Elliana Fairchild
Elliana Fairchild
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human(?)
Source Immaculate Visions-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank 1-Ensign
Function Lady of Nightmares
Groups Users.Net, Dominus Ipsum, Gatecrashers Union, Veritas Arcanum, and Heaven Or Hell
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Late Teens
Age (Actual) 18
Still Aging? No
Height 5'2"
Weight 117 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Teal/Scarlet(Heterochromic due to injury)
"If none will respect my birthright, then I shall teach them once again what it means."


A former priestess of the Amethyne Chalaine, Elliana was always bitter about the hardship she had to endure in life. Unification gave her a chance to change that, a chance she seized. Binding the darkness of her world within her own body, Elliana has become a mixture of human and nightmare itself, with the power to twist life around her and summon up vicious displays of raw elemental or magical energy. She is a vain and somewhat arrogant girl who uses her stolen powers to solidify her own position, and with the corruption eating at her soul, she has become detached and cool to others, for fear of the day she may lose control of the creature inside her.


Backbiter: During her transformation, Elliana's holy blade was heavily corrupted. The vicious sword now twists and writhes when she wields it, attempting to seek out any chinks in armor and to drive cruel thorns into the victim.

Lady of Nightmares: Nightmares are twisted dreams in Elliana's world. By merging with the Shajem of Nightmares, the former priestess has gained the ability to give those in the area horrific nightmares simply by being there. When in the presence of the weak-minded, she can even draw out their nightmares, making them manifest as hallucinations. Her power over the primal dream realm also gives her a limited ability to interact and resist psychic combat. Properly prepared, she can enter the dreams of a sleeping person and turn them into nightmares, as well as draw them consciously into the dream and manipulate it. Any dreams she enters this way will always turn into a nightmare. Elliana cannot read minds, only read past or present nightmares, provided she can enter the dream at all. Given time and a careful approach she can also implant a nightmare of her own creation, creating a situation or creature which the target instinctively fears for a reason not consciously known to them.

Twisted Creations: All Shajem have the ability to twist and corrupt life in some way, but Elliana now has the creativity of a human mind behind it. Given a little time and a living being, she can warp its nature and body into a monstrous form obedient to her. This requires far more time to perform on sapient creatures, and Elites are highly resistant by their natures. To a limited degree she can alter the terrain around her, as well.

Corrupted Blood: As one of those with the Divine Blood of the Amethyne, the holy energies inside Elliana have merged with their dark sibling's to create something new. Elliana is now faster, stronger, and far tougher than any other Blooded in her world, though it has started to leave its mark on her body.

Binder: Elliana still has some of her Binder abilities, allowing her to temporarily seal minor supernatural effects, and to bind and seal various powerful creatures given time and research. The creatures must be supernatural in nature somehow for this to be effective. The bindings can last for years, but a short-term binding often lasts hours, at best, or only a few seconds at worst. Rituals and Reagents such as powerful blood, or special conditions like a supernatural's True Name, can make a Binding more successful or longer in length.

Avatar of Shajem: With the power of her world's dark gods sealed into her soul, Elliana is constantly flowing with mystical power. This allows her to do some manipulation of the world around her, usually in a destructive manner, with the side effect of twisting and corrupting the land around her if she overuses the ability. Particularly notable powers are raw elemental creation and manipulation(fire, ice, lightning, etc), life decay or leeching effects, some limited control over the immediate temperature, and some more utilitarian abilities such as levitation and flight, mystical shields, and limited teleportation(the last being relatively short range and very draining). Although she can still heal with her body-shaping powers, her ability to do this is not very potent at all.

Drasillum: Elliana's mobile fortress consists of a gigantic, city-sized floating tree. The Drasillum is very resistant to damage, and naturally regenerates due to its nature. Elliana has complete control over the shifting of its branches, allowing her to change the city layout with ease, and its roots can grasp large objects(about the size of a semi truck or so) for transport. It cannot effectively attack objects smaller than vehicle size, however, and requires intermittent periods of rest with its roots sunk into soil to replenish itself. It is also not very fast, and has a low altitude ceiling.

Brilliant Dawn: An amulet that has its own separate personality, Brilliant Dawn can briefly boost Elliana's own abilities, most especially those dealing with managing her creations or leading and manipulating others. When paired with other Abstractum, the benefits are greater. See the Abstractum.net Character for more.


Child of Darkness: By taking in the evil of her world and binding it to her soul, Elliana is now considered an unholy creature, and is thus burned by holy water or holy magic powerful enough to pierce her natural defenses. Exactly how this affects her will depend on the situation, but it could temporarily reduce her power or simply cause extra damage.

Vanity: Already vain, Elliana is now remarkably egotistical about not just her own appearance, but her powers in general. If she feels she is not getting the proper respect, she can be driven to make a mistake, or at least to make herself look childish by the fit she throws.

Mortal Shell: Even if she is mostly a divine being now, Elliana has trapped that divinity within a body of flesh and blood. Usually this is fine, but when overextending her powers, she can damage the body and weaken the seal temporarily, forcing her to collapse or at the very least retreat to gather her concentration.

