Evangeline A. K. McDowell

General Information

Full Name: Evangeline A. K. McDowell
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Resident Loafer
Series: Mahou Sensei Negima-2
Species: Vampire(Human)

"Chachazero, if you stab that bear, you will not like the results."

Profile: Evangeline A.k. McDowell, born during the middle ages in Scotland. Turned into a vampire at the tender age of 10, she went about her early life overcoming her vampiric weaknesses specifically to get revenge on the one who turned her. Staying out of sight and generally to herself for several hundred years, mostly so she was left alone, she eventually fell in love with a mage and tried to pursue him to get the love returned. However, the mage shared no love with her and tricked her into a trap he had setup to curse her to a magical school for girls in an attempt to have her 'Live in the Light for a while'. However, the mage eventually 'died' after trapping her in the school and that's where she's remained to the current day. However, with a bit of mishap when her world Unified, she was physically thrown outside of the school grounds, and inadvertently, semi-released from the curse. Eva is one of the most powerful beings from her world, being known all throughout the magical community due to her history as a black mage and vampire. She is a Shinso vampire, a daywalker, as well as possibly /the/ most powerful ice mage in her world. And not a bad alchemist to boot. Partnered with her Ministra, Chachazero, a magical puppet, and Chachamaru, a sentient Android, she chooses to use her life at the current to laze about wherever she is and simply enjoy being free of that accursed school. Oh, did I forget to mention Goth-loli from hell? Evangeline has two joys in her life, one being the queen of wherever she goes, served by her ministra and two other android servants, the other decorating things with a cute, albeit macabre style. And she'll kick your ass at Go.

Vital Statistics

Age: A lady never tells~ But, nearly 600
Gender: Female
Height: 4'3"
Weight: Keep guessing

Major NPCs

Yue on MCM is a slightly OC variation, but that basically explains her.

Chachamaru on MCM is a slightly OC variation, but that basically explians her.

  • Chachazero - Evangeline's personally made ministra doll that is almost always with her. Bloodthirsty, savage… female and a gothloli dolly with a butcher knife and khukri knife.
  • Chacha sisters - Originally built as spare model bodies for Chachamaru, they have become more of a household norm than anything, now their own partners of Evangeline instead of just spare bodies.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ice/Dark Mage - Evangeline has mastered the use of the ice branch of magic, as well as that of the dark. This gives her the ability to call upon a wide array of spells, ranging from simple ice/dark-based magic missiles, all the way to an outright powerful ice attack that can freeze bodies of water for miles around her. She often uses this in tandem with her alchemy to create rather powerful combinations and attacks to catch people off-guard.
  • Alchemy - Evangeline is a potions master. She is able to create and use effectively nearly any type of potion and creation that can be thought up. She often uses her alchemy to store magical attacks or to amplify them in various ways, such as using various reagents that are affected by cold to create extreme explosions and environmental temperature spikes to make the air so cold that it can freeze a victim's airways.
  • Aikido - During her travels and a stint in Japan, Evangeline put herself under the tutelage of the creator of Aikido. Having trained and absorbed every bit of knowledge and know-how the old man had in regards to the martial art, Evangeline is now a master in her own right in this style. Even if she is without her powers, in some circumstance, she can easily take down fully-grown human men twice her size with little effort.
  • Dollmaster : Puppetry - Evangeline's specialties, besides Ice/Dark Magic and Alchemy, are two things involving puppetry. The first and foremost is her love for and use of puppets as servants. She has the magical ability to clone and stockpile various amounts of her servant Chachazero, speaking she is merely a doll. When doing this, depending on how much power she has and/or is willing to concentrate on at the moment, she can command a veritable army of these dolls to attack and make war for her.
  • Dollmaster : Strings - Eva has mastered the ability to use specially designed strings to attack her enemies and slice them into bits, as well as restrain them. The strings are made of a special metal that is near indestructible, spun and crafted to the finest degree possible. Impossibly thin, they are very hard to see. Evangeline uses her magical abilities to control the strings without so much has moving her fingers, to entrap and often times disembody someone who has pissed her off. She could also, if she wished to, simply make them act like a puppeteer does a marionette.

