Corgan (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Corgan
Faction: Union
Rank: 4-Ensign
Function: Holy Knight of the Seven Winds
Series: Septerra Core-1
Species: Human

"I am Corgan of the Holy Knights of the Seven Winds. I am at you service."

Corgan grew up in the town of Armstrong on Shell 3 of the world known as Septerra. When he was 18, he moved to Wind City, and there he learned the way of Marduk and became a member of the Holy Guard. He is currently commander, since Bowman was killed in battle, and Layla was saved from Gemmas door by the Watchers and turned into a Watcher. He has the ability to observe things good and he is very diplomatic. Corgan is trained in honor and loyalty and believes in protecting his people. At the same time, Corgan is trained to make decisions based on slow, methodic observation and only resorts to violence when it is necessary. He wears the clothing of the Holy Knights of the Seven Winds, and carries a long sword, that was crafted by the best sword makers on Septerra.

Vital Statistics

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 210
Hair: Shoulder Length Blond
Eyes: Blue
Note: Has affections for Maya


GRACEFUL SWORDSMANSHIP: Trained by Bowman and the other Holy Knights from when he arrived in Wind City, he has become one of the best swordsmen in Wind City. Due to his skill with a sword, is able to be deadly and precise with his sword if he needs to be, and is able to disarm a majority of those he goes against.

OBSERVANT and THINKER: Corgan has a knack for seeing weakness and that one hole in an enemy's defense that will let him strike at the right time. He uses this all the time when he battles, and this is one reason why he is such a master swordsman. He is also very calm and thinks things through before he even acts.

DIPLOMATIC and COMMANDING PRESENCE: Corgan has diplomatic abilities that he was taught while training to be a Holy Knight and a Guardsman. Corgan was taught by the best within the Holy Knights on how to be an effective diplomat and was trained by those who were not in the Holy Knights but within Wind City. Due to this, he has excellent diplomatic skills and uses them whenever he can. Due to his skills as a swordsman, his ability to think and be observant and his diplomatic skills, he is third in command, after Bowman and his daughter Layla. His knowledge and decision making is what makes him such a respectable leader and this has allowed him to be the third in command of the Holy Knights. However, that changed when Doskias started his chance at godhood, and Bowman was killed by the Chosen, and then Layla later fell, only to become a Watcher, who helps Corgan and the others as needed. Therefore, Corgan is now in charge of the Holy Knights of the Seven Winds, and is n the process of rebuilding them to their former glory when Bowman was alive.

FATE MAGIC and DAEMON SUMMONING: Just like Maya, Corgan is able to use Fate Magic and has the same deck that she does. The 22 cards in his deck are known as Fate Cards, and can be combined with other fate cards to work and create different spells. These spells include Healing, attack and defense and other various spells. Corgan is able to use this ability with others who hold fate cards to summon high-level magic, yet these spells require three casters. The basic spells can be down either by himself or with another person. Corgan is able to summon the Daemons that were locked up when the battle between Marduke and Gemma occurred. These Daemons did not want to fight against Marduke, so were spared and locked away to be summoned to assist the Holy Knights in their fight when called upon.

DIMENSIONAL GATE: Due to being a Holy Knight of the Seven Winds, Corgan is able to open the Dimensional Gate located at the Factory on Shell 2 of Septerra. By doing this, he can travel and takes others to meet and speak with the Watchers. However, this is very seldom and only when the need is truly great.

BLADES OF MARDUKE: The Blades of Marduke are Holy Weapons, and are the only thing that is powerful enough to stand up to the sword of Gemma. There are only two blades, called the Twin Daemonswords, and originally in Mardukes Lost City of Babylon. However, they are currently being held and protect in the Cathedral of Wind City on Shell 3 of Septerra, and watched over by the Watcher Layla. Due to their holy nature, Corgan is one of the few who is able to wield Blades of Marduke. (Aura Flare: 35)


Corgan has a loyalty that is fierce when it comes to his family, friends and his ship. He will defend them until the end. One of the most important aspects to him, is his friendship with people and he is even loyal to those who are innocent in these troubled times. He is also loyal to his country, even though it is no longer around; he does support it and knows that there are people who are in the government that actually do care. He is also loyal to his comrades in arms, and those who are at his side when he is in battle. This also includes those who are in the service with him. Additionally, he is very well mannered person, his etiquette is that of a man in the military and he does show respect to all people, no matter who they are, especially to those of rank. This has been trained into him and he still follows the skills to the letter and only adjusts them as he sees fit.

Corgan's personality is one who is full of honor and dignity. He shows that to everyone he meets, and is very proper. He never insults anyone and is always loyal to his friends. He has honor even for his enemies and respects them, and will even morn for them. He holds the honor of a person higher then who that person is. Since it is the personal integrity\, the distinction that one does to those around him. Corgan has a duty to keep the spirit of Armstrong and the Holy Knight of the Seven Winds alive and he does that every time day. However, he does also have a duty to his friends and family who are no longer around. To that end, he has kept a number of items with him, and they are very close to his heart. These personal items are a reminder of his friends and family are always with him and it is his duty to do what he can for people.

Corgan is very observant and is a thinker. He thinks before he reacts and is calm and coolheaded. He will not do something stupidly and fool heartedly. He uses this all the time and is someone that makes decisions based upon the facts and what he knows. AS he learns more about something, his decisions change based on the new information.

