General Information

Full Name: Emiya Shirou
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Faker
Series: Fate/stay night-3
Species: Human

"I'm ready. If I'm wrong, I'll just pay with my life."

Profile: Orphaned in his youth and raised by the Magus Killer Emiya Kiritsugu, Emiya Shirou grew up aspiring to be the "Champion of Justice" that his foster father aspired to and thought could not exist. He takes personal pleasure in selflessness in the same way that most would take satisfaction from selfish acts, making him a very strange soul indeed, especially to those who get to know him. Hopelessly idealistic and helpful to most anyone who asks, it is very easy for him to come off as a doormat- this is quickly proven false in volatile situations, where Shirou invariably follows the path of most resistance with inhuman determination: That which puts him, and no one else, in great danger. This makes him both pleasant and potentially infuriating to interact with. Though an extremely incompetent magus in all other respects, Shirou is prodigious in his abilities to reinforce his body and project mythical weapons known as "Noble Phantasms", which puts the power and skill of ancient heroes at his fingertips.

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