Crimson Sea
The Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Abyssal Exalted
Source ExaltedModern
Faction Confederacy
Rank 3-Captain
Function Dread Pirate
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 24
Age (Actual) 27
Still Aging? No
Height 5'6"
Weight 154 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
"No matter how important a man may consider himself, if he is unworthy, the sea will someday claim him."


A modern day pirate who combines the current era's ruthlessness with the swashbuckling attitude of eras long past, The Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea is one of the Abyssal Exalted and a servant to the enigmatic Deathlords. She captains the Obsidian Hammer, a warship from the second world war restored with the power of her Essence and crewed by the undead and humans slaved to her command. As a battlecruiser, the Obsidian Hammer's armament is impressive in any era. Crimson Sea is by no means defenseless when apart from the vessel. A master of combat at sea and in high places, she combines nimble acrobatics with enormously heavy weaponry and tactics designed to cripple and mangle her enemies before killing them. While often seen as a vicious, merciless woman without honor or ethics of any kind, Crimson Sea actually does adhere to a very particular code of her own design which she refers to as the Pirate's Code. Her behavior and choices are often inspired by pirates of fiction and of history, right down to singing sea shanties to keep her crew in good spirits.


The Burden of Injustice ~ A soulsteel anchor. It is taller than she is and forged in the old Admiralty style, with alterations so that it can specifically be wielded as a weapon while also fulfilling its intended purpose as an anchor. The Burden's special magical quality is its impossible weight. No creature or machine is capable of lifting it. To Crimson Sea, who is Attuned to it, the Burden is utterly weightless. It is often stored in the Void Sheath, as Crimson enjoys the shock value she gets from producing such a massive weapon seemingly from thin air.

  • It's said that the Burden of Injustice was crafted using the souls of the men who tried to execute her the day she received her Exaltation.

The Drowning Shot ~ A soulsteel dire chain. Its exact length is unknown and it may in fact be infinite in length. One end is known to be attached to the shackle of the Burden of Injustice and the other end is fitted with a barbed spike. Used in combat like a whip, she also uses it for utility such as tangling foes, laying traps, or as an escape rope. The Drowning Shot is also stored in the Void Sheath, and Crimson Sea can often be seen hurling it out of the sleeves of her jacket, manipulating the Void Sheath to extend or retract as she desires.

  • It's said that the Drowning Shot's links are forged from the souls of captains from ships she has raided in her career as a pirate.

Sea Wolf's Respite ~ A flask crafted by Untamed Breeze on the Shining Waves at Crimson Sea's request. It is made from Black Jade. The entire reason Crimson Sea wanted this is for its special effect: The flask will refill itself with whatever was previously placed in it, when capped. She filled it once with top shelf, fatherland-brewed pure vodka given to her by Isa Reichert and has not had to fill it since.

Assorted ~ Aside from the above weapons, Crimson Sea has wielded a number of minor artifacts that she has not attuned to, including…

  • A moonsilver glock with a soulsteel slide
  • An orichalcum saber
  • A moonsilver dagger
  • A red jade knuckle duster


ANIMA ~ The anima power of the Day caste gives the Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea the power to conceal her anima's effects. She can effectively hide her nature as a Deathknight by preventing her caste mark from appearing. She can also shroud herself in darkness, or conceal her identity in the cases when her caste mark does appear.

SWASHBUCKLER ~ Almost supernaturally athletic, she is a highly mobile fighter who is constantly moving. Especially preferring high areas such as rooftops or ship's rigging, she is the type who never loses her balance even when a vessel is rocking violently on the waves of a storm. Swinging on ropes is second nature.

CHARMS ~ By channelling Essence, the Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea can perform acts from the mudane to the miraculous. She can augment her strength or increase her essence's efficiency. Many charms affect her ship, while others specifically drive her ability to fight or perform athletic feats such as impossible climbs or even running on water. She can call her weapon to her hand, or use it to perform savage essence-powered attacks.

FLICKERING WISP ~ (Perfect Defense) On occasion in combat, the Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea will elect to evade an incoming attack by moving so quickly out of the way that she appears to outright teleport. She must expend Essence to perform this, and in the Multiverse it doesn't always work correctly. She almost always follows this with a vicious but uncontrolled counterattack (Flaw of Invulnerability: Temperance).

SAVAGE SEAFARER ~ Over the time since her Exaltation, the Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea has mastered the Seafaring Hero Style of martial arts, specifically giving her advantages and techniques useful when fighting on board a ship. She has made a point to suppliment her seafaring martial prowess with skills that are useful on shore as well.

THE OBSIDIAN HAMMER ~ This monster of steel and cannons was once a German battlecruiser sunk during the Second World War. Returned to the surface and employed by the Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea, it has been steadily restored to a handsome state by its crew and captain. Offensively, it boasts the armaments expected of a warship in its size class, including 3 tri-barrel 16-inch gun turrets, 8 dual-barrel 5-inch gun turrets, and multiple anti-air and machine gun batteries along with a full compliment of anti-submarine depth charges. As a career pirate Exalted, Crimson Sea possesses many charms and tricks that specifically affect her ship. Perhaps due to this, some unknown technology, or both, the Obsidian Hammer has been seen doing things downright unnatural for a ship of its size and design.

