Elizabeth (Retired)
Confederate Sergeant Elizabeth Blackwood
Faction Confederate
Personal Information
Race Chosen (Vampire)
DoB September 17th, 1578 (native timeline)
DoD August 29th, 1598
Age 464
Birthplace England
Parents Unknown, Deceased
Height 5' 6"
Weight Around 120 lbs
Hair Long, Orange-Red
Eye Colour Golden
Likes Respect, Culture, Fresh Blood
Dislikes Stale Blood, Disrespect, Humans
Hobbies Reading, Piano, Subjugating Humanity

General Information

Full Name: Elizabeth Blackwood
Faction: Confederate
Rank: 2-Sergeant
Function: Chosen Elder
Series: Original
Species: Chosen (Vampire)

'There is only one action I will not take in order to return the Chosen civilisation to grandeur, hurt another Chosen.'

Profile: The young woman Elizabeth, born in 1578, died in 1598. And from that point on, Elizabeth Blackwood began her existence as one of the Chosen. The Chosen, known to the public as Vampires, exist as a small society amidst human civilisation. Through the centuries she has lived as a Chosen, Elizabeth has seen both the rise and fall of the Chosen civilisation. She has fought in both the Chosen-Magic User war and the Chosen civil war. She is an elder on the Chosen council and head of one of the eight remaining Chosen families. For centuries Elizabeth has been practising in both the art of war and art of manipulation. Her talent with Blood Magic and her skill with a scythe make her a strong combatant. While her psychic powers and ability to control humans let her influence the world from the shadows. Elizabeth is a woman of culture, having lived since the Renaissance. She believes strongly in respecting strength, while at the same time subjugating the weak. She cares nothing for the lives of others except for her fellow Chosen. Her ultimate goal is to see the Chosen return to and exceed their former glory.

Vital Statistics

Age: 464
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs

Skills and Abilities

  • Chosen: The Chosen, or Vampires as the humans call them, are well known for their natural abilities. Their superhuman strength, which allows them to lift much more and strike much harder than the typical human. Their superhuman speed, giving them the ability to move at speeds barely visible to the human eye. Their superhuman endurance, allowing them to survive injuries that would kill a human several times over. Their increased regeneration, allowing them to recover from even serious injuries in a matter of days. Their heightened senses, letting them see, hear and smell much better than humans. Finally, being effectively dead, they are relatively immune to poisons or drugs designed for living organisms.
  • Blood Magic: Those Chosen who are high-born like Elizabeth begin their new existence already experienced in the ways of magic. Elizabeth herself was already talented in the way of Blood Magic when she was turned, and that talent has only grown through the centuries. Spells in this school of magic are varied, allowing a user to hurt, help or even control others. Blood Magic involves using one's own blood or the blood of another in order to cast harmful or helpful spells. There are two special uses of Blood Magic. The first is its use in the ritual that turns a human into a Chosen. This ritual not only corrupts the body, it corrupts the mind, resulting in a completely loyal Chosen. The second special use is a Blood Mage can feed small amounts of their blood to a human. It's an extremely pleasurable sensation and somewhat addictive. It also has the result of slightly increased health and strength. Most Blood Mages use this to obtain willing human servants.
  • Psychic Ability: Elder Chosen like Elizabeth are capable of unleashing the power of their superior minds against others in a few ways. The first is their ability to read the minds of others. Under controlled circumstances, a Chosen can delve deep into the thoughts and memories of another person. In more stressful situations, surface thoughts are the most that one can expect to extract. Another way is their ability to influence or control the mind of another. By implanting a thought into someone's mind, a Chosen can influence them to act in a certain way. This form of control is typically temporary, rarely lasting more than a few hours. The stronger the mind and will of the target, the less effective these abilities are. Finally, they are able to telepathically communicate with anyone they can see, or over long distances with people they are quite familiar with. (requires consent where applicable)
  • Chosen Family: Elizabeth is the head of a small Chosen family. Her family consists of a handful of Chosen and a couple dozen servant humans. The only two highborn Chosen in the family are Elizabeth herself and her right hand. The remaining Chosen are second class and live to serve Elizabeth. While the Chosen in Elizabeth's family do have skills both in and out of combat, they are no where near to Elizabeth's level.
  • Cruor Falx: The Cruor Falx, or Blood Scythe, is a custom weapon awarded to Elizabeth for her efforts during the secret war. The weapon itself was forged by one of the world's greatest blacksmiths, from a material discovered in a crater impact site. Several enchantments were then placed on the weapon by a number of Chosen elders. It is one of the sharpest weapons known to exist, capable of cutting through almost any material it encounters. The blade never dulls, never breaks. The Falx is also enchanted to increase Elizabeth's power when using blood magic. Elizabeth has trained with scythes for several centuries so is extremely experienced in wielding them.

Historical Events of Note

January 19th - 18 AU: Earth (local year 2042) arrives in Multiverse.
January 29th - 18 AU: Chosen Council officially allies with Confederacy.
February 18th - 18 AU: Elizabeth's enlistment in the Confederate military is approved.

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