Evangelion Energon Supply

Inventor: Autobots
Date of Invention: Unknown
Uses: Extension of Evangelion operating time and range

The Evangelion Energon Supply (EES) system is designed to help Evangelion units that are not equipped with an S2 organ to operate for an extended period of time. Normally designed Evangelions in most universes rely on an extension cord connected to a major power source (usually a nuclear reactor of some kind), and have only a few minutes of battery power off of them (5 minutes on the default model, though some have been upgraded).

The EES is modeled on gestalt and Guardian-type Autobot energon supplies. It is carried by the Evangelion in an armored backpack. The pack is extremely heavily armored and contains fire suppressants should there be leakages. It is also heavily compartmentalized to prevent loss or detonation of the entire pack should the situation arise. It also contains a redundant energon reactor that processes the energon and converts it into the electricity an Evangelion needs. The backpack can be jettisoned in battle, but that reduces an Eva's activation time to that which is allowed by the backup batteries. Ports for peripherals such as energon-powered weapons exist, although to date none have actually been produced to the extent that they can be used in a live-fire test or actual mission. A fully charged backpack can provide an Eva with up to a week of continuous operation, although this varies with the amount of activity used. However, even if the pack is drained to the point where it only provides a few hours of power, this is usually more than sufficient to accomplish the desired mission.

Downsides of the EES are the fact that it needs to be refueled, as well as the instability of energon (which is not as easily controlled against battle damage in systems that are not Transformers). The backpack itself is also bulky, requiring strength to carry it and reducing manuverability. However, as per tests on several Eva units, it is effective in most situations and permits a great deal more versatility to Evangelions operating in the field.

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