Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source World of Legend-1
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Queen of Summoning
Groups <Group1>, <Group2>, <Group3>
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 18
Age (Actual) 18
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'4"
Weight 118 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green


Elidia, the so-called "Queen of Summoning", is a young wizard of enormous skill with summoning magic. She wanders the world of Plana, looking for ways to gain access to the World of Legend from which all people and magic of Plana originated, but also simply to see new places and learn new things. Her elemental, summoning, and mystical magic is all adequate for most problems she encounters, but the one thing she keeps trying and failing at seems to be beyond her reach. Keeping a cool head, a respectful distance, and an open-mind, Elidia tends to get along well with many people. This is particularly true of the plethora of summoned beings she can call to her aid — though only one of the stronger summons at a time. However, not everyone can be friends, and despite recognizing that evil has its place in the world, evil forces and Elidia do not tend to interact without a test of wills at the very least. However, a diplomatic solution is often Elidia's 'Plan A'. The reason why the Queen of Summoning seeks the World of Legend is to locate someone who has gone missing from her life for years. But many others seek the World of Legend too, for their own purposes, and that means Elidia has to try to be the one who gets there first.


Magic: Elidia is one of the most competent and well-travelled wizards in Plana despite her youth. She can wield elemental magic (typically combat-oriented, such as "Fire Ball", "Water Shield", etc.), summoning magic (conjuring magical constructs, like a magic-energy golem, or teleporting willing allies to her side to help her), and mystic magic (magic without any particular element, typically centered on utility or support functions, such as a "Speed Up" spell, or an "Invisibility" spell, or "Fast-Grow Tree" spell, etc.). Her functioning and theoretical knowledge in each of these areas is exceptional, but her specialty is summoning magic, and others who specialize in elemental magic, mystic magic, combat, and so on, are likely to be better than her.

Reputation: Elidia's reputation as the "Queen of Summoning" is occasionally useful for getting favors done for her, special considerations, or intimidating enemies, etc. However, this generally only applies to people in her own world, and those who know it was her mother who was the actual Queen of Summoning might call her out if she attempts to use this title when they know better.

Queen of Summoning: Elidia is known as the "Queen of Summoning" due to the vast array of supernatural beings she is able to summon, as well as the speed at which she can summon them, AND the number she can maintain at a given time. She has a variety of allies who she can call upon, including both sapient beings and monstrous creatures, as well as simply giant animals. These summons may appear only temporarily to help in combat, cast a spell, help Elidia with one of her own spells, offer advice, and similar, or they may be extended-duration travelling partners, depending on each being's availability and willingness. The more powerful the summoned being, the less likely it will remain for long. Further, more powerful beings take more "Summoning Energy" to call forth and to maintain. A giant flying dragon is going to take up all her concentration and summoning energy until it is allowed to go back home. This means that, as long as a powerful summon is present via a summoning spell, summoning magic is unusable. NOTE: In general, Summoning does not impact Elidia's PL or stats. When she is using a powerful summon to support her in combat or fight on her behalf, a stronger armor mode will be used. (Notable Summons will be detailed in +info.) (Armor Mode: PL 32 —> PL 33)

Wand: Elidia has a magical wand that is about the size of a staff. It can be used as a focus for spells, to amplify a magic ritual, or to project bolts of mystical energy, as well as simply serving as a blunt weapon.


Limits of Summoning: While a giant beast or non-sapient magical construct can be summoned whenever, a sapient supernatural being can not be summoned if the subject is unwilling. Further, disrespecting the summoned being, annoying it with needless or repeated summonings, and so on, are all likely to cause the summoning to fail — or if already summoned, the being to simply return home, even if Elidia needs him, her, or it. Normal beings not specifically classed as summons in the context of Plana can not be summoned. PCs of any kind, and NPCs not from Plana also can not be summoned. If Elidia currently has a strong summon present (via an Armor Mode), then other forms of summoning simply do not work until it is sent back. Magical, technological, and other types of barriers that prohibit teleportation, summoning, etc. are effective at preventing either summoning or the returning of a summoned being to its home.

Not Quite That Good: Elidia's mother was the original "Queen of Summoning", but they look and dress similarly enough that most people haven't realized that Elidia is not as powerful or experienced as her mother. If she is tested seriously, she will fall significantly short of her mother's legendary skill and power.

Queen of Summoning: Elidia has a reputation in Plana, and she may be recognized either by her manner of dress or by her title, "Queen of Summoning". The reaction in others tends to vary from awe, to fear, to animosity, to respect, to bothering her to take them on as an apprentice, to trying to duel her for prestige, to trying to steal her secrets, and all manner of other things. Essentially, being identified in her own world is usually going to draw attention — which can make moving about casually or without incident very, very hard.

Sacrifice: Elidia has sacrificed some parts of her body in her pursuit of the World of Legend. Some of these were accidental, such as her left eye, but the ones willingly exchanged for power or knowledge do not work properly, are susceptible to strange phenomenon like searing pain when there's a magical storm happening somewhere in the world, bleeding noticeably glowing energy while teleporting or shortly after passing through a portal, or serving as "weak points" if attacked. Her left arm from bicep to wrist, and both legs below the knees are afflicted in this manner. Healing magic does not restore them to what they once were.


Info Files


Glom is a large owl with above-average animal intelligence. He is very inquisitive, and has a tendency to take things that are not his. Other than flight, being able to figure out things like undoing locks on doors, opening cages, getting to food that would be safe from other animals, and so on, Glom has not much in the way of special ability. His only major ability is that, temporarily, he can grow to several times his normal size when he needs to fight.



Hara is a Water Dragon. She appears as a Japanese woman with very long, black hair, and four horns protruding from atop her head that seem almost to be made of wood — and yet to be clearly coming out of her skull. She tends to keep quiet, but has a bit of a sarcastic streak to her that leads to teasing friends playfully. She has command over water, primarily for support functions, but can use it to attack when necessary.



Maram and Shoram are Summoned beasts. Maram is a giant wooly ram, with Shoram her child. They are "smart beasts" in terms of intelligence, able to understand the gist of human speech, hand signals, and do basic problem-solving. However, they can not speak themselves or really comprehend complex ideas. Maram is humongous, and has a motherly instinct that has her looking out for her charges and using her significant mass to defend them if she must. Shoram has an excellent nose for tracking scents, but is otherwise very docile.

Maram and Shoram (and Elidia and Glom):


Sathu is a Sky Dragon. He appears as a gigantic, red-toned dragon that flies through the air. His flight is an innate supernatural ability, and while he can be forced to the ground by an enormously powerful being or legendary magic, even a significant weight is generally not enough to make him touch the earth. Sathu's flight can be sped up or directed with his wings, but flapping them is not required to stay in the air. Sathu is, in general, not a combat-oriented summon. Despite his vast size and strength, he serves primarily as transportation when walking or other means of conveyance are not an option. He can, however, serve as a sort of flying platform for combat-capable passengers.


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