Duo Maxwell (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Duo Maxwell
Faction: Union
Rank: 3-Master Sergeant
Group: Wings of Nemesis
Title: Shinigami
Function: Mobile Suit Pilot
Series: Gundam Wing-1
Species: Human

"He may run, he may hide, but he will never tell a lie. Yep, that's me in a nutshell."

Growing up as a no-named orphan on Colony L2-V08744, the young boy who would become Duo Maxwell started his life. As a street kid, he had one close friend Solo, who died in an epidemic disease. He named himself Duo in memory of his friend, meaning they would always be together as a duo. Later, the Maxwell Church lead by Father Maxwell and Sister Helen, took in Duo. Soon, they died in an incident called the Maxwell Church Tragedy. To show his respect for the two people and to remember the most stable time of his life, he named himself Duo Maxwell, and the yard long braid that Sister Helen had. Very cheerful, jolly and optimistic person, he is always smiling and joking around to make people laugh. Among the other, rather serious pilots, he is the one who is always wearing a very disarming grin on his face. Very talkative, which not everyone seems to appreciate. Currently, a member of the Sweeper Group, Union Marine Corps Special Operations Group, Wings of Nemesis Squadron, and pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe Phantom and the Taurus Mobile Suit. Additionally, Duo has been trained and knows how to fight with a Japanese Katana, hand-to-hand fighting, Elemental Magic, becoming an Innate Yellow as a student to Bowen, Shampoo and Guile. Moreover, he is able to grow up to 50 feet for a maximum of 4 hours. Duo has received a set of power armor based off Deathscythe Hell. Additionally, Duo has picked July 18 as his official birthday, since he does not have one.

Vital Statistics

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'1" (156 cm)
Weight: 95 pounds (43 kg)
Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Ethnic origin: American / American descent
Nationality: L2 colony cluster

  • 2 Tattoos:
    • One on his back - The tattoo is of a sword with a hilt that starts between his shoulder blades, and extends down to about a foot above his waist. On the end of the sword's blade, a black feather is tied to it with a feathery tie.
    • One on his right shoulder/bicept - Autobot emblem that is red.
  • In a relationship with Freya


very cheerful, jolly and optimistic person, a quote that would help in showing this is when he is talking to Noin in Endless Waltz as he and Heero are making a run into the Colony to save Relena. "I'll think about it when the time comes. We don’t want to be late for the party. See ya. PS, Don't be upset if we don't leave any food for you." This is his way of looking at the worst of things and putting some light and humor into it, and not making the dark look to dark, but more gray. He loves to joke and he's always smiling and joking around to make people laugh, this way, he can keep people happy in this time when War and Death is strong. Among the other, rather serious pilots, he is the one who is always wearing a very disarming grin on his face. He also is very talkative, which not everyone seems to appreciate, and he is very easy to make friends with.

His general outlook on life is that of being happy and cheerful, even in the dark times. He feels, like the other Gundam Pilots or G-Boys that the Colonies and humanity need to be kept safe during the time of war, and that is why he is a Gundam Pilot and the pilot of the Deathscythe. The line "For the peace of the colonies, I'd gladly become Shinigami." He is saying that he will become Shinigami (can also be translated into 'Death', 'The Devil' or 'The God of Death'), if it means that the people of the Colonies, and later those on Earth will be safe. He does not want to take the lives of people unless he has to.


Duo was orphaned at an extremely young age. His parents both died leaving him alone. Unfortunately he was left on Colony L2-V08744, one of the worst colonies ever. Eventually, he found Solo. Some believe that Solo was an adult, others say that he was just an older teen. I've never seen the show, and he's not mentioned in EW so I can't really say. If he was an adult then he was young, because Duo considered him both father and brother. I personally believe that Duo wasn't the only orphan Solo took in, but that's just me. When Solo died, he was extremely sick and Duo was trying to find some medicine for him. One day after he had been searching for medicine Duo saw a man who Solo had been avoiding because he just hated Solo for some reason. The person shot Solo not knowing or caring that Duo was there. A few short years later Solo was shot and killed in front of Duo. Duo blamed himself ever since then.

