General Information

Full Name: Cirno (AKA The Unstoppable Blizzard Who Freezes Amphibians in Perpetuity)
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: 3 - Captain
Function: Over (9) Thousand
Series: Touhou-2
Species: Ice Fairy

"You really think you can stand up to me now? Who's the idiot THIS time?"

Profile: Cirno is an angry little child. Though she was reasonably well-respected amongst her fellow fairies, she regularly got into trouble whenever a major problem occurred in her homeland of Gensokyo. She was not very bright, however, and often went right back to making the same mistakes. An accident resulting in the boost of her intelligence has somewhat twisted her friendly, kind nature along with giving her an unpredictable but frequent pain. While she is often childish and playful, Cirno is deeply bitter about her new situation, and often takes it out on people she is fighting. She has found her ice powers to be far more versatile with theory behind them, and in the process of researching her condition she has constructed various battle devices, including the Azure Wing power armor and her masterpiece, the Frost Queen mechanized battle platform.

Vital Statistics

Age: Over 100?
Gender: Female
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 38 lbs

Additional Details

  • Fairy Note - Touhou Fairies can normally regenerate from death pretty much instantly. Cirno's ability with this still works, but is crippled somewhat, and she worries she may even die permanently some day.
  • Theme Note - Touhou-2 is generally considered the 'Bad End' Touhou.


  • Azure Wing - Cirno's power armor, this grants her faster flight, force fields, and an array of weapons such as lasers and focused freeze rays.
  • Freezing Reign - A starship constructed to run on 'Element Nine' some time ago, Cirno crews it with fairies and sometimes has it turn into a giant robot. For the hell of it.
  • Frost Queen - Cirno's pride, a giant robot. Giant for Cirno. Which means about 12 feet tall. It is, however, very dangerous and loaded to the gills with lasers, freeze rays, missile launchers, and other weaponry. Cirno herself is the coolant system.
  • Care Package - A care package given to her by GLaDOS before an important mission, Cirno occasionally uses the bits and pieces from it. Still remaining: some chain, a spiked ball, firearms, a cake, and a writing desk packed in a sandwich bag.

Skills and Abilities

  • Genius Engineer - Cirno's super intelligence has been focused upon engineering of robotics and electronics, among other related disciplines, allowing her to quickly gadgeteer interesting devices.
  • Nanomachines - A nanite infection fills Cirno's body, and her supercooled nature causes them to run haywire, healing her swiftly and boosting her intelligence, but causing her great pain.
  • Danmaku - Cirno retains the Gensokyo common ability to hurl nonlethal bolts of magic, and to create incredible patterns with spell cards.
  • Ice powers - As an Ice Fairy, Cirno makes things cold. She can also summon and control ice.


  • Zero Point - An interesting collaboration project.
  • The Gofer Sisters - Kind of weird but her sponsors, and generally know what they're talking about.
  • GLaDOS - Boss. Also awesome. What's wrong with that?
  • Reimu Hakurei - Distant respect.
  • Most Gensokyo Natives - Intense dislike until they show respect for her, then a general vague friendliness.
  • Dark Lord Scarlet - Creepy. Gives her the willies.
  • Jane Shepard(any version) - Neat.
  • Most Everyone Else - Incompetent morons.


Pre-Unification - Freezing frogs and being an idiot.
Unification - After Unification, some of the Kappa found Cirno injured after a fight, and decided to try their medical nanites that they'd picked up. Well, Cirno was suddenly healed and VERY smart, promptly deciding Gensokyo wasn't the place for her to use her new intellect. She challenged Reimu, was allowed to leave, and after some analysis decided that the Union was likely to try to 'fix' her problem. Joining the Confederacy seemed the logical way to earn some respect for her new abilities, plus she required painkillers for the increasingly-common pain attacks.
Sburb - She has no idea what's going on here, but frogs seem to be important so she'll play along.

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