The Realm of Makai is a place where creatures of the night roam, a demonic land that is a depraved and eerie reflection of the human world, but twisted and corrupted beyond all recognition. No mere mortal would last more than a few seconds in this environment before being devoured, driven mad by its vile aura or subject to an even worse fate. The landscape covers an area that far exceeds the scope of the earth, shrouded in the perpetual gloom of night, this place is infused with the very essence of the power of darkness. Monsters of all shapes and sizes, who were once only known to exsist in the myths and legends of mankind, live in this realm, ruled by a hierarchy of powerful Noble Demons who have built up a civilization that has stood for possibly hundreds of thousands of years. The Nobility are divided into several houses which plot and scheme amongst themselves in order to rise in power above the others.

About two thousand years ago, a gateway had opened in Makai that led to a strange world. A Demon Noble had went searching in the area where the gateway had appeared and was drawn into it, never to be seen again. Out of fear of what might be on the other side a great seal was placed upon the gate so it could never be opened again, though in secret the Noble Houses were all looking for ways to use this newly found world to their advantage. They had discovered a source of power that was ripe for the taking, a power that existed in the souls of evil ones among the individuals who lived in this strange realm, beings that were known as humans. A member of one of the three greater houses had been convinced he could harness the power of the what laid beyond the gate and broke open its seal, only to be destroyed in the process. Since then others creatures have recklessly attempted to venture into the gateway to seek power in the human world, feeding off the souls of the people there, in hopes of returning to Makai stronger than they once were. Those who were strong enough to make the trip between the two worlds came to be known as Darkstalkers.

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