Emiya (Retired)

General Information


Full Name: Emiya Shirou
Faction: Union (A- Ally)
Series: Fate/Stay Night-2
Species: Human (Spirit)
"I found my answer. It's fine, Tohsaka. I'll do my best from now on as well."

A prominent participant in the Fifth Holy Grail War, Emiya is something of an enigma among Heroic Spirits. As far as anyone can tell, he is a nobody— his deeds are minor, and his noble phantasms are not his own. He is nonetheless a formidable combatant and one of the planet's most powerful defenders, possessing masterful skill with all kinds of swords and nearly peerless aptitude as an archer. Defying all conventional logic, the number of noble phantasms at his disposal are thought to number in the hundreds if not thousands, and this number grows with every new encounter. His mindset is realistic and often coldly pragmatic, but Emiya is not an uncaring person— he has the best interests of the world and the people in it in mind and heart, and he has accepted that it is not possible to save everyone. All the same, he strives to contribute to the safety of the world, and to help as many people as he can with the power that he has— and although he will relentlessly pursue this goal with every ounce of determination left in him, the concept of "acceptable casualties" is not unknown to Emiya, and he is unlikely to take risks that he might have during his mortal life.

Vital Statistics

Age: N/A - Unknowable. Several centuries old minimum.
Physical Age: Mid-Twenties
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 170lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Grey
Ethnicity: Japanese
Hometown:Fuyuki City
Occupation: Counter Guardian


Counter Guardian: Emiya is a Heroic Spirit who offered his service to the world for a miracle during his life. He is human in form, and made real by mana. He may become incorporeal or invisible at will, has superhuman physical abilities, and heals from non-fatal injuries very quickly utilizing mana. Sufficiently damaging injuries can still hinder him, but it is difficult to kill him without targetting his head or heart. He is presently deployed by his world itself, and is supplied with functionally infinite mana, making conservation a non-issue. If he is summoned by a Master he must make a contract with them to obtain mana and remain in the world, thus creating a mystic bond between them that allows mutual telepathy, sensing of health, and so forth. He may still voluntarily make such a contract, but does not need to.

Tracing & Reinforcement: Emiya can copy weapons and (at greater cost) defensive equipment that he has seen if they are made of earthly materials. He is unique in his ability to reproduce legendary magic weapons. The fake is one step weaker than the original, except when Emiya has gotten the chance to understand every facet of the original. Fake gear retains the "knowledge" of the original, allowing Emiya to skillfully utilize it even if he is not normally able. He can also modify copied gear, within limits. In addition, he has the power of "reinforcement", which lets him improve his own abilities or the natural structure of objects. Lastly, he is able to "break" magic weapons and fire them as arrows, upgrading their power by a rank and destroying them. (OOC: Consent-only where applicable. Copied weapons will be listed in +powers/detail.)

Unlimited Blade Works: Emiya's true Noble Phantasm, Unlimited Blade Works is the source of Emiya's traced weapons. When he calls it into existence local reality is supplanted by the reality marble, within which there is a near-infinite number of weapons of his own creation— mostly swords. Inside the reality marble, Emiya is able to telekinetically control each and every "fake" weapon within its boundaries, making it a deadly noble phantasm nearly on-par with Gilgamesh's Gates of Babylon and greatly increasing his combat power. If Emiya is badly wounded or enough energy is directed at the marble, it can be disrupted. (PL 34->35)

Swordsmanship & Archery: Emiya is a formidable swordsman, and though lacking in any real style of his own is able to hold his own against stronger opponents with little trouble. He is also a magnificent archer, and it would not be an exaggeration to state that his skills with a bow and arrow border on peerless.

Kanshou & Bakuya: Alone among Emiya's noble phantasms, Kanshou and Bakuya are able to be reinforced up to at least B-Rank, and possibly beyond. They may also be thrown in pairs or individually, and if one is held while the other is thrown, the thrown weapon will return to the owner.

