Damien-099 (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Damien-099
Faction: Union
Rank: 3 - Master Sergeant
Function: SPARTAN-II
Series: Halo-1
Species: Enhanced Human

"My motto is simple. 'Peace Through Superior Firepower.'"

Profile: A member of the most elite fighting force in the universe, the SPARTAN-IIs, Damien-099 was a heavy weapons specialist, and leader of the Gray Team. As a heavy weapons specialist, he's best when using weapons which cause serious damage, like the M19 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Launcher, which he can often be found wielding two of. He's a weapons fanatic, when it comes right down to it. He loves big guns, and he loves using them. Although technically a member of the Navy, Damien is more at home on the ground, either with Gray Team, or with the Marines, getting down and dirty. Although he is a team leader, he often likes to work alone, and he doesn't enjoy being ordered what to do, even though he'll follow his orders to the letter when he is given them. He'd rather stay on auto-pilot and be able to figure things out for himself.

Vital Statistics

Age: 41
Gender: Male
Height: 7' 4"
Weight: 315 lbs.
Armor Weight: 1000 lbs.


* MJOLNIR Mk. VI Powered Combat Armor
* BR55HB SR Battle Rifle
* MA5C ICWS Assault Rifle
* M6G Magnum Sidearm
* M7/Caseless Submachine Gun
* M90 Shotgun
* SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle
* M9 HE-DP Grenade
* M7057/Defoliant Projector (Flamethower)
* Weapon/Anti-Vehicle Model 6 Grindell/Galileian Nonlinear Rifle (Spartan Laser)
* M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
* LAU-65D/SGM-151 (Missile Pod)
* AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun
* Type-1 Energy Weapon (Energy Sword)
* Type-1 Antipersonnel Grenade (Plasma Grenade)
* M12 LRV (Warthog)
* VTOL-14 (Hornet)
* D77-TC (Pelican)
* M808B MBT (Scorpion)

Skills and Abilities

* Carbide ceramic ossification: advanced material: special metal and ceramic layers, grafting onto skeletal structure to make bones virtually unbreakable. Recommended coverage not to exceed 3 percent total bone mass because of significant white blood cell necrosis.

* Muscular enhancement injections: protein complex is injected intramuscularly to increase tissue density and decrease lactase recovery time.

* Catalytic thyroid implant: platinum pellet containing human growth hormone catalyst is implanted in the thyroid to boost growth of skeletal and muscle tissues.

* Occipital capillary reversal: submergence and boosted blood vessel flow beneath the rods and cones of subject’s retina. Produces a marked visual perception increase.

* Superconducting fabrication of neural dendrites: alteration of bioelectrical nerve transduction to shielded electronic transduction. Three hundred percent increase in subject’s reflexes. Anecdotal evidence of marked increase in intelligence, memory, and creativity.

* Eight years of intense training from the age of six until the age of fourteen, at which time the above mentioned augmentations were applied, making him fully into a SPARTAN-II, since he was able to survive the augmentation process.

* Twenty-Seven years of active service with the UNSC and the SPARTAN-II forces, until his unification into the Multiverse.


Damien was born on a very small human colony in the year 2511. It was so small, in fact, that ONI almost didn't include it in their search for SPARTAN-II canidates. But a last minute decision, thanks to imput from Jacob Keyes, changed that, and Damien was found, kidnap-'relocated' to Reach with the other canidates, and began to train to become one of the saviors of humanity, a super soldier known only as a Spartan.

The training was intense, but it all paid off. As each day went by, he became stronger, faster, learned new things, and gained new friends from the other recruits that were there with him. Towards the end of the training, came the implants and the modifications. A lot of the Spartan recruits didn't survive, and some of the ones that did were still permanately disabled in one way or another. But for Damien, and the friends he'd made, like John, Kelly and Kyle, they would survive to become the first, and only, full members of the SPARTAN-II program.

One of Damien's first missions was with his newly formed team. He was the team leader, and along with him were three of his fellow Spartans. Michael-014, the team's demolition's expert, Alissa-107, the team's infiltration and security systems specialist, and Alice-129, the sniper of the group. Damien himself, of course, was a specialist in heavy weaponry, and of combat in general. The four of them had worked together multiple times in their 12+ years of training and growing up, and were a natural fit. Their first mission was supposed to be a simple recon mission.

