Evelynn Cordelia
Evelynn Azulea Cordelia
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source (Original) Realm Chronicles-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank 5-
Function Pirate Lord/Godslayer
Groups Ministry of War and Azulean Raiders
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Mid-20's
Age (Actual) 118
Still Aging? No
Height ~5'10"
Weight ~170lbs
Hair Color Cerulean
Eye Color Azure
"Gods that would once raze our kingdom now hide behind champions to fight for them, afraid of just retribution. They will try to impede our progress, and think they can sink our vessel. But we come with a power they cannot stop: we come with justice, in the name of the dead King and Queen. Let their assaults meet our hull, and then show them what it is to be fueled by righteousness and the everburning fires of revenge!"
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Raised to the rank of admiral at a prodigious age, then blessed by the God of the Sea and given the mythical blade Sea Warden to better serve her nation, Azulea, Evelynn Cordelia was quickly corrupted by the power at her fingertips, desiring for her kingdom to wield power over the other seven. In a grand act of betrayal, she organized the slaying of the very god that blessed her and took his power for herself, renaming her blade Azure Godslayer. Angry with this, the God of Fire razed Azulea to the ground, but could not have foreseen Evelynn's power to be such that her, thousands of her men and her flagship, the Sea Sapphire, all escaped unharmed. The wandering one-ship fleet, under command of Captain Heavensorrow, name given to Evelynn by others, set off to find and slay the other gods then, with their sole goal to restore their nation using the powers of the full pantheon. Not quite so young anymore, Evelynn is an extremely patient woman, capable of planning campaigns years if not decades ahead with no resentment toward unfortunately necessary time frames. Controlled, well-spoken, hard to anger and polite to a fault to her allies and most enemies, she can also show untold cruelty when it becomes a must. As a test to herself, she even swore she would read through the contents of Alice Maestra's Library before engaging in Multiversal warfare, and after quite some time spent doing just that, she is now ready to reveal herself.


  • Blessed of the Sea: Evelynn is the chosen of the God of the Sea, blessed with heightened senses, strength and stamina. She is an exceptional battle mage who benefits from a passive aura of command, able to inspire easily.
  • Elemental Magics: Eight elements form the basis of her world, each with its own school of magic. Water, Wind, Fire and Earth are fairly straightforward, commanding the might of the elements. Light commands cleansing holy light, while Dark commands necromantic arts and shadow magic. Arcane is the pure potential of magic, raw, formless mana and force. Nether is the void, corruption and chaos not yet shaped. For Evelynn, these elements mostly serve an offensive purpose (water bolts, raise undead, razor tornado, holy fire, etc), but things like barriers, speed boosts and wards are also reliable. (OOC: Consent required where applicable; applies to sub-entries as well.)
    • Ice Magic: A combination of Water and Wind magics, it is Evelynn's specialty and her most powerful element. There are few things she cannot freeze, and even flames halt solid before her. (Immunity to ice-based stuns.)
    • Control Magic: A combination of Dark and Nether magics, those who work with these arts are adept at brainwashing and mind control both, able to corrupt, bind or enslave others to their will.
    • Combination Magics: Any other combination of two or more elements will not be Evelynn's specialty but remain possible. Fire and Wind form Lightning, just as Earth and Water form Life, and so on.
  • The Azure Godslayer: Evelynn's blade, capable of inflicting greater wounds upon divine beings. It can absorb the powers of the gods of her world, if she slays them. The Gods of the Wind, the Sea and Light have all fallen victim to this blade, greatly increasing Evelynn's capabilities with those magics when the blade is active. (Aura Flare 36->37; variable Aid (between 0 and 4) depending on release mode.)
  • Azulean Raiders: Every pirate needs a crew and Evelynn is no exception. Most of her crew isn't even Elite, but can put up a fight through numbers; she's not afraid to use unspeakable horrors as pawns, either. Those few Elites in the crew typically stand out. (Non-Elite crew members contribute no PL and are for hack and slash flavor. Generic monsters range from PL28 to 33; named lieutenants can be PL34, with provisions for a single PL35 captain. NPC Examples: hydromancers, demons, paladins, eldritch horrors, dragons, etc.)
  • The Sea Sapphire: The flagship of the Azulean Raiders is a ship several miles long and half a mile wide, outfitted with magitech cannons and shielding both. Its main cannon, the Azure Sea Spray, is notably powerful but requires significant preparations to fire. At the heart of the ship is the city of New Azulea, mostly the personal playground of the crew. (PL36)
  • Pirate's Booty: Stored on the Sea Sapphire is a hoard of minor magical artifacts, as well as riches plundered from several worlds.


  • Call of the Blade: Evelynn has spent so long fighting that she cannot envision a world without it. Not only does she have her pride as a warrior and an admiral, but she also lusts for battle even though she keeps this under wraps for fear of appearing weak to her crew.
  • Elemental Affinity: Being blessed by the God of the Sea is not all benefits; electricity is particularily dangerous to Evelynn and causes more long-term injuries, as well as increasing recovery time in proportion to how much voltage went through her.
  • Elemental Restrictions: Elemental magics are typically opposing forces; as such, someone who learns Water magics cannot learn Fire magics, someone who learns Wind magics cannot learn Earth magics, someone who learns Dark magics cannot learn Light magics, and someone who learns Nether magics cannot learn Arcane magics; and vice versa, for all of them. As a result of this, Evelynn cannot use Fire, Earth and Arcane magics, and the effectiveness of her Light magics is mostly confined to firing blasts of holy light; to utilize her healing abilities, she must significantly tone down her destructive power.
  • Captain Heavensorrow: Reputation is not always a good thing. Known thorough her world as the fallen admiral who slew three gods, her presence is not welcome anywhere within it. This reputation is slowly spreading into the Multiverse as well.
  • Patient, Patienter, Patientest: Evelynn is patient. Very, very, very patient. Though this is not always the case, it is her typical opinion that something always takes some deliberation to reach a proper opinion on and that a good plan can span across years if necessary. As a result it is not uncommon for Evelynn to lay low and appear to be doing nothing for a while.
  • Marine Footing: She is more comfortable on a boat than on land, due to having spent close to fifty years on one. It doesn't show much, but it can happen.
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