Earth 212-1

The world of Earth-212 is one that is aware of the worlds, the Multiverse itself around it. Some still seek their place, and others still seek to conquer each other. This is a world of Champions… and a world of Rogues that often challenge them to bring their own mad schemes to fruition.

The world at large is both tolerant and intolerant. In some places supers and metahumans run rampant, while other cities and countries are very fearful of them. After all, with great power comes great danger; mutants and magic-users are specifically the ones who often get targeted by bigotry and violence.

Battle lines have often been drawn in the sand. And beneath even the overt combat between many of the dominant factions, the governments of the world themselves are not powerless at all, they as well being a part of the metahuman society that is both embraced, and scorned, by normal humans and society at large.

What will your lot be here…hero, or villain?

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