Dr. Doom (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Dr. Victor von Doom
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: Field Marshal
Function: Latverian Monarch
Series: Marvel Universe-1
Species: Human

"You've heard my terms. You may accept or not. However, if you are foolish enough to oppose me, I will gladly show you the errors of your ways."

VICTOR VON DOOM, a man whose very identity is defined by the cold steel mask hiding his scarred face, is feared by many and rightly so. Known for his ambition to rule the entire world the Monarch of the small Eastern European nation called Latveria has often nearly succeeded in his schemes, thwarted only by bothersome heroes with more luck than actual skill or his own all-consuming pride. Dr. Doom has been many things in his life — student, master, leader, villain and even savior. His quest for the soul of his mother, lost to the devious Mephisto, led him to study and excel in both the arts of science and sorcery. However, his first experiment to find her soul was a failure, permanently scarring his face in an explosion.

He began traveling the world in order to gain new power. After some time spent in Tibet he returned a new man — colder than he was, charismatic to a fault and as arrogant and proud as only Doom could be. He had donned a metal armor and was now calling himself 'Dr. Doom'. His ingenuity had reached utterly overwhelming levels and he proceeded to conquer his home, Latveria, in less than three days only to forge it into a utopian society under his strict rule. Since then he has achieved many things: he freed the soul of his mother, conquered entire worlds aided only by his inventions and sorcery, fought the most powerful of heroes (particularly his only intellectual equal, Reed Richards and his Fantastic Four) and once even gained omnipotence, if only for a little while. His motivation to conquer is inherently benevolent, however. After all, who else but Doom is worthy of such a difficult task as ruling an entire world. Or indeed, an entire Multiverse?

Vital Statistics

Age: Mid-thirties
Gender: Male

Technological Marvels

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Major NPCs

  • Boris - Dr. Doom's most trusted servant and the one man he would call friend.



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Skills and Abilities

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  • Supreme Genius - Victor von Doom is a genius the likes of which many worlds, or indeed, many universes, have never known. Capable of coming to conclusions other so-called scientists would take months if not years to reach within seconds, his intellect is ridiculously high especially considering that he sports no superabilities of his own, trained mystic skills aside. Capable of inventing highly sophisticated weapons with the simplest of resources his sheer brainpower can not only calculate more keenly than most supercomputers but also come to brilliant conclusions and inspirations previously unheard. Doom is at the very least highly informed on any scientific discipline one could name — most, he is an expert in. Throughout his broad spectrum of abilities and skills robotics remain his favorite subject, as do any machines that are capable of increasing his personal power.
  • Technological Mastery - Von Doom is capable of merely glancing at an entirely alien device and instantly grasp its purpose and the means of operation. Given enough time and resources, he can create any effect he wishes to achieve using technology.
  • Natural Leader - The will of Doom is absolute. His supreme confidence and personal charisma have always inspired loyalty and fervor in his subjects. Both ordering and manipulating others to do his bidding comes to Doom as naturally as breathing — this causes some to resent him and others to openly oppose him, but ultimately Doom is very, very hard to ignore.
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Other Information

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Personality: An analysis of Victor von Doom

Doom can, perhaps, be best described in the words of another: 'Sometimes, it's so easy to hate the man. His arrogance is beyond belief. But with good reason, I've never seen a mind so brilliant, or so daring.'

His arrogance, or rather his pride, is indeed one of his defining traits. It is the very thing that allows him to excel beyond the limits of normal men, the thing that grants him such enormous willpower and the thing that is his downfall, all at once. He is a genius by nature, but it his enormous pride that forces him to be the best in all regards. He cannot permit himself weakness because he is Doom. Sadly, this enormous hubris has its downsides — he can't believe that he is wrong. Ever. While it grants him the aura of a natural leader, it also makes him appear as arrogant as any man could possibly be which makes many people hate him even as they submit to his power. Many oppose him for it as well, of course, but he does command respect — this is evident in every move he makes. It also has its benevolent sides as well: He is Doom and thus his word is paramount. To himself, as well. He never breaks a promise towards one he considers honorable (and even to those he doesn't, but he's more likely to adhere only to the letter of the promise).

