Digimon Savers: Virus Busters-1

After the end of the last Digital Crisis and Yggdrasil's failure to invade the Human world, the original Digital Accident Tactics Squad was disbanded. But a few of its human members chose to stay in the Digital World, forming an alliance with the good digimon to watch over the Digiworld's recovery. Dubbed the Virus Busters, they carry on the fight against the Nightmare Soldiers and the corruptive virus that spawns them by turning digimon into savage monsters and humans into fonts of dark and bitter emotions to strengthen them. It's been a stalemate until now; with his strings being pulled by darker masters, Chaosdramon has set his sights on decimating both Digital and Human worlds, and it's up to the Virus Busters and the reunited DATS organization to put an end to the Nightmare legion's conquest and purge the viral plague for once and for all!

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