Welcome to the Hyborian Age, a time of great change, swords, sorcery and high adventure. In the times after the fall of Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryus, many ancient civilizations thrive and try to leave their mark upon these ancient times. Whether it's the powerful Aquilonia, the barbaric Cimmeria, the mysterious Stygia or the further lands of Shem and the Western Sea, there are many wonders and dangers waiting. Beautiful princesses, ruthless tyrants, fierce pirates, horrible monsters, powerful wizards, untold secrets are what you can expect from this world.

From this age of fantasy comes Conan of Cimmeria, thief, slayer, outlaw and mercenary, a man of great mirth, great melancholy and great ambition, a man who like many others who seeks to etch his memory into the annals of history.

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