A while later, Duo found himself at the Maxwell Church Orphanage. It was a building that served as both a Catholic Church and an orphanage for over 2,000 children like Duo. There Duo met Father Maxwell and Sister Helen. He grew to love both of them just as they loved him. Unfortunately, in After Colony 188, the whole church was burnt to the ground by rebels, with everyone except Duo Maxwell inside. He blamed himself for every single person's death. From here, he traveled until he sneaked onto a shuttle and was drawn into the world of piloting mobile suits.

In After Colony 192, Duo stowed away on a ship that was owned by Professor G and the Sweeper Group. He was discovered, but amazed Professor G on how he was able to crack his "perfect" security system. The man who took in Duo Maxwell, and made him the pilot of Deathscythe which he had developed. Just before Operation Meteor, Duo was given the Gundam Deathscythe by Professor G when Duo uncovered the true plans of Operation Meteor. It turned out Professor G let him take it because he also objected to the true Operation Meteor. Just before he left Duo admitted that if he was the God of Death then Professor G would be Pestilence.

Upon arriving in the Multiverse, Duo joined ht eUnion in the fight against the Confederationa nd has made a number of friends and enemies. Additionally, he is currently dating Freya.


Deathscythe Phantom: The XXXG-01D2P is a rebuilt from of the Gundam Deathscythe Hell. This new mobile suit, called the Deathscythe Phantom, has aspects form its previous form, and some new additions. Since the suit is based off Deathscythe Hell, it is still an imposing and lethal suit as its name entails. Powered by an ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 4500 kW, and equipped with a new beam cloak deflection barrier and intricate stealth system that keeps the suit practically invisible on radar and scanners. All of the ranged weapons are fire-linked, and can be fired separately or simultaneously. Its main weapon, is its massive beam scythe (scissors), stored in recharge rack on rear waist armor, hand-carried in use. Two additional melee weapons that the Deathscythe Phantom can use, a beam sword and two beam sickles. Moreover, the Gundam can transform into a waverider mode for additional speed, but with limited weapons. (See +powers/detail for specs)

Taurus Mobile Suit: Introduced shortly after the appearance of the dreaded Gundams, OZ's newest mobile suit, the OZ-12SMS Taurus (named after the second Zodiac sign meaning "bull") was a truly advanced unit, designed primarily for space combat but also serving well as a transformable fighter in atmosphere. Its mobility and high speed made the Taurus one of the most respected and feared mobile suits to be developed by OZ. However, the Taurus was designed with the new "mobile doll" system, turning the normally manned Taurus into an unmanned, highly reactive and accurate machine controlled by an AI system. The Taurus would find its way into the service of many factions, including the White Fang revolutionary army, the defense forces of the pacifist Sanc Kingdom, and even the secret Mariemaia Army the following year. Duo, Howard, the Union techs and the Sweepers took an existing Taurus Mobile suit, and updated it with a self-destruct system, EMP shielding, 3-D Doppler radar and two machine cannons. Moreover, the engines with more power to give it more speed comparable to the Gundam Deathscythe Hell. Repainting it and renaming it the UM-12SMS2 Taurus Mobile Suit, this suit is used as a high-speed attack craft, and the AI has been updated with all friend and foe information.

Combat Training & Inoue Katana: Duo has learned how to use a katana from Bowen and picked up several fighting styles with the weapon. He has spent his time practicing and learning more advance skills from Bowen. He has learned martial arts from Shampoo and can fight with his fist and defend himself adequately. Shinkai Inoue, the heir to the legacy of master swordmaker Kunisada, forged the Inoue Katana. Bowen gave this katana to Duo as a gift for him. Duo uses it when he practices the katas that Bowen showed him.

