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Golemtide Gifts Thu Dec 19 No. 9

Goro - Goro got a bit of an odd gift this year. A stylish four-armed trenchcoat done in shiny dark red leathers, with a coppery sheen to them that suggests dragon hide or something similar. Heavily tooled and inlaid with intricate metalwork, heavy on the straps and buckles and ornate panels, with a matching set of tooled leather, metallic inlaid bracers for all four arms, and a… sweater? A big fluffy thick necked thick wristed four armed sweater, knitted with care and done in a theme of… chains, with bloody hooks on them dripping blood, in carefully picked out stitches. Very menacing looking, in a cheerful sort of way. 'You're one of my best friends man, and we don't spend nearly enough time together. I know you're the 'showing off the physique' thing, but if you just want to keep the weather off or something, here ya go. We need to hang out more man, I miss you'. Kintaro has a vest made of the same material, but also picked out with strips of what looks like metallic alligator skin along the front and shoulders and some real fancy metalwork on the front and buttons/clasps/buckles. He also gets a deluxe muffin set and a squeaky mallet that's tough enough to be used by a Shokan warrior and not die that makes silly and slightly irritating sound effects. 'There ya go big guy. Happy holidays. But try not to go too hard on Sheeva with the mallet? Terrorize the troops or sumthin :)' Sheeva gets a more modern cut of coat, the leather treated to be shinier and more glinty, the angles more complementary, not slimming so much as complimenting her natural form. There's also some subtle chainwork and spikes, leading to a bit of a 'classy biker' look. She also gets a soft, voluminous and comfy robe, soft fur slippers and some luxurious bath oils pitched as being good for washing dried blood out of the pores. 'You have one of the biggest jobs of all the Shokan Sheeva. Taking care of the boys. You have my respect, on that, but don't forget to take some time to relax yourself, alright?'

Allan Bodily - Allan gets a sweater, picked out in the Red Union logo done in intricate stitching. It's not readily apparent what the hell it's made out of, but it's really really soft, doesn't burn, doesn't cut hardly and doesn't hardly allow a lot of things through. It's armored, warm and comfortable. 'I don't know if you even like this, but I can send you some boxes of these for your men if you want. I wouldn't, presume though.'

Taro - Nine managed to track down an ancient tea set, very steeped in, some sort of meaning, he's not sure and he's not entirely sure he cares, but it's pretty and it's fancy and it makes some pretty good tea. 'I am so glad we got to play together recently, I think we should again! I love spending time with you, you're awesome did you know you're awesome? You're /awesome/ you shouldn't forget that. Awesome. Totally. Yeah. We should hang out more! :)'

Lute - Lute gets another gift of not-spoken-of-in-polite-company videos and games, an assortment gift basket… and a note. '…You've done me good before, and I appreciate it. You have friends here, don't forget it.'

Flandre Scarlet - Flandre gets an adorable plushie of a vampire bat that squeaks, a pair of bloodletter knives with intricately interwoven blood slots with jars of dipping anticoagulant poison and a deluxe set of colored chalk, colored pencils, oil pastels, china markers and ink pens. '<3 :D'



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Golemtide Gifts Thu Dec 19 No. 9

Nasrin - Nasrin gets a jacket like hers, hooded, ect. From the outside it looks pretty much the same, but the inside is lined in soft, real fur and it seems to have just a tiny bit of stiffness to it, but that might be from the inlaid polymer mesh and lightweight alloy inserts here and there, giving it a lot of protection for not a lot of weight or loss of flex, and it's festooned on the inside with pockets and flaps, nooks and crannies for all sorts of assassin-y gear, and even has an emergency pull tab that activates a set of chemical warmers that would make it reasonably uncomfortable but, say, help in a blizzard. 'I hadn't seen you in a while. Was worried about you. If this makes you uncomfortable, just burn it but stand back I think some of the chemicals in it would be bad to inhale as smoke. Um. Yeah. Anyway uh. Happy holidays. Stay safe.'

Mortimer Balman - Nine gets Morty a bucket of chocolate coal, some assorted gift baskets for his friends and some adventure books.

Karian - Karian gets a sleep regulator and white noise generator. It plays rainfall, whale songs, stuff like that. It's soothing and cooling, and acts as a noise canceller in the immediate area, and even balances the level of temperature and humidity as best it can in the nearby area. '…I'm not sure what you'd like, but you seem like an intense sort of guy, so I figured you might need to unwind a little, try to relax, try to feel a little better about things, enjoy your life and stop throwing it around like it doesn't matter. I know your culture and all, but you do matter. And I hate to make you an errand boy, but do you mind grabbing any of the rest of your stabby friend's gifts and making sure they get to them? I know you're pals with a lot of non-Union assassins, so… yeah. If you could help me out. They're not tracked or trapped, but feel free to have them inspected anyway, just to make sure, all that.'

Loki - Loki gets a set of books. They're NOT books designed towards a purpose. They're just simple fantasy and adventure and romance books, usually pretty good and sufficiently entertaining. 'I figure you get enough themed gifts. Here's some books that should just be there for fun to read, so you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about anything. We should hang out soon, I miss you. I hope you're not still mad about me knocking you out. …Either way, happy holidays man.'

Earthworm Jim - Jim gets a scarf, shaped like a cow. It's a very long cow, because it's a scarf. There's a head at one end and an udder at the other. It's very warm.

Connor Kenway - It would appear Nine knitted Connor a scarf. It's only really readily apparent because the wool yarn is a little clunkily done and the edging isn't perfect and it's… just a little bit pathetic, really, although it's also warm and smells softly of wildflowers. '…I'm sorry for nearly biting your hand off that one time, you're a great guy and your dad is a great guy and you should be great guys together. Family's one of the most important things, dude, you should put things aside when the Christmas truce comes up and spend some time with your dad this holiday season. Happy holidays'

Striker Eureka - Chuck and Herc each get a gift basket, one of his deluxe assortment. It's all high-calorie and very very yummy, and Max gets one too, of assorted dog treats.

Lord Servius - EVIL. Lord Servius even gets a gift. It's a deluxe cookie assortment, fresh enough to still be soft if not warm and a jug of milk. 'Calm down man, and try to enjoy the holiday season without killing folks.'



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Golemtide Gifts Thu Dec 19 No. 9

Magus Zeal - It appears to be a scarf, carefully knitted out of some sort of glowing blue-purplish yarn that compliments his hair rather well and is pleasantly warm. It is, to be honest, a bit clunky towards one edge, though it smooths rather quickly. 'Saw this one in the craft store, and /immediately/ thought of you man. Ten offered to knit it for me, but I wanted to… I don't know, try. Sorry it's not that good.'

Noh - Noh gets some plushes. A plush of the Karkadann and a plush of the Gulon, the latter fat and squishy and the former with wires in it to allow it to be posed. '…I hope things are going well for you. Things have been kind of crazy here, but I'm hoping, hoping, you have a good holiday season, and enjoy the peace that this time brings. merry christmas'

Raven DeVanos - Raven gets a plushie Bub from Bubble Bobble that spits bubbles and lights up in the tummy and eyes, about 50 DVDs of absolutely terrible kung-fu movies, a deluxe peppermint bark assortment, and a fluffy white rug made out of some sort of angora. Or it might be made out of Grampa's hair. Either way it's comfortable to lay on, and smells of Golem very faintly, or at least ANMC. 'I miss you. We need to spend more time together.

Altair - Altair gets a scowling foot tall plush done of him. It's derpish and adorable, and if poked would make a disapproving sound. He also gets a gift basket of assorted goodies; looks like Nine did some research to make sure they would be the sort of thing he'd actually enjoy eating. There's a lot of it. The note seems to have a lot of false starts scratched and scribbled out, and the note at the end is hastily scrawled into whatever room is left on the side of the card. 'Despite the logistic issues this causes to my friends and I, I am nevertheless glad that you still breathe. You say you aren't a good man, but at least in some ways, on some levels, I call bullshit. …And I'm sorry I said you didn't care. I know you care. I always did.'

Cecily - Cecily gets a plush of …Beli? Yep. It's adorable, intricately detailed and it rumbles and chimes softly when it's hugged.

Beli Klum - Beli gets a plush of Cecily! It's adorable, it's tails sleek and fluffy and it's body sort of flashes silver when squeezed. It squeaks!

Staren - What do you get someone who's half scientist and half cat? A laser pointer that can actually lase. Which is actually a TERRIBLE IDEA, but it's a variable laser pen and therefore useful as anything from something that can melt through steel to the little red dancing light level of energy, with variable colors and intensities. 'You're hard to shop for! >.<'

Francesca Luuchini - What little girl doesn't love a stuffed animal? It's not readily apparent why he picked apparently a T-Rex, it's goofy snarly face all silly and faux-fierce, though it's made out of a softness with a good squish to it, and it sequeak-u's when hugged hard enough. It also balances on it's goofy big feet and comes with a saddle that's perfect for most smaller stuffies and dolls. Stubby little arms… 'I don't know you that well, I admit. I'm, sort of sorry about that. If I'm waaay off I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be insulting. I aint no good with kids.'

Kamui Gakupo - Kamui gets a sweater, carefully knitted. It's very… impressionistic, mostly colors and shapes, semi opalescent and pretty and a little odd looking. It's from Ten, obviously, although he is, apparently, too shy to have included a note this year. It reacts to ambient electromagnetic and the colors shimmer and change in the thin yarn like a cuttlefish.


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Golemtide Gifts Thu Dec 19 No. 9

Brad and Jennie - Brad gets a badass trenchcoat. To further the badass, it's apparently made from something with metallic skin; must be dragon or drake hide of some sort. Shining silver leather. The lines are fancy, the leather tooled in a techy way, inlaid with red translucent lines that brighten when the inner surface comes in contact with bits of Brad's skin. It's debatable whether Brad would think it's awesome, or tacky as all hell. Jenny gets one in the same style but a female cut and her color of blue instead of red, with a bit more blue then Brad's red. And in Brad's pocket, there's an authentic 80s micro-machine of a motorcycle. Looks like Nine got him one after all! Defiance! 'I'm glad you found her. I'm glad you have each other. I'm so glad. There's no words for how glad I am. Or how sad I was to watch you before. I'm, glad, though. I'm so glad. And I hope you have a happy holidays… sorry I couldn't get you a bigger motorcycle, ha!' to Jenny, 'I NEED TO GET TO KNOW YOU :)'

Yuuma - Nine got Yuuma a gift basket, one of his assorted baskets, full of all sorts of goodies, and a scarf that matches the rest of his outfit in colors and lines. 'You're a good kid, and an interesting one, I hope our last conversation wasn't the last one we have'

Priscilla - Proper sewing kit. Full bells and whistles. Rotary cutter and mat, tracer wheel, seam ripper, whole nine yards, and a massive rainbow assortment of various colored threads. Plus the other part. Seems he took the guts of a fully modern, industrial sewing machine, the sort that fashion designers use, and had the shell of an ornate 50s sewing machine fitted to it, with some extra gilt and mother of pearl thrown on to spiff it up. It's also mostly self-threading and not prone to breaking down even under stiff punishment, and runs on the kind of modern battery that doesn't need much charging. To be fair, he did say he'd throw in something as a surprise, and he kinda did. It's some jewelery. White gold and platinum with some diamonds and assorted softly rainbow tourmaline sprinkled somewhat artfully across it's surface. Looks like a… necklace, some earrings and a thin little tiara designed to go around her horns. It's a, bit, tacky, but it looks like he tried. 'Sorry I'm, not, so good at presents. For girls. Um. I hope, you like them, but if not, um. …Sorry. Happy holidays'. There is also a plate of brownies thrown in, probably at the last minute, because they are still chewy-cakey warm.

