Dominion Tank Police-1

Newport, Japan: One of the many 'new' metropolis class cities following the reorganization of refugee populations from older defunct cities, Newport was the first city to experiment with bacterial organic constructions, in an attempt to counter damage created by long term exposure to the bacterial clouds covering much of Japan and the northern hemisphere(See also: rain forest regeneration, South America). This has left Newport with a unique cityscape of rounded designs and organically grown scenery. The population is primarily baseline human, though with a large number of artificial humanoids and cyborgs as well.

While a rapidly growing metropolis, Newport remains plagued with widespread criminal activity and urban terrorism that has become endemic to much of Japan. In an effort to combat this, the city government has authorized a special unit known as the Tank Police, that make use of light armored vehicles called patrol tanks in order to keep the peace (see also: civilian endangerment, collateral damage suits, Citizens Against Destructive Police). A major recent threat to civil order has been the Buaku Gang, which has clashed repeatedly with the Tank Police throughout the city, most recently stealing a prototype humanoid air purifier (see also: Greenpeace Project, Greenpeace Criolis) and a prototype organic space colony known as the Embryo. It is believed that government scientists are close to discovering a means of dispersing the bacterial clouds using information gleaned from the Greenpeace Project itself.

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