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Nightmare before Christmas Tue Dec 24 Nightmare Moon
Bramble Patch - Bramble gets a collection of seeds from various places in the Multiverse, with a note attached. 'I know you'll be more than capable of making these grow. Just keep them out of my quarters in the castle.'

Jinxel - Jinxel will receive a lucky rabbit's foot, along with an attached note 'Not Fluttershy's rabbit. This year.'

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Serori gets a large amount of food consisting of mostly meat products and a DVD titled 'The Best MK matches of Earthrealm'. It shows the best battles from all the previous Mortal Kombat tournaments that Earth lost, including; Shang Tsung vs Great Kung Lao, Goro vs Great Kung Lao, Goro vs Michel Casseux and Quan Chi vs Gichin Funakoshi.

Nine gets a replica of Shao Khan's Wrathammer. It can't teleport back to its owner like the original one but it still weighs a ton and is somehow still able to be wielded thanks to some sorcery.

Samuel receives a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of shades. Also a nice sports car to go along with it.

Kilik, Sagat and Ragna all receive a rather curious gift. It's a block of solid stone that has written on it 'Test Your Might'. If any of them were to smash it apart, they'll find that the stone pulls itself back together each time sturdier than before.

Fuki gets a pass for a tour to Outworld and the Emperor's palace.

Noh gets a spiked kanabo along with a note written in all caps; "USE A PROPER WEAPON NEXT TIME". It also comes with a book of puns!

Medusa receives a strange tome written by Shang Tsung listing numerous black magic spells. She also gets a lovely bouquet of green flowers and adinner invitation.

MAGNA receives a matching belt to be worn right above him. Goro really likes belts.


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A Juicy Christmas Tue Dec 24 Melissa

Melissa is not a big gift-giver to anyone not in her Company. Still, there are a few people she's interacted with who get some things.

Bain - A box of incredibly damaging high-explosives. They appear to be Naruni-tech. "In case you need to bust through something. Careful, these are meant for disabling giant robot dragons."

Staren - Lots and lots of plans. Org charts for the Coalition, standard tactics for handling magic-users, and the rotation of frontier patrols and their likelihood of defection(which is apparently much, much higher than 'official' CS propaganda), along with detailed instructions on how to disable PSI-tracking chips that the CS implants in its identified psychics. "We're on different sides, but I think you might be able to use these better than I would. Common enemy and all that."

Bo Holder - An invoice for the damages done to her Mecha Knight, with 50% of the cost marked down. "Merry Christmas. I gave you a discount."


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Newman Gifting Tue Dec 24 Crys Gattz
Crys while in the background surprisingly has some gifts for certain people she's met and encountered over the last year or so.

Cas - Cas Gets a DB sabre and shield which has been customized in hunter terms ground up to a very high level of quality it's quite light usable and the blade is quite well balanced.

Laine - Some cut choices of meat from Ragolian wild life. Crys clearly has been actually hunting it and getting it prepared. It's being kept for her at the HQ and she can request to have it delivered or pick it up, it's her choice.

Hope's Light - Hope Light would receive access to known Gelato Parlour for 100 credits worth of custom ordered Gelato.

Kieron Hunter - Two items one if a printed history of Crys' home world of Coral and the conflicts leading up to her species creation and why the population abandoned the planet. There's a note with it, I hope this might give you a better understanding of where I'm from and may be of use to you in your fight against the X-rays. The next time is a simple but well maintained photon pistol while a bit lacking in hitting power under X-com's standard issue pistols it fires rapidly and has no kickback at all that a human could notice when it fires.

The X-com Squaddies Would find several bottles of rum and a small section of good action Movies from Crys' home world generally pretty good flicks she did some thinking into it.


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Mecha Moon Presents Tue Dec 24 Usagi Tsukino
Makoto Kino- A (poorly) hand-drawn christmas card of Usagi in her pilot suit striking her usual pose, and a poorly drawn version of the Sailor Moon mecha behind her, also making the same pose. "Happy Holidays, friend from another world!" Included is a box of chocolates with… one or two of the chocolates mooshed. To make up for it, it also comes with a couple of cute little plushies: the kind that you can probably get from a crane game.

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A Merry Hugpire Christmas Tue Dec 24 Noh
Hitsuki and Zephyra - They both get the necklaces made of carved geopebbles that they'd given to Noh to carve, as she promised. No charge, because she loves giving people things! But they also receive a tupperware box of homemade gingersnap cookies with hot pepper flakes added to them for Hitsuki, and a teupperware box of homemade sugar cookies in the shape of snowflakes with peppermint flavored blue icing on them for Zephyra.

Niv-Mizzet - A small musical jewelry box peiced together out of carved wood, music box workings with a customized feed reel, and a little bit of clockworking. When wound, it plays 'Second Star to the Right'. When opened, there is a collection of small brightly colored stones, and in the middle, a small clockwork sphinx that flaps its wings and rises up on its legs in gesture.

Sakura Kinamoto - A necklace of carved wooden beads and small stone beads, that's shiny, along with a pair of small rock earrings to match, as well as a wooden, handcarved horse in a rear-up pose.

Alya - A necklace made of carved wood beads and painted turkey feathers, as well as a little carved bit of antler in the shape of a bird with spread wings.

No. 9 - Nine gets pictures of Noh with all three BOW plushie and Noh: A tea party. Playing super atari genesis with them on a small TV. Reading a book in bed with them. Wreaking havoc on a small cardboard box town with them. He also gets a very merry Noh thank you letter! Her english and writing skills are improving! And with all of that he gets a bunch of old rubber dinosaurs, the kind that look like they're from really bad horror movies. It's kind of obvious that they've been scavenged from the dump, but she did a really meticulous job of scrubbing them as clean as she could. They come with… a script she wrote for a DINOSAUR MONSTER TELENOVELLA in Spanish.

Goro - A little wooden hand-carved dragon, and a simple letter promising that next time she WILL beat him! Pretty please? Yes.

Ponies - The Mane Six all get small wooden ornaments to be hung somewhere; hand carved with their cutie mark symbols, and with ribbons that match their main colors.
Jinxel and Bramble Patch both get fleece scarves and hats, simple project style like one would find a kid could make, as well as a packet of four leaf clover seeds for Jinxel and a packet of Nightshade seeds for Bramble.

Tyrael - A small hand-carved Angel tree topper that has embedded gold and copper wire embellishments, and has been painted to resemble him slightly, as well as a letter of thanks for trusting her and Elio enough to allow them to help the Union.

Elio - Only he gets to know the rest of the present, but for now, a voucher in the form of a carved wood egg has been given him with a note promising much more, as well as a real dragon's egg some day.

The rest of the Union AND the Confederates get small cards signed by Noh promising them one free peice of hand carved jewelry to their specifications should they want them, along with pictures of the ones she's offering to sell via her netsy account.


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A Very Spiran Christmas Tue Dec 24 Auron
Christmas is not a known holiday in Spira, but Auron's been in the Multiverse long enough to pick up the tradition. To that end…

ALEXIS MAAKA: A pair of Spiran firearms (yes, they do exist) of Al Bhed make. However they do take standard ammo, specifically .45 ACP. One of the guns seems to enchant its ammo with fire-elemental power, the other enchants with ice-elemental power. And should Alexis ever decide to learn magic, she may find that her spells have a tiny bit more 'oomph' (Magic +3%) (Will probably require an upgrade app.)

ALTAIR: A nice, pretty, soft… party dress. In Altair's size. White. A note has a smiley face with its tongue sticking out. Though also packed in the box is another set of white Assassin robes! These are made of Besaid cloth, so they are rugged while still being soft, and the fabric barely makes a sound when it rubs together. There is also a flask of light oil to make the fabric stain resistant. Handy for a killer in white.

ALYA: A set of riding straps for Aziz. It's not a saddle per se, just straps that would fit comfortably on a griffon and give hand- and foot-holds to climb up and hang on. Also a very big bag of dried meat for Aziz.

FARUJA: Two books. One is a book that details the story of Sin, the Aeons, and Dream Zanarkand. It's written in Spiran, so it may need translating; just in case Auron has included a key to translate it into the Multiversal languages he knows — English and Japanese. It is not, however, written like a religious text. It's a long, rambling account written by a man who… does not seem as though he's all "there". And how does it end? "And that, as they say, is that." The other book is a book of terminology to help explain the various terms used in the other book.

KARIAN: A large flask of something calling itself "Bevelle's Finest". It's definitely booze, but it's not nearly as strong as the stuff the Space Wolves drink normally. It does have a very clean flavor though, probably owing to the clean water in Bevelle.

NASRIN: A pair of Spiran Daggers. They grows 'em big in Spira apparently; each one is the size of a machete, yet are able to be wielded like daggers.

VEILED LILY: An assortment of empty Spiran spheres for recording both memories and real-time events. The two types are different, and they are clearly marked. There is a sphere-camera (yes, there is such a thing) for the real-time spheres.

FREDERICA: A Spiran "Bangle" ( She might find herself taking less physical damage when wearing it (Defense +3%, may require upgrade app).

ZEPHYR WINDSTAR: A purple pirate outfit, complete with cutlass! The cutlass is Spiran, though… so it's pretty big. Still weighs as much as a normal cutlass though.

VERVI: A gift certificate to the Shinki Shop in Techno Urbania, good for one armor piece or weapon for Vervietta type Shinki. The "From" field has both Auron's and Lilith's names.

NO. 9: A collection of relaxing music meant to aid in meditation, along with a book of beginning meditation techniques. If nothing else, the music is at least pleasant to listen to.

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Junker Gifts Tue Dec 24 Maya

Ash - Several bottle of Ketchup for Pikachu, but his real gift is an software package which is full of information on all the creatures Maya has encountered on her travels int he last year made to be compatible with his Pokedex. He also get some pastries baked by Maya and Uncle which are quite yummy

Faruja - A Copy one of the primary holy texts for her world, it's quite detailed and very well written, it's a recent printing in English however, and should be more than readable though much of the illuminations still uses Elder Septeran which uses a number of strange runes rather than letters.

Youka - Will be given an outfit of clothing. It's a variant of the female junking armour Maya often wears with liberties taken so Youka's wings will not be trouble and she would be able to wear it as such, it's a mix of leather which is strong enough to be light armour, and has metal shoulder and shin guards as well to go with it.

Serori - A accounting of the war of the Seven Winds, in which the battle between Marduk's mortal army, and Gemma's own demon one is recounted. The rescue of the fate of Love and healing is note. But most telling is the fate of Gemma, whom had his soul ripped forth from his body, and placed somewhere only the Creator and Marduk could reach. While his body is cast into hell. There's a note.

- May you lean from Gemma's mistakes and not meet his end/

Alexis Maaka - A survival knife that the Junkers make for their own uses, it's simple looking but solidly made, good balance and the edge is quite fine edge it also comes with a sheath made of leather, likely from one of the world's rather strange lifeforms which could fit on a boot or one's lower leg. Also she gets a invite to come to Oasis to catch up with Maya for those drinks she's been promising her.

Winry - A damage but fixable hover cycle from her world, it's clearly a restoration project for Winry and with that in mind Mayas provided access to the Oasis scrap and salvage yard to seek out any parts Winry might need also a proper set of tools for working on septerran machinery is provided as well along with the bike's stock specs.

Solid Snake - A Survival guide to Septerra, covering each of the shells and the wildlife on each of them. It's a fairly detailed book and it seems Maya hopes Snake might get some use or at least enjoyment out of the present.

