Dracula Vlad Tepes
Dracula Vlad Tepes
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Source Castlevania-2
Faction Confederacy
Rank 7 - Field Marshal
Function Lord of Darkness
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Mid-thirties
Age (Actual) ???
Still Aging? No
Height About eight feet
Weight Enough
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Orange
"What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk, have at you!"
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The Lord of Darkness, master of the Demon Castle of Castlevania, the leader of a massive army of demons and undead, and the most powerful vampire in his world. Such are the aspects of Dracula Vlad Tepes, the mortal rival of the Belmont clan. Twice a victim to love lost, he has sworn to become the embodiment of evil in the world in direct opposition to God, devoted to either obliterating humans from existence entirely or tainting them into black-hearted monsters like himself. Death himself is at Dracula's beck and call, ensuring that even if Dracula is killed, he will not be gone for long. He has a flair for the dramatic, fully embracing his station as the Lord of Darkness, acting as both a chivalrous opponent and a theatrical dramatist.


FLIGHT: Dracula can transform his cape into a pair of large wings to allow him to fly.

BLOOD AND LIFE DRAIN: Being a vampire, Dracula can drain the blood of his victims. He can either do this with a bite or a touch on bare skin. He can also drain the life force of his victims with a touch. The drain of blood can only work on things that actually have blood, of course, while the life drain is much more open; however, it does not function on robots or other things that are animated through automation rather than organic or magical animation.

INFLUENCE: Dracula's aura of sheer evil power means that all kinds of creatures and demons serve him willingly. He keeps an army of monsters in his castle at all times, ranging from undead to animated suits of armor to ancient demons. Lesser creatures of ill repute are also attracted to the Lord of Darkness and unhesitatingly serve him, including bats, wolves, owls, ravens, crows, worms, toads, and frogs. Dracula also has a strong influence over humans; many have been bent to his will, and he has a strong capability for getting other humans to do what he wants (consent required for PCs). (Monster army PL 27-32)

SUMMONING CASTLEVANIA: Thanks to his ownership of the Crimson Stone, Dracula can summon his towering home castle, known as Castlevania, at any time or place he desires. This castle is filled with Dracula's army of monsters, and by summoning it he also summons his full army. In addition, thanks to the power of the Ebony Stone, it is always night in the area surrounding the castle. Castlevania itself exists in its own pocket dimension when not brought to whatever world Dracula is currently in, and if it is damaged while summoned, it will be fully repaired upon resummoning it. Thus, Castlevania can never be destroyed as long as Dracula lives.

MAGIC: Dracula is a skilled user of a great deal of ancient, powerful magic which he can cast with little effort. Beyond the fireballs, magma pillars, beam attacks, bullet-speed blood rain, teleportation, and other assorted magic, his most powerful spell is Demonic Megiddo, a spell capable of incinerating a gigantic area with shadow and demonic flame. His abilities also allow him to animate skeletons, elemental golems, and even inanimate objects like suits of armor or furniture. They are not as strong as his personal army of demons that live in his castle, however. (Animated minions PL 27)

TRANSFORMATION: Dracula has a wide range of forms available to him. Like most vampires, he can turn into a flock of bats, a black, poisonous mist, and a large black wolf. Beyond this, his exceptional power grants him the ability to transform into a variety of larger, more monstrous forms. He only uses these forms in the rare instances when it seems like he will be unable to win against whoever he is fighting in his normal form.

POWER OVER DEATH: With the Crimson Stone, Dracula has gained the service of the Grim Reaper himself, Death. Death is Dracula's closest friend and most loyal servant. It is Death who opens the gates of Hell to provide Dracula's army of demons, and he usually is the one who orchestrates the plots to revive Dracula every century. Death himself is a skilled combatant on par with Dracula, able to teleport, summon spinning sickles, throw his scythe like a boomerang, and he even possesses a couple of different forms. (PL 35)


SUNLIGHT: As with all vampires, sunlight is very dangerous to Dracula. It strongly weakens and burns him if his skin is touched by it.

DEATH'S RULES: Powerful though Death may be, he is restricted by single rule that he cannot break: he can't kill anyone who is not yet fated to die at that time. He can fight them and severely injure them, but if it isn't 'their time', Death cannot kill them.

THE BELMONT CLAN: As Dracula is fated to be defeated by the Belmont clan, he has a slight disadvantage against anyone of the Belmont bloodline. This weakness is not fully realized until said individual has the legendary whip, the Vampire Killer, and uses it against him. The Vampire Killer is a weapon designed almost specifically to kill him, and when wielded by the ancestral bloodline of the Belmonts, he is defenseless against it.

HIS OWN POWER: Dracula is very weak against his own power being turned against him, though it must be done by someone who can actually harness it themselves rather than just reflecting it back at him.

HOLY MAGIC: Anything holy is a direct antithesis to Dracula, considering he is the embodiment of evil and darkness. Crosses, holy water, the Bible (only as a physical object, as just saying the words won't have power), and silver all have inherent strength against Dracula and his minions. A wooden stake through the heart is also capable of severely damaging Dracula himself.

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