Christmas Board '08 Part 1

This is an unedited log of all the stuff that was on the Christmas Gift Board during 2008:
Logfile from Multiverse Crisis MUSH.

Continued in christmas-board-08-part-2

Logfile from Multiverse Crisis MUSH.

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Message: 41/1 Posted Author
Purpose of this Board Thu Dec 04 Lain

This is a temporary board for posting Christmas gift lists to. Use this for all IC Christmas gift related topics.

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Amazingly no crowbars. Thu Dec 04 Gordon Freeman

Gordon, for lack of better ideas to give out as gifts, opts to not send everyone in the Union crowbars this year. Instead he sends cards to all members of the union, complete with the Black Mesa and Lambda symbols.

'Happy Holidays'.

Some people though get a little something extra.

-Psyber gets his very own Tau Cannon, (Black Mesa is not to be held responsible for any subsequent green glow after use.)

-Suigintou recieves a gift certificate for a free dress at a local New Washington Doll shop.

-Winry gets a set of— Wrenches to add to her collection, believe it or not.

Attached to each card is apparently an image of Gordon at a New Washington mall, with a few kids on his lap, shooting the camera a thumbsup. Just because he's quiet doesn't mean the man can't get into the festive spirit!


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Holiday Spirit? Thu Dec 04 Sparkplug

Sparkplug has actually sent gifts to people this year for Christmas! To the surprise of many, it doesn't even involve horrible, evil experimentation, or explosives sent in the mail! It's actual, honest to goodness gifts! Guess the little rat isn't ALL bad.

First, to Ash Ketchum: Sparkplug sends a Christmas card, and a small miniature version of MEWKUS, which seems to be far more cute and cuddly than the original MEWKUS. The card reads: 'This one didn't work right… too prone to snuggling rather than attacking. Thought you could use the stupid thing more than me. Just be happy you got anything.'

A second card goes to Ash, along with a cookie, wrapped in a napkin with a smiley face made by chocolate chips. The writing on the card is almost illegible and written in crayon: 'Hapy Holly daze Meestr Ash. Luv Shokit!

To Jason Talben: A card and a Chansey-bot meant for Healing and picking up around the house. The card only reads: Stay out of my Lab.

Fiona gets a card and a 34mm Minigun with a laser sight and Thermal imaging camera. The card simply says: Thanks for the help, happy holidays.

The rest of the confederacy only gets a card, and perhaps a gift of cookies made by Shocket. Nobody else in the Union gets anything.

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To all the multiverse… Thu Dec 04 The Guy

Many Elites within the multiverse seem to recieve, within a wrapped box, a very delicious looking fruit. It seems to be a giant cherry, about the size of a human head, which randomly FLIES in the direction of the person opening the box once it's unwrapped.

Any scans of these Delicious Fruits would find them to be HIGHLY poisonous, toxic, and all around unpleasant for actual consumption. Included with the Delicious Fruits is a simple card with the image of a full moon upon it.

Thankfully, most mail screening services, and Union and Confederate mail screens catch most of these.

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Christmas Gifts Thu Dec 04 Kiku

A series of gifts have been sent out, to both the Union and Confederacy, labeled as from Kiku Tokugawa.

Solid Snake - A two hundred dollar gift card for the Men's Wearhouse.

Dr. Doom - A tricked out, golden faceplate, with various diamonds and jewels on it. All mostly synthetic, and overal cheap. But, a note is attached, reading with the following line: 'Bling bling'

Ash /and/ Red - A pair of expensive, fancy, rollerblades. Cost a lot, fairly resistant, and they're made to work over natural terrain, too. A note with it says: 'If you get lost, these should at least help you get to where you need to go faster.' Of note, Ash also recieves 3 Magikarp, and 3 Feebas, in Pokeballs. They're noted as being 'From Ulysses'.

Gary - A pimpin' blue hat.

Alexis - A few outfits. A couple pairs of GUESS brand pants, both of which are jeans. One black skirt. And three tops, all pink. A note says: 'It's always great to expand your wardrobe!'

Dawn - A can of mace. And a mace, as in the actual weapon. A note attached: 'In case the boy you're rumored to be with gets out of hand'. Also, a Pokeball with a Pokemon in it: A male slowpoke.

Duplica - A gift card for a costume store, worth 25 dollars.

Fiera - An awesome Bidoof.

Kiden - A Luvdisc, and a 50 dollar gift card for a fancy resteraunt

Kiden-Marie -A fairly stylish fedora, and a whip with it.

Lance - A custom made action figure of himself, complete with judo-chop action, for some reason. Comes with a Dragonite action figure.

Maddy - Raichu-sized strait jackets. Two of them.

Nova Kendalae - A collar.

Trevor - A togepi.

Adam - A tentacool.

Richie and Kaede - A bottle labeled 'THE ANTIDOTE'. No other explanation.

Jessie and James - A bottle labeled 'THE POISON'. No other explanation.

Raven Devanos - A togepi.

Sephiroth - Fifty dollar gift card for Hot Topic.

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Just a small list Thu Dec 04 Misaki Mihama

A few people end up recieveing what appears to be a card with a scenic view of a waterfall with winged dots of what could only be described as bird-like people. The card, however, is in a small plastic pouch attached to a box, Inside the box is…

To Yugi: an authentic Dark Magician staff… but no instructions on its use.
To Freya: your box arrives by a large cargo vessel, inside is a gigantic necklace made of anklyosaur rib bones with small sized runes all over. Further examination reveals the runes to promote health and safety. The necklace seems large enough for Freya to wear, but also rigid enough to be used as a wall decoration to protect the home.
Risa and Shir: Both of you get a bangle made of laquered bone, on the bangle are runes to promote health.
To Goggles: Amazingly, you get the most technological gift. A series of hydrospanners and a watch sized computer that runs linux.
To Ocelot: You get your money back for the trinkets you got.. plus a nice matching set of amber cufflinks with a bolo-tie.
Jaqueline: a ring with a strange stone set in it. Experimentation shows the stone changes color based on how dangerous things may be based on whatever action you are thinking about undertaking.
To Proto Man: a quiver of twenty laquered bone arrows, and a strange looking intrument that plays like a flute.
Finally to Raven De Vanos: You get a letter explaining that it isnt fair that you are so giving so much of yourself and asking so little from your opponants. Inside the box is a pair of custom crafted dragon hide gloves, with the long dragon claws on them just like I used from our match. There is even a matching nick on the left glove that makes it look like a sword tried slashing at the wrist.

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Lute's Gifts! Thu Dec 04 Lute

Every single female Auric Elite, that is actually confirmed to be an Elite, recieves a gift from Lute. Or more of, a letter… A sort of coupon is inside each one of them, that reads as follows:

Good For: One Free Date With Lute

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Ash's Gifts Thu Dec 04 Ash

Every single Union female Elite is given a certificate that certifies them for one free dart board made of the coupon Lute gave them, courtesy of Ash.

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Richie's Gift Thu Dec 04 Richie

To The Pokemon Islands: Setting the Viridian Forest mass-grave on fire, resulting in a much-lasting scent of burning, rotted human flesh in the general vicinity for weeks to come.

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Mylord's Gift Thu Dec 04 Mylord

Mylord promises on Christmas Day, he will not eat anyone's sheep. Even if he has tough, gamy Prinny meat between his teeth.

Except for Hogwarts'. He's eating ALL their sheep. They were naughty

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Kaera's Gift Thu Dec 04 Kaera

Kaera sends everyone a card. It reads 'Good for one(1) non-combat creation.' It can't create much, because just about anything can be used as a weapon /some way/. However, it does create a nice apple pie when someone /does/ try to create something. It's not poisoned or anything. Though it's also kinda generic.

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Iria's Gifts Thu Dec 04 Iria

All Union elites shall find universal gift 'credit cards' worth 2000 Union Credits in their mailboxes. How did Iria afford it? Well, being a bounty hunter all these years really does pay off.

In addition, a Christmas card with each elite's name will be included, hand-signed by Iria. How did she do it? Let's just say with the magic of computers, anything is possible.

To the members of Prometheus, each member gets a special Iria plushie as well.

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Gold's gift Thu Dec 04 Gold

All Union elites get a five pound box of satsuma tangerines.

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Peter's Gift Thu Dec 04 Peter Parker

Every Union Elite gets a really nice calender for the coming year in the mail, every picture in there are various locations from around the multiverse that represent in some way the month and season in which it was placed. Each photo has a watermark in the corner that says who the photographer was. Which would be Peter Parker.

The photo's are /really/ good. The guy must be a pretty good photographer.

What a really nice gift.

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Becky's Gifts Thu Dec 04 Rebecca Chambers

Every Union Elite will find a special "Rebecca Chambers Health and Wellness" package including:
-One (1) Book on how to make tasty treats using Green, Red, and Blue Herbs
-One (1) Water Bottle with a built-in filterer and cooler, complete with the insignia of STARS on it.
-One (1) custom DVD made by Rebecca herself, showing off some of her favorite personal workout routines, including cardiovascular, strength training, and even a few of her own custom yoga routines.
-One (1) Greeting Card wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday, signed by Rebecca herself.

All delivered to them.

As a bonus to all members of Team X-Ray:
One (1) Badge designating them as honorary members of S.T.A.R.S.

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Goggles's Gifts Fri Dec 05 Goggles

The following people either have gifts waiting for them, or have gifts on the way via courier.

Winry: One Gundanium wrench coated in mandilorian Iron. Approximate size. Four foot long, open faced.

Shir: A pair of silver inlaid throwing knives as well as an energy pistol along with vouchers good at one of several firing ranges in the New Washington area.

Miles (waiting for him at knothole): A bottle of Whiskey, a deck of cards, several packs of cigerettes, and a crate of shotgun ammo (along with a shotgun).

Misaki: Several Duel Monster expander decks, as well as several large crates woth of fabrics, spices, medical supplies, and other miscilaniar goods 'for the harpies'.

Jason Talban: a six hundred year old katana and matching wakasashi, both with dark green and black patterning

Freya: a chain-mail shirt, skirt, and helmet along wit ha note explaining that the enchantment he had paid to get put on them SHOULD allow for them to change size along with her. Oh and she got a fruit basket.

Everyone in the Union not mentioned gets a bag of large red apples.

Taro: a music box and a woodcut depicting two samurai in mid-combat.

A wide scattering of 'fed elites recieve boxes of chocolates, with a random selection that, when opened, produce a random catchy-yet-annoying jingle, earsplitting shrieks, or 'i wub j00'

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HK-47's Gifts Fri Dec 05 Brinn Starlighter

*HK-47 appears on the screen*

Statement: I am not one that knows much about meatbag holidays. This unit, in his superior droid construction, is not versed in such things. However, this superior droid unit feels the need to give out gifts."

To Master: I have upgraded the Ebon Hawk's shields to match that of Meatbag Generals version.

To Meatbag Magi: Cynn's existance will be terminated within the next 24 hours. This unit appreciates the rocket launcher, Meatbag. For a meatbag, you aren't so bad.

To the Confederacy: You have been free of my methods thus far, meatbags. Be thankful you still are.

To the Union: Meatbags, I will not terminate your existance. While this is because of my masters orders means little. I still will not. Merry Holiday, Meatbags.

To Goggles: Meatbag, you have impressed me. Here is a technical readout of HK units. Have fun. But do not attempt to touch me, Meatbag. It would pain me to terminate your life.

To Meatbag General: You have impressed me. Therefore I will give you an advanced ship power core we found in our journeys. Master has no need of it, but I am told your ship is in need of parts. Consider this my gift to you, Meatbag General.

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Aerith's Gifts Fri Dec 05 Aerith


Everyone gets a flower boquet made of dyed flowers of their favorite colors, and the height on it correspons to the height of the Union ally/member in question. (IE: Aerith's flowers are pink and the boquet is about 5'6 tall)


Lute: Acceptance of the Date

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Porky's Gift Fri Dec 05 Porky

Everyone in the Union and the Confederacy recieve a package from Porky Minch! But… Inside, is no normal present. Instead, there is a note with the following text:

'A reminder to all! Send a Christmas Gift to everyone's favourite youthful hearted Porky Minch!'

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Gifts from Psyber! Fri Dec 05 Psyber

It's Christmas time in the Union and Psyber's gone shopping for gifts. Pretty much everyone in the Union gets a coupon for one free extermination job from Heaven or Hell, but a handful of people get other gifts.

Ry Wayas gets a packet of papers! However, they are not just any papers. They would seem to be airspace permissions for her to fly the airship in the skies above Boston-666.

Etna gets a brand new and shiny spear and axe set!

Saber gets a stuffed lion plushie and a packet of gift certificates to local restaurants around Boston.

Yuki gets a gift card to bookstores.

Yuffie gets a black feather!

Kyton gets… her gold guitar back.

Misha gets a silver locket with a picture of her and Psyber inside taken on some outing or another.

Shinku gets… a sword! (

Subaru gets a karate gi.

Suiseiseki gets some new gardening tools.

Suigintou gets… the greatest gift of all! She gets a very tiny, doll-sized fully functional car. It can go at street-legal speeds, and even has seatbelts. It's just… designed for a doll her height.

Merry Christmas to All!