Faruja - No books, no mindgames, no insults, nothing like that. Magic though, a very low, low low low level enchantment. It's a blanket. A warm, downy comforter, magicked to retain just a bit of a fresh-from-the-dryer heat and the soft smell of rose and lavender. '…I don't get along well with religious types. Being the very definition of heathen unrepentant sinner, I naturally wouldn't. But there's good stuff in you, Faruja. I'm glad I hadn't hurt you… more than I had. If you make an effort to respect the choices I've made, I'll make an effort to respect the choices you have. Sound good?" It also comes with a pillow made out of memory foam, treated to be softly warm to the touch.

Ainsley - Apparently Nine is trying to make Ainsley look like Indiana Jones for some reason. Jacket and hat and all that. Fedora! 'I'm sorry I was bad to you the one time I met you. You're an alright sort of gal. I hope things work out for you, I really do, but if you ever need help, give me a call, alright?'


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Golemtide Gifts Thu Dec 19 No. 9

Silvia Stardancer - A simple enough gift. It's a wolf plush, suitably squishy and adorable, made with some sort of soft fur. Looks like chinchilla. Chillawolf! It's stuffed with soft fluff mixed with crushed lavender, and it's soooooft. 'We hadn't met more than a few times. I hope you still are well. I'm getting better at these! Hope it makes you happy~'

Thor Odinson - Thor gets a gift of assorted wines, ales, beers and mead, some jerkies and smoked meats, cheeses and assorted goodies. 'I don't know you that well, but your Bro n' me are sorta pals, so I didn't feel right not getting you something. I'm, sorry if I got you in trouble. Thanks for, going, easy on me, that one time. …I hope you didn't get chewed out for it.'

Tyrael - Tyrael gets a card, with a note in it. '…You surprised me sir. I admit it, you surprised me. It would've been easier to hate you, and deride you, but Vrid respected you, and I guess through his guidance, I was able to see that you were, in fact, a good and respectable person. It's… not, easy, having the being that, well, represents all that, stands, against you and your fellows as someone you can't help but respect. I still have that scar, and it, reminds me of decency and integrity, I suppose. All the same, I hope you have a good holiday season. I wish I knew you sir, enough to know what to get for a person like you.'

Paarthurnax - Flat panel truck. Meats and cheeses. Smoked and preserved on the one, herbed and aromatic on the other. There is no note. None of it is poisoned however, and all of it is, if it's your thing at all, rather good and not easily spoiled.

Nathan - Nathan gets two things. A plushie of Pegasus, very intricate while also being huggably adorable and smelling softly of muffins, and… well, Nine'll deliver the other one. It's a bit intricate, and depressingly utilitarian.

Tony Stark - What does one get someone who has everything? A, card, apparently. '…You may be a jerk, in a lot of ways, and I might want to strangle you some time… but you deserve happiness. And I wish you luck on that sir. I really do. So. Happy holidays, and may you find what you're looking for this holiday season'.

Kathryn Janeway - Unfortunately Nine doesn't know Miss Janeway particularly well yet, so he just got her a pleasantly nondenominational card of a bunch of snowmen having a snowball fight. 'Hey, listen, sorry about yelling at you that one time. I wasn't, in a good place, I was being a jerk. Didn't mean to hit buttons I didn't know I was hitting, I'm sorry. Um. I hope you have a good holiday season. -Number Nine.'

Auron - Auron gets a scarf and a set of mittens, all warm for the holidays, trimmed in fur and smelling of cocoa. 'It's always awkward to be on other sides of a conflict. You and your boys try to hurt me and my boys. But that's life, I suppose. All the same, not all of you lot are bad. Here's to hoping. Happy holidays'

Agrias Oaks - Agrias gets a long, warm coat, trimmed in fur and heavy with ornamental stitching. He tried to match it somewhat to her style, so some of the cross-stitching and the patterning is there, the same stuff he'd seen her wearing before. '…I'm sorry I threatened you. I didn't mean to. It was… dumb. It won't happen again. I wanted to help. I still want to help. If you ever need help, you still have friends, remember that, okay? Happy holidays.'

John-117 - John gets a scarf done in Cortana's patterns and colors, and Cortana gets a graphical representation of a virtual scarf done in the Mjollnir armor. The card is generic, and the note is simple, ':P I still blame you, but hey, merry christmas! :P'


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Golemtide Gifts Thu Dec 19 No. 9

Richard Stadler - Everyone on Stadler's team gets a different sort of one of No. 9's gift baskets. Minus the weaponry or torture implement or poison baskets, of course. Chocolates, candies, jerkies, teas, coffees, alcohols, there's lots of different ones, with options for passing them around if someone's more a coffee man than a sweets man, ect. Richard gets one too, and Fleece! Fleece and Richard both get jackets too, soft and comfy. Fleece's is, well, fleecy, poofy and warm… and packed with pockets, ceramic inserts, kevlar weaves, titanium mesh and alloy microplating, buried in the soft. Richard's is just on this side of comfort, a touch stiffer, and a lot more armored. 'Oh hey, if I ever accidentally set of an NMC infection (and it would be accidental I hate those things) try psi to cure people, it might be able to put the mitochondria back to sleep. Fleece is /adorable/. And scary. I see why you have her. I'm not sure how many folks you got, but fuckit, there might be extra baskets. Either way, merry christmas'

Ciaphas Cain - Ciaphas gets a rather… unmasculine sort of gift. A set of… bath oils? Bath oils, bath salts, little floating tea lights and scented candles. They're not the most masculine of scents either, generally angling for more aromatherapeutic without being offensively man-card-punch-takingly flowery. Overall rather pleasant, if one was able to handle that sort of thing without going 'what.' The card… isn't signed, and is printed, so, mystery! It reads '…You play a good game, but even men like you need to relax every now and again. I don't know if it's a cultural frownyface where you come from, but give it a try. A friend of mine swears by them. Plus you should meet and sit down with Karian and Horus. I worry about Horus. He needs friends among folks from his world. Help show that he doesn't have to go nowhere he don't want to go. He's a real nice guy, once you get to know him.'

Toph Beifong - Toph gets a plush. Of a badgermole. Someone did their research! Like, at all. Although it's visually correct from what he'd managed to gather, it's the physical that he'd paid more attention to, so the fur is soft, probably softer than the actual animals fur is (Nine's not sure) but the details are carefully paid attention to. '…Sorry if I creeped you out that one time. You're an awesome kid though! I hope they appreciate you over there'

Psyber - Psyber's gift might be viewed as kinda dark, if you look at it in just the wrong way. It's a, well, it's an arcade box. Forget fully refurbished, Nine just found a world where it'd just been made, debugged and was fresh off the lot. It's… Missile Command. There's a note on the front of the box. "…I have to admit, I had thought, during the thing with Vrid, that we were going to win. I admit it gave me nightmares. Bad ones. I know it's in bad taste to give endless war in the hopes of eventual peace, but still… happy holidays, and, I guess, good luck to us all.'

Pegasus - Pegasus gets a plushie of Nathan. It's… ridiculously cute, and the expression seemed to be nailed pretty much spot on. 'I hope you're adjusting well to your place in the Union, and I hope you're happy there! If you're not, you can always come home, but if you are? I am so glad for you. <3 I hope you have a happy holidays, and make sure to take some time for yourself!'


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More From the Armorer Thu Dec 19 Adelaide Flowers
Brad Carbunkle and Flandre Scarlet: You both receive an all-too-strange gift…a nicely wrapped box containing a fairly firm plush chainsaw. It's as if you could foam-sword-fight with it, which is kind of the point. A handwritten note accompanies them both. "We may have met under rougher circumstances, and the two of you scared the living hell out of me when you found the one in the attic. Leave that there and have fun taking on pillow zombies. …which are probably a thing, now that I think about it. Merry Christmas."

Hastur gets a set of kitchen knives. They're fairly good quality; the card that comes with thanks her immensely for being such a damn good chef, and that Addie looks forward to getting to know the King in Yellow better in the next year. She's not quite nearly so terrifying a person as it seems, and a darn good cook.

More to come!

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A Very Fairy Christmas(1) Fri Dec 20 Cirno

Starting with the Confederates this year!

DRACULA: Receives a set of wine glasses which may, at his wish, gently frost up to chill anything placed within. - "I have no idea if you like chilled wine(or blood), but this is the first thing that came to mind."

SERORI: The General gets a stylish jacket made of extremely tough(but sadly not indestructible) materials, along with several pairs of sunglasses with integrated radios and scouters. - "The scouter part doesn't seem quite as useful here, but you never know when the old standby could come in handy."

LOROS: The Wizard receives some new shorts and shirts done Hawaiian-style. Close inspection of the pattern reveils it is actually made of images of the various Noble Horrorterrors Cirno encountered during Sburb. - "Not something for this season, but there are always beaches to go to!"

GOFER SISTERS: The Gofers receive a similar gift to Dracula, in the form of a pair of matching bowls and spoons, one for each of them, which keep ice cream at the perfect temperature of just soft enough to eat but not melt, yet not cold enough for brain freeze. - "They are magic, but it's pretty minor. Enjoy your dessert!"

SLIME: Receives a chunk of frozen coal. Unlike Santa coal, this coal CAN be burned, but emits cold instead of heat. No note provided.

LAER: Major Azati receives a crossbow with an adaptable firing mechanism so that anything relatively straightish and bolt-sized can be placed within it and fired. In the event that the item isn't rigid enough, it flash-freezes the item. Also enclosed are a number of small lizards labelled 'ammo.' - "It was a pleasure working with you. We should do that again sometime."

GENSOKYO: Overnight in Gensokyo a large, eternally-cold flower has been set down, with a little plaque that simply says: 'In remembrance of Nue'


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That's So Christmas Fri Dec 20 Raven DeVanos
Toph Beifong - Audio Books on an mp3 player: The BFG, The Mouse And The MotorCycle, Pippi Longstocking, Maniac McGee, The Witch's Boy

Psyber - An MP3 player with a single track of Raven reciting 'The Christmas Guest' (, along with a note: 'Thank you for everything. Words cannot express how much I wish to thank you for what you did. - RKD'

Sarah - Sarah gets a large vase with a digital clock face built in; when filled with water, the vase keeps perfect time (as long as it's set) and even the addition of flowers to the vase does nothing to interrupt it as long as there's water. A note that comes with it reads: 'I saw this, and was amused; last year I got you a water thermometer, this year, you get a clock that runs on water. I hope it makes you smile. - RKD'

Yunomi - A box of peppermint twist cookies made to look like candy canes, and a DVD of cartoons from the early to mid 80's, including: A Pumpkin Full of Nonsense, Halloween is Grinch Night, Bunnicula, Garfield's Halloween, Charlie Brown Halloween.

