Emerald Blade

General Information

Full Name: Perfect Emerald Blade
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: Ally
Function: Chosen of Malfeas
Series: Exalted-1
Species: Human

Quote: "Strength rules all. It determines who rules, and who serves. If you do not have strength, how can you defend the things important to you?"

Profile: A long time ago, there was a girl who studied a martial art called Even Blade style. She was called on to defend her town and family against a bandit who was another practitioner of the art, but was cut down before she could raise her sword. While she survived the event, her village did not. In her moment of weakness she was tempted away by a demon and become one of the Green Sun Princes, an Infernal Exalted. From then on, the girl took the name of Perfect Emerald Blade and dove into the job of killing in Malfeas' name. More than two hundred years later, she has become one of the Yozis' strongest champions. Arrogant but straightforward, the Infernal particularly enjoys destroying things but also loves to prove her superiority in swordplay. Anyone that has faced her and somehow survived can vouch for the fact that she is one of the foremost experts concerning swordplay in Creation, and even without her trademark weapon is still a raw force of Malfean destruction, leaving naught but a wake of objects consumed by Infernal green flame in her wake.

Vital Statistics

Age: 250-ish, give or take a few decades.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: "…"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Greenish Blue

Skills and Abilities

  • Weapon Mastery - In terms of bladed melee weapons, Emerald Blade is quite possibly Creation's foremost expert in how to actually kill someone with them. While her specialty lies with elegant slashing swords, she is also quite deadly with any other ranged or melee weapon.
  • Martial Arts - While Emerald is extremely proficient in plain unarmed combat, the two supernatural martial arts she knows both have to do with swords. She has completely mastered the Terrestrial martial art known as Even Blade style, finishing the incomplete martial art. She has also created the Celestial martial art known as Wind Cutting Blade style.
  • Charms - Emerald Blade has a large collection of charms from her Yozi patrons, but mostly focuses on Malfean and Adjorani charms. These allow her to be excel in a large amount of mundane acts in a supernatural way, but they also allow her to, amongst other things, attack with supernatural green fire, run on water, and turn herself into a malevolent wind. She has also notably learned Loom Snarling Deception and Eldritch Secrets Mastery from the Ebon Dragon's charmset, allowing her to walk around in a disguise that fools fate itself.
  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery - Recently, Emerald has realized that additional skills besides being able to slice someone in half are useful. As such, she has initiated herself into the Terrestrial level of sorcery, and is constantly adding new spells to her repertoire.
  • Memories of the First Age - Emerald's exaltation was not scrubbed of its memories before it was implanted in her. Due to this, she has full memories of the First Age as the Solar Magnificently Radiant Sword, including the Usurptation. However, Sword's personality has surfaced and taken over Emerald's body on rare occasions…


  • Seven Deaths - An extra-long reaper daiklave made out of a rather unique alloy of the five magical materials, Seven Deaths was originally the Seven Stars, the chosen blade of Magnificently Radiant Sword. Emerald reclaimed the blade, and in addition, incapacitated the god of swords, Shinken by challenging him to a sword duel. His spirit was forged into the blade by Ligier, the fetich soul of Malfeas himself. In addition, the sheath for the blade was constructed out of the melted down swords of the Terrestrial Even Blade masters, claimed after Emerald had slain them.
  • Weapon Ward - The blood red ribbon that Emerald wears is no token or favor from a suitor. Is is simply a ward against ranged weapons, powerful enough to turn away even projectiles of the magical materials.
  • Key to the Infernal Gates - A magical key that turns any door it is placed in into a portal to Malfeas. Rather handy.
  • Starmetal Reinforced Buff Jacket - Emerald's armor of choice. Stylish and effective, without being too restrictive, it allows her to practice the martial arts she knows.
  • Daiklaves, loads of Daiklaves - Emerald has collected a large melee weapon collection over the years, though the majority are stored in her home in Malfeas. She usually has one example of an artifact version of a given melee weapon, and more often has two, especially those that are designed to come in pairs.
  • Liquor Cabinet - Emerald has a weakness for the finer things in life, especially alcohol and drinks. As such, she has one of the finest collection of liquors and alcoholic beverages, ranging from mundane bottles of rice wine, fine vessels of demonic chalcanth, to bottles of Celestial wine stolen from Yu-Shan itself.


  • Twisted Ash (Pride) - As an experiment, Emerald had taken the Deathknight called Twisted Ash of Enduring Silence in and personally trained her after the Abyssal followed her all the way to Malfeas. Her patience seems to be paying off, as she now has a somewhat loyal student and protégée.
  • Viridian Sunrise (WTF) - As Viridian Sunrise has now grown to be more than a mere Green Sun Prince, Emerald has no idea what to make of him. In addition, she is currently caught inbetween loyalties due to the fact that she would most likely be the one responsible for rallying the armies of hell against him in Malfeas' name.
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