Dragonball Z-2

More than a century has passed since Son Goku left in the middle of the Tenkaichi Budokai to train the reincarnated Majin Buu. It may have been even as long as three centuries ago. Much has changed, and the people of the world had to start over after an invasion of Earth was launched by millions of sentient meteor-like aliens. Uub was able to defeat the invaders, but as Earth's defenders gradually grew old and died, one by one, eventually the planet was left to fend for itself. The legends of heroes from the past are remembered, and stories of their exploits are still told to this day. But great threats have once again begun to appear, and it is up to a completely new generation to devote their lives to what appears to be an endless series of conflicts. The prize, of course, is Earth itself and all that live upon it.

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