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Christmas Gifts Fri Dec 05 Raven DeVanos

Lute - Female Wobuffet
Integra - 50th Anniversary DVD of Rocky Horror, and a roll of Scott toilet paper.
Snake -
Sisko - Pommade Hair Oil (Dapper Dan) with a hair brush and a comb.
Miles - Pickled beets, homemmade, and a box of frozen Chili Dogs.
Ry & Talynn - a Musical Holiday Card, and a large frozen Chocobo for Christmas Dinner.
Richie - Chocolate Voo-Doo Dolls.
Merin - A Lava Lamp and a Chocobo Egg (Water Walking Chocobo.)
Yunomi - 10 pounds of Pixie Stix. And a Glow-e Teddy Bear that lights up to all the colors of the rainbow.
Alexis - Giant Vulpix Plushie, female Quilava.
Xiang - A large box of tea in various calming flavors.
Winry - Chocolate in the shape of Wrenches.
Jiang - A pair of plush mice, a hand knitted scarf and hat, and a chocolate Box full of assorted minerals.
Ash - Glow in the Dark Underwear, and a Pikamus Prime action figure.
Doom - A large frozen Chocobo for Christmas Dinner, and a bag of rubies.
Lash and Marie - Matching Kefka Plushies, hand-made.
Morg - Band-aids made to look like Bacon, Bacon-flavored Breath Mints, and a large box full of 'heat and eat' bacon.
Shinji - A cat plushie with a shirt on it: 'Cheer Up E-meow Boy'.
Rhode - A Frozen Chocobo for Christmas Dinner, and a box of canine-safe chocolate-flavored candies.
Seph, Tiph, and Kadaj - All get their presents in private.
Craig - A copy of the book, 'Gilded Wand'. Which has been hollowed out, and has a bunch of chocolate brownies, homemade, hidden in it.

Everyone else in the Union and Confederacy: Christmas Cards with pictures of a certain umbreon, soaked to the bone in hot neon pink paint, covered in glitter, and scowling at the camera on the front (obviously homemade photo type) and on the inside: "Remember, this could always be you. Happy Holidays."

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
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Presents Fri Dec 05 Tiphereth

Tiphereth sent out the following presents to people.

Souseiseki - A doll-sized necklace, a gold seven-pointed star with a lapis lazuli cabochon in the center.

Suiseiseki - A doll-sized necklace, a gold seven-pointed star with a jade cabochon in the center.

Millia Rage - An iPod touch half-full with classical music and a gift card to iTunes.

Gendo (the chocobo) - A nice bucket of fresh Greens

Raven, Seph, and Kadaj - Presents delivered in private

Goggles - A white phalaeonopsis orchid and a note saying 'thanks for being Mother's friend'.

Yuffie - A black feather charm with two connected materia slots, empty.

Aerith - A deep purple lily in a peat pot, perfect for replanting into any flower garden.

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Christmas Gifts~! Fri Dec 05 Caro Ru Lushe

Everyone in the TSAB gets a (not terribly well made) hand-made plushy of themselves. Caro gets herself some bandaids, and other individuals get their own presents!

Subaru: A helmet. With a note 'You could use this!'. It looks kinda cool.
Teana: Extra ribbons for her hair in various colors of the rainbow. Also some various hygene items. And a coupon that reads 'Couldn't think of anything specific for you, so give me this and tell me what you want and I'll see what I can do!'
Erio gets a hand-knitted scarf. With hearts all through it, and stars… and it seems relatively well-made, like Caro put extra effort into it! With a note saying 'Here, now you won't get cold during the winter!'
Vita gets a super-cute bunny plushy with a heart on it's belly. It's a spinoff of care bears. A 'hunny bunny'. It says various things like 'I love you' when hugged.
Signum gets a Hayate plushy. For when Hayate is busy, and she's feeling lonely. Agito gets a decent-sized bag of muffins.
Shamal gets some pink bandages, and a little ribbon pin that she can put on her dress or in her hair or on her hat or something.
Fate receives lots and lots of hugs and a pink hand-made sweater.
Nanoha receives a pair of super-fuzzy socks and a ticket much like Teana's. 'Good for one present! Let me know what you want.. you're hard to shop for. T.T'

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Shir's Gift Fri Dec 05 Shir

Every Union Elite recieves a high quality personalized monogramed silk fan. Attached is a note…

"Here's some free fan service!"
Love, Shir.

Individual personal gifts will be given by Shir herself when she gets around to it.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/25 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Presents from Amuro! Fri Dec 05 Amuro Ray

Every Union Elite finds a package waiting for them, with a 'From Amuro Ray' tag. Upon these packages being opened, elites will be greeted by a Haro, painted their favorite color. If you don't know what a Haro is, ask Amuro or check his wiki entry on the MUSH Wiki. All needed info is there.

Yulia would also find a Haro waiting for her, in her favorite colors as well.

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Christmas Gifts part 2~! Fri Dec 05 Caro Ru Lushe

Arf and Zafira get warm hats that fit them in either form. They're comfortable and match their fur colors.
Hayate receives alot of clothing of various types. Why is not explained.
Ryotaro&Co each receive a stylized coffee cup, with a picture of them (Or, well, how they look possessing Ryotaro) on the side. They also get a bag of nice coffee. Ryotaro's sister gets sent a nice earring with a pretty stone set in it.
Spiritia gets a card that reads 'Sorry I can't give you any special present… I don't know you well enough to get you anything. Please let me know what you like, and I'll get you something!'
Amuro and Chan are sent little plushy versions of their mecha, and beanbag haros.

Everyone else in the Union receives a button with a picture of Caro smiling brightly and waving on it. The arm actually moves.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
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Risa's Gift-giving Fri Dec 05 Risa

To every Elite in the multiverse… A bottle of nice, warm Sake! The ones you get in resturants, all with the Ryugu-Jo seal on them!

Also attached is a little letter, tied with a bit of string, reading: "Happy Give and Get Cool Stuff Time of the Year! I need people to drink with! Here's a taste of the good stuff!"

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
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Gifts of a Ninja Fri Dec 05 Shadow Man

Shadow Man has sent out the following in elaborate delicate wooden boxes. Chances are, to save money on handling and care and transportation, he did all the deliveries himself.

Winry Rockbell - A note of apology for the events at The Oasis, along with a pair of collapsable chopsticks. A small engraving on the wood would read 'Wrench Weilder' in Japanese Kanji (which, of course, the Multiverse translates.)

Justice - A note of apology for the events at The Oasis, along with something else (To be sent privately.)

Since Shadow Man hasn't met many other people, being the ninja he is, everyone else gets a coupon to Ninja Burger for one free 'Sumo Sizing' on all orders in one delivery, with the code number 1337. A note is written: You will givw this code when you place your order with us, or you will DIE!. Everyone also gets a small wrapped up package of Shadow Man's own homemade Ramen dish, with very specific instructions on reheating it to bring out the most flavor.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/29 (timeout warning) Posted Author
A gift from a healer. Fri Dec 05 Adam

To every possible known (PC) pokemon trainer, Pokemorph (like Shouma), and pokemon (Like Fushigi) in the Union, unaffiliated, and confederate (Yes even Lute gets this package). Inside contains a book which holds a number care tips for Pokemon. It details a number of methods for caring for all the pokemon types. Tips on grooming, medical advice, treating injuries, and a number of Advice tips for all sorts of care for pokemon in general. It also has a list of herbs and how to off set their bitterness and make them a bit more palatable for a pokemon to ingest. This is clearly a book written by some one with personal experience on helping heal pokemon. A note is also include,

"Take Care of your pokemon, they are life long friends and companions. Adam."

To the Union side only (Non pokemon trainers only) every Elite will get a beginner's guide to pokemon training. Along with a list of places to go to get more advanced information and names of books to assist them if they are interested in learning and becoming pokemon trainers.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
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Wolf's Gift Fri Dec 05 Wolf Link

A handful of people recieve this unmarked gift package. Its literally a paper bag thats very crudely closed up. It seems to have been placed at the residence of the following people by an actual person. The recipitents and gifts are as follows:


Rebecca Chambers: 12 dead rats with a note crudely written. 'I hate boxes!'
Solid Snake: A really nice bandana with a snake on it. A note is with the bandana, but all that is on the note is a paw print.
Jason Talben: A little yellow fox mask, its really cute looking, but fit for a kid. Maybe its for decoration? Also a paw print note.
Midna: A book that is labeled 'Midgets are people too' and a chocolate snowman. Also a paw print note.


Ganondorf: A flaming bag of dog shit.
Empress Zelda: A boquet of roses. Also a paw print note.

Some of you may know who it is that sent it, some may not.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
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Dawn's Gifts Fri Dec 05 Dawn

Sanji - Given in Private
Ash - A GPS Navigational System and a set of special, ketchup-flavored Poffins for Pikachu.
Gold - A cuestick, painted blue with white streaks.
Duplica - A set of Pokemon-themed outfits
Gary - A Ball Capsule along with a full set of Fire Seals
Kiku - A Poke' Flute, with a note: Hey, this may not be that useful, but it matches your musical voice!
Seth - A set of Berries, for poffin and battle uses.
Adam - A Poke Radar with a note: What I wish I had had during my beginning months. G'luck, Adam!
Kirby - A huge, plush Pokeball that opens and forms a storage place
Justice - A small basket with details on Pokemon and Contests/Coordinators and what they are.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
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Christmas May Cry! Fri Dec 05 Rick Taylor

Rick Taylor, not honestly knowing many people well within the multi-verse, is giving gifts to the other members of Devil May Cry.

For Dante: Dante gets 3, brand new, shiney red motorcycles with a note that reads, "I figure, with our line of work, your usual bike must take damage pretty often. So, I got you three back ups."

For Aragan: Noticing Aragan's seeming low knowledge on modern techs, Rick has given him a carefully written guide on the use of a portable dvd player. With these instructions, are the actual dvd player itself. However, there's also a wide varriety of dvds, mostly ones meant for Aragan to learn about modern world techs and other useful things at his leisure. There are lots of different movies as well though, most of which being ones Rick somehow thought Aragan might appreciate.

For Millia: Rick bought a nice range of top quality gear meant for traveling in all sorts of weather. This way Millia doesn't have to worry about her clothing style in the winter anymore.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
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Gifts from another Ninja Fri Dec 05 Chizu

Chizu, much to the dismay of several members of her clan, has enlisted her clan's help in sending assorted kanji wall scrolls to every elite. These are carefully handled white fabrics mounted on a scroll of bamboo, the fabric has a beautifully ink painted kanji word upon it, ment to give it's owner luck with said word when the wallscroll is hanged upon a wall. These are words such a joy, fortune, luck, and other such words. A small paper is tied to each wallscroll that reads "Wishing you well in the coming year." It is signed "The Neko Ninja Clan" rather than being signed as if it is from Chizu.

For Tomahawk Man and Mirune Marl: Chizu has made a scarf for both by hand, made with matierals of thier favorite colors.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/34 (timeout warning) Posted Author

Teana: A pair of stylized sword sheaths that match the Lit Honeysuckles perfectly and are conveniently white, red and black. They come with a note: "Heard you fixed your problem. Don't let it happen again. -Haseo."
Vita: An odd moon rabbit. It comes with a cage, feeding instructions, and the note: "If you kick it, you'll gain experience points. I'm not kidding. -Haseo." (
Fate: An extremely rare two-handed sword for her The World R:2 character, as a well as a reasonably high amount of gold pieces.
Nanoha: A box of chocolates with a note: "Don't take this the wrong way or I'll kick your ass again, with love, -Haseo. P.S. Don't take that the wrong way either."
The rest of Mobile Section Six: A picture of Haseo kicking a Chim Chim. It looks cute, but it's being kicked. There's also the words "Seasons' Greetings, now leave me alone." over it.

Atria: A golden plaque with a note. "For easy browsing of The World R:2's archives within Hidden Forbidden Exhibition. Made of real gold. Actually works. Please swing in Ovan's face if you see him. -Haseo. P.S. Ovan has blue hair, orange glasses and is almost seven feet tall, can't miss him."
Tsukasa: Several Macha plushies, one for each versions of The World that has ever unified, including ones of Mia and Macha's old cat form.

All others within the Multiverse, including people above, get a picture of Skeith in its original form with a holiday hat. On its wand is 'crucified' what looks like The Grinch, or perhaps The World R:2's equivalent. It reads "Merry Christmas." and how it got in the computers and databases is beyond anyone. It may be a very skilled hack job.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/35 (timeout warning) Posted Author
So, Presents! Fri Dec 05 Teana

Teana has sent presents! They are not to be opened until the proper day. If she sees anyone opening them before, she will kick their butts!

Caro: Two tickets to some ridiculously impressive themepark for her and Erio!
Erio: A suit! Looks snazzy.
Fate: A token 'best boss' mug and some sort of alarm clock.
Aeriana: A cookbook for beginners!
Spiritia: A big box of chocolates.
Tesseract: A 'we need to meet' notice and a car.
Ryotaro: A game of twister.
Nanoha: A cellophane-wrapped bag of cookies and various coffees.
Ginga: A stress ball.
Hayate: Some sort of telescope.
Signum: A case of sports drinks.
Vita: A box of herbal teas.
Yuuno: An assortment of audio books.

Subaru gets NOTHING.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/36 (timeout warning) Posted Author
A Most Fastidious Exchange of Faux Fri Dec 05 Key-Fu

Every Auric and Elite in the Multiverseand that does mean /EVERYONE/throughout December up until Christmas Day, will receive a knock at the door (or a knock on whatever surface is near the entrance to their home if they don't live in a place with doors). When they go to answer the knocking, they'll be confronted with a small ruddy-skinned human midget, wearing a stylish green pimp hat with a gold feather, and a similarly green leisure suit and cape.

The midget will thrust into their hands a cylinder-shaped giftwrapped present, with blue and gold wrapping featuring symbols that seem like a mishmash of Taoism and Buddhism, while mumbling something about "the beurre manie brigade cometh" in a voice suspiciously like that of Danny DeVito's. The second the recipients take their eyes off the midget, he will disappear.

The present itself contains a note in elegant writing: "Marry Chex Mix!" It's signed with an image of a skeleton key in gold ink. When opened, in a way quite similar to foam snakes, /FIVE POUNDS/ of green and red trail mix will spew out of the canister (far, far more than the canister seems capable of holding—not to mention the canister itself hardly weighs five pounds).

In Teana's case, the midget will deliver /five/ canisters to her. Curious.

Faolon, Kale, Cynn and Ch'ara have an added message to the notes: "We shall meat again in the marshmallow factory of the future!"

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/37 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gifts And Such Fri Dec 05 Subaru

Nanoha: Fate's favorite flavor in the form of lip gloss. A big box of it.
Fate: An inconsuspicious stick with mistletoe at the end attached to a pink string. Oh, and coffee to go with Teana's mug.
Aeriana: Two new sets of clothings that match the ones Subaru bought in Shibuya. (Black/red leather punk outfit and bright red/pink cute girl outfit.)
Vita: Another "hunny bunny" brand plushie. She might be able to Hug 'Em All at this rate.
Signum: Collector's replica of the real Laevateinn sword, as per Earth mythology.
Caro: A really pretty gold necklace with her name and Erio's engraved in it.
Erio: See above, but a bracelet instead.
Spiritia: A coupon that reads: "One free mock battle with Subaru or Nanoha to learn Divine Buster."
Merin: Subscription to Mid-Childa's monthly encyclopedia releases.
Ryotaro: Monopoly: Momo-tachi Edition. Where she found this is beyond logic or explanation. Houses are Rider Passes and Hotels are Time Trains. Player pieces are Imagin, money is printed on tickets. Fun for the whole family, age Ryuutaros and up.

ALL DEVICES: A small kit which contains cleaning products for precious objects, various types of small towels and sponges as well as new ropes/chains for the ones which are necklaces.

Tesseract: She will find, gift-wrapped with amazing care, a small pin-shaped green gemstone. It comes with a note and an instruction manual written in Mid-Childan: "Hello, my name is Tempest Cloaker. I am a Storage Device. I am optimized for the use of Optic Hide camouflage and Area Search spells. Please take care of me and read the instruction manual. Thank you." With some messing around, if she reads the instruction manual, she'll find that it answers to the command "Set up." and transforms into an arm-mounted blaster with a dull katar extension. It's nigh-unbreakable and cannot be sharpened or loaded with deadly projectiles. (OOC: page me for details :P)

Winry: An upgrade disk for Hex Driver which contains two modes: diagnostic mode so that Winry doesn't have to rely on the TSAB for maintenance of her device, and an upgrade mode that will turn Hex Driver into an Intelligent Device. This will not change its combat capabilities or its ability to process magic in the least. It'll just make it intelligent.

Psyber: An electric guitar that shoots non-lethal magical lasers (color of your choice) when it's played right out of its tip, like a gun. It comes with several books on guitar-playing.
Everyone else in HoH: A book titled: "How To Fight Without Killing 101."

Anyone else Subaru has met and bonded with, even just for a day: flowers, chocolates and a random gimmick toy or video game. Isamu gets more flowers than everyone else. Solid Snake gets less flowers, more chocolates, and instead of a gimmick toy, gets a stress ball so huge you could climb on it and bite chunks out of it all day. It may or may not have a Dr. Doom or Liquid Snake motif on it.

Everyone else: musical holiday cards. Yuffie's contains a coupon: "One free training session with Nanoha."

Teana only gets a business card. It's black and has a red digital timer on it. It seems to be counting the amount of time left until Christmas, midnight exactly. Ominous.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/38 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Invented Gifts! Fri Dec 05 Nerina

Being one of her group to actually know what Christmas is, Nerina vanishes for about a week with a stern warning not to bother her or else be hit with a wrench. Eventually she emerges with gifts.

For Koma, a life-sized Bronzong made out of steel that is actually a big cabinet for storing items. Certain compartments can be heated or cooled as necessary via a built-in magic-and-steam system for temperature-sensitive things.

For Kaera, four small mechanical dragons, and a wind-up key. When wound, the dragons walk around in a circle, flapping their wings and swishing their tails. They also each have a "button" that, when pressed, triggers a magic effect: one breaths fire, another ice, the third water, and the last steam.

For Lumina, a pair of revolvers similar to Nerina's own steam guns, modified to work by drawing heat from the environment and the user's hands. An attached note reads: "Probably not as effective as they could be, and I'd advise against using them too much or else you might accidentally freeze your hands. Still, I hope you like them. -Nerina"

For Bonnie and Clyde, a magic- and steam-powered device for the heating and cooling of drinks, and instructions on its use. Also a note: "Sorry I went crazy about the zeppelins. Hope you find this useful. -Nerina"

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/39 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Fairy delivery? Fri Dec 05 Mirune Marl

Marl isn't rich enough to get interesting gifts for everyone. As such, he sends them supercooled ice sculptures. They're in various beautiful shapes. And all seem to be of a fairy. Anyone who knows Marl would know that they're getting a sculpture of Anika.
Ichigo Momomiya gets a mouse cat toy, with a note 'the real present is hidden in the packing peanuts'. If she digs hard enough, Ichigo would find a nice dress in her size. It's blue and black. And somewhat frilly. It's got one of those low-backs, and seems like something you'd wear to a dance or prom or something.
Alara Morningstar gets a beautiful ice sculpture of her, it's exactly the same size as her. Her wings are somewhat exaggerated to make her look like an angel.
Chizu gets a cat toy in a box, with a note saying that the real toy is buried in the packing peanuts. If she digs, she'd find a ornate sword buried deep in the peanuts, it's dull, and not actually useful in combat, it's just for show. There's also ear-warmers. Because cat ears can get cold in the winter.
Armstrong gets a sculpture of himself. Standing in a pose much like the sculptures that Armstrong makes of himself. With a note 'THIS IS THE ICE SCULPTURE CREATING TECHNIQUE I JUST MADE UP! Signed, Mirune Marl.' There's also some daifuku for Hina.
Saber gets a Saber. A true saber. Beautifully etched with the name 'Saber' on the side. It's relatively strong and won't easily break, and is polished to a shine.
The gifts to individuals are brought by two fairies.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/40 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gifts from Asuka Fri Dec 05 Asuka

Asuka doesn't send out much, but there are still a few people who get gifts from her.

Yulia would get two small model Unit-02s. One is modeled after Yulia's own, the other - which might just be a little better made - after Asuka's. Also, a gift certificate for a nice clothing store in Cirrus-Marine.

Her world's Hikari Horaki and Misato Katsuragi would likewise get gift certificates, but for local stores.

Kaji gets to fend off several glomp attempts from Asuka.

Asuka's parents would, thanks the the ease of transportation in the Multiverse, get a visit from Asuka herself.

Dr. Doom would get a simple Christmas card, mostly out of a vague sense of obligation.

Rei gets absolutely nothing.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/41 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gifts from yet ANOTHER ninja Fri Dec 05 Leonardo

Everyone that gives Leo a gift (before or after this post, personal or un personal) gets a thank you card. The card has hand painted script on it that looks surprisingly pretty for something that's come from an old, blind, ninja man. The card, of course, gives thanks for any gifts recived.

To anyone that Leo has learned to have some liking of tea or sake, Leo's given a very nice tea set or sake set respectively.

To anyone Leo's aquainted with that didn't get a tea or sake set, Leo gives a wall scroll much like the ones the neko ninjas did. However, Leo's actually manage to look far more masterfully painted.

To any unionite that didn't recive one of the three gifts above, Leonardo sends a nice ink painting. The ink paintings are varried but almost always tend to be land scapes and tend toward warm looking settings, like a cliff overlooking a beach.

For Skidplate: Leo gives her the tea set, a wallscroll, and an ink painting. However her ink painting is one of her as he imagines she must look, dressed in a gi, and sitting in what is obviously her dojo. That being an obvious fact because he bothers to add the buddah-esque statue of himself that kind of wierded him out. She also gets a plushie of each of his brothers…it'd feel too wierd for him to give one of himself. Instead of a plushie of himself, he managed to find one of Razor somehow!

For Jason: Jason gets one of everything (including a sake set AND a tea set). His ink painting is a picture of how Leo imagines him as he is in a lightsaber battle against some shadowy looking figure. As Leo's not really sure what else he should give Jason, Jason gets a large package of Leo's favorite tea leaf and instructions on how Leo tends to bring out thier flavor the most durring brewing. He also gets a high qualitied bottle of sake to go with his set.

For Arrankhar: Assuming he can't really make much use of the other gifts due to living in a cave, Leo gives him some incense as well as some safe oils to use in the spring. He's also given some nice candies, as they won't have to go through a specific storage or cooking process.

For Jacqueline: It turns out Leo DID get a plushie of himself! However it's been altered to look like his current form and it's been given all sorts of damages as if it's litterally gotten some stuffing beaten out of it. It comes with no explination, but Jacqueline might get the odd idea of humor behind it.

For Gourry: Gourry gets none of the above mentioned gifts as Leo assumes he wouldn't really like them. Instead, Gourry gets lots of gift cards for different resturaunts around the multiverse. This comes with a ufo style Gourry plushie (which looks rather as if it's had a bit too much to eat) and a card that thanks Gourry for giving him a good spar.

For Forte.EXE: Dispite Leo's current dissapointment with the navi, he gets gifts too. He gets the wall scroll and an ink painting of what Leo would imagine the digital world appearing like.

Albel: ….he recives none of the above and instead recives a completely unmarked package filled with a strange liquid substance. This substance has such a powerful stank when it's opened to air that it's hard to remove the smell from anything within range of it for a long while.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/42 (timeout warning) Posted Author
What's this? Fri Dec 05 Scourge

Scourge gives everyone NOTHING! …well almost.

Logan gets a card that wishes him luck with the whole emporer/president thing.

Mogul gets a paper with crude writing on it, claiming Scourge owes him 1 beating of Sonic or Shadow.

Miles gets a crudely drawn picture of a mutilated Sonic. However, Fiona sends him some chocolates and a bottle of wine that, when tested, prove completely safe. Along with them is a note saying how very much Fiona's missed him.

Maya and Saber get what seems to be a parts of a mutilated animal…GROSS.

Finally Sparky gets a card from Fiona that enthusiastically expresses her thanks for the shiney new gun he gave her.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/43 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gifts from… Envy? Fri Dec 05 Envy

That's right, the shapeshifting Homunculus actually has it in his heart to give a few things. Not many at all, but still something!

Delivered personally to Azami are different items and products for the cleaning and maintenance of her swords and guns, and a gift certificate for a rather nice clothing store. A note comes with the certificate: "Wasn't sure what to pick, so I'll let you choose for yourself. -Envy"

These next three aren't really gifts, and would depend largely on how easy it is to get something to the recipients' mail boxes. In short, they're unlikely to ever arrive.

For Yukari Yakumo, a note: "Don't bother me around Christmas or the deal's off. -Envy"

For Greed, a different note: "I hope you die a painful death. Merry Christmas! -Envy"

For Ailiar, a jar of dead frog parts. An attached note reads: "Returning the favor. Stay out of my head. -Envy"

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/44 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Christmas Bonus Content! Fri Dec 05 Khrima

As per yearly tradition in Khrima's world, he has unlocked some bonus holiday content. As such, there are a number of purple dragons with Santa hats wandering the Multiverse, all rather violent… But only about twenty of them, and most Elites could handle them easily. A number of Tree lots also have Killer Christmas Tree monsters, that attack as soon as a family choses it. These are a bit weaker, but in greater mass… But still easy enough to handle.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/45 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Midna's Gifts Fri Dec 05 Midna

Midna's not giving much…

Wolf Link gets a muzzle! But he also gets some cookies and a nice gold choker with ornate carvings in it. It has a green jewel set in it's middle and is fit to be wearable on his wolf neck.

Jason gets a package of expensive chocolates from diffierent parts of the multiverse

Subaru, Tesseract, and Integra Hellsing all get a boquet of flowers that seems to match the colors of thier general apperance somehow. They also get a nice necklace with a gem that matches whatever color Midna saw them wearing the most durring the Reaper's game.

Yugi gets a new goth looking spiked collar along with a pair of bracers for his arms and his legs.

Zelda gets a Link plushie and expensive chocolates from all over the multiverse.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/46 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Smirking Gifts Fri Dec 05 Shu Shirakawa

Dr. Doom - A simple wall-scroll. The note accompanying it reads "To the man who has everything, what does one give?" The scroll reads, in elegant calligraphy, "RESPECT"
Dr. Xiang - Contained within a special containment device, a proton the size of a baseball. One, single, proton.
Madame Machina - A small paper with a set of formulae and the like. These are, in short, the principle on which a Tesla Drive works.
Captain Storm - A very fine marine's sabre, and a ship-in-a-bottle of the Black Ship.
Taro - A selection of fine teas.
Fierna - A small cursed ring of bad luck for whoever puts it on. A note reads, "A street vendor tried to sell me this cursed ring. He is now dead. I thought that you might like to have it for some end or another."
Ocelot - A slightly worn-looking Colt Single Action Army. Accompanying it is a note: 'I was able to procure this from the Confederate archives. It was used by an iteration of Wyatt Earp. Enjoy.'

Every Confed Elite receives an interesting device; a small orb about the size of a baseball with a compartment in the side large enough for a thumb or finger to go in. With it is a note: "This is an assistant AI. It will use your biometric data as a seed to procedurally generate its personality, and then it will serve you faithfully. You won't need to recharge it, either. Please place a thumb or finger in the slot." The device will read biometric data for a minute or so, and then levitate up and kick on with its own, randomish personality (which may have little to no resemblance to its owner's, or may resemble it exactly - anything is possible). It can keep and make appointments and the like, serve as an RSS reader, and so on. It's like a PDA with a personality. And true to Shu's word, it doesn't need to be recharged. It is also, naturally, directly loyal to its owner. It can follow along at a speed of up to 10mph, and has a small set of retractable 'legs' for landing on flat surfaces.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/47 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Colossal Gifts Fri Dec 05 Sanger Zonvolt

Ratsel - A brand new cutlery set for the Kurogane's galley, sharpened to Sanger's exacting standards.
Lamia - A collected scrapbook of all the photos of Lamia with various Union members Sanger could find.
Kiden - A finely-made Zol Orihalconium katana, with a note: 'Any student of mine must have a proper blade.' The combination of materials and craftsmanship makes this blade the rough equivalent of a +1 sword, in D&D terms.
Armstrong - A regular, but still very well-made katana, suitable for decorative display, but also very suitable for cutting things, if Armstrong is so inclined.
Mai - A plush Grungust Type 0.
Saber - A blade care kit, in a handmade wooden box.

The rest of the Elites will receive a coupon good for one (1) free Dynamic General Guardian model kit from Tesla-Leicht Toys. It includes both Dygenguard and Aussenseiter.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/48 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gifts from da Spider-Bat Fri Dec 05 Lash

Lash has sent out some gifts!

Etna: Kind of a double-edged sword, Lash has sent Etna some expensive axe cleaner, though, he has also sent some fake blood, with the note: Put it on you or the axe, give the -extra- effect to creep someone the out.

Psyber: A rather expensive looking black tuxedo, with one of those flower things you can squirt water out of. In the front pocket is a pair of breath mints, and a note: (Try to look on your best for Friday, kay?)

Raven DeVanos: An interesting gift… Lash has sent a box. A BIG box… but there's only a few bottles of some strange unlabed purple liquid. A note attached reads: 'For new years. Give it a taste, it's safe. PS: The box is for -you- to use on -Snake-. Booby trap it, use it on your own, whateva.'

Bonnie and Clyde: These two get the same strange purple drink as Raven, completely safe, with two necklaces, one in the shape of Yin, and the other in Yang. Although, one says 'Bonnie', and one says 'Clyde. A note reads: 'To the unspreadable lovers. Let's go get piss-ass drunk after my wedding to celebrate, eh?'

Marie-Annette: *To receive gift in private*

Miles Prower: The Mobain gets himself a varity box of the same purple wine, some expensive looking cigars, and a very -strange- looking bottle of very light green liquid. A note attached is written in red: 'Miles, I tried to pump out the poison effects of this thing. Pretty sure I got it all, but -check-. The kick on this drink is freaking -amazing.-. … Yes, it's the Malboro breath in liquid form.'

Just about every elite that Lash knows about (Save for you recent unifiers, sorry! D:.) get a small little plush spider, which squeaks when you squeeze it. Although, if you squeeze it too many times, they get tricked and hear the sound of a familiar 'UWHAHA! UWHAHAHAHA! UWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!'.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/49 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Psychic Gifts Fri Dec 05 Ailiar

Souji Tendou - A package with a note: 'What do you get the man who has everything?' Inside the package is nothing but a small scrap of paper, with 'RESPECT' written on it in marker.
Yukari Yakumo - An Aperture Science mug.
Noh - $300 gift card, redeemable at any store using Union credits in the Multiverse.

Envy - A singing Reimu-type Yukkuri in a box. When opened, another Yukkuri with an acoustic guitar shows up out of nowhere to play. It comes with a note that reads, "Okay. I'll put this in it instead. -A" (Video: )

OOC: Yes, I'm aware Ailiar's gift to Tendou is the same as Shu's to Doom. Great minds think alike! :P

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/50 (timeout warning) Posted Author
SWAT gifts Fri Dec 05 Razor

The following has been sent out in the Union: A decision! Everyone receives a certificate for one free air-patrol with the Swat Kats, inside the Turbokat. Or, if they decide, with one Swat Kat in a ground patrol with the Cyclotron. OR, they can take a special note option from Razor, with some blank blue prints. A note inside the package reads: Create a missile! If the design is good enough, I'll make it a real missile used by the SWAT KATS, but if you want something personal, I can make you a 1/13 scale replica of the missile.

The following also receive this gift (Save for T-Bone), but also get what's added on:

T-Bone: To his best buddy, he gets a stack of old rare comic books, sold in Megakat City, as well as an issue of Kat-Commandos that isn't supposed to come out until February, -signed- by the author.

Skidplate: *To receive gift in private*

Leonardo: A coupon for a pizza from the world-famous Megakat Pizza emporium, as well as a set of 3 katana for display purposes. An attached note reads: Let's actually meet in person sometime.

Winry Rockbell: She gets… a pair of cat ears. Along with a note: Wear this, and you can come see what's behind the armor plating on the Turbokat.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/51 (timeout warning) Posted Author
8D gifts! Fri Dec 05 Prometheus

Every UNITE not mentioned below gets a black box, witha crudely drawn-on red bowtie. Written everywhere on the box in various colors is 'DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE'. When opened, however, the box reveals a small little hologram of Pandora, his partner, holding her staff as if hugging it. A note on the bottom of the box reads: "FIND HER, AND YOU GET ON MY 'DO NOT KILL' LIST!! -THAT'S YOUR GIFT-."

Winry Rockbell: She receives a simple gift: a rather advanced USB Flashdrive, which seems capable of storing over 80 gigs of memory, although, 20 gigs are already taken up with schematics of common mass-produced reploid designs. The flashdrive is password protected…. And a note attached to it reads: 'Get creative! Make some reploids! Oh, the password is: DIEDIEDIE!!

Envy: Envy gets… a black box as well. Inside is a rather -very- good looking sketch of himself, arms crossed and proud, looking up at a blood red moon, with his foot on a skull, ala 'Captain Morgan' style. A note reads: 'NIGHT SLAYER. -KILL THE ERS!!-

Doom: DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM gets a written apology note, and a promise to improve his attitude for the upcoming year. (Not that you would know this, y'know, being he's a Wraith and all.)

Dante Sparda: … He… gets… a certificate… for a free strawberry sunday… with a note: I -KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE. BE GLAD IT ISN'T POISONED!!!-

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/52 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Doll Gifts! (Part 1) Fri Dec 05 Suigintou

Suigintou has sent out much more this year than last. Part of it is doubtlessly because she's been paid well for Heaven or Hell missions; another part is simply being on good terms with more people.

Psyber would find his trademark trench coat inexplicably missing a day or two before Christmas. On the holiday itself, it would be found wrapped under the tree. Whatever damage, wear, and tear it's received while in Psyber's possession has been fixed so it looks as good as new. So too has it been enchanted to be more damage-resistant in the future. The biggest change, however, is that it's been given a bag of holding sort of effect, so that he can lug around all his guns and ammo without having to be unnecessarily slowed and weighed down.

Kyton gets a bottle of metal polish of a very fine vintage, several feet of titanium chain, and a note: "If it pleases you, I will become your permanent vassal. I'll even fill out the doubtlessly lengthy and tedious paperwork necessary for such a thing. -Suigintou"

For Misha, a gift certificate for a local dress shop, and a tape recording of Suigintou singing a few songs. Though obviously untrained, she's not horrible or tone deaf.

Saber would get some high-quality teas, and a few products for cleaning her armor.

Etna gets a winter coat! The way Etna dresses normally, it's not that much of a leap to assume she could use one.

For Yuki Nagato, two books in German: one on German history, one on dolls of varying types. Both are easily thick enough to qualify as doorstoppers.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/53 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Doll Gifts! (Part 2) Fri Dec 05 Suigintou

Kanaria: A certificate for a dress from a doll shop.

Suiseiseki gets a certificate like Kanaria's, along with a self-help book titled Sugar Addiction and You.

Shinku would receive a teapot in black and silver, and various high quality teas. A note in German: "The tea is for you, but don't you think it's about time you taught me to make it again? -Suigintou"

For Hina Ichigo, a strawberry-shaped pillow stuffed with soft feathers from Suigintou's wings.

Ry Wayas: Guitar and violin strings, and a video recording of Suigintou playing some songs on her electric guitar. She's no where near great or anything, but she's practiced and learned enough to not be terrible.

Millia Rage: Assorted high quality hair care products, and a note. "I'm sure you heard what happened in Silent Hill, and know what it means for the Alice Game. Enjoy these. -Suigintou"

Alex Armstrong: A miniature statue of himself that actually sparkles.

Gordon Freeman: A small, model rocket tub, and a remote (ala remote controlled car, but not) to direct it around.

All the people listed in these two posts, plus the rest of Heaven or Hell, Winry Rockbell, Talynn Black, Ailiar, Solid Snake, Kenshiro, Codon Alicia, and Yukari Yakumo would receive a few bottles of Yakult (a sweet dairy drink containing lactic acid bacteria that is supposedly good for health) and a package of Oreos.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/54 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gifts of the Dhampir Fri Dec 05 Noh

Ailiar - A crudely written thank you note ('tank yoo veree mutch 4 the gift',) a small hand-carved wooden cat figurine painted to look like a cheetah, a pack of Tarot Cards, a devinition back of Bones, stones, and peices of polished glass, a piece of titanium (extracted from Tit Valley, no less) and a series of coins from Africa, Ireland, Germany, North Korea, France, Transylvania, and some very old American coins.

Winry - a set of wrenches that looks like it was put together of many different brands, all possibly rescued from a dump (or several!) They're tied together in a ribbon, and amazingly, they make a full set, not a size missing.

Evangeline - A jar of blood, and a note: 'It is not hooman, so dont wooree. just ree member 2 drink it.' Anyone testing it would find it to be cow blood.

Bonnie and Clyde - a pair of hand carved animal figures — hyenas, to be exact — and the directions to a town full of lawyers with a note: 'haf fun. is gud vinn taj.'

Tiphereth - Several drawings of stick figure angels, a hand-carved wooden figurine of a lion, and a well worn book of poetry (that turns out to be an original edition of Emily Dickenson.)

Sephiroth - A hand carved wooden figurine of a male lion roaring.

Lute - His coupon is returned, along with a short note: 'I am not inteerested in dateting yoo. Yoo probablee tast tearribbull.' However, in condolence there is also a series of worn business cards for hotels and cat houses in New York-666.

Integra Hellsing - A stack of books on proper pet training methods, including one written by 'The Dog Whisperer'. Also, a badly written letter: 'I am soree 4 calling yoo naymes. I was angree with the foolblud.'

Loros - A series of nice cuts of meat (of dubious origin) and a note: 'plees dont say the bad woords 4 a while.'

Exuro - Gets his gifts in private.

Gyatso - A pair of pink fuzzy bunny slippers, a box of ice cream sandwiches (KLondikes!) and a bunch of small shiny objects.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/55 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Even RAcasts … (1/3) Fri Dec 05 F Gattaca

Despite the GUARDIANS pulling him out of the Union Elites, F Gattaca hasn't forgotten some of the people he'd met while on a tour of duty in the Multiverse. Of course, neither has his partner machine, Codon Alicia.

A Parum-derived holiday very much like Christmas is celebrated in Gurhal, and during this week (and next week), a number of people will receive gifts. They're not actually wrapped; instead, they're delivered in GRM Express boxes:

Nina Wyndia, Ailiar, Deejay, Tesseract, Crys Gattz, Luke fon Fabre, Amuro Ray, Integra Hellsing, and Aya Shameimaru all receive packages from F Gattaca. He had to do quite a bit of searching to find the mailing addresses of some of these folks! Each one contains something different, but they all include a note from the RAcast himself, each of which is signed: "Keep in touch. - F Gattaca (and his partner machine, Codon Alicia)"

Nina's particular package contains a gourmet cake from some place called the Naura Cake Shop, as well as a box of traditional candies from Neudaiz called Tears of Light. They're usually made from hardened tree sap in a process that takes over three months. In addition, F Gattaca wrote something more on that box's note: "I owe you at least this much for putting up with Alicia's appetite. Here's hoping we'll get to work together some more in the future."

Ailiar's note reads, "I got recalled before we could have that meeting. Maybe I'll run into you again sometime." Ailiar's someone the RAcast didn't spend a lot of time with "in the flesh," but going off what he did know, he thought she might appreciate something that would stay visually interesting: A special type of photon cannon specifically designed for safe and dazzling fireworks displays indoors.

Deejay, though, gets something different. In the package, the Hunter will find a Stique Spear, with an Ice-elemental photon reactor. His note reads, "Confiscated this spear in an arms deal bust here in Gurhal. If you're anything like the Deejay I know, then you're all about the Brionac—but I figured you might get a kick out of fiddling with this. Try grinding it and let me know how Coralian grinders work in place of Gurhalian ones." (This, but glowing blue instead of purple)

Tesseract and Crys Gattz both receive a Parum Unity Commemoration medal, which honors the treaty made between humans and CASTs at the end of the Era of Chaos, and the unification of Parum under CAST rule. It's sort of his way of inviting them to come see the Gurhal system.

(See the other posts for more!)

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/56 (timeout warning) Posted Author
… celebrate Christmas. (2/3) Fri Dec 05 F Gattaca

(Continued from "Even RAcasts …")

Luke fon Fabre gets a weapon, too—a Crea Saber with a Light-elemental photon reactor. Most Crea weapons are replicas of the first photonic weapons. His note reads, "Admiral Sisko said you're unable to use Photon Arts since you don't come from a world like mine, and I don't think you'll be able to use your Mystic Artes with this. Thought you might find this little number interesting, anyway. Apparently only Newmans and Humans can use Crea Replicas like this one." (This, but glowing white instead of blue)

Both Integra Hellsing and Amuro Ray get a Durandal in their packages. No, not the mass-produced model that GRM makes, but the /Coralian/ Durandal … a weapon worthy of a knight such as Integra. Both of them have Lightning-elemental photon reactors, just like the one Amuro borrowed from F Gattaca in battle against his dreamscape. The note for each of them reads, "A lot of these Durandals have been showing up in Gurhal lately. Rather nostalgic for me. Thought you might like having your own, though I don't think you can use Photon Arts."

For Amuro's, though, F Gattaca adds, "As they say out here, may the Holy Light be with you and your unit."

Integra's note instead adds, "From one former Unionite to another." (Same color)

Aya Shameimaru's package contains a Bamboo Water Pipe, known affectionately by Guardians who aren't from Neudaiz as "The Thing That Goes 'Gonk.'" It seems akin to electric-powered fountains that endlessly pump a reservoir of water through themselves, except this one appears to have its own glowing photon reactor at the base, running off of ambient spiritual energies. Aya's note reads, "Found this in an Ohtoku City shop. That place you come from, Gensokyo, seems to have a lot in common culture-wise with Neudaiz. Figured you might like this."

(F Gattaca isn't the only one who's sent out gifts, though—his partner machine has as well, but … that's another post!)

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/57 (timeout warning) Posted Author
So do Partner Machines! (3/3) Fri Dec 05 F Gattaca

(Continued from "Even RAcasts …")

A number of other people receive GRM Express packages, toonamely, the Rozen Maidens. Apparently Codon Alicia wanted to send some gifts of her own! Not all of the Rozen Maidens receive them, howeverAlicia never got to meet Kanaria, and despite a lot of searching, never came up with where Suiseiseki lived. She didn't like it, but she had to leave them out of the gift-giving.

Each Rozen Maiden's package contains several things; the big thing is a Room Remodeling Ticket from the Clyez City G's Variety Shop. Each ticket is good for a complete decor remodeling of a room (or up to three rooms). The dolls all recieved remodeling tickets for the Gothic style of room, but the color motif varies for each doll (Black for Suigintou, Red for Shinku, Pink for Hina Ichigo, Blue for Souseiseki).

The tickets give a brief theme name and description of each style, and a few sample pictures of what the theme looks like when applied to a Guardian's room at the GUARDIANS Barracks. (For example, Suigintou's Gothic Black says, "'Sublime stateliness' overpowers the room with magnificent beauty.") (Example of the Gothic Black motif) (Example of the Gothic Pink motif)

In addition, each of those dolls receives … a Bouquet. It's not just any regular bouquet, though—these are assassin's weapons, cleverly disguised as a bunch of flowers! Each bouquet has an arrangement of flowers best fitting the color of the doll they're being given to (purple for Suigintou, red for Shinku, pink for Hina Ichigo, blue for Souseiseki). There's a little glowing photon reactor at the end of the bouquet, signifying that this really is a weapon of some kind, and it glows in an element that is, again, chromatically fitting for the doll it's gifted to. They're not likely going to be able to use Photon Arts, but the bouquets themselves are an effective way at koshing someone on the head.

(Dark/purple for Suigintou, Fire/red for Shinku, Ice/blue for Souseiseki … Hina Ichigo gets Ground/orange, probably because there's no real "pink" element in photon technology and orange is the next best thing)

Each of the Maidens get a note from Codon Alicia, as well: "Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while! I thought of you guys when I found out about these tickets and bouquet weapons, so I thought I'd send you some. Come by Gurhal and see me sometime! Merry Christmas! - Codon Alicia"

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/58 (timeout warning) Posted Author
The Emperor's Gifts Fri Dec 05 Logan Trieste

Logan Trieste has, apparently, sent out a number of gifts of his own.

Dr. Doom recieves a mansion in the K'kalthak region of Fate's Empire. This area normally consists of tree homes made by magic, and the area as a whole has a massive amount of magic in it. Doom's mansion is built into one of the larger trees, though it is also altered by machines, so that one can control most of the features in the place via machines. Doom would be made aware of this through a note, and a deed. The note reads, 'I give you permission to secretly build other bases in my country, too, in case you ever need to overthrow me.'

Selette Finbach recieves a large wooden ship, built to be a sort of portable hospital. All sorts of magical healing apparatuses to aid her with her work. She is given a note to inform her of the ship, with the following message: 'This ship shall be yours, and you have permission to pick your own crew.'

Mid-boss recieves a massive supply of exquisite clothing.

Xarvonix is given the deed to a newly found swamp, located in the Shadowlands of the Fate's Empire. A pile of corpses, all those that were entirely loyal to the Emperor of Fate, are located near it. The place itself reeks of darkness magic. The note with the deed reads, 'Simply ask me, and I can make this place more to your liking. Feel free to do as you wish.'

Sparkplug recieves a message: 'Thank you for your aid in cloning the wooly mammoths. I hope to have more Mobian DNA for you to toy with soon. But in exchance, if you desire the use of my new powers, simply ask: I can temporarily increase the size of any of your allies, to massive levels.'

Mammoth Mogul recieves a mansion, too. It is built in the Nasda region, a region of cliffs, stone, and river. It is built into a cliffside, the walls mostly made of the natural stone… Which, by chance, happens to be made of marble. It is built for his size, and has some servant quarters, and a fairly safe room in which he could keep treasures. The deed arrives, and a note with it, state as follows: 'Thank you for your aid, in creating my new mechanized army. Your DNA is incredibly powerful.'

Taro recieves a roboticized Wolly Mammoth. It is incredibly loyal, and would follow his every word. But, it isn't auric, and has the potential to die in combat, rather easily. But, it is altered to be able to breath fire. A note is attached, as usual: 'Thank you for your help in creating the containment device for Ragnaros. Here is a bit of a gift for that.'

Aeriana recieves a note. It simply says, 'Sorry.' And is signed.

Gold would recieve a letterbomb from Logan, designed as a Christmas Card. If it is activated? It'd create a pretty massive explosion.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/59 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gifts from the Fairy Princess, and Fri Dec 05 Bloom

All of the following gifts have been delivered by Livy personally, to those who were around to greet her when she arrived. ( Except for the feds, Bloom wouldn't let her. )

All union elites have recieved a small package containing one of two things. A locket or bracelet. Not very extravagent, but they all give off a faint red light.

Adam, and several other union elites who Bloom has had any conversations with who have mentioned trouble sleeping have recieved a plush teddy bear with a note - Piff blessed it, her magic should help you sleep better.

Winry was delivered a small box, which contains a red dress, as well a small fire shaped jewel and a note from Bloom. - I found this on Sparx. … I'm not really sure what it is, or what it was for, but I feel it's important and I want you to have it. Merry Christmas!

Yugi is presented with a finely crafted sword and scabbard, an obviously ancient blade that seems of almost perfect quality, as well as a note from Bloom. - I found this in the palace treasury… Something told me it would be perfect for you. Merry Christmas.

Maya would recieve several boxes, all of which contain various princess worthy dresses and gowns, as well as matching accessories, and a note from Bloom - I found these in my castle on Sparx, I thought they might fit you. Enjoy!

Jason, Snake, Psyber, and Miles Prower all recieved … a key, and a note from Bloom. - I asked Headmaster Saladin of Red Fountain for your gift, one of their special Levibikes. You'll have to pick it up, since the rider uniforms and helmets have to be custom fitted. I hope you like them.

Julian will have gotten the same key and note, however his comes with an added section in the note - I don't believe what they're saying about you, Julian.. Digit and I are looking into things. Your bike will be waiting on you when you get out.

Lotor would recieve a package as well, how it was delivered wouldn't be obvious, but there's a very well made red scarf inside. This would be accompanied by a box of chocolate and a letter from Bloom. - Merry Christmas, Lotor. This is to keep you warm when you're around that icy "queen", Kerrigan.

Kerrigan would recieve a package as well, when opened a fireball would be launched at said confederate from a small red pearl, as well as a small box of chocolate and a letter from Bloom - I hate you, and I hope one day to repay you for everything you've done to me. But this isn't the time of year for such feelings. Merry Christmas.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/60 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Chrstmas Presents. Fri Dec 05 Magi

The following gifts have been mailed all over the Multiverse to numerous parties.

HK-47 recieves a Shoulder Mounted Rocket Launcher with a crate full of ammo, and the schematics for creating more ammo as the need arises.

Jason Talben will recieve a dark purple crystal with green veins in it, along with a note: This is a Demorican Crystal from my homeworld. It's concentrated, solid magic mined out of the earth in my world. I don't know if you can use it for anything, but I figured the gesture would be nice anyway.

Ash recieves an automated bike with explicit instructions to let IT do the navigating, and just enjoy the ride.

Brinn recieves another similar crystal, with a similar note.

Rosalinde gets a small box with a necklace bearing a large gemstone inside. The gemstone is in the shape of a large blue tear-drop, with two gold and silver angel wings on either side, folded inward to keep the gemstone in place and to add to the inital beauty of the strange blue gem. With it comes a note: I had this necklace created for you. It's an imitation of a similar necklace found in my own world, called the 'Blue Water' This one wont grant any wishes, but I hope you'll like it anyway. P.S. Don't accept Lute's invitation for a date, no matter what you do.

Rosalinde also recieves a bundle of blue roses with no note along with the necklace.

Everyone else in the Union recieves a 500 credit gift card to a coffee shop in New Washington.

Everyone in the Confederacy recieves a small box of chocolate.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/61 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Crazy Kitsune Gifts Fri Dec 05 Kari-Shaba

Everyone in the Union recieves a brightly wrapped colorful box. Which in contrast contains nothing but a pair of shoes. They look normal enough, but emit a horrific stench that could put any skunk to shame. If anyone tried to wear them, regardless of how fitting they look they feel cramped and sticky, and the laces will end up in knots no matter how carefully they're tied. Tuck in a shoe (just to make sure someone HAS to get close enough to get a whiff) is a note - 'To bad people Santa gives dirty coals. To goody two shoes I give cursed soles!' - Kari-Shaba

Every Confederate gets a box containing the opposite of coal, a large shiney diamond. Which turns out to actually be a large artfully carved piece of rock candy, because sweets are even better than treasure.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/62 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gifts from the Wayside Fri Dec 05 Kwahn

Many members of the Union might find a box at their door, filled with a whole lot of things that they thought they lost a while ago, along with a note: 'Couldn't find a buyer. You can have them back.' There is no name on these notes.

Lara Croft will find a small jewelry box, with an assortment of brightly glowing gemstones and a letter explaining what Kwahn has found out about 'The Sword in the Stone' and little else to explain what the gifts are.

Jason Talben will recieve a brown box, filled with force crystals.

Chizu will recieve a set of razor sharp kunai on a pulley system, to allow her to pull the string on the kunai to return the blades to her after they're initially thrown at opponenets. There is no letter.

Hina, Jango, and Fullbody will all recieve full length statues of themselves, along with a mysterious deck of playing cards.

Richard Stadler will recieve a letter, created with newspaper clippings for each and every letter, stating that he's not off the hitlist yet. Separately, if it gets through the Union Postal service a small brown box, sent by someone named: Vielle Delarosa, will arrive. It's rigged to explode, but after the explosion clears he'll find medical supplies and a note that reads: 'If the explosion doesn't kill you… maybe it will next time. Here's some medical supplies, patch yourself up and prepare for next year. —Kwahn'

Dr. Doom will recieve a new mask, much like Kwahn's own, but made out of Platinum instead of iron. It also comes with built in computer targetting systems and access to the internet at any time.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/63 (timeout warning) Posted Author
These Gifts'll Make Ya Cry Fri Dec 05 Ryotaro Nogami

Ryotaro sends a large jar of Milk Dipper's Signature coffee blend to Mobile Section 6 HQ, with 'Subaru: Keep out!' written on it on a piece of tape. Ryuutaros sends a crayon drawing of all of MS6, standing together, holding hands and smiling. Nanoha looks scary, somehow. Ryotaro also sends individual gifts:

Nanoha - A Nerf gatling gun, and a small weight set picked out by Kintaros.
Fate - A pair of Nerf swords, and a handwritten note from Momotaros: "Coupon good for one (1) free fight! Redeem any time!"
Signum - A Nerf sword, and a sword care kit picked out by Momotaros.
Vita - A large squeaky mallet, and a nerf sword picked by Momo, with a note: "I still think swords are better!"
Caro - A large, purple plush dragon, addressed as from both Ryotaro and Ryuutaros.
Subaru - Two pairs of Sock'em Boppers (because we all know she'll probably break one, and Teana will want to try them anyway).
Teana - A pair of Nerf pistols, and a book of relationship advice from Urataros.
Souji Tendou - A jar of coffee blend, made personally by Airi.
Yuuto Sakurai - A telescope care kit, and a personal coffee blend from Airi.
Lamia Loveless - A jar of coffee blend, made personally by Ryotaro. Also included is a note: "Thank you for believing in me, Lamia-san."

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/64 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Exile's Gifts pt.1 Fri Dec 05 Jason Talben

A number of packages have gone out from Jason Talben. ((OOC Edited for missing grammer and words. This is exactly what I hand out, if something was removed or left out it was for good ooc reasons.))

To all the Seekers of Fortune. They will receive a utility belt and harness sized and shaped for those of unusual size or shape. The contents are all identical, except were noted. And contain a large number of pouches and pockets to hold things. The Below are all compact items as well.

1 grappling gun with harness attach hooks, with 30 durasteel grappling hooks. The Gun when the hook is placed it will auto attach the grapple line to the hook. Range is 70 yards.

5 spools of 300 meters nano filament cable with a breaking strength of 800 pounds.

One small re breather with a two hour limit/4 hour if one uses steady slow breathing. Allows breathing underwater, or in poisonous environment.

A number of medical supplies 9 Normal medpacks level 1 healing, 6 advanced medpacks level 2, and 3 life support packs level 3. ( Medpacks are strictly after combat items only!) It also includes 10 antidote packs which help neutralize all but the most serious cases of poisoning.

It also includes energy food capsules, a high powered long lasting flashlight, union coded distress beacon, various other supples (think common long term camping hiking gear minus the tent and back pack).

1 Heavy Mandalorian Blaster Pistol fully upgraded to allow one to easily point and shoot ( Lara Croft gets two as she duel wields) It includes 4 extra rechargeable battery packs, each battery pack holds enough energy for 250 shots. And 3 blaster gas canisters each can holds enough gas for 500 shots.

1 Vibroblade A 3 foot long sword with a vibration generator which increases the cutting power 100 fold. (Lara Croft will get two again for Duel wielding. Guild master Yugi will get a VibroSword, which is 4 foot long). If the power is cut they still function as per normal swords. They are also blended with Cortosis, to resist lightsaber strikes.


Below /every/ Elite (Only) swordsman in the Union receives the following, everyone who uses a normal sword, paired short swords, or energy swords even lightsabers. They will receive a package with one training Lightsaber in it, With either a 1 green, 2 blue, or 3 yellow blade. (+dice 1d3 what you roll is the color you get.) A note beside it.

This is a training Lightsaber. It is not a weapon, the most it will do is give one a light burn, or major bruise if it strikes someone. It lacks the power of a real lightsaber. Should the day come when and if you should master it. Come to Jason Talben and prove one has mastered this blade, and I will allow you to exchange this training saber for a Real lightsaber with a blade color of your choice. You may seek me out for training if desired. (This will require Rped Training sessions and an Character upgrade app sent in by you).

Sword man will receive a real Lightsaber with a gold and silver hilt with a number of perfectly formed Geometric designs on the blade. When ignited the blade will be a bright Gold color.

HK-47 will get a Assassin Droid Rifle (The one found in KOTOR2 from the HK assassin droids.)

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/65 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Exiles's Gifts pt.2 Fri Dec 05 Jason Talben

<OOC NOTE All the items for Snake and Prime come from the Game KOTOR2 TSL, I know I have the strategy guide next to me.>

To Solid Snake - One Eriadu Stealth Belt Unit <if the Game is be taken into account will cast a stealth field similar to the predator's cloaking effect, Or at least dampen sound around the wearer.>

To Optimus Prime - The Blue prints to weapon upgrade parts which would allow him to effect the fire power of his rifle (Items that the Exile uses in his personal blasters so they work). There is also A note along with it that Reads. "I know the Autobots have been at war for a very long time, Millions of years, and by most accounts what I have sent you is very primitive by your standards. But Perhaps they will inspire you or one of your Autobot inventors with some insight. Respectfully Jason Talben."

To Goggles - A gift certificate for the Dragon's Star Inn, the total is 500 credits and a gift card which will allow Goggles to have free Tea for one full year (It's a massive Restaurant and Tea house, with Japanese, English, and India theme in Cirrus city).

To Yutaro - Blue prints for a Sphere droid (Like a remote in the Star wars ep IV movie) which can help Yutaro make repairs. A Hidden note says it could also be useful for singing the pants of annoying Techies. The message is hidden in the Blue Prints and should be easy to find for any one of his Skills.

To Wolf Link - An easy to open container which holds a number of forms of Jerky, Turkey, beef, Venison, Rabbit, on and on and on. And a note that promises Jason will do his best to keep it filled up. And a request that he will pace himself on eating it lest he have digestion problems.

To every Union Elite, Unaffiliated, and Confederate Elite, Even if the already got a Gift from Jason, a Large Box containing Dried Leaves labeled for Tea. And a pouch of Seeds of the plant in question and a data disk detailing the kind of soil, temp, and environmental conditions. That is used to grow them. A note Reads, "I hope at you find at least one form of tea that you like. These are fit for human consumption, I am not sure about non human consumption, I would advise some measure of caution or pre testing before one ingests any tea if they are not human. As one person said, Tea is the one thing people can talk about without getting into a fight. Respectfully Jason Talben." Scans of the plants indicate they most likely come from the Deeper regions of the Dark Jungle North of the Asian Plains, and a number should be exotic.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/66 (timeout warning) Posted Author
One More Gift Fri Dec 05 Suigintou

(OOC: Forgot to mention it in my earlier posts, even though I already decided it. x.x; Go memory!)

Souseiseki would receive a well-made black fedora with a feather from Suigintou's wings stuck in the band.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/67 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Goggles gifts Pt. 2! Fri Dec 05 Goggles

..Because I'm probably best known for overlooking things here are a few people I missed on the last go 'round.

SHODAN: Gets a choise selection of computer virii ranging from 'pranks' that are easily delt with by quarentine, to more malicious creations that would take your average sysadmin weeks, if not months, to completely remove, as well as a text file. 'A pity we've both been too busy to devout roper attention to eachother, but perhaps my consolation gift will give you something to do for the next ten minutes.'

Yutaro: More technical manuals, uh…yay? that and a grab bag of dye with a note 'I figured you might find a use for these.

Yulia: An assorted batch of hair dye and a note, 'We don't know eachother, but given what you've been through as of late, and that I've heard you dye your hair (sorry if this rumor is untrue), I thought perhaps you'd make use of this.' Plus gift cards good for several mid-scale fashion boutiques.

Bloom: A pair of jade earringes and a gold necklace wit ha jade dragon pendent with emeralds set in the eyes.

Isamu: a 1/20th scale Vf-1 and a flash drive containing a seemingly random selection of thirty or so seventies era kung fu movies.

Sonic: Preliminary plans for what he intends to do with Robotropalis as well as contengencies for if any of the Acorn family show and wish to make good thier claim on the city. Oh and a fake rose bush that has little plastic chilliedogs put where the roses would normally be.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/68 (timeout warning) Posted Author
A few gifts from Revan Fri Dec 05 Brinn Starlighter

*These packages are delivered via standard shipping*

To HK-47: A restraining bolt with a sarcastic note: Stop stealing my comlink. You're ticking people off you bucket of bolts.

To the General: A basket full of plasma grenades, thermal detonators and a datapad entitled "Demolitions: A beginners guide" there's also a datapad that is a full personal journal of the Journey to the Star Forge.

To Magi: A flame retardant and combustible resistant bed mattress with a note: For those times when you're just exploding with energy. Preferably not onboard my ship.

To Goggles: A training lightsaber with a note that says "Have fun."

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/69 (timeout warning) Posted Author
An Innocent Gift To Kirby! Fri Dec 05 Bloom

Livy made this delivery as well. A package to Kirby with a special made jacket for the pink-puff. … With Pockets of Holding containing.. Pixie-Stix. (OOC Disclaimer: Run for your lives. He has a supply of sugar.)

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/70 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gifts from Ocelot Fri Dec 05 Ocelot

Solid Snake - a box with several items inside: An eyepatch, a carton of Snake's favorite smokes, a bottle of premium Russian vodka, and a year's paid subscription to Playboy magazine with this month's issue and complimentary pin-up poster included in the box.

Shirakawa, Doom, Storm, and Tomahawk Man - each receive a large bottle of premium Russian vodka.

Misaki Mihama - A thank you card and some camping/survival gear suited to make a more comfortable life in the jungle.

Madame Machina, Jacqueline, and Selette - each receive day at the spa.

Raging Raven - a custom made Solid Snake plushie with KILL ME sewn onto the back of the vest.

(More to come if I forget something)

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/71 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Exile's Gift's pt. 3 Fri Dec 05 Jason Talben

<OOC Once more I am posting some more Gifts. Odds and Ends mostly, not sure and most of what this is guesses on his part. Some may be right, other's may be wrong. If you have a problem with a gift I'll just retcon it.>

Rebecca Chambers A very advanced Medical Kit. Basically (After combat only) Life support trauma packs. Easy to use. Level 3 healing use. The pack is also armored and insulated, nothing short of a direct hit from an RPG would Bust it open. The pack holds enough supplies to effectively treat 30 critically injured patients on the Battlefield Refilled at New Washington Medical. 1 Heavy Mandalorian Blaster Pistol, Fully upgraded, easy to use. 4 blaster energy cells with enough charge to hold 250 shots. Easy to recharge Just plug into any wall socket. 4 blaster gas canisters with enough Gas for 500 shots. A note detailing where to get more blaster gas easy. One Heavy Duty Vibro Combat Knife, balanced for easy throwing.

Bloom - A Meditation Lamp designed to channel extreme levels of heat through it and should withstand most anything short of her dark fairy form's epic heat attacks.

Yulia and Avel Koslov - Offers his personal radio frequency for contact at anytime. Including a collection of words of Wisdom. For when one is unsure, and loosing their way.

Kain - A necklace made of materials not harmful to a vampire with the a small pendant in the shape of the Soul Reaver sword he wields.

Dresdin Corvon - A Crystal that Jason has imbued with a Positive Light Side Force Aura that rests on a Necklace. An note that Reads, (May this serve as your light, when all others seem to have gone out.)

More to come soon I hope.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/72 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gifts from Fayt Fri Dec 05 Fayt Ravus

A few gifts Fayt has sent out:

To Risa: Jaws on DVD, and a note that says 'Thank you for not killing me'.

To Tamako: Snakes on a Plane on DVD, and a note that says 'Thank you for not killing me'.

To Delilah: a small box of chocolates, and a note that says 'Thank you for not killing me.'

To Sho Minamimoto. An ipod, containing a copy of the song 'pi' by hard n' phirm and a note that says 'Thank you for not killing me.'

To Ocelot: A gun display case with a very detailed carving of an Ocelot on it's side. And a note that says. 'Thank you for helping make sure those other guys didn't kill me.'

To Din: a crystal that's been sculpted to look like dancing flames and a note that says 'Thank you for not incinerateing me'.

To Zelda: Fayt didn't get her anything, though as thanks for allowing him to trade in Hyrule, she may notice that for the next few days he's trading there at a considerable discount. Perhaps suprisingly, there's no note that says 'Thank you for not killing me.'

Also, Black Dragon Shipping is once again advertising their coal hauling services for this year. Like last time, the flyers show up everywhere for neutrality reasons, though there seems to be a lot more of them in some of the multiverse's known bad spots.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/73 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Solid Gifts Fri Dec 05 Solid Snake

Looks like amidst all the hubbub, Snake found time for holiday shopping this year.

Optimus - A free wash at a luxury car wash catering to Transformers, and a day at a health spa for Alexis.
Sisko - A $100 gift card to a particular steakhouse.
Ash - A $100 gift card good anywhere. And from Mei-Ling, an optional firmware CODEC upgrade to add GPS functionality.
Raven - A case of makeup. All of it in hot pink.
Suiseiseki - A $50 gift card to a gardening store.
Suigintou - A small, basic sneaking suit, sized to Suigintou's exact body dimensions, including holes for her wings. Also comes with a gear harness, if she needs to carry anything.
Link - A Bag of Holding.
Psyber - A videocrystal with a note. "Adai suggested this as a gift for you. It's a Basic Close Quarters Combat instructional video, for those times when you've got to disable someone without cutting them to pieces or shooting them." The video?
Ocelot - A small selection of fine cigars.

Additionally, in the Standby Room, a large table has been set up with a mass of Metal Gear REX scale model kits, as always, made by 'OtaKid Toys'. This year it seems Otacon's gone with a 'battle damaged' variant.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/74 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Nosgothian gifts Fri Dec 05 Kain

IT would seem even Kain was feeling the spirit of the holidays…somewhat. Everyone would find a gift bearing Kain's clan signet on the wrapping. Inside of the package would be a hand made traditional Nosgothain royal robe, with it a note. "A small gesture of my generosity."

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/75 (timeout warning) Posted Author
From Alya Fri Dec 05 Alya

Since Alya is not as personable and fun, only a few people receive gifts from her!

Saelus, Trirald and Koorin each get a gift: Saelus gets a collection of 'Anti-Invictus' charms (which are now numbered and collectable!). Trirald gets an interestingly twisted and worn piece of wood; a knot in the wood grew around a piece of amber-looking material (there's a note that says 'this is Amergis, from the belly of a whale and a piece of the 'Wisdom Tree' from Anglind — one stands for patience, the other for wisdom. You must need both with Saelus). Koorin gets a big pot of /Genuine/ Al-Sabir armor and leather polish. Also good for beards, eyebrows, rings, necklaces, horses, and slip-n'-slides.

Kirby gets a shiney blue wooden button, and a griffon feather.

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From Alya Fri Dec 05 Alya

Since Alya is not as personable and fun, only a few people receive gifts from her!

Saelus, Trirald and Koorin each get a gift: Saelus gets a collection of 'Anti-Invictus' charms (which are now numbered and collectable!). Trirald gets an interestingly twisted and worn piece of wood; a knot in the wood grew around a piece of amber-looking material (there's a note that says 'this is Amergis, from the belly of a whale and a piece of the 'Wisdom Tree' from Anglind — one stands for patience, the other for wisdom. You must need both with Saelus). Koorin gets a big pot of /Genuine/ Al-Sabir armor and leather polish. Also good for beards, eyebrows, rings, necklaces, horses, and slip-n'-slides.

Kirby gets a shiney blue wooden button, and a griffon feather.

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Miles' Gifts pt. 1 Fri Dec 05 Miles Prower

Miles has more people on his list than he realized. Unlike most, he doesn't give 'general' gifts. All gifts seem to materialize from the aether on their proverbial doorsteps.

To Field Marshal Doctor Victor von Doom- A bottle of fine, non-poisoned brandy with a note attached, 'Good Luck- That irritating little vulpine Mobian'.

To Prince Lotor of the Planet Doom- A toy robot, looks a lot like a Robeast, also with a note- 'It's a pity Robotnik wasn't more like you, I might have been able to spare him.'

To Scourge Hedgehog- A note that says 'Learn from my mistakes, would-be king, and you might just survive this place- Tails.' Fiona would receive a note as well, labeled 'Another Chance - Miles Prower'

To Reno, of the Turks- A tub of Turtle Wax. No note.

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Miles' Gifts pt. 2 Fri Dec 05 Miles Prower

Yeah, these gifts just materialize too.

A gift appears for Millia Rage, at her feet, from a green ball of energy. It's an industrial strength comb.

To Sonic Hedgehog, my brother, my friend- A ten pound package of frozen chili dogs, a huge tub of chili, and three packages of buns, along with a note. 'These Overlanders have strange holidays. I find the spirit pleasant, though. So I suppose I shall celebrate it. Merry Christmas, big Blue.'

To Kirby, the Littlest Star Warrior- Three big tubs of ice cream; one strawberry, one vanilla, one chocolate, and a little card that says 'Merry Christmas', and when opened, it plays the Kirby's Dreamland theme.

To Goggles- A pistol that looks much like Miles' blaster, the note attached reads- 'This is a Royal Guard Pattern IV laser pistol, brought into service just before the old Kingdom fell.' It goes on to describe how the battery is easily recharged and with proper maintenance, the weapon can last for decades, plus a maintenance manual.

To Winry Rockbell- A 10 pound wrench. It looks old and a bit weathered, but it looks like it was hand made from a series of other tools. The attached note reads 'This is our idea of a multi-tool. It's not unlike what they call a 'Swiss Army Knife'. You'll need three D batteries for it.' When she unfolds it, she'll find it doubles as a pen, penlight, can opener, micro-laser cutter, toothpick, onion blossomer, and it can be used to make keys.

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Presents from the Grim Heaper! Fri Dec 05 Sho Minamimoto

A small box arrives to every elite, plain black with a silver ribbon around it, with a skull decal instead of a bow sealing it shut. The contents vary as follows:

Every Elite who had been in the Reaper's Game, winner or not, will get a nice little gift set, a random assortment of five pins, and a player pin, all deactivated to be completely mundane in the RealGround. The presents have a little note, attached. 'Kudos for not dying. Welcome to come back for another go if you've got the guts.'

Every Reaper, temporary or not, gets a special pin emblazoned with a pair of Reaper Wings, and a note 'Thanks for the hard work. We appreciate it.'

Every Elite not yet associated with the Reaper's Game in any way, gets a Player Pin, perfectly normal and mundane, no special powers, as well as a map of Shibuya, directions on how the Reaper's Game works, and a note that reads, 'If you're up for a real challenge, we dare you to play.'

Everyone, regardless, gets a coupon for a free bowl of Ramen at Ramen Don's in Dogenzaka.

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Miles' Gifts pt. 3 Fri Dec 05 Miles Prower

You guessed it, they materialize.

To Excellen Browning- A pinup poster of (this) Miles Prower, posing on a beach, wearing little more than a pair of swim shorts.

To Princess Bloom- A small bag of peculiar little crystals. The note says- 'These are seeds. Though these seeds need Chaos to grow, I believe your magic will suffice. I have yet to discover an environment where they cannot grow.'

Alexander Armstrong will find, in his personal quarters, a surfboard and a jar of wax. The nearby Christmas card, signed Miles Prower, reads 'Trust me. It's fun. Plus, you have an excuse to flex and wax your muscles.'

It's not easy for Miles to get a gift into Optimus Prime's room, but if you make enough deals with the Lolcats, you can go anywhere. Prime will find a copy of 'Autobabes Monthly' in his room, and his Christmas card says 'Even the most ancient warriors need to relax. Thank you for helping Nicole.'

Last but not least, at some point Santa Claus *has* to find the chili dogs and root beer Miles has sent him. Hopefully the 'Thank you for repairing my friend. I owe you more than this, but I don't know what else to offer a creature such as you.' note gets to Santa too.

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Gifts from the Dark Wolf. (1/2) Fri Dec 05 Rhode Kal'Daka

Rhode Kal'Daka has sent out the following gifts:

Doom - A hand crafted pair of twin obsidian swords, dubly named 'The Solution' and 'The Interrogator'. Both are custom made with a broad mirror-sheen finish, with symbolic runes of his own culture, along with spikes and 'thorns' along the blade until it reaches the tip. They're not to be used for battle, rather, something for show and display.

Captain Storm: A strange novelty item, with seems to contain an everlasting image of St. Elmo's fire.

Taro: A unique type of tea, created from the leaves of Shadow Wood. A note attached states that it's best to drink it cold, but heating it up is an option. He also gets a book, entitled 'Darkfolk's Shadows', a book about a technology world being taken over by one computer cult, almost similar to SHODAN.

Dr. Nathan Xiang: His old body. No, serious, Rhode's old body that was cloned. The head is missing… And a note is on the armor: Free test subject. Can you play god, Doctor?

The Bureaucratic Imp: … It's a jar, with a small glowing black orb inside. It's labeled 'RHODE'S SOUL'. On the bottom, it reads: (Or, rather, the one that STOLE from Thionoxial. You know what he stole.)

Raven DeVanos: She gets a small box, -highly- small. When opened, inside are a pair of earrings, both of some strange almost foreign symbol. A note under the earrings read: 'The left represents Pride. The right represents Immortality. The two together, when combined, represent Everlasting Pride.'

Sephiroth: A very expensive sword cleaning kit, made of the finest grade, along with a strange obsidian-looking whetstone. A note attached to the stone reads: 'The whetstone not only sharpens, but gives the blade a slight black glow to it. It helps concealing it, making it harder to judge where it goes.' If looked on the back, it reads: 'As much as you've stated we should never meet, you failed to say anything about gifts. Be well, Sephiroth.

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Gifts from the Dark Wolf. (2/2) Fri Dec 05 Rhode Kal'Daka

Penny Little: A small tin box, which when opened, reveals quite a few packs of 'Multiversal War' trading cards. The elites in the cards are random, but two cards stand out, in little protective cases: A Penny Little card, and a Rhode Kal'Daka card.

Xander Phoenix: Yes, even Xander gets a gift. Though, he may not like it. -There's nothing inside but a note-. The note reads: 'Be a little nicer to your enemies. For all you know, they might get you something valuable next year.'


Talynn Black: An exquisite selection of 3 wines, and 1 foreign wine that is unlabeled. A small label reads: 'It's almost like back in my world, but has a weaker taste. Give it a try, tell me what you think.'

Everyone in the Confederacy that didn't get a gift receive ear plugs. Notes read: 'Believe me. One of these nights, you're -going- to need this.'

Everyone in the Union, for Rhode's sheer amusement, gets little foam baseball bats. For some reason, when ever it hits something, a voice either yells 'BOINK!' or 'BONK!'

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An ominous warning. Fri Dec 05 Yukari Yakumo

Don't ask how or why. But a few people recieve cards with little hints about just what may be coming to them. The cards can be found around the wierdest places, and contain no more than a single line of text.

To Aya Shameimaru, her note can be found benath her hat!: You'll like your gift, it's just point and click. -Y.Y.

To Envy, found in his freezer: You'll like your gift, it won't explode. - Y.Y.

To Psyber, found atop his cursed coffee table: You'll like your gift. It's hard. -Y.Y.

To Tesla Keith, found beneath his straight jacket: You won't like your gift. But it doesn't explode. -Y.Y.

To Suigintou, oddly tacked beneath a bottle of yakult: You'll like your gift, it's safe. -Y.Y.

To Nina Windia, beneath the next plate she eats off of: You'll like your gift. It's tasty. -Y.Y.

To Dante Sparda, found on the rack where he keeps his swords: You'll like your gift, it's bright. -Y.Y.

To Suika Ibuki, slapped right on her sake gourd: You'll like your gift, it's smooth. -Y.Y.

To Ailiar, found on some of her construction materials: You'll like your gift. It's not *frumple*. -Y.Y.

To Flandre Scarlet, at the bottom of a teacup: You'll like your gift, it's sweet. -Y.Y.

To F Gattaca and Codon Alicia, found taped to their TV remote control: You'll like your gift, it's got 1000000000 channels. -Y.Y.

To Winry Rockbell, tacked to one of her many wrenches: You'll like your gift. And it's not a wrench. -Y.Y.

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Gifts From Delilah! Sat Dec 06 Angela


Delilah vanished some time ago, and apparently didn't arrange gifts before she left.

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Presents from a reporter! Sat Dec 06 Aya Shameimaru

Several people find a rather interesting assortment of gifts from Gensokyo's resident reporter, Aya Shameimaru. Various recipients recieve various gifts…

-Batch 1-
Given to Millia Rage, Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun, The Rozen Maidens, Yulia, Winry Rockbell, Freya, Isamu Dyson, Peter Parker, and Ailiar: (And anyone who I might have forgotten to mention that Aya has ties with, mail me if you think you're on this list! @.@;)

-One english translated copy of Perfect Momento in Strictist Sense. (Essentially a Traveler's Guide to Gensokyo).
-For females, one set of Tengu Tribe clothing similar to what Aya wears. A blouse and skirt set, even the Tengu Hat!
-For males, a male tengu kimino. Your typical kimono, with white and black patterns, and a red sash/belt.
-A first print edition of Aya's Gensokyo Photo Guide, containing detailed photographs of some of Gensokyo's most popular locations.
-A subscription to Aya's Newspaper, Bunbunmaru News (Which is kind of strange, since the paper's already free…)
-One download code for Gensokyo's first ever Album release on iTunes, Akyu's Untouched Score:The Complete Works

-Batch 2-
Given to Gensokyo residents (Suika Ibuki, Yukari Yakumo, Komachi Onozuka, Flandre Scarlet):

-A bottle of Youkai Mountain's local sake.
-A set of sake cups.
-First edition copies of the Gensokyo Photo Guide by Aya.
-An iPod with purchase reciept from Rinnosuke's shop in the Forest of Magic, preloaded with Gensokyo's first ever album release:Akyu's Untouched Score:The Complete Works.

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Another Gift from Leo Sat Dec 06 Leonardo

Kain got a scoll, a painting, and some very nice, comfy pillows for his throne. Problem is Leo has no idea about what colors he needs to get. Thus he gets all black and red pillows.

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Gifts of Memory Sat Dec 06 Yugi Mutou

A small package, appearing no bigger than the size of a wallet, arrives upon the doorstep of residences of Union Elites and unaffilated individuals that have had relations with the King of Games, Yugi Mutou. Inside the package is a gift for the addressed individual with a small note attatched to it, "Seasons greetings, my friend. In honor of the festive holiday you may celebrate, please accept this gift as a continued token of our friendship. It will seem bland at first but with a little effort, it can shine. May it remind you of the best of times we've had and to live in the moment, cherishing every second of life you've been blessed with. Open at your conveinence and use as often as you'd like. Sincerely, Yugi Mutou, Guildmaster of the Seekers of Fortune."

Those that decide to open the gift will find a completely blank white duel monsters card. Those magic or force-sensitive will feel the magical aura the card carries. Upon grasping the card, a warm sensation comes over you as it changes into spell card with emerald borders. Engraving suddenly appears over the title of the card with the word, "Memories", being written in gold lettering. Those that put in "The Effort" as the Guildmaster stated will find their most cherished memory of The King of Games and themselves painted upon where the art-work would be, playing out as it was in their own mind.

Merry X-mas and Seasons Greetings, Multiverse.


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Lara's Gifts Sat Dec 06 Lara Croft

Kwahn - A thank you note along with a bottle of fine brandy and an authentic medieval tapestry.

Seekers of Fortune - each receives an artifact from Lara's private collection. Small, individual statues of Chinese warriors from an ancient dynesty.

Jason Talben - The previous seekers gift, a thank you note and a great deal of catered, homecooked meals for Jason and his crew. None of that replicated stuff! As well as some high quality pokemon food for Scrapper.

Souseiseki and Millia Rage - each receive a basket filled with a selection of high quality tea leaves.

Darth Vader - A private invitation to dinner.

All Union Elites - An open invitation to a casual holiday get together on Sat. Dec 13th at Croft Manor! Rp begins at 8PM EST. There will be catering but feel free to bring a homemade dish to share with your friends.

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Jedi Gifts Sat Dec 06 Lyn

Every elite in the Union recieves a blue and brown coffee/tea mug, filled with Goetz 'Cow Tails' - strips of creame-filled caramel rope. They're tasty, and vegetarian!

Additionally, some get personalized gifts.

Kirby gets a Telli the Twi'lek stuffy.

Lt. Stadler gets an invitation to physical training session. Kari Fleece also gets an invitation to training session. Estano does not, but gets a very nice card and a gift certificate to Cactus Jack's (to make up for the dinner that Lyn turned down).

Shinji gets a blue chawan, hand-painted with a pair of brown-and-cream songbirds on a black twig.

Kaworu gets a brown chawan with carefully painted snowflakes on it.

Optimus Prime receives a 50-gallon drum of Ultra-High-Grade, wrapped with a sparkly bow.

Darth Vader gets nothing. -.-

Greed gets a coffee grinder and 50 lbs. of 'caff pods', which smell like coffee beans. They are very high-quality.

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Gifts at Sonic Speed part 1 Sat Dec 06 Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles: Sonic doesn't want to support Miles' bad habits, so Miles gets no booze or cigarettes from him. Instead, he gives Miles a small stock of supplies he's saved up for him. This comes along with a quality set of travling gear, a long coat, some sturdy boots, and a new hat. There's a note hoping Miles is alright and that he can use this stuff.

Knuckles: Knux gets an airmail envelope that looks suspiciously chaos emerald shaped. Opening it will reveal that it's just stuffed with paper balls to achieve the affect. A note is in here somewhere that simply says "Just kidding" in Sonic's handwriting. The real gift will suddenly appear in a box via hand delivery. This consists of a cd player and several different genre of CDs. There's no note this time, but it's labeled as being from Sonic.

Shadow: Shadow will…somehow recive a box from Sonic. Inside the box is a red cape with golden lining with a note from Sonic claiming he thought it might look cool on Shadow.

Mogul will get the air mail envelop just like Knuckles, but that's all he gets…

Millia Rage gets a pair of shoes ment specifically for racing. This comes with a note asking to talk with her again sometime.

Anyone still around who came to the battle in Robotropolis (when Sonic had to fight his parents and uncle Chuck) even Miles and Knuckles will recieve plushies of Sir Charles Hedgehog, Lady Bernadette Hedgehog, and a still robotic Sir Jules Hedgehog all holding letters from each of the three respectively as well as Sonic. These letters strongly thank those receiving them for having some part in helping the three of them regain thier freedom.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
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Gifts from Leiko Sat Dec 06 Leiko

Every Elite in the Union has a live salmon delivered to them in a wooden box made carefully and sealed with resin. They will need to be transferred to an aquarium (or eaten) immediately—the box will not support them. They come with a scroll in a fancier lacquered box. The scroll reads, "Please enjoy the salmon, from my own private stock. They are most delicious, and the best part is sucking the juices from the spine."

Those who have visited Leiko's kingdom in friendliness are given the additional gift of a Go tablea Go board mounted on a table so that it is free standingand the stones nessicary for the game in elegantly lacquered boxes.

The Triancian ship anchored near Leiko's castle recieves a box from Leiko as well, delivered by a trained giant bird. It contains the "Delicious Fruit" she recieved—it has been re-gifted!

Solid Snake recieves a very ornate lacquered box, lined in blood red silk. It is decorated with real gold, with the image of a giant fox standing atop a mountain. Inside is a modest flint stone and a piece of steel.

Rosalinde recieves an enormous egg. Given proper care and attention, it will hatch into one of the large birds from Leiko's cliffs. The material the egg is packed in to keep it safe and warm is several bolts of exquisite silk.

Zelda recieves a rich, chocolate brown houmongi and an emerald green maru obi, as well as a pair of simple getas and the proper socks.

Risa is given a pressed tea block shaped to look like a cod. It is also the same size as the fish it depicts, weighing twenty five pounds (12kg).

Staren is given a very long scroll detailing the customs and courtesy of Japan, dating roughly from the Heian era.

If I have inadvertently forgotten anyone that believes Leiko ought to have given them a present, it is an OOC failure—let me know and I will add yours on!

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On a more personal note Sun Dec 07 Risa

Risa has also sent out… some personal gifts!
First, a rush delivery, Winry would get a pair of fluffly and extremely effective earmuffs, a warm woolly blanket, and a few packets of hot cocoa mix. Also attached 'See? Not a wrench! Take some time and relax!'

Yugi would receive, the 'Impossible' difficulty 1,000,000 piece 'Map of the Multiverse' jigsaw puzzle. It's not really a 'real' map, because that'd be impossible to fit on a mere puzzle. The note attached reads 'I heard you were the King of Games! This looked fun!'

Sho would receive a new set of theoretical advanced calculus books, with a note. 'Maybe you can find some new jokes with this!'

Subaru and Teana would both get a half of the same (opposite halves, of course) aquamarine friendship heart. Like those cheesy ones you can get, but much nicer! There's no writing on it, though, unlike the cheap one. Attached to Subaru's half is the note 'Forgetting teaches us things, but what it teaches is up to you' and Teana's 'Loss makes us cry, but it also shows us what we had. Treasure it!'

Freya would get a giant-sized sleeping bag, with a snake-scale tail pattern on it. The note reads 'There's more of you to get cold, so here's something big to keep you warm!'

Neku would get a semi-fancy digital camera. It's note would say 'I was told this could make pictures… So use it! What's important to you may be forgotten, but pictures can't forget!'

Shir, not forgotten, would get a nice black hooded cloak, with lots of little pockets on the inside. It's note, in one of the pockets, would read 'Something dark, to hide in the night, and lots of pockets, 'cause dropping stuffs not right!'

Solid snake would get a plush Lamia, with a little note 'from me to you, a fellow snake! Here's a little something, to make your holiday great!'

Surprisingly, Ocelot would receive a gift! Inside a small unmarked box, would be a charm bracelet with only two charms attached. A red heart, and a peace symbol. The note attached reads 'There! Now I've given you peace and love! All you have to do is accept them!'

Toph would get a pair of silver anklets, that, when worn, would create just enough ice under her feet to walk on water. They're slightly cold to the touch, until worn, where they warm up. The note attached is a a audio-playing one. 'With these on your feet, you won't have to worry about falling into water! You can make solids flow like water, so I'll make water as solid as the ground for you.'

(More to come, don't worry!)

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
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Additional Gifts Sun Dec 07 Subaru

With the first wave of gifts handed out, another wave goes out! Call it a brainfart.

Sho Minamimoto: A gold-plated calculator and extremely strong and small magnets to make Grim Heaping easier.

Risa: An intricate magical bowl. It's impossible to drop unwillingly no matter how you hold it (unless you -want- to drop it) and is always clean even if you just ate from it. Perfect for people without arms!

Neku: A pin with Subaru's grinning face on it. It's pretty classy. There's also a note that says "We should meet again, doof! <3"

Joshua: A big box of chocolate pins. There's fifty and each one has a different flavor and filling which transcends even Joshua's godly powers of premonition within Shibuya.

Midna: Some cute little clothes that match up to her size! There's a pretty frilly princess dress, and a goth leather outfit, and a more casual pair of jeans with a t-shirt.

Yugi: A Rubik's Supercube (15x15x15) and a blindfold. The blindfold is stylish and has the Millenium Puzzle's fancy eye-logo on it. It could double as a headband. The colors of the cube match the Sheep Heavenly and Natural Puppy clothes they saw in Shibuya.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/93 Posted Author
Confederate Christmas: Ranks 10-5 Sun Dec 07 Captain Storm

EVERYONE in the Confederacy (except those Wraiths and Inofficial Allies) gets a gift from Storm this year. (If you can't find your name… then I may have missed you, please prod me about it and I'll @mail you something rather than add on even more spam.)

It is accompanied by a christmas card: The image is of Captain Storm looking very grumpy, in a red santa hat, on a sleigh pulled over the water by six zombie dolphins. On the inside is a simple message: In the Spirit of the Season…

Dr. Doom: A large mug with 'Multiverse's No. #1 Boss' printed on it.

Taro: An impressively large tri-corner hat, and a small fishing boat that can fold down for easy transport!

Davlyr: A set of fishing rods, and a map (on old parchment, naturally.) With large red X's placed on several 'sweet spots'.

Azami: A classically-styled chest. Heavy oak, with polished brass handles and lock. Inside are many, many chocolate coins. Though it isn't immediately obvious, overnight the chest will fill itself back up again.

Metal Man: A coupon for one day at 'Ole Rusty's Robot Repair'. A luxury day spa for robots. And a note saying: 'Relax. Your time won't come for a long while yet.'

Dr. Xiang: A map, with classical big red X on a particular spot. Going there will reveal a cove in which dozens of unique varieties of aquatic life have been trapped.

Angel: A medal case that automatically cleans and polishes your medals. A note saying: 'Now work on filling it up.'

Haruno Sakura: A Multiverse self-help book entitled 'So your boss hates your double'.

Shu Shirakawa: A coupon for sailing lessons. Learn how to sail the high seas with some of the finest seamen in the Multiverse!

Reno: Half a ton of turkish delight. It is of excellent quality.

Lotor: A very fine bottle of Atlantean wine. There may be blood stains on the label.

Loros: An exquisite quill made from an angels feather and a bottle of fine ink. There is also a roll of parchment, and an additional note; buyer beware.

Lowell Fenris: A CD of whalesong. Very relaxing!

Xarvonix: Sixteen crates of perfumes and deodorants of various kinds.

Rhode Kal'Daka: A cutlass of exquisite workmanship, without any concession to decor. This is a blade for killing things with.

Rude: A fine bottle of port and a crystal decanter.

Caliber: A pirate hat, and invitation into the Gale Force on a trial basis.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/94 Posted Author
Confederate Christmas: Ranks 4-3 Sun Dec 07 Captain Storm

SHODAN: A book entitled 101 Ways to Relieve Stress. Most of them involve inventive ways to kill people with household objects.

Ilse Freud: A conspiracy book entitled: "So you thought World War Two was over?"

Isley: A live swordfish in a tank.

Darth Vader: A very heavy, finely made black cape.

Empress Zelda: A beautiful silver handmirror, with dozens of diamonds studded throughout.

Volkovo: An old style flintlock pistol. It is fully functional, but looks better as a display piece.

Drakesun: A pack of chocolate halflings. Now with 50 per cent more halfling!

Azula: An incredibly potent hot sauce called Ragnaros' Breath.

MAT Mk III: A years supply of polish.

Wakened Mirror: A full-scale mirror, but, something seems to have gone wrong in transport and it is now broken.

Schroedinger: A large packet of delicious gummy question marks.

Shyathy Jayld: An aquarium full of tropical fish. They glow in the dark!

Albel Nox: A voucher for a great deal of money, which will be honored at all Cirrus Marine clothing stores.

Clavicus: A talking raven. It doesn't have much to say, but it says it often.

RAAM: A large megaphone.

Logan Trieste: A book: The Habits of Highly Effective Dictators.

Dracula: A bottle of very fine red ….. 'wine'.

Shadow Man: A set of chocolate ninja throwing stars. Delicious and deadly.

Kain: The complete works of William Shakespeare.

Sniper Wolf: Several crates of ammunition and a kit for engraving names onto bullets.

Ocelot: Fishing lessons, and an invitation to go deep sea fishing with Captain Storm himself. Deep sea, here, is a very relative term.

Fierna: A very fine red evening dress, it is also fireproof.

Alouette: A years supply of cleaning products, industrial strength.

============================== Christmas Gifts ===============================
Message: 41/95 Posted Author
Confederate Chrismas: Ranks 2-1 Sun Dec 07 Captain Storm

Tomahawk Man: A mounting rack for scalps.

Meta Knight: Chocolate covered crunchy stars. They are delicious! But it's uncertain what, exactly, makes them so crunchy and sweet.

Damaramu: An incredibly thick helmet.

Agent Smith: A years supply of dry cleaning for suits at the finest dry-cleaners in New Pyongyang.

Mazurek: A very, very large anchor. No explanation for this is given.

Shade: A pair of very cool designer sunglasses.

Bowser: A -HUGE- cannon. Designed to be able to shoot anything you can fit in the end.

Kastyr: The Encyclopedia Pokemonica. The latest attempt to classify every pokemon thus far encountered in the Multiverse. It is very big.

Fawful: A rhyming dictionary.

King Dedede: The deed to an all-you-can-eat buffet in New Pyongyang.

Darth Perious: A novelty mug, with a decapitated jedi on it, and the motto 'Sith happens'.

Selette Finbach: An amulet that glows blue in the presence of people called Logan. There is no explanation for this, and no documentation that shows this is what it actually does.

Ty Lee: A bright pink pufferfish in a tank.

Madame Machina: A How-To guide for impressive laughter.

Jedah Dohma: A set of exquisitely crafted silver dinnerware.

Snowchaser: Legwarmers, and a very heavy fake-fur coat.

Jacqueline: An aquatic snake in a tank, and a guide on how to take care of it.

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