Christmas Board '08 Part 2

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Message: 41/96 Posted Author
Confederate Christmas:Ranks 0-Ally Sun Dec 07 Captain Storm

Zombie Hordes: Brains, lots of brains.

Bonnie and Clyde: A brand new scooter that runs on alcohol.

The Stormtrooper: A training guide on evasive maneouvers.

Clayface: A CD of great sea shanties, the first one, however, is 'You Are a Pirate'.

Elena: A very fine dress uniform.

Mikel Kaltan: A guidebook: The Multiverse and You- Reaching Racial Harmony.

Richie: A novelty light-up Pikachu.

Ganondorf: A very fine vintage whiskey.

Mammoth Mogul: A chess set, each piece made of different rare Multiversal rock.

Lieselotte: A voucher for a day out paintballing in New Pyongyang with the Confederate marines.

E.M.S.: A compass, which always points the way back to New Pyongyang.

Rei Ayanami: An Asuka bobblehead.

Lumina: A fully functional one-handed crossbow.

Sheik: A new ninja mask, of an incredibly black hue.

Koiryu: An etch-a-sketch, that makes elaborate, well-ordered cities when left alone.

Jessie: An 'I'm with stupid' shirt.

Leon Raider: A magikarp that has mastered the powerful move: Splash.

Daros: A stress ball. A really, really strong one.

Albert Wesker: A Filing Cabinet of Holding. It'll never run out, and it is in perfect order, always.

Kuja: A book of ancient greek tragedies.

Nerina: A steam-powered teapot. And absolutely no instructions on how this concept makes any sense.

Koma: A really plush beanbag chair.

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Confederate Christmas: Allies Sun Dec 07 Captain Storm

Porky: A -HUGE- strawberry lollypop. It will never run out unless bitten.

Storm Eagle: A huge map of the Multiverse from Above.

Tanninger: A mask that changes expressions at will.

The Terror Mask: The latest edition of the play: The King in Yellow.

Baldric: Soil samples from all across the Multiverse.

Claus: A jolly red santa suit.

Sir Integra: Fine cigars made from Multiversal tabbacos.

Jacob Dread: A sword that glows green in the presence of people who call themselves heroes, and a note that reads: Happy hunting.

Asuka: A Rei Ayanami bobblehead.

Chizu: A deadly ball of razor-sharp yarn.

Ashtar Ryu: A swiss army throwing-star. It slices, it dices, it can remove stones from a horses hoof and peel a potato!

Shae: A vase with an elegant rose design. Any flower placed in it turns into a rose, and doesn't die.

Envy: A shirt which reads: I'm Number One!

Kaede: A dartboard, with a set of incredibly sharp darts. And pictures of the Union Elite Trainers.

Kalintra: A bowl of delicious, fruity-flavored fish.

Kaera: A set of playing cards, and a book of card games to play with them.

Solidus Snake: A gem-studded eyepatch, for formal occassions.

Sarah Kerrigan: A cute plushy zerg… watch out, it infects other plush toys.

Scourge: A regal red velvet and fur coat.

The Servbots: Servbot action figures, with awesome Servbots sayings!

Haley Blaire: A shiny new lab-coat, highly resistant to fire and chemical damage.

James: An I'm with stupid shirt. The arrow points up.

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Confederate Christmas: Allies Sun Dec 07 Captain Storm

Darke: A book entitled 'Coping with Loss'. It recommends killing sprees.

Sasuke: A bright orange jumpsuit.

Sparkplug: A set of very potent, rechargeable batteries.

Tabitha Nesbit: A book all about solipsism.

Icy: A set of jewelry made out of ice that refuses to melt.

Brawl: Models of prominent autobots, and lots of C4.

Broly: A very large umbrella.

Trin: A smaller version of the awesome cloak given to Darth Vader.

Penny Little: Tickets to the Millhaven Tour.

Lute: A book of ridiculously cheesy pickup lines.

Khrima: A talking sword, that proclaims how inevitable his victory is with every stroke.

Mojo Jojo: A Beginners Guide to Grammar.

Elizabeth: A selection of cute Pokemon plushies.

Kari-Shaba: A crate of greek fire.

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To all Confederates. Sun Dec 07 Alice Maestra

It would seem that each and every single Confederate Elite receives— A small bundle of books. There's no wrapping, nothing festive about them, just a small package of fresh copies of Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Vom Krieg (On War), The Book of Five Rings, and other related texts on war. Known mages also recieve one blank spellbook, for scribing purposes.


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Gifts from Suika Sun Dec 07 Suika Ibuki

From: Ibuki Suika
To: Everyone

In the mail, delivered by a specially dressed worker from Ryugu-jo is a crate of the resturant's finest sake, a hand crafted arrangement of traditional sake drinking implements, and instructions titled "Sake and You, a guide to enjoying the varied types of Rice Wines" The sake delivered also is color coded with blue for sake best served chilled, red for sake best served hot, and yellow for sake that is at its best in room temprature.

For special gifts, Suika will deliver them personally, so be on the look-out for the Red-White Oni as she rolls through an area.

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Sithy Gifts? Sun Dec 07 Trin

Every elite in the Confederacy would receive a small thank-you notice of a donation made in their name to "The Empire Cares", which donates toys to Confederate war-orphans.

In addition the following:

Ocelot: One big bottle of Vodka and a ushanka - to keep him warm in Russia.

Madame Machina: Several assassin droids. They appear to have lightsaber damage done to them… and several amusing and rude magnets cling to their forms.

Captain Storm: A large fish tank full of Kaminoan Daggerfish. They're smaller than piranas, but eat twice as much and are far more ill-tempered. There is a 'do not pet' sign on the tank.

Darth Vader recieves a black caff mug full of black M&M's and black Licorice, with 'Galaxy's #1 Boss' on it in Star Wars font. It has the Galatic Empire's symbol on it as well.

Darth Perious recives a plain black coffee mug with black M&M's and licorice and a note that says 'I have not forgotten'

Dr. Doom recieves a specially commissioned golden android, fashioned in his likeness. It is an excellent cook.

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Jaina's gifts Sun Dec 07 Jaina Proudmoore

From Theramore with much love:

Suika Ibuki gets crates of Khaz Modanian ale.

Risa gets a Naga royalty dress which interestingly enough seems to be water proof

Sparkplug gets carbon. And a tome of gnomish engineering.

Queen Zeal gets a mirror with several golden and silver combs and brushes.

Fierna gets a paid year subscription to Succubus weekly.

Magi gets a talking filer with a female personality

Chen gets a sturdy XL full bodied Kung Fu suit. (+5 to armor)

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Mortal Christmas!! Sun Dec 07 Frost

Goggles, Toph, Jason Talben, Bloom, Yuffie, Hinata, Sword Man, Magi, Kenshiro, Shir, Freya, Atria, Amelia and EVEN Winry Rockbell get:

A mini action figure of everyone's favorite ninja specter; Scorpion, with a note for each one.

"It's not that I like you or anything, I just gotta get rid of all these, got too many of 'em…honest!"

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Sharing Our Ways Sun Dec 07 Tomahawk Man

As a token of his good will, Tomahawk Man has decided to celebrate this holiday and keep it to culturally acceptable standards. So no sending everyone scalps of their worst enemy.

Captain Storm receives a replica miniature of an Aztec Tlaloc war canoe. All with little Jaguar Knights miniatures getting ready to board an enemy ship.

Ocelot receives an authentic buffalo leather cowboy hat, an eagle feather strapped to the side of it. There seems to be some stains of blood on it but that washes away easy.

Porky receives a bag with buffalo jerky.

Shadow Man receives a pair of black moccasin boots which make no noise when walking.

Proto Man receives a bull's-eyeand that's it.

Fierna receives a little statue of Xochiquetzal, goddess of fertility and love.

Becca receives a beaded rain stick that makes funny noises.

Dr. Doom receives a Spanish Conquistador armor, the chest plate has a cleave on the back in the shape of an axe blade, but that is hardly noticeable.

And finally, Chizu: She would receive a hand woven brightly colored poncho with many designs depicting flowers, blue clouds and cats. On the lower right corner of the poncho is however a little red heart with eagle feathers on the top, like what certain Robot Master wears.

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Cynn's… 'gifts'… Sun Dec 07 Cynn

The following is a list of gifts and their recipients around the Multiverse!

Prometheus will recieve a large beam scythe with a glowing purple blade, etched with all sorts of ancient runes and stuff. It looks like it's been recently used for devious purposes.

Richard will recieve a large extra deluxe bunny cage made to look like the castle of an evil demon overlord, complete with blood stained torture chamber and miniature skeleton bits!

Goggles will recieve a large jar with a human heart inside, with a dolls head, arms, and legs taped to it. There is also a note that says, "NO THIS IS NOT THE HEART OF A CHILD!… but you can keep it on your desk anyway~" in scrawled out writing.

Atria will recieve an old cracked staff that looks to have been made out of the spine of some poor unsuspecting person… there are even nerves still attached! Ewww!

HK-47 will recieve a Thermal Detonator with a note that reads: 'Be a good droid and go blow up some humans~ It'll be fun!' That is the end of her list, however… nobody else deserves presents from the crazy Prog-tan!

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Message: 41/106 Posted Author
Consolidated Alt Gifts Tue Dec 09 Winry Rockbell

From Tendou Souji, to:
- Union Elites at large: a copy (digital when that's preferable) of the Tao Te Ching, in a version corresponding with the recipient's native language. Also, coupons for discounts at Himawari-ya and Discabil; the former is his sister's restaurant, the latter is owned and managed by a friend of a former co-worker.
- The Den-O team (Ryotaro Nogami, the Imagin, and their noncombatant allies aboard DenLiner): An offer of one 'home-cooked' meal, to be prepared and served aboard DenLiner, in addition to Ryotaro's copy of the Tao Te Ching.
- Ailiar: Her copy of the Tao Te Ching is in audiobook form, apparently recorded by Tendou himself. (In flawless English, yet.)

From Fiera, to:
- The rest of Special Forces Gamma - Gift certificates for her favorite clothing stores in Saffron City for the girls; the guys get similar gift certificates, for stores catering more towards males.
- Non-SFG Pokemon trainers: Gift certificates for Silph Co.'s online store, not as generous as the clothing certificates.

Tessa, to:
- Special Forces Gamma: Offers to be fitted for Arm Slave piloting suits (which double as pretty good body armor for non-AS-users).
- Captain Storm: A bottle of the sort you'd build a model ship in, with appropriate tools … but without a model to work with.
- Angel: A Bonta-kun plushie - specifically the mascot version of Bonta-kun with bowtie and bowler. Attached is a note: "We're not finished yet."

From Yuna, to:
- Everyone in the Union: Holiday season access to an online archive, containing master recordings of every song Yuna's released to date in her home universe. There's also an animated Christmas card showing her in a Santa outfit, all smiles.

(More gifts to come as I sort them out.)

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Message: 41/107 Posted Author
More Gifts from the Exile. Tue Dec 09 Jason Talben

More gives have gone out from the Jedi Exile, Jason Talben.

To Taiyouki Lady Leiko - A collection of strategy games. Othello, Chess, 3d Chess, and a host of others. A note includes "Thank you for the Game of GO, Once I understand it's complexity, I will offer a challenge to you in person. Thank you For the Salmon.

To Midna - Perhaps the most important thing one could offer, A home. Jason extends a Invitation to allow the Shadow Imp to live with him in his Condo, With her own private room. She would have to share with Wolf Link as well.

To Kurosaki, Magi, Sonic, and any one else Jason has personal ties with in friendship and such. Jason will send a christmas card wishing them Happiness, Good health, and a year of great success.

(Sorry, mind has melted on what gifts to give people.)

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Tanukigifts! Tue Dec 09 Yunomi

Everything is received in pink, sparkly wrapped boxes that have bright yellow, sparkly ribbons and bows.

Optimus Prime receives a Softimus Prime plushie; it talks. Apparently it's been customized; someone's added the UAF symbol in fabric pen. It's very well made. It talks.

Solid Snake receives a large pink sparkly box with bright yellow sparkly ribbons. It has a lot of pairs of camo-print socks. In the bottom of the socks is a book - a hand-drawn comic book of a Solid Snake adventure that ends with him saving the world from a nuclear threat all by himself! It even has lime gum!

Lieutenant Stadler receives a remote control airplane; it has a five foot wingspan and a custom red-white-blue paintscheme. There's a clay model of Stadler pilotting the plane, and a scarfed, helmet-with-a-spike-wearing Yunomi figure in the back. Fleece gets a plushie DANGER TANUKI; it says such phrases as 'FOR JUSTICE AND COOKIES!' 'LOVE AND PEACE!' and 'VICTOREEEEEE!'. Estano receives a gift basket of fruit: beneath the fruit is a pair of gogo boots and a sailor fuku (In case you feel like taking up a sidekick position! It shows off your legs!). Master Cheif recieves a gift certificate to anywhere made out for 100 Credits — because Yunomi has /no/ idea what to get her. Everyone else on base gets a Danger Tanuki T-shirt and a bag of skittles.

Integra recieves a gun cleaning kit with her initials on it, and a T-shirt from Yunomi's elementry school proclaiming her child is an honor student.

Alucard recieves a Halloween pop-up book.

Ichigo receives coloring books, crayons, paints, and a box of pink-tinted white chocolates.

Kirby recieves a box of chocolate covered pretzels, sidewalk chalk, and an arts-and-crafts kit.

Winry recieves a T-shirt with the Fredrick Elementry Firedogs mascot, Spot on it and a box of hazelnut chocolates.

Amelia recieves a raccoon plushie with a T-shirt that says 'FOR JUSTICE!' on it, and strawberry-filled chocolates.

Alex Armstrong gets in a re-enforced box an *OFFICIAL* Danger Tanuki Fan Club T-shirt. It's made out of a magically constructed material; it will not burst off his chest if he flexes, and is spot-clean only. It has sparkles on it.

Shinji gets a plushie Yunomi!

The Eighth Doctor recieves a new chess set. It smells faintly of cheese, and could be traced back to a general store in an 1860 Gettysburg.

Nova gets a plushie Yunomi! Hikari gets a pink sparkly scarf and hat, a pogo stick with exactly five hundred and thirty seven jinglebells glued to it and a bag of skittles. Alexis gets a pair of earplugs.

Goggles gets a box of… goggles. Swim goggles, welding goggles, cool motorcycle goggles, goggles with bio-hazard signs on them, Mad Scientist goggles… everything! Often in triplicate.

Raven gets a big box of Reeses Pieces, a black T-shirt with a red 'karasu' kanji on it in sparkles, along with a very well picture of her and Sephiroth rendered in craypas and chalk. Sephiroth gets a bag of black and gray peanut M&M's, and a jumbo-sized bottle of shampoo.

Yomiko gets a big box of books, gathered from all over the Multiverse. A lot of them are children's books. Some of them are burnt into pieces of wood rather than paper.

Everyone else gets nifty printed cards of Namamura in the winter, with snow laying over the town… and a bag of skittles.

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Message: 41/109 Posted Author
KittenGirl Gifts Tue Dec 09 Ichigo

Pink bags. Nuff said.

Yunomi gets a years supply of Pixie Stix.

Stadler recieves a 'one free day from mischeif' coupon, one use only. Note says to use it well, and don't lose it; he doesn't get a refund.

Marl gets a black plushy kitten with a pink collar and bell; it almost looks like her own Catgirl form.

Freya gets a plushie Kitten like the one Marl got, and a bright pink dress her size.

Everyone else gets a box of Pocky.

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Message: 41/110 Posted Author
First Presents from Doom Tue Dec 09 Dr. Doom

In the early days of December, a stylized letter containing only a single fill-in form is sent to every Union Elite. It essentially boils down to a letter of surrender which one can sign, so that they can be processed in time for Christmas. This is all explained in the letter.

Dear Union Elite,

you are hereby given the one-time extraordinary chance to circumvent your certain demise at the hands of Dr. Doom and the Confederacy. If you wish to surrender to His Excellency Doom, please sign your name, military ID number and adress at the bottom of this letter and send it on December 19th at the latest so that your reasonable decision may be processed and accepted by Christmas Eve.

I, ___, surrender unconditionally and accept Victor von Doom as my new liege and master.


============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/111 Posted Author
A forgotten Midna gift Tue Dec 09 Midna

Risa, since Midna wouldn't know her clothing colors yet, ends up with a small collection of plush sharks. All sorts of plushie sharks of different species!

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Message: 41/112 Posted Author
Another Gift from Chizu Tue Dec 09 Chizu

Becca, having seemed to like treating Chizu like a normal cat and said she never had a pet, is getting just that for christmas. A cream color (like Chizu), green eyed, female kitten is delivered to Becca. A black ribbon is tied loosely about it's neck and holds a written note that Chizu will help take care of it if needed.

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Message: 41/113 Posted Author
Cowardly Gifts. Tue Dec 09 Penny Little

To Koma: A very ill-fitting, bright yellow knitted sweater. It has a big splodge on it that /might/ be the attempt, if one were generous, to knit a Bronzor. But you'd really have to squint to make that out. Clearly, Penny has been trying to get the hang of knitting. With mixed results.

To Nina Wyndia: A brush designed to brush down wings! There is, however, no note as to who it came from. Instead, a shiny pikachu collectable card has been taped to the inside of the box.

To Justice: Just a christmas card: It shows a sad kitten in the snow, with a crooked hat. Inside, Penny has written: "Best Christmas Wishes. I'm going to be really upset when I have to kill you, 'cuz you sound nicer than Miss Katsumi."

To Miles Prower: A book all about giving up smoking. And a doodle of a little girl hugging a fox on the inside of the inside front cover. Complete with the slogan: Smokers are Jokers! ^_^

To Rhode Kal'Daka.
Rhode's gifts are a bit special, in that they won't start to be received until the 13th, but I best list them here or I'll forget. One is found mysteriously around the house every morning:

1) A big basket of pears.
2) A novelty alarm clock that chirps birdsong.
3) Not found around the house, exactly… but a delicious feast of chickeny goodness is prepared for dinner!
4) A brand new spiffy phone, all the rage in New Pyongyang, with all the latest gadgets and widgets. It's called a C-Phone.
5) Friendship bands!
6) Delicious chocolate eggs~
7) A live swan. … Yeah, Penny didn't think this one through.
8) A brand new shiny milkshake machine! It makes /HORRIFIC NOISE/. But also rather good milkshakes.
9) A collection of great dance hits.
10) Awesome dancing shoes.
11) A set of bagpipes.
12) A new drumkit, which will be left under the christmas tree all tied up with a bow.

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Message: 41/114 Posted Author
Gifts at Sonic Speed 2 Tue Dec 09 Sonic the Hedgehog

The Seekers of Fortune: The other members of the group, including the rank partners as well, get….a new watch? No, actually when a button's pressed it reveals a screen that keeps track of the wearer's vitals. This has somehow been made to work on any species, and it recieves and transmits vitals info from and to all other seekers equipped with one of them. It's got a communicator feature too, but that's pretty useless due to the radios. These are tied to a golden ring from Sonic's reality. There's also a note explaining that the ring is meant as a good luck charm, since he doubts the rings will function the same for non-Mobians, but that they've helped him out /lots/ in the past.

Every Unionite Elite: Unionites get a large, wooden box…about a head shorter than Sonic himself. The box is labled as being fragile. The insides are heavily padded and contain a booklet (actually made by Sonic since he couldn't find an official book on the subject) about how to care for chao. This includes instructions and information on how treating the egg different ways will give the chao a different disposition as well as giving suggestions on different chao egg treatments. It also includes a chart on how to correctly feed and raise a chao to become faster, more powerful, or any other possible attributes. The chart also covers the ability to create dark and light chao and gives information on breeding as well. Further on it goes on to explain how chao are learning beings who can actually be taught to run races, play instruments, sing, draw, or many other things humaniod beings are capable of, so people have to be careful if they don't want their chao learning to do certain things. The end of it, making this booklet more of a surprize as having been made by Sonic, goes on to explain any known origin and history of chao. Of /course/ this booklet comes with an unhatched chao egg.

Every Elite(except Miles): Everyone gets a coupon to get their first chilidog at the coming re-opening of Chuck's Chilidog Stand for free. Miles does not get one as he's expected to accept /all/ his chilidogs for free, so he gets a note about the stand instead.

Anyone Sonic's befriended but hasn't given a personal gift to, gets a card with a picture of Knothole forest as it looks about now, all covered in snow and everything. Several mobians, including Sonic and his family, are huddled up in the picture and waving at whoever had the camera. The card gives well wishes and the usual stuff…at least as close as Sonic can get to the usual. He's not really used to this whole thing. It also appologizes about the lack of a gift, as it's been very difficult to afford giving much of anything.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/115 Posted Author
Further Cowardly Gifts Tue Dec 09 Penny Little

More gifts I forgot about the first time round.

Psyber: Two gifts. The first is from the People of Millhaven, and consists of a few barrels of beer, a bottle of port, and a /big bag of cash/. It is accompanied with a note saying: Seasons greetings. And please stay the hell out of our town.

The second is from Confederate Ally Penny Little. It is a christmas card showing cute mice sleeping in front of a fire whilst it snows outside, and a big Merry Christmas, Thank You in a heart on the inside. It is accompanied with a sheriffs badge that looks official on first glance… but is clearly taken from a costume upon closer inspection.

Suigintou also receives a heart-warming card. She, however, receives no bribe from the townsfolk. Instead, just a letter saying: Please stay the hell out of our town. Penny sends her a box of chocolates, however. Because she's just that nice.

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Message: 41/116 Posted Author
Christmas Gifts! Tue Dec 09 Nanoha

Gifts from Nanoha are spread around the Union! Everyone in general gets a box of assorted candies. Other, very special people, get specific presents.

Teana: An ankle brace. Along with the ankle brace, however, is a slip of written permission allowing her and Subaru to take the make promotional exams to move up to AA+ Class Mages.

Subaru: Axel grease for her skates. Along with the axel grease, however, is a slip of written permission allowing her and Teana to take the make promotional exams to move up to AA+ Class Mages.

Caro: A booklet with seven coupons that offer her 'One Free Day Off From Training'.

Fate: A book titled '50 Ways to Slim Down for Summer'. Along with it is a note: 'Fate-chan~ Since you kept asking me how I thought you looked in all those outfits, I thought you might be concerned about your weight after all the holiday goodies.'

Vita: A huge pink stuffed rabbit as tall as she is.

Signum: A free spa weekend with the full treatment.

Aeriana: A delicious plate of pink, homemade snack cakes for the holidays.

Spiritia: Nanoha's Doctorate-level thesis detailing the virtues and benefits of friendship. All of Mobile Section Six has read it, most likely, and now apparently she can too!

Ryotaro: A friendship medallion made of five seperate pieces, one for each of the Imagin and one for Ryotaro. When all five pieces are put together, it forms a silver medallion that says 'Friendship spans across time'.

Haseo: A small box that, when he opens it, starts glowing bright pink and yelling "STAAAAAAR LIIIIIIIIIGHT!' before it poofs into a cloud of smoke and turns into a tray of delicious butter cookies.

Merry Christmas! And don't stand under the Pink Mistletoe, because that gets you lasered <3

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Message: 41/117 Posted Author
A gift for Penny Little Tue Dec 09 Icy

The Trix aren't in the habbit of giving gifts, it's not their nature. However one certain Confederate Elite, Penny Little, does recieve a small package, care of a little grey duckling. The box is decorated with ice blue wrapping and delicate ribbons, as well as mystical arcane symbols, frozen in ice-like decorations. Upon opening the box, there's an ornate Dagger, which when drawn from it's scabbard, the enchanted blade will cause the temperature around it to drop drasticly. There is also a letter from Icy that reads: Hey kiddo, sorry it took me a while to make good on my promise, but I did. This is a very special knife for you, since you and your friend helped me out a while back and lost yours. Careful with the blade. - Icy

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Message: 41/118 Posted Author
Gifts Tue Dec 09 Gol D. Roger

Soon enough, at an outpost for both the Union and the Confederacy(Some random place, as well as various unaffiliated areas), there's… a gift. It's dropped from high in the air, and leaves quite a nice dent in the ground where it lands. However, upon opening the gift, one would find a solid gold cube. No, really, a cube of solid gold, several hundred feet long on each side. Atop is a note, written in hard to read hand-writing in a couple of random languages(Strangely, the grammar in all those languages is perfect, even if the handwriting leaves much to be desired).

"Feed those who are hungry, give out booze to those who want it, and have fun! Not sure why everyone is giving gifts, but I might as well too!" Signed… The King of the Pirates (OOC And nothing more than that. He's… self-inflated and thinks everyone should know him by just that).

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/119 Posted Author
Gifts for the season Tue Dec 09 Evangeline

Several packages arrive for various people, the lot of them unsigned. They're all delivered personally by a robotic maid with short, green hair(Female).

Winry - A variety of things, from chocolates, to sweet candies, to clothing(which is her size, plus or minus a few), and an assortment of dining coupons for various establishments in Mahora-2.

The Rozen Dolls - They all get horribly finely crafted tea sets, as well as like… fifty pounds of various expensive and imported teas. In each is a note for an invitation to have said tea, with the guaranteed exclusion of an unnamed hyper foulmouthed doll(OOC Written just like said, she doesn't even name the one she's excluding).

If the maid could find Noh, she'd give her a large bear plushie of some sort. A LARGE bear plushie.

Negi - He receives a sack of rocks, with a note regarding them as paperweights. Yes, rocks. Yes, the kind you walk outside and pick up off the ground. They are, however, dusted off. As well as that, in a /tiny/ box inside the sack of rocks, which is strangely not crumpled in the least, is a small necklace which bears a little staff on it, as well as a locket with a picture of his father in some over-dramatic pose with a goofy grin on it.

Penny Little - If the maid can find her, or someone who claims they'll give it to her, she'll find herself with a box of various young girls things, ranging from stuffed animals to a /large/ assortment of pretty formal dresses in all sizes(As the sender knew not her sizes).

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/120 Posted Author
From the archives of The World Tue Dec 09 Atria

For The World inhabitants, the gifts arrive in digital mail form, with attachments that can be picked off as actual physical items. Yay, Multiverse~

Haseo - A nice little letter which expresses a good deal of confusion, thanks, as well as an apology for the lack of the quality of the attached item. Attached? Well, it's a hand-picked outfit that is actually of rather good make. Never mind it's not from The World, it's a stylish suit that would probably look rather good on Haseo… if he ever stopped Emo-ing around.

Marl - He receives, by mail, a large stuffed lynx with a bottle of cologne that she thought smelled nice(with no thought as to if he liked that or not). Note, "Couldn't remember what you smelled like, not that I care, so here is something that smells decent. Feel free to it. And keep this guy's fur nice and brushed, even stuffed animals get clumped fur, and they don't like it."

Various members of the Union whom she couldn't think of what to get(Which consists of the players lack of memory right now, if you know Atria, and think she would know you, you get one of these) all receive a large bag of jumbo smarties. They're like… HUGE, and filled with sugary goodness.

Tsukasa - He, specifically, doesn't get just one item. In fact, his mailbox is filled with several packages, the contents all ranging from candy to outfits to candy and stuffed animals and a few bottles of random scents. As well as that, directions to a field inside of The World that she seems to have requisitioned from someone higher up somehow. The entire field is full of nothing but Foxtail Grass(Aromatic grass), all of it hand-planted and grown.

Integra - Note, "I wasn't sure what you would appreciate, or even want from me, so you're stuck with a shot glass and a bottle of alcohol. I don't drink(much), so I'm not sure if you'll like it. The old man tending the store said it was good(Appreciate it, he almost wouldn't sell it to me because of my age)." And, true to that, a nice little shotglass, as well as some (Cheap), but 'good' wine.

Empress Zelda - She receives a package addressed to 'Shiek', consisting of a delivered bouquet of roses and a note with apologies for never taking up the generous offer of the job.

Julian - An IOU for that party that she skipped out on.

Goggles - A note with various thanks written in regards for any current and future and past help with trying to slodge through books.

Frost - Receives a note with, "Who are you?" on it, as well as a box of candy, as thanks, though she wasn't sure who she was, and why she was sending her an action figure of someone she didn't know.

Kyton - A note with, "Enjoy it.", and that's all. Coming with it is a brightly, BRIGHTLY coloured pink stuffed rabbit with its arms perpetually out in as if requesting a hug.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/121 Posted Author
A Visit From YukariClaus! Tue Dec 09 Yukari Yakumo

Some time after giving nothing more than vague hints and cryptic metaphors in regards to gift giving, it would seem that a few people in the multiverse find their gifts in the STRANGEST places.

Aya Shameimaru will find herself the new owner of a 12 megapixel digital camera. Complete with rapid shutter fire, video and sound recording, docking station, a few extra memory cards, and a high quality photo printer! These are found… Under her bed.

Envy will find himself a book of coupons for free parfaits at a very specific Food Court in Cirrus Marine. In his skort's back pocket.

Psyber will find a fully paid gift card for Stan's Auto Armoring Armory, for a free plating and equipping of one car in a manner of his choosing. This gift card can be found- in his left shoe.

Suigintou's gift can be found inside the next bottle of yakult she drinks- only there's no yakult in the bottle with it. A note detailing the sudden addition of a secret compartment in the fridge that wasn't there before. To hold extra Yakult when the stash runs low or when Suigintou just doesn't want to share.

Nina Windia receives a book of coupons for a certain McDonalds in Cirrus, for about ten free meals with a note: 'You should be more willing to share~'. This can be found In the bag of the next fast food meal she eats.

Flandre Scarlet receives a basket of numerous red cookies, cakes and sweets. Dangling from her chamber's ceiling by a scarlet ribbon.

Suika Ibuki will find a special bottle of sake from Yukari's personal reserve. Randomly dangling from the ribbons on her horns the next time she wakes up.

Dante Sparda's bright gift is a new coat! Flashier and a brighter crimson color than his usual one. It also seems to give off a strange, eldritch, feeling. Creepy. This is draped on his coat rack, and totally wasn't there before.

Winry Rockbell receives her continued existence, and something that is not a wrench. It comes by way of normal mail and package delivery believe it or not! But when it arrives, it seems like a standard purple colored tool box. Yet it seems to have a near infinite storage capacity, considering there's a pit inside it leading to a hammerspace full of creepy staring eyes.

Ailiar finds, buried beneath all of her building equipment, a few sheets, notably filed forms for earthquake insurance. Also with that, she gets a crew of utterly terrified fairies seemingly helping out with construction on her house.

F Gattaca and Codon Alicia are suddenly connected to a horrendously heinous amount of television channels. There's a note taped to the bottom of the remote to the vidscreens: 'For the next time I stop on by~'.

Finally Tesla Keith He gets A model train? But not just any model train. A 1/20th scale model of the 5:35 PM to Akihabara. This too is found within his straightjacket.

Happy holidays~

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/122 Posted Author
To the Union~<3 Tue Dec 09 Alouette

Every single Union elite is sent a box! It's wrapped in pretty and festive paper, a neat little bow, and all around looks like a pleasant gift! Thing is, upon actually pulling the lid off the box, the string trigger to a live claymore mine is pulled, causing it to explode.

These… Are all caught by mail screening. But it's the thought that counts, oui~?


============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/123 Posted Author
Gifts from Legion Tue Dec 09 Goggles

Yes Friends, the internet group that's spent most of the past year harassing Umbrella Pharmeciticals seems to have gotten in the spirit of the season. The recipients will simply recieve these gifts at thier place of work at random with no return address, or even postage. Haley Blaire: Several BOW Plushies that make random zombie noises when squeezed, a box of candy canes, and a note. 'Miss Blaire, while We have issue with how the company you work under operates, it HAS done much good over the years…' this note then lists a series of example cases where either Umbrella research, or products had saved lives. This note ends, however, with a warning. 'This note will be posted across the multiverse's networks, so please do not try using our words as part of a PR campaign, good will only goes so far.'

Richard Stadler: A typed out note, on an old style typewriter to boot. 'We are no-one's privet army, but given what the men and women in uniform ahve done for the United States we regret the need to hound you the way we did.' This note is attached to a large rate of BOW Plushies as well as an equel number of Legion plushies. Each one with a non-removeable hard plastic red oni mask, black hoodie, and make soft squeeky noises when squeezed.

Maya: Her gift appears san's note and consists of a box of candies, and a legion plushie.

Goggles: …He gets a 'decorative' pineapple grenade and a Legion plushie with a note. 'We are not your privet army either.'

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/124 Posted Author
Please to put a penny in a poor ma Tue Dec 09 Becca

Becca isn't financially well off at the moment, nor does she know many people to give gifts to anyway. But…there are two people on her list that get gifts! Both people get just a sketch on lined notebook paper, apparently torn out of her infamous notebooks.

Chizu: The sketch she recieves is of the kitten that Becca recieved for Christmas. It appears to be about two years old in the sketch, and is nursing a newborn litter. The only caption the picture bears is the name "Mog and her litter"..

Tomahawk Man: Toma is given a sketch…of Chizu! She must be ready for a party, because she is wearing a formal kimono, and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

((OOC: Edited because I missed the part about it being a girl. Forgive me, Chizu! :( ))

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/125 Posted Author
Gifts from the Giantess Tue Dec 09 Freya

Maya- A elegant green party dress.

Fate T. Harlaown - A gold pendent shaped liked a sword..

Shir - Theives tools.

Risa- half a dozen fresh alantic salmon.

Sukia - A Bottle of Ent-Drawt

Goggles - A raygun/Blunderbuss called 'The unnatural selector" with this name engraged on the handle.

Winry - a Has a note saying it a bag of holding, it can hold as much as a large chest.

Saber - A fine china teapot set with 4 matching cups and a box of dried earl grey tea leaves.

Mid-Boss - A loaf Fruitcake, with a note saying it adressed "To Mister Vyers."

Hina Ichigo - a silver strawberry shaped Pendant.

Aya Shameimaru - A elecant pen with a hard wood casing with a silver tip. It's enchanted so it will never run out of ink.

Ichigo-chan- Some catnip and a ball of yarn.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/126 Posted Author
More Gifts Tue Dec 09 Trevor

Because who doesn't love getting gifts?

Trevor has sent every Union Elite a box of… Devil Dogs! Yes, delicious nonnutrious snack cakes. Attached to the presents are old-fashioned military silk maps of the Pokemon Islands, encoded with popular recreation spots and good places to catch pokemon.

Confederates get the Devil Dogs, but they may or may not have been "tampered" with by Chan, his Chimchar. The less said, the better.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/127 Posted Author
Rocking Gifts Tue Dec 09 Ry Wayas

Talynn - To Be Given In Person
Merin - Not just from Ry, but from Booze too. An entire CASE of bottles of his finest vintage of wine. The included note reads, "With the hard year you've had, you deserve it, lass. -Aaren"
Niv - A scrapbook with photos of several exotic places the Wayfarer has been to recently. Including the bottom of the ocean, and out into the Void a little ways.
The Kits - Rhapsody receives a brand new gaming system and the latest 'Guitar Superhero' game. Complete with a custom controller made just for her. Rynxiel gets a dwarven clockwork walker to pick apart. Sidonia gets a copy of "The Multiversal Anarchist's Cookbook". Fear.
Psyber - To Be Given In Person
Suigintou - A beautiful, hand-made acoustic guitar, sized /perfectly/ for Suigintou, and enchanted to play sound in the full volume and tonal range of a full-sized one. The back of the neck has an elegant 'Suigintou' carved into it, and the back of the body has a simple 'RW' maker's mark.
Suiseiseki - A new gardening kit and the seeds for several rare and exotic magical herbs.
Souseiseki - A dapper new suit and top hat in subdued green.
Shinku - A large case of Ry's personal tea blend.
Hina-Ichigo - A large strawberry plushie.
Kanaria - A gorgeous new dress in a shade to match her hair.

All Elites get a coupon for one free copy of "Ry Way and the Highways - Greatest Hits" in their preferred media format.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/128 Posted Author
Stop! Christmas time. Tue Dec 09 Vita

Though she might not seem the sort, it turns out Vita actually puts a good bit of thought and consideration into Christmas gifts. The only ones listed here are for actual apped characters and NPCs, but she would have sent things to various people back on Mid-Childa (namely TSAB members), and even some from her universe's Earth.

Nanoha: A great big book on things that are symbolic of friendship in different cultures, like yellow roses, etc.

Fate T. Harlaown: A gift certificate for a rather nice clothing store in New Washington, and permission to kick Vita's rabbit (the one that gives exp) under the strict condition that the kicks have to be gentle.

Arf: High quality products for taking care of her hair in her humanoid forms, and her fur in her canine forms.

Signum: A book on the history of different knightly orders in the Multiverse.

Agito: Clothes - one outfit Christmas-themed, another generally for winter - scaled down to her size, and matching her general style.

Caro Ru Lushe: A book on different dragons in the Multiverse, and a tiny Santa hat and belled collar for Friedrich's sealed form.

Subaru: A book on roller blading tricks, and very durable protective gear (knee pads, etc). A note has been written on the book's inside cover - "Don't try these inside and/or without the protective gear or I won't let you try them at all. Otherwise, enjoy. -Vita"

Teana: An extra durable stress ball, a gift certificate for a free day at a spa, and a straight jacket with a note: "For use on Subaru on the worse days. -Vita"

Spiritia Rosenburg, Aeriana, and Ryotaro Nogami each get two gift certificates to stores in New Washington: one for clothing, one for books.

The Taros in general get an assortment of Christmas cookies.

Momotaros in specific gets a red croquet-like mallet with his name engraved on the handle, and an invitation: "Let me teach you to play gateball. -Vita"

Haseo also gets Christmas cookies.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/129 Posted Author
Gifts from the micromaster invento Wed Dec 10 Eon

Every single union Elite receives from Eon a custom built, multi-function blaster rifle, with modes ranging from plasma charges, to sonics, to lightning, even a gravitic pulse mode.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/129 Posted Author
Gifts from the micromaster invento Wed Dec 10 Eon

Every single union Elite receives from Eon a custom built, multi-function blaster rifle, with modes ranging from plasma charges, to sonics, to lightning, even a gravitic pulse mode.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/130 Posted Author
Merry Christmas! Wed Dec 10 Richard

Richard still has many people to meet, but he has gone to the trouble to think of everyone. Every elite that he has met he has tracked down their address, and they receive a large crate. Inside, there's a zombie version of your favorite animal, just for you! Watch out, they bite.

Cynn gets an army of zombies, human style.

Prometheus gets an army of zombie raccoons.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/131 Posted Author
Oh yeah, and… Wed Dec 10 Richard

And Richard delivers his gifts personally, left on doorsteps and what not. Only those without permanent addresses miss out. Have fun with your zombie pets!

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/132 Posted Author
Gifts in Megakat Wed Dec 10 Felina

Two small boxes were left on the front porch of the garage at the megakat salvage yard. Both little green boxes with red bows. One labled Furlong(For Chance) One Labled Clawson (for Jake) and inside each box is a Wnger Swiss Army Military Watch. They have beautiful black faces and are easy to read both regular time and Military time. THe perfect gift for the two mechanics she wish she could do more for…with a note that says "Thanks guys. ~ Felina."

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/133 Posted Author
A Merry Zeon Christmas Wed Dec 10 Yulia

Solid Snake, Dr. Doom, and the leaders of the various nations, countries, kingdoms, principalities, duchies, etc. each receive an 'official' holiday card from the Governor and First Lady of Neo-Zeon:
(If you're the leader of a government, regardless of affiliation, assume you get one!)

Optimus Prime, Winry, Amuro, Marie-Annette, Lash, Malin, Shu Shirakawa, Millia, Souseiseki, Raven DeVanos, Sephiroth, Aya Shameimaru, and all of her fellow Children receive a more personal card from Yulia, wishing them a Happy New Year:

The other Children also receive a personalized snowman ornament, the snowman's hat and scarf matching the colors of their respective EVAs. Each has their name painted on it, written in both their native language and in Russian.

Gendo Ikari receives a rock.

Shi Lune receives an IOU.

Avel receives a new guitar, a copy of 'War and Peace', and box seat tickets for a performance of The Nutcracker.

Jason Talben also receives a copy of 'War and Peace'.

The Alpha Strike team receives a HUGE box of homemade cookies, as does the MS/MA division of the Neo-Zeon army.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/134 Posted Author
Zuko's Gifts Wed Dec 10 Zuko

All of these gifts are in dark red boxes with yellow ribbons, with the symbol of the Fire Nation in the center of the box lid and a small white tag to indicate the intended recipient. Some, where applicable, contain alternate forms of tags that may be identified by the blind.

To Everyone on this list: A box of assorted teas and a $20 gift certificate to a small tea shop in one of New Washington's Chinatowns.

To Aang: A number of elaborate kites, two of which are extremely large and in the shape of a blue and red eastern-style dragon, along with a home-made Firebending scroll detailing the use of fire-breathing.

To Toph: A small collection of fairy tales (and rather old ones, where people tend to end up disfigured or dead by the end of it) on audio book and in braille, along with a several weeks worth of pre-paid braille lessons in New Washington.

To Ailiar: An additional package of tea, though small compared to the other assorted teas in the package, containing tea prepared from the white dragon bush.

To Ty Lee: A furby.

To Azula: A furby-sized dalek with unusually sophisticated AI to (albeit harmlessly) imitate dalek behavior. The tiny cannon mounted on it shoots a low-powered laser that might be vaguely irritating to be shot with.

To Raven: A gift certificate to a quiet book store in Central New Washington, and a small package of tea prepared from a white dragon bush.

Hinata & Yuffie: Two very large packages of assorted herbal tea, all of which have been blended with ingredients meant to help the drinker sleep.

To Union Command: A great deal of peppermint tea.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/135 Posted Author
Gift giving: APPROVED! Thu Dec 11 Guy Shishio

Gifts have gone out from Guy!

Mikoto - To be given in person.
Winry - A specially commissioned Genesic GaoGaiGar figurine, in mid-Hell And Heaven.
Noriko - A 300-credit gift card to a hobby shop specializing in mecha model kits in New Washington.
Subaru - A small G-Stone necklace, with a note: "Courage lights the way in the darkest hour. Even I need a reminder of that, sometimes. Keep this, and remember well." Oh, and a box set of the entire first TV series of Masked Raider.

Those who went on the Earthquake Relief mission and/or the Candy Factory mission, even unaffs, receive "Honorary 3G Member" badges.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/136 Posted Author
DATS Christmas Gifts! Thu Dec 11 Eclipse

Nothing really special from Eclipse this year, save for a few that'll be receiving things in private.

But his crazy boss has something else in mind. Every Union elite would receive a package wrapped in colorful wrapping paper covered of various digimon. Inside is what would be the newest design of the Digimon virtual pet game ( It's a plastic replica of the DATS Digivices and comes in blue or orange, but features three different choosable virtual digimon to raise, Agumon, Gaomon or Lalamon and 'authentic' Virtual Evolution Action! It also comes with a christmas card, featuring a Yukidarumon ( in a santa hat which reads inside, 'These where intended to lower the chances of a panic among children if the digital barrier ever fell. Now they can help enlighten Union members a little about digimon. Other than that, they're just plain fun! Happy Holidays, from the Digital Accident Tactics Squad!' Its signed 'Yushima Hiroshi, DATS chief.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/137 Posted Author
Amelia's gifts Thu Dec 11 Amelia

All of these gifts bear the symbol of the Seyruun Kingdom in some form or another.
(OOC: Most of my alts are gonna be sending out gifts bearing their own symbols. Go figure.)

To Solid Snake: A cute little music box that when opened, plays the Star-Spangled Banner. Close it, the melody still stop. Open it again, the melody will re-play itself.

To Winry: A Bath & Body Works signature collection shower gel.

To Richard Stadler: A personalized snow globe that rotates and plays music. Inside is a mini-sized version of Seyruun. Engraved over the surface are the words "BELIEVE IN JUSTICE." The music sounds strangely like 'A Maiden's Prayer'….
(OOC: You should know what I'm talking about. Otherwise:

To Yunomi: A stuffed horse about the same size as Yunomi. A note is attached, in elegant writing: "I know you couldn't get a real one, but I hope this suffices."

To Raven: It doesn't look like one, but it's definitely a book. The title is "Goth Craft: The Magickal Side of Dark Culture." It covers the basics of magick, with special attention to blood magick, death magick, and necromancy. A good way of knowing how to channel dark emotions, express yourself through the dark arts (clothes, hair, makeup, body modification), choose appropriate Goth music for ritual, and myriad other ways to merge magickal practice with the Goth lifestyle.

To Yomiko: A five-hundred-dollar gift card to any local bookstore.

To Luffy: A five-hundred-dollar gift card to any local restaurant that serves plenty of meat.

To Zoro: A book entitled "Japanese Sword Fighting: Secrets of the Samurai." Japanese history complete with great sword masters. Plus a brand-new sword-cleaning kit.

To Sanji: A cook book entitled "The Big Book of Outdoor Cooking and Entertaining." Plus an automatic lighter with a tiny Straw Hat design.

To Usopp: A brand-new slingshot, with ammo. This model has a molded grip that fits comfortably for a secure hold. It's crafted with a rugged steel frame, latex rubber tubing, and a genuine leather shot pouch that's small enough to fit in your pocket.

To Nico Robin: A book on Seyruun archaeology.

To Raven DeVanos: A Chocobo plushie in whatever color she likes.

To Craig: A 'Girls Next Door' 2009 calendar.

To Ash: An international travel wallet. With pockets for all your travel essentials. Also includes a quick-access ticket pocket, a zippered compartment and secure snap closures.

To Saber: A sterling silver neckace with a dragon pendant.

To Gourry: Also a brand-new sword-cleaning kit.

To Starfire: A dragon plushie.

To Justice: A book entitled 'A Theory on Justice'.

To Merin: An expensive tea set, with silverware included. Definitely of Seyruun origin.

Everyone else in the Union, whether they know Amelia or not, gets a shiny five-hundred-dollar gift card to any local New Washington department store.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/138 Posted Author
Magical Girl Challenges + One Gift Thu Dec 11 Tohsaka Rin

Overnight, every Union Elite that qualifies as a magical girl, or who think of themselves as one, has received a note on a fancy sheet of paper with an emblem near the top, that being a pair of cat ears with a ruby between them. The note reads: "This city is only big enough for one true protector of justice! I shall prove my worth my defeating more bad guys than all of you combined! My magical rivals stand no chance! -Kaleido Ruby, P.S. Rivals or not, Merry Christmas!"
No one saw the figure who delivered those notes, and they could have been delivered by proxy as well as directly.

On a more Christmas-y note, Saber receives a blazing red outfit from Rin, which she is encouraged to wear. (You know what one it is! =D)

No one else is getting any gifts until December 24th to account for Rin being both broke and not knowing many people yet.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/139 Posted Author
Creepy Gifts. Thu Dec 11 Rei Ayanami

Anyone who has sent Rei a card, gets a very simple 'Happy Holidays' card, of official NERV stationary. It is very bland, and signed by Rei. There is no additional message. It depicts holly, but the berries are in the shape of hexagons.

Only one person gets a 'proper' gift from Rei, and even then… she may not consider it as such, as Asuka finds an Asuka Langley Sohryu bobblehead left in front of her bedroom door, with a little blue ribbon tied about it.

Merry Christmas~.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/140 Posted Author
Last two gifts! Thu Dec 11 Amelia

(How can Amelia forget two important people in her life? Major fail.)

To Zelgadis: A new iPod for all his favorite classical tunes. Complete with a protective and waterproof case.

To Naga: A luxurious rose-scented spa gift basket. Includes rose potpourri petals, a pink spa mitt, raspberry tea and a dark chocolate & raspberry treat for a total spa experience.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/141 Posted Author
Attn: Vampires Thu Dec 11 Lute

Every Elite Vampire in the Multiverse would recieve a box… And in the box, is a rather and torn sack of grains, the bottom having a hole in it… But, seemingly, Lute has found some mage of somesort. The hole only opens when the bag is /filled/ completely. Then it restiches itself.

A note is included taped to the inside of the lid of the box: 'I heard a neat old legend about vampires having to compulsively count and refill a bag of spilt grains. Have fun. If you are a vampire whose power is above this, ignore it, please. -Lute'

Trying to take the note off would also prove annoying, for apparently, he got it blessed. And, if the hole is fixed magically on the sack so it won't do that anymore, the bag dissolves into Holy Water.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/142 Posted Author
An Oracle's Gifts Thu Dec 11 Nayru

First and foremost everyone in the Union not covered below receives a warm-wishing christmas card. Any who know healing magic would receive a small book full of helpful spells and magical theory on healing magic including a few more advanced spells.

Miles Prower - The vigilante fox gets a small crystal ball that's enchanted to show him glimpses of those close to him when everything's peaceful. If anyone close to him's in danger it will pulse crimson and show their peril as well as coordinates to get to them.

Yukari Yakumo - Yukari gets what at first seems to a simple bottle of water, but the water's always perfectly fresh and very tasty, doubtless of the best quality mere water can have. It refills itself constantly as needed, and Yukari will find it in her own mysterious home. There's no note of who it came from either or how it got into her Christmas pile. It seems Yukari Yakumo may have been Yukari'd.

Ralph - Several things. He gets a perfectly snug and warm set of winter clothing including scarf, coat, leggings, gloves… the whole works. There's also sword-cleaning/polish kit, and a pair of Pegasus Boots made by the shoemaker in Hyrule Market. All the clothes are extra-enchanted to keep him nice and toasty!

SANTA CLAUS - yes, Santa Claus himself gets something from Nayru. He'd receive, wherever it is he receives things via Rito-birdman delivery an express can full of homemade chocolate-chip cookies and a large bottle of Chateu Romani milk. There's a note attached. 'I might not be at home on Christmas, so I wanted to make sure you would get these.'

Raven DeVanos - Raven, like Miles Prower, also gets one of the enchanted crystals. (See above.)

Zelda - The fair princess would get the aforementioned book on healing magic, some of the same batch of cookies that Santa got in a smaller tin (girls have to watch their weight after all,) but more importantly she'd get sheet music for a list of popular and useful songs from the very beginning of Hyrule's history, and several from alternate timelines and odd places like Koholint. Nothing from the future though! Some of the songs are magical, of course…

Empress Zelda - She receives the same thing as the Union Zelda, except the song selection's far more focused on peaceful songs and there's far less of the outright magical variety.

Wolf Link - He receives a small crystal that's glowing almost blindingly with cerulean light. If he uses it then it will break his curse for a whole week, same as Nayru managed once before, and return him to Hylian form. After that the crystal loses its glow, turns black, and crumbles.

Din - New dancing clothes! Also, cookies.

Midna - Unfortunately there's the one person she doesn't know WHAT to get anything for, so Midna gets an appropriately-sized coat and scarf. And the rest of the cookies, which happens to be plenty.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/143 Posted Author
Farmer Gifts! Fri Dec 12 Jack McCoy

In the middle of the Union base's ready room, there seems to be a sudden pile of christmas cookies. That doesn't run out. Sure, it might get dangrously low, and even be down to the crumbs. But whenever no one is looking at the pile, for some reason more show up. And out of the corner of glances, every so often a little spritely form in a brightly colored outfit can be seen carrying cookies.

There is a note on the table. It reads simply 'I Am Jack's Nascent Good Will'

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/144 Posted Author
A Blue Christmas? Sat Dec 13 Ivolt

Hey look, Ivolt's stopped hideing in the background long enough to send something!

Every elite in the union gets a belt like the one Ivolt wears (think pouches: lots of pouches) that's there size. Hidden in one of the pouches is a candy cane, a 100 credit gift card good just about anywhere in New Washington. And a card that reads. 'Hopeing you find this useful, Happy holidays! - Ivolt'

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/145 Posted Author
Gifts From a Shinigami Sat Dec 13 Soi Fong

Soi Fong may not be very social, but a few people still get gifts from the shinigami captain. All bear the official insignia of the second division of the thirteen protection squads (just think of the kanji for the number two).

Psyber: A pair of new men's winter gloves made out of the finest leather. It offers insulation/waterproof/fireproof/breathable protection, and the water-resistant leather offers a secure grip. Lifetime guaranteed.

Rukia: The best gift of all. A big carton box, with the lid off. Inside is a healthy, living, breathing bunny. As requested, it's male, white, and an adult. There are soft blankets, a water bowl, some toys, and an abundant supply of rabbit food. A small tag is attached, written in clear and legible Chinese: "I hope this is what you had in mind. Merry Christmas, Kuchiki-san."

Kyton: A metallic silver and chain necklace bearing the symbol of Heaven or Hell (an angel and devil wing folded over a sword).

Suigintou: An authentic mini-Japanese tea set made just for her size.

To Kurosaki Ichigo: An honorary second division badge.

The rest of Heaven or Hell also receive honorary second division badges.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/146 Posted Author
Presents from a Unicorn? Sun Dec 14 Unico

Everyone in the multiverse will, slowly, over the coming days and week, find themselves the new owner of a flower that… Slightly resembles them, sort of. These flowers exist in record /NOWHERE/, and it's as if they were created completely by magic and nothing else. A clue to such sources might be the cards that come with the potted flora: 'Happy Holidays! from Unico!' and a bunch of sparkly little Unicorn stickers would be all over the envelope.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/147 Posted Author
Draconic Gratitude Sun Dec 14 Onyxia

The Confederate Elites who were directly involved in capturing Ragnaros would each receive a black dragon whelp. Each one has a scroll secured between its wings; each scroll says, 'The Black Dragonflight remembers its debts. See that you do not forget.' The whelps are more or less useless in combat.

Logan Trieste would receive, instead of a whelp, a Black Dragonkin, pledged to act as a bodyguard. *Only* as a bodyguard - it won't fight his battles for him, but it will protect him off the field.

Dr. Doom would receive the bodyguard services of an Onyxia Warder, under similar conditions to Logan's dragonkin, with an additional note: 'The Black Dragonflight remains indebted to the Confederacy for removing the Firelord of the Molten Core, Ragnaros, from Azeroth.'

Other Confederate Elites not covered above would receive dragonhide backpacks with an impressively large carrying capacity. One might wonder if there's some form of pocketspace involved, as the packs themselves remain fairly compact even when stuffed fuller than they should be able to hold.

As for the Union? New Washington would receive a shipment of several dozen highly traumatized sheep, delivered to just inside the city's detection perimeter and just outside maximum firing range of their defenses. One of the sheep has a scroll stuck in its wool: 'The Black Dragonflight remains appreciative that you have allowed Ragnaros, the Firelord of Molten Core, to remain imprisoned. As such, my children shall spare Union territory from their ravages so long as other lands can support our needs.'

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/148 Posted Author
A Konoha Christmas Sun Dec 14 Hinata

The following gifts bear the symbol of the Hyuga Clan.

Yuffie: A pair of gorgeous, white snowboarding boots. Very stylish, comfortable, and perfect for mountain travel.

Sakura: A long winter coat, with dual snap button and zipper main closure side pockets and large collar; made out of a hundred percent polyester. Also, it's pink.

Ayae: A small, durable umbrella, strong enough to endure strong winds and storms. The surface is patterned with the symbol of both Konoha and Amekagure (Hidden Village of the Rain), and it's combat-sized for travel convenience.

Naruto: A PSP handheld game console.

Hyuga Ibiki: A teddy bear.

Mirabelle: A small golden blazer jacket made from a hundred percent cotton.

Millia Rage: A blue scarf. Crafted with super soft merino wool, the scarf will warp ensure super soft warmth all winter long.

All other Union elites receive a warm holiday Christmas card bearing the same clan symbol, wishing everyone good spirits.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/149 Posted Author
Gifts from the Biju-girl! Sun Dec 14 Ayae

First of all, this morning Konoha would have woken up to a cold front and a foot of snow. All boxed gifts come in shimmery white and blue striped boxes

Sakura would find a medical belt pouch with beads of laquered wood in the shape of a sakura blossom fixed to it. Inside the pouch there is a bottle of home-made perfume in a bright red bottle. It's a spicy scent made from local flowers in Konoha.

Hinata would receive a box of home-made sweets: chocolate-covered cherries and nuts, hand-dipped bon-bons and eclairs. She also recieves a bottle of perfume in an almost-clear white bottle. It's a very soft, feminine scent reminicent of irises and rain.

Naruto receives no perfume. He does recieve a pair of gloves and a knit hat (bright orange), along with a stuffed dog wearing Ayae's old headguard )which is cracked and scratched). The dog appears to be hand-sewn, and has five tails.

Yuffie, by virtue of being in the same group, also receives a bottle of perfume. It's a very dominant, powerful scent and should be used in very, very small quantities. She also recieves a giant-sized shuriken painted with symbols for the four directions in very carefully copied Wutai script.

Wherever they are, Zabuza recieves a pot of sword polish and a scroll with the Kanji for 'Power' painted on to it, followed by various symbols with meaning to the Mist. Haku recieves a scroll with hand-painted flowers, with rain and mist in the background. Symbolic, much? He also recieves new hair-ties and a pretty comb.

Everyone else in the Union recieves a "bento box" with 'candy food' in it. The 'rice' is candied coconut, shrimp is white chocolate with a little food coloring, so on.

Happy Holidays!

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/150 Posted Author
It's that time of year again! Sun Dec 14 Kiden

Kiden sends out $50 gift cheques to every elite in the Union, in a nifty card with Kiden wrestling witha n uncooperative Sandslash over a santa hat. Ironically, inside the card says 'Peace in the Multiverse'. There is a strawberry-flavored candycane attached.

Ash recieves a Viridian City Gym *OFFICIAL* hat.

Kiku recieves a necklace; it's a heart scale on a silver chain with 'Ai' inscribed on it, along with a great big box of fine German chocolates. She also receives a sandshrew plushie; it's made out of sparkly yellow fabric and plays (for some reason) various Anime themes when squeezed.

Kiden-Marie gets a rock. She's pretty excited about it.

Gold gets a certificate to Pool Cues & Cushions, good for four cuesticks and a new rack. To store them on.

Alexis gets a certificate to a Sporting Goods store - it's apparently run by some guy named Casey, and specializes in weapons-grade sporting goods. Nova gets a helmet.

Raven DeVanos receives a box of chocolates, a black hooded sweatshirt with the Viridian City Gym logo on the back. Sephiroth recieves a gag gift — it's a spray-bottle full of water with a little blue food coloring and a label that says 'Anti-Fangirl Seph Spray'.

Gary recieves a four-foot tall imitation Ming vase in blue; it's full of Lindt chocolates.

Fiera receives a four-foot tall Vulpix squishy plush, with a note thanking her for her efforts in Viridian.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/151 Posted Author
Time of the Year II Sun Dec 14 Kiden-Marie

Kiden-Marie's gifts go out wrapped in pink, sparkly paper with purple polkadots on it. Union elites get a gift card to the Lillycove Department Store in Lillycove, Hoenn.

Ash recieves a yellow picture frame, one corner has a Pikachu, the other has a sandshrew. The picture is them on Easter Island, Kim's giving Ash bunny-ears.

Big-Kiden gets a rock.

Gary gets a rock. It has a trillobite on it.

Trevor gets a box of Devil Dogs.

Sanger receives sword made from fine Elvish steel. It apparently glows when Orcs are near.

Mai receives a big box of chocolates and an invitation to stop by the labs.

Excellen also gets a box of chocolates, except these are white chocolates that have been colored pink.

Optimus Prime gets a special gift: apparently Kim delved deep into Cybertronian history and pulled up different legends. The result is framed bit of networking that's been carefully retooled to represent a list of great quotes from Cybertronian history. Not bad for a human.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/152 Posted Author
From a Doll in Red (1/2) Mon Dec 15 Shinku

So the first year for Shinku to celebrate Christmas has finally arrived. In the past she'd been too preoccupied with other matters, yet even the prim and proper fifth doll could not resist joining in the gift giving, especially after receiving such wonderful presents from her fellow members of the Union and those close to her. This meant that she had no choice but to reciprocate, to do otherwise would be most impolite.

~First and foremost, her beloved medium Winry Rockbell receives a single gift wrapped box~
The box is wrapped in red foil wrapping with rose etchings all about, and a pink rosebud tied in with a green ribbon. Inside laying in a bed of rose petals would be a masterfully crafted and highly polished steel wrench , on either side running up the handles are colored engravings of rose vines with tiny red roses at irregular intervals, on either side the rose closest to the head will have a tiny ruby inlaid in its center.

Next on her gift list was her sisters, each would receive their gift via Hollie delivery~

~Suisekseiki would receive a tea cup and saucer, the cup is doll sized of course. Its done in a non-traditional style and resembles an ornate white porcelain watering can with a short spigot that's purely ornamental of course, hand painted flowers and vines decorate the cup itself flowing back to the cup handle which is decorated in a spiral of green vines as well. The saucer portrays a small spring garden about it. This also comes with a small satchel of herbal tea and a note attached, "We do not often get to meet as our new lives here seem to cross paths so rarely. However it is my hope that we may sit down for tea and sweets together sometime soon."

~Souseiseki would receive two boxes delivered by Hollie, the first a small box, inside it she would find a perfume with a very familiar name upon it's ornate fruit shaped designer bottle… was this some kind of joke? The second box would be somewhat bigger and contains a set of ten scissors, some looking more like classic shears such as her own, others like modern day models. While quite sharp for trimming, one would note their blades are sharpened on both inside and out, and are specifically weighted for throwing. A small note is also attached, "I can only imagine the look upon your face, however my surprise and curiosity were probably just as great when I saw this perfume, as for the scissors… I've noticed you lack in range when out in the field. You only have one hat, so here is a set of throwing shears. I hope they will help keep you safe out there."

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/153 Posted Author
From a Doll in Red (2/2) Mon Dec 15 Shinku

~Hina Ichigo gets gift wrapped parcel containing a new box of crayons, the really big one with all the extra colors and a child safe crayon sharpener in them. She also gets a pink stocking with an embroidered strawberry on it, inside it's filled with various assortments of candy.

~Kanaria's gift would contain an official KunKun magnifying glass and detective hat along with dvd of several episodes. Also in the package would be a small box of delicious gingerbread cookies, thankfully not made by Shinku.

~And last but not least would be Suigintou. Hollie doesn't deliver this one… it actually delivers itself. From out of the N-field a KunKun doll with a tiny red bow tied about it's neck would appear seeming to fly about on his own. Seeking out Suigintou it would land in front of her and immediately go limp, a single stray rose petal ejecting itself from the dolls' body. Its not just any old store bought KunKun doll however, its was Shinku's own original doll from the last era of the Alice game. A small note written in ornate classic German reads, "Merry Christmas Suigintou, it would seem that in this era it is I who am humbled, though by your wisdom and not of confrontation. I am quite looking forward to having tea with you again."

Yet there were even more gifts to be given~

~Psyber gets a set of two small derringer holdout pistols with an engraved rose on the barrel, enameled in red with green stems. He also gets two boxes of gingerbread cookies.

~Ry Wayas gets a gothy looking green and black lace choker with a single red silk rosebud to highlight it, and a box of gingerbread cookies just like Kanaria had received.

~Misha gets a cashmere shawl with a red rose emblem embroidered upon it.

~Aragan receives a box of gingerbread cookies and a red stocking full of candy and chocolates, with a note attached, "Merry Christmas Aragan, you served me well in the times we worked together. I hope that we may meet again soon, hopefully in less dire circumstances."

~Codon Alicia would receive a bonnet like headdress similar to Shinku's own yet fitted for her size with a note attached, "Thank you for your unique gift, and I ask that you attempt to make all necessary efforts to join myself and my sisters for tea in the near future. I look forward to your visit."

~Lieselotte's gift would also be delivered by Hollie via N-Field, if only so it that it might reach her in a timely manner and unmolested by Confederate security. A box of gingerbread cookies, a jar of artisan jasmine honey, and a selection of fine teas that Shinku herself approves of.

The remaining members of Heaven or Hell, as well as Snake, Amelia, Subaru, and Armstrong all receive a box of gingerbread and a satchel of fine tea packaged in gift box filled with rose petals.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/154 Posted Author
A Very Maddening Christmas Tue Dec 16 Morg McGee

The gifts given by the infamous "Mad" Morg McGee, Union Elite and occasional threat to all existence, are less fun and more useful than most and almost always strange and sarcastic in nature. This year seems to be no different. He has sent out a few generalized presents, and does not discriminate by faction.

  • All pilots of mechs and mecha, transformable or otherwise, receive a pamphlet detailing the merits of a conventional ground or air vehicle of closest technical specs to their mech.
  • All exceptional scientists, inventors and mechanics receive a tiny vial labeled 'Liquid Genius - Apply To Forehead or Equivalent' that appears faintly luminescent. It contains what appears to be a liquid that is chemically identical to lab-created human sweat, with nothing else. Mystical checks will detect strong divine magic on it, though of a harmless variety. If it is actually used, it will grant supernatural inspiration and working speed for twenty-four hours, after which an eccentricity will be present for another twenty-four hours. There is only enough for one dose.
  • All Elites who primarily wield primitive melee weapons or go unarmed receive a coupon for a 75% discount on an equivalent firearm (or a high-tech version of the same weapon class, if they're stubborn).

More personal things:

  • Staren receives a slip of paper in a plain envelope and tucked into a generic card, and nothing else: 'Many people have one chance. You have a second. Do not do anything to need it.'
  • Raven DeVanos receives a color photograph of a metal bowl with a small cross on it sitting on a square display pedestal in a dark basement. The bowl contains clear water that appears to be glowing white, and has a single G-Ray battery in it labeled 'FLUFFY' in crude red lettering.
  • Dr. Doom will receive his immediately. It is the same slip he sent out to be signed for surrender, with Morg's first and last name filled in, and a blank line drawn in where a middle would be, and for the number. There's a little note written in: 'I'll fill out the rest when you take out all the villains and stop making the Union look so good.'
  • Richard Stadler receives a vial of liquid with a biological hazard symbol on it. It is labeled 'THE ANTIDOTE' without any indication of which antidote it really is. Upon seeing it, Stadler will have a vague feeling that he'll know when he needs it.
  • Yunomi gets a pony. It is not rocket propelled.
  • Solid Snake gets a piece of paper renewing Morg's allied status. He was suspiciously overdue.
  • Maya is sent a single, very old playing card: the Seven of Diamonds. It's a minor relic from his world, and though it has some odd power over fate, it's left up to her to figure out what it is.
  • Madame Machina gets an autographed blueprint of some kind of steam-driven hand-held portable food containment unit.
  • The Custodians all get free ice cream, but only if they claim it in person with proof of their status.
  • Psyber gets a pony. It /is/ rocket propelled. It is also a robot, and fits in The Bathtub. It may or may not be possessed.
  • Yugi gets a deck of plain ol' playing cards. They have the outline of his head, complete with odd hair, on the backs.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/155 Posted Author
A Different Set of Rockin' Gifts Thu Dec 18 Toph

The following gifts all bear the signet (a flying boar) of the Bei Fong family. The sender may have had help with the shopping.

Aang: An authentic Earth Kingdom scroll detailing the use of metalbending.

Zuko: A golden frame. He won't recognize the scene, as it was taken long after he got pulled into the Multiverse, but it's still a special memory. The portrait features the entire Avatar team (Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki) in one big group hug. Zuko is in the front.

Azula: A box of plain old rocks. That's it. Just rocks. Confederate scanners will pick up nothing suspicious.

Atria: A box of Earth Kingdom sweets, wrapped in shiny green gift paper.

Integra Hellsing: A bracelet, made from the earth and very well-handcrafted. It's solid enough that even if it gets dropped, it will never shatter or break. A tiny boar is engraved on the surface.

Kale: A reference book dealing with earthbending in Toph's world. Because he is also blind, it's in an alternate form that he can somehow translate.

Freya, Risa, Shir, and Suika Ibuki: For lack of a better idea, they each get a colorful postcard book from the Earth Kingdom.

Frost: A mini-action figure of Toph in her standard battle stance. Totally looks like the real thing.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/156 Posted Author
JUSTICE! LOVE! GIFTS! Fri Dec 19 Tohsaka Rin

Gifts arrive at several Elites' houses and/or quarters, identified only by a tag with a pair of cat ears and a ruby between them.

Saber gets her Lily costume, with the mention: "You too should fight for love and justice eternal!"

Amelia gets her own replica Kaleidostick. Sadly all it's good for is shouting typical narrator lines whenever Amelia does something remotely related to justice.

Yuna gets a real ruby (thumb-sized) and a pair of catgirl ears. The ruby is a one-time mana bomb if she tosses it.

Shirou gets a matching outfit to Kaleido Ruby's, except it's obviously for guys and not gals. It is obviously red. A note is attached: "You will need this to make your appearance in a future episode! Please wear a mask and be mysterious, too!"

Archer suspiciously gets the latest model of handheld camera available in Fuyuki City along with a note: "Only someone with hawk eyes can truly catch the beauty of my heroism!"

Every other "magical girls" in the Union get the same challenge card they received a week or two ago, which is identified with the ruby and cat ears emblem and the words: "There can only be one protector of justice! We shall meet and be rivals, for it is fate! -Kaleido Ruby & Magical Ruby"

Justice only gets a note: "<3<3<3 your name. -Kaleido Ruby"

Gilgamesh gets an apparently gold-plated coffee mug with "#2 King" written on it. It's still an awesome cup, though.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/157 Posted Author
Limited Gift Works! Fri Dec 19 Shirou

First anyone on this list, anyone who's befriended Shirou, or anyone that's done any sort of direct interaction with him (such as speaking over the Holy Grail Wars) gets a nice box of home made chocolates. This also specifically goes to the members of Heaven or Hell and Mobile Section Six, rather he's met you or not.

Specific people who've helped Shirou /specifically/ in some way, such as Ailiar or Teana, recieve a good quality blue cloth wrapped bento box that has a simple blue and white striped print on it. Inside the box is seperately packaged tea leaves Shirou uses, a nice set of blue non-disposable chop sticks, a Japanese soup spoon with the kanji symbol for good health on it, and a small, sealed bowl with varried packets of higher quality rice seasonings inside. The top of the box has a thank you card taped to it that thanks for the help and appologises if the gift is not very good, as he wasn't sure what sort of things they liked.

Saber gets a mug that's almost JUST like the one Taiga uses, only it has a lion on it instead of a tiger. Holding the mug is a LARGE lion plushie. It's one that's the size where most small children could easily sit in it's lap. In the mug there's also a nice, genuine golden chained necklace with a pendant made of gold and different colored gems and fashioned to look like a minature Avalon. There's a small bag of different items for Saber to put her hair up in besides the usual blue ribbon, but everything is still in blue as it seems to be her color. She also got Shirou for Christmas!

Since Shirou assumes Tohsaka isn't into cute things, and she seems far girlier than Saber, she gets a nice genuine golden chained necklace as well, but her's has a spherical (also genuine) ruby on it and comes with a matching ring and earrings (also with every bit about them being genuine). These come in a box that's in a small basket with a small collection of gems Tohsaka can use for mana storage. She too gets Shirou for Christmas.

Archer gets a red hat because of the winter weather. It's made in a style that actually matches Archer's uniform, rather than being one of those silly looking pom pom winter hats

All the other expected cast of F/SN who are not currently played get a gift that will either be left unrevealed, or written up upon them being taken up by a player.

Since Shirou doesn't know who Kaleido Ruby is or how to meet her, or anything, a message is posted somewhere public, addressed to her. It thanks her for the gift but asks what she means by episode…

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/158 Posted Author
Stalker Gifts! (1/2) Fri Dec 19 Talynn Black

Ry Wayas - To Be Given Exclusively In Person. (Duh, guys.)

Lance - The dragon isn't forgotten either! But for a nesting dragon to keep warmth, what /is/ given is an assortment of treasures, big and small, including a 'gem', which is in fact beautifully crafted solid energy that resembles a multi-faceted gem crafted from Talynn's own energy stores, that retains and heats /very/ well. Like a portable fireplace, really. Except scaled for a dragon's desire for heat.

Raven DeVanos - A surprisingly classy 'costume', fit for a superhero world like the one Talynn comes from, but with more tactical utility than anything else. There is a lot of leather here, perfectly sized to not be too constrictive, durable to not tear under all but the most EXTREME conditions (even Sephiroth), contains utility slots on the belts, loose tube-skirt, thigh-high boots, and a nice concealing jacket too. Parts of it are black, but the other tone is actually a deep, 'raven'-like blue. A note is attached: "You should know better that if I'm going to get you clothes I'm not going to be totally cruel about it."

Sephiroth - A 'holdout' blade. Just for those occasions where Masamune is just too damn big or not enough.. it's a simple belt-attachment that looks like something is stored in it. Which indeed: a handle part that then extends into a energy blade. Sephiroth's careful eye would deduce that the diamond-sharp and situationally heated energy blade resembles Talynn's energy. For obvious reasons.

Merin - A certain suit.. white, fluffy, and bunny suit.. that may remind her of when she was kid-sized. However, if actually put on, the outfit falls away into a more 'playboy bunny' style of bunny suit. Oh dear. But it is Merin-sized. There's also with it a very very fine vintage of red wine delivered too.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/159 Posted Author
Stalker Gifts! (2/2) Fri Dec 19 Talynn Black

Niv-Mizzet - One part is a gag gift: 'Maidens of the Season 2008'. As one could surmise, it's a listing (with illustrations) of appealing medieval and modern women that are 'fascinated' with dragons. Even as gag gifts go, it'd still be good to keep it out of view of the kits. Or anyone he's currently romantically involved with. However, the other gift, the 'proper' one, as it is, is what appears to be the broken, inert remains of a very dangerous magical artifact that could've been used against Niv-Mizzet. To say that control and dominion were facets of the artifact become obvious after just looking at it is understating it. There's a note: "Consider this the first part of the fact that my permanent 'gift' here is to always look out for you, Big Red."

Thianel - It is a present instructed to be opened in private, but when opened, it's an life-like production of Isperia. It is actually quite small, akin to a portrait of her. It is made purely of the same energy Talynn uses, but that itself is hard to detect: Talynn went to such detail with it, replicating through her own memory what she saw of Isperia, that it's hard to tell that it isn't her at times, with wise looks and austere air about her. Perhaps it's more a piece of Talynn's memory than simply a model..

The Kits! - All three get giftings as follows..

Rhapsody - A rather vast, if somewhat miniaturized collection of music from Talynn's world; think a terabyte sized MP3 player, and a technomagic interfaced crystal to get more info about any songs they like, including sheet music.
Rynxiel - Interestingly enough, something that's been an advent in Talynn's world, at first it's a single little device that when pressed, however? Unveils and forms what amounts to a portable invention table. Synthesizable components, and of course access to needed computers and infobanks at the leisure of it. 'Never know when inspiration will strike!'
Sidonia - The gift twofold: one is a schedule list of times that Sidonia, interestingly, will have free time, somehow. The other part, are pictures wherein Sidonia thought she was completely undetectable or had breached security without fail, along with little bits of info about what went wrong. In essence, education and guidance shall be the gift.

Psyber - The gift comes with a note at first: 'So really, what /do/ you get the guy who has damn near everything. Particularly since some of it's also held in a spiffy-looking fedora?' Inside is a very official looking document, as a matter of fact: one free job that can encapsulate quite a bit. So it seems if a certain someone needs either backup, a particularly nasty demon killed, or anything of the like for himself or anyone else, the papers fully document that. With another notes: 'Backup.'

Drakesun - A special 'gift'. But it's more privately inclined than anything. Har.

All other 'friendly' Elites Talynn knows get a 250-credit giftcard to any store they prefer.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/160 Posted Author
Boku's Gifts Sat Dec 20 Souseiseki

Thanks to saving a ton of her paychecks for Union missions, Souseiseki has sent out a lot more gifts this year than the last.

Because her beloved medium deserves the best, Millia Rage is first on the list. She receives a high-premium bath kit which contains a variety of high-quality hair products made from the best stuff on earth (the ingredients are organic and all-natural). The kit also includes a body brush, complexion pad, natural sponge, hair brush, and comb.

Suigintou: A soft and very comfortable doll-sized feather chair. European-style.

Suiseiseki: A personalized candy jar, engraved engraved with an adorable Hugs & Kisses design, and personalized with the title 'Jade Stern', and a one-line sentiment in elegant, legible German - "We will always be together. ~ Lapislazuli Stern." The jar is already filled with irresistible, mouth-watering chocolate Hershey's Kisses. When empty, it will always re-fill itself with whatever other candy she desires.

Kanaria: A five-hundred-dollar gift card to any local music store.

Hina Ichigo: An strawberry unyuu-shaped pillow that's just the right size for her.

Shinku: A high-quality premium tea basket. The Queen herself would be envious of the extensive collection of tea brands. Inside is a generous assortment, including breakfast, ice tea, peach, orange, chamomile, and Earl Grey.

Yulia: A personalized card wishing her a Happy Holidays in elegant German. Open the flap and it will reveal a stunning garden. It actually sparkles, almost like the real thing.

Marie-Annette & Lash, Aerith, Jack McCoy: Spices grown and harvested by Souseiseki, and placed into pottery jars made by Millia.

Tiphereth: A diamond peace necklace, made out of 14-karat gold, link chain. Authentic peace sign detail.

Lieselotte: A German-style tea set. Includes cups, a teapot, and a small basket of the best German tea brands.

Psyber: A new winter scarf, with the Heaven or Hell symbol woven on one end.

Winry Rockbell: A bouquet of roses. Freshly-cut. They've been enchanted in such a way that no matter how much time passes, they will never wilt, and will always continue to bloom.

Ry Wayas: A soundtrack collection with the best of classical European music.

The rest of the Family: A basket filled with an assortment of the healthiest fruits ever, delivered to each member. Looks like it was all grown and harvested from the sakura garden within Iianor's painting.

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