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Gifts from an Acolyte (1/2) Sat Dec 20 Aragan

Thankfully it's not too late to send out gifts! It helps, of course, when most of the people you know and want to send gifts to can easily get their gifts from the group's main office—or, at least, are known to hang around the main office enough that they could easily find presents addressed to them while they're there.

For the fearless leader, Dante Sparda, Aragan's given him a few cases of beverages and potions from his world. Having seen Dante's predilection for booze, most of the cases are bottles of Tropical Sograt and Tristam 12, both of which are mixed drinks. The Tropical Sograts are made from exotic fruits found near the desert regions of Midgard, and its sweetness can get people drunk without even realizing they're heading towards tipsyville. The Tristam 12s were first concocted for the coronation of King Tristam the Third, and actually combine many of the same ingredients as a Royal Family Tea. It's a fragrant and potent mix, to be sureand despite the mind-hazing effects of alcohol, provide a similarly powerful mind-strengthening effect that usually comes with the hangover that follows (unless someone drinks a lot of water, anyway). The other cases include potions, mostly potions that temporarily grant resistance to trauma from fire or electrical sourcesincluding magical ones. Aptly, they're called Fireproof and Thunderproof Potions by the alchemists that brewed them.

For good ol' Rick Taylor, Aragan's got several pairs of full-body tights. That might seem like getting somebody a pack of socks and sweaters for Christmas, but closer inspection will reveal that they're built for rough, dangerous workand they're very elastic. They might not be built for protecting the body, but they aren't going to be easily shredded apart by something such as, say, Rick's bodily transformations. Aragan provided a note along with this pack of tights: "Doesn't it get expensive ripping your clothes like that every time you fight?" That's not all Aragan's given Rick, thoughin an accompanying box, there's a number of books that deal with Midgard—its known history, and an encyclopedia of sorts on known demonic entities and giants, as well as the undead. There's also an atlas that gives a detailed look at the world Aragan comes from, specifically the Rune-Midgard Kingdom and its neighboring countries, as well as a primer as to how the greater world of Midgard and the other realms relate to Yggdrasil. Given the work he'd done with Rick on researching information for Devil May Cry's jobs, Aragan thought Rick might be interested on some info on his own world. It never hurt to be prepared, after all …

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Gifts from an Acolyte (2/2) Sat Dec 20 Aragan

(Continued from "Gifts from an Acolyte (1/2)")

For Aragan, getting gifts that Millia Rage might like was a challenge. He hadn't worked with her like he did Rick to come up with things she might appreciate, nor known her long enough /period/ to figure out her personal wish list. … Okay, so she does have the hair going for her, but Aragan figured people would already give her gifts along those lines. So instead, Aragan got Millia … a case of Hwergelmir's Tonic. Named for the legendary spring (which in English translates to "The Roaring Kettle") found at the base of Yggdrasil, this stimulating beverage is renowned not only for its taste, but its ability to sharpen one's dexterity for a time. He'd seen Millia fight, so hey, why not give a nimble fighter something to help keep her at the top of her game?

Given the number of times Shinku's hung out with the Devil May Cry group, she's not left out, either! Aragan gets her two presentsone of them is, seemingly, a vibrant red rose. It's not any ordinary rose, though, and time will bear this out; it will remain fragrant and never wither. Anybody capable of detecting signs mystic or magic at work will be able to tell that the rose itself is enchanted to remain, practically, ageless. The rose comes with a notedespite being written in Rune-Midgardian script, it shouldn't be a problem for Shinku: "The things I find when exploring Midgard! Out here this is called a Witherless Rose, and I was surprised to come across one of these. Merry Christmas!" The second box contains all the instructions and makings necessary to brew Royal Family Tea, a blend created by the famous (in Midgard at least) chef Charles Orleans. The leaves are in a sort of Orange Pekoe state, and consist of aloe and hinalle leaves, as well as a few leaves from Yggdrassil itself(!) … There's also some royal jelly, pieces of thorned Midgard-native fruit, and a packet of yellow spices that are all meant to be used in the brewing and sweetening of the tea.

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Gat's Gifts, Addendum Sat Dec 20 F Gattaca

Two more GRM Express boxes are sent out to folks: Yukari and Leiko. It's taken a lot of effort on behalf of F Gattaca to find an appropriate mailing address, or at least, some place were they would likely find their gifts.

Yukari's gift is a bar counter, with a rustic Moatoob style. It's got plenty of space to store varying types of booze, and has built-in photon reactors to power its own glowing green and red emblems as well as a set of taps on the counter itself, like every good bar should have. The Bar Counter also comes with an assortment of booze found in the Gurhal System, and other drinks with similar effects, like Bluefeeters. A note comes with the shipment: "You're right, I do like the gift. - F Gattaca"

For Leiko, F Gattaca's sent a Holy Light Festa decorum, something that is sold during the aforementioned festival on Neudaiz during the late summer. It's an impressive, if only decorational, example of photonic technology, as it gives off an interesting light show with its lanterns giving off a shimmering, glowing aura that seems almost like a cross between a starry night sky and a clear rippling ocean. F Gattaca also included a note for Leiko: "Sorry about the trouble from earlier. Hope you enjoyed your tour of Neudaiz! - F Gattaca"

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White Christmas for Everyone! Sat Dec 20 Popo and Nana

Many people around the multiverse have been getting strange gifts. Heck, you might be one of them! These gifts are, essentially, snow and ice sculptures.

Someone's been running around building assorted snowmen in other people's yards, leaving mountains of snow piled up (good for snowballs), and creating rather marvelous looking snow and ice sculptures. Some are made with icicles frozen together, some seem to be carved from blocks of ice like statues, and others would fall into the term "abstract art" in such a way that they look like they shouldn't even be able to stand on their own.

Whoever this renegade snow sculptor is, he's been very busy, and most elites will find their normal places of commute graced by his/her presence, even in places where snow should not be able to last long. Just ask Evil the Cat on the planet Heck.

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Claus' Gifts Sat Dec 20 Claus

To a disproportionately large number of people in the Multiverse:

A letter stating that he is not Santa Claus, and that their letters have been forwarded to the appropriate Demi-God.

To Porky: A Cracked Baseball Bat, retrieved from Onnett.

To Azula: A Steel Mechagorilla and a Cuddlebomb
( and

Left in the middle of Saffron City in the Pokemon Islands (-6): A Negative Man (

(OOC Note: Negative Men don't actually /do/ anything. They look somewhat threatening until you realize they just sit there and whine to themselves and whoever will listen.)

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Black Mage's Gifts Sun Dec 21 Black Mage

To the Union: All members of the Union Elite Division receive a small assortment of useful but minor magical items, most of which are roughly akin to Amulets of Fireball with up to five charges.

To the Confederacy: All members of the Confederate Elite Division receive notices of gifts that had been enchanted to kill them messily. Curiously, none of these items had the potential to hurt innocent passerby regardless of what kind of death-enchantment was cast upon them.

To Craig: A hat of +2 intelligence.

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Stylish Gifts Sun Dec 21 Dante Sparda

-To Winry Rockbell-
A package arrives containing…What…Looks to be some kind of weapon? Maybe? Possibly? The thing is so plain BIZARRE that it's hard to tell. But thankfully a note is attached. 'Found this broken Nightmare Beta awhile back. It's a laser pistol from the depths of hell. Figured you might want a project to work on. A weapon AND a hobby at the same time! Aren't I awesome? Just one thing…You PROBABLY won't be able to use the thing to its full potential being a human…But it'll work as good as one of those fancy military laser pistols. …Maybe.'

-Yukari Yakumo-
Yukari recieves a package with…A parasol! Oddly enough, it seems to have a switch on it that extends several blades on the ends of it when pressed. The note is as follows: 'Not much else I could find, but I noticed you had a thing for parasols…So…Here's a parasol with blades in it.'

Aragan gets…A mace. At least it looks like a mace, though…Why's there a trigger on it! Oh, a note too! 'Yo! here's something for that collection of yours. Found it in a bizarre weapon shop. They call it the 12 Gauge Mace. Just pull the trigger in mid-swing and WHAMMO! Give yourself a little extra kick. It was either that or the 12 gauge Golf Club…'

-Millia Rage-
Millia gets two gifts. Gift #1 is…Industrial Strength Hair-gel. 'I FIGURE this is what you use to keep your hair like is.' However, a second gift is tucked away in her quarters. A new jacket. …And what do you know, it's red. 'C'mon, you need something to wear after Labor Day, right?'

-Rick Taylor-
Rick gets a rather interesting Parapsychology book set. Interesting in that it's one that was believed to have had every copy lost save for private collectors who refused to part with them. It covers demons, spirits, possessions, etc. 'I had a friend out in Europe who owed me…Bigtime. And while they were cleaning out one of their libraries, well…Found this. Figured it'd go good in the collection you've got.'

Lash gets…A foot massage/warmer device! 'Hey, being married and all…Trust me. When your wife's feet are like ice some nights, you're gonna be /damn happy/ I gave you this thing.' Oh, and there's a second one too, with a continued note. '…And this way she can't complain about you hogging the thing.'

Psyber gets a 100 dollar gift card for Dante's local liquor store with the note: 'Seriously man, you gotta try some of the stuff they sell here. Here's 100 bucks worth of it on me.'

Shinku gets…A tea set? …Yes, it's a tea set. To be fair, it's hardly a regular one though, given the cups and pot are jet black, with a red DEVIL MAY CRY logo on them. Along with that is a small pin, designed to fit on her with the DEVIL MAY CRY logo on it, and a note attached. 'Consider yourself an honorary member, Shinku.'

However, one can only assume he's just getting started…

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MORE Stylish Gifts! Sun Dec 21 Dante Sparda

A Baskin Robbins Giftcard for 50 dollars. 'Well, your sister got something, so…Well, guess that means you do too.'