His origins lie in tragedy. It's easy to assume that the mask he wears is his way of running away from the world, to surround himself with walls to keep the hurt and pain away. And, while he may have surrendered to grief for short periods of time, specifically first when his father died and second when his face was forever marred, this is not true. He has undergone a certain transformation with the donning of the metal faceplate, of course, but it was not a coward's transformation. In order to achieve everything he wished and needed to be, he cast off those parts of him he had no need of anymore. It was an end and a new beginning. He had no use for the now-misbegotten face he was born with, remaking himself in an image that truly reflected his spirit. An imposing, impassive image that befitted his spirit.

Earlier in his career, he was far more vicious — less conscious of the consequences of his actions. That was before he finally succeeded in freeing his mother. This was a goal he had put above anything else, even his own life. He would have gone to any end to redeem her soul. And, in a way, when he finally did, he made perhaps the greatest sacrifice of all. He pretended to make a deal with Mephisto for Cynthia's soul which resulted in her rejecting him forever. This, remaining in hell of her own free will because she would not allow herself to be freed by such an evil act, truly redeemed her and she was able to escape hell. Victor, however, was in shambles. He had knowingly sacrificed his mother's love so she could be free, but the rejection still hurt to his very soul. It is an irony that Doom would later see himself that none of his schemes to free her worked and finally a selfless sacrifice would accomplish the deed elaborate planning would not.

He does not tolerate foolishness or insubordination. If he is to work with someone it should be very clear that he is the superior, in all things. As long as this is clear he is quite benevolent to his subjects, at times even tolerating mistakes or failure if their skills are useful enough to warrant this. He does realize he cannot know everything, though.

His desire to rule exists for one reason: he believes himself to be the only correct choice. He is one of the most brilliant (THE most, he believes) men to walk the Earth, his leadership skills are exceptional and he has the power necessary to keep everything under his control. He has proven this on various accounts, conquering and turning the Earth (or a reasonably close facsimile) into a short-lived paradise about four different times.

What angers him? Disobedience, lack of honor, incompetence. And Richards. Damn that Richards.

Doom's History - Triumph and Tragedy

Victor von Doom is a man whose life was filled with tragedy from the very beginning. Loss after loss until he finally took reign of the fickle hands of fate and carved himself a kingdom unlike any other. It all began on a fateful night in a gypsy camp located in the forests of the tiny Eastern European country Latveria. This was a special night for two reasons: it was the first of May, Walpurgis Night, and it was the birthday of a man who would become one of the most dangerous powers on the face of Earth. It was his mother's fault, in a way, that he would become such. Doom's father, Werner von Doom, was a gentle man. A healer. He accepted his lot in life, the tyranny of the Baron who forced them to live a life in fear and cowardice. His young wife, Cynthia, did not. Some claimed she was a witch, though whether that was true or not remains to be proven — she was, however, a mystic. One night, either by chance or design, one of her spells attracted a most malignant force: the devil Mephisto. He offered her the power to free her people from the tyrant, a future for her son. She was reluctant to deal with one so evil, but his treacherous words convinced her in the end. When she tried using this power, however, it demanded a terrible price — the death of each and every child in the village. Mephisto had granted her power, but no control. She renounced the power and, after fleeing into the woods, died at the sword of a guardsman.