Morg McGee - 10 pounds of fresh prime bacon.

Ciaphas Cain A study flask of the personal stock of booze that the local bar in Oasis produces it's pretty strong stuff, also pretty good too. The flask itself may be Cadian pattern from the look and production marks on it.

(A few more to come later.)
\\__ Maya, of the Junkers
/ _ \
=====< (_) >=====
\ __/

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Orussian Christmas Tue Dec 24 Sanya Litvyak
501st Joint Fighter Wing - Sanya spends a good deal of Christmas playing Piano in the mess hall. Many Witches and guests are invited to request songs and even sing along. Several Christmas carols are played, though several other classics of the time are also played. One of the evening's highlights is Sanya's piano backing Minna's solo rendition of Bing Crosby's "White Christmas".

Francesca Lucchini - A glass case that can be mounted on the wall. It has various blank labels and contains several pins stuck into the felt-covered corkboard backing. Tucked inside is a Christmas card featuring cartoon bugs exchanging gifts. Inside it, "Some people who collect bugs keep them in boxes like this. I hope you like it. Merry Christmas. - Sanya"

Shirley Yeager - A model, remote control car. The sort that one builds and then drives. It runs off a small alcohol engine, which itself must be assembled. It's the best thing Sanya could think of to give the 501st's resident gearhead. The plastic wrapping has been slit so that she could insert a festive card showing an old Harley motercycle covered in lights and decorations, ridden by a very stoic Biker Santa. Inside, "I'm sure I don't have to tell you what to do with this. Merry Christmas. - Sanya"

Eila Juutilainen - Delivered privately

Neuroi Girl - A single black mitten that resembles a cat on the back of the fingers. With it is a somewhat fancy Christmas card containing well-wishes. Inside, the only thing Sanya has written is "I'm sorry."

Kaminagi Setsuko - "Orussia's War", a book about the history of Orussia from the "Red October" revolution in 1917 up to the current hostilities with the Neuroi. It was published last year, sporting the publication date '1945'. There's an entire chapter on the 286th Orussian Flying Corps which ends with the 286th's relocation to Moscow and Flying Officer Litvyak's reassignment to the 501st. The book itself ends with a chapter outlining Orussia's current threats, the numerous Neuroi hives in its vast borders, and its tense relationships with Britannia and Liberion. Tucked inside the cover is a simple card. Inside that, "I know I don't talk much about my homeland, but I felt that Orussia's tumultuous origin may be interesting to you. Please have a merry Christmas. - Sanya"

Kimiko Shinobu - Sanya got some help for this one. It's a decorative, artificial tree with branches that resemble Sanya's dipole antennae. A small light, powered by batteries, can be turned on to turn all the antennae green via fiber optics. Packaged with it is a simple but elegant Christmas card. Inside, "We don't get to spend as much time together as we used to. But this way, maybe it will feel like I am always there to look out for you. ~ Sanya."

Himei - A set of Matryoshka nesting dolls. Each one is painted to resemble a different Strike Witch and there are 12 in all. From outermost to innermost, they are arranged by the Witch's military rank. Curiously, the innermost one has the same silhouette as Yoshika, but is all black with big round white eyes and a huge white fanged smile for some reason.

Homura Akemi - A framed, black and white photograph of Sanya with her parents. Her mother looks almost exactly like the woman in the book Homura had given Sanya for Christmas. But this isn't the real present. Just something Sanya added to…

Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi - A small trunk of assorted costumes. Most of them are pretty girly. Ruffles, lace, frills, and the like are pretty common. The outfits are all quite cute, in some way or another. Resting on top is a festive card.Inside, "I think you know what this is for. I wish you both a very merry Christmas. - Sanya."

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WILY CLAUS Tue Dec 24 Dr. Wily

Throughout the night of Christmas, Dr. Wily is traveling across various poor neighborhoods in the Multiverse. And yes, he is wearing a Santa Outfit. He even has a sleigh! Being pulled by Metalman, Bubbleman, Heatman, Woodman, Airman, Crashman, Flashman, and Quickman. Also at the front of the sleigh is the Mecha Dragon.

He is handing out toys to the kids. Specifically, their favourite Robot Masters in Action Figure forms. Or, uh. If they don't have one, what he /thinks/ might be their favourite.

If you are an Elite, and you're known of to the Confederacy? They recieve an action figure of their favourite Robot Master as well. Or at least what Wily would assume to be their favourite. 50-50 chance of him screwing up, really.


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Still More From Addie Tue Dec 24 Adelaide Flowers
Ardent Faith, of all 'people,' gets a gift of sorts. A special slipcover for the lenses, both front and back - armored protection, of a sort, with transparent windows for the Abstractum's eye as well as the viewing end. It's custom fitted to his specs; Addie's been paying close attention. Of course it comes with a removable band of garland so that he too can celebrate the holiday festively.

The Puella Magi In General: Get a fairly nice karaoke machine and plenty of Bon Jovi to go with. It's totally something they can get together and play with as a group, and absolutely not Addie carrying out a threat she made to Homura for not coming up with a christmas list. Also, there are scarves themed to their colors. Fairly nice knit ones, at that, clearly not anything Addie would be capable of making herself.

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Gifts from Santa (1/3) Tue Dec 24 Santa Claus

'Tis the night before Christmas, and Santa's journey's begun,
His sleigh in the air, his bag laden with fun!
Eight reindeer soar across star-spangled skies,
And soon under each tree will be waiting a prize!

To Ainsley is given a dream crystal clear
Of a father whose memory she holds close and dear.
His voice telling a tale comes to her mind,
Perfectly recalled as if across time.

Vruasa Telash, though a black-hearted troll,
Will receive no gifts himself, not even coal!
Santa's gone instead to the world known as Derse,
And brought the seeds of new trees to plant in the earth.

Miss Reisen receives a magic elixir,
A substance for healing injury much quicker!
One bottle she'll get but one bottle's enough,
And as a bonus it tastes like marshmallow fluff!

The Thompsons are given gifts to give Psyber,
So they learn Christmas spirit to share with their Meister.
Suigintou will find on her Christmas morn,
A Christmas-themed dress and a scarf to keep warm.

Sanya and Eila are given gifts that match,
Earrings for both, two like foxes, two like cats!
The cats are Sardonyx, red-striped and serene,
Eila's foxes are Amethyst, purple which gleams.

Like last year, Madoka will find sweet relief,
No sadness she'll feel, no despair, no grief.
Her burdens all vanish, no more will they weigh,
But her dreams will be sweet only 'til New Year's Day.


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Gifts from Santa (2/3) Tue Dec 24 Santa Claus

Frederica's wishes will also come true,
But without any proof Santa's word will have to do.
Malkuth DeVanos receives something more small,
A new teddy for Raven and for Malkuth a doll.

Cecily receives something from Missus Claus,
Recipes for cookies, cakes, and bear claws.
The Missus sends something to Noble Six, too,
A hand-knit armor for Rex in plush Mjolnir hues.

The orphans of Alamut receive lots of things,
Shoes, dresses, toys, books, and instruments with strings.
Connor Kenway, meanwhile, finds a package of baked goods,
And brand new uniforms complete with their white hoods.

Noh's Circus will receive many gifts packed with care,
One for each child, clothes he or she can wear!
Toys, games, and music, and sweet chocolate creams,
And for Noh herself several books on strategies.

Winry's friends the brothers Elric get home-made pies,
Packed with letters from Winry and automail supplies.
Yuna finds in her stocking a Blu-Ray of Snake versus Santa,
As well as a large plush companion — shaped like a sea manta!

In Santa's passing the snows come to Mojave,
Just a white dusting — and for Johnny, some coffee.
Eleanor Lamb's given shoes, delicate and pretty,
And all her sisters get matching soft plushy kitties.

Christmas comes to Afterus, though the world may be new,
Bringing white snows, jingle bells, and flying reindeer, too!
Presents heap under trees and boughs deck the halls,
And the new world's new gods receive gifts most of all.

As Santa soars across Afterus inside his sleigh,
He'll have beside him two elves in costumes so strange!
One in blue, one in red, both helping with gifts,
And yelling out in glee, "Aw yeah, bitches!"


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Gifts from Santa (3/3) Tue Dec 24 Santa Claus

Arthur Lowell himself gets a holiday broom,
One that creates cheer with one sweep of the room!
Other dreams are answered for gods and civilians,
Like for Lupita who gets a skull from a crocodilian!

For the Confederacy all comes the usual fare,
Impossible to be rid of if not spent with care!
The coal does not burn, nor vanish, nor crumble,
Except when given to the poor or the cold or the humble.

But in addition to that some 'Feds get their presents,
Like waffles for Rose Petal and for Lute a stuffed pheasant.
Number Nine receives a gift more precious than most,
For him is forgiveness and relief from his ghosts.

Kagenashi will find laying under her tree,
A sword made of plastic and a box of black tea!
Pelagius, so generous to abate all his schemes,
Will see his Septims spent on orphans and all of their dreams.

Goro's main guy Kintaro gets not only his muffins,
But an igloo for Pengu and a scarf with six buttons.
Serori receives a deep Bag of Holding,
But Dracula's present is cake which is molding.

Christmas morn breaks o'er the Multiverse again,
And with dawn's light Santa's trip finally ends.
His bag now empty, his sleigh now light,
Santa returns to his home bidding all a GOOD NIGHT!


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Yellow Christmas Wed Dec 25 Hastur
Fashionably procrastinating as always, Hastur finally sends out her gifts.

Psyber is given a box of bullets for his standard choice of firearm, each bullet engraved with a perfect Elder Sign. "Thank you for your trust. I doubt it will be needed, but just in case. You know I would not want to cause harm."

Nathan Hall is given one 'get out of a cult without fear of retribution/mutilation/insanity/other corporeal or mental punishment' card. "You have been an exemplary servant for a while now. I felt generous, in case you had second thoughts. Merry Christmas."

Aldebaran is given a set of adorable plush eldritch horrors, including Elder Things, Shub-Niggurath, Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, byakhee, flying polyps, and Hastur herself. Cthulhu is notably absent. "Why on Earth anyone would decide to make these is beyond me. How the mighty have fallen, I suppose. Perhaps sometime you could reenact some grand adventure from my past for the office's entertainment."

Black Gold Saw is given a set of tattered robes, hood, and scarf similar to Hastur's, though they're in Saw's colors of red and black instead of bright yellow. "It was good to fight beside you, though perhaps someday you would rather sit down and read instead. Unlikely, but one can hope."

Adelaide Flowers is given a very heavy book containing a brief history of extraterrestrial firearms of her universe, focusing primarily on the Mi-Go and the Great Race of Yith. It's mostly in English, though the diagrams of the strange weapons that range from projectiles to energy-based firearms are in less human languages. "I thought I could procure one of these without much difficulty, but I decided you might want a catalogue first. Let me know if something catches your interest."

Sakura Haruno is given several dozen knives to replace the two Hastur ate while they were candy cane knives. "Really, it was an honest mistake. At least know that they went to a delicious cause."

Summer Powers is given a very old-looking, leatherbound book. It's something of a memoir from Hastur as she describes her imprisonment in Carcosa and her observance of humanity's development for millenia, followed by her abrupt arrival in Boston. "You are not unlike me now. I thought you might like to hear the thoughts of one who went through something similar eons ago. Best of luck with your new world. Someday soon I will have to pay it a visit."