A UNSC ship, the Crimson Dawn, had gone missing, and it was suspected that the rebel group in the area was using an abandoned drydock station to retrofit captured UNSC ships for their own use. Gray Team's job was simple. Infiltrate the compound and determine what, if any, ships were there. If the Crimson Dawn was present, then the Spartans had authorization to destroy the ship, and the entire docking station, to prevent the rebels from using the Crimson Dawn's MAC guns, or obtaining any secrets which might be on board the ship.

The docking station was easily breached by Alissa after the four were dropped off by a Pelican dropship. As soon as the internal airlock hatch opened, Damien took out both of the guards who had been inside, before they even knew what hit them. Dual wielding his MA5B assault rifles, he had put bursts into both of their chests before they could even draw their own weapons. The team maneuvered their way through the facility until they reached an observation point overlooking the main drydock hangar. Through the windows they were able to see the UNS Crimson Dawn, sitting in the dock, awaiting stripping by the rebels. Their mission objectives were now clear. Destroy the Crimson Dawn and take out the entire station.

For this, Michael had a plan. If they could get on board the ship itself, he could use the ship's reactor to cause a chain reaction which would destroy the entire facility. It was a good plan, but it would require each of the members of the team to execute their role perfectly. Alice stayed back at their highground vantage point, to keep herself in a perfect sniper's perch. Alissa and Michael moved ahead to board the ship, so that Michael could use his demolitions knowledge to set off the reactor. And to make their jobs easier, Damien volunteered to be the 'distraction'.

Alissa hacked into the station's computers, and located the main barracks area, where most of the rebels no doubt were. Damien knew that they didn't even know they had been infiltrated, let alone would they expect a head on assault by a single man. This would give him both the element of suprise, as well as a tactical advantage in them not knowing it was only one attacker. While Alissa and Michael infiltrated the ship, Damien went right to the front door of the barracks, and simply opened the door. The rebels turned to look, and weren't quite sure what they were seeing. A seven foot tall armored figure, holding an assault rifle in each hand. You couldn't see his face, due to the mask, but one could almost assume that Damien was smiling as he looked over his target rich environment.

He opened fire, cutting three of the rebels down with his first burst, then quickly closed to melee range and disabled two others. One of them went for the alarm, and although it would have been a simple matter to stop him with a burst of fire from the MA5B, he allowed the rebel to reach the alarm. He wanted to summon as many of them to his location as he could. As soon as the alarm went off, Damien began to move back in the direction he came from. The rebels followed, and a rolling firefight was engaged through the compound. However, what they were unaware of, was that he was luring them into a trap. Mere moments later, sniper fire began to rain down upon them, and between the combined assault of the two Spartans, the rebels were broken almost instantly.

The timing couldn't have been better, as explosions began to rock the Crimson Dawn from the inside. Michael and Alissa appeared not long afterwards, and the three hooked back up with Alice, and made their way back to the airlock they had infiltrated through to begin with. Their Pelican swooped down to pick them up, and they quickly made their way away from the station as it blew up behind them, leaving nothing but dust in space behind them.

When the war with the Covenant broke out, Damien went into battle with them on many occasions, each time coming out relatively unscathed. But the battles raged on, and humanity was losing. Still, the Spartans never quit. They never retreat. They fight until they have nothing left, and then they give one final push. So Damien knew that he and his fellow Spartan-IIs were in this war until the end.

Damien, was the only member of Grey Team present on the Pillar of Autumn when the Covenant began their assault on Reach. He was one of the first to volunteer to go back down to the planet and defend the MAC generators when John-117 suggested it. His team went down, fully aware they wouldn't return. They knew what the Covenant did to human worlds upon their discovery. It didn't matter to Damien. He knew that as long as the Master Chief got away, this war would still be won by the humans.

Completely surrounded, cut off from any kind of reinforcements, as well as his team, and running low on ammo, Damien-099 decided to make his last stand, even as the Covenent ships above began to warm their plasma cannons to glass the planet where he was standing. Standing face to face with an Elite, Damien began to rush the alien, intent on beating his head in with his bare hands, if need be. But mere seconds before the plasma beam that would have killed him struck the planet, a warp opened up in front of him, and Damien was thrust into the Multiverse, into a world he would never have expected to find, and no doubt will have trouble understanding.

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