Alexis - A document of Breeding Liniage for a Pokemon recently discovered and bred from a foreign region of the Pokemon Islands, as well as the certificate to pick said pokemon, bred for Alexis, up when the litter is ready for new trainers sometime at the end of January. (Furfrou)

Ash - A document of Breeding Liniage for a pokemon once thought extinct but then rediscovered in a foreign region of the Pokemon Islands, as well as a certificate of ownership for one of the breeding stock members of the new colony to be obtained as soon as quarentine of the colony from PokeRUS is over close to the end of January. (Trevenant)

No. 9 - Nine gets a really old, obviously repaired many times, and very well used machop plush doll in a smart, snappy tux with a top hat, as well as a note: 'I haven't been able to give him the right amount of love and attention lately, and you're the only person I trust to give him a proper home. Can you take care of him for me? - RKD' This comes with the blanket from her bed, unwashed.

- Seven receives a copy of the book, 'We Dine With Cannibals', as well as a DVD copy of the movie Hocus Pocus, and three whack-and-unwrap chocolate oranges. 'Let me know when the wedding is, I'll even wear a dress. - RKD'
- Ten receives about 50 pounds of yarn of every kind of hue imagineable in skeins that promise to last for most projects that could ever be thought of. 'Make me something nice if you like, but I hope this will last you a while, luv. - RKD'
- Thirteen receives five boxes worth of different flavors of Celestial Seasonings tea, two jars of sweet clover honey, and a soup mug. 'Come fill your 'bowl' at my house any time, hon. I hope the tea helps you sleep, it's caffine free. - RKD'

Serori - Two large roast chocobo, and five pounds each of: mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing (stovetop!,) green bean casarole, candied yams, cranberry sauce, New Years Noodles, Glazed Ham (with pineapple) and 12 fruits (Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Mangos, Melon, Watermelon, Pears, lemons, kiwis, lychee, pomegranate, strawberries.) 'This is to make up for not sending you anything at Thanksgiving, like I should have, and also the noodles and the fruits are for good luck at the coming of the new year. - RKD'

Corvo Attano - A 3 foot long wailord plush that's soft and squishy and wonderful for snuggling, and a small squeaky wailmer bathtoy that when squeezed can suck in and then spray water from the mouth, as well as squeaking noisily when hugged.

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A Very Fairy Christmas(2) Fri Dec 20 Cirno

The Unaffiliated list is pretty short, but important!

THE SBURB KIDS: Arthur, Fiora, and Summer all receive this, along with Vruasa. Each receives a figurine of themselves as they were in Sburb, and each figurine will randomly speak something related to their abilities. Arthurs shouts, "HUEG HUEG HUEG!" while Fiora's blurts, "Pay attention to me, dammit!" Summer's has a minor AI that identifies any names said in the past two weeks in its presence and randomly selects names to declare OTP, while Vruasa's, when tapped, declares the time. It is the correct time /somewhere/ in the Multiverse but may not be the current time where he is. - "You guys are hard to shop for, so I got kinda gag gifts. I just felt I needed to get you something."

COURIER SIX: Johnny receives three belt-mounted, one-use items which will immediately extinguish any minor flames on his person. - "It was a fun fight, but I hear you had a bit of a problem. Enjoy."


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A Very Fairy Christmas(3) Fri Dec 20 Cirno

Even though Cirno has fairly civil relations with many Unionites, only one of them gets an actual gift.

PSYBER: Psyber will receive two things: one is an offer for a White Christmas in the location of his choice. The other is a set of sunglasses that counts the bullets fired in any encounter and compares them to the bullets fired in various famous scenes of blockbuster action flicks. There is an option for the result to be announced out loud. - "Working on that project with you was more important to me than you realize. I don't give sincere thanks very often, but here is yours: Thank you."


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Battlegift Fri Dec 20 Yamato
Much like Rosamarie, Yamato hasn't been a part of the Union for long. But a few individuals have left an impression.

Rosamarie Alba - A pleasent-wishes christmas card containing a receipt. Seems she ordered Rosamarie a figurine as a gift. The figure isn't out just yet, but the product's name should explain everything about why Yamato chose this for her: 'One-Woman Wolfpack of the 1st Fleet, Albacore'. Seems it'll be delivered on the 26th.

Zephyr Windstar - A kitbash figure. It used to be some generic schoolgirl character from a TV show, but has been modified with parts from a model plane and carefully repainted. It looks a lot like Red Zero. "You seemed to like her, so I got some help to put this together. Please take good care of it. The tail is a little fragile. ~ Yamato"

Evangeline (Neuroi Girl) - A photo album. It's rather simple, a black cover with an embossed gold border and the word 'Memories' across it. Inside, the first few pages are occupied with pictures of Evangeline's interactions with members of the Union that Yamato could find on the Union intranet. On the very last page is a letter from Yamato, fitted in where the pictures go.
Though I understand your species has no real biology, I know for certain that you have a big heart. Please never forget your experiences. There will be bad memories, learn from them. There will also be precious memories. Cherish them. Though things seem hard, I know that your sweetness will prevail in the end. If I can help you in any way, you only need to ask. All I request in return is for you to call this simple girl your friend.
Please continue to be your own wonderful self.
Yamato Mikase"

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Glorious Holidays! Fri Dec 20 Medusa Gorgon
A rather peculiar shipment has been delivered to the front steps of the Citadel, and it's not exactly easy to overlook…

A thirty foot statue made of the finest marble rises, depicting the epitome of annoyance and obnoxiousness. Accompanying it is a large choir of trained myna birds, all singing Christmas carols. Although the lyrics seem to have been altered, singing the praise of somebody not usually associated with the upcoming holidays. A white fur trimmed coat, the strongest smelling perfumes one can buy for money and a whole collection of handwritten books follow, as well as a gold embroidered envelope addressed to DOCTOR LANCE BENSON that perhaps will answer some questions.

"FOOL. I shall forgive the tardiness on your behalf concerning our correspondence but once. The heavens are weeping the loneliness that follows my grand tour around the Multiverse since our parting. Is the toilet paper prepared? It was Tuesday when I stepped on the downward spiral of my preparations for the month's festivities. So what will it be? Fish? Meat? FOOL. Rule 204: Always fold the salami twice on the sandwiches. No matter what you choose, the consequences will be dire. Oh glorious blade! Such fortunate a fate you possess, dear subordinate on the path for glory! Be blessed by my generosity and humility in bestowing these gifts to you! Rule 824: Excalibur only accepts gifts of equal or greater value to those he bestows himself. Always use correct postage upon mailing letters. Green is so not my colour. I shall await your gifts with baited breath."

"Merry Christmas! Your exalted Holy Blade now and forever, Excalibur."

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Puella Gifts (4) Fri Dec 20 Homura Akemi
Any and all Union members involved in the Mitakihara incidents, distant or recent, even through proxy or the radio only, receive a nice Christmas card with a picture inside. On the picture can be seen: Sayaka and Kyouko fighting over the prime spot on the couch, Homura in Christmas clothes looking sour with Madoka in her lap, Mami gently smiling at Hitomi, who attempts to separate Kyoko and Sayaka, Kimiko giving them a "I don't know any of you guys" look from the other end of the couch, and finally Sayuri and Rin (the Christmas Puella) sitting properly. There's a black cat on the couch next to Homura, and a Shiba Inu puppy in Mami's arms. Kyubey is on one of the couch's edges. The card simply says "thank you".

(I still have a few gifts to write but this one I wanted to get out ASAP.)

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Gifts from Purgatory (1/3) Sat Dec 21 Beli Klum
Beli has sent people several gifts, each one accompanied by a card with a picture of her new home, Purgatorio, placed on it. The tall mountain in the middle of the ocean is flanked by the setting black sun on the left and the rising white moon on the right, with a golden banner on the bottom showing a 'Happy Holidays' in black lettering. Each note is personalized.

Tyrael - Beli had a hard time figuring out what to send to the Archangel of Justice who she /didn't/ end up killing, but, eventually, she managed to mail him the gigantic marble throne of Zerachiel, the former Archangel of Justice in her world. Tyrael might not be able to comfortably sit on the white marble seat etched with crosses and swirling, angelic designs meant to be large enough for an archangel the size of a house, but it's the thought that counts. "You are more deserving of this than he ever was. You have been a guiding light of leadership and fairness for many over this past year, and not only I, but many others are grateful for your presence. Thank you, and I hope you can enjoy the holiday."

Nathan Hall - Nathan is sent a box containing very old editions of several books, including The Lesser Key of Solomon, The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, The Book of Enoch, and various other tomes relating to demonology or angels. Most of them aren't in English. "These are not really accurate in my world, but I thought you would enjoy them nonetheless. There is probably a place where this is all true. Thank you for the leadership and wisdom you have given to all of us in the Union."

Paarthurnax - Beli had no idea what to get a giant dragon. Eventually, though, she settled on a very large scarf in red and blue, each tassel at either end decorated with a silver feather. "I heard it was cold where you lived, so this seemed like a good idea at the time. I do not know you very well, but you have already demonstrated wisdom and patience, and I hope your time with us is rewarding for you and those you lead."

Zelda - While Zelda is still rather new, Beli sends her a gift to welcome her to the Union and her new position. It's a silver bracelet in the shape of angel wings, with a blue gemstone placed where the wings meet. "You seem like a good person and a patient leader, though we have not spoken or met yet. I look forward to working with you in the future, and I hope your time with the Union is fruitful and rewarding."

Cecily - A small music box is left beside Cecily's bed. It's black with designs in white tracing along its surface that resemble those on Beli's usual outfit, and the interior holds a picture of the two of them embracing. Somehow, the song the plays when it opens ( has even been backed by some sort of dull rumble alongside each chime. "We have been through much together. No matter the distance or my duties, I will always be there for you. Never forget that."

Psyber - Psyber is sent a pair of leatherbound books with gold lining the covers and a gold trim on the pages. One details the life of a girl forced to torture and kill by an insane parent until she escaped, hiding and hating in the forest until her death. The other details the life of a girl with almost inhuman compassion, showing only care and love to a struggling family until her abrupt death, when she still had nothing of her own. After their deaths, both books describe the life of one girl suddenly brought into the world and hated by everyone around her, though the words are erratically divided between the two books. "You entrusted me with your own, and I felt I should do the same for you. You have done so much for me, and I am eternally grateful. I hope I can become someone you can be proud of."

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Gifts from Purgatory (2/3) Sat Dec 21 Beli Klum

D - D is sent a brooch of white gold in the shape of four wings: two angel wings above, and two demon wings below. A large, black feather hangs from the point where they meet, its surface shimmering faintly with cyan and crimson. Even in the coldest temperatures, neither the metal nor the feather itself grow cold, holding a constant, gentle warmth. "I wish I could see you smile again. You are a better person than you give yourself credit for, whether or not you walk in darkness. I hope someday you may see that yourself." He is also sent a container of chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts.

Sayuri Yaguchi - Accessories! Beli sends Sayuri several little clothing accessories styled after angels and demons, including a gold hairpin resembling an elaborate spoked halo, a white demon tail belt that latches in the back with the pronged tip, a pair of glasses with golden angel wings beside the rims, and white lacy demon wings forming a choker. She tried to put things together to match Sayuri's usual clothing choice, gravitating toward a white and gold color scheme. "You came to my aid again when I needed you. I hope I can repay you someday for your selflessness."