Corrupted Blood: The Divine Blood was never meant to mingle with the power of a Shajem. Though the actual side effects vary from time to time depending on how much she's been using her powers, abuse of her abilities will cause temporary - or even permanent - alterations to her body in an inhuman manner, usually scales, claws, and other 'demonic' accents.

Imperfect Seal: Due to the heavy injuries and massive interference she sustained during the soul fusion with the Lord of Nightmares, Elliana has difficulty fully restraining the power of the Shajem within her. This does not cause her direct problems, but the nature of the being's power means that those who spend time around her are likely to experience nightmares for some time after they leave her presence. She is not immune to this effect, herself, and it makes it difficult to stay in one place incognito.

Imperfect Control: The creatures that Elliana creates are supposedly under her control, but it is more like a persuasive influence. The more power she grants a creature, or the more complex its mind, the more likely it is to rebel in some way. For unintelligent creatures this simply means they will not follow orders, but the practical upshot of this flaw is that, even if she were to manage to warp a sapient creature, a strong-willed or Elite creature could resist her commands. Her caution means she limits her creations to fairly simple beings, like worms and insects most of the time.

Truthful: Although she thinks many Elites are foolish and worthless, the mere fact of being an Auric lends some respect to Elliana's opinion. This is reflected in her general inability to tell a deliberate falsehood. She can lie by omission, she can carefully word her statements to imply something different from the truth, but she cannot outright lie to an Elite in most circumstances, and will attempt to keep her word - even the spirit of the bargain rather than the letter - whenever possible. She is capable of lying in extreme circumstances, but doing so will fill her with self-doubt for a time to the point that she is weakened.

Wrathborn: The Lord of Nightmares inside Elliana's Seal is normally a nonsapient being, but bonding with her has given it Elliana's intelligence. Choosing the name Wrathborn, it is an entity that speaks with and 'advises' her at times, but has its own agenda. Often this is in line with her own, but there is always the chance it try to seize control.

Notable NPCs

Ferguson: One of Elliana's first successful creations, Ferguson was once a simple rock lizard. While still not sapient, the lizard can now fly and spit a mildly poisonous venom, which is mostly a minor irritant to humans. The lizard is very loyal to Elliana and she considers him a valued pet, but he is useless in actual combat.

Veryx: Elliana's nightmare creations do not work well with large or intelligent beings, but Veryx proves this is only sometimes true. As a willing participant, Veryx suffered none of the problems of the other experiments, and retains both his sanity and intelligence. One of the last ancient dragons in Elliana's world, he is proud, vain, and bitter toward the humanity that has marginalized his kind and forced such a powerful being into hiding. Elliana's empowerment has given him an even more vicious appearance and demeanor, along with altering his flame into something like radioactive napalm and giving him a boost to speed and strength that now makes him one of the most powerful creatures on the planet. Although keenly intelligent, he rarely speaks up unless Elliana needs some sort of representative due to being indisposed.


No one can claim that Elliana had an easy childhood. The details are vague to everyone but her, but by this point it has become well-known that she lost her parents at a young age, and that she spent many of her formative years on the streets, scrounging for survival. It took years to escape the squalor, and by then she had seen and done some terrible things just in the process of surviving.

Elliana came to the Union considerably different from this, her past her own and her demeanor much more pleasant. As a priestess, she aided in the healing of injured Elites and advised others in how to handle situations without combat. While sometimes distant, she maintained a polite and respectful tone at all times. Her abilities in battle, compared to many Elites, were almost useless, leading her to take more of an advisory role. This sparked what appeared to be a friendship with Nathan Hall, another low-powered Elite, and he was the first one she recruited for finding and sealing the Lord of Nightmares, a dark god on her own world.

Over the following months, Elliana and the friends she gathered worked steadily to seal the Lord of Nightmares. She made certain to always speak the truth to her allies, though often let them believe a mistaken interpretation. This allowed her to more easily slip into a position of trust, gathering her new friends about her to complete the Sealing at the precisely correct time to give herself an incredible boost in mystical power.

Upon the time of the Sealing, Elliana revealed her true plan: to fuse with the Lord of Nightmares and use the life force of her powerful new friends to call down the power of her patron goddess, Chalaine, and fuse with that as well. This would cause a chain reaction drawing in all the remaining powers of her world, ascending her to true godhood above all the others, allowing her to wipe clean the world and remake it in a less flawed image.

She succeeded in the first task: the Lord of Nightmares was Sealed within her own soul. The second did not go so well, and in a vicious battle within the temple, Elliana was horribly wounded and forced to flee into the arms of the Confederacy, a price on her head from the Union for the defection and an angry god within her mind.

In time, Elliana recovered her strength and began to work more toward the Confederacy's goals. She reasoned she could take the long view and eventually try again… but the Shajem inside her had other plans. The Lord of Nightmares, previously non-sapient, could tap into her own intelligence and become self-aware. He trapped her within a dream of a more pleasant life and took command of her body, masquerading as her while working toward unleashing the other Shajem of Elliana's world. Only a combined Union/Confederacy effort within the dream realm of Elliana's sleeping mind rebound the Lord of Nightmares, now calling himself Wrathborn, and returned Elliana's body and power to herself.