Sweeper Group & Education: Is an expert salvager and a member of the Sweeper Group, a salvaging group that picks up debris from battles to have them reused and sold to the Union to help them in rebuilding. Working with them, Duo is a skilled salvager and can find things of use in scarp yards. Being in the Multiverse, Duo has received an education. The education that he received covers a wide range of areas that are currently in the Multiverse. Finishing this, Duo now has at least the equivalent of a high school diploma.

Elemental Magic: Duo is a low-level Innate Yellow, trained by Guile and is able to cast three spells. Yellow Elements are those spells based on electricity and the ground, and has a weakness against Green Elements, which are plant-based attacks, poisons, and wind attacks.

Magical Flight & Limited Growth: Because Duo wanted to experience, what it is like to grow up to 50 feet tall, he asked Mag for help on something that can make him grow for a very limited amount of time, a maximum of 4 hours. The only way that this can happen, is with a ring that he wears on his finger. This ring activates when he thinks, growing up to 50 feet for a maximum of 4 hours. Additionally, Duo is able to fly thanks to a magical cloak from Mag that he purchased from him. The cloak is a navy blue and when Duo thinks, the cloak turns into angel wings with a blue tint.

Power Armor: Winry Rockbell has built a suit of power armor based off Deathscythe Hell for Duo to wear when he goes into a fight and not take his Gundam. This suit of armor looks just like Deathscythe Hell in appearance, and it even sports a smaller version of the ECM Hyper Jammers. The primary weapon is a beam scythe that is scaled to Duo's height, two .50 BMG. Mounted on the left arm is the buster shield, which houses a beam blade. The power armor increases Duo's strength from average to above average, able to lift up to 800 pounds without shorting out the power armor. Moreover, vernier thrusters give him the ability to fly.

Group Affiliations

Prometheus: Prometheus Squadron is responsible for providing rescue and retrieval capabilities to civilians or Union personnel, regardless of location. In some instances, the squadron is fully capable of conducting investigations and are encouraged to do so, in order achieve operational goals.

Wings of Nemesis: A first responder group for the Union, formed to get to the field first and provide a good example to keep the morale of the troops high. Comprised of the best and the brightest pilots the Union has to offer, along with some of the best technical minds available.

Major NPCs

The priest at the Maxwell Church, Father Maxwell handled the adoptions of the orphan children whom the Alliance caught. All the children were adopted except for young Duo, who chose to stay at the church under the watchful eyes of the Father and Sister Helen. Father Maxwell was very accommodating, allowing Duo to say or do most anything, simply saying "Boys will be boys." His honest hope was that the child would grow up to become the greatest priest in the colonies. Unfortunately, a group of rebels decided to hole up in the church to avoid the Alliance. Duo offered to steal a mobile suit for them, and thus was out of the church when the Alliance attacked. Father Maxwell was killed, but Sister Helen says that up until his last breath, he continued expounding on Heero Yuy's philosophy of non-violence.


  • XXXG-01D2P Deathscythe Phantom
  • OZ-12SMS Taurus Mobile Suit
  • Inoue Katana
  • Power Armor
  • Magicial Ring of Growth
  • Magicial Cloak of Flight
  • Gold Cross
  • Minist
  • Kawasaki Ninja
  • D.B Photon Saber
  • 2x Plasma Grenades
  • Items from the Kingdom of Loathing
    • white collar
    • snowboarder pants
    • eXtreme mittens
    • sweet ninja sword
    • eXtreme scarf
    • white shield
  • Five each of six types of magic coins, red (Fire), blue (Water), yellow (Air), brown (Earth), white (Light), and black (Darkness).


Usagi's Valentine's Ball - Part 1 - Usagi's Valentine's Ball in New Washington. Duo's date is Amelia.
Usagi's Valentine's Ball - Part 2 - Usagi's Valentine's Ball in New Washington. Duo's date is Amelia.

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