Two gifts. Doll sized earplugs with a note 'For enduring the sugar high when your sister redeems HER gift.' And a second one too. A doll sized sheath shaped for Renpika in its scissor form. 'Might as well accessorize a bit, and make the accessory functional too.'

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Holiday Wishes Mon Dec 22 Saber

Psyber - Psyber gets several books on some exotic forms of gun care, construction, enchantments, and other oddities. And an assortment of parts to use and study related to them.

Suigintou - A male calico kitten. As some know, this particular breed being male is a very rare occurence.

Yuki Nagato - A large pile of books and tales covering a grab bag of topics. Half of them are on various cultures and mythologies.

Kyton - Metal polish. A lot of it.

Shirou - 5,000 credits. That is a LOT. But there's doubtlessly something else for him later. He'll find out.

Rin - 6,000 credits worth of gemstones. Some bigger some smaller. Also some rather hefty books on Multiversal magical studies purchased from Black Mage's shop.

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More Gifts Mon Dec 22 Raven DeVanos

Davlyr - A pair of goblin jumper cables, a tub of butter, and a note: "I'm pretty sure you can figure out what to do with these." As well, there's a six pack of Blood Wine.
Ailiar - Snickerdoodles, Sugar cookies, S'more cookies, Pinwheel cookies, and a jug o' milk.
Nova - A couple of snazzy dress collars, and, yes, a doggie sized Tuxedo.
icard Stadler - A book with a note: 'You'll want to read this to her when she hits ten.' The book? 'This is my body, I am a woman'. Yes, that's right, Raven's gift is that Richard gets to give Yunomi /the talk/.
Superman - A book on 'The Multiverse for Dummies'.
Kiden - A Geode, about the size of a grapefruit, with blue and white crystals inside it. As well, a few fossilized arrowheads. And a note: 'I'm going to come to your gym some day for a challenge. Better be ready."
Kiden-Marie - A plastic, put it together yourself model of a skeletal tyranitar.
Duplica - A note inside a nice card: "Mimic me again, and I'll noogie you till you're bald." She also receives a very classy make-up kit, and a hot water bottle in the form of a ditto.
Optimus Prime - A Mr. Potato Head 'Spuddimus Prime' doll. (Alexis gets one box of super decadent Godiva chocolates)
Ganondorf - Hospital bills.
Loros - Scrolls on summoning Pikacthulhu.
Iianor - Faerie-sized handcuffs. A lot of them.

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A Family Christmas Pt 1 Mon Dec 22 Iianor

Each of the various direct members of the family receives the following gifts:
Airia - Pictures of all of their 'relatives' and a small feast contained in a magical book.
Chii - A special crystal that humms and sings to her when she taps it : It also allows her to fly, and magically sculpt clouds by gesturing at them.
Dahk - Various cooking ingredients, and a small group of plants from the painting.
Dorothy - A harp and mandolin enchanted to play themselves or be played, along with a music stand that will control what is played by placing sheet music on top of it, it can also generate sheet music by hearing something being played. Additionally a land and stock grant on Filolus Oortus.
Elyssia - A small wand that allows her to animate some of her sketches and paintings outside of the painting and a small corporation that makes remote controlled gundams and other things of various sizes.
Michiko - A storeroom filled with assorted cheesecakes of every flavor and shape, as well as half stock in a cheesecake factory.
Millia Rage - Enchanted pottery paints, which can be used to paint moving figures (or features) on pottery, a special kiln that cooks pottery in 10 seconds or less, and a small necklace that allows her to change the color of her eyes and hair at will. (Including multicolors.)
Shemune - A storeroom filled with assorted cheesecakes of every flavor and shape, and the other half of stock in a cheesecake factory.
Sonia - Given in Private.
Souseiseki - A small gem that translates the words of her Faerie, a set of beautiful dresses, and a small land grant on Filiolus Oortus : One large enough for a very large garden.

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A Family Christmas Pt 2 Mon Dec 22 Iianor

The following gifts are given out to near family (Rozen and their mediums):
Alexander Armstrong : A pouch of holding containing a moderate quantity of many precious materials that can be easily used in alchemy. The pouch is also a pouch of holding.
Hina Ichigo : An enchanted fondue pot that never runs out of chocolate and a large number of strawberries and other fruits.
Kanaria : An enchanted crystal ball that allows her to talk to her friends and family, as well as view things that are going on somewhere within a five mile radius.
Psyber : An enchanted whetstone that makes sharpening blades less … tedious, along with an enchanted polishing rag, which (almost) never gets cut, repairs itself, and restores old blades while polishing them.
Ry Wayas : Enchanted instrument strings that are able to animate at the user's whim, and act like independent whips … Or if they're anchored down too tightly … El-kabong at the user's whim.
Shinku : A set of seven victorian dresses and accessories, all properly sized for a doll : They're enchanted to repair and clean themselves.
Suigintou : A set of fifteen dolls and clothing of various sizes, crafted by various masters.
Suiseiseki : A gift of several kinds of rare plants, Notably a kind of cherry blossom tree that attracts faeries, some rare fruit bearing plants and flowers.
Winry : A matching set of work jumpsuits, with many many pockets, hidden and visible that are enchanted to hold far more then they should. The jumpsuits also repair and clean themselves magically.

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A Family Christmas Pt 3 Mon Dec 22 Iianor

The following are special gifts to certain Union elites :
Ailiar - A 'real' dreamcatcher of a sort. Catches both good and bad dreams, thoughts, etc that are directed towards it : It's like a dream diary designed for a psychic mind.
Foxfire - A selection of scented bath soaps, shampoos, conditioners and hair gels, along with healing potions, fruits, and various tonics that rapidly regrow any of the hair she manages to singe off on a regular basis.
Harry Dresden - A book filled with an alphabetized list of things to do to hack off a wizard that's annoying you. coauthored by several million Fae. Some of the tricks range from mildly amusing, bad jokes, to the downright illegal and horribly malicious. : Attached is a note by Iianor - We thought you could use a 'to do' list.
Jiang-Fu - A five hundred page book detailing teas from across the multiverse, one merely has to reach inside that specific page to remove a quantity of tea.
Leiko - A collection of woven silk tapestries collected from across the multiverse.
Maya - A five hundred page book filled with various chocolates and deserts : One merely has to reach through the page and take out the ones that they want.
Merin - A special crystal that radiates energies neccesary to fertilize soil, and promote plant life on a grand scale.
Snake - A heavily enchanted mallet that can be used once per day. When a person's name is spoken and they're somewhere within New Washington and currently speaking on the radio … The mallet can be used to smack a radio … And hit the person on the other side. (NOTE : This item has been approved by Staff.) : Attached is a note - Sometimes you've just gotta drop the hammer. On someone's head.

And the following is given to every Union Elite via delivery of caroling fae dressed in suits and wearing fedoras :
A fruit basket filled with fruits grown in the painting : each promotes general good health, wellbeing, and some have minor healing powers.
An assortment of spices of all types, some of which are magical.
Several packages of Cheesecake bites.
A set of three CDs, performed by Dorothy featuring intrumentals, holiday and re-renditions of music into jazz and rock.

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A Family Christmas Pt 4 Mon Dec 22 Iianor

The Final gifts are given out to the following neutral and Confederate Elites:
Aries - A magical doghouse featuring, climate control, running hot and cold water, never empty food dispensors, and an extra dimensional 100 square feet living space with plush carpets and furniture. Included is a note taped to it with the words : Just in case.
Raven - A case of fourty year old scotch and a set of shotglasses.
Sephiroth - A second case of fourty year old scotch and a set of rules to the 'Multiversal Drinking Game'.
Talynn Black - A $500 credit gift certificate to a major leather apparel outfitter.

Dr. Nathan Xiang - A five hundred page book detailing teas from across the multiverse, one merely has to reach inside that specific page to remove a quantity of tea.
Loros - A gourmet cookbook, containing some of the best recipies known to humanity along with a note : Please try and eat better.

Thionoxial's Grave - A very large boquet of flowers.

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Even more Christmas presents (Unio Mon Dec 22 Polly Ester

The following is sent to all Union Elites:

A coupon for 50% off a pizza of your choice.
A Pointless Sisters CD. Unfortunately, they didn't sell very well, despite Polly's enchanting voice and catchy lyrics such as:

"Once everyone thought that we were square, that we weren't going anywhere, but now that's changed as you can seeeeeee."
"I spent my day just making meals, fighting crime and spinning wheels, but now I sing my songs to yooooouuuu."
"We're the Pointless Sisters noooow."
"So relax, don't have a coooow."
"When we're through, just clap your hands, we'll take a boooow."
"We're Pointless now!"

You're in for such a treat. Besides, the unsold CDs were taking up a lot of space, and Francine was just about ready to charge for storage.
Note: No, the CDs were NOT meant for the Confederacy.

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Gifts from the Firemind (1/2) Mon Dec 22 Niv-Mizzet

«All gifts would be received in red wrapping paper with a blue bow."

Ry - She would receive the image of a rather massive landing pad, easily double the size of the Wayfarer and a key. A note attached states: "For whenever you need anything, be it supplies or support, your ship is always welcome in Ravnica's Izzet quarter." the key would be to both the Izzet spire and to the massive supply warehouse near the landing pad.

Talynn - A large tome, written by Niv, that describes the brief glimpses of the Blind Eternities that Niv has managed to see while planeswalking around the Multiverse. The description is rather intriguing, noting the uncountable number of stars, galaxies, and nebula's visible amidst a backdrop similar to the Aurora Borealis. Also listed is what he's done previously when actually seeing it, and ways to attempt to reach there. Note: "In hopes that one of us can unlock the secret of reaching this place. Its much more challenging then you may believe."

