Clock King
The Clock King
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source DC Animated-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank 2-Lieutenant
Function Planner, Ops Coordinator
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Middle-aged
Age (Actual) 40's
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'10"
Weight <Weight>
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
"It's about time."
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A man of impeccable timing, thanks to his remarkable memory, incredible attention to detail, and amazing reflexes. Temple Fugate ran a tight, orderly, efficient business; that is until the man who would become mayor of Gotham advised him to 'relax' on the day of an important court date, and take his coffee break 15 minutes later. That deviation from schedule cost him his court date, and everything else. He swore to get revenge on the mayor, and make him an appointment with Death. Though since unification his goals have broadened. The Clock King uses an assortment of weapons, most based on pocketwatches, as well as a cane fashioned after an hour hand, but mostly to defend himself, instead relying on preparation and his hacking skills for most offensive action. But his most valuable asset is a time dilation device that can accelerate or decelerate the flow of time, which allows him to dodge bullets as well as punches. And it's a good thing, too, as most any hit could floor him. He is a weak man, in both strength and endurance. An uptight, anal retentive, smug jerk who seems nearly devoid of humor at times. It's bad enough if you're late, but make _him_ late and your time will be up.


PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY: The Clock King can accurately recall an astounding number of schedules, routes, figures, dates, events, measurements, and observations at a moment's notice, and commit new data to memory quickly. This enables him to do casually impressive feats, from jumping off a bridge because he knows there's a train passing below, to crossing a dense cityscape without hitting a single stop light.

SWISS PRECISION: Mr Fugate prides himself on his accuracy, and not just in terms of time; he is skilled with his hands, and with his reflexes. Once he's learned how an opponent moves, he can dodge and evade most of their physical attacks.

ALARM SETTING: With his knack for complex calculation and analysis, the Clock King is adept at computer systems and programs. In the past he's mostly used this to tamper with municipal systems, like traffic signals, or time locks on a vault, but this skill could be readily honed to the point of advanced hacking.

TIME DILATION DEVICE: This stolen device can create a field that locally accelerates or decelerates the passage of time. Worn on his belt, it's most often used to put the Clock King into an accelerated state, used to move through areas unnoticed, and to dodge fast moving attacks, functioning almost like teleportation in the latter case. When set on a surface, the field is projected outward, and, when combined with the decelerated setting, can function as a sort of 'slow time mine', forcing the victim to either hope someone else turns it off, or miss out on the several hours it takes to do it themselves. (OOC: Consent required for mine.)

PLANNING: The Clock King is more thorough and methodical than most antagonists, constructing traps or obstacles with most possibilities in mind. Does the opponent have an assortment of gas masks? Then pump out ALL the air. Avoiding or escaping such foresight requires thinking outside the box.

TIME PIECES: The Clock King also makes use of a handful of other devices, most based off of pocket watches, such as bolas or impact grenades or mines. He also has his sharpened brass clock hand walking stick, which he can wield unexpectedly well.


LOW IMPACT RESISTANCE: Temple Fugate is a physically normal, healthy but unathletic man in late middle age, and as such is pretty physically frail. Most any direct hit can stagger him.

DELICATE CASING: The Clock King's mediocre physique also means that, unless using a prepared set-up, or weaponry, he has difficulty inflicting significant damage on his opponents. This, combined with his low endurance, makes him ill-suited to front-line combat.

BORROWED TIME: The Clock King's stolen time dilation device has a significant, but still limited, power supply. It is also quite fragile, and can break if even just sat on. Fortunately he knows enough about it to build replacements when it breaks, and usually has a very small number of them at any given time. However, he doesn't understand the principles behind them well enough to modify the devices, or to harness the technology for other applications. Also, the accelerated time state does not add as much to his offensive options as one might think, since direct contact with other living entities interrupts the field.

SELF-WINDING: The Clock King is an uptight, serious-minded, orderly man. Officious, frequently smug, occasionally snide, and always according to schedule, he can be difficult to work with. He has a habit of reflexively correcting people around him, and scolding inefficient work or unnecessary slowness, even if he has no authority over them. And if this tightly wound technocrat gets his work forcibly delayed, or his schedule interrupted beyond its tolerances, he can easily become panicked or, worse, enraged.

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