Dawn (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Dawn
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Pokemon Trainer/Coordinator
Series: Pokemon-6
Species: Human

"No need to worry!"

Profile: A sixteen year old Pokemon trainer from Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh, Dawn is a experinced Pokemon Trainer and well known as member of the Anti-Rocket group, Oak's Trainers. Almost always accompanied at times by an assortment of Pokemon, most notably her Piplup, Buziel, and Pachirisu, Dawn has proved to be a confident young lady with a semi-fun outlook on life. Her ultimate goal, even here in the multiverse, is to be a top Pokemon coordinator, and learn how to be a better trainer and fighter, so that she can help, where and as needed.

Vital Statistics

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: Not telling
Weight: Definitaly NOT telling

Additional Details

  • Boyfriends - Dawn sucks at actually getting boys. However, notably, Dawn found someone that has her heart, and she his… Sanji. Nuff said.

Major NPCs

  • Piplup - One of Dawn's main pokemon.
  • Pachirisu - One of Dawn's main pokemon.
  • Buizel - One of Dawn's main pokemon.
  • Swinub - One of Dawn's main pokemon.
  • --


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  • Gear - Dawn has the typical main things to help her life as a Pokemon trainer, including her standard set of Pokeball's along with her pink Pokedex. Also, she bears a pink Poketch, or Pokemon Watch- something like a PDA in design, it has twenty-five different functions to help make life easier.
  • --

Skills and Abilities

  • Skill1 - Details
  • Skill2 - Details
  • Skill3 - Details
  • Ability1 - Details
  • Ability2 - Details

Other Information

  • Note - Dawn IS from the P-6 community, guys. That means she's way older than than she is.


Note: This section, as you can see, is for your character's history. Is to come.

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