General Information

Full Name: Encore
Faction: Union
Rank: 2 Sergeant
Function: Close Air Support
Series: Transformers 2/movie
Species: Cybertronian

"Bringin' down the heavy rain!"

Encore loves to go loud. Whether that’s blasting out classic Progressive rock or modulating his engine note into a bone-shaking roar, he’s happiest making noise. As an AC130U in alt-mode, he’s extremely good at this, with a 25mm Gatling gun, a 40mm Bofors cannon, and a 105mm artillery cannon. He can use these guns in his robot mode, though they don’t hit as hard.
He’s a very large individual, standing level with Optimus Prime when in robot form, and in alt mode he’s got a 130-foot wingspan. He modelled his robot mode on a Vietnam sergeant he saw in a movie. He thought the Sergeant’s attitude – give your all and show others how to do the same, leading by example – suited his own, and that the Sergeants’ stripes on his helmet looked cool. Since finding out that they mean a rank, he’s made it a personal mission to attain the equivalent rank, and stay there.
A cheerful individual, Encore respects the ‘human-sized’ races immensely due to, in his eyes, their prevalence over seemingly insurmountable odds; they are smaller than most things out there, squishier, and yet here they are, not just surviving but thriving in a very hostile universe.
He’s also a fan of Old Earth music, namely rock, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and Progressive Rock. Expect to find him blasting it out when he’s cruising at altitude.

Vital Statistics

Age: At least 10 million
Gender: Male
Height: 35ft
Weight: At least 30,000lb
Altmode Wingspan: 130ft


AC130U Encore's altmode is that of an AC130U Spooky II gunship. When transformed, he's a truly massive Hercules transport plane, with the addition of three guns mounted on his port (left) side. He's painted in RAF colours, apart from where the Roundel would be, you'll find the Autobot sigil. On his sides and top, it's black, and on the underside of his wings, it's red.




  • GAU-12 Avenger - Having taken all of his guns direct from his altmode, and using the 'real' versions, Encore's first (counting from the nose in his altmode) and weakest weapon is the 25mm GAU-12A Avenger five-barrel gatling gun. It fires at around 6,000 rounds per minute, and is carried like a minigun in robot mode.
  • BAE Systems Bofors L/70 Autocannon - Encore's second gun is a 40mm Bofors gun, a weapon that, in his universe, has been in service for over a century. Designed and built during the buildup to World War Two, the Bofors fires a 1kg shell at very high velocities, and a cyclic rate of around 60 rounds per minute. In robot mode, he carries it as an assault rifle.
  • M102 Light Howitzer - The Big Stick. A 105mm artillery piece that, even in 2036, was one of the largest cannons ever mounted and fired from on a flying vehicle. It lobs a 33-lb high explosive shell, and makes a big hole. It's not to be used around friends, and in robot mode it's carried on his shoulder like a recoilless rifle or RPG.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Flight - In Altmode, Encore is capable of flight. Which is, of course, to be expected, as he's an airplane.
  • Transport - Encore is an AC130U Spooky II gunship. Most of his interior space is taken up by guns and ammunition - but that being said, he does have space for a few passengers of human size, plus one smaller transformer.
  • Enershine Distillation - Encore is a master distiller of the quasi-liquid non-massless energy form known as Energon. He creates all kinds of 'Enershines', energon moonshines, that can confer abilities like damage resistance, increased damage, or healing to transformers. He's working on doing the same for the 'organic' market.
  • Heavy Weapons Platform - Encore carries lots of guns. He's very good at delivering heavy firepower onto a target, in either mode.


Encore is a cheerful fellow, with a slightly twisted sense of humour. He hates seeing people, of any race, oppressed. He will do anything to protect the innocent, even laying down his life. Imagine him as the big, friendly guy in the bar that nobody tends to mess with.
He’s not exactly a model soldier, so to speak; he’s crass, crude, slightly rude, and doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks of him.
He also likes to brew energon-based intoxicants, and would like to branch out into conventional alcohol for the normal folks.