The former priestess still works to manipulate her own world and those around her, seeking to end the thread of the Shajem and perhaps, some day, wipe clean the injustice she saw. She is ruthless and driven in this goal, but the continued efforts of others in attempting to sway her, plus the strange behavior of the being inside her of late, have forced her to doubt her actions at times.


Unyielding Rampart(Not currently played): The Solar was one of Elliana's more enthusiastic friends, in the Union, and very insistent upon trying to find out what Elliana's motivations were for her betrayal. She thinks him slightly naive, but warily respects that he is smarter than he acts, and regrets that she used him as she did. His power as a Solar Exalt also commands her respect as well.

Himei: Like many of her relationships with Union members, Elliana's relationship with Himei is complex. The Sailor understands the horrors of the world, the dark side of humanity and the depths to which it can sink. Yet somehow, despite it all, she still fights for them with a grim determination that Elliana finds both fascinating and more than a little intimidating. She feels they could be friends, that they were friends, yet some part of her can never understand what drives the Magical Girl.

Amalthea: Elliana does not quite know what to make of Amalthea. As a representative of purity and holiness, Elliana believes that Amalthea should be less… bitter. The knight's vendetta against her has only reinforced her confusion, but some small part of her is sympathetic to the construct for the history she knows. Now that Amalthea has calmed somewhat, she has considered finding out more.

Psyber: Of all the Unionites she maintains relations with, Psyber is the one that Elliana feels understands her best as she is now. The half-angel has formidable power and the understanding of 'doing what is necessary' even if it isn't what feels right. He also understands her differing philosophy on how far one should be willing to go. She is aware that he has some interest in moving things beyond simple attempts at redemption, but sees him as a valuable friend, a worthy adversary, and a sometime ally all at the same time. She does not quite understand what he wants from her for her so-called 'redemption' however, which has lead to frustration on both their parts.

Nathan Hall: Although the feeling is far from mutual, Elliana holds a great admiration for Nathan Hall. He is a simple man who has, through sheer guile and curiosity and skill with words, advanced both his station and his own abilities to formidable levels. Many mistake Elliana's fascination with the man as romantic interest, and perhaps there is some curiosity there as well, but at her core Elliana sees the General of the Union as her most dangerous adversary and, if she could coax him to her side, her most valuable ally. His hatred of her has actually been a source of regret and pain that has her questioning her actions, even as she continues to try to manipulate him.

Sakura Haruno: 'Frustration' can best sum up Elliana's feelings toward the pink-haired healer. Frustration and pity. Sakura is not seen as a serious threat by the Lady of Nightmares at all, and Sakura's continued hatred and vendetta toward her is a source of sorrow, even as she can understand it. Her one consolation is, unfortunately, that she views the ninja as easy to manipulate.

No. 9: While Elliana does not view Nine as being very intelligent(with rare exceptions), she recognizes him as being a very complex man. His vicious and murderous nature actually unsettles her, at times, yet his concern for her well-being despite their rocky start has touched her. Nine is one of the few in the Confederacy that Elliana will not just help out of obligation, but put herself at great risk and go out of her way to aid should she feel he needs it. Fortunately, this is rare.

Charity Whiteheart: Saved on a whim, Elliana still views Charity much as one would a child, despite Charity's half-decade of age on Elliana. The thief has proven adept and useful, especially after her empowerment, and Elliana also believes her to be reasonably loyal. She has taken a guarded stance of distant respect, hidden behind an air of indifference, with a curiosity to see just how strong Charity will grow.

Winnowill: Dangerous. Winnowill's powers are similar in some ways to Elliana's, and have lead to some very fruitful collaboration. Yet in working with her, the former priestess has recognized that Winnowill is one of the few people who may be able to match her scheme for scheme, and unlike Elliana the elf has no moral limitations.

Medusa Gorgon: Sly and manipulative, Medusa has earned Elliana's amusement and some respect at the same time. She finds the woman's demeanor and curiosity, paired with that quirky morality, somewhat endearing… just not trustworthy.

Mordred: Elliana had no intention of gaining a Servant, and was mildly put out when she regained control of her body to find that a Servant had been linked to her. Still, it was Mordred who found her true self first within Elliana's mind, and since then the Servant had proven surprisingly versatile despite what is, on the surface, a direct and simplistic personality. She has come to realize that Mordred's blunt nature is actually a complement to her own, and has become pleased with the Saber's presence.

Kimiko Shinobu: While she barely knows the Puella Magi, Kimiko's obsession with honor and justice has had a surprising impact upon Elliana. Kimiko's distaste for her methods and insult to her honor has given Elliana some pause in whether or not she should care about the younger teen's opinion… and if so, what it means.

Lance Benson: Elliana is not sure what to think of Lance, given the man's possession of an alien creature inside him. Part of her can empathize with that, while the rest is simply wary. As a person, however, she holds him in modest respect and has better relations than most with him, and she has a bit of a soft spot ever since he took the effort to try to find out what was wrong with her when she was controlled by Wrathborn.

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