Kurama - A small collar of light grey fabric is given to Kurama, made to be comfortable and easy to wear. Where it is unique is in the fact that it is constantly aflame with Beli's seraphic fire, coated in their blue, comforting warmth and no doubt looking rather impressive. "You still have much to grow into, but remember that I am always here to help you however I can. Your nature is good, and in time, your powers will come to suit your intentions, as mine have. Never lose sight of that goal."

No. 9 - Nine is sent a small flower made of…flesh? Bones, muscles, and tendons shaped into the form of a strangely elegant blossom placed in a small dish of blood. It won't rot as long as it's kept nourished with blood. It's…kind of heartwarming, in a gruesome way. "You seemed more at home there than in Paradiso. Thank you for continuing to show me kindness and care, even in the face of violence and hatred. I hope that, someday, you will not be troubled anymore by your own fears and doubts." On a less bloody note, Beli also sends a plate of gingerbread cookies to be shared with the other golems. These are not made of flesh and bone. Just dough.

Kaminagi Setsuko - Setsuko is given a capelet, though it's shorter than the one Beli wears so as not to get in the way of combat. The fabric is black, though most of the capelet is covered by a design of angel wings in shimmering blue that extend from the back to the front as if draping around her shoulders. It seems to serve no other purpose than to keep her warm in the cold and look nice otherwise. "Your wisdom and generosity were a great help in my own affairs. I hope that I will be able to return the favor to you now and help give you peace."

Kimiko Shinobu - Presumably with a good deal of work, Beli managed to replicate a suit of armor in the style of Paradiso's angels in Kimiko's size, formed of a white, heavenly metal engraved with elegant, flowering designs. The elbows and knees are covered by several layered plates that spread open when the joints are bent, and while the face of the helmet is blank and opaque from the outside, it's transparent on the inside so she can see out. When worn by a suitably magical being (a Puella Magi, for instance) the engravings and trim of the metal glow with a light in a fitting color for the user and send out a pair of small, decorative wings on the back and a halo behind the head in the same color. The armor has the same pointed feet as the angels of Beli's world, which might make walking difficult. Other than looking interesting and resisting holy attacks, it's mostly a resistant suit of armor with pointy feet. "I did not know you very well before you came to help me, and yet you assisted me through my own campaign anyway. For that, you have my gratitude and my best wishes."

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Gifts from Purgatory (3/3) Sat Dec 21 Beli Klum

Tony Stark and Pepper Pots - The two are sent a pair of necklaces that seem to be halves of each other. Similar to a yin-yang symbol, one half is a black sun with curling spokes coming off it and a white orb in the center, while the other is a white moon with a black orb inside it. They can be locked together or separated to hang off separate golden chains. "Those who are always strong on their own must sometimes find their strength in others. You have done a wonderful job for the Union and yourselves, and I hope that next year will provide more of the same."

Yunomi - Yunomi is sent a /very/ carefully wrapped glass flute stylized after the flowers from Castitas Beli gave her. The pads over the various holes resemble green leaves on a vine and the hole at the very end is decorated with a red glass blossom like an iris. It barely requires any air to play; a light breeze will draw music from it. The sound isn't quite like any one instrument, but seems somewhere between a flute, a clarinet, and an oboe. "You may not clearly show it sometimes, but you are stronger and more graceful than some may see. You have grown into an admirable person, and I hope that you will continue to grow as you have helped me to."

Dex Alruin - Dex is sent a black fedora with white trim and a short red arrow attached to one side and a small blue gem on the other. "I know how difficult it is to try to find your strength and become the person everyone needs you to be. I think that you can find it, however. Never lose faith in yourself."

Abstractum.Net.Adjudicator - The sword is sent a Santa hat with a silver broadsword on the end instead of the usual white puff. It's probably meant to be put over Adjudicator's grip. "Thank you for not killing me," the note simply says.

Staren - A basket of the pomegranates grown in Purgatorio's garden is sent to Staren. Unlike how the fruits normally are, these have a very sweet flavor to start, though the aftertaste is faintly bitter. "You are a brilliant person. I am sure that sometime soon you will be able to paint your knowledge in the best light for those around you. I am always here if you would like to speak again and share your thoughts."

Faruja - Though he may not know how to use it, Faruja is sent a CD with a pair of angelic wings drawn on it. The tracks on it are ambient recordings directly from Paradiso, containing various combinations of crystalline chimes, gentle wind, rolling oceans, and strange, beautiful tones that can only be described as the stars and planets themselves singing. Occasionally angels speak in Enochian, their voices backed by various instruments like flutes, oboes, and pipe organs. "You seemed excited by my nature in relation to singing, so I thought you would enjoy the music of Paradiso. I hope that it is to your liking, and that my own singing is not too bad."

Heaven or Hell - A large tree is sent to the office with the Heaven or Hell symbol perched on top, constantly glowing with a warm light. Aside from a string of white lights wrapped around it, though, it doesn't have any other decorations. There's no card that comes with it.

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Gift from Pangaea??? Sun Dec 22 The God King
Pangaea does not celebrate Christmas, as it is a silly mortal holiday that died out some several hundred thousands of years ago, that The God King had forgotten about prettymuch entirely until unification. So to get into the holiday spirit, the Deathless King has done at least a little SOMETHING for the season.

To all known members of the Union and Confederacy, and a few Unaffiliateds who's files can be found in the Confederate database (IE: Consent based), The God King of Pangaea sends out a simple e-card, with an egregiously over-festive background. The card itself if a high definition image of The God King in his armor, seated on his throne, kind of like this: … Except wearing a christmas hat. The only text on the e-card is…

"You're welcome."

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HERO OF THE GIFTPERIUM! (1) Sun Dec 22 Ciaphas Cain
… I could never truly say Emperor's Day(1) was a day I looked forward to overly much. In my younger years spent crawling through the lowest depths of the underhive, scuttling along sumps and living a life only marginally better than the average scavvie(2), my parents; living on the standard Imperial Guard salary never really had much to offer me, come the day most juves(3) were simply ecstatic for. If I was lucky on a particular year I managed to receive some scrap of junk reasonably fashioned into the approximate shape of a toy of some sort, to placate me for at least a little bit.
In the years to follow, being drafted into the scores of orphans shipped off to service of learning in the Schola Progenium(4) the Ecclesiarchy usually used the day as an excuse for extra time spent in attendance at temple, maybe a double splosh of mystery meat at mealtime, and an Ecclesiarch thumping the cadets on the head with his shiny Aquila festooned stick to inform us of how blessed we were to be destined for service of His great name.
Yes, well I suppose with a little thing like unification- to this day a phenomenon that has both befuddled and made me bemoan my existence further more than anything I've ever experienced in my century of vaguely faithful service in the Guard(5)- brought with it a new load of customs and rituals that propriety demands someone of my ill-gotten reputation to uphold to. This tradition being the apparent ritual of exchanging gifts, I was left in something of a dilemma in regards of who I was required to give to in particular.
I suppose if I were to begin anywhere, the most troubling of exchanges would be that with the Warmaster Horus…(6) Now to be entirely frank it's not every day one gets to meet the antithesis to your religious holy invisible man in the sky who watches over everything you do and say, but when it comes down to it, to not reciprocate his… Gift, if it could be called that, at the beginning of the month; I would be remiss in manners. I suppose that might be why I hounded the first astropath I could find; creepy as they are, they can be useful in searching the multiversal internet for appropriate gifts, and next thing I knew, after a few clicks on and a hastily scribbled note later, the Warmaster should be receiving a diorama model of pewter figures(8), quite impressively hand painted at that, of his final battle with The Emperor; as history recorded it, under his Aquila(9). I can scarce remember what I wrote on the note; something humble about being thankful for the autograph pad and possibly a request on telling the Khornate berserkers to try and take it easy for the holiday. I can only hope that The Emperor is in a good mood, or at least willing to listen to excuses, the next time I find myself in a position where I just might end up being sent to the Golden Throne earlier than I'd like.

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HERO OF THE GIFTPERIUM! (2) Sun Dec 22 Ciaphas Cain

Beyond my half-arsed attempt to send Horus himself a gift, the rest did come somewhat easier. Of course I would have to send something to the two men currently most intent on my horrible demise at the hands or teeth of something sufficiently nasty; and that means something for the High Arbiter Tyrael, and General Nathan Hall. Hall, being a librarian, would of course most likely appreciate the dry and toneless writings of Techpriest Yaffel, A Magos I had the distinct displeasure of meeting, who's book Soylens Viridians For The Machine Spirit(10), I am glad to say did not catch on well.
Now it was for High Arbiter Tyrael that I had to pull some strings, but it was simply at Amberley's behest(11) that I spend countless amounts of my retirement fund(12) and hours of manpower, tracking down a gift for, in particular, an ancient Regicide table and set from several centuries before my time, to pass his evenings with other officers or some-such(13).
For the almost tech-priestess, Aelin Taurus I decided to stick with something a little simpler, (and less expensive, thank the Emperor). A set of decals should suffice, racing flames, I am told, make Orks believe their vehicles go fasta. Something to decorate that arm of hers with, I suppose.
Alexis Maaka, on the other hand was much more difficult to shop for, and as such I found myself bitterly bemoaning the only thing I could think of sending her; that being a healthy portion of a rather fine amasec; a particularly good vintage and example of the distiller's art, that I quite frankly would have rather had for myself; leaving me with but a single occupant on my short, but calamitous gift list.
The Space Marines Karian and Gregor. Now, "What can a man get an Astartes?" is a very good question to ask, considering he most likely has everything at his disposal that his zealous pair of hearts could want or need to storm around the Multiverse in His Glorious Name, killing foes of the Emperor wherever he goes and leaving a right mess in his wake. I suppose for a time I was at a loss really, quite unsure of what to get him, myself before I realized… "Why Ciaphas. What ever more could make an Astartes as excited as a juve on Emperor's day but… More enemies of The Emperor to violently kill!" And a little chat with Amberley(14) and a drinks and a lovely dinner later, and I wandered back to my Njorun apartment with a simple set of coordinates. An astropathic communique later was more than enough to give the Space wolves and Storm of Tears no less than five planets under some form of Xenos threat to choose from, meander towards in a drunken fit(15) of zealous violence, and cleanse with extreme prejudice.

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Holiday Footnotes Sun Dec 22 Ciaphas Cain
Editorial Notes from Amberley Vail, Inquisitor; Ordo Xenos:


I am taking something of a different approach in the notes attached to this particular segment of Cain's memoirs by opening with a brief few details here before diving right in. Now, as it is, Cain's personal history has always been something of an enigma prior to his enlistment in the Schola Progenium; and to this day despite the very best attempts, there has never been any record of home world or parentage for him; thusly making his checkered past even something more of mystery. But he seems to have hailed from a Hive World; living in the lowest portions, where a scrap of junk in the right shape is probably enough to placate a child on a day as celebrated as Emperor's Day.

Needless to say it was never a holiday of extreme importance to him, as readers can clearly see.

