It is the year 2015, fifteen years after the Second Impact, a terrible calamity that destroyed Antarctica, threw the Earth off its axis, caused irreparable ecological damage, and wiped out half of the human population. Now, mysterious aliens codenamed "Angels" have appeared, seemingly ready to finish humanity once and for all.

Within the headquarters of the secretive organization NERV, a special United Nations agency located in Petrograd-2, a handful of teenagers are trained to pilot the colossal bio-mechanical constructs known as Evangelions and battle the Angels on their own terms…no matter the cost to their minds and souls.

It's Neon Genesis Evangelion…with Russians! Many of the events remain the same, although the locations have changed from Japan to Russia and parts of Europe. The Black Moon/Egg of Lilith landed in extreme north Eurasia near present-day Murmansk, Russia rather than on the Japan island chain. GEHIRN and later NERV made their headquarters in its GeoFront, building the city of Petrograd-2 as a defensive fortress overtop it. While much of the command staff is Japanese, the bulk of the support and technical staff are Russian or European in nationality.

Gendo Ikari, his son Shinji, Ritsuko Akagi, Rei Ayanami, and Misato Katsuragi are much as they ever were, but the rest of the supporting characters are locals.

Notable Character Changes:

  • Yulia Revmira - Second Child, pilot of Evangelion Unit 02 (replaces Asuka)
  • Yuri Revmir - Ritsuko's assistant (somewhat replaces the roles of Ryoji Kaji and Makoto Hyuga)
  • Hedda - Class president and Yulia's friend, potential Child (replaces Hikari Horaki)
  • Mikhail - Military buff, friend of Shinji, potential Child (replaces Kensuke Aida)
  • Ivan - Fourth Child, athlete, friend of Shinji (replaces Toji Suzuhara)
  • Mariya - First Lieutenant computer technician (replaces Maya Ibuki)
  • Andrei - First Lieutenant computer technician (replaces Shigeru Aoba)
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