It is a time 4 years after the Third Impact on Earth. An earth ravaged by war, polotics, attempted revolution… And one boy, taken from his life and thrust upon the most extraordinary circumstances This is Neon Genesis Evangelion. The kids are older, they've got (fewer) mental problems, and they're actually okay to be around for most of the time. We've taken parts of fanon and canon, and spliced them together to get a forward thinking timeline in order, something that is playable and approachable. NERV is still out there, kicking around and trying to further Human Instrumentality.

After stopping Third Impact from completeing, Shinji Ikari accidentailly dumped the rest of Third Impact Earth into the Multiverse, causing a ripple effect the likes of which have yet to have finished. With plot turns and twists like the original series, with a good deal of dark still tossed in for good measure, it's a rememberance of the old and a forward look to what might be for these kids.

Taking a bit from EoE, a bit from the actual end of the series, and throwing in an amalgm of extrapolation, we've come together with a Shinji-turned-Angel, a Rei as protector, a still firey Asuka, and a few new folks to deal with in NERV.

Lord fear a Happy Shinji.

He might actually figure out what to do with himself.

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