Major NPCs

  • Grubb - Male mechanic from Shell 2. A staff-wielding inventor who built the Workbots for the town that Maya and he grew up in, though they are abused constantly by the Mayor.
  • Led - Female mechanic from Shell 5; A wrench-wielding Ankaran engineer. Led's country is based around a strong military leadership and Led grew up an army brat. Her father is a General, and she has moved from town to town all her life. Her mother died from an enemy-engineered plague when Led was thirteen. This caused her father to become overprotective of Led in which she responds with her rebellious ways. Led joined the Youth Core Army to get close to machinery, which she loves to tinker around with. She has never seen battle (mostly because her father insists on stationing her where she will be "safe,"), and some of her fellow army friends call her "daddy's little girl". She wants to get away from her father, whom she considers too strict. A training injury left her with mechanical legs, ever since her father has been very protective of her. She grows to be very fond of Grubb.
  • Badu - Blind Underlost from Shell 7; a knife-wielding savage, he 'sees' with an organic RADAR
  • Runner - A giant mechanical dog loyal to Grubb, its inventor.
  • Selena - A Chosen Swordswoman from Shell 1. Former lover of the Chosen leader Doskias, and Corgan's enemy. Even though Doskias left her for another, due to her poor lineage, it is apparent she still cares deeply for him.
  • Araym - Male bounty hunter from Shell 4; Formerly a Jinam explosives expert from Shell 5 before losing both arms to a war injury. Now a mercenary with mechanical rocket arms. He knows a lot about explosives.
  • Lobo - Cyborg Jinam pirate from Shell 6. Once a slave-soldier of Jinam, his limitation device was removed after he was abandoned, allowing him free will.
  • Bowman - Former commander of the Holy Guard of the Seven Winds before he was killed. Now he is a spirit that can be summon using Fate Magic by the Holy Guardsmen.
  • Layla - The former second-in-command, who was a lover with Corgan before she was killed in battle and became a watcher.
  • Holy Guard of the Seven Winds - The Holy Guard are those who are trained to be Guardsmen to Wind City. They are picked from all across Septerra and the Multiverse. They are under the command of Corgan and can be calle dupon to help out as needed.

Fate Magic Deck

(From lf to rt: Marduk, Dogo, Kyra and Gemma)


Fate Magic Deck

Fate Cards:

  • Marduk: Summon Bowmen, Law, Barrier, Achilles Heel
  • Dogo: Effect All, Cloak, Speed, Slow, Joker, Mirror
  • Kyra: Bless, Cure, Heal, Resurrect
  • Gemma: Vampire, Curse, Chaos, Fire, Air, Water, Earth
  • Card Combinations:
    • Mirror + Law = Casts berserk on target
    • Barrier + Water = Reduces Water based damage
    • Barrier + Fire = Reduces Fire based damage
    • Barrier + Earth = Reduces Earth based damage
    • Barrier + Air = Reduces Air based damage
    • Barrier + Curse = Protects from Curse
    • Barrier + Slow = Protects from being Slowed down
    • Barrier + Resurrect = Protects from undead damage
    • Barrier + Chaos = Protects from berserk
    • Barrier + Law = Protects from status change
    • Barrier + Mirror = Removes Barrier from target
    • Summon + Water = Summons Sedna and Pilitak for Water based damage
    • Summon + Earth = Summons Humbaba for Earth based damage
    • Summon + Air = Summons Simurgh for Air based damage
    • Summon + Fire = Summons Ouroboros for Fire based damage
    • Summon + Heal = Summons Kyra to Heal the target
    • Summon + Resurrect = Summons Thanatos for undead based damage
    • Summon + Law = Summons Marduk for damage
    • Summon + Joker = Creates a random Summon, casts some status effects
    • Heal + Mirror = Poisons target
    • Cure + Mirror = Removes HP from target
    • Bless + Mirror = Casts Curse on target
    • Resurrect + Mirror = Instant death (NPCs Only) or some damage
    • Cloak + Mirror = Un-cloaks target
    • Slow + Mirror = Casts Speed on target
    • Speed + Mirror = Casts Slow on target
    • Curse + Mirror = Casts Bless on target
    • Chaos + Mirror = Disspells all status changes of target
    • Law + Chaos = Chaotic damage on target
    • Mirror + Law + Chaos = Creates a Black Hole that damages the whole party
  • Holy Guard Armor
  • Blades of Marduke
  • Union Communicator


Corgan grew up in the town of Armstrong on Shell 3 of the world known as Septerra. When he was 18, he moved to Wind City, and there he learned the way of Marduk and became a member of the Holy Guard. He is third in command, after Bowman and his daughter Layla. He has the ability to observe things good and he is very diplomatic. Corgan is trained in honor and loyalty. He believes in protecting his people. At the same time, Corgan is trained to make decisions based on slow, methodic observation. Corgan only resorts to violence when it is necessary. After the invasion of his city by Doskias and Selina, Corgan hungers for revenge. Corgan is a great Swordsman with good strength. His great love is Layla, and together they are in the Holy Knight of the Seven Winds. He respects Bowman and he wants to protect him.

Having fought along side Maya, Grubb, Led, Badu, Runner, Selena, Araym and Lobo against Doskias for destroying his hometown Armstrong, Corgan has learn to respect Selena as a swordswoman with her help in the battle to save Septerra. Now that Septerra has unified with the Multiverse, he is helping Maya and the Union out in anyway that a Holy Knight of the Seven Winds can.


May 2008

Select your Trigger Heart! - The arrival of two sisters, Crueltear and Exelica, who are assisted by Nyo-Jo, Julian, Maya, Corgan, Isamu Dyson and juku.

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