1) The Imperium's equivalent of what most of the Multiverse calls 'Christmas'. Rather than Santa Claus, children are told that one night every standard Terran year, The Emperor rises off the Golden Throne while everyone is asleep and travels all across the galaxies in a 24 hour span of time and delivers gifts to good girls and boys. … Needless to say he does not actually DO this, but if anyone could… It would no doubt be Santa Claus. Oh and Him too.
2) A Hive world slang term for the scavengers and lowest of the low in the social strata of the deepest levels of the underhives, literally living off scavenging anything that falls from the higher sections of the Hive above.3) Imperial slang. It means youths and children.
4) The program run by the Ecclesiarchy, a school system essentially designed to churn out the finest officers, commissars, storm troopers and Sisters of Battle the Imperium has to offer.
5) Cain has seen quite a bit in his service time, but I think the Multiverse still confuses him very much.
6) I… … Wow.
7) The Imperium's finest intergalactic source for… Finding and buying… Things.
8) A picture of the diorama can be seen here: I actually have a set just like it on my ship.
9) To have an Aquila set up and decorated in the house is rather standard for children to wake up and find gifts under on Emperor's Day but… This is the literal equivalent of saying the being the Multiverse calls 'Satan' decorates christmas trees.
10) Yaffel's failed attempt to explain the tenets of the Cult Mechanicus, however it is worded with a too overly verbose and intellectually biased vocabulary to be understood by a layperson, and so simple that other members of the Mechanicus find it to be little worth time reading what they consider a toddler's book.
11) Cain really wanted to avoid the attention of Union higherups. I wonder why. Anyway, I told him to rub elbows a little and send the Field Marshall a gift.
12) Cain really has no reason to complain, considering he's forever listed as on active duty in the Imperial Guard, he'll still be getting pension and pay for centuries after he really does go to The Golden Throne. It wasn't even THAT expensive anyway.
13) Regicide is a game that is about strategy and planning, played between two players. Two small armies of white and black pieces, consisting of a king, a queen, two ecclesiarchs—… … Well to keep it simpler, it is exactly the game the rest of the Multiverse calls 'Chess'. Cain got Tyrael an antique chess set.
14) It really was a nice dinner. 15) Space Wolves do like their mead…

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Puella Gifts (5) Sun Dec 22 Homura Akemi
These gifts are not personally delivered by Homura, as far as people know, but rather spontaneously appear somewhere they would be able to get to them. Probably under their Christmas tree if applicable, otherwise just on a desk or chair they need to use. Time shenanigans have ensued.

Arthur Lowell:
A fancy broom sword, as in a katana hidden in a broom. "It's mostly decorative in purpose, but with your alchemy I expect you can integrate it to your weapon and be able to wield a sword by virtue of the fact it's actually a broom, giving your game mechanics the finger."

Vruasa Telash:
An extremely rough map of a part of the Temporal Wastes around Homura's homeworld (done by her), with instructions on how to navigate that place to, roughly, be able to visit any period of history you want, provided it's not too hectic a place. The map is probably not comprehensible to most people since it indicates time flows and weird shit rather than directions. "I don't know you very well but I started drafting this up when I had to go 'Christmas shopping' for some folks. Figured you might want a copy. Now you can go see Hitler and reminisce about your own world I guess."

Kotoha Isone:
A coat like the one she licked off Homura.

Nathan Hall:
A taser shotgun (google it!). Experimental military tech, probably no better than what he could get out of the Union armories if he wanted to. "Heard you learned how to use guns; you don't seem like the lethal type. I got Himei started on one of these a few years back, so you can have one too."

As with Hastur, a few notebooks on Witches. Nothing particularily grand or useful, but it does have pictures.

Fate T. Harlaown:
Pictures of Chibi Madoka (in those instances when Madoka can spare having her around and it doesn't drive Homura up a wall). Also a nice set of brooches themed after the Soul Gems of the currently active Puella Magi in the Union.

Sanya Litvyak:
A few pictures, medals and baubles in a nice wooden box, as well as a book on Lydia Vladimirovna Litvyak. "Here's a few pieces of history I thought you might find interesting. The trinkets are straight from the source— well, a temporal copy of the source but all the same."

Yuna Kagurazaka:
A stockpile of Hatsune Miku merchandise, figures, a costume, microphone, video game, the total. "I was going to send you a harsh, sarcastic gift of some kind but went for something more tame. Enjoy."

UNLESS I FORGOT YOU these should be the last gifts I have to hand out. If I DID forget you please tell me!

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Kilik's bad(guy) gifts Sun Dec 22 Kirikou
Some people you can joke around with, some you can't. Kilik likely assumes this list is for the former.

Serori: She claimed food doesn't last long enough to be a good gift, so she gets an assortment of plastic fruits and breads and meats. May not be as tasty as the other kind, but it sure lasts longer!

Nine: A hat, sized to fit his head, that looks like an overturned basket. Attached is a note. "You're the best basket case I know. Seriously man, you're the best. Keep being yourself!"

Sam Rodriguez: A high-frequency training sword. Sadly, it's shaped like a giant banana. Still rather safer than training with his normal sword.

Ragna the Bloodedge: An adorable little plushie kit fox.

Goro: A digital wristwatch sized for his massive forearms and fingers. It has a special countdown mode, giving a 90-second timer which triggers his victory theme music upon reaching zero.

Medusa: A traditional pointy witch hat! Just like the one Blair wears, only with snake eyes on either side of the peak.

Taro: An assortment of eclectic music discs and tapes. Attached is a note. "Sorry, no Riverdance!"

Isa Reichert: A bottle of Amarula - a cream liqueur. It's sort of a semi-sweet butterscotch and apparently goes great over ice or in mixed drinks. It's just not vodka.

Cirno: An Icycle. That is, a mountain bike with the front wheel replaced by a ski and the back wheel replaced by a heavy tread. It's actually quite capable of bombing around on snow and ice, but wouldn't do so good on dirt or roads.

Rose Petal: A pair of outfits for her and Pale Eidolon. Quite cute. In fact, one might suspect a little TOO cute. They match in every detail except for scale as necessary.

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Cool Brazilian Gifts Sun Dec 22 Samuel Rodrigues

Sam generally isn't much of a gift person, but he does however know how important it is to give as well as he gets, including presents from friends.

Serori will receive…a staff. It's a big and handy one though, weighted on each end to enhance the hurt she puts down on the enemy in a fight, and it's been rated to handle blows someone of her strength would unleash no problem.

Nine will get a leather biker's jacket, with a custom patch of the Confederacy stitched on. Something to go with that motorcycle he already has. Sam probably has a matching set, and the offer to get more out to people extends to other members of the Confederacy's ranks.

Taro will receive a set of tea and coffee mixes amped up with a little something from home, nanodrones that when ingested will act as a sort of pick-me-up, something any hard working android-priest would need in service of others.

Kain will receive a masterfully forged and constructed High-Frequency katana-and-wakazashi set, fully functional and very deadly in the right hands. Knowing Kain's fascination with the samurai, this will probably be a boon to the guy.

Kagenashi gets a perfectly functional HF Blade as well, a katana styled like her own and designed to be used easily even in her hands, with a short guide that covers all the bases on how to maintain and use it without killing herself.

Goro gets a massive spear, like a yari on steroids, something with the banner of his people clipped just under the speartip and strong like an oak tree. Assuming this doesn't get the enemy running from sight alone, the High-Frequency emitter on the tip shredding through their ranks like a knife through butter will do the job fine.

Fuki gets a set of the best Jelly cans Sam can buy, along with a new set of weaponry including a tiny High-Frequency Ninja-to (Yes, they didn't actually exist but tell that to the guys who made these), kunai knives, and a kurasigama (Weighted chain and sickle). Never hurts to have more gear on hand.

Haytham Kenway will acquire a pair of Taurus PT92 pistols, customized with suppressors, tri-dot sights, and laser aiming devices along with internal modifications for any expert gunslinger on the move. "Make 'em count." a note included says.

Medusa Gorgon will receive a witch's hat, more intended on being playful than any real malice. Something for her to sometimes wear around Halloween if she's feeling silly.

Kirito and Asuna will get a massive haul of money and also restorative items on ALO, something Sam had to bust his ass to get ahold of just to make it in time for the Holidays. "Buy something nice with these, you two. Merry Christmas."

Ragna will get a cookbook on traditional Brazilian and Portuguese recipes, even a few Spanish and other Latin-American dishes included as well. It's high quality and each dish has been apparently proven for quality.

Psalm will receive a Brazillian Bahain, a guitar of sorts, along with the sheet music to a lot of songs that Sam things would be to her liking, lyrics included.

Pelagius will receive a pair of nice leather boots made in Argentina, some of the best in the world far as quality goes. They'll keep him going for a long time no matter how hard he treks, and they're damned fashionable as well.

Last, but certainly not least, Bladewolf will find himself a selection of eBooks as a welcome to an online membership on a site revolving around both providing legal uploads of such books as well as reviewing them. Said books seem to be revolved around people stuck in something of a rut, before finding the strength and a way to turn their lives around.


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Christmaswolf Sun Dec 22 Bladewolf
All members of the confederacy recieve a christmas card from Bladewolf, 'signed' by LQ-84i. Or, rather, a digitally printed name, but hey. He doesn't have thumbs or hands, it's kinda hard to sign things without those. A couple of people get extras, however…

Taro: Taro's gift is perhaps unusual. Instead of a gift, he instead gets a letter. In it, Wolf apologizes for not being able to think of a suitable gift to give in return for what Taro already gave him, his freedom. Instead, it states that if Taro can think of anything he'd need or want, to give Wolf a call and he'll get it.

Samuel Rodrigues: Sam gets a poncho and mexican hat. It's… pretty obviously touristy crap. A note attached reads 'I thought that perhaps this would work if you needed to blend in with civilians in Mexico, now that you are no longer affiliated with Desperado. I am told this is an authentic civilian disguise'.

Zephyr Windstar: It seems Wolf struggled with this one, as he gave Zephyr a diary. A bring pink one, with matching novelty pen, with a note printed on it. 'I am not good at deciding on gifts for another'.

Medusa Gorgon: A collection of medical journals released in his world after the fall of SOP and the Patriots, specifically in regards to cyborg enhancements and nanotechnology in use in treatments. A note states that he hopes that these texts might be useful or of interest to her.

Lastly, and least…

Mistral: She gets sent a broken chain, as well as the badly damaged inhibitor that used to be his. On it is a post-it note reading simply 'Thank you'.

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A Very Jinxy Christmas Sun Dec 22 Jinxel
Rarity - A crate filled with rich imported silk cloth all the way from Saddle Arabia.

Rainbow Dash - A jacket with a hoody tailor made to fit a pony's anatomy. Colored Wonderbolt Blue and Yellow of course.

Twilight Sparkle - Twilight gets an indexing system so she can actually properly organize and index the books in her library.

Applejack - Applejack gets a cookbook titled '1001 Multiversal Apple Recipes' that features all sorts of exotic foods one can make with apples.

Fluttershy - Likewise, Fluttershy also gets a book, this one on the subject of the various animals of the Multiverse.

Pinkie Pie - pinkie Pie gets a free all-day ticket to a themepark called Candy land. And yes, all the attractions are made out of candy, and yes, you all should be extremely terrified.

Bramble Patch - Bramble gets a full set of brand new gardening tools to help with her garden.

Serori - Serori gets a brand new belt sash, Super Saiyan Yellow, and made out of a very durable fabric.