Avalon: Never having been removed, Avalon still provides Emiya an advanced healing factor, even for a Heroic Spirit. It is unknown if he could utilize it for any other purpose, or if he even knows that it is there. It cannot heal wounds inflicted by Excalibur.

Clairvoyance: Emiya is able to see extreme distances with superhuman clarity, to such an extent that he can count how many screws are in a bridge miles away.

Mind's Eye: Emiya is cunning and intelligent, able to calmly analyze a situation and an enemy's abilities and determine all possibly outcomes in a given situation.

Magic Resistance: Emiya has Rank-D Magic Resistance, equivalent to a warding amulet. He cannot be harmed by simple spells. Only applicable to gumbies, auric magic will hurt him normally, and nullifying spells expends mana, which weakens him.

Knowledge: Emiya is familiar with magic used by mortal magi, but has no talent for most of it. He is also very familiar with the Holy Grail War, and other Servants.

DOOD: Learn how to hax. ^_^b

Traced Weapons & Other Equipment

Notice: All weapons below were acquired pre-unification or were traced with OOC permission of their players. Consent is required for use against PCs where applicable.

Caladbolg II: It is not known when Emiya acquired this sword. In any case, although recognizable as the sword of the Hero of Island, "Fergus", it is also different. It has been reshaped by Emiya to be more aerodynamic and effective when used as a Broken Phantasm. It is one of his most efficient noble phantasms relative to its power output— it is B-Rank when used standalone, and A-Rank when fired as a broken phantasm.

Excalibur: Traced during one of the Fifth Holy Grail Wars in which Emiya participated. In his hands it is an A+-rank Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm. If used as a Broken Phantasm, it is an A++-rank attack.

Caliburn: Snagged from Saber's dreams when he was still a human, Caliburn is all but useless to Emiya. Although it is an A-Rank Noble Phantasm, he is unable to wield it himself unless it is intentionally traced imperfectly, in which case it will break after initial use.

Avalon: Still sealed within Emiya. Although he does not know it, because of this he would be able to trace it perfectly as an EX-Rank Noble Phantasm. (Code-wise, activating Avalon would be represented by completing halting an enemy's missed attack, shifting to fully defense-oriented stats, or with consent armor-shifting to AID 5 and epic defense buff himself and shift back using his turn. Foes may epic on said turn without asking.)

Gae Bolg: A spear which reverses causality. Emiya may produce this at Rank B-, but because it is not a sword it costs more mana than it is worth. He has never used it.

Rule Breaker: A magic-destroying dagger. Although it has little attack power and is projected at Rank C-, it is able to break magic that it comes into contact with. Most importantly it is able to break a contract established with a servant and transfer control to the wielder.

Rho Aias: A Seven-Layered Shield, and Archer's greatest defensive Noble Phantasm short of (perhaps) Avalon. Its rank is unknown, but it is most likely a B-Rank Noble Phantasmm, and it is most useful against thrown weapons.

Hrunting: Acquisition time and place unknown. When fired as a Broken Phantasm it will pursue its target relentlessly as long as Emiya continues to aim at them.

Jeweled Sword of Zelretch: A recent acquisition. This sword is traced off of a traced version of Rin's blade. When activated, the center of the blade uses powerful kaleidoscope magic to pull mana from other dimensions and planes and store it inside the weapon for the wielder's use, providing a supply of mana that is in theory infinite. Although it can be unleashed in a blast not unlike Excalibur, the mana can also serve almost any other purpose and can even be transfered into someone else.

Miscellaneous: Emiya possesses most of the weapons stored in Gilgamesh's vault, if not all of them. As usual they are reduced by a step when he projects them. He also possesses a great number of "unidentified" noble phantasms that he has collected over the centuries.

Bow: Although not a noble phantasm, Emiya still possesses the same bow that he did towards the end of his life. It is able to withstand the use of noble phantasms, and is usually what he utilizes to fire broken phantasms.

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