Citan Uzuki (Retired)
Hyuga Ricdeau
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source Xenogears-1
Faction Confederacy
Function Guardian Angel of Solaris
Groups Claimh Solais
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Early 30s
Age (Actual) 32
Still Aging? Yes
Height 6'1"
Weight 150 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
"It is much easier to be given a place to belong to than to create one for oneself."
Table of Contents


Citan Uzuki is a complicated man. Born in the lowest echelons of Solaris, he was the sole survivor of a plague that wracked the slave sectors of the city, and it was his genius that allowed him to rise above that dismal future. He now holds a position entirely outside Solarian society, answering directly to Emperor Cain. A warm and caring father and husband, he is also a cold and calculating scientist, with a near-compulsive urge to teach himself more. Warm and polite, he might seem an easy man to talk to, but it's only a mask. Logic rules Citan; at times, his insatiable curiosity is all-consuming. It is with logic that he is able to defend himself, but when things stronger than words are needed, he may defend himself just as proficiently with a lightly curved, lethally sharp sword. Intertwined with Solarian politics, it is through the will of Emperor Cain that he serves the Confederacy in any way he can; ostensibly as an ally, in reality as a means of keeping an eye on them. Citan finds no fault with this, for there is much to be learned in the Multiverse.


  • Ether Arts: Through the manifestation of a magic-like force called Ether, Citan can bring to bear a number of beneficial skills. Most of his talents lie the healing arts, allowing him to neutralise toxins, mend wounds, and other useful things. Due to the way that it feels when he uses it, like "some ancient knowledge in the back of my mind," he refers to it as "the Arcane." Used in conjunction with his knowledge in first aid, Citan can be a formidable healer. (AID 3)
  • Glasses: Citan's glasses have a few added perks beyond the obvious. A third spring-hinged lens is affixed to the frame on its left side, lending him a portable loupe to examine things in great detail. The glasses themselves are remarkably resilient, specifically tailored to endure daily wear and then some.
  • Healing: With all of his knowledge, Citan is a talented practitioner of first aid, with an expansive knowledge of all the things required of such a messy profession. Bandages, curative botany, herbs, poultices, salves, splints, surgery, tinctures, tourniquets, and other techniques are all well within his repertoirs. He's not able to just snap-heal any injury, of course; Citan requires proper tools and workspace if he's expected to tend more serious injuries… and time, of course, is the best healer of all. (AID 3)
  • Martial Arts: Though he lacks the raw strength of Fei Fong Wong, Citan's skill in unarmed combat is formidable. For a man his size he is amazingly agile, with excellent balance and reflexes. Unarmed, he shows considerable restraint, favouring defensive techniques, blocking, and evasion. Should push come to shove, though, he's perfectly capable of proving why he's almost more dangerous without his weapon.
  • Swordsmanship: Taught by his grandfather, Citan took to the way of the sword almost religiously, upholding his practise ever since. He strives daily to review old skills and master new techniques. In combat he is a dangerous opponent, tenacious and willful, calm and collected, seeking always to slip past the opponent's guard. He shows less restraint with a blade than he does unarmed, and he has no qualms over using destructive, debilitating strokes.


  • Cold, Hard Logic: Citan may seem warm and pleasant at first glance, but he is a scientist at heart. Logic rules his actions, and he has long since learned to store his emotions under lock and key. He approaches situations with a calm and collected attitude, rarely succumbing to any excess of emotion. Sometimes this may seem suspicious, particularly when he must deal with members of the Union in a way that isn't trying to poke holes in them with his sword; at times he can have trouble slipping back into the veneer of a harmless healer. (His wife sometimes jokes that he dissects people with his eyes.)
  • Cooking: His wife may be a masterful chef, but Citan cannot cook. At all. The results are inedible at best and toxic at worst.
  • Ether Arts: Though a great benefit for healing, Citan must be cautious about his use of Ether skills. It's easy for him to overextend himself, exhausting himself mentally and physically. Furthermore, he can only heal light to moderate wounds in this manner, for attempting to do too much invites the very thing he's healing to be revisited upon himself.
  • Farsighted: The glasses Citan wears aren't just stylish. He's blind as a bat without them; losing them in an everyday situation is an annoyance, but losing them in combat can present a serious vulnerability, and there's not much he can do until they're returned or replaced.
  • Only Human: Citan is in excellent physical condition, but he's still only human. He can only take as much mental or physical punishment as his body or mind can withstand. There are no mystical Ether arts to defend him, here, and he has no hidden defenses he can bring to bear.
  • Solarian: "Citan Uzuki" is a fabrication. Hyuga Ricdeau is his true identity, and he takes his orders directly from Emperor Cain, to whom he is unswervingly loyal, moreso than to the country of Solaris. If ever he needed to make a choice that would split his loyalties between the Confederacy or Emperor Cain's orders, he would invariably choose the latter.
  • Telepathy: Given his link with Emperor Cain and the Solarian emperor's ability to call on him any time via telepathy, Citan is extremely guarded and wary of anyone else using such talents on him. He is a man of secrets; the notion of having them laid bare so easily is a threat to him. He will go to great and desperate lengths to avoid having telepathy of any kind used against him.
  • Ties That Bind: In spite of his logical approach to things, Citan illogically fell in love with the soldier that once defeated him during the Third Invasion of Shevat; he would eventually marry the woman, and they would raise a child together. Yui Uzuki and Midori are the most precious things in the world to him, and he would face against any odds to ensure their safety.
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