Other Information

  • Shinso Vampire - Eva is an all-mighty Shinso vampire. The two major things to note about the Shinso class vampire is the fact that she has learned to be a daywalker, meaning she isn't affected by sunlight like most vampires. The second thing of note is her regenerative capabilities. Normal weapons, such as swords and guns have little to no effect on her, because as soon as they are removed from her body, her body heals itself. Holy weapons and silver still do a number on her, as well as, much like other vampires, garlic and leeks. While she can train away most problems, she can't remove the vampires natural allergy to such substances.
  • Infernus Scholasticus - Evangeline was cursed by Nagi Springfield, quite possibly the greatest wizard ever to live, to have her powers stunted and be locked into the Mahora schoolgrounds. While his curse was half broken upon unification, the power stunting effect is still in effect. While in Mahora, Eva's power caps out at a 30, or on rare occasions, 33, however, off the campus, she's still unable to unlock her true power(For possible future upgrade to get perm PL max 35 -> 36)


There are several key words that can describe Evangeline rather well. The words listed in order are Lazy, As, and Hell. While she is by no means a sloth, she really doesn't care to do a damned thing herself when she can at all avoid it. She has four personal servants that bend to her every whim and she is rather spoiled because of it. This is also compounded by the fact that she's been alive more than five hundred years, and in that five hundred years, for the most part, she's served herself. In the last several years of having lived at Mahora academy, she, even as a 'normal student' is rather spoiled, not having to simply take her food from people or use them, but now able to get food for simply being the personal bodyguard of the dean and patrolling the campus. In the last few years since the construction and activation of Chachamaru and her 'sistes', it's gotten even worse to the point where she doesn't even attend her classes half the time, simply leaving it up to Chachamaru to collect the work for her and take it back to her.

Other aspects of her personality have derived from the fact that she's lived over five hundred years in near solitude. Though her last sixteen years at Mahora did help her with her disdain for society, they've also served to reinforce several elements and factors regarding such. She's got a large distaste for drama, mostly that of teenage girls. Being forced to spend fifteen years in an all-girls high school as a pre-teen has left her bitter, and wanting no art of that branch of society. From her general dislike for teenage angst and stupidity, she took up several clubs, which involved the more… reserved members of the school. Namely, the clubs of Go and the tea club. It's through these few activities that Evangeline has learned to relax and stop being so antsy about needing to roam, partly where her desire for repetition and lack of changes came from. She's a creature of habit, and things that throw off her habits really do tend to annoy the living mess out of her.

Another important aspect of Evangeline's personality is her usual impassive nature. She really just doesn't care about most things that go on around her. She has no friends, in her mind, nor does she want any. The only person she ever 'loved' cursed her to stay in that school then went and died, trapping her there. She wants, for the most part, nothing to do with people. As such, the only being she, for some time, ever associated was her robot servant and partner, Chachamaru, as well as her other Ministra and puppet, Chachazero. And on occasion the girl who would repair her robot for her. However, as time came to pass, her forced interaction with the son of the wizard who sealed her to the school, as well as with his magically endowed students, she started to open up just a tiny bit.

More recently, with the near destruction and death of Chachamaru, Evangeline's had a bit of a breakthrough in her personality as far as actually caring for someone goes. While she's fallen in love before, she's never really had a /friend/ she would openly admit to. Despite the fact that she's still quite spoiled rotten, she's openly more friendly towards Chachamaru, and a little bit more openly appreciative of what she does. This has actually done wonders to bring up her outlook on life in general, speaking Chachamaru was probably her first real /friend/, despite being a servant. More recently, though, with Yue having been taken into her servitude, having another naturally sentient being to talk to has, though she'll never admit it, served to help relieve her loneliness.