Unico - A key to his own personal quarters in the Izzet spire of Nivix in Ravnica. "For one of the bravest and kindest individuals I've ever met." When visited by Unico, he'd find a gift from Thianel. There's a 3D image of Unico, Niv, Thianel, and Isperia simply enjoying some time together with each other and a familiar bright blue star hovering over the quartet. Thianel's note: "For the family I've found here in this place."
5rMillia - A Red, blue, and white version of her typical combat garb, emblazoned with the former izzet sigil on one shoulder, and the newer, planeswalker sigil of Niv-Mizzet on the other. "To an individual who has been my aid in two times of need."

Yugi - The duelist would receive a brand new duel disk straight from the forges of Nivix, cast in Mizzium, and engraved with Niv's Sigil on each of the card slots with a bright red gem acting as the projection lens. "Something new for the first person I met in the Multiverse."

Nova - The kit would receive first, a large box of small Valium pills. "You'll understand soon." Aside that, the kitsune also receives an elegant calligraphy set craft from mizzium. "It never hurts to have a 'backup' set.

Hikari - A single gem with a note that states: "Put this in that bag I gave you last Christmas." the bottomless bag of sugar-free skittles now has regular skittles in it as well. Only 25% of them at least. "Don't have to many at one time, Hikari."


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Gifts from the Firemind (2/2) Mon Dec 22 Niv-Mizzet


Richard Stadler - A book about the inner workings of Mana Magic in Ravnica and some other forms of magic the dragon has learned about. "I don't expect you to learn magic, I just want you to be able to know how to defend against it."

Fleece - Its a day calendar, 365 different dragon pictures, one for each day.

Maya - A crate of red / blue mana magic shells for her rifle. "Careful, they pack quite a punch."

Midori & Yoyami - A simple bag filled up with nearly five thousand gold coins. "Don't fight over it to much, you two."

Psyber - A note: "Visit, or send me some specs, and i'll forge you a new weapon or armor at no cost."

Merin - A finely craft tea set, made of porcelain. "For when we finally have that uninterrupted time for tea."

Jeanette Thompson - A case of mizzium bullets of varying calibers. "These are -better- then armor piercing."

Saelus - A new key chain, a single crimson dragon scale that has Niv's sigil carved onto its surface, though the reverse side is blue and metallic, with an all blue Izzet signet. "Hope this works well for you." its from both Niv and Thianel.

Thio's grave - A single gold-mizzium alloy coin crafted with the Izzet sigil.

All involved in spark 1 or 2: To each and every individual involved with the safety of the hatchlings at the Cauldron, and the saving of Ravnica from Szadek. Any of these individuals would receive an image, essentially a roster, of everyone involved in both missions. The three kits would be at the front with everyone else between them and Niv with Thianel standing behind. The only individual missing is Isperia, but a bright blue star hovers high above all present. All individuals actually move about in the picture, as if alive and even seem to carry on conversations with each other. A small gem at the top of the frame, when tapped, actually would cause the image to be projected out in life size, but only while in a large enough area outside to accommodate the numerous individuals within the picture.

"To all those allies that have come to my aid in both mine and Ravnica's darkest hour. A reminder that you are all friends and none will ever be forgotten, both here now and gone. Only press the gem while in a large area outside."

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Gifts from the Firemind (Oops.) Mon Dec 22 Niv-Mizzet

One last gift is rushed out to Ash Ketchum. He gets a dozen GPS units and another Mizzium bike. "To help with your 'geographic problems. Also, I want video if you -somehow- lose this bike." The bike has an 'indestructable' enchant on it as well as a flicker form enchant which will cause it to return to Ash should it somehow become 'lost'.

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One-Winged Gifts Mon Dec 22 Sephiroth

Raven - To Be Given In Person
Tiphereth - A blade care kit, and a Ribbon.
Kadaj - A gift certificate to a high-class tailor outside of Kalm, specializing in SOLDIER battlefield-fashion. It's a 'blank check' certificate.
Zack - A 100-credit 'good anywhere' gift certificate, and a note. "I'm not good at picking gifts for people. So here. - S"
Aerith - A 100-credit 'good anywhere' gift certificate, and a note. "I'm not good at picking gifts for people. So here. - S"
Yuffie - A single mastered All materia, and a note. "Now, will you leave me alone?"
Rhode - A 100-credit 'good anywhere' gift certificate, and a note. "I'm not good at picking gifts for people. So here. - S"

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Gifts from the wrenchslinger Mon Dec 22 Winry Rockbell

General/group-wide gifts:

- Every Union Elite, and everyone whom Winry knows on a halfway decent basis outside the Union, would receive some kind of baked goods from Winry. People she only knows in passing would get a half-dozen or so cookies; people she knows better would get more cookies, or brownies, or a pie or a cake or something. (This includes everyone who gets more specific gifts below.)
- The current members of MechTech would get e-book tablets (similar to the RL 'Kindle'), and a 300-credit account for 'books' for it.
- The members of Mobile Section Six would (collectively) receive a home-made marbled cake, decorated with representations of the members' devices (those which Winry knows): Raising Heart and Bardiche are depicted in active mode, along with Mach Caliber, Kerykeion, and Cross Mirage's standby forms.
- Every Union mecha pilot whom Winry knows (or at least knows of, but she *has* met most if not all of them) gets a 'Perfect Powered' figure of his or her primary mecha. These are highly detailed action figures, able to move and 'shoot' under commands from the included remote control (like the RL 'RoboSapiens' toys); their weapons have lights and sounds but don't do any damage. They can't really fly, either, although those with wings can look like it.

Individual gifts:
- Alex Armstrong receives an automail-based mechanical arm-wrestling table.
- Amelia receives a small mithril dagger. The attached note says, "Use it as a tool, not as a weapon, if you can. I'm sure you'll figure out how."
- Ash gets a set of eight wrenches, the right size and weight for throwing, forged from Pokemon-shed steel. The note with them says, "I think they'll hold a charge."
- Aya Shameimaru receives a laptop with built-in wi-fi and webcam, *and* a 'smartphone'-type radio with all the features - built-in camera, text/picture/audio messaging, the works.
- Bloom gets a ruby geode. No particular purpose is attached to it, but it's gorgeous.
- Goggles gets a 'bandoleer,' seemingly designed to hold throwing wrenches. He also gets a 200-credit gift certificate for the Spybot Shop.
- Guy Shishioh gets a set of the Masked Raider manga, in addition to a 'Perfect Powered' Genesic GaoGaiGar figure.
- Hatsune Miku receives a Nintendo DSi, and a copy of the KORG DS-10 Synthesizer software for it.
- Maya receives a Covenant plasma pistol, including directions for replacing the power pack. (It's not something one can swap out in the field.)
- Niv-Mizzet is the recipient of a matched pair of automail arms - brand new, from all appearances. The note included with them says, "I'm not sure quite *how* you'll put these to use, but I'm sure you can come up with something. If nothing else, I hope you can appreciate the workmanship.
- Optimus Prime receives a 'hybrid' chess set. The main chessboard is made for an Autobot his size, and comes with a full set of classically-designed physical chess pieces. However, the board can also project a holographic set of pieces, *and* is electronically linked to a smaller (human-use-sized) board so Optimus can play against non-Autobots conveniently.
- Raven DeVanos will receive, as her baked goods, three dozen homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. (Winry couldn't think of anything else to give her, though … or so it seems.
- Sanji will get an electronic Multiverse cookbook, fully waterproofed and with solar-rechargeable batteries.
- Sephiroth's gift is a holographic training-target projector. The target's appearance and capabilities are fully customizable, and the projector has a quarter-mile range (if used outdoors. Inside, it's limited to the room it's in).
- Shinku would receive a *very* high-quality tea press, of a size which she should be able to use effectively.
- Yukari Yakumo will get a custom parasol … with a wrench-motif pattern. O.o
- Yulia, despite not being a *Union* mecha pilot, gets a 'Perfect Powered' version of her Evangelion, or something passably close to it. (And brownies, enough to share with Yuri.)

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/181 Posted Author
Bridge Bunnies Bearing Gifts Mon Dec 22 Mikoto Utsugi

Everyone in the Union will get a Christmas card from the Gutsy Galaxy Guard. The front of the card has a photo of both Mikoto Utsugi and Swan White, posing for the camera while dressed in 'Santa'-style dresses, hats, and boots - you probably know the type. These specific dresses are generous with the display of cleavage, somewhat more modest when it comes to the legs. And there's a huge Christmas tree behind them, if anyone cares what's in the background.

The card is signed by all of the members of 3G's command staff, and includes a slip of paper announcing the unveiling of an official GaoGaiGar simulator - "So you can see what it's really like for Guy when he's piloting GaoGaiGar in the field."
(The simulator hardware's already being set up in the training facility by the time the cards get sent out; it looks a bit like a 1:1 scale model of Galeon's head. The simulator won't be online, though, until Christmas day or shortly thereafter.)

One may presume that Mikoto has some personal gifts to give Guy, too … only time will tell how noticeable those are.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/182 Posted Author
(Un)caring Gifts Mon Dec 22 Grief

All Union elites receive giftwrapped boxes with mini-sized Care Bear plushies inside. There is nothing particularly suspicious about them. Union scanners will pick up nothing dangerous. Each bear carries a symbol on their tummy which marks the recipient's own individual characteristic (Winry's is a little wrench, Armstrong's is a bunch of sparkles, Sanji's is a little cookbook, all the Jedi's are tiny lightsabers, etc).

All Confederate elites recieve giftwrapped packages of gumdrops or other assortment of sweet candies.

The sender's name isn't apparent, except for a little raincloud imprint which may look familiar to some people.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/183 Posted Author
A Shadowy Christmas Tue Dec 23 Lawrence III

Seems, despite being knew, Lawrence III is sending out Christmas Presents!

