The planet Darius is an Earth-like world colonized by survivors from the planet Amnelia roughly a millennia ago. Since that time, the planet has been faced by the specter of constant war against the Belser Army who attack the planet again and again. Though the planet Darius has defeated their mysterious opponents every time, the damage has always been great and the planet has been forced to rebuild itself time and time again only to once more face the threat of its seemingly eternal nemesis.

Most recently, Belser's latest attack in the year 1904 of the Darius Calender wiped out all hyperspace communication within the Darius system, leaving only a pair of functioning prototype Silver Hawk fighters to fend off the attack. The pair of pilots defeated the Belser assault but only one returned from the conflict. Beginning to rebuild once again, Darius has reached out for help in the greater Multiverse after being unified while the legions of Belser lick their wounds and prepare for another assault.

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