Fuki - Fuki and her master get a ticket to a very high quality refurbishment place, specializing in Shinki. The place offers full refurbishment of broken or worn down parts (or in the event that said parts are too damaged, new replacements), as well as an optional paint job, should Fuki wish to stylize her equipment.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/127 Posted Author
XMAS: Gift Unknown Sun Dec 22 Kieron Hunter

"Hello, Commander. In light of the recent gift-giving events, this Council of Nations has convened to approve the activation of the XMAS Project. You have been chosen to lead this initiative, to oversee our first gift-giving event. Your efforts will have considerable influence on this planet's good-will feelings. We urge you keep that in mind as you proceed. Happy Holidays, Commander."

Each of the following, and anyone who has had dealings with XCOM, all recieve a specially-made christmas card signed collectively by Kieron Hunter, Officer Bradford, Dr. Shen and Dr. Vahlen. The card has XCOM's logo on it and wishes them a good christmas, and thanks them for their efforts in ensuring that millions of people on Earth-115 get to have theirs. In addition…

Elise Leroy: Elise will find not only a Christmas bonus given to all XCOM soldiers, but also be given one of the rifles from the armory, serial numbers filed off to make it untraceable. A note reads 'I heard rumors of what you've been doing outside of XCOM hours. I seem to have dropped a rifle. Clumsy me'.
Crys Gattz: In addition to a sizeable lump sum of money (noted as an XCOM Christmas bonus), Crys would also be given a popular games console and a keep-fit accessory and software, as well as a widescreen HDTV to go with it. A note reads 'This is quite popular with women in my world, at the moment. If you don't like it, I still have the receipt'.
Shade: Shade also gets the christmas bonus, but he also gets an expensive gift certificate for Giorgio Armani, with a note reading 'I wasn't sure what to get you, but seeing as you are a smartly-dressed man, I figured I couldn't go wrong with a designer suit'.
Hana: Hana gets a bleeding-edge tablet PC from Earth-115, as well as a year's coverage contract paid up-front. A note attached says 'I thought this might help a fellow 'commander' keep informed on the go'.
Karian: Karian gets a selection of Scottish whiskeys. Glenmorangie, The Famous Grouse and Whyte and Mackay being the most prominent with a note saying 'These are my personal favourites'.
Loki: Loki gets a similar gift, though the note is different. 'I hope it isn't offensive to think that as a member of a Nordic pantheon, you'd enjoy alcohol. Apologies if it is'. There's also two letters for him. The first of which is from Dr. Vahlen herself, saying how stunned she was to meet a literal god and how delighted she'd be if he could pop into XCOM HQ for physical and mental evaluations, experiments and testing. The second letter is from Kieron, telling him to ignore the first letter.
Lance Benson: Lance recieves a pricey gift certificate redeemable at Amazon. A note attached reads 'I thought of getting you new medical tools, but I figured you already had them. Otherwise, I was at a loss. Hopefully you can find something good with this'.


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/128 Posted Author
Brotherhood Gifts (1/2) Sun Dec 22 Connor Kenway
Altair receives a traditional Kanien'keha:ka roach (headress) with made of animal hair. It consists of two rows of hair, a shorter red row before a longer white row. The spreader is made of the same kinds of shells wampum are made of, and is carved in the shape of an eagle's tail. Two white-tipped feathers stand straight up in a cylindrical 'socket' in the spreader. Feathers have a natural curve, they will be facing away from each other and towards the front and back. Altair will probably never wear it, but it is the mark of a respected warrior, according to the note
"The highest honor is to strike an unwounded, fully aware enemy with the hand and come away from the battle unharmed. For this a warrior wears his feathers pointing towards the sky, so that the spirits can recognize his achievement."

Alya receives a highly decorated quiver made of leather. It features a beaded band across the top and bottom, from the top band, an eagle feather hangs on a leather string. In the middle is a burned-in design of a stylized eagle. It is also filled with a dozen handmade arrows. With it is a note— "May all your arrows strike true, Oia:ner." 'Oia:ner' being the word for 'Clan Mother', the title Connor uses to refer to Alya herself.

Nasrin is given a hairbrush, comb, and a mirror set made of sterling silver and horn. The design is simple but elegant, all the ostentatious details normally present in such a set are absent. The brush has soft bristles, but the comb provides a firmer surface for working out more stubborn tangles. There is a note— "You don't leave your hair down very often, but perhaps these will help you in caring for it."

Corvo receives a highly decorated stick about half the length of a man's forearm. One end is completely wrapped in leather strips, held onto the stick by a colorful, beaded band. From this band several leather strips hang but there are no feathers attached, there is also a leather-wrapped handle. The stick itself is made of a strong hardwood, enough that it will serve as an excellent bludgeoning weapon. But the leather wrapping will help to make hard blows with it be less than lethal. There's a note with it— "For each enemy that you strike with this, or with your hands, and come away unharmed, either carve a mark into the wood or attach a feather to it."

Karian gets a peace-pipe tomahawk, adorned with beading and feathers in the colors that the Space Wolves use. It's not normal sized, it's large enough to look proportionate when Karian holds it. There's also a small rawhide bag of tobacco and red willow bark. It has a pleasant earthy aroma when smoked. There is a note as well— "May this serve you well in times of peace or war."

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/129 Posted Author
Brotherhood Gifts (2/2) Sun Dec 22 Connor Kenway
Reisen receives a medicine wheel. Hanging from the circular frame are red-dyed leather strings with red feathers and red and brown beads. There are slight imperfections in it, and no maker's tag, label, or brand. It's likely it was handmade, though it's not readily apparent whether Connor made it or not. The note with it says, "To my people, 'medicine' is energy. Energy empowers you. When empowered, you gain knowledge. Of yourself as well as the world around you. Red is the color of the South, the color of vital energy, the color of the energy that guides and grows, the color of trust in one's own feelings and intuitions."

Lily also receives a medicine wheel, in different colors as Reisen's— the leather strings are black— with the same explanation as above. Except for the color. That part reads, "Black is the color of the West, the color of strength and introspection, the color of growth, of the realization to develop."

Alexia Maaka gets A 2013 PSE Omen Max bow and arrows. While the bow is a damn good one, it's the arrows that are the real *ahem* 'draw'. There are standard arrows, stun arrows, and blunt impact arrows. He obviously didn't make these! The note reads— "I could think of nothing I could make for you that would be useful. I hope you can find some use for these." (OOC: May require upgrade app, please consult staff.)

Faruja is given a short staff, ornately decorated with feathers and beadwork. It's strong enough to be used as a blunt weapon in a pinch, but that's probably not what it was designed for. The note attached reads— "I couldn't think of something you would like. So instead I give you this. It is called a 'talking stick'. My people have a tradition called a 'talking circle'. It's his turn to speak, who holds this in the circle."

Orenda gets a feathered, beaded tassel for Orenda. It's made of a few feathers from a male Painted Bunting (— one yellow feather, one light blue, one red) held together with emerald green sinew and strung with irridescent black beads. It's very pretty! No note because he'll give it to her personally, and because she probably saw him make it anyway.

*The rest of the Brotherhood that Connor does not know personally receives a small fetish carving of a bear made of a dark wood. No two are exactly alike. A note goes with them that states these are designed to confer the strength and protection of Bear to the holder. There's also a lot of meat in Alamut's meat locker/storage now— fox, bobcat, deer, bear, etc.*

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/130 Posted Author
Other Gifts Sun Dec 22 Connor Kenway
Frederica gets an animal-ear hood! Literally an animal-ear hood. It seems Connor has brought down a bobcat, skinned it, and fashioned the head into a hood that's designed so that the ears will be in the same place the ears on Frederica's hood are. The rest of the pelt is arranged to form the rest of the hood, The ears have been made to prick up rather than lie flat like most animal-skin hoods are made. The note reads
"Cougar ears are round, so I found a bobcat instead."

For Toph Beifong? It's something soft! Owing to Toph's inability to see, Connor figures her sense of touch is stronger than normal. Thus he has made certain to get the softest fur he can find— red fox! It's a number of red fox pelts, enough to make a coat, cleaned and prepared for sewing. Owing to his own inability to write in Braille, instead of a note, there is an audio recording of his 'note'— "Fox was kind enough to provide these for a gift. The fur is very soft. Though I suppose He wanted laughter in return, because I caught my heel in one of my own rope-snares and fell on my face during the trapping. I wan't hurt but it was a little embarrassing. I did not know what to make from them, so I leave that decision up to you."

As for No. 9, Connor has returned in kind with the gift he received, and No. 9 receives a fur stole. It's made of black bear fur, so there was plenty of material to make a garment that would drape over Nine's wide shoulders. There is also a note— "It's regrettable that my father and I can't set aside our differences, but I respect his position. I understand him better than I did a year ago. Perhaps the truce will provide us some opportunity."

Loki gets a fox plushie! It's made of actual fur, though it's not fox fur, and looks handmade. Along with several tales about how Fox, Raven, and Coyote— all mischievous, tricky Animal Spirits— tricked and made fools of braggarts, arrogant men, and those who would profit from the labors of others without recompense. Not all the tales are Kanien'keha:ka in origin, though.

Oh, but Connor has not forgotten his dear old dad. Connor's gift to Haytham Kenway should look familiar. It's a copy of the journal Haytham kept— the Haytham from Connor's world— during the Templar's activities in the American revolution. It terminates at the entry on September 16th, 1731. Haytham will remember that as the day HE killed the Connor from his world, though it seems the reverse was true for the Multiverse's Connor. There are a few new entries in the journal, however, made by Connor. And there is a note with it— 'I once thought I knew you, Father. I thought of you as a man who had given up on the world … a small, fearful man who must control the world to feel at ease with it. Now I see the circumstances that drove you to believe the world could not be changed. I see it now; if you wished to control the world, it was so it could do you and those you cared about no harm. I never got to say this in my world. But I am sorry, Father. Sorry that I misjudged you so greatly.'

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/131 Posted Author
Space Wolf Gifts Sun Dec 22 Karian
Even the Space Wolves send out gifts for the christmas holiday.

5tOff the bat, everyone Karian knows will recieve a large book. In it is the translation and imagery of the runes that the space wolves use.
Kieron Hunter and the XCOM team: Ale. Fenrisian ale. And a note 'To be used as a drink….or as a firebomb. Your choice."

No.9: Ale as well.

Ciaphas Cain: A commendation and a cloak, made of a wolf pelt.

Connor: A Dagger, made of a Blackmane's fang. "A wolf, no matter the age or if he has a pack, always harbours a fierce bite. May this keep you safe, and your bite strong.'

The Hashashins: A LARGE machete, that looks and weighs more like a sword. "The native Krakens of my home are known for their teeth. We are a brotherhood, and together our enemies shall know our strength."

Altair: He would recieve an egg. "When this hatches, you will have something that befits your rank, Engelvyr <Eagle-eyed wolf>"

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/132 Posted Author
A Warmaster's Gifts(2) Sun Dec 22 Horus

Horus already gave some gifts, but now that he has thought about it, a few others get an addition.

To No. 9, a memory transcriber. This is basically a digital pen that, when attuned, lets him write while thinking in a certain manner, instead of typing or using a pen. "This was used by one of the Remembrancers in my Fleet, who sadly suffered a tragic accident in her quarters a few years ago."