Liz and Patti Thompson are given an assortment of winter clothes and a pair of what can only be described as 'gun socks' for their gun forms. Predictably, everything comes in shades of yellow. "I admit to getting off on the wrong foot. I am sure you two will be suitable assistants to Psyber and the office as a whole. Perhaps we may even work together sometime."

Laine is given a yellow cultist hood to add to her collection of hats. "Thank you for helping him as much as you can."

Cecily is sent a very large box of some of Hastur's more liked human authors, most of whom were probably influenced by her in her world. Mostly relating to horror and the surreal, but a few classic fiction novels are in there too. "We should discuss tastes sometime. I hear you have an interesting library in your home."

The residents of Heaven or Hell will wake up to a sizable array of Christmas food that should last through the entire day. Hastur, meanwhile, is asleep for most of the day.

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Unicorn Gifts(1/2) Wed Dec 25 Ariel
Ariel has made all of her gifts this year, instead of buying people things.

Amalthea - A crystalline teardrop on a necklace is Amalthea's gift from her daughter. The accompanying note: "When you were in Annu and I was newly born, I cried that I might not see you again. My tears reminded me that you would do everything for us, and of the reason why you had left. If you ever doubt being a good parent, even when I'm a brat, look at this for me. Merry Christmas."

Ellestaria - The Atlantean sorceress receives a smooth, polished stone which appears to hold a magical charge. It's small, so small that the stone is more decorative than useful, but the note explains: "I made this because I was curious, and I'm curious because you wanted me to become something for myself. I don't know what I really really want to be yet, except I know two things. The first is that I'm enjoying the journey. The second is that I know I want to make you proud. Merry Solstice."

Nathan Hall - What better gift to give Nathan than a book? It's a small, thin book, but the contents are almost unique, as they are handwritten copies of Ariel's personal diary. Not everything, of course, but most of the first six months of content from when she was born is there, providing an insight into what it is like for a newly-crafted being to see the world and the Union. It includes some surprisingly eloquent passages that go into great detail the fear, sadness, pride, and joy she felt over events such as Annu, her first battle, the wedding of her parents, and other such events. The note reads: "I don't know if this is interesting to you, but I'm making all of my gifts this year, and I know you like words. I hope this is good. Merry Christmas."

Psyber - A keychain that grows warmer when the lock for one of its keys draws nearer. It's a really minor enchantment, but the keychain itself is attached to a tiny unicorn-head figurine that looks to be made of mother of pearl. The note attached says: "I had some help making this, but I thought it would make it easier to remember where you park, and give a little momento of those who care about you."

Pegasus - A hand-stitched ribbon is gifted to the Pegasus Knight, purple in color and with a simple image of a book in gold thread. It's very simple, and Ariel probably used a pattern to embroider it. The note explains: "A knight should always carry a maiden's favor into battle. Uncle Hall isn't really a maiden, but close enough, and this should remind you."

Laine - For the former Garou, Ariel has done a painting… of sorts. Living in a world of Exalted, the painting itself is very primitive, depicting a rising sun in amateurish fashion. The interesting bit is that it -smells- like morning sunlight falling over dew-kissed grass and leaves. A note: "A little reminder of the wonder you brought after fighting so hard for your world."

Kaminagi Setsuko - Setsuko receives a rough carving from a pearlescent material. It depicts Ariel and Iyoshi together, and is able to fit in the palm of her hand. Her note reads: "You're a creature of war, but you have mercy and compassion, and that gave me Iyoshi. I think that is your true strength."

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Unicorn Gifts(2/2) Wed Dec 25 Ariel
Sakura Haruno - A single rose. This is weird, because roses grow on bushes, but apparently Ariel grew one independently, as if it were a normal flower. It is pink. Her note: "I hear you like plants. I also know that you're a healer as well as a fighter. A little reminder of the former, but like a rose you have thorns. Thank you, Auntie Flowers."

Agrias Oaks - Much like Sakura, Agrias gets a flower. Unlike Sakura, her flower has been encased in crystal. A careful examination will reveal that the blossom was plucked without killing the flower. The note states: "You have a beautiful heart under your cold outside, just like this. I think I see what mom likes in you."

Celestia and Luna - The two alicorn sisters each get a crystalline globe which carries a 3D image of the other, mounted on a base with the word 'Family' upon it. Their notes say: "I couldn't think of anything more important for you two than one another."

Priscilla - The invisible woman receives a heart-shaped locket, crudely-made but made of crystal, which is empty. Her note: "Thank you, Aunt Priscilla. You have trouble understanding emotions, but I've seen you have feelings and care for people. When you find some small act of caring has lead to something grand, place your memories in here."

Emperor - The man who was formerly Viridian Sunrise receives a book, much like Nathan, but instead of journal entries it appears to be essays written as part of Ariel's schooling, covering her thoughts on the world of Nerites and Creation from the viewpoint of one 'born' there but not part of it. His note: "I know you aren't the same man as the one who helped create me, but at the same time you are, kind of. I couldn't think of anything to make you that wouldn't be laughable, except my own thoughts."

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/168 Posted Author
Shit, Let's Be Santa (1) Wed Dec 25 Arthur Lowell



ITEM: A keychain! Its interface allows the user to swap the vehicle they currently have the attached key in for any vehicle they possess within their garage, exchanging cars rapidly.
"Thanks for EVERYTHING, man. From the BEGINNING all the way until the END. This isn't gonna be ENOUGH, but there's not really ANYTHING that can be enough. Saw how things went back with the Rosa issue, thought you could use something like this."



ITEM: A crossbow-like weapon. Cirno's Inferno System should be compatible. It conducts either ice or heat into the form of bolts, but the bolts, once embedded in a target, swap their elemental affinities to reflect when Cirno does. Perhaps some useful combat applications, or some cool puzzle help? It's big enough that it's more of a rapid ballista, but Cirno's mecha could wield it like a crossbow, or it could be a turret on her ship.
"YO. I know we didn't TALK a ton, but I heard you were HELLA CRUCIAL to making sure I didn't get my SHIT WRECKED, so THANKS. Use this on whatever DUMB BASTARD thinks both that you're STUPID and that you can only use ONE ELEMENT."



ITEM: It's an instrument mod! You slot it into any instrument and it instantly requires like five arms to properly play, sprouting extra necks and keyboards and switches for some kind of musical enhancement. Laer can probably play them regardless, though.
"FUCK, I don't even KNOW what you were doing but apparently it was FUCKIN' INTENSE and REALLY RELEVANT, so THANKS. Also you helped me out DIRECTLY a TON, so there's THAT. Here, you liked that BASS. This doesn't shoot LIGHTNING but I think it's PRETTY COOL anyway.



ITEM: It's one of those cliche World's Best Mom mugs. Except the handle is a proper, working knuckle-duster, the kind you could definitely punch a dude out with or something like that.
"Is there anything more FITTING for you than THIS? SHIT, if there IS, I don't know WHAT THE HELL it could be. THANKS for all your HELP, WEIRD TIME MOM."


ITEM: The BLACK QUEEN'S CROWN. A snazzy, stylish thing, nothing excessively opulent or ornate, just a cool, obsidian, regal thing.
"You never managed to get ahold of THIS ONE SPECIFICALLY, but FUCK, LADY, if there's ANYONE who deserves THIS FUCKING THING I managed to fish out of the WRECKS of DERSE, it's YOU. And I'm PRETTY SURE YOU WERE A HUGE HELP, you at least SAVED OUR LIVES a few times. Thanks, a TON."

To CREPE, wherever she went out in the multiverse,


ITEM: Minecraft Blocks! Or, rather, Minecraft Block Blocks! They're like legos that have proper minecraft functionality. There's even a bunch of tiny TNT here!
"MAN, I was HARDCORE SAD when we LOST CONTACT. You helped us out SO MUCH, thanks for it all. You guys liked BUILDING and DESTRUCTION right? Here, have THIS! Please share it with all the OTHERS too."


ITEM: Well, not really an item at all! It's that UNDERLING she recruited, YEARS ago! ARTHUR seemed to have crammed it into some kind of pseudo-pokeball. It's still loyal to her! It's still go all its enhanced powers. The LICH LIEUTENANT can now be summoned!
"MAN you have NO IDEA how much this guy's been BOTHERING me to go BACK to you. But more SERIOUSLY, lady, THANKS for all the help. The GOD GUIDE, the ARTIFACTS, the ORGAN, everything."


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/169 Posted Author
Shit, Let's Be Santa (2) Wed Dec 25 Arthur Lowell


ARTHUR duplicated the PARSER INK

ITEM: Parser ink! If at least one human properly enters Paradox Space or its equivalent for other eldritch beings, those who drink Parser Ink can hallucinate that human as an avatar of the Noble Horrorterrors, capable of communicating through them in plain english.
"Now I KNOW you don't need THIS shit, but HEY, could HELP with getting MESSAGES back and forth? You seem to have a few COMMUNICATIONS PROBLEMS sometimes."



ITEM: A large train engine part. When activated, it creates a digital wall-trail behind the Thundersmack, and enables harsh 90-degree turns for the train.
"I wasn't into the whole PIRATE thing for a while, but after going on adventures with a GODDAMN PIRATE I gotta say I TOTALLY DIG IT. You were a HUGE HELP, thanks for doing that THING with my PLANET. You ever wanna USE IT? Gimmie a PESTER."



ITEM: It's a tiny turntable-sized alchemiter that crafts records! Vinyl still has that Captcharoid, right? Well, when an unpressed record is put on, and one or more CAPTCHA CODES entered, it creates a single-use irreproducable TRIBUTE EP. Best used with pictures of people or important locations, powered by PARTY INTENSITY rather than grist.
"SHIT that was one HELL of a party huh? GOD DAMN I don't think I've ever heard of someone DJing for the GODDAMN NOBLE HORRORTERRORS, especially to make that GIANT GODDAMN PLANET-GUN you helped out with. THANKS a TON, YO. You ever need to use LOSAF, gimmie a RING! You still gotta drop by AFTERUS!"



ITEM: A full Afteran tarot deck. Witches from Strike Earth, primarily the 501st and infrequently featuring celebrated Elites from other units, are featured as the imagery of these cards.
"FUCK YES you were the BEST AIR COVER and if you didn't get SO MANY GODDAMN MEDALS that you're PHYISCALLY INCAPABLE OF WEARING THEM ALL, then there is a PROBLEM. THANKS, we couldn't have done it WITHOUT YOU."



ITEM: Not an actual object, but a digital one. It's the code for an item in a Seed type game. Apparently, without even actually using any of the real-world neural FullDive mechanisms, it allows Kirito to operate his own real-world human body with a game controller, meaning he doesn't have to log out to do some basic things. There's even a convenient first-person display! Looks like an easy way to avoid logging out, if he uses a wireless FullDive device. The Track-and-Field Ruler Trick functions.
"AW YEAH, FRACTAL VIDYA. So since you helping me out was WAY MORE than what I did to help YOU OUT I guess I'm back to OWING YOU again, so you LET ME KNOW when I can help out, yeah? I mean, no AVATAR-USE but I DEFINITELY wanna get in on some GODDAMN FIGHTS again, that shit was RAD AS HELL except for right at the very end."