Richie would recieve a Shadow Steelix, male. It's particularly fierce, and a note is attached to the Pokeball that holds it: 'It was particularly fierce even beforehand. But I think you can handle it.'

Kaede would recieve a Pokeball. In it, there is a Shadow Feebas. Female.

James recieves a male Shadow Milotic, with a note: 'This Milotic was hand picked for its incredible beauty, something you should appreciate. It is not the most combat capable, but for you, it should be perfect. It is only second in beauty compared to my own.'

Jessie recieves a Shadow Gyarados, female. A note: 'I picked this mostly because it is sort of a reflection of James' gift, a Milotic. But, it was a rather fierce and independent Pokemon, before it was altered. A Pokemon that can only be described as tough in nature.'

Darke recieves a Shadow Arcanine.

Elizabeth recieves a Shadow Togekiss.

Lute recieves a restraining order.

Tabitha Nesbit recieves a Shadow Tentacruel.

Team Rocket higher commanders that /aren't/ Richie are given fruit baskets.

Giovanni recieves a few new suits.

Seth recieves a Voltorb in a Pokeball. As soon as it is opened, it would /explode/. And it seems to be trained to explode, and only explode. Not a Shadow 'mon, but simply just… Trained in such a manner that if it didn't explode, it gets beaten.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/184 Posted Author
Poke-Presents Tue Dec 23 Fushigi

To the Seekers of Fortune Guild - A large flag, that has been decorated with the guild's crest courtesy of a certain artistic Smeargle, to fly over the new guild hall. Every member also gets a length of cloth that's been similarly decorated, that can be worn on the head, around the neck, or just carried with, and a card explaining: 'Back home this is how teams tell members apart. Happy Holidays' — Team Brushguard.

To Trainers and Pokemorphs - All the Trainers and other people with pokemon get a box containing a dozen Poke Gummies, Mystery Dungeon's equivilent to pokeblock or poffin treats. They've been matched to each Trainer's starter and main types. Ash gets a combination of Yellow, Red, Blue and Grass Gummies; Dawn gets Yellow and Blue, for examples. Pokemorphs get their own type, and the type of their starter if they have one.

There's also a few specific gifts:
Ash's Pikachu - Several Luminous Orbs, which make the layout of a floor or other small area visible to the user. Card notes: 'Use these the next time your partner gets 'geographically displaced'.'
Dawn's Parisichu - A pretty pink Friend Bow. 'Try wearing it during Contests, it might help. Or at least make you look cuter.'
Kiden-Marie - A 'Rare Fossil', which is shaped like a trilobyte and actually works like a boomerang when thrown.
Kiden - What looks like a large flat rock. Until its turned over, revealing a Pokemon mural and script (Unown letters) depicting the fable of a human betraying their closest pokemon and being cursed by a legendary Ninetails to become a pokemon themself as punishment. (Which is NOT Fushigi. Don't need to go through that again.) Though it doesn't seem to say -what- pokemon they became, either. Oooh, mystery!
Lore - Bandanas for her and Gadget, matching the ones Team Brushguard wears. 'As far as we're conserned, you're honorary members. Everyone needs friends they can turn to.'
Saleus - A Grass Gem, Thunder Gem and Ground Gem to decorate the Ex-Chain he got from the team with.
Raven DeVanos - Gets a box of Gummies like the trainers, all black for her 'brother' and Absol.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/185 Posted Author
Christmas from Orre Tue Dec 23 Seth

All of Oak's Trainers receive: Generic Dollar-Store Bought Christmas cards with $20 cash included within, because 'Gift Cards Suck'.

Rui: A necklace with three Moltres feathers affixed to it. All three of them are warm, and fairly large for bird feathers— in a pinch they can be used to start a quick fire.

Lawrence III: A crate full of angry cuckoos disguised as normal poultry.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/186 Posted Author
A Few Late Gifts Tue Dec 23 Tohsaka Rin

Saber: Giving a gift to Saber being so complicated by virtue of "do not want to be cliche and give her sword-stuff", Rin has instead gotten Saber a catalogue from the most prominent clothing boutique in New Washington with a note saying: "Pick any three full outfits and they are yours. P.S. Wedding dresses are huge white dresses, do not pick those. Do not pick huge black dresses either, they are funeral dresses."

Shirou: Has already received his gift, courtesy of Black Mage and Rin. (Mostly Black Mage) He does get an additional ruby, though, for use with the cellphone. Also a gift certificate to Zuko's tea shop of several hundred credits.

Archer: A sterling silver teapot and matching accessories, cups and plates. A one thousand credit gift certificate to Zuko's tea shop. A picture of Shirou inside a dart board inlaid with two gems: the ruby resets the dartboard to prime condition, the sapphire keeps track of your score and damage relative to Shirou's face. Collector's darts, red, black and white to match Archer's colors.

Trevor: A single gem-inlaid shoulderguard to prevent an arm from being uncanningly sliced off again.

Ash: Out of the blue, a dictionary of magical-language curses, including Elder, Ancestral, Infernal, Draconic and one language whose name is unpronounciable.

Sword Man: It's not much, but Rin managed to get him a replica of Saber's Excalibur. It is rather obviously not functional and not very wieldy as a sword, but all of the fine details are there. How she got this is her secret.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/187 Posted Author
THIS IS THE METHOD… Tue Dec 23 Alex Armstrong

Armstrong's present to the Union has taken a great deal of preparation. But quite suddenly, on the dawn of Christmas Eve, something -amazing- happens.

Some of you may recall that a /huge/ sandbag wall has been the work project of Yutaro for quite some time now, around one of the exposed edges of New Washington. Armstrong has decided to shanghai this project, and at dawn on the day of Christmas Eve, there is a brilliant flash and crackle of yellow light. The proper authorities would have been alerted that this is not something to worry about, but is instead the final act of Armstrong's secret project.

When the dust clears, what is left standing is a testament to the Strong Arm Alchemist, and to the Union in general. The sandbag wall had been one meter tall, but it has been fortified up to three meters in height, and is now constructed out of hard sandstone. The wall is fifty miles in length, and that in itself has not changed. But, every quarter mile along the surface, there is another statue of a Unionite, carved out of glass, and looking out into the distance. As though challenging the Confederacy to attack THIS bastion of hope again.

(the list of statues would be very long. Basically, the first 50 names on the +roster. Unsurprisingly, Armstrong's own statue is at the center, and is just a little bit bigger than everyone elses. But, as the wall is extended, other statues will likely be made. If the wall ever reaches a truly prodigious length, it may even begin to encompass the entire active Elite Corps for this section of the Multiverse.)

And Armstrong himself? He is discovered shortly after the wall is completed. Having absolutely exhausted himself in such a powerful demonstration of Alchemy, he is going to need 24 hours of rest in Armstrong manor, to get his energy back. Knocked out until that time.

Happily, he'll be absolutely fine come Christmas Day.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/188 Posted Author
MONGRELS! Wed Dec 24 Gilgamesh

Few people get gifts from Gilgamesh! However, they are:

Alice Maestra receives a dozen magical tomes from Gilgamesh's personal vault.

Rin receives a fat lump of cash totalling 20,000 Credits.

Shirou receives a crown for some reason! Bejeweled!

Saber receives the Scepter that goes with the crown.

No one else gets gifts :|

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/189 Posted Author
Gifts of Doom (Confederate) Wed Dec 24 Dr. Doom

All of these arrive on Christmas Eve. Exactly on Christmas Eve. They are merely posted for your convenience in earlier hours, so that you don't sit there all nervous and anticipatingly giggling thinking 'what will Doom get me?' during Christmas.

Alice Maestra: A big old-fashioned looking glass (as in mirror) with golden framing. Also Doom's biography, as dictated by Doom and signed by himself.

Captain Storm: An adress book filled with corporations working on Confederate territory who disregard regulations and pollute the oceans. As well as an 'order' to deal with them in any way he pleases.

Taro: A set of those new and incredibly hard to get improved bioroid joints from Earth-412.

Davlyr: A luxurious black cape.

Azami: A customized version of the Confederate combat uniform that acts more like an exoskeleton and enhances the strength and resilience of the wearer to superhuman level in short bursts when needed to conserve energy.

Metal Man: A book. 'How to Motivate Your Men and Keep Up Morale for Dummies'.

Dr. Xiang: A set of the original scrolls of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Slightly easier to procur in the Multiverse than in the real world.

Angel: A firewall code. It can never hurt to improve an AI even further in that regard. Possible loopholes only Doom knows may or may not be included.

Dr. Shu Shirakawa: A Power Glove, designed to enhance and harness a miniaturized black hole generator for personal combat. The generator is not included, there are however instructions on how to adapt existing technology to this design.

Loros: H.P. Lovecraft's preserved and still talking head. Like in Futurama, except with more insane babbling involved.

Rhode Kal'Daka: A replica of the Excalibur he got Doom, for exhibition purposes. It is a real sword, though, just not legendary or magical.

Empress Zelda: A breastplate. Not just any breastplate, though. It's an alloy of Mythral and Titanium, making it extremely light, durable and even fashionable without much need for maintenance.

The Fire Kingdom Royalty (Princess Azula, really): A high-tech mansion with every sort of luxury one could possibly desire, teleported directly into a suitable place in the Fire Kingdom. There even are three robotic maids who will follow any order completely and perfectly (with an optional 0.78 error margin to allow for therapeutic outbursts of anger, a Grovel Program is included as a follow-up). The automatic defenses are keyed to the Fire Lord's DNA, allowing him and his relatives to enter freely. Yes, that includes both Zuko and Iroh, but no one will probably think of that until they have walked inside without trouble or something.

Dracula: Virgin blood of extremely pure vintage. No pollution at all. Possibly Latverian.

