Darius Crowley

General Information

Full Name: Darius Crowley
Gender: Male
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Rebel Leader
Series: Warcraft-1
Species: Worgen

"Darius Crowley at your service, chum."

Darius Crowley, once a Gilnean noblemen and close friend of Genn Greymane, once led the Northgate Rebellion against his old friend, but when Gilneas itself found itself assaulted by the wolf-like Worgen, old rivalries were put aside to resecure the city, though the efforts were in vain. Having spearheaded a valiant last stand to buy the evacuees time to get out of the city, Darius was one of a few that fell and were turned to Worgen. Through the aid of the Night Elves, his mind was regained, somewhat. Despite being one of the very beasts he fought against in the past, Darius retains his loyal and determined stance, standing with his allies and friends in the face of adversity, though bubbling with the fury of the Worgen underneath, yet still fights for his home first and foremost.


Skills and Abilities

  • Warrior - Trained in a variety of bladed weaponry, Darius is a highly skilled combatant, not to mention veteran of a few battles against the Scourge and Forsaken that attempted to batter down the Alliance's defenses in the Second War. Usually, Darius favors either a longsword and blunderbuss combination, heavy claymores and other large swords or bladed fist weapons. He is also a skilled brawler, for those pub nights gone sour. His training also extends to the use of heavy plate armor, allowing a strong defense while not impacting much on his offensive capabilities.
  • Gilneas Liberation Front - Following the loss of Gilneas, Darius called for Gilneans and Worgen alike to band together and retake Gilneas, uniting under the banner of the Gilneas Liberation Front. Aided by the Bloodfang Pack Worgen, the resulting force is composed mostly of Worgen, though there are quite a few humans amongst their ranks, with Darius' daughter, Lorna, serves as his second-in-command. While the Worgen are predictably ferocious and relentless in combat, they specialize in guerilla warfare, setting up ambushes and traps, while the humans are more specialized for frontal assaults, but that isn't to say that the two don't overlap. Much like the Northgate Rebellion, the Gilneas Liberation Front strives to be as self-sufficient as possible, welcoming all with skills to offer into their ranks and uniting them under a common goal.
  • Worgen - Having been bitten during a heroic last stand in the Light's Hope Chapel before it was overrun with Worgen, Darius was infected and became one of them. However, this has granted him benefits beyond his hulking lupine appearance. His senses are honed to supernatural levels, allowing him to pick out and identify each individual scent and sound in a wide area. Furthermore, he is also granted use of his claws and teeth as effective natural weapons. He is also quicker and more agile than humans, able to sprint on all fours at a respectable speed, matching that of mounted horsemen.

Major NPCs

  • Lorna Crowley - Darius' achiles heel, he would do anything to ensure that she isn't hurt, even betraying his goals and ideals. Though she is more of a tomboy and able to handle herself in a few circumstances, she isn't as well-trained as Darius or his rebels, making her a juicy target for those seeking to gain a disposable asset.


Not much is known about Darius Crowley's early life, but what is known is that he became a close friend of Genn Greymane, the king of Gilneas, and would eventually become a Lord of lands north of Gilneas; Pyrewood Village and Ambermill. During the Second War, the Alliance of Lordaeron fought against the Old Horde. Crowley was one of the nobles that accompanied Greymane to Capital City to hear of Stormwind's fall and Anduin Lothar's warning about the invading orcish Horde. At the time, he advised Greymane to send aid to the newly-formed Alliance. After much deliberation, Greymane agreed out of self-serving reasons but offered only token support, worried about Gilneas being dragged into other people's wars.

When Gilneas seceded from the Alliance, they created the Greymane Wall, a massive barrier that walled off his lands from the rest of Gilneas. Crowley opposed King Greymane's decision to abandon his people, going so far as to create the Northgate Rebellion in an effort to convince his friend otherwise, smuggling weapons and people past the wall where possible to bolster his numbers and keep his people safe. This eventually erupted into an all-out civil war that engulfed the Kingdom of Gilneas. Darius is also noted as sending the Gilneas Brigade to assist Jaina Proudmoore during the Third War, against the wishes of Genn who had already washed his hands of the Alliance. Darius was, however, eventually discovered and arrested on the ground of treason, thrown into the Stoneward Prison in Gilneas City, while his daughter, Lorna Crowley, secretly continued to supply and support the Rebellion in his absence.

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