He’s in the Autobots simply because he feels it is his responsibility, as a Cybertronian, to enforce a simple rule: Freedom is the right of all sentient species. Anyone who disagrees with this tends to earn his ire. He also believes in Primus, and believes Primes like Optimus are his ‘prophets’.

  • Neutral Territory - Encore believes all bars are neutral territory. He'll fight in those places, yes - but to him, Bar fights are different: Fight for fun, enjoy yourself. Everyone's a target, and fight until someone punches your sparks out. No lethal weapons!
  • Turn Left - Encore has an odd quirk. As an AC130, he turns left a lot.


Back on Cybertron, Encore was, a Suicide Jockey, providing fire support for the cargo haulers while they ran the dangerous runs, and a limited amount of cargo capacity. Encore always found something to do with himself, something that usually got him in trouble. Manufacturing Energon Moonshine ("A Shine for Every Occasion") was one of his ways of keeping himself entertained, and blowing things up was another. Sometimes, they were kind of the same thing, which was always fun. When Optimus and his crew had departed, Encore got down to some serious brewing, distilling and mixing up his latest batch of Moonshine – something he’d promised would be able to clean a shuttle’s exhaust tubes as an added benefit.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for those who like intoxicating energon, he went too far- while stirring the mixture and adding a few secret spices (“Just a little bit of battery acid for flavour…”), he let the liquid build up too many gaseous fumes.

When said highly volatile fumes reached the heat source, the results were predictable, if rather surprising for Encore, damaging his body quite seriously. Perhaps luckily for him, this was at about the time of the energon crisis and Encore was put into stasis.

He’s now been taken out of the freezer and brought back to something resembling functional status. He searched the archives for an altform he could really like and, Finding an image of the AC130U, he settled upon it and brought it to a modernised form – though he’s kept the weapons pretty much as-is.

He also discovered classic rock at the same time, developing a love for Progressive rock, 12-bar, and NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal). He lists his favourite bands as The Who, Status Quo, Iron Maiden and Motorhead.

Now he's in the Multiverse, and… adapting.


Some facts about Encore:

  • Encore has an odd psychological quirk. Being an AC130U Spooky II gunship, he turns left a lot. This has become so ingrained in his habits that, even on the ground, he will rotate almost completely on the spot instead of turning right. He doesn't notice that he does this. If reminded, he will consciously make the effort to turn right… until he forgets.
  • Encore is left handed.
  • Encore is a fan of progressive rock and Elton John. His as-yet un-unified brother Fanfare once called him ‘Elton Bomb’ as a joke, and this amused Encore so much that he had it painted as nose art on his alternate form.
  • He sounds cockney.
  • DO NOT leave small insignificant-value shiny things, or items that could be used to construct an energon still, unattended in Encore's presence. It will be 'appropriated' - however, he won't steal anything important. If he steals something that turns out to be important, it will be returned immediately.f his brother.
  • Encore likes the kind of bar-fight where everyone understands the goal isn't to kill the others but instead to have as much fun as possible until someone else knocks your sparks out.
  • Encore is normally quite jovial. However, when it's time to get serious and actually do his duty, he's much more serious - taking on a more 'soldierly' attitude.
  • Encore smokes lithium-cobalt cigars
  • Encore is superstitious about certain things. If he doesn't, for example, smoke an expensive lithium-cobalt-copper "Victory Dance" cigar after each and every successful mission, it will "put a hex" on the next one.
  • Encore's callsign is ENC 55, or Echo November Charlie Five-Five if using phonetic. On Air Traffic control screens his transponder returns him as ENC 55-3105, the serial number on his tail.
  • Encore has a full suite of 'crew' holograms in AC130U mode - it's how he 'compartmentalises' his mind; the FCO spots targets, the TV operator actually aims the guns, and soforth. They all wear British Royal Air Force uniforms, to suit his paintjob.
  • Encore would be voiced by Jason Statham
  • His 'theme' is Ghost Riders (in the sky), like every other AC130. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsaRHf7zHQI )
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