To Mordred, a strange scythe-like sword. A closer look reveals it to have a chitinous backing grafted expertly to a monomolecularly-sharp alloyed blade, with the hilt attached later. "The world of 1-40-20, called by the Emperor's Children 'Murder,' was one of the last campaigns I was present for before undertaking my current task. The beings there fought viciously and without pause, and this is one of their talons. You also fight like an unstoppable, fearless monster, and I thought you would enjoy having the blade."

To Elliana Fairchild, an intricate formal gown of a surprisingly tough material, which can have its coloration changed by verbal command. "You fight fiercely and have great power, yet prefer the approach of a diplomat. Rare are those who can command both skills, and thus I give you a gift which can survive both."

To Karian(again), a still image of Leman Russ, one which Horus has determined is unavailable in Karian's time. "Russ and I were never close, and your zealotry offends me. Yet he is a very straightforward man, and there are qualities to admire in him. I suppose I can give you a gift that is not a joke this once."

To Celestia, an ornate sword that is more decorative than useful, with a crystalline blade. "You are a fierce and noble opponent, human or not, and I wish to recognize this. While you have no need of it in battle, it is a display of my respect."


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/133 Posted Author
Carve the Roast Beast Sun Dec 22 Ragna theBloodedge
Ragna doesn't have the time or inclination to get individual presents for the people he knows and gets along with in the Confederacy. However, he's not a totally ungrateful brute, and since the Confederacy at large seems to love his cooking (and in fairness, he has improved in his hobby since he signed up part-time, thanks largely to the kitchens of the Pleasure Palace), so he cooks up a feast. It is a BIG feast. It's mostly meat-based dishes, such as steaks, roasts, stews, and pot pies, but there are various sides, appetizers, and even desserts. Does the dish you have in mind sound reasonable? Then it's probably there, and it's probably delicious. Two-thirds of these get wrapped up and packed in two industrial-size fridge/freezers with reheating instructions on the things that should be eaten hot; the last third is left out on a table under heat lamps, ready to be eaten piping hot.

Only the Feds who have thus far sent him presents (Serori, Kirikou, Samuel Rodriguez, Medusa Gorgon, and Taro) get sent notes, texts, and/or calls or what have you to tell them specifically to come pick up their share of tasty foodstuffs before the rest of everyone can stuff their faces. Everyone else can just figure it out when next they swing by the Pleasure Palace kitchens, if they ever do before these fridges/freezers get cleaned out. The two fridges and the big old table are pasted with plain signs that read 'EAT ME! MERRY CHRISTMAS.' Ragna does not bother to sign them so the only people who'd specifically know this is his doing are the people to whom he sent those notes, though given that he's been cooking /all weekend/ and has not bothered to hide this fact (even if he also hasn't bothered to advertise), it's not hard to figure out that this is his doing.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/134 Posted Author
Student Council Gifts Mon Dec 23 Shizune Nakamura
Gilgamesh - 'There is nothing I could buy that you couldn't also buy yourself. So I've given you something you couldn't buy; something I made. May it bring you serenity in troubled times.' A carefully-trimmed, well-tended bonsai tree.
Harry - 'A wizard deserves to cut a striking image wherever he walks.' An expensive leather longcoat in a dark burgundy, and a matching pair of boots - both of them carefully worked so that their pattern matches his current blasting rod.
Yuri Stinson - 'Though the anti-hero may be looked down upon and spurned, he still deserves praise for putting himself in harm's way for the sake of others.' A book of historical and legendary anti-heroes from Shizune's world.
Fate T. Harlaown - 'Even if we haven't seen much of each other recently, you're still someone I've come to respect.' A simple, warm and stylish coat, in black with yellow trim so as to match Bardiche.
Madeline - 'It still warms my heart to see what you've become. Even if we may stand on opposite sides of the war, I'm proud of what you've accomplished, and you should be as well.' A simple and elegant pocketwatch. Engraved into the back is a yin-yang symbol, wrapped in the corona of a sun.
Caster - 'We didn't meet in the tournament this year, but I still remember our match as one of the greater learning experiences of my life. I wish you well in the coming year. These exercises won't teach you to fight as I do, but they're very good for relaxing and focusing your mind.' A book of Tai Chi exercises.
Students' Union - All the members of the Students' Union receive a 50-credit gift card, and a Christmas card with well-wishes for the year.
Tyrael - 'I've watched you put a great deal of work in as the leader of the Union, and your dedication is second to none. You aren't ready for these quite yet, but they'll be there when you are.' A 'World's Best Retiree' mug, and a small, high-tech scale model of Njorun, with holographics to make it look as if it's bustling with activity.
Nathan - 'You continue to put your heart and soul into the Union, without ever wavering in your willing support. I've known men twice your size with less dedication and fortitude. If nothing else, I can add to your library.' A copy of Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings… as printed on one of the first printing presses in Japan.
Paarthurnax and Zelda - 'We don't know each other very well yet, but if the Union leadership has put their faith in you, then you have mine as well. I'm looking forward to working with you in the days to come.' Each receives a welcoming gift in the form of a snow globe featuring the city of Akita, where Shizune hails from.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/135 Posted Author
Assorted Gifts Mon Dec 23 Ainsley

Puella Magi: A drawing of the Mitakihara skyline, with many of them drawn over it. In bold pink letters: THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE "I cannot say I know what trials you have gone through or what you will continue to face… However, I will continue to try my best to help where I can." (Homura: An additional drawing of Madoka and Homura standing side by side. "Be strong. I believe in you.")
Heaven or Hell office: A massive watercolor painting of the residents as per available archived pictures.
Psyber: A single rune on a piece of paper in an arcane language. It says 'Angel'. On the back it reads, "Enclosed are coupons to a small restaurant that serves really good chilidogs. I had trouble with your gift, admittedly."
Nathan Hall: A bookmark. It has Sumerian written on it in veeeery tiny script. She went to a great deal of effort in the craftmanship for this. "It is a short tale uncovered in my world after the disaster. It was discovered to just be a simple Aesop Fable. It holds no specific meaning toward you, I made it for the novelty. I hope it is adequete."
Paarthurnax: A stone tablet. On it, 'Paarthurnax' is carefully scrawled into the stone in dragon script. She managed to get it mostly right. Mostly. It's made of sandstone filled with mana, so it glows oddly. "Offices have nameplates. Dragon Generals have glowing rune stones."
Zelda: A glowing blue tulip in a small flower pot. It seems very hardy. "It is called a 'mana flower.' It will last for decades, if treated kindly. It blooms for a week once a year, requiring sunlight during that time. Spring is when to watch for it."
Medusa: An olive branch. Yep.
Nine: Just a letter and a reasonable coupon for a range of stores. "I appreciate the concern, but I advise against devoting that attention toward me. It greatly complicates a moral conflict that is already painful to think about."
Dex + Amalthea: An excerpt from the first chapter of the chronicle she is making. It puts emphasis on the long road ahead and references influences that others have had on Dex. It needs fleshing out, but it seems as accurate as it is gonna get for now. "The task is still a main concern on my mind."
Staren: A pair of magi-punk goggles. "I fear for your curiosity, but I want to help you any way I can."
Twilight Sparkle + Spike: A set of books on magic from Ainsley's world. Spike receives a small plushie version of dragon!Ainsley. "I would like to stay in touch."
Adelaide Flowers: A liquor derived from a desert plant near Ainsley's home. "You have been a good friend. Save this for when we can drink to celebrate, instead of drink to forget a trouble."
Faruja: A short story written just for him! It is a love story, but involves the struggle of faith versus passion in particular. "Let me know what you think. <3"
Zephyr: A tub of cactus fruit ice cream. "We can share this and catch up with each other soon, Sis."

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/136 Posted Author
Easiest Gift Giving EVA Mon Dec 23 Brother Gregor

Though Christmas is still a foreign thing to Gregor, he has worked to try to 'fit in' a little bit. Outside of honors bestowed, gifts were rare, but he has thought to supply each person who sent him a gift with a small bottle of homebrew Tritonian Rum, with the apologising message for the fact that the flavour was not entirely like the original Rum should be, but since Tritonian Squid Ink and their infamous Carnivorous Seaweed do not exist in this universe, he worked with what he had to get the taste as close as possible.

Its a vile drink, to be honest, incredibly alcoholic, a brown color more like tepid hot chocolate, but entirely not like it at all. But it tastes better than Avgas.


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/137 Posted Author
White Flash Gifts Mon Dec 23 Asuna
Kirito: See your @mail.

Amanda O'Connell: A collection of keychain-styled tiny Eeveelutions and a Eevee. Comes with a tiny pokeball' shaped pillow as well.

Tomoe: IRL, a invitation out for a Girls' Day Out with Asuna. In-game, upgraded equipment offers as well as some gold and such things.

Arthur Lowell: For reasons unknown, a soft, fluffy black dragon with the space emblem from Homestuck embroidered onto its' forehead. It has white eyes.

Every Other Gatecrasher And Then Some: There's a party over there, a party over here, a great big party in ALO. Everything cooked by Asuna, so you /know/ it's going to be good.

Yes, I realize that I feasibly left like 30 people off this list… forgive me.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/138 Posted Author
Templar Gifts Mon Dec 23 Haytham Kenway

Nine: Being the ever loyal minion that he has proven to be, Nine receives a bonnafide Templar uniform, tailored for his size no less, and a Templar insignia. A tricorn hat is included too just so it fits with Haytham's time-period. Attached Note: "Tidy up and make yourself presentable, Nine. I have big plans for you."

Medusa: Lovely nurse Medusa who is totally not a witch (or is she?) receives several vials of highly poisonous snake venom from different species. Attached Note: "I'm sure a woman of your skills will find use for these."

Molly: Receives a Spanish Toledo steel rapier. Attached Note: "For the troubled times that await us."

Kilik: Haytham thought was missing a few essential pieces of the set and has sent Kilik a pair of steel greaves to both protect his shins and use them as weapons. Attached Note: "A proper warrior always makes full use of all his assets, my boy."

Taro: Seeing as he mentioned having a new of wood and other raw materials, Taro receives a full ton of Oak Timber, no strings attached. Attached Note: "Pleasure doing business with you, sir."

Psalm: A golden and jewel encrusted harp as befitting of a bard such as herself. Attached Note: "Our time together was nothing short of musical, my lady. I look forward to hearing you sing the demise of our enemies again."

Kain: Now, Haytham isn't all too sure about Kain's nature, but it seemed like the proper thing to send. Kain receives several vials of fresh human blood. Attached Note: "Cheers!" :)

Samuel: Boy is Samuel in for a gift, he gets his very own Assassin Hidden Blade gauntlet. Attached Note: "Something I got from an Assassin who won't be troubling us any longer, I'm certain you'll put it to better use."

Serori and Dracula: Haytham wouldn't forget the esteemed leaders of the Confederacy. They both receive matching uniforms, decked with Spanish Toledo steel blades and the Templar insignia.

The rest of the Confederacy: All receives a chest full of gold, jewels and diamonds.. except for Lute, who's gift seems to have been misplaced.


