Dragonball Z-3

This Dragonball Z theme differs from the canon in that events on Planet Namek did not play out as expected. Elder Guru died a few minutes too late, enabling Vegeta to wish for immortality using the Namekian Dragon Balls. As an immortal, it was Vegeta who took on Frieza — after Frieza finished off Goku. Vegeta, enraged over being denied the opportunity to restore his pride through defeating Goku himself, became Super Saiyan. Frieza was defeated, and Vegeta went on to take over the Planetary Trade Organization.

Using the PTO, Vegeta conquered Earth, renamed it to New Vegeta, and transformed it into his new seat of power. Years went by with Vegeta ruling over the oppressed people of Earth. He took Son Gohan as his key lieutenant and forced Gohan to develop a cold, serious personality. Vegeta's reign was ended at the hands of Raditz, who then turned the planet back over to its people. Earth-4555 is now a Union-aligned world. Mister Satan is a familiar heroic figure, and the planet serves as the host of the Multiversal World Martial Arts Tournament.

At this point in the canon timeline, the Dragonball Z series would be concluding the Cell Saga and entering the Buu Saga; however, in this theme, neither Saga has officially occurred. Rumor has it the Androids may exist somewhere, but Vegeta was responsible for managing their threat. The PTO, now under Gohan's control, retains an enormous Confederate-affiliated presence in the galaxy. Vegeta has not been seen since he was left stranded on an empty planet in the Void.

The theme is open to accepting alternate presentations of all series characters and is accommodating to original characters, too!



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