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/170 Posted Author
Shit, Let's Be Santa (3) Wed Dec 25 Arthur Lowell



ITEM: A little amp-like instrument mod. It makes whatever music is played persist in any given environment over time. This music must be removed through disenchantment or equivalent of the affected areas, or alternately a thorough scrubbing of the local architecture or terrain.
"HEY MAGS, you were ABSOLUTELY THE BEST and I REALLY appreciate all the ABSURDLY CRITICAL STUFF you taught me. I absolutely would NOT have SURVIVED without you. THANK YOU."



ITEM: It's an un-decompilable program for a digital alchemiter, intended to be holo-projected. It simulates alchemiter behavior, without assorted grist limits and suchlike, using captcha codes entered digitally for items. Doesn't actually make anything useful in the real world, of course.
"Man you really LOVED this goddamn thing. HERE, have THIS, try not to STAY UP ALL NIGHT on it yo. Thanks for all the HELP."



ITEM: Single-use shield, that generates a Gate of arbitrary size, consuming the attack. The second use will convert the entire shield into the consumed attack, and blast it back out, destroying the shield in the process.
"Was a BLAST saving you and had a BLAST with your help. THANKS for ALL THE STUFF, hope THIS SHIT helps you with your TANKING!"



ITEM: I could make a flowery statement here, but let's be honest and straightforward here, it's basically a weaponized fork. It's light, and has the precise weight, balance, and ALO-Weapon-Class of a one-handed rapier.



ITEM: They're glasses! Literally a precise recreation of Homura's old glasses she used in Sburb alchemy. Except whenever she builds up her time magic to start a timestop, they suddenly become full of impenetrable glare. Homura herself can see fine, but it's uncanny how difficult it it to see her actual eyes when she does this.
"SEEMS like your STYLE. You strike me as the SORT OF GIRL who is totally into MEANS BY WHICH TO APPEAR COOL when doing your THING."



ITEM: It's like a little hot-air balloon. Except it's just a handle. It's… Precisely perfect for, say, grabbing onto it and then using pyrokinetics to make a flow of hot-air and lifting off. Without any of the complex machine-bits needed, it folds up into a surprisingly small backpack, like a parachute.
"HERE, for when you're out of ALO but still need a bit of VERTICAL MANEUVERING! Slow, but should be SMALL and WORK with your POWERS!"


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Message: 42/171 Posted Author
Shit, Let's Be Santa (4) Wed Dec 25 Arthur Lowell



ITEM: Insert DVD, get cosplay! It's THAT EASY! It provides quick and simple cosplay options from any piece of inserted media, swapping them out just like a sylladex does with zero inconvenience. Even handles any relevant makeup, or other associated props!


ITEM: It lets Summer take pictures of people, and then adds them to a database where their theoretical romances, in whatever romance-types Summer defines in a simple programming language, can be managed and cross-checked, as well as turned into charts based on romance type, length, individuals involved, or certainty.


ITEM: It's a keyboard and tiny interface! Specialized for the quick creation of ~ATH programs, this should allow Summer to program complex reality viruses in the heat of battle.

"Crowraven, I give you a lot of crap. But I hope that's okay, because you've been a fantastic friend. Thank you, Summer. I couldn't have had a better person whose life I could put my hands in back on on April 13th. I talk a lot of shit about your habits. But please don't change."



ITEM: It's ink. It's a portal in the form of ink. Yes, it's like those cartoons where the rabbit drops a bottle of ink and it spills out the image of a hole, and then the hunter falls through it. Where does it go? Probably out another hole.


ITEM: It's Parser Ink! For Fiora. It makes some of her noble horrorspeak understandable, though that might not actually be a GOOD thing. Not a lot of this stuff, so it'll have to be used wisely. Apparently it's hardcore expensive.


ITEM: It's a USB stick. It's full of all those files Fiora gave him way, way back before she even entered Sburb. An extensive examination of each file will reveal that they were transfered into the USB the moment Fiora sent him those files and then the USB was never, ever accessed since then.

"Fiora, you're amazing. Val was the cheerleader for us for a long time, but you? Hell, when I was down you were absolutely 100% behind me, all the time, ready to encourage me and tell me how great I was when you absolutely would have been justified if you had smacked me on my stupid face and stopped dealing with me. And when you do smack me and tell me how dumb I'm being, it's exactly when I need it. PS: You were right, those old noir movies of yours are totally better than the stuff I was a fan of."


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/172 Posted Author
Shit, Let's Be Santa (5) Wed Dec 25 Arthur Lowell



ITEM COST: 400 SNOW, x10
ITEM: It's a bulkhead hatch! Instead of leading outside, when installed it pairs up with the next installed hatch to make a permanent warped-space portal, allowing ease of access between points A and B on Vruasa's craft.


ITEM: Antihol makes the drinker undrunk, which is to say, it creates sobriety. It also creates a sort of sobriety buffer to allow one to suffer no intoxication when drinking an equivalent amount of fluid ounces of actual alcohol content. A swig of this should allow Vruasa to consume some drinks with equivalent alcoholic content without much ill effect. Tastes like ass, though.


ITEM COST: Unquantifiable spatial warp energy
ITEM: When all else fails, when time itself is breaking down around you, when the fabric of reality is ripping itself apart and replacing itself, you can break this small glass capsule against the Nine Ball warp core and make a blind jump completely out of the universe, without needing time power based on local timelines. If Vruasa's SCRATCH ever goes off, this is his get-out-of-unexisting-free card.

"You're the craziest goddamn suicidal son of a bitch I know and you're a fantastic bro who I can absolutely trust to have my back on all kinds of shit. From making sure my future/past selves don't do something stupid to doing the stuff I'm too queasy to get my hands dirty doing, I'm gonna know I can count on you basically forever. I can only hope you can count on me as much. You're absolutely the best thing that ever broke into my house and threatened to stab me to death."



ITEM: It's a muzzle mod! For a gun. It allows Prorth to bend his emotion-shots through sweeping gunplay motions. It also looks REALLY COOL while it does it.


ITEM: When Prorth scores a kill with one of these bullets, it takes a picture of him from the eyes of his enemy and automatically uploads this to his blog. If he doesn't have a blog, the bullets set one up for him.


ITEM: It's a piece of the destroyed Proxy Statue, recovered from the remains of Derse. Fragments of the gun-hand, only the trigger-finger fully intact.

"Hey guy, we didn't talk a ton, but I heard you got to be less of an ass through all this. And you did show that. That game was all about growing up, in the end. You stuck through that well. And from what I heard, you kicked some ass doing it. You were a big help, thanks a bunch guy."


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Message: 42/173 Posted Author
Fabulous Christmas Hearthswarming Wed Dec 25 Rarity
The Rest of the Mane 6 - Each of the girls gets a keepsake treasure box of equisite polished wood and a metal frame. In the center of the lid and the latch is a gemstone replica of their matching cutiemark. In appropriate colors. Even Dash's primary colors lightning bolt somehow.

Jinxel - A new set of curtains for her home, and a matching rug. They are, notibly, enchanted to be claw resistant. From one cat-owner to another dahling. -.n

Vinyl Scratch - Tch, so hard to shop for somepony with entirely different musical tastes, but a lady manages. Inside a card there's passes to a nightclub in Techno Urbania that is gaining notority for taking 'classical' music and remixing it with these 'wubs' she likes so much. There's two, so she can take her friend the cello ethusiast with.

Yuna - A keepsake treasure box similar to the ones she gave her BPFFs, with a set of music notes in place of the cutiemarks. Because her inspiring music is always what Rarity will think of first about her.

Frederica - A designer purse with a flame motiff to go with that outfit Rarity made for her. Yes, she remembered to make the purse flame proof. In fact, the inside has been insulated to help keep things inside it cool so she doesn't inadvertantly melt her makeup or such.

Noh - A nice big, soft quilt for her and her special friend to curl up in on cold nights (and yes, claw proof. She didn't forget about there 'pet' lion). There's also a box of scarves for her to pass out to the rest of the circus.

Toph - A … box of mud? But it's 'exotic exported mud'. She really had no idea what else to give a tomboy that would rather play in the dirt than take a bath. -_-; ….. Though in the bottom in a sealed envelope is a certificate for when she brings those furs over after the holiday.

Tony and Pepper - A bottle of high quality wine from Canterlot, made by fermenting apple juice instead of grapes. It came with a pair of wine glasses for them to share it… though the glasses are a bit more tacky and probably came from a souvenir shop, most of the bits went to the wine itself. Heh. n_n;

'New Callebros' - A donation of a sizable assortment of winter scarves and caps to the rescuees from The Dark Queen's world that made their new settlement outside of Las Veggies. They're probably accustomed to cold nights but snow is an entirely different matter to deal with.

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Message: 42/174 Posted Author
A Merritorious Fernday Wed Dec 25 Genghis Rex
Terrible Dactyl stands in front of a camera, holding a sheet of paper, looking it over.

"You seriously want me to read this?" Dactyl says to somebody offscreen.

"Quack! Yes! unless you want ME to read it?! QUACK!" Quackpot responds.

"Just read it!" Rex yells.

Terrible Dactyl sighs and says, "Denizens of the Multiverse. Being as our Holiday of Fernday coincides with your various Winter holidays …" He glances offscreen, "Wait a minute, doesn't Merry Dinosaur Day actually coincide with Christmas? I thought Fernday was in the Spring?"


TD raises an eyeridge, "There's really no need to be rude. Ahem. The Great and Powerful Genghis Rex, King of Reptilon, Ruler by His Own Claw … OH COME ON! REALLY!?!"

The screen goes black. A few seconds later Dactyl is replaced with Ankylo.

Ankylo smiles widely and reads from a crumpled sheet of paper in his claws, "Denizens of the Multiverse. *snort*snort* Being as our Holiday of Fernday coincides with your various Winter holidays *snort* The Great and Powerful King of Reptilon, King By *snort* His Own Claw, The All Knowing Bossasaurus, and *snort* Totally Way Better Than Tony Stark could ever hope to be *snort*snort*; Genghis Rex has decreed that for the next 24 hours, no violence of any sort will be visited upon any of you *snort* by members of the Tyrannos. Enjoy your silly holiday, mammals … *snort* and non-mammals.*snort*snort*"

Ankylo looks up and glances off screen, "What happens if you fight on Fernday anwyay *snort*snort* That's never been very clear."

In unison the other Tyrannos say, "YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW!"

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/175 Posted Author
Gifts! Wed Dec 25 Samus Aran
Samus' gift-giving is limited, this year.

Tyrael - The soon-to-be retired Field Marshal is given a card. 'A true leader leads by example. Not just with words, but by his actions. His tenure is decided by his decisions, the way he treats those under his command. I have no doubt that the Union will continue to speak of yours in the most positive light. Thank you for your hard work.'

Zelda - The soon-to-be Field Marshal is also given a card. 'I can't imagine this will be an easy job, but don't hesitate to rely on those under you, for support. The Union is running over with people who are more than willing to do whatever task is asked of them. Good luck on your new command.'

Solid Snake - A karambit knife, though the blade is made of an orange material that doesn't seem to be metal. 'This is made out of bone. Might not seem like much, but we haven't managed to find a chemical that can break it down. Or another material that it can't cut through.'

Paarthurnax - For the old Dov, Samus sends along another card. 'We're lucky to have someone with your level of experience as a general. From what I've heard and seen of Skyrim, I'm sure you'll prove yourself more than welcome.'

Nathan Hall - Nathan is given a codex, 'A History of Aether', along with a Luminoth translation program that allows him to read it. The note attached details how to use the codex, as the Luminoth's language is written in three dimensions.