THE EBONY GEAR ~ The collection of humans, zombies, and ghosts which crew the Obsidian Hammer under the Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea's command. While the skill level of any individual member as a sailor is difficult to estimate, one thing is for certain: Each and every member of the Ebony Gear is completely loyal to Crimson Sea. The living members of this cult can be identified by the black gear tattoo on the inside of their right wrist. (PL30 for various pirates)

BLACKSKULL ISLE ~ A small shadowland in the South Pacific that has been taken over by the Ebony Gear. The pirates founded a port town at the foot of a dead volcano long-since carved into the shape of a basalt-black skull. This is the home port of the Obsidian Hammer. Within the volcano itself is a manse belonging to the Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea.


FLAW OF INVULNERABILITY ~ Temperance. If Crimson Sea uses her Flickering Wisp technique to avoid an attack, she is compelled to counterattack as viciously as possible. There is no way to resist this compulsion unless she is physically incapable of doing so.

RESONANCE ~ The curse of the Abyssal Exalted lies in the whims of their Neverborn masters. As a creature which embodies the essence of the Void, Crimson Sea is expected to follow certain rules. Failing to adhere to these guidelines results in a buildup of Resonance, the raw power of oblivion. There are many things which cause it (listed in info), but it can be controlled and purged via certain methods as well. If unchecked, built up Resonance may affect the environment around Crimson Sea in unnatural ways.

DOOM OF THE ETERNAL KNIGHT ~ If driven too far against her principle virtue of Valor, Crimson Sea gains Resonance much faster and may snap into a limit break. The doom that afflicts Crimson Sea turns her into a creature of reckless bravado, throwing herself into danger heedless of the enemy's strength or potential dangers.

CREATURE OF DEATH ~ Though still alive, Crimson Sea effectively counts as a member of the undead regarding things which affect undead creatures. Healing via holy magic is impossible. And painful. In a similar vein, the sun is uncomfortable if not dressed appropriately, and she is more at home operating in the dark of night.

THE PIRATE'S CODE ~ The Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea considers herself an honorable pirate, following an ill-defined and nebulous code of ethics referred to as "The Pirate's Code". However, she tends to bend the rules as necessary to suit her whims. While it can be used as a way to predict her actions in certain situations, it shouldn't be considered completely reliable. After all, the Code is more of a guideline.

WHISPERS ~ It's rare, but the Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea occasionally hears mutterings in the back of her mind which belong to the Neverborn. The voice she hears is almost always the same one, and she's taken to believing it's the voice of the sea itself.

OOP, ME ACCENT'S SLIPPIN' ~ The Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea typically speaks in a fashion associated with pirates from the golden age of sail. This is, however, not her normal fashion of talking. Under certain circumstances, her accent slips to a standard unaccented American English one, which she finds embarassing.

TRUE NAME ~ Her name used to be Mina Morgan. Calling her by it doesn't do anything by itself, but if she acknowledges it as her name it will agitate any built up Resonance.


  • Ship's Crew
    • Jolly Roger ~ Crimson Sea's pure white umbrella cockatoo. What's a pirate without a parrot? Jolly knows how to talk, much like any parrot on a pirate's shoulder. It doesn't seem to know what it's saying, though its crest flips up when it senses Crimson Sea is angry.
    • Keelhaul ~ Full name, Keelhaul That Filthy Landlubber. A low-essence Midnight-caste Abyssal Exalted. He acts as Crimson Sea's Quartermaster, effectively the ship's highest-ranked enlisted man. He tends to the bridge when Crimson Sea is off-ship and keeps her abreast of any relevant developments.
    • Gangplank ~ A ghost slaved to the crew. He does not remember his name when he was alive, though he is especially fond of oranges. Gangplank acts as the boatswain, managing the deck hands and answering to Keelhaul.
    • Flintlock ~ A human crewman, the Obsidian Hammer's turret control officer. He's responsible for keeping the turret crews trained and ready for combat, and runs the fire control center beneath the bridge. He takes his orders from Keelhaul or Crimson Sea only.
    • Crowsnest ~ The Obsidian Hammer's radar and comm's officer. She is not very good at fighting, but has an excellent pair of eyes for identifying radar contacts.
  • Boarding Party
    • Crook ~ A scurvy sea-dog if there ever was one. A wolf beastman who lost his left hand during some raid or another, he's had it since replaced by an oversized soulsteel hook with a forked prong and a sharpened back edge. A fierce fighter, his fuzzy hide has more lines on it than a road map of Stockholm.
    • Pegleg ~ A particularly dopey brute of a bilge rat and a member of Crook's boarding party. Pegleg's legs were blown off in a firefight some years back and have been replaced with metal prosthetics. Being a particularly large ghostblooded, he favors a large hammer and has trouble fitting through narrow doorways.
    • Gangway ~ A swashbuckling human pirate who prefers a sword and pistol. She's so far survived serving on Crook's boarding party without getting a single scar or injury. She takes this as a matter of pride, though the others make fun of her by saying she doesn't fight. Gangway josses this by getting into the fray quickly.
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