General Information

Full Name: Dorulumon
Faction: Independent
Team: None
Function: Wandering Protector
Series: Digimon Xros Wars-1
Species: Digimon
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male

"I told you, I'm like the wind. All the wind does is breeze on by."

Dorulumon is a wolf-like Digimon (Digital Monster), travelling the Multiverse with a small rabbit-like companion known as Cutemon for an unknown reason. A powerful loner, he seems to care not for others, except when they're in danger, when he jumps into action without a second thought. Little is known of his past or his future and he takes the present as it comes. He doesn't even have a Tamer, by the looks of things, but can handle himself without one quite well. Cutemon, on the other hand, is quite the opposite, friendly to everyone and trusting as well. Odds are he can be found with Cutemon lounging around somewhere, but just what causes these two to walk together? Where are they going? Where have they come from?

Skills and Abilities

  • Digimon - As a Digital Monster, Dorulumon is naturally more agile and resilient than normal creatures in the Multiverse. He also has sharp senses, able to hear things others may miss and from further away, as well as his sense of smell being similarly enhanced. Furthermore, he has a few powerful attacks at his disposal, on top of using his claws, teeth and drills on his body.
    • Drill Buster - Spins the drill on his forehead and then shoots it at the enemy..
    • Dorulu Tornado - Enlarges the drill on his tail and spins it quickly, creating a tornado to attack the enemy.
    • Drill Blader - Enlarges the drill on his tail, riding it like a platform as he charges into the enemy.
  • Evolution Potental - Although unable to access these abilities himself, Dorulumon can 'merge' with other Digimon at the request of any human equipped with a XrosLoader DigiVice. This can take one of two forms. He can be 'equipped' to a Digimon as the Dorulu Cannon, a powerful weapon. He can also be used in merge-based evolutions, the resulting fusion varying wildly. For the purpose of evolution lines, Dorulumon is identical to Garurumon, though some variance exists amongst specific Digimon species. These forms remove him from the battle, though a part of him remains and can be attacked. If he is defeated, the fusion is cancelled immediately.
  • Tactical Knowledge - Originally part of the Bagura Army as Tactimon's right-hand man, Dorulumon is skilled when it comes to battle tactics. Though far from an expert, he is competent enough to lead small squads in heated battle and can sometimes expose the enemy's plans and counter them.


Major NPCs

  • Cutemon - Cutemon is a small Digimon that travels with Dorulumon. Though not skilled in combat and prefers not to fight, Cutemon is best suited to an non-combat support role. Cutemon cannot defend himself, but can heal an ally's wounds with his healing abilities that work on both Digimon and humans. Outside of this, Cutemon seems to be a travel companion for Dorulumon, following wherever he goes. As Cutemon is too young to properly defend himself, Dorulumon defends him during their travels and, if Cutemon were to become lost or kidnapped, Dorulumon would waste no time in rescuing his travelling companion. Naturally, this means that Cutemon can become a target for villains wishing to get to Dorulumon, as well as a tool to force him to do things

Other Information

  • Loner - Other than Cutemon, Dorulumon doesn't enjoy the company of others. He will still join with others if need-be, but even then prefers to be away from the rest of the team when he can. He will often push them away or just wander off without a word. Persistent people will only annoy him further.
  • Beast Digimon - Dorulumon has a four-legged form, meaning that he cannot operate tools or machinery requiring the use of fingers or thumbs. Furthermore, armor or weaponry provides no benefits to him unless it has been specifically made to his form and to interact with his Digital nature, at a high expense.


Dorulumon was originally a member of the Bagura Army, destroying and enslaving Zones throughout the Digital World as Tactimon's right-hand man. He was highly skilled and ferocious, but still loyal to his squads. During one attack on a particularly stubborn Zone, Tactimon's forces were pinned down and unable to advance. Tactimon, with a Meramon squad as backup, arrived and began bombarding the area. Not wishing to see the Digimon with him be caught in the crossfire, he disobeyed Tactimon's orders to leave and instead informed the squad of the attack that would likely kill them. Though they protested, he pressed them to leave, but it was too late. Most of the squad was caught in the crossfire. One Digimon, BlueMeramon, was nearly killed, but Dorulumon escaped with him and helped him back to health before leaving, quitting the Bagura army due to their methods.

For a long time, Dorulumon wandered the Digital World alone, doing his own thing. He came upon a small Digimon called Cutemon being picked on by a trio of Goblimon and, after being awoken from his nap by their racket, proceeded to beat them up to teach them a lesson. When leaving, Cutemon began to follow him and refused to leave him alone. Surrendering to Cutemon's dedication, he asked him what he was doing. Cutemon explained that, following an attack by the Bagura army, he had become separated from his parents and was travelling to find them again. Feeling a pang of guilt and perhaps responsibility, Dorulumon allowed Cutemon to travel with him until they found his parents, though the two have developed a friendship since then, not that Dorulumon would admit it. With the Digital connecting to the Multiverse through Unification, his travels have led him out into the vast array of worlds present on the off-chance they stumbled out into the wide Multiverse.


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