Logan Trieste: A device that directly injects memories into the user. This one seems to hold memories from a very capable man of state and ruler, though any traces as to his identity were removed.

Ocelot: A revolver. Also known as The Ace of Spades. Said to have been crafted by a demonic smith in exchange for the buyer's soul so that they could fight the things all the bloodshed in the Wild West called unto the Earth. It can hurt demons invulnerable to ordinary weaponry. If there are such things left in the Multiverse.

Rei Ayanami: A female-looking robot. Extremely lifelike and friendly. Very positive and programmed to befriend its owner and make them happy. Specifically designed to be as doll-unlike as possible, for some reason. Instructions say to name it after activation.

Asuka Langley Soryu: A nice plugsuit wearing doll with long red ha-did I write that? What I obviously meant to write was one of those self-defense electroshock thingies. And a subscription to one of those magazines more spirited girls like Asuka like. It's German.

Kaera, Koma, Lumina and Nerina: Four matching amulets. Should the wearer of one of them be harmed, the others will glow. That's all they do. They don't say who is harmed or where they are.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/190 Posted Author
Gifts of Doom (Confederate) 2 Wed Dec 24 Dr. Doom

Envy: Clothes made from unstable molecules. They shift along with their wearer. So he doesn't always have to walk around naked.

Penny Little: A large tome. It's empty and old and it looks like some ancient treasure. On its cover golden letters say 'Diary'.

Gilgamesh: A book. 'The Once and Future King' by T. H. White.

Every single Confederate Soldier and Ally not listed: A Christmas Card signed by Doom. Or someone who can copy Doom's signature flawlessly. Like a Doombot. Most likely the latter, but you don't know that.

Wraith get nothing.

Every single Confederate Civilian receives a special monetary bonus, to be distributed by local administration. A few days after Christmas, a surprisingly small number of those administrators (those who didn't distribute it properly) suddenly disappear and are replaced without so much as a word. (That's your clue for a mood post, my loyal assassin bot!)

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/191 Posted Author
Gifts of Doom (Unaffiliated) Wed Dec 24 Dr. Doom

All of these arrive on Christmas Eve. Exactly on Christmas Eve. They are merely posted for your convenience in earlier hours, so that you don't sit there all nervous and anticipatingly giggling thinking 'what will Doom get me?' during Christmas.

Superman: A holographic projector with image of the planet Krypton before its destruction, recovered from the archives of Apokolips. Attached is a note: I have no use for it. Perhaps it will bring comfort to you.

Millia Rage: A golden bracelet that acts as a holographic disguising device. It automatically turns off inside Confederate territory, though.

Greed: A letter with money in it. Attached is a note that describes the payment procedures for Confederate mercenaries.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/192 Posted Author
Gifts of Doom (Union) Wed Dec 24 Dr. Doom

All of these arrive on Christmas Eve. Exactly on Christmas Eve. They are merely posted for your convenience in earlier hours, so that you don't sit there all nervous and anticipatingly giggling thinking 'what will Doom get me?' during Christmas.

The real present for all the Union Elites: Billions of copies of a soft-cover book. 'A Travel Guide to Latveria', detailing all the sights, highlights and important people without giving away any tactical weaknesses. The book makes it look like Latveria is a veritable paradise on Earth and would seem to anyone who hasn't actually been to Latveria (who would thus know better) like nothing more than useless propaganda for Doom.

Solid Snake: A genuine list of implanted Confederate spies who have outlived their usefulness. And don't know anything that's actually of benefit anymore.

Nanoha: Boris delivers the promised package. That ought to be enough for anyone.

Sanger Zonvolt: A finely crafted japanese sword with the kanji for Courageous Spirit on it, as a token for a foe worthy of respect.

Saber: A book. 'The Once and Future King' by T. H. White.

Optimus Prime: A Confederate recruitment sheet signed by him, at the rank of Sergeant, with orders to go out and paint as many Unionites as possible blue. Not from Doom, but apparently some Confederate pencil-pusher thought it was funny!

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/193 Posted Author
Gifts from a Thief! Wed Dec 24 Shir

Since Shir didn't get a chance to give many people their gifts in person here they are. Attached to them are notes with various comments written on them.

Jason: A Cermaic Sword. "I figured you had enough energy blades as it is."

Lara: A pair of Silentshots. Which despite their name stun people with purple balls of energy when fired at them. "Because bullets hurt, dammit!

Maya: A case of blue hair dye that matches her own in color, "In case, your hair changes color again, it's quite lovely after all."

Miaski: 10 packs of Duel Monsters cards and a high quality personalized monogramed silk fan. "Hope you find some rares in there and here's a fan so you don't overheat."

Suika: A case of vintage Palm '62. "There's other good types of alcohol besides sake."

Toph: A laptop with a braille keyboard and voice-activated software installed, There's a recorded message attached of course, "There now you don't have any reason for not being able to write."

All of the Seekers of Fortune: A gold compass (not from the movie of the same name, it's just an ordinary compass that happens to be gold.) "There's no reason you can't find your way in style!"

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/194 Posted Author
Knight of Christmas Eve Wed Dec 24 Sword Man

Across the Union, several gifts would be hand delivered to the Elites on roster by custom Joe units called Blade Joes, bearing the runic trademark of one Sword Man. In each package, a small ceremonial sword and scabbard, and held by a medieval style flat-topped kite shield, both scabbard and shield in royal blue, purple, and gold.

On each the back of each shield, there would be an inscription etched stating: "A sword need not be a weapon. It can be instead a shield to protect for those with no blade of their own to raise. On the Advent of the Christ, remember what is important, and what can and must be protected. To create and preserve, rather than conquer and destroy…that is the greatest miracle of all."

Additionally, specific gifts would be given to several Elites, each with their own small note attached to the gifts.

Goggles - A stone sculpture of a wrench mounted with hilt and pommel like a sword. "A blade that creates."

Jason Talben - A curved saber, with a gold handle and handguard with silver inlays. "A reminder of the past and how things progress.

Saber - A golden apple, with the word 'Avalon' etched into the sculpture. "With hopes that you find your just rewards, in this life or another."

Shirou - A book of great swords across the ages, both of sword types and legendary or mythic swords. "A mind must be forged as well as any steel."

Winry Rockbell - A stone sculpture of a wrench mounted with hilt and pommel like a sword. "A blade that creates."

Young Misato - A set of English Teas, teapot, and tealeaf strainer. "To help calm the mind and the soul."

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/194 Posted Author
Knight of Christmas Eve Wed Dec 24 Sword Man

Across the Union, several gifts would be hand delivered to the Elites on roster by custom Joe units called Blade Joes, bearing the runic trademark of one Sword Man. In each package, a small ceremonial sword and scabbard, and held by a medieval style flat-topped kite shield, both scabbard and shield in royal blue, purple, and gold.

On each the back of each shield, there would be an inscription etched stating: "A sword need not be a weapon. It can be instead a shield to protect for those with no blade of their own to raise. On the Advent of the Christ, remember what is important, and what can and must be protected. To create and preserve, rather than conquer and destroy…that is the greatest miracle of all."

Additionally, specific gifts would be given to several Elites, each with their own small note attached to the gifts.

Goggles - A stone sculpture of a wrench mounted with hilt and pommel like a sword. "A blade that creates."

Jason Talben - A curved saber, with a gold handle and handguard with silver inlays. "A reminder of the past and how things progress.

Saber - A golden apple, with the word 'Avalon' etched into the sculpture. "With hopes that you find your just rewards, in this life or another."

Shirou - A book of great swords across the ages, both of sword types and legendary or mythic swords. "A mind must be forged as well as any steel."

Winry Rockbell - A stone sculpture of a wrench mounted with hilt and pommel like a sword. "A blade that creates."

Young Misato - A set of English Teas, teapot, and tealeaf strainer. "To help calm the mind and the soul."

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/195 Posted Author
Gotta Give 'Em All? Wed Dec 24 Ash

  • Kiden-Marie: A Numel, a (REFLECTIVE) dragonscale combat knife, and one of his baseball caps - that somehow seems to have gotten PINK somehow. Whether this is because it wasn't colorfast or he deliberately did it is unclear. A note is attached. - "8 AM, 27th, you're gonna learn to use that knife. Bring bread. - Ash"
  • Kiden: A Shellder. And a rock.
  • Duplica: A Whismur, one with an unusually good 'ear'/vocal cord set for mimicing voices, if trained with patience.
  • Gary: Evolution stones - a gag gift, as they both know Eevee isn't ever going to be evolved. Upon closer inspection, it would seem that they are ultra, ULTRA pure Elementium that just happens to be colored like evolution stones, which should be good for experiments. A note is attached. "Don't go searching for evolution stones around Mt. Moon unless you've got a helmet and you can duck faster than a Clefairy can throw 'em. - Ash"
  • Gold: An enchanted, weapons-grade cue stick, that apparently can meld itself together after being broken. A note is attached. "Don't use this on termites. - Ash"
  • Noriko: A few different elemental stones, likely to evolve her Eevee when the time is right.
  • Dawn: A Tentacool.
  • Alexis: A holodeck program of a ninja version of Wayne Gretski. Likely to help her hone her hockey skills - or just to have someone to pound on when she's bored, as it seems to have a 'chauvanist insult' setting.
  • Maddy: A steno pad, perfect for taking dictation. Closer inspection would reveal that the thing is likely suited towards beating the crap out of people as it's got a reinforced Gundamium backing. Looks like Ash anticipates someone is going to be breaking the secretary stereotype soon and will appreciate proper armaments.
  • Trevor: A few Psychic TM's. They seem to be slated towards defending one's Pokemon and mind, though Psybeam is probably something that Trevor can give extra omph to with his own powers.
  • Dorothy: A medical Pokedex. A note is attached - "Welcome aboard. You're going to need this, since our profession consists of beating the crap out of each other's Pokemon. - Ash P.S. There are a variety of COMPLETELY LEGAL games in the ROM folder. Again. COMPLETELY LEGAL. Honest."
  • Tessa: A ship in a bottle. It seems to be a submarine. The bottle itself, on closer inspection, is reinforced, should the TDD get hit by a few too many torpedoes.
  • Seth: A psychic TM, and an offer to ambush Rui a few times.
  • Fiera: More defensive psychic TM's.
  • Winry: A new wrench — no, not really, she gets enough of those. She actually gets some CDs and DVDs with meditation techniques and such for people who are having problems with their paranormal powers. … and a wrench, because she can always use more wrenches.
  • Iianor: Several Pokemon theory books - some are highly advanced and at least one seems to be a rare, ancient book. A note is attached. "For your library. I can't possibly repay you enough, but hopefully this will at least be a drop in the bucket. - Ash" A Chansey is also sent, on loan from the labs, to help out around the painting.
  • Dr. Vogler - Ash's homework for the last few months. All done. Actually done RIGHT - which is unusual since he tends to go off into nowhere, rephrase the question to something much more complicated, somehow manage to answer it and yet totally obsfucate everything else in something that makes one wonder if he's a prodigy or just doodles real good.
  • Maya - a Transformer that looks pretty darned close to her Transformer mode during the Cybertronization virus.
  • All Unionites - an offer to get a free dart board made. The girls get an additional dart board offer as per the original post, for any 'date Lute free' certificates.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/196 Posted Author
A Very Evangelion Christmas Wed Dec 24 Young Misato