One thing, though, she still longs for, perhaps if only as a sign she will never be captive again, is power. She's been around so long and grown so strong that to her, power isn't just a relative thing, that's how you live. If you're weak, you die, or you're at the mercy of others. It was her weakness that allowed Nagi Springfield to trap her inside the school, it was her weakness that allowed Chachamaru to nearly be destroyed, and it will be her weakness that is the death of her, when or if that should happen. That's her view on it, and she has no taste for people who are visibly or irrevocably weak. She can't stand to see others who are weak, either, but won't go out of her way to make them strong on the same note.

Even with her recent developments in becoming a bit friendlier, she's still cruel as hell in her methods, preferring to be, in general, with little mercy. While she won't go out of her way to screw someone over, and will generally let someone off the hook on most things if they ask her nicely enough, she has been known to drive the nail deeper just for shits and giggles. Evangeline truly enjoys seeing people pissed off, able to get under their skin, mostly because that's about all she could do for some time due to the fact that she was trapped at Mahora for more than fifteen years.


Evangeline was born in Scotland in the mid 1400's. She was turned into a vampire at 10. After having to escape her village to stop from being killed, she went into hiding in the magical world. After training for many years, she gained enough power to kill the vampire who turned her. She continued to train in the ways of magic and alchemy, as well as training to remove as many weaknesses she had due to her vampirism as well as train that same curse into a power for her. Eventually, she became so powerful she was finally ranked as a Shniso-level vampire.

Throughout the five hundred years, she became infamous throughout the magic world due to her murderous ways, as well as how outright powerful she was. She eventually came to power, obtaining her own castle and servants, as well as a wealth that was hard to match. After a century, now nearing the 1800's, she had to go into hiding, casting away all of her followers and taking her castle with her, sealing it permanently inside of a glass bottle as a personal pocket dimension. During all these years of hiding out and traveling, she picked up many more skills and even her own personal Ministra, after creating her and learning how to control the puppet as another being.

In the late 1900's, she met and began following a mage known as Nagi Springfield, whom she eventually fell in love with. However, due to the fact that she looked like a child, Nagi had no feelings back for her. She eventually tried to kill him for snubbing her and he tricked her into a trap to confine her. Casting a curse on her, he sealed her into a school campus known as Mahora, making her basically a normal student by locking away the majority of her powers.

She spent many years there, waiting on him to come back and free her, but he never did return. During her stay at the school, with the assistance of a girl named Chao Lingsheng, she obtained a second servant and partner named Chachamaru Karakuri, an android that functions off magic. Eventually, she came across the son of Nagi Springfield, and through various circumstances, took him as her apprentice and began training him. After a long time, Negi went, along with his numerous partners, in search of his father. Evangeline sent Chachamaru with him to help keep tabs on him, as well as protect him.

However, just before Negi and co. could go into the magical world, they were attacked by a group of magic world separatists. In the skirmish, Chachamaru acted to defend one of Negi's students, a girl named Ayase Yue, and in the process had her body irrevocably destroyed. They eventually fought off the separatists, and immediately returned to the school where Evangeline was. When she found out that Chachamaru had been destroyed, Evangeline lost control of herself and nearly wound up killing Yue because she was the one Chachamaru had tried to save.

Yue, though, in a panic to get Evangeline not to kill her, offered to serve her in Chachamaru's place. After some time, Evangeline agreed to that just so she had a servant. Another girl in the school who was a mechanical genius, was able to transfer the remnants of Chachamaru's control and personality program into a small marionette similar to Evangeline's own Chachazero, however, she had lost all use as a combat-capable Ministra.

Shortly after this point, Evangeline's world Unified, and in the process, with the magical disruption, the barrier at Mahora Campus partially skewed, the entrapment effect it had on her dropping and allowing her to escape the area. Despite this, though, Evangeline had grown comfortable to being on the school grounds and stayed there if for no other reason than not wanting to have to move.

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