Dark Knight-1

The World of the Dark Knight. Gotham City is the high-tech center of the Wayne Enterprises empire, offset by Metropolis LexCorp. The mega-city has everything anyone could want — including the highest rate of violent crime in the country. He streets arent safe anymore, the world is hard to live in, and the "White Knight" of Gotham — Harvey Dent — was killed as the murderous Two-Face by none other than the dark avenger, Batman. A twisted, dark place that seems to be decaying into a cycle of madness and violence, the lone hope for the city is in the hearts of those daring to rise against the tide of evil and insanity that threatens to drown it.

Drawing heavily from the Nolan-verse Batman and the additional fan-made supplement "The Joker Blogs", The Dark Knights Gotham is a wild place full of danger and violence, of crime and of innocence.

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