  • Sword Man: A chunk of Unit 00's armor, refashioned as a shield. A note is attached - "From me 'n dad. You've helped a lot in my time here. The armor should be pretty good, so it's good for display AND use."
  • Shinji: A large egg that looks like Pen-Pen produced it. This does not logically make sense. A note is attached - "If you don't understand, you'll never know." Later in the day, an SDAT player fortified for combat situations appears in his mailbox, with a note - "I know you like that old thing, but if it ever breaks TOTALLY down you'll have a spare while it's getting repaired."
  • Rei (old Rei from Evangelion-1): Some rare books for the library she works at dealing with philosophical and metaphysical matters, likely from worlds that are not entirely dissimilar to Eva's. - "As weird as our worlds seem to be, it's still a little interesting to take a look at this stuff. Just make sure you don't let Yomiko read the really heavy stuff or she'll have those spiral eyes for days.
  • Pilots in Nemesis and Alpha Strike: As if they could ever get enough of them, scale models of their mecha. If these don't exist, sketches of said mecha from the hangars. They're pretty good. Either Misato has some untapped talent or she knows someone who hangs out in the hangars who does.
  • Yulia: A few books written by various iterations of Jackie Kennedy. A note - "The Americans think a lot of her. Thought this might come in handy for you."

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/197 Posted Author
What A Giant Robot Gives Wed Dec 24 Optimus Prime

All Unionites: A piece of Cybertronium. It's rather pretty and seems to be suitable as an ornament or a paperweight, and is durable enough to be used as a blunt weapon if need be.

Miles: A girly magazine from a Mobian world - don't ask how he got it, seeing as how rare Mobian worlds that aren't war-torn seem to be. Nicole would find a variety of computer programs that are something like Brain-Age for an AI.

Kiden-Marie: A book, entitled "Heroing For Dummys." Another book, seemingly more serious - "How I Survived - One Superhero's Story Of Learning To Use His Powers." It seems to be written by an iteration of Superman, who, if she looks him up, is still very much alive and apparently teaching at one of the more remote Sectors of the Union's academies. Attached is a note - "You've got a lot of potential and Ash seems intent on bringing it out, and you seem eager. I'm sure he'll do wonderfully, but here are a few things that might catch a few spots that he misses - and let you get a couple shots in at him from time to time."

Sisko: A catalog from a producer of very, VERY potent ractajino. A 200 credit gift certificate falls out. Unsurprisingly, it is written out in targ blood, as this coffee is only, as the catalog purports, for a true warrior.

Solid Snake: A few well-preserved collector's grade minicon-scale weapons from ancient Cybertronian history.

An unfortunate Confederate clerk that sent him a certain order: A paint bomb with blue paint in it. It is not harmful. A note is attached - "Yessir!"

EVERYONE: Optimus Prime painted in candy cane colors from the 24th to the 28th. Alexis insisted.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/198 Posted Author
Dragon Gifts Wed Dec 24 Thionoxial

The following gifts arrive on Christmas Eve, in the mail. They are post-dated from several years ago.

Dr. Doom: A bound and gagged Sue-Storm 1169. Sadly, no powers.

Dr. Xiang: A 'Merry Christmas from Hell' postcard.

Taro: A ring of invisibility, good for 13 uses. For some reason, it won't cause Dal'cian robots to blow up or malfunction, but whether it fits on Taro's finger is another matter.

Ken: A set of fake-vulcan ears.

Maya: Three Dozen Balor, wearing large red-boe-tie belts, complete with 'From Thionoxial' cards attached, teleporting into Septerra.

Solid Snake: A half-celestial viper.

Sisko: An autographed Babe-Ruth baseball card.

Optimus Prime: A keg of oil.

Davlyr: A vast battlefleet of a thousand space-ships. Unfortunately, each ship is about 2 inches long.

Amelia: A lump of coal.

Goggles: A lump of coal

Ash: A lump of coal

Pikatchu: 50,000 liters of ketchup, and a diamond pokeball.

All Elite Dragons get 1,000 platinum and a (minor) magical trinket.

Every other current elite (on both sides) gets a U.S. Airways-3343 round-trip ticket to Baator.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/199 Posted Author
Gifts From Another Dragon Wed Dec 24 Mylord

To everyone: A sparkly semi-precious stone in one's favorite color.
To Thionoxial: a Princess.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/200 Posted Author
Last Minute Gift Ahoy! Thu Dec 25 F Gattaca

… Okay, so Gat isn't done with the gift giving. Having received Goggles' present, F Gattaca sends him one in return. One good turn deserves another, after all.

It's not much, since Gat knows little about Goggles' interests aside from bits of conversation from his time as a Union elite. It's a gift card from General Resource Manufacturer, good for purchases of up to 200,000 meseta. That's good enough to net Goggles one of the high-end military-grade weapons that GRM sells at its main outlet store. It might also give him a chance to look into the full range of security and military-grade hardware the conglomerate manufactures, including some of their Guard Machines. Who knows, he might like what he sees there. The only real caveat is that he'll have to likely /visit/ the main outlet store at Holtes City, but then again there's no better way to see what all they have to offer.

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Dragon Gifts Addendum Thu Dec 25 Thionoxial

All gifts from thionoxial, in addition to being postdated from 2 years ago, are also PREDATED, for 100 years from now. Very odd.

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Hellsing Gifts Thu Dec 25 Integra Hellsing

The Doctor (8): Cookies. Fresh baked-by-Integra cookies per his request. Naturally there's also his typical coupon for a massage at a spa as well.

The Doctor (7): Cookies, and a book on positive thinking for dummies. A note states 'At the very least it's a thick book and would make a good solid thump if you need to hit someone over the head.'

Alucard: His gun. The first one, not the Jackal, but either way it's large enough to easily snap several bones, or dislocate the shoulder of a fully trained Marine capable of benching 350lbs. Which means Alucard just got a gun only someone with supernatural strength could reasonably use. It'll be a very merry Christmas to the vampire with .500 calibur more reasons to fear him.

Richard Stadler: Some Hellsing Organization special blend munitions capable of being fired from your standard 9mm weapon. And a gift certificate to one of Chef Gordon Ramsay's restaraunts along with the note 'Take someone special out and no zombies damn it.'

Yunomi: A cute stuffed bat wearing a jingle-bell, and a gift certificate to Fun World, where it's always Fun-O-Clock!

Skidplate: Peanut butter cookies along with an apology letter just in case the rumor of dogs getting their muzzles stuck shut with peanut butter is actually true. Also a necklace with a small jewel-toned bottle meant for perfume. Oddly it's stuffed full of catnip.

Raven DeVanos: Ten pounds of Godiva chocolate. Nuff said.

Harry Dresden: A years rent paid in full, and an apology for his Jewish landlady now thinking they're dating.

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From Maya Thu Dec 25 Maya

Gifts from the Junker

Maya's been shopping it seems she's got to do something with her income from several things she owns, doesn't she?

Ash A charm of bike protection that is done in the same style of Pokemon Gym badges.

Shir A new outfit already delivered in person. Though the note with it, have fun turning heads.

Winry Screwdriver set

Sisko A shoe box full of random baseball cards, with cards and a set of several of new Washington's baseball teams too.

Delilah A book on the joys of giving up sex and a suit of chosen bio body armor.

Julian Lump of Coal. In it is a middle sized diamond and a note listing a good ring maker and note. I think you know who you need to pop the question too.

Sword Man - A book on Septerran Sword Smithing magic and and one on how the Holy Guard adapted their sword style to dealing with firearms. Notably it seems centered about first strike bring a kill or crippling blow.

Yutaro Digital Journal with a fair bit of storage space and a holo display unit.

Niv-Mizzet and his children Get Corite Gems from the lowest shell of Maya's world, the stuff's stronger than diamond. Normally the only off world exports of these are as weapon components. The normal state is seldom seen.

Malin and Amuro A chibi Nu Gundam Plushie for Malin and a chibi Quadrano Rau for Amuro. And a note. When you need the magic spell let me know and its signed by Maya

Isamu Rental Time on a Jet Bike from a place in Maya's home city, and some notes on a few crazy island formations that he might enjoy flying through.