Serori - The Saiyan general gets a generic gift basket. There's some chocolate, lotions, and a bottle of red wine. There's no card, aside from a small tag that has Samus' initials on it.

Dracula - A card! 'There's not much to give a man who seemingly has everything. Watching you and Tyrael square off was definitely something. I'm glad to have been able to see it. I trust you'll continue to lead the Confederacy in a just, honorable manner.'

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/176 Posted Author
Awesome Christmas Hearthswarming Wed Dec 25 Rainbow Dash
Twilight Sparkle: Her very own authentic, Daring Do style pith helmet! It's completely accurate to the style of helmet that Daring Do wears. Includes an adventure logbook, too. Spike gets a few sticks of rock candy. Not actual gemstones, but pretty close.

Rarity: She receives a year's subscription for a magazine that focuses on sporty Multiversal fashions. But she also receives several spools of white thread that turns out to be cloud-thread, something pretty hard to get outside of Cloudsdale.

Applejack: A brand new, pony sized hockey stick. Includes a hockey puck that glows when it's smacked, so it's harder to lose in the snow.

Fluttershy: Dash must have gotten tired of trying to teach Fluttershy how to shout, because she's gotten her a magical megaphone. This way she can actually be heard properly. You know, if she wants.

Pinkie Pie: A box of enchanted balloon animal balloons. When blown up and tied into an animal shape, they actually make the sounds of the animal that they were made into.

Noh: It's a translucent ball the size of a soccer ball, and inside is a smaller mirrored ball with many sides like a disco ball. Like a disco ball it reflects light all around when it's knocked around. It's very distracting.

Jinx: Because Jinx could always use more luck, Dash has gotten her an actual horseshoe to be hung at her house. It's decorated with four leaf clovers, for extra luck.

Vinyl Scratch: Somehow Dash has found one of those LED T-Shirts in pony size. This one has a VU spectrum meter that goes up and down in sync with whatever music Scratch is listening to.

Yunomi: A set of paint vials from Cloudsdale. They only come in the seven colors of the rainbow, but they are extremely bright and vibrant, and mix well to make other colors. 'For your totally awesome comics! You're still cool even when you want to be all serious and stuff.'

Toph Beifong: Only the best book ever; A copy of Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone. For once Dash actually thought ahead and somehow got a braille version of it. 'This book is so totally, undeniably awesome that I've just got to share it with another awesome flank-kicker.'

Zephyr Windstar: This looks like a glass jar, except that every so often something swirls around in it. If it's bumped or shaken, visible lines of some sort circle around inside. 'Didn't know what to get you, so I caught you a breeze. Don't let it out, they totally suck to shove in jars.'

Staren: A BOOK of all things! It's called 'The Art of Staying Cool', by Frost McCool. It's all about keeping cool under pressure, keeping cool when everyone else around you isn't, keeping cool when it's hot out and keeping your soda cool. It's generally all about keeping cool.

Yuna: A set of a pretty cool looking exercise headband and wrist/legbands. They're stretchy, so they'll fit on a human or pony. 'We've totally gotta hang out again sometime!'

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Christmas Placeholder! Wed Dec 25 Ash
Ash would OOCly get some stuff out on time. Unfortunately his player isn't quite done with the list (what a dork). He'll be sticking up a general post in the next couple days and probably @mail'ing out individual presents around the same time.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/178 Posted Author
Happy Hearth's Warming! Wed Dec 25 Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle isn't always the best at giving gifts, but she certainly tries!

Staren receives an Equestrian magic charger. Usually fueled by unicorn magic, she is sure he can find all kinds of things to do with it.

Rainbow Dash receives two tickets to the Wonderbolts! Those star fliers are always having exhibitions after all.

Rarity receives a new high powered sewing machine from a modern Earth! It will stitch dozens of different stitches, and has been adapted for solar power, which Equestria has in abundance.

Jinxel receives a cute little cat sweater for Kismet. It is very colorful. Hasn't Opal been seen in a very similar sweater?

Vinyl Scratch receives a new set of sunglasses! The tag says that they are supposed to reduce glare, pefect when those bright lights make it hard to see the soundboard and turntables!

Ainsley receives a robe fit for a wizard or a scholar, or any combination thereof! It is bright white with an iridescent rainbow spiraling along its length.

Toph receives…a book! A book about rocks! It has been translated into braile for her. The book is all about the geology of Equestria.

Mortimer Balman receives something Twilight thought he might appreciate. A barrel of the best wine in Canterlot.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/179 Posted Author
Quarantined Gifts, Pt. 1 Wed Dec 25 Richard Stadler
Every Elite in the Union gets a small package, inside of which is a Christmas card, and a small electronic device. The device itself is a compact, short-range viral sniffer, capable of detecting a number of versions of the 'Alphabet' virri (T, G, and the like), as well as some other common afflictions that tend to cause mass outbreaks of hordes of things that were once people. The card itself reads 'Merry Christmas from Special Operations Group X-RAY. Remember, epidemic doesn't take a holiday. Containment starts with /YOU/.'

The card itself contains instructions for operating the device, as well as symptoms, both physical and societal, (everything from necrotizing flesh to reports of wild animal attacks and 'cult' activity). The bottom reads, in bold red font, "DOCUMENT IS CONDSIDERED SECRET. NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION OR REPLICATION."

Yunomi, for a change of pace, only gets three gifts from Stadler; a certificate for a large amount of money at a crab restaurant in Baltimore is one. There also happens to be two new, fine leather bound books. The spines indicate, in gold lettering, that these are volumes 1 and 2 of the Department of Agriculture's Report on Soybean Production, 1986. Inside, however, volume one contains the United States Army's Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks, (BOW Containment). It contains everything from tactical strategies to combat exercises to small-unit tactics on how to fight and survive in an 'Infected Combat Zone'. Volume 2, marked with 'TOP SECRET' in a number of places, is the current list of strategic contingencies and operational plans for mass outbreaks of undead in numerous places, from single cities to entire countries. The note on the cover of the first volume reads,


You've grown up so fast in the last year that it makes me very proud, and a little sad. You've gone beyond my understanding in so many subjects, studying fields I can barely understand, and nothing makes a parent happier then knowing their daughter has done better than they have. I have little I can give you now, besides my eternal support, but what knowledge I have left is yours to take, and to use. I hope it helps you.

I love you,

P.S. The other package is in case the knowledge doesn't work.'

The other package, in this case, is a military grade chainsaw (generally used only in certain sections of the military) with diamond teeth, and resistant to bacteria, virri, and acid. Especially acid.

Veiled Lily: A card addressed to 'Lily', with a certificate to a rather upscale fondue restaurant in his version of Baltimore (for a sizable amount, too!). The card itself indicates that he wouldn't mind taking a night off for once. There's also a Glock 17, with two clips of ammo, and a standard suppressor, because, quote, 'Baltimore isn't a place I'd go at night without protection.'

Adelaide Flowers: Addie simply gets a hard plastic case, inside of which is a Spark Shot, a short range electrical projection device used to 'control' rather tough BOWs. The card attached reads, 'For the woman who already has a large amount of firepower, I'd thought I'd go with something that works a bit differently. It should cook anything sort of a T-100 series. Don't get it wet. If you still wanted to have a uniform to Uniform talk, let me know.'

Agrias Oaks: Argias gets a Long Land Pattern Musket (otherwise known as a Brown Bess), of a type produced around 1790. The musket itself looks to have been recent manufactured, with the wood and metal polished, and the bayonet fixed to the end of it looking awfully sharp. The card attached reads, 'I always like to see someone with a proper military bearing. This is less a firearm, and more of a single-shot pike. It's a good introduction. Let me know if you want to try anything a little more advanced.'

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/180 Posted Author
Quarantined Gifts, Pt. 2 Wed Dec 25 Richard Stadler
Katherine Quinn: Katherine gets a large capacity flash drive, smuggled through a few shell companies and delivered the last mile by the Confederates own post. Inside are bio-metrically encoded (how did he manage to get /those/ measurements?) files indicating outbreaks all over the United States, along with the casusalty figures (not insignificant) and captured Umbrella memos indicating some rather… callous references to them. A text file connected, reads, "The gift of perspective. I would had to at least try.' There is no signature.

Aaron Smith: Aaron gets, simply, a Colt 1911A1, engraved with his name on the barrel, from a selection of those still in service by the Federal Police Department's hostage rescue section. The card attached reads, 'I know you may not be a government agent any more, but one can't fault having an extra firearm in a world like yours. Merry Christmas.'

No. 9: Nine simply receives a Christmas Card with a picture of a smiling Christmas Elf Fleece and 'MERRY CHRISTMAS! ^_^' signed across the picture in sharpie. It also includes a rather expensive bottle of win, and then a card, from Stadler. 'I wish I could do more, but you're still the enemy, and I simply can't risk it. In the spirit of the holidays, however, I felt I could give this much. Merry Christmas, and I hope we meet under better circumstances. P.S. If you accidentally start an outbreak, things are going to get very bad, for both me, and you."

The Tremorton Two: Bradley Carbunkle himself gets a set of Dragonskin body armor (the ceramic scale type, not the actual dragon type), with special treatment by the Christmas Elf Fleece to make it more cheery for the holidays; drawings of Christmas trees, candy canes, and winter are all on a cover over the armor itself. Stadler, apparantly, has included a clean cover without Fleece's knowledge.

Jenny receives a phone number linking to a random telephone exchange in Tremorton. There's a note scrawled under it. "I don't think anyone should be cooped up for Christmas, or any Christmas. If they try, call this number. We will handle it." No other explanation is given.

Rebecca Chambers: Rebecca gets an address to a small plot of land on the Fort Detrick military area, where there happens to be a small, unmarked garden. Some investigation will find that there's a mixture of the practical, multi-use herbs that everyone might have seen in the Raccoon City area. There's a note attached to a sign. 'I need to start transplanting larger amounts of these to other areas, so I thought you'd might be able to help with that, if you have anything like a green thumb. I do hope it comes in handy.'

Isa Reichert: Isa receives a single clip of assault rifle ammo, labelled 'The one clip I'm not going to use on you.' It is unsigned. The bullets themselves are devoid of powder, and the metal treated so that it will crack and turn to powder if any signficiant force is used on them (much less being fired from a gun).

Jim Raynor: Jim Raynor receives several pallets of so-called 'Anti-BOW Gas', made to take monsters made with bio-organic agents and weaken them at a cellular level, making them less effective in combat, and much easier to kill. The attached card reads, 'I'm not sure this will be too effective against Zerg; the Evolutionary Virus they're based on is a very hard nut to crack. If you come across targets from my world, however, I do hope this will help. And if it does work against the Zerg, let me know. Immediately.'

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/181 Posted Author
Quarantined Gifts, Pt. 3 Wed Dec 25 Richard Stadler
Kathryn Janeway: Captain Janeway receives a bag of coffee beans from Stadler's favorite brand. Nothing preground or instant, of course. Next to it, though, there's a round cylinder, which she might be able to find out is some sort of autoinjector. The card included with the pack reads, 'I didn't want this to simply be a day of exchanging coffee, so I've added some extra something. It hurts more than a hypospray, but that's part of the experience. It should keep you awake and alert for hours before a crash. Use it, and let me know if you need another. Something like this, I tend to only give out one at a time.'