Many years later, Werner failed to cure the Baron's wife of cancer. He, of course, ordered the gypsies' death. Werner took his son and fled into the mountain, where he froze to death even as he protected his son with the last warmth of his body. Then, young Doom swore that the Baron, and indeed all of mankind, would pay. A year later he would find the chest containing all of his mother's mystic scriptures. Slowly estranged of his childhood friend, Valeria, he grew more powerful by the day. With each hour spent in mystic research he realized more and more that his mother's soul could not be at peace, that the devil himself must have taken her soul into his hellish realm. When he realized that his mother's spells would be insufficient he turned to science. And, if he was a prodigy at sorcery, then it cannot be expressed how quickly he mastered science. At the age of sixteen, he was the de facto leader of the gypsy camp, keeping the Baron's men at a distance with his extraordinary skills. It was during this time that he first killed a man. It was a soldier. Doom had none of his devices with him, as he had just once again attempted to reach the nether realms and, having failed, walked off in frustration. The guard put a gun to his head but Victor, moving suddenly and with surprising speed, managed to overpower the older man and grabbed him, slowly strangling him to death. When the man died, he saw nothing in his eyes. No change. No difference. He felt the cold anger fading and, when he realized the horror of what he had done, removed his shaking hands and fled into the night. Now, he had realized that he had truly become his mother's son.
Perhaps he would not have left if not for that, but the very next day, the gypsy camp was visited by a man from America, who had come seeking Doom. It was a General of the US Army, having come to offer Doom the opportunity to both study in a University where he would have access to all the scientific knowledge he wished for and to work for the army, using his already incredible talents for their purposes. He had become somewhat of a legend and, perhaps, the General had come himself in order to keep others from finding him first — the Russians, for example. On any other day, Doom would have driven a harder bargain, demand a higher price for his participation, but on this day, still shaken by the happenings of last night, he accepted. His only wish was to be away from Latveria. So, he left for America, where he would lose everything.

In America, he did exactly that. He learned and participated in whatever classes he wished to, surprising teachers with theories they could barely — if at all — grasp. Of course, that mattered little to Doom, as he sucked up knowledge like a sponge. He did meet Reed Richards during that time, though their meeting had often been exaggerated in other recountings of the tale. Richards offered they share a dormitory room, but Victor already had other arrangements and, frankly, had more important things to do than to share rooms with someone he considered utterly unimportant. Richards only truly came to his attention when, once again, he proposed one of his genius theories that their teacher failed to understand. Richards, however, understood. Doom, however, was insulted as he believed that Richards was trying to help his argument — and he had no need of help. Back then, Victor thought that Richards' mind was to be respected, but that he was too much like a wide-eyed child.

For the army, he created devices far greater than anything they had had before — human-like robots, weapons and other things. He even began his first experiments with time-travel. Then, the fateful experiment that would ruin this new career happened. He created a device, combining both science and sorcery, to pierce the dimensional barrier to hell. At first it seemed like it succeeded, but either due to an act of the devil out of spite or a failing of the apparatus — to this day, it is unknown which — the machine exploded, leaving Doom injured and his face scarred. This was also the true spark of his hatred for Richards, as prior to the experiment Doom had discovered him in his room, going over his notes. It is Doom's opinion that Richards failed to understand the mystic equations (which, in fact, he did) causing him to believe there was an error which he pointed out. Doom ignored him and demanded he leave his room. Whether there really was an error or not is academic and irrelevant for further the future happenings, suffice it to say that both men believe themselves to be right.

With his face ruined, Doom realized that he had become far too much like the arrogant Americans he had lived with, and cut ties. All of the equipment he had created for the army was destroyed by his robots and he immediately left. He first traveled to Tibet, in order to gain more knowledge. He had learned all the science other men could teach him, the rest was for himself to discover — but mysticism had been part of his heritage and he intended to learn more. After some misadventures, he came upon on ancient order of monks, hidden away far from the rest of humanity. He stayed there until he learned all the order knew, until he had become their master. And there, too, he designed his first suit of armor. Built by the monks and crafted in mystic fire, it was armor unlike any worn before by men. And, as the still-hot mask touched his face, his resolve was strengthened with iron.

When he returned to Latveria all it took was a few days before he had utter control over the country, reforming it into a paradise through his unique technology and ruling ability — everyone was happy and he only took one single freedom from them: The freedom to commit evil unto others. Of course, he expected obedience in return, but that was something the people gladly gave, for the most part. After all, that was the way of things. Concepts such as democracy were strange and foreign to these people and Doom was a good ruler.

It was not until the Fantastic Four gained their superpowers that he made himself and his abilities known to the rest of the world: Angered that Richards should be revered as a hero and believed to be the superior mind, he set out to attack the team. After suffering defeat, he made their destruction into one of his primary goals and he and the cursed foursome would clash time and time again, with each side suffering losses time and time again. Often, the Fantastic Four would find a way to keep Doom imprisoned, but nothing that Richards devised could hold the Doctor permanently.