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/139 Posted Author
Grudge Gifts Mon Dec 23 Haytham Kenway

Nasrin: She receives what looks to be Haytham's own uniform, except for her size. Attached Note: "Here, since you enjoy dressing as a boy so much. It'll go well with the hat you stole from me."

Connor Kenway: Looks like ol' dad didn't forget about his kid this time. Connor receives… his own Hidden Blade? Connor will recognize it for it being exactly the same. The gift also comes attached with an invitation to a non-descript bar. Attached Note: "Let's have a talk, shall we? We have a lot to catch up to you and I, my son."


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/140 Posted Author
X-Mas Loot Table Mon Dec 23 Tomoe

All members of the Gate Crasher Union get a card of Tomoe in Avatar form, wearing a Santa outfit and standing in the snow grinning wishing them a happy holidays, additionally if they play they would find that they have some very nice suitable sear food buff items that Tomoe has put together. The card also thanks for them for helping getting her and everyone else who was in SAO home. Addtionally they all get a scarf with the GU logo on it.

Some others get a few more things.

Kirito and Asuna - They get a invitation to family dinner with Tomoe and her father, they are also both apparently cooking this feast. That's not all both get a scarf and a pair of gloves with the GU logo on them. Which are intended for meat space and not SAO use.

Frederica - Frederica gets a high end crafted spear for her use, it's built properly for the size of Frederica's avatar and the balance is quite good. She'd have to have been farming for materials for some time to make this thing.

Arthur - Fruit Cake, Fruitcake that is Arthur tries is actually good tasting does not taste like sawdust at all with a note. "Behold the Fruit Cake Recipes that has been passed down through my family for generations. Seriously this is why Fruitcake is good the mass produced stuff has ruined it forever."

Staren - Staren gets a collection of classic video games for the computer and a illustrated history of MMORPGs on Tomoe's world. It's pretty detailed about the various MMORPGs that came before SAO and even stuff on SAO itself.

Iianor - Iianor gets a rather odd gift, given she knows he's a type of artist she's pointed out some of the more breath taking parts of SAO to explore with his family, should he so chose to do so. additionally gets a written letter of thanks of helping to keep Cardinal from going insane. The letter also note she hopes the locations are able to inspire him in his work even a little bit.

Fayt Ravus - A digital pocket organizer that's from her world, it's simple rugged, and very easy to use, it also take quite the concerted effort to actually break it.

Karian - Keg of Beer from Germany , from a pretty good brewery too.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/141 Posted Author
Victorian Presents Mon Dec 23 Molly O'Braun
Molly O'Braun is not above giving out favours during the recently trendy holiday in her time. Each gift comes wrapped carefully in brown paper and adorned with a bright satin ribbon, with an attatched 'calling card' of thick cardstock, decorated with a lily and the Templar insignia, with 'With warmest regards from Miss M. O'Braun' on the back.
Serori, Dracula, and Loros each receive a large package. Inside are fine gloves, colorful carvats for Dracula and Loros, and a fine silk scarf for Serori. Each package contains a set of opera glasses and vouchers for an opera in her native London, one called Otello.

Haytham Kenway is given a fine collection of clothes 'for the modern male of 1890', cut to his size. Along with a note: "However improper it is, I would ask you to join me for dinner on a night when neither of us has much to do."

Andrew Detmer would find, once unwrapped, an assortment of books: A Thesaurus, a Guide to Gentlemanly Conduct, a A Guidebook to Victorian London.

Connor Kenway would receive, via Ninja Post, a parcel. Inside is a teacup — one of the mismatched ones from the bookshop. Inside is a collection of London Lore, a pressed pane of glass with pansies, sweat pea, and forget-me-nots pressed and held forever in color against white blotting paper. Inside is a letter:
Dear Mr. Kenway,
I hope this note finds you in fine health, no doubt on some adventure in your wild Americas. Please recall our conversations fondly, and hasten yourself to a visit. Your kind smile brought light and fresh air to my little bookshop.

With fondness, M.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/142 Posted Author
Collected Alt Gifts (1/2) Mon Dec 23 Solid Snake
Optimus - A Prime-sized ATV. And a regular-sized one for Alexis.
Tyrael - A bottle of aged whisky for the retiree.
Nathan Hall - A copy of 'In the Darkness of Shadow Moses: The Unofficial Truth', autographed by Nastasha Romanenko.
Zelda - A 'World's Best Mom' mug, and a note: 'Welcome to the club.'
Paarthurnax - A 'World's Best Dad' mug, and a note: 'The kids never make it easy.'

There is only one person in the Multiverse who gets an actual present from Hana. That character is not currently played. However, those who've employed her, and the Union and Confederate higher-ups in general (rank 5+), all receive a pleasant Christmas card from Sea Breeze on the Red Mountain Private Military Contractors, wishing them a happy new year and looking forward to doing future business.

Adelyn Lysen - Lialyn. Wearing a santa hat again.
Serori, Lance Benson, Neo Roanoke, Chrysanthemum, Clock King, Izzy, and Fuki all receive a simple thank-you card for their help during the Nation of Towers campaign.

Kotoha Isone - A special pass for a civilian tour of the JSDF base that Nozomi is stationed at, and a warm winter scarf.
Kathryn Janeway - Janeway herself gets the finest 'ship in a bottle' kit that Nozomi could find. Chakotay gets a book Nozomi dug up on notable Native American cultures and activities in the Multiverse.
Auzren Cen - A plushie star, with arms and a smiley little solar face.
Addie - A 30-credit gift card.
Frederica - A plushie fireball, looking cocky and confident.
Ash Ketchum - A 30-credit gift card.
Psyber - A book of different pizza recipes. Crusts, different kinds of sauce, suggestions for various cheese blends and topping combinations, that sort of thing.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
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Collected Alt Gifts (2/2) Mon Dec 23 Solid Snake
Churning Gears - Gears receives an engineering kit for building a remote control toy spider. There are optional parts for installing a rudamentary artificial semi-intelligence.
Ciaphas Cain - A bottle of Fireball whisky.
Alexis Maaka - A bottle of Fireball whisky.
Amalthea - A firmware update to the Swearpad that gives it several new and inventive ways of stringing together curses. Includes a selector for 'Tarantino Mode'.
Kirito - A working version of the headset she's been developing. It occupies no more headspace than a pair of shades (around the back of the head, instead of the front), and includes a basic GPS and weather readout, plus information about wireless hotspots as it passes through them.


(Isa Reichert receives what may well be one of the most expensive bottles of vodka to be found in all (his) Russia.)

Paarthurnax - Paarthurnax has a whole feast for him dropped off via dropship - all the best Multiversal foods Elen's tried since arriving and genuinely enjoyed. Quite a few different dishes from quite a few different styles, and in total enough to fill even the old one's belly.
Amalthea - A simple, finely-made dagger of (Skyrim) ebony; it is of the quality that usually earns a weapon a place in legends.
Pelagius - A well-aged bottle of Honningbrew mead, and a simple note. 'Welcome to the mad world known as the Multiverse.'
Bloody Feather - A simple, finely-made dagger of dragonbone. 'Learning to work dragons' bones was no small feat, but this dagger will outmatch even the finest ebony.'
Ysabel - A well-aged bottle of Honningbrew mead.
Priscilla - A cloak in ash black, enchanted so as to shift sizes with Priscilla if she wears it when she does so. It makes for a very dramatic contrast with her normal outfit, and also billows quite nicely.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
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OOC: Mailbox Closed Tue Dec 24 Santa Claus

Just a reminder that Santa's mailbox is now closed! Look forward to your gifts tomorrow morning. Merry Christmas, MCM!


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
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Merry Eggmas Tue Dec 24 Eggman
It may come as a surprise that Eggman is actually -generous- when it comes to Christmas gifts. It must be the striking resemblance to Santa.


Noh - A Santa Hat Metal Sonic Doll, with limited self-propulsion (although only very simple AI) and a number of pre-recorded quotes that change depending on the time of year. Currently it will play Christmas-related sayings. Oddly, they seem to actually be recordings of Metal Sonic's voice, in an even more monotone manner than usual.

Bo Holder - A fake pistol in the shape of the one Eggman used to shoot Bo in the head one time. A pull of the trigger will reveal it's a freeze beam, although only powerful enough to chill drinks to a deliciously frosty temperature.

Both of these, plus the rest of the UEF, get 50 credit coupons redeemable for all Robotnik Corp products.


Dr. Albert Wily - A new tool kit. Brand new, and manufactured by Robotnik Corp's Secret Actually High Quality Division. Wily will find practically any tool he needs in the kit - and as a result it's the size of a medium-sized wardrobe. Something for his lab rather than field work, then.

Other members of the Confederacy receive the same vouchers than the Union get, but also a secret pin number they can use to purchase from the Secret Actually High Quality Division.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
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Enforcer gifts Tue Dec 24 Fate T. Harlaown
Nanoha the elder: A necklace and matching earrings, designed to look a bit like Raising Heart.
Vivio: a gigantic plush bunny
Sanya Litvyak: A pillowcase with a black tail and ears, to make any pillow look like a cat!
Eila Juutilainen: Similar to Sanya, a pillowcase with fox tail and ears.
Material-S: A box of a dozen cream puffs, along with a note: 'I'll still take you out like I promised, don't worry!'
Shizune Nakamura: A book about the late history of the Saint King Unification Wars, mostly focusing on Sankt Kaiser Olivie Sgebrecht, considered to be one of the greatest Belkan martial artists of all time, and her lover, Hegemon Claus G.S. Ingvalt of Shutra.
Homura Akemi, Madoka Kaname, Kimiko Shinobu: Hairpins and ribbons with colors matching their Soul Gem.
Precia Testarossa: A coffee mug with 'World's Best Science Mom' on it.
Cas: A sweater jacket made to resemble Fate's Enforcers uniform.
Caro Ru Lushe: A hairpin and a ponytail tie, both decorated with dragons.
Amalthea: A small machine which produces white noise, specifically the sound of dolphins clicking. Also, a bottle of what claims to be 'Fairy repellant' and a note: 'I'm not sure if it works on the fairies in your world, but the smell is supposed to keep them away like citronella.'
Ariel: A book entitled 'How To Get Mom and Dad to Love My Pets'
To Himei, Asuna, Precia, Nanoha, Amalthea, Ellestaria, and any other mothers that I have OOCly forgotten: A box with a selection of teas and cocoas, along with a note: 'We moms should stick together. I'd love to spend more time with all of you this year.'

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
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Hanyou gifts Tue Dec 24 Kotoha Isone
Nozomi Houken: A model kit of the Bismarck.
Homura Akemi: A CD entitled 'Best Karaoke Hits' which includes, of course, 'You Give Love a Bad Name' and a note: 'We should go again sometime! No audience if you don't want.'
Kathryn Janeway: A spillproof coffee mug and a bag of coffee beans from one of the stores in Sakurashin Town. Also included are a small potted cactus for Tuvok and a book of youkai medicine for the Doctor.
All members of Heaven or Hell: A bullet with their name etched into it, and a certificate good for 'one Kotodama-summoned item.'

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
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Pirate gifts Tue Dec 24 Rider
Aria Quicksteel: A large axe with a lucky rabbit's foot keychain dangling from the haft.
Shizune Nakamura: A very expensive wine bottle. …an empty one. And a note: 'You said you don't drink, