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From an old (yet young) soldier Tue Dec 31 Steve Rogers
Steve did Christmas presents as well, even though some of them were trickier than others.

For his fellow Avengers:
Tony Stark received a bottle of scotch from the early 1940s.
Clint Barton got a set of replacement bowstrings for his usual bow (you never know when you might need them), and a gift card for a sporting goods store.
Thor was given a coffee table book of lightning photographs from around the world.
Bruce Banner received a gift card for a men's clothing store (some chain that's nice but not too pricey, and has plenty of stores all around the Multiverse).

And outside of his immediate team:
Pepper Potts received a Macy's gift card.
Alexis Maaka got a note thanking her for the weapons (and agreeing that they'll probably be handy), and copies (modern reprints, sadly) of some of the WW2-era Captain America comic books.
Nasrin gets a hooded sweatshirt (aka 'hoodie'), navy blue in color, with a design on the back resembling his shield.
And Yoko Kazehara gets a hoodie similar to Nasrin's, but with the SHIELD emblem on the back instead of Cap's shield design.

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Mech-ristmas presents Tue Dec 31 Winry Rockbell
Every Elite that Winry knows personally, regardless of faction - Union, Confederate, unaffiliated, wherever - got a plate of Christmas/Yuletide cookies; Transformers would get Energon munchies shaped into holiday-appropriate designs.

A handful of individuals get additional presents, as follows:
Bo Holder: A repulsorlift mechanic's creeper (for working underneath a car if you don't have a good high lift for it) and an electronic tablet with stylus. "Not sure how much you'll need the first; the second should help with brainstorming designs - getting the images out where you can look at them, and not wasting paper."
Kenshiro: a gift card for an athletic clothing store in Njorun. "No idea what you can use, hopefully this is useful for you."
Niv-Mizzet: A current prototype of the ROKT (Remote-Operated Kinetic Telemetry) drone that Winry showed at Presentation Day last year; this is considerably more refined, and comes with notes about how she'd like to integrate tactile and olfactory senses (which will take help). The drone is Niv's to play with as he sees fit, though, whether for his own purposes or to advise on improvements.
Optimus Prime: "What do you get for the best truck in the Multiverse?" The answer seems to be a new pair of fuzzy dice to hang in his cab … but connecting to them wirelessly brings up a set of electronic board and chance games that he can play against the CPU, or via local (or further) wireless with Alexis, Roller, his Mini-cons, or whomever.
Taro: an electronic collection of puzzles and brain-teasers. "Give me some time to get decent at chess, okay?"
Yulia and Avel: A handcrafted model of Sweetwater Colony, wired with internal lighting - which reveals that the interior is just as meticulously detailed as the exterior. "We'll get you guys home again sooner or later, even if I'm not in the front of the fight."
Yunomi: A premium-quality tool belt, much like the one Winry currently uses, and a gift card for a top-of-the-line tool store. "Not sure what kind of tools you'll find most useful, but this'll make it easier to carry them around."

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Idol gifts Tue Dec 31 Yuna Kagurazaka
Yuna was late getting some of her gifts out (and her player had massive writer's block on compiling the list), so this is just partial for now …


Every Elite that Yuna is on friendly terms with (mostly Union and some neutral; there are a *couple* of Confederates whom she considers friendly) receives a link to an online archive with the vast majority of Yuna's released songs in digital* audio format. There are some songs that aren't included for one reason or another; the one request/restriction she makes is that these aren't for redistribution.

Members of the Gatecrashers Union (regardless of affiliation) receive 3D audio-visual recordings of the "distraction" concert that Yuna did during the raid on the Gnomes' fortress, during the seal quest in Alfheim Online. The recording stops just before the rock was thrown at her which ended the concert; however, she also included the official video for "Sword and Wing," the image song for the ALO relaunch.

The "veterans" of Session 412/the Sburb campaign, again regardless of affiliation or lack thereof, all receive CDs (or similar media) with a custom mix of songs to commemorate the campaign. The songs all revolve around themes of hope and new beginnings, while more than a few of the chosen songs pay homage to those who fell along the way. The four "players" and their troll counterparts also get new digital media players, with sleeves and carrying pouches customized with decorative designs based on Skaian spyrography (or a reasonable approximation thereof).

Members of Starlit Hearts, and individuals who get specialized gifts from Yuna, all receive personalized cards with a picture of Yuna from her holiday tour for the year on the front, and a handwritten message inside each one, greeting the recipient by name and wishing them the happiest of holidays.

INDIVIDUAL GIFTS …. I'm still working on the list, and I think the board is supposed to be closed by now, so I'm going to have to tag people by page or @mail with what folks are getting. Sorry! @.@; I'll try and do pages where possible instead of overloading the @mail system.

(* - People who use magic-based media players instead of technology-based ones would find that they can download compatible versions of every song on the archive without having to run it through a converter.)

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Skullstone Gifts Tue Dec 31 Madeline Vance

Madeline does give out gifts, though they are limited in number due to her current lack of time.

SHIZUNE NAKAMURA receives an elaborate thank-you letter, as well as a package of scrolls detailing the basic maneuvers of several Terrestrial Martial Arts, a necklace with an elaborate seal upon it, and a note. "You started me on a path that you may not have intended, but it lead to something even more grand than I imagined. To you, Nakamura, I give this necklace, which will grant you limited favor in all my lands, Paragon and Skullstone, in recognition for your work in freeing Paragon from the Scepter. The scrolls detail some of the martial arts of my world, which may not be suited to your own, but I suspect that you, being a true martial artist, can still achieve some form of enlightenment by studying them."

The Phoenix of the Perfect Horizon, VINCENT HART, receives a large box. "Although we are enemies and you have much desire and right to hate me, you still did me a favor. Here is a gift and the return of that favor: the thing that you requested of me. I have stripped it of the Soulsteel already, for you." Inside is a Warstrider, just as he requested, and no questions on why he wants it when he has something far better.

To the Burning Grasp, YURI STINSON, a collection of music from They Might Be Giants, Moxy Fruvous, and various other artists, along with a Gibson guitar. "I suspect we will sometimes be at odds, but I hope most of the time you will not be concerned with my doings. I believe we worked together to improve two realms, and here I think you should improve your music."

To KILIK, a collection of music much like Yuri got, but included are the sheet music. "I'm not sure what else to get you, but this is merely a gift. You still have a favor to cash in whenever you like."

To ZIRIS NAVARR, a small stone which dampens negative emotions in the area. "You seemed to dislike necromancy and the like, so I provided you with something to make it easier to sleep in such instance." It doesn't fully eliminate them, but it helps. Obviously the note also provides an audio recording.

To ELLIANA FAIRCHILD, the deed to a house of her choice in the Skullstone Archipelago. "I hear you need a place to live."

To WINNOWILL, several Soulsteel ingots. "I am curious to see what you can do with these."

EMERALD BLADE receives several blades that once belonged to the Silver King. Many of them are minor artifacts, and two of them were for use with his mech. His signature weapon is, unfortunately, not among them. "You are much easier to shop for than most, and I presume you would be interested in a Deathlord's armory."

STARLESS NIGHT receives several sets of elaborate clothing, both Eastern and not. "I know you seem to like the finer things, and these can also help you in your undercover attempts. Thank you."

Field Marshall DRACULA's gift is much more simple, magically-preserved blood and several elaborate and fine paintings for the castle, both landscapes and battles. "You seem a conoissoir of the arts. Correct me if I am wrong."

Finally, SERORI receives a new set of Saiyan-styled armor, made from superdense Soulsteel as well. "Though you cannot attune it the way Abyssals can, you can handle the weight of it fine, and this kind of armor is something to be feared. As are you, General."


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Belated Christmas Wed Jan 01 Tesla Armadia
No one should be surprised, being absent-minded comes with the turf of MAD SCIENCE.

Genghis Rex: Rex gets about the only thing that could make the Tarpits better at this point — a proper throne for the king to sit upon. When he's not running the giant-dinosaur-mecha-control-harness, of course. Additionally Styraco and Plesio get copies of the technical and genetic specs for the cyberifying units she used on the raptor clones so they can continue refining the process.

Serori - A training dummy made of nanometal that reforms itself over time. So no matter how massively she Saiyan explodes the thing it will return to normal in a few hours, depending on how massive said exploding is.

Dracula - A hearse that's been restored as a limo suitable to his status (yes the windows are tinted to block sunlight. In a nice shade of blood red I might add). So the Lord of Darkness can travel in style. The minibar was fitted with a blood packet dispenser as well as fine wine selection.

Nine - Nine won't get his present delivered until after the 1st. Because it's a bottle of high quality whiskey and a case of cigars for him to celebrate successfully going a year without drinking. The card included has been written on the inside: Your determination to make it through is admirable but now it is time to relax and enjoy the success. Merry Christmas - Tesla.

Katherine Quinn - No matter how fancy your guns and explosives get, there's few things as dependable in a fix than a good ol' knife. Though it helps that this one has been sharpened to a monomolecular edge so it can cut through almost any material within reasonable thickness, and has a reinforced brace on the handle that can be used like brass knuckles.

Fuki - There's a book on traditional ninja tactics for her, a textbook on multiversal electronics and programming for her Masters, and a tear-proof electric-resistant cushion for her 'pet' to sleep on.

Thor - It's either a gift or a threat, or possibly both with how the Norse gods feel about glorious battle. It's a shell with his name etched into it, and a big shell at that because it's sized for a certain robo-dinosaur's rail-cannon. Almost seems like it was from the creation rather than the scientist. Maybe that fancy tactical system in Shardcore's head learned what 'nemesis' means from getting smashed by Mjolnir so many times.

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New Years Gifts From Nowhere Wed Jan 01 Fiora O'Brien

Psyber recieves a copy of the critically acclaimed miniseries 'Band of Nakkers', as well as 'Saving Private Nakken', 'Big Trouble in Little LOGAL', and 'NAK CITY'. He also recieves a well-loved copy of MOROCCO BURNS… The greatest DVD movie of all time.

Eila recieves a crystal ball. Wrapped around it is a nice long (film noire style) coat, tailored for a hard boiled detective lady.

Loros recieves a box of wooden letters. They're all capitals. Also, a tamed Wild Afterus Island Spider, which is about the size of a car, eats meat, is colored black and purple, and has a goddamn health and mana bar. It is 'domesticated' in that it won't murder things that feed it consistently. The perfect dungeon companion!

Raven recieves a bottle of very nice champagne… And a box of hot pockets. (Note - "You forgot these at my house 40bn years ago, I think they kept in the freezer though!")

Psalm recieves a Bardavarius Fiddle, made by one of the legendary bard-monks of Song, with excellent pitch and timbre. These legendary fiddles are a much saught after collector pieces.

Endria, whever she is… Recieves Endernak. He smuggled himself off to her in a big giftwrapped box. Naknak.

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For Psyber Wed Jan 01 Thompson Sisters

The Thompsons have no money of their own to spend on Christmas gifts this year, and since mugging people on the streets is on the list of activities which the Union kinda frowns upon, it's looking like they're not going to be able to do much for the one person they've come to care about outside each other. Distressed and waaay embarrassed by that fact — especially given the generosity of the gifts Psyber's given to /them/ — it comes as a huge relief to find out Santa's provided for them where they've come up short. Inside the gift-wrapped box labeled 'To: Liz and Patti, From: Santa' is another gift-wrapped box which is labeled 'To: Psyber, From: Liz and Patti.'

The sisters manage to sneak it into his room one night when he leasts expects it. Inside the box he'll find a few items of no immense monetary value. Three sets of gloves, all matching, sit at the top of the small collection of presents. Two of the pairs of gloves are smaller and obviously meant for Liz and Patti, but all three are fingerless and stamped with the same pattern cut into the handgrips of Liz and Patti's Weapon mode. A similar pattern is stamped into a third leather item, this one a special kind of belt meant to hold a sword scabbard either at the hip or across the back. All four items are meant to show some solidarity between the Thompsons, their Meister, and his mouthy friend, Jude.

The last item is a picture of Psyber and the Thompsons smiling together. It's just one of those selfies taken using Liz's phone. The real mystery is how Santa got ahold of the picture, but hey, nobody should question a Christmas miracle. Anyway, the picture is in a frame Psyber can hang or set up wherever he wants, and there's a wallet-sized version, too. No matter how often the picture is bent or creased, it always smooths out again, good as new. Similarly, the frame's glass is pretty resistant to breaking.


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Christmas Present Spambomb Wed Jan 01 Ash
These presents would have been delivered on time by Christmas. Fortunately they were not delivered by bike.

Frederica - Small shields for her foxears!… what? Yes, small shields; they're colored black and attach to the outside so there should be no aesthetic complications. The shields themselves produce small forcefields and could even produce some level of head protection with them. A note is included. "People like to shoot stuff like this off in combat when they feel like being assholes. This won't let 'em."

Yuna - A miniaturized recorder/music mixer. It's hardly studio quality, but it's got plenty of options and features that would make a good rough attempt and could probably produce data that's capable of being cleaned up to sufficient quality for release if she really wanted. A note is included. "Thought this might be helpful if you get a song idea in the middle of nowhere."

Sakura Kinomoto - A Pokedex, note included - "No idea if you want Pokemon or not. They might help with your cards! But even if not a Pokedex oughta be helpful - or at least good for playing games on." It has a book on self-defense loaded on it. Also, cookies for Kero and some small presents for the cards from Bulbasaur.

Janeway - For the crew in general, baked goods courtesy of Giselle. For those in the crew who are interested, PADDs rigged up with Pokedex equipment - likely so they can use LCARS to start with rather than learn a Pokedex OS immediately. For the bridge or shuttle - fuzzy dice. Yes, fuzzy dice. A mug for the senior staff which was formulated by R&D to resist Neelix's Better-Than-Coffee (which means literally rated for HAZMAT duty).

Arika Yumemiya - Baked goods from Giselle and a Pokemon plushie.

Rena Sayers - From Giselle: A chocolate cake and a Pokemon plushie. A note: "I know our Otome powers work differently but one of these days I'm going to really have to sit down and have a talk with you! Merry Christmas!"

Alexis - A new hockey stick. Optimized, it seems, for both playing hockey and launching Pokeballs with one end, and apparently bludgeoning people with the other. Where he got it is anyone's guess. Poketreats for her Pokemon, as well.

Keiko - An invitation to the various holiday get-togethers for the Trainers.

Raven - An invitation to the various holiday get-togethers for the Trainers (Bulbasaur probably talked Ash into it).

Toph - A rock. A REALLY BIG rock. With lots of really hard and rigid materials in it. Perfect for practice!

Maya - A backpack of holding. Fortunately, not one of those fake bags-of-holding that are mouths for hungry extradimensional creatures.

Zephyr - Short-range ground dash boots.

Amanda - An egg for an Eevee (OOC: This is meant as a way to get a Sylveon. If this is not how you want to get one drop me a line and we'll work out something else).

Summer - A Pokedex, with games on it. A note is included: "Sorry if this is a lame present, but it's a little hard to figure out just what to give someone who's been involved in creating a world. But I think you'd make a good trainer. Let me know if you want me to get you lessons. If not, hopefully the 'dex and games on it are good at least." The games do not result in creating a universe.

Fayt - Fuzzy, Pokeball-themed dice for Fayt's ship, and a small basketball kit for the cargo bay in case he and his employees want to shoot a few hoops. Also, a mug somehow custom enchanted to resist chaos magic causing it damage.

Nozomi - A Pokedex, with a book on self-defense loaded on it along with several games. A note is included: "No idea if you're interested in Pokemon or not, but I thought this might be handy anyway."

For all Union Elites - a Christmas card and some candy.

I'm sorry this was so late - a lot of problems putting this list together, both IC and OOC. If I forgot anyone and you think you should be on this list, drop me a line and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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Spidery Gifts Wed Jan 01 Black Arachnia
Black Arachnia still doesn't do a whole lot by the way of Christmas presents, but she doesn't TOTALLY ignore the holiday.

Optimus Prime gets another update to his atlas of current Decepticon/Predacon positions on Cybertron, with a short list of locations Black Arachnia's flagged to take care of on her own once the truce is over.

Computer- and tech-focused Union Elites get custom-tailored updates to their respective computers' existing anti-malware suites, with some of her specialized algorithms to catch virii, trojans, worms, and other nasties that regular anti-malware suites would miss. (Not already installed, but on CD or flashdrive or something so they can do the installation; the note explaining what's on the media includes the fact that Black Arachnia will make herself available for technical support with the updates if needed.)

Alexis Maaka gets both the anti-malware updates, and a guidebook to hacking various classes of artificial intelligence.

Finally, the veterans of the Annu mission all get a small bottle of some reasonably strong beverage.

(OOC note - gifts from my other alts will get posted as I get the lists hammered down. Lots of work to go.)

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Gifts from a Trainer Wed Jan 01 Fiera Kitsun
Fiera doesn't know *that* many of the Union's Pokemon trainers, or friendly unaffiliated ones, but those whom she does know get "care baskets" of berries, Poffins, and homemade Pokepuffs.

Lute doesn't get any of that; Fiera only sent him a chastity belt and a set of the colognes and other supplies that are used for treating Shadow Pokemon and re-opening their hearts.

Keiko gets another care basket, but in this case it's specialized for the Pokemon that Fiera knows she has.

Ash's care basket includes some ketchup candies as a special treat for Pikachu, and a gift card good at Silph Co.'s stores.

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