Saber and Shirou Twin set of foam swords and shields.

Rin A book on magic theory from several notable worlds, notably Rifts Earth, Septerra, The world of Final Fantasy 6, Azeroth and Ravnica.

To Iianor, Sonia and the rest of the family Soul Stones which are powerful healing crystals from Septerra. Along with an assortment of local dishes and the materials to make enough for the whole family to try. The ingredients are in some how delivered to the kitchen and put in whatever passes for a fridge there.

Morg - 25 pounds of grade A bacon and a gallon of Bacon Flavored Ice cream.

Freya leather and metal Junker gear in Freya's full size, don't ask how Maya got it it's also bearing faint traces of enchantment of some sort, but perhaps its from it's crafting.

Bloom Box of Pixie Sticks. A cheese cake and a box of chocolates.

Wings of Nemesis Gets a 250 coin worth of prepaid food and drink as Oasis's local tavern The old Junker. The food and booze is pretty darn good too.

Talyn and Ry Matching T-shirts that read Look, don't touch and 250 credits gift certificates good for anything in new Cirrus-marine's commercial district.

Miku - Random assortment of music disks she's likely not heard before! Some holiday themed some not!

Psyber A blessed Septerran Rifle with notable options for combating the unread, Napalm launcher, Grenade launchers, as well as a freaking beam launch, also normal bullets.


Jessie and James Get books on how to let go of obsessional and dealing with stalking habits and how to break them.

Davlyr Bottle of booze from Septerra
\ \\__ Maya, of the Junkers
/ _ =====< (_) >=====
\ __/

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Gifts From The Redhead… Thu Dec 25 Dorothy Wayneright

Gifts from Dorothy to those she knows in the Multiverse:

Union Elites get treats: Cookies, candy, pies and the like, their favorites or close to it. Nothing special, no magic, just home made tasty goodness. And each receive a card with holiday scenes that change randomly and play holiday piano music.

The Family gets Christmas dinner, served in the Painting, also cooked by Dorothy. All favorite foods, as well as holiday cards, these with vocal music included.

Special Forces Gamma gets a promise of dinner, to be cooked later after they send her a list of their favorite dishes, as well as a card with vocal music.

Superman, Integra, Miles and other Unaffiliateds she knows get sugar cookies in festive shapes and frosted, as well as an instrumental musical card.

Select Confederates get the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Album on cd. Said discs are embedded with a little code that causes cd players to constantly repeat and not eject the disc.

All gifts arrive is nicely wrapped boxes, hand wrapped.

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Message: 41/205 Posted Author
11th Hour Gifts Thu Dec 25 Trevor

It's a long held tradition amongst the Steel family males to wait until the /last/ possible moment to find more gifts. Why? Because desperation breeds ingenuity.

Winry recieves a hand-baked bannana bread loaf. It's slightly burnt on one side. She also gets a few music CDs, most of the industrial or metal variety.

Lyn and Beru get Little Drinking Bird toys. You know, the kind that duck back and forth into a glass of water. Trevor /totally/ didn't get them from a dollar store. At all. They also get sugar cookies baked by Lindsey. They are less burnt.

Rin gets a Sableye, along with some care books about pokemon. A note is attached to the gift set; "Anyone that can make a contract should be able to handle a pokemon." She, Saber, Shirou and Archer also get a large plate of cookies and brownies.

Ash gets a Marines ball cap. Black and green, just in case he feels like switching it up.

Kiden-Marie gets a set of picks and brushes, that may or may not be repurposed from a paint and/or a beauty set.

Kiden gets Trevor showing at her doorstep at the end of the night. With cookies.

Duplica gets a card that appologizes for the very akward dinner they last had, and a gift card for a high-end fashion boutique. Best not to ask how he got /that/ one.

Alexis gets a set of camo hockey pucks, and a note to go with them, "Stole these from some Marines from the midwest. Figured you'd be able to put them to better use"

Seth gets a gift card. Gift cards /do/ suck. At least it's for a tech-store.

Gold gets a Marines ball cap as well. Must have had extra.

Dawn gets a gift card good for a dinner for two to a local good resturant. A note comes with it, "If you ever get tired of dragging Sanji to picnics, you can do it on my dime next time."

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Gifts to the Moon! Thu Dec 25 Skidplate

Skid's Gifts are being handed out by a bunch of ninja hamsters, all sisters. They are all wrapped in blue shimmery paper with white snowflakes on them.

The Eighth Doctor recieves two butterflies for his collection: they are a pair of monarch butterfies, with wingspans of three feet! Also a deep tin full of home-made walnut-butter cookies.

Integra recieves a gift certificate to a very exclusive resort in the Sea of Rains area of Lunar Prime, a bottle of sun tan and moisturizer, an itty bitty, teeny weeny, yellow and blue polka-dot bikini, and a pair of sunglasses, and a jar of peanutbutter with a note: "I heard a theory that a dog's mouth will stick if given peanutbutter. This is for Alucard. Woof woof.

Alucard gets some crackers for his peanutbutter.

Optimus Prime receives a small statue of himself giving two thumbs up, with a note that it's become a popular dashboard item. This would explain the hula skirt.

Alexis (inside of Optimus) recieves a certificate for free burgers for a year at any of three Multiversal chains. They apparently didn't realize how much she eats.

Everyone in the Wings of Nemesis recieves a hand-knit sweater with the Wings of Nemesis symbol on it, with matching mittens and scarf. All the scarves have tassels, except Isamu's which has pink pompoms and Maya's, which has /sparkly/ tassels!

Shinji receives a blue dog stuffy! It has flight goggles and a scarf! When squeezed, it plays 'Fly me to the Moon' — which is more a reference to the fact that Skid lives on the moon, and not fourthwall breakage! He also gets cookies.

Miles gets a shipment of food supplies to Knothole — herb stuffing, squash, peas, cranberry sauce, roast asparagus with garlic, and a strange item known only as 'Tofurduken'. Tofuturducken. IT's fried tofu inside savory roast tofu inside herby broiled tofu. It's suprisingly tasty. There is also a shipment of fine wines, sweet flavourful juices, and a bottle labeled "Ship Degreaser - mix with 3 parts water".

Solid Snake receives a bottle of "Ship Degreaser". And a statue of him giving two thumbs up, in a hula skirt. There's a note: "The booze is for after you realize what the only thing that beats out Optimus Prime on Lunar Prime is." When you poke the skirt, Snake Hulas!

Jake receives a certificate for him to take his 'piloting exam' on Lunar Prime, a collection of hand-made sugar cookies made by Skid's younger nieces and nephews shaped like fish and Christmas trees (somewhat lopsided; the only way to tell the difference is that the trees are green and the fish are blue), a hand-knight blue-and-orange scarf and hat, mechanic's gloves, a special alloy multi-tool with scissors, pliers, a wrench, a screwdriver, a corkskrew, nailclippers, a mini-saw, a pocket knife (/very/ sharp), a toothpick, a compass (… in space?), and his name engraved on the handle — or, well, its approximation in Lunar.

Chance receives some cookies as well — butter walnut — along with a socket wrench set, a pair of mechanic's gloves, and an invitation to come to Lunar Prime.

Felina Feral recieves a Christmas Card with a certificate to a fine motorcycle shop.

Everyone in the Union, not mentioned, gets a pair of mittens!

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ONE MOOOORE THING! Thu Dec 25 Skidplate

Leo recieves a fine collection of fragrent teas grown in the Gallopfree, a good kettle for boiling water, and a very fine kimono, apparently constructed specifically for turtles. It's a very warm lined kimono. The hamster who delivers it announces that it's from both 'Master Splitter' and "Hamato Jaime"

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Gifts from a Robot Thu Dec 25 Robo

Every single elite, barring Confederates, in the known Multiverse somehow ends up with a planter, with some sort of plant in it, of varying type. Most common are tree seedlings, or bundles of flower. The only real oddity would be one addressed to Optimus Prime, which was obviously searched for with great determination. It's a tree that appears to be made of metal, and can be nourished with water just fine. The big flower given to Solid Snake is from a version of the Amazon, it smells vaguely sweet. That one has a note: 'Keep your hand out of it; Better than any bugzapper.' A note is attached to each plant: 'Plants add a little more beauty and life to the world, please take good care of this one. ~ R-66Y'

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More Gifts From A Doll In Red Thu Dec 25 Shinku

It would seem that there were still a few last minute gifts from the Fifth doll to be handed out.

Dante Sparda ~
A package delivered via N-Field by Hollie would arrive on Dante's desk wrapped in red foil with rose etchings and golden ribbons. Inside he would find three things resting upon a bed of rose petals. A hand wrought crystal snifter of very fine quality, with a gold leaf emblazoned long stem rose on one side. Next to it a bottle of 36 year old Laphroaig single malt Scotch. The final gift within is small decorative satchel of African Red Rooibos tea blended with hibiscus and rose hip. A small note attached would read~ "I hope you enjoy this, as I was assured you would. However you will also try this tea, its much healthier for you than the alcohol. Merry Christmas. - Reiner Rubin"

Millia Rage~
Also through the N-field, Hollie will deliver a package containing a box of gingerbread cookies and a satchel of assorted fine teas, and a gourmet tin of cocoa. Also within the package would be an ornate white tea set with gold rims and handles, and a floral print of wild blue and lavender lupins. However unlike other tea sets, this one seems to have been commissioned specially as a Doll and Medium set as one cup and saucer seems to be just the right size for a Rozen, while the other is sized for a human.

~For the rest of the Union, one would note that within the various recreation rooms and also within the hangers where Winry works, Shinku has had tables set up with tea, cocoa, hot water dispenser at exactly 95 degrees C, and gingerbread cookies. Each table seems to be decorated with a scattering of rose petals on top of a holiday themed table cloth.

