Exalted: Modern-1 PCs

The Exalted of the Fifth Age

The Abyssal Exalted

Like the Solar Shards, they number (roughly) 150, and typically seek out great heroes and people who are larger than life in one way or another, with grand ambitions. However, the Abyssal Exaltations always seek out those who have not reached their ends and who are a breath away from death. To them, they offer grand power and a second chance, so long as they are willing to accept the strings attached.

The Deathlords, at least, those who are awake so far, always do their best to track down their latest Exalted servants. That's when the trickery starts.

Abyssal Exalted are subject to the redesigned Resonance present in Shards of Exalted Dream.

Also, instead of going for a "blood, gore, evil mirror" feel to the Solar Exalted, Abyssal players may instead choose to apply a more "oblivion"-like feel to their Charms and effects. Though the MECHANICS of Charms stay more or less the same, their flavor and how they are executed changes dramatically. Rather than simply using Essence to perform miracles, the Deathknights momentarily destroy their ties to the fundamental rules of the world, if not to the local gods that uphold them.

This can be applied in a variety of ways, but for the most part the intended flavor is that instead of killing or crippling through physical, gory means, the Abyssals make things cease to exist outright, within the limits of consentual RP obviously. This asserts their positions as the Champions of Oblivion, rather than simply the Champions of Death.

The Alchemical Exalted

Officially, the Alchemical Exalted and Autochthonia perished along with the Machine God. The ruins of dead metropoli and patropoli litter the innards of the Neverborn known as Engine of Extinction, their dilapidated municipal charms sporadically sputtering to activity in great sparks of not-quite-life. For the most part, that is the beginning and the end of it. But things are often not what they appear to be, and even an Earth that had long since forgotten the touch of the Machine God reeled at the loss of so many Champions.

In July of 2002 (coinciding with major solar flare activity), pieces of the living Machine God rained from the skies in what was believed to be a meteor shower. The 'meteors' touched down all across the world, causing violent explosions at the points of their impact that had the force to knock down small forests and split open city streets. Determined by mortal savants and the newly-returned Terrestrial Exalted be magical in nature, the meteor fragments were collected by the countries in which they landed, and swept out of the public sight. Government organizations the world over studied the fragmented remains of Autochthon, and determined that they would make excellent artifact materials. Soon, they were put to use in a variety of government-sponsored magitech projects.

What came after, would surprise everyone. Each and every last project in which Autochthon's remains were utilized as exotic materials mutated wildly in their workshops and storage areas, and disappeared overnight as one. Around the same time, strange new Exalted sheathed in exoskeletons of magical materials began to appear throughout the world.

THE SECRET SURVIVORS: The potential of Autochthon's deterioration reaching a breaking point and destroying Autochthonia was not unknown to his denizens. A nameless Adamant-caste metropolis has been maintained along the outer layer of Autochthon's shell for an unknown period of time, containing a small number of Autochthonians and at least one Champion of each Alchemical caste whose sole purpose was to be jettisoned in the event of Autochthon's destruction. The moment at which Autochthon began to become the Engine of Extinction, the metropolis activated its emergency release protocols and ejected itself into the sphere of stable space belonging to what was once Creation.

When at last the metropolis settled, it found itself in an inhospitable, dusty environment. The Elemental Pole of Earth was many hundreds of thousands of miles away, and without the use of life-sustaining municipal charms, the mortal survivors of Autochthonia would have perished very soon after their arrival. As for those who were left behind in the Engine of Extinction… those Champions who still live have universally succumbed to Gremlin Syndrome. Worse yet, they have been unable to escape the Engine of Extinction to spread the void throughout Earth, so they have gone even more insane than might have been expected of such entities. If their soul gems were recovered they might be moved on to new lives elsewhere, but the creation of new Champions is most likely not possible.

The Alchemical Exalted of Mars are few in number, and no more may be made, but utilize the standard rules for Alchemicals as found in MoEP: Alchemicals. They may even become colossi or metropoli/patropoli in time.

The new Alchemical Exalted produced on Earth use the optional rules for modern Alchemicals in Shards. Though more can be made, fragments of Autochthon are required. If the Eye of Autochthon yet exists, it is possible that it could be used to make many more of them. Instead of being Infernal experiments gone wrong, they are Abyssal experiments, but otherwise follow more or less the same background rules of being run-aways from the forces that be. They ARE corrupt Lunar Shards, in a sense, which means there's actually a bit less than 300 Lunars in circulation.

The Dragon-Blooded

To most of the world, the Terrestrial Exalted are the only Exalted that they will ever meet in person. Most numerous of all, the Dragon-Blooded Exaltations have no strict pattern or people they seek out; they simply happen, in wrong and good hands alike (although of late, most of the Exaltations have been people likely to accept a racial-superiority movement in favor of the Dragon-Blooded). The first Dragon-Blooded resurfaced roughly ten years prior to the others (~2002), and were quickly recruited into the US government's special forces. Since then, most people of importance in the government are Dragon-Blooded exclusively, and they seek out others like them actively in an attempt to unify the world under one flag.

Other than the US government's ill-intentioned Dragon-Blooded, there are hundreds if not thousands of them out there in the world, some working together, some independantly, for whatever personal goals they may seek to use their newfound powers for. Most countries have long since understood their importance in the grand scheme of things and it is not rare for them to be drafted in the military, or offered large amounts of money for their loyalty.

Most governments regard the Celestial Exaltations as somewhat of a threat due to their vast powers compared to the Dragon-Blooded. However, for the time being, no explicit, open actions are being taken against them, though from time to time there are rumors of assassins going for those who remain rogues.

It is worth noting that Dragon-Blooded are not necessarily weaker than the Celestial Exalted, due to the ~8-10 years of headstart they have in honing their skills and adapting to the world. Though they can't grow to quite the same heights, it should be a while before this becomes an issue.

The Infernal Exalted

During the final stages of the Primordial War, the Solar Queen K'tula sought to capture and preserve the powers of the failing Primordials so that their secrets would not be lost in death. She, along with a number of her Circle Mates managed to do so before the conclusion of the war, and the development of the Charm "Primordial Principle Emulation" is the initial fruit of this labor. However, learning this Charm compels the Exalt to complete their Titanic transformation at all costs. K'tula herself eventually assumed the identity of the Sea That Marched Against the Flame and was slain for this treason, while her circle-mates became something new. In so doing they preserved the cosmic principles of the Primordials, and those among the Solar Exalted who walk the path of Titans WITHOUT assuming the identity of a formerly extant Primordial came to be known as the Infernal Exalted. Though few in number, any of the Solar Exalted who choose to learn Primordial Principle Emulation inevitably becomes either Titan, or Infernal Exalt in time.

The Infernal Exalted of this setting do not usually have Unwoven Coadjutors and can utilize the Charms of Primordials who did not experience fetich death. For example, their Charms are somewhat different. Cecelyne's laws are less arbitrary and hypocritical, and the Holy Tyrant has the capacity for genuine nobility in addition to endless wrath. Despite having similarities, the Infernal Exalted come in two different flavors that are fairly distinct from one another:

The Titanic Exalted, who transformed themselves to preserve the Cosmic Principles of the Primordials as they were prior to their mutilation into the Yozi. They may only learn the charms of the Primordials as they were prior to fetich death or alteration. By intentional design, the Solar Exalted who transformed themselves as such wished to remain within the influence of the Loom of Fate, and as such these Exaltations are just as inside fate as any other Celestial Exalted. They are not Creatures of Darkness.

The Infernal Exalted themselves, who choose to utilize the powers of the broken Primordials known as the Yozi, are substantially different. Considered twisted and even vaguely heretical in their time, they chose not to re-incorporate themselves into the Loom of Fate. Like their deceased patrons, they are also Creatures of Darkness.

On the subject of Supernal Exalted, none have yet existed, and how they function in this theme (if at all) is to be decided.

While these two are similar and cross-compatible in certain ways, only one of these paths may be walked at a time. A Titanic Exalt may not take Malfeas charms without becoming a Creature of Darkness, and an Infernal Exalt may not take Theion charms without gradually bringing themselves back towards the boundaries of Earth's fate.

Any Solaroid can choose to become any variant of Infernal, and this change sticks through their next reincarnation. They can return to being a Solar only after being reborn and making the choice— either way, the Exalted can only change his Exaltation once per life. Due to their independence, Infernals are not particularily drawn to any one purpose; they can be villains, subjugating large amounts of demons into doing their will, or they can be heroes, anti-heroes, vigilantes, or whatever else they please, having only to worry about their Urges, and not any masters. Because they are willingly altered Solars or Abyssals, the Infernal Exalted are the second rarest of the Exalted, coming in only behind the nearly-extinct Alchemical Exalted.

The Lunar Exalted

The Lunar Shards, numbering ~300, typically favor survivors or people who consciously tackle deranged odds for the greater good of all. They favor guardians, caretakers, protectors, but also gritty survivors, circumstantial criminals and lunatics. Above all, Lunar Shards seek people who have had to adapt to continue forward.

Lunar Exaltations can be of any of the five Castes. Moonsilver Tattoos appear on the body at the same time as the Exaltation does (standard, Caste-setting ones), including Artifact Tattoos, if appropriate. Some Lunars manage to shun off their tattoos and become Casteless, or simply Exalt that way (this is an OOC choice). Chimerism is possible, but only if you don't have tattoos or somehow lose your tattoos, and even then, Lunars are not more susceptible to the Wyld than anyone else.

It is possible for Lunars to have Artifact Tattoos that would not normally be "legit", such as heavy armor or Essence Cannons. Rule of Cool triumphs over mechanics for this.

The Liminal Exalted

Stand by. May or may not be appable if/when they come out.

The Nocturnal Exalted

Nocturnal Exalted are the Exalted of Nox, the Incarna of Night. Designed to reveal and encourage alternate possibilities, today these 100 Exaltations are often found as spies, scouts, and saboteurs, each and every one driven by the desire to free their trapped patron from the Loom of Fate itself.

The Sidereal Exalted

Numbering 100, the Sidereal Shards tend to look for leaders, advisors, and shadowy types in general. More than anything, they look for those who are good at trickery and deceit, but also have a penchant for martial arts and inner balance. The Sidereals have no tie to one another, however; Yu-Shan is in ruins, and portals to it are long since burried under miles and miles of dirt.

Sidereal characters learn Astrology on their own, as something that comes naturally to them. Likewise, Sidereal Martial Arts are things their Exaltations reveal to them in due time, without need for a mentor. Although Sidereals have no established bureaucracy, the Loom of Fate still vaguely exists and can be accessed by meditation instead of being a physical location. This also allows Sidereals to communicate together.

Despite their lack of organization, a few Sidereals have already infiltrated most major governments, and they offer their new members to join them most of the time.

The Solar Exalted

The Solar Shards, numbering (roughly) 150, typically seek out great heroes, people with virtues (or vices) far above the normal. It is extremely rare for Solar Exalted to be balanced individuals, and instead they tend to be people who take matters into their own hands. Above all, they must be people who seek to do grand things and to change the world around them.

Other Supernatural Entities

God Bloods/Hybrids

Although God-Blooded and other half-breeds exist, and are indeed quite possibly the most prolific supernatural beings in existence, they are not much more powerful than Heroic Mortals. The most powerful of them have mutations that can give them a serious edge, but as humanity has largely subverted the supernatural even in the absence of the Exalted, they are — proportionately — less powerful than might be imagined by some. This is not to say that they do not possess useful supernatural powers, or that the rulers of Earth's many countries and kingdoms and villages do not value them greatly for what supernatural utility they do possess.

Some of them are gifted with unique abilities that no other entity is capable of, even if they are not so powerful as to shake the foundations of the world as the powers of the Exalted do. On the whole, God-Bloods and Half-Breeds in general make up most of the supernatural population of the world. The likelihood is that if you've seen a cop with an orichalcum sword, it was a God-Blood rather than one of the Exalted.


Exist, generally as villains, but are not recommended for application. Their low power levels, combined with the fact that all Exalted have a way to perfectly defend against most things the Raksha can do, makes them unwieldy to play.

Other Monsters

Behemoths, Tyrant Lizards, and other supernatural beasts do exist. They don't go much farther than Heroic Mortals in terms of power level, and can be handled by mortals with guns. Humanity has more or less managed to co-exist with the fantastic species that exist, although many are still dangerous predators that plague mankind.

For dealing with such threats, the U.S. Government has a special division called the Wyld Hunt, led by its Dragon-Blooded agents, and dedicated to hunting and either terminating or capturing any supernatural entity that gets out of hand. Analogues of this organization exist in the upper echelons of every first world country, though some poorer countries have invested in similar organizations to avoid victimization by supernatural beings.

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