebrew content, such as custom charms and artifacts. Reader beware- this file will probably be jargon-heavy and mechanical. Players, please be opened to criticism when you post your material here- if it's something broken that ought not be used, it ought to be pointed out for correction.

Custom Charms

This sub-category is for custom charms, divided into each type of Exalted. Other entities may be added at player discretion, though for the moment a generic "other" section is included instead.


(Virtuous) Fury of the Dawn
Names: Compassionate, Tempered, Valorous, Convinced
Cost: -; Mins: Melee 5, Essence 3, (Virtue) 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Dawn, Martial Ready: Thrown, Archery, Martial Arts
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None

The Bronze Tigers know to live by their own standards, as they are the Children of the Dawn, the Swords of Heaven, the Lightbringers, and their might drives Creation to new pinnacles of power. To temper one's own virtues to perfection, walking in the footsteps of Sol Invictus himself, is not rare for the Lawgivers then. Perfecting their Essence flow such that it can draw upon the strength of their virtues is the culmination of this belief.

This Charm permanently upgrades the action of channeling a specific virtue and may only be purchased once, expressing the Solar's desire to hone a single virtue into his fighting stance. When the Solar channels his chosen virtue, he may spend one extra point of willpower and a 5m surcharge to benefit from the appropriate effect below:

  • Compassion: The Solar refuses Lethe's claim upon the soul of the Dawn's indiscriminate fury. Enhancing his strike with golden-pink strands of Essence, any damage that would bring the victim down to Incapacitated level instead keeps the victim at -4 (or whatever their lowest health penalty would be otherwise). Effects such as bleeding, sickness or even fire no longer find purchase on the victim, the Solar's Essence protecting them from death itself for one full hour following the Charm's use. Once the hour has passed, or if the victim is either attacked again or infliced with a new damage over time mechanic, the victim will die as normal unless stabilized and healed. For the duration of the protection, the victim is either unconscious, or unable to partake in any combat-oriented actions, save perhaps escape given the appropriate powers.
  • Conviction: Feeling that their goal draws near, the Solar redoubles his effort and strives forward with even more resolution than before. Golden-green strands of Essence shine around him, his speed picking up, his strength magnifying and his cunning rising for a moment. So long as the Solar's action is going to create either a significant step toward his motivation, or is about to complete it, he may double the benefits of channeling his Conviction and add extra successes equal to half of his Conviction rounded up. If this display is accompanied by a powerful, touching and dramatic speech that reaches out to others near him, this action is always considered a level 3 stunt.
  • Temperance: Controlling his motions, the Solar strikes with the exact amount of force needed to break his target. No more, no less. Golden-blue strands of Essence lace his chosen weapon as he makes his attack and he resolves the damage step normally. Every health level of damage inflicted beyond the Incapacitated level is nulled, refunding the Solar 1m for every point of damage negated this way. This additional effect cannot be invoked if the character is Limit Breaking or if he has suppressed his Temperance during the scene.
  • Valor: As he faces down unlikely odds, as he prepares to end a war, or even as Oblivion itself extends a hand toward him, the Solar emerges victorious against all expectations. Golden-red strands of Essence shine around him, immediatly bringing his Anima Banner to the full iconic level if it wasn't already. The Solar adds his Valor in automatic successes to whatever action he is channeling it for, and for his next (Valor) actions, he fights with renewed strength, adding a +1 bonus to his weapon(s)'s damage, accuracy, defense and rate. This additional affect can only be activated when the Solar is losing a dramatic and important battle.

Over-Edge Focus
Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Craft (Fire) 3, Melee 4, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Obvious, Dawn
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Object-Strengthening Touch

A Lawgiver who knows the making of his own weapon is peerless when wielding it, able to comprehend and alter its making to suit his needs in battle with but a touch. On top of the Charm prerequisite to learn Over-Edge Focus, a Lawgiver must be able to craft the weapon or weapons he is currently wielding in at least their non-artifact, mundane version. Focusing his Essence into his blade, the Lawgiver is able to alter it in up to two ways from the following list:

  • Double Size: gains the Overwhelming keyword without any penalties to wielding the larger weapon.
  • Cutting The Air: gains +2L/2 damage.
  • Blaze Of The Sun: gains the Holy keyword.
  • Hold The Heavens: gains +2 defense.
  • Spirit And Technique: gains +2 accuracy and the ability to strike immaterial targets.
  • Strike Without Purpose: gains +2 rate.

At Essence 4, the Lawgiver chooses three reinforcements instead of 2.
At Essence 6+, the Lawgiver may pay an additional point of willpower to apply all reinforcements at once.



Arsenal of the Void Prana
Cost: 10m 1wp; Mins: Melee 5, Essence 5; Type: Simple
Keywords: Form-type, Obvious
Duration: Scene
Prerequisite Charms: (some stuff in the Melee tree I forget)

For a Deathknight, nothing is more important than the tools with which they perform their deeds in the name of their Deathlord master. Whether it be a sword, an instrument, a hammer or their own hands, the Deathknight must have access to them at all times, and would go to great lengths to ensure this.

When activated, this Charm wraps the Abyssal in a corona of dark purple Essence and instantly attunes itself to all objects made of Soulsteel that he possesses or is allowed to use, regardless of their location or if they are attuned or not. As a Reflexive action and for 1m, the Abyssal can will to himself any of these objects instantly, or, for free, will them back to where they were before. This Charm is compatible with weapons and armors stored Elsewhere and objects normally carried by the character would be sent there if willed away. This effect can be invoked at any time during combat, allowing a weapon-switch just prior to a hit landing, for example.

At Essence 6, this Charm can be upgraded with a second purchase to gain the following effect: whenever the Abyssal's attack is parried (Perfect Parries also count as such), he may perform another instantaneous and unexpected attack by switching weapon, for free, on the spot. This attack will inflict an unsoakable, unavoidable 1L damage, and makes the Abyssal look as though they expected to be parried and put in a feint prior to their real strike. This additional attack can be parried, dodged or soaked with Charms, but it cannot generate a new attack if it is parried.






Custom Artifacts

This sub-category is for custom artifacts. Be sure to list all relevant mechanical features, such as artifact rating and attunement cost, etc.

Custom Creatures

This sub-category is for custom creatures - demons, spirits, etc.

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