Over time, Doom had made many allies and enemies. Often branded evil, which is, of course, not hard to do considering his appearance and demeanor, he often chose to use various villains to do his bidding. Notable events during his exceptional life were:


The Coming of the Silver Surfer: Doom took his Power Cosmic by force and utterly crushed the Fantastic Four. The direct result of the happenings there was that Ben Grimm, the Thing, later crushed his hands which is an act that Doom still resents him greatly for, meaning that he has a personal grudge only against the Thing and Mister Fantastic.

The Secret Wars, during which a number of heroes and villains were spirited away to another planet by a mysterious entity and forced to wage war against each other. The villains freely elected Doom to lead them, realizing that he was the only one with the ability to lead such a diverse and contracting group. And he did lead them towards many victories, though they suffered defeat as well — though this was also one of Doom's grandest victories, and greatest defeats as well. During the events, he created a device to imbue him with the cosmic power of the mighty Galactus, devourer of worlds. That was only a step in his grand scheme, as he attacked the mysterious entity behind the scenes and finally gained all of his power, for a time. His own subconscious betrayed him, as his power was so great that every single thought became reality. When the power went out of control, the Beyonder (the mysterious entity from before) reclaimed his power.

The Re-Conquering of Latveria: Doom was off-world for a time, during which the heir to the Baron which Doom himself ousted took control of the land with the aid of the Fantastic Four. He had good intentions but turned out a tyrant greater than Doom ever was. With some reluctance, the FF agreed to help Doom take his country back and, with him effectively leading them in battle, quickly conquered Latveria again.


Triumph and Torment: After the battle for the title of Sorcerer Supreme, which resulted in Doom being second after Doctor Strange, they both set out to go to Mephisto's hellish realm and release his mother's soul. In preparation for this, Strange taught Doom many new magics and even admitted that Doom's talent frightened him — and they achieved their goal. His mother's soul was released and both mystics parted on neutral, if not friendly terms.


Heroes Reborn: In the wake of Onslaught a new world was created, where the heroes who supposedly died lived without memory of who they were. When their memories were restored and they returned, it was the thunder god Thor who struck Doom and kept him from following. After some time needed to recover, he set out to conquer this new world. Creating a new agent by the name of Lancer he realized his goals after many battles and renamed the planet to Planet Doom. Shortly after this happened, he entered the realm commonly referred to as 'The Multiverse', when his travels through the dimensions to reach his home went awry.

He found that, when he appeared in the Multiverse, Latveria had come along with him, including all of his people and resources. Intrigued, he set out to learn about the place and quickly contacted the two major factions, Union and Confederacy. Believing that the only way for Latveria to prosper was to keep it out of the conflict, he agreed on a nonaggression pact with the Union and, certain that the Confederacy would not keep a similar agreement, offered them a little more. His assistance in matters not directly concerned with the war effort, thus effectively making him a silent ally to the Confederacy. While there were some tensions and suspicions, he soon established Latveria's legitimacy and gained the recognition of many other leaders.

However, a quiet life is not for Doom. Each and every step of his is directing him only to one purpose: Power. The Multiverse is vast, but still Doom believes himself to be the only one worthy — and capable — of ruling it in its entirety. No territory this big can exist without a governing body and he intends to achieve that position. To do this, he needs to gain control of one of the factions — more specifically, the Confederacy. In comparison to the Union, they are far more likely to follow orders as intended, for it has ever been the prerogative of heroes and fools to act on their heart rather than their instructions and he finds the Confederate's manners far more tolerable. Most of the time. Once this is achieved, all that needs to be done is to win the war. It's a goal far off, but Doom does not believe that the Confederacy would dissolve into rabble fighting civil wars one after another without the Union. And if they do, then all the better. Let the bad weeds destroy themselves — in the end, Doom will rule. Or so he believes.

He's already achieved Phase One of his plan: The Confederacy, for the most part, is now his to command. How much further he will reach only the future will tell …

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