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Addendum… Thu Dec 25 Ash

Probably the first of several.

Amelia - Upgraded chips for her high-grade Pokedex - which ought to make it even HIGHER grade. Easy-to-use instructions are included (basically open the back, pull out the old chips, put the new chips in). A couple TM's are included. A note is attached: "These are /officially/ supposed to go only to certain people on the military's lists, but you're UAF and frankly you deserve 'em as much as the rest of us. Enjoy."

Black Mage - A severed imp's head in a jar. The imp talks. It is NOT intelligent, it's kind of like a magical, undead Billy Bass. There is a note - "Don't ask, you don't want to know. The imp was a bastard in life. I'd suggest that you put it in the stock room in case any idiot teenagers decide to go try to steal the materia on a dare - they'll think twice if they're yelled at by a severed head."

Kiku - A Magikarp which has been trained to do song and dance routines, bouncing around on it's fins with a top hat. There is no explanation as to where he got it from, though if asked, he'll say that every aspiring rockstar needs something to set them apart from everyone else.

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Gifts from a Demon Fae Thu Dec 25 Merin

All gifts are delivered on Christmas Day, by a pair of pixies from Merin's forest. All gifts include a bouqet of home-grown flowers from Merin's garden, a selection of tea blends made by Merin herself, and a handwritten note in flowing script.

Niv-Mizzet - A much wider selection of teas than the other gift baskets. The note reads: "For when we finally get around to having tea."

Iianor - A small, hand-written journal that bears the title "101 ways to keep pixies out of trouble". The note attached reads: "I gaurantee that at least half of these should work."

Harry Dresden, Din, and Integra - A small iron charm in inlaid with a white jade rose design. The note reads: "Damned if I know for sure it'll work but, I tried to enchant this to resist the effects of Faerie magic. Every little bit helps, right?"

Davlyr - Five bottles of various brands of top shelf whiskey out of Merin's personal stash. The note reads: "I still say I can drink you under the table, Dav. Let me know if you want to find out sometime."

Kenshiro - A hand-painted scroll with the kanji for 'Peace', 'Life', and 'Rebirth' on it. And a bottle that appears to glow blue. When opened outdoors, it fires a small ball of light into the air, which promptly causes it to rain. The note reads: "It's not much, but I hope a little rain will help her flowers grow." There's also a second bouqet of flowers, mostly Halcyon Feathers. The note on these reads: "Give my regards to Yuria."

Morg - Bacon. And a curious magical artifact that spins like a top when a rune on it's top is touched. The note reads: "I have no idea what this thing does, but I don't *think* it's dangerous. Maybe you can figure it out."

Ry - A recording of folk music and a bag of soil from a certain island in the Devil's Triangle. The note attached reads: "A bit of home to keep with you."

Talynn - A photo of Merin wearing Talynn's gift to her. The note reads: "I had another gift in mind, but this is what you get instead. You'll have to convince me to hand over my original gift."

Raven - Home-baked shortbread cookies, a plushie Umbreon, and a pendant carved of white jade on a silver chain. It's in the shape of a rose. The note reads: "I think you would've deserved one of these pendants."

(More to come, probably.)

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Christmas Gifts! Thu Dec 25 Fate T. Harlaown

Why ruin the surprise by posting before the day?

For Nanoha: A puppy! A little baby golden lab, called Tinkerbell.
For Teana: The collected works of General Tacticus, a well known tactician and leader from one of the unified worlds called 'Diskworld'
For Subaru: A step van full of assorted candies from every corner of the multiverse
For Caro: A whole array of brand new clothes.
For Signum: A replica of the Masamune blade, from ancient japanese folklore.
For Vita: A Vinyl of a classic 80's song from earth, called 'Hammertime'

For just about everyone else she's ever interracted with: A big box of chocolates, or chocolate liquers for those old enough and likely to be interested in such things, and a singing card.

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Dragonkrog Gifts Thu Dec 25 Drakesun

A very short list, for very few are liked by Drakesun. She does need to get out a little more, don't she?

Doom: Normal looking polish for the metal all around him, really. It's holder and equipment, however, was created and engraved in one spot by the greatest smith in the Dragonkrog Kingdom: Trenlor Steel-Hand.

Talynn Black: This is more a gift that's given in private. But she -does- get a large bottle of the Dragonkrog's finest wine, Silver Leaf Mix. It's a little easy to get tipsy off of, but the taste is quite the rare oddity.

Ocelot: Hey, look, even the little guy gets a gift. He gets a specially designed black holster, with that 'western cowboy' feel to it. It's plated with metal and steel along the inside, to help with quickdraw moments.

What else is there for people… Oh!

All elites get one of those 'money on the card' things. Not quite gift cards, not quite money, just… money-on-the-card pre-paid thingyies. HELL SHE DOESN'T KNOW.

Chances are if you weren't noted here, you got your gift privately! :O!

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HAHAHA! -PRESENTS!- Thu Dec 25 Mid-Boss

Mid-Boss has sent -EVERYONE- a single red rose. A sign of friendship? Love? BEAUTY? Perhaps! But the end is quite sharp. Now -everyone- can do their own *Throw the rose and make a dramatic entrance* pose!

Everyone also gets a little Prinny Plush! It's … rather big for being small. though. It could easily be a little larger then a human's head. and when you squeeze the left flipper, a voice goes 'Prinny, dood!'.

And to get the point who sent the gives, they're from -Vyers-.

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Last minute additions! Thu Dec 25 Dawn

Trevor gets a Pokeball containing a Horsea.

Ash gets a second electric Pokemon, a Plusle, along with a note: Thanks for Tentacool, but really? What were you THINKING?

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A gift from Lonesong Thu Dec 25 Lonesong

To every union elite, Lonesong gives a stone roughly the size of Mike Tyson's fist, made of pure concentrated magical energy. It is stable, and can be harnessed for just about anything.

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Message: 41/217 Posted Author
Another Exile's Gift. Thu Dec 25 Jason Talben

To Tobias Bane, He receives a set of three Lightsaber crystals. A natural Gold Lightsaber Crystal, A compressed Gold Light Saber Crystal, and an Unstable Gold Lightsaber Crystal (With a promise that it will not explode if used). A note is included on audio.

"Tobias, When I returned to normal Space and sought out means of constructing a New Lightsaber, I was told that the knowledge had already been imparted to me. That the pieces would fall into place of their own accord and timing. The Very first Piece that I found was a Lightsaber crystal in a shop. I provide you with the same first step I received. These crystals will set you upon the path I hope to finding the components to reconstruct your old saber. Rest assured that they are all gold, and the Unstable crystal will not explode. May the Force be with you."

IF all three gold crystals are used for a saber's main construction, the Saber will have a solid Core of gold, with a number of slow gold pulses flowing from the handle to the tip. There will also be a to the visible eye what looks like fire on the blade, as if the sword was channeling fire.

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Message: 41/218 Posted Author
Christmas Cakes Thu Dec 25 Risa

As a sort of last-minute idea, Risa delivers small, tasty chocolate cakes to all her friends (Anyone who she's met and spent time with, really), for dessert! Personally delivered, though she can't stay and chat. She has a lot of cake to give.

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A Very (Belated) Ranger Christmas Sun Dec 28 Sharlena

Every Union elite that trains pokemon, be it for battle or just as a pet, receives a Snover ( Decorated for the holiday wearing a strand of tinsel like a scarf. They also all know Bullet Seed, performed by launching high speed pinecones.

A card accompanies each as well, the front depicting Sharlena and Natalie standing in front of an Abomisnow that doesn't look as happy to be decorated like a christmas tree, and a Leafeon sitting between them wearing a santa hat. The inside of the card reads 'Do your part for the environment, raise a Grass pokemon! Merry Christmas!'

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/220 Posted Author
A Very Straw Hat Christmas Mon Dec 29 Monkey D. Luffy

It's Christmas gifting time! It's belated, but hey, better late than never when you're getting stuff, right?

Usopp: A small basket of fine, extremely hot spices. A note inside the basket reads, 'I'm sure you can think of what to do with this! Merry Christmas! -Luffy'.

Sanji: A set of cooking attire! Specifically, there's an apron, a set of oven mitts, and a corny, traditional chef hat. The apron seems to have had 'Love Cook' custom-sewn into the front of it, and it at least makes it more unique! A note inside the present reads, 'Merry Christmas, Sanji! -Luffy'.

Roronoa Zoro: A new bandanna! This bandanna is to the shade, the exact same color as the kind Zoro carries around on his arm, but the material seems to be softer and flexible. A note in the present reads, I figured you might want something thats not a sword cleaning kit! Merry Christmas! -Luffy.

Nico Robin: A large, leather-bound book. It looks like its seen better days, and it has runes on it. The pages inside the book have similar runes to the outside, and is all but unreadable assuming you cant read runes. Who knows where he picked this thing up? The note slipped inside the book reads, I couldnt read it, but maybe youll have better luck! Merry Christmas! -Luffy.

Amelia: An ornament for a Christmas tree! Its of the Going Merry, and it seems to have been hand carved and hand painted. Its probably safe to assume that Luffy had this custom made somewhere. So you always know you have a home and friends waiting for you no matter where you are! -Luffy.

Xander: A sparkling rock. The rock has a faint, white glow thats visible in the dark. Someone said it was a lucky rock, but I liked it more for the cool glow! Merry Christmas! -Luffy.

Other Union Elites also got a hand-written card! Its barely legible, but its obvious that its from Luffy, because he at least makes an effort to make the Monkey D. Luffy at the end of the card legible enough. This might just be a Christmas miracle!

If Ive missed anyone that feels they needed a more custom present that should know Luffy, feel free to let me know. Im addle-brained. Id be happy to compile a second list!

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