Cecily: Cecily gets three AK-103s. All of them down up in proper Christmas colors, as well as a single doll that someone might recognized as chibi version of middle-aged Mikhail Kalashnikov. There's a short card from Fleece, noting, 'MERRY CHRISTMAS, FOXFOX! ^_^ One's meant for you, the other two are meant for people you care about! They're guarantee to work anywhere! /Anywhere/. If they don't, let me know, and I'll fix 'em all so they do!' Signed, 'Christmas Elf Fleece'.

(OOC: If I've missed anyone, please let me know, and I'll be glad to add an addendum!)

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/182 Posted Author
Tanuki Gifts Wed Dec 25 Yunomi
Stadler: The most obnoxious Christmas Tie ever. This eyesore has a vacationing Santa on a tiny tropical island, light-up palm trees, an animated fish that has convulsions, sparkle lights on the sand and plays "Mele Kalikimaka". It clashes with everything. There is no possible way any outfit in the multiverse would go with this tie. It is one hideous tie.

There is also a note:
No matter what happens in the coming years, no matter how old or how far I go, no matter where our travels and paths take us, you will always be my biggest fan, my greatest support, and my most staunch ally in all undertakings. The years may lay new ground before us, but you are my greatest discovery. Without your love, I would not be where I am today.
With the greatest love and admiration,

Winry: A collection of fine white chocolates, colored in Izzet Crimson and Azure, in the shape of NOT wrenches, but different mech she's worked on in the Union.
Fleece: A renewed membership to the Danger Tanuki fanclub and updates for the Danger Tanuki Omnibus, along with the Danger Tanuki throw-blanket.
DeClere: A written report detailing how many fewer times Yunomi has had to see her this year, and a canned spell guaranteed to remove any remaining craft glitter from her exam rooms.
Sheenior Chief: A highly detailed makeup and disguise kit. And a note: "I miss our lesson times — come visit me in Ravnica!
Estano: A pop-up book of lame pick-up lines.

Yuna: Hand-made gingerbread cookies in musical notes on a sheet shaped like a musical bar. When consumed, they cheerily ring in the note in question.

Beli: A potted bonsai tree in the cascade style, on a sturdy and classic wooden stand, similar to, though its flowers are red. Attached is a note in Yunomi's own script: "This is a branch from the tree I take my real name from; my grandfather proposed to my grandmother under this tree, and my mother and grandfather forged an alliance among its branches." Around its base is tied a bright red ribbon.

Cecily receives pre-packaged pancake mix, and a Klingon Cookbook.

Tony Stark: AQUA PONY! A collectable, vinyl figurine of the most mighty aquatic pony ever, on a light-up starfish stand. When a button on the stand is pressed, it sings a familiar "Shoo be doo! Shoo shoo be doo!" song.

Psyber: An application for employment at Danger Tanuki Studios, a T-shirt enchanted to hide wings with a totally radical Asian-style dragon over a tribal tattoo pattern on the back, a pair of comfortable ripped-up jeans and a pair of sandals. And a Danger Tanuki omnibus and vinyl figure.

Rainbow Dash: A huge print of the Prism Race comic art, showing Danger Tanuki and Prism Race caught in epic battle! And a note: "It's friends like you who keep me grounded. Thank you for your encouragement!"

THOR: A coffee mug with a travel top. It's a red mug that says: "I like my coffee like I like my battles — FULL OF THUNDER!" This mug is complete with an Izzet gadget that shoots out small, mostly harmless bolts of lightning. This mug has a pace-maker proximity warning.

LOKI: A tea set, made from silver and set with emerald and amethyst. It's quite fancy.Also: A new Danger Tanuki doll. This one gathers energy by sunlight in lieu of a pullcord.

Niv-Mizzet: What do you give a dragon that already has everything? You give him a Bonsai tree! This tree radiates green mana in the same way Yunomi does. It's quite happy to be a tree. This one is a landscape bonsai, where the tree is growing over a rock, with a little bridge dividing two hills. The tree is also an "ume" or plum, with brilliant red flowers, the edges of the petals in a bright blue instead of the usual pink. "I worked on this one extra hard to try and make the colors stay. The blossoms should stick around as long as I do!"
Each of Niv's children receive scarves in appropriate colors to compliment their scales, and mittens. "Just in case it starts snowing — you never know! The only thing in Ravnica less predictable than the Weather…"

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/183 Posted Author
Tanuki Gifts (2) Wed Dec 25 Yunomi

Sakura Kinomoto: A new collection of Danger Tanuki posters, autographed, and a silk obi with a delicate pattern of sakura flowers on the ends, and an invitation to the next Izzet presentation day.

Serori: A simple card. It has a picture of a toaster, wearing a santa hat, attended to by bacon pieces wielding forks and knives. Inside: "May the joys of Breakfast greet you throughout the new year!" There, inside, is a gift certificate to an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet that uses replicator technology. There is a smiling monkey on the gift card. Attached to the card is a banana.

Andrew Detmer:A Babies-R-Us gift card, and a reply note: "When are you due?"

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Griffon's Gifts Wed Dec 25 Alya
Altair: With everyone else getting Altair sharp, pointy objects, Alya opts to appeal to the softer side of the Assassin: The Aerie now houses a pair of exotic black hawks with golden eyes. They are trained for falconry.

Connor Kenway: A return quiver, this one made of strong leather and relatively unadorned, save for the beadwork across the top in dark brown and red, and filled with expertly made arrows, each tipped with a steel head. The cockfeather is brown and red, while the henfeathers are white.

Faruja: Invitation to horseback riding and archery lessons. And a hand-written note: "The greatest dangers that lay in the darkness is when they try to act as if they are greatly illuminated."

Frederica: Alya doesn't know the other very well, but returns for the hood a delicious assortment of spiced and dried fruits, and a richly woven — if plainly decorated — houserobe.

Veiled Lilly: A bottle of perfume, illuminated with a richly inked white lily on it. When opened, it has the scent of cinnamon and vanilla over a soft floral note. In Arabic on the back, it is labeled 'Lily of Tal'Affir"

Alexis Maaka is given a simple bracelet, made of twine and decorated with glass beads. The beads are inscribed with four symbols, which are explained in a note: 'warrior' 'freedom' 'spirit' and 'woman'. "Do not forget any part of yourself."

Noh: A beautifully woven and brightly colorful headwrap. Looking closely, it's not in fact flowers on the pattern, but disguised spiders. "I thought you would find this scarf in your taste, my treasured friend.

Elio: A gift card to an expensive restaurant, fine dining, with a sub-menu for those who have alternative tastes. "In case you are tired of rabbit." is the tongue-in-cheek joke.

From Aziz to Altair: A collection of abnormally large moles, laid out across the back of Altair's room. They're about two feet long.

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Message: 42/185 Posted Author
Gifts from a Desert Rose Wed Dec 25 Nasrin
Alexis Maaka: An assortment of dull colored clothing from different periods of time, meant to use as a disguise wardrobe. Many pieces can be mixed-and-matched. Also included are an assortment of sunglasses in various styles and colors. "One of our laws is to hide in plain sight. Your height cannot be helped, but the rest will aid you. Be careful."

Frederica: A mickey mouse hat, with mouse ears. And a simple knife. Nasrin is apparently confused about her likes.

Nine: Ten pounds of raw coffee and a countertop coffee grinder, along with a coffee pot that should exactly replace the one she broke that one time.

Connor Kenway is given a ship in a bottle, made to look like The Aquila — there's even a very, very small figure of Connor and Faulkner at the wheel and side.

Haytham Kenway: Receives nothing. GOOD DAY, SIR.

Altair: What do you give the man who already has everything? Altair would find a new bracer against his door. It is made with fine leather, and decorated with wirework spun into the shape of an eagle, with gold wire showing up in the positions of the stars of the constellation of Aquila, the Eagle — with its brightest star that shares his name. It is very carefully made.

Auron, likewise, gets a bracer, though this one is decorated with fiery colors rendered in copper and brass wires, showing a bird in flight — presumably a phoenix.

Sakura Kinomoto is given a pair of light leather bracers. They are not in pink, but instead are a soft leathery material. These are dyed instead of worked with wire, but show sakura blossoms. A letter is accompanied: "A flower's time is limited in the turning of the seasons; a violent life is often cut short while in its prime blossoming. Be safe."

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Because Tanuki can be distracted.. Wed Dec 25 Yunomi
Craig: A dozen jumbo cupcakes. There are no habenero cupcakes in this one, although they are all decorated with frosting peppers on them. They are chocolate with orange buttercream frosting and completely magically inert.

Herc Hansen: A collection of multiversal movies, like "Gone with the Windbloom", "The Quick and the Nestle Bunny" and "It Came from Planet X" on a handy, dandy tablet computer, with easy-to-understand instruction for charging with solar light. And an Australian Adapter Plug. "I know between training and looking out for everyone else, you don't have a lot of downtime; please enjoy these movies wherever you can! - Y. Stadler"

In the box marked Chuck Hansen: A rugged dog collar, new leash, tennis ball and collection of gourmet dog treats in liver, chicken, and beef marrow flavor.

In the box marked Max the Bulldog: A stocking full of little fun-sized treats, a book on Japanese Mythology (with annotations and little doodles by Yunomi), and a hand-written 'gift card' redeemable for two beers at a local pub 'in good company'.

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Fern Day Gifts Wed Dec 25 Sagaria
Sagaria is new, but she has a few gifts to hand out.

To Genghis Rex: A finely crafted staff, though unadorned, it is of good heft and weight. Included is a promise to spar.
Ankylo: A small fern day token of scale polish
Plesio: A skin conditioner for buffing away pollutants absorbed in urban water
Brachio: Several texts describing various martial arts. From the bargan section of Sheds & Ignoble.
Terrible Dactyl: Goggle polish, leather conditioner, and a new scarf.
Quackpot: "How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies: Prehistoric Edition" also from Sheds & Ignoble.
Styraco: A text on ancient lines of their home planet, copied from memory.

Nine: A gift basket, full of chocolate covered fruits and candies, with flowers. "Thank you for much the same upon my welcome here. Merry Christmas."

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/188 Posted Author
Last Minute Change of Heart Presen Wed Dec 25 Priscilla

It seems enough of the fetstivities (weregrinches included) have rubbed off on Priscilla for her to finally cave in and celebrate Christmas for a second year in a row. It appears that Jeremiah's help has been enlisted at the last moment, because all of the cards arrive dictated in fancy, spidery black handwriting and two signatures.

Nine: Regrettably, Priscilla keeps her promises, and so in exchange for Nine making his best effort, she has had to get him something. In the theme of slightly overdone jewellery, he recieves a ring so large and bulky that it easily fits around even a Golem unit's finger, wide, sturdy and plated in white brass, supporting a massive green and gold opal. The sacrificial magic has faded after a long time, and so a single use is enough for the opal to break, but should Nine (inevitably) be gravely wounded while wearing it, the ring temporarily stabilizes critical injuries and provides a sudden burst of energy. The part she doesn't share is that in said situation, the side of Nine leftover from his bioweapon days is the one who winds up in uncontested control of his body in such a situation. He should understand why.

Nathan: The librarian gets something simple, nice, and useful to his day to day as a token of appreciation of his continued support. A classy, if somewhat heavy, metal fountain pen with a sizable, flawless prism stone embedded in the end. The stone gives off gentle, seven coloured light while the pen is in use, just enough to write by and warm someone's hands up for maximum coziness. The tip itself is also a coincidentally pen-shaped flake of pure black titanite, meaning that Nathan could probably slam it through a steel wall if he had an aggressive bone in his body. Though the ink appears to be human blood, fortunately it's just old fashioned red dye.

Psyber: Recieves a lengthy note that does its best awkwardly dancing around some measure of approval for what Priscilla has apparently come to realize as a kind of charity service for "unfortunate, lowborn women". The included pouch of precious repair powder for use on "guns who are not people at the time" ultimately represents some attempt to bury the hatchet over him being surrounded by new girls every day of the week. Probably. It comes with a crate of wines and spirits that had previously been forgotten about for several centuries judging by their worn bottles, though extreme cold seems to have kept them from crossing the line into turning foul; enough for most of the office to get stupendously drunk. Jeremiah seems to have squirrelled away his own personal stock at the bottom of the crate for Hastur. God only knows why.

Elen: Gets the advantage of the sewing kit Priscilla had recieved over the holidays, in the form of a big, unimaginably fluffy scarf which appears to be curiously resilient to burning or staining. Even a Nord can appreciate the warm, fuzzy bliss of wearing it on a cold and windy day.

Altair: In recognition of his apparent hobby in collecting strange old weaponry, recieves a hefty sack full of contraptions and curiosities gathered from previous "adventurers". Hand-thrown bombs full of some nasty, ancient substitute for napalm. Vials of exotic toxins and venoms. Curiously designed throwing knives that weigh as much as a brick yet fly and alarming distance. The winching and prod for an esoteric design of crossbow that appears to fire three bolts at once. Medieval human ingenuity at its finest. One particular weapon comes seperately wrapped in fine white cloth, clearly not of a second hand nature judging by how shiny it still is. A peculiarly designed sword like a strange mix between a scimitar, a falchion, and a katana; the blade as thin as a sheet of paper with a flat tip like a painter's trowel. Despite being oddly short, the weight lends itself magnificently to all manner of spins and flourishes, and the old metal is etched with trace amounts of titanite; comparing favourably to most modern and magical multiversal steels. Despite appearing smooth, the edges are very finely serrated and grooved to cause horrific bleeding. The footnote reads "I remembered who you reminded me of".

Staren: Most recently on Priscilla's list, Staren is shipped a containment unit meant for dangerous animals, dropped off at his lab overnigh with a bizarre, crab-like creature roughly the size of a pig inside. Despite the segmented limbs and pincers, it appears to be made mostly out of metal, and its main body is nothing but a metroid-like transparent orb that contains only a roiling, bubbling mass of oily black humanity; ghostly white pseudopods ocasssionaly materializing from it to feel up its surroundings. The note simply mentions the beast as a "Vagrant", and expresses relief in finally finding a place to get rid of the thing, citing that Staren will likely find it extremely useful if he intends on pursuing research into Humanity since he seemed so curious before. It also warns him against putting it on a leash, due to the fact that it apparently shoots soul arrows.

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Message: 42/189 Posted Author
Giftcanicus Wed Dec 25 Churning Gears
Churning Gears of War does not consider many people 'friends'. But she has still compiled a small list of gifts for that very small list and a few other acquaintances as well.

Aelin Taurus - A master crafted power sword. Gears clearly spent days in hermitude again to pour all of her skill into this. It is shorter than the average, making it the equivalent of a short sword in length, but no less potent in its ability to cut through metals like softened butter. It is double edged, perfectly balanced, and weighted for use in her organic hand. Along with this are several magazines for her bolt pistol, with ammunition that alternates between red tracer bolts, green tracer bolts, and anti-armor incendiary bolts for a blaze of festive holiday heretic killing.

El'Shokah - Gears has just kind of snuck into the hangar where Shokah keeps her xeno power armor and re-decorated it with an Imperium theme. That means a lot more skulls and dark red paint.

Bo Holder - A cogitator. That is to say, the kind that most techpriests remove half of their brains and replace with. It is the rough equivalent of a Gateway 2000 computer from back in 1990. He can probably figure out something to do with it.

Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay - A pair of matching laspistols. Most notably, the laspistols that were issued to them when on planet Tristitia IV.

Alexis Maaka - A Build Your Own CAT Unit box set.

Horus - A small CAT Unit. Programmed to dotter around retardedly and be as annoying as possible. Gears might still be a little sour about the refinery incident.

Ivan Vanko - A CAT Unit designed to be both annoying and to try and taze him occasionally. Hell, this one probably only makes it through mail scanning if he wants it to.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/190 Posted Author
Janeway Forgot Some People Wed Dec 25 Kathryn Janeway

Aelin Taurus: Off to the engineer goes a very nice, very lavish toolset that bears the blazon of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Inside are all sorts of tools useful for working on things of a tinkery nature, from machinery to starships. They're all bright, shiny, and new, and made of the strongest materials for the toughest jobs. Given that the selection is pretty expansive, it was probably a custom commission, and it includes a handwritten notecard: "You're a damned good engineer, if I do say so myself. I hope these are useful. Some time when both of us have more time, I do believe I owe you a drink. —Capt. Janeway."

Churning Gears of War: Sent to Gears is a nice presentation of a Type II phaser rifle in an ornamental box. It's a little heavier duty than the usual standard issue, and actually has armoured plating on its flat planes. Obviously it's a more lavish example of the weapon, probably commissioned specially. Probably at great cost. Etched into the "barrel," in fact, is Churning Gears' name. Tucked into it is a small and surprisingly handwritten notecard: "Hopefully, the next time we encounter something like that, we'll both be more prepared. Otherwise, this may be of some use to you against things like that. You're welcome aboard Voyager any time. —Capt. Janeway."

There may or may not be more forthcoming, dependent wholly on "whenever Janeway's player has time to sit down and actually go through things proper-like."


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Message: 42/191 Posted Author
A Very Potts Christmas Wed Dec 25 Pepper Potts

Aside from the following, all members of the Union and those affiliated with Stark Industries would find a very correct, tasteful and neutral Holiday Card with the Stark Industries tower all lit up. "Wishing you a Warm and Bright Holiday Season and Propsperous New Year" — signed digitally by V. Potts.

Toph Beifong: An assortment of comfortable, modern clothes. Shirts, jeans, pants, trousers, pajama separates and slippers and yes — a skirt with thick leggings, all made from comfortable and easy-to-breathe materials, along with a pair of those "Body-glove" style shoes, with acoustic transfer soles added in. A note accompanies, in Braille: "One girl who loves to play in the dirt to another: There are times when it's best to wear a good pair of shoes. Trust me on this one." the shoes are light, breathable, and shouldn't interfere with her 'sight', and are stylish to boot — but the sole won't let glass or too much heat from hot roadtop get through. Also, the following books in Braille: Where the Wild Things Are, The Graveyard Book, The Tao of Pooh and The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Serori: A very professionally worded rejection letter of the job offer, citing 'too much time and effort invested in current project to let it fail now due to ineffectual control of personal and professional life', and a gift card for a particularly expensive shoe store in Manhattan. "If you would like professional advice about choosing the right pair of shoes for an occasion where vast stores of fighting energy is not required, this is the place to go. I would be happy to consult for a cup of coffee. - V. Potts, Stark Industries.

Rex: A classy pair of cufflinks, in the shape of adorable brontosauruses.

Thor: Research is a girl's best friend. Thor's gift boxes include Pepper's expertly picked out shirts, suits, jeans, underwear, socks, and a correctly cut and sized coat, and hat, and a bright blue and gold scarf and fingerless gloves in the same blue. And a note: "I fully expect sword lessons if you are giving me a sword."

Loki: Apparently forgiven, slightly, would receive updates to the wardrobe Pepper had put together for him when he first arrived at the tower; fashionable cuts of shirt in a woody green and emerald sheen, and a new gold scarf.

Natasha Romanov: A Spa Day, with complete relaxation package for 'the busy professional woman', and a soft pair of slippers.

Bruce Banner: A Spa Day, complete with a relaxation package to destress and add serenity for any man. Includes Sweedish Massage. Comes with a pair of comfortable slippers.

Clint Barton: A spa day with an emphasis on athlete's care, and a pair of comfortable slippers.

Bo Holder: A Super-Soaker pistol. "Although I can not say I will ever use the item for your prescribed purposes, I am certain it will, some day, come in handy. Best regards for the new year. V. Potts."

Beli Klum and Cecily: A couple's spa day, complete with shared champagne, robes, seaweed wraps and hot stone massages, chocolate dipped strawberries. "For your services rendered so tastefully, Cecily; thank you for your consideration of blueberry over strawberry. Merry Christmas — Pepper"

Tony: To be given in person

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Message: 42/192 Posted Author
Belated Buccaneer Christmas Thu Dec 26 Thionette
Leave it to a pirate to be late because she got caught up in all the holiday parties and drinking and so forth. ;p But at least she didn't forget.

Afterus - People that visit the temple section over the holiday week will find many kegs of spiced rum (for those that drink alcohol) or holiday cider (for kids and those that don't) left outside the Temple of Change for whoever wants some.
Arthur and Co. all get a keg of their preference sent to them as well, with a note reminding them that even 'gods' need to kick back and relax once in a while. Mostly so they don't turn all bitter and vengeful.. wait that last part wasn't actually suppose to be on there. Remind me to shoot the caligrapher.
Lupita on the other hand gets several bottles worth of Faygo that have been poured into a keg for effect. Considering she drinks the stuff like it was booze.

Vinyl Scratch - Several recordings of steampunk style music akin to what she heard while she was staying on the Thundersmack. (Think the sort of stuff you'd hear Abney Park or Steam Powered Giraffes play). Good thing her world still uses vinyl records!

Deelel - It looks like some clockpunk music box that plays raudy pub music… but if Dee scans it she'll find there's just enough electronics patched into it that she can do her digital transfer thing inside and visit a replication of a steampunk style tavern. No idea if she's programmed to simulate getting drunk, but the thought is there.

Kaydon - Gets a gear-driven device that will automatically pound hammers to flatten metal, or shape it around what's placed under the metal sheet. It's only good for general forming though, he'll still have to do the more intricate smithcraft himself. Which he probably prefers anyways. If he ever needs a place to work, her shop is open.

Rainbow Dash - A pair of authentic steampunk airship pilot goggles, brass frames and all. As a bonus they have a second pair of lenses that can be clicked over the main ones to provide anti-sun glare tinting.

Psyber - Authentic replicas of a swashbuckler cutlass and shipmaster's longcoat (closest period thing she could find to a trenchcoat), and a second longcoat with the addition sort of brass and copper decorations of a steampunk version. So he can look dashing and badass regardless of what era he's got to fight creepy unknown weirdness in.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/193 Posted Author
There was no goddamn reindeer (1) Thu Dec 26 Amalthea
Amalthea's gifts arrive at varying points of the day, and though there's no sign of Amalthea herself when they do, they're left in places where the recipients are most likely to find them, save for some of her more creative methods, in some instances. Though the keen-eyed might catch the strange sight of a silver metal… Reindeer(?) fleeing the scene at It's wearing a green sweater and has a red lightbulb for a nose.

Ellestaria - A trail of taco seeds- which incidentally are not the gift, but just lead the way to it a bit more directly, will lead all around the manse for the good part of a day, but perseverance yields fruit as eventually the trail stops in a lesser used room. And in this room is a small brooch, It's clearly made of white-silver mithril, most specifically a tiny portion of Amalthea's own chestplating. It hinges, and inside is a picture of the pair at rest, Amalthea gently braiding a white flower into Lest's hair. Every time it's opened, it emits the soft sound of a steady and strong heart. "To the one who made my heart beat. I could die happy today having known your love, rather than live for an eternity without having met you."

Ariel - Cranky though she may normally be, Amalthea was clearly no less playful in the setup of her daughter's gift. Though at the cost of putting Ariel's pet fairy through a guantlet. As soon as the little unicorn opens her door, a tripwire set across the threshold will set into motion a contraption that puts all of Amalthea's years of fairy hunting experience into action, rigging roughly a third of the house for a wild chase that will- mercifully- not kill the pixie, but give it a run for its money. The trap ends somewhere in a basement, where Amalthea has left her daughter a glimmering prismatic shard in the shape of a five-pointed star. In truth it's an actual fallen star from the Pink-Grass Plains of Amalthea's homeworld, though it's no bigger than a quarter, but gleams with a brilliant rainbow light from within and shines more brilliantly when in the presence of a pure-hearted wish or dream. "My daughter: Seeing you grow has made me more proud than you could ever know. And even though you don't know your path yet, always chase your dreams. Wishes as pure as yours can never be broken by even the most jagged of rocks."

Pegasus - This one was snuck into the bakery. There's even signs of a horribly failed attempt at baking something in one of the ovens, though any mess is mostly cleaned up save for two trays of horribly blackened lumps of… … Something. They might have been Christmas cookies. Maybe. Yeah, it's not Amalthea's forte. But it looks like a small pendant on a delicate silver chain. Actually it's one of Amalthea's very own internal gears. But it seems to be broken in half. "I'll give you an opportunity to make a part of me whole, this time around. Try and figure out where the other half is."

Nathan Hall - Nathan has the other half, on a matching necklace chain. "When's the wedding?"

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/194 Posted Author
There was no goddamn reindeer (2) Thu Dec 26 Amalthea
Niv Mizzet - The the big red dragon and one of Amalthea's first friends, a member of the Izzet guild that does the usual duty of taking care of the grounds of Amalthea's vacation house in Ravnica will probably be arriving with the urgent news that Niv should probably come see the neighborhood for himself. There is unicorn glitter EVERYWHERE for a full city block radius. At the very center of where Tropical Glitter Storm Amalthea hit is one of Amalthea's gauntlets from very first set of armor. It's polished to perfection as if brand new, though there is just no hiding some of the older scars on the plating. "You gave this to me at the start of my journey as a kindness and show of support for an old battered soul's hope to fulfill one last dream. The memories I've left inside it are those of joy, sorrow, pain, pride, victory, and defeat equally. But I like to think I picked out the best ones." Indeed, there's a small collection of photos clutched in the metal fingers. Beginning with a standoffish Amalthea glaring at the massive dragon, evolving over time to more casual visits to the guild, to Amalthea perching on Niv at one point. It ends with a family shot of Amalthea, Ellestaria and Ariel, happy and proud. "A small kindness can set into motion events that change a life."

Himei - For miss Shoot Through Her Friends Sailor Hope, Amalthea has left a tube of wrinkle cream. … Haha this is a joke, the actual gift is a set of a few simple rings of mithril that Himei can hand out amongst family and friends. The rings are all linked, and so long as they're worn relay the heartbeats of other members of Himei's family to her. "Look at how you've grown. Then again we all have, haven't we? There aren't enough of these for all the bonds you've made, but there should be enough for some of the closest."

Kiyoko - Amalthea leaves Kiyoko more ammunition for her flame pieces, seeing as how they came from Nerites and all. But she also leaves the littlest Magical Girl Ninja Dame Long Title Holder a panzerfaust. Amalthea might be sitting back and waiting for it to drive Himei up a wall.

Elliana Fairchild - Elliana probably won't see the odd reindeer, considering how she lives in dirty heathen Confederate territory, her gift simply comes in the mail. It's a plain parcel for shipping purposes, but inside the MultEx box is a smaller box of wood, simple yet sturdy. Inside it is a single white tulip, apparently, it's been in Amalthea's presence long enough to preserve it from age and time for as long as it exists. Most notably though it is from the very verdant and blossoming spot on Elliana's world that she had sent Amalthea directions to, to take Ellestaria at one point. "Forgiveness is a difficult thing, and while I can still no longer put trust in you, I no longer resent you for the choice you made. … P.S.: I'm still sorry about breaking TinyElliana's jaw."

Unyielding Rampart - Though unplayed, Amalthea's host and friend will find his gift on his throne, after a few puzzled castle attendants and a cranky were-mouse actually manage to find him and get him into the throne room, anyway. But settled there on the Orichalcum throne of Luanjian is a mithril ingot. Don't ask where it came from. "Here's a good challenge. I bet you can make something suitably heroic out of this, o ordinary mortal hero king."

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There was no goddamn reindeer (3) Thu Dec 26 Amalthea
Fate T. Harlaown - From one fellow mom to the next, in return for Fate's gift of Fae repellant, Amalthea has left a gift for the mage and something for Vivio. For Fate, a #1 Mom mug, and for Vivio… A bottle of unicorn sparkles and glitter. What little girl doesn't like glitter? "Thanks for the help, for a while I thought I was fucking up the whole parenthood thing. I've still got a lot to learn, but Ariel should make it pretty forgiving. PS, make sure Vivo doesn't get this stuff on anything she doesn't want glittering for weeks."

Psyber - One stop off for the metal reindeer is in Boston, specifically the Heaven or Hell tower, and left for a certain Half-Angel to find, is a small charm bracelet. It seems to be made from strands of Amalthea's own hair, braided and woven together in a shifting rainbow swirl of color. Each charm is small, but unique, one a kunai, one a pistol, one a sword, one a wolf fang, one a shield, so on and so forth, each one seemingly representing key members of HoH, or those involved in Annu, or in the events of halting the apocalypse of the now Sixth Age Earth. "Whenever there's trouble you're always throwing yourself into it face first, regardless of how much it hurts, or how tired it makes you. But the solidarity you form in your bonds with others always ensures someone is at your back. Thanks for being a bro."

Sakura Haruno - A certain pink-haired ninja is to receive another copy of That One Elusive Picture. She knows the one, but that's not all. Considering the picture is set out on a small variety of gathered herbs and plants from Amalthea's homeworld. They come in a variety of colors from 'star swirling' to 'fabulously pink' or 'Sparklingly purple'. But they all have known medical applications of some form. "You can be a little hard to figure out a gift for sometimes, so I figured something practical and simple would be best- just don't touch the glitterpetal without wearing protective gloves."

Agrias Oaks - For Agrias Oaks, a simple gift is left, but simple of course never means less meaningful. A humble wide band bracelet carved from wood, polished smooth through natural means and decorated in strands of braided rainbow hair. It appears, that a very very fine point was used to etch imagery onto the band. Amalthea's own horn, in fact. Depicted on the bracelet are a unicorn and an eagle, each bearing a blade, yet settled side by side in friendship. Most notable about the bracelet is that it bears a Unicorn's Blessing upon it so long as it's worn by Agrias, it grants a minor blessing of protection. Along with this is something for Ovelia too. It's carved from the same piece of wood that made the bracelet, but takes on the form of charm that can be fitted onto a necklace, carved into a shape of just the blade-bearing Eagle. Alkoun isn't forgotten either, because there are some Gyashl greens for the big mean bastard to enjoy. "May you always kick like a horse, Agrias. Say hello to Ovelia and Alkoun for me."

Kaminagi Setsuko - Setsuko gets a swo— haha no it's not a sword, just kidding. Actually, for Setsuko, Amalthea seems to have studied just enough calligraphy to make a wall hanging, bearing the Knight's Code. 'A knight is sworn to valor. Her heart knows only virtue. Her blade defends the helpless. Her might upholds the weak. Her word speaks only truth. And her wrath undoes the wicked.' "For a time I thought I was lost, but now when I look back on these words I can hold my head high again. You already know your path, and I'll stand by my promise, if you ever need another blade at your side, just call on me."

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Last-minute Gifts Fri Dec 27 Serori

Additional gifts are owed!

Rainbow Dash receives a seven-layered rainbow cake to share with her friends. The icing is bright blue and tends to leave the teeth looking similarly blue, but the whole thing is a fluffy, sugary mess and the ensuing sugar rush is definitely gonna put some zip in her flight speeds.

Taro receives a technical manual from the Planetary Trade Organization. Although most of the manual covers interstellar craft and atmospheric adaptation technologies, there is also a limited chapter on basic energy-based weapons.

The Gofers are sent matching sets of gemstone earrings. Whatever stone hangs in each earring is the exact same luminous color as the Gofers' eyes. The earrings can serve as short-range radios, though their range and quality limitations make their use more of an in-case-of-emergency kind of thing.

Ysabel Thibault is sent some Wyvern Tears. Roko must be going through his adolescence to be so whiny.

Samus Aran is sent a selection of roasted coffees along with various pastries, fruits, and chocolates tagged to be paired with specific regional brews. It's probably meant to be shared because it's an awful lot. The card instructs Samus to 'enjoy this shit, it's too fancy for me.'


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Villainous Presents… Sun Dec 29 Mojo Jojo
To every Unionite… A delicious chocolate chip cookie, nothing strange or lethal about it.

To every Confederate… A delicious DOUBLE Chocolate chip cookie. Perfectly edible and delicious.

To the Powerpuff Girls: Links to Cookie Clicker.

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Delayed by the Mail Gifts Tue Dec 31 Deelel
Thionette - A light jet rod which would form into a light jet of the same base model as Deelel's own however it has been altered to run in colours more befitting of Thionette's tastes. She also gets an drop pack for if she'd ever need to ditch.

Vinyl Scratch - Gets what seems to be a small device which seems to have no seams when she activates it. It would rezz much like Deelel's own personal light vehicles , but it's a mobile DC station with a huge data storage capacity and has been altered to be very pony use friendly.

Arthur Lowell, Summer Powers, Fiora O'Brien - They receive one solid light cycle from her which can be customized as they see fit and a message from Deelel.

I am uncertain what to give you after what you intentionally or unintentionally gave me which was a purpose for a program like myself to not have one. I'm still not sure how to properly thank you for that, but if you ever need anything of me you just need to ask it. For with out a purpose my people have no reason to exist as created beings.

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Rider Christmas Tue Dec 31 Tendou Souji
As usual, Tendou Souji sent out 25% discount cards to all known (and official) Union members, good through the coming year; Last Chancers and friendly neutrals get 10% discount cards.

Additionally, the high-ranking officers of the Union (rank 4 and higher) would each get a voucher good for one personally catered meal, cooked by Tendou himself. (The voucher which goes to Paarthurnax has an addendum, noting that if he's much bigger than human-size, Tendou may not be able to cook a big enough meal to satisfy his appetite. That won't stop him from *trying*, mind you - just that filling him up isn't guaranteed.)

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Christmas, Muay Thai style Tue Dec 31 Sagat
Sagat still doesn't do a whole lot for Christmas, but he does send a few gifts out.

Martial artists whom Sagat knows to be affiliated with the Union each get a jar of Muay Thai training liniment, recommended for application before training and after fights. They also get politely-worded offers to spar sometime - there is no obligation to accept, but it's clear that he'd appreciate the chance to see how other fighters' styles work against his own.

Goro gets a jar of training liniment as well, although the included note observes that it's not like he needs the stuff. There's also a set of several reinforced heavy bags; again, it's not like Goro needs the training, but "sometimes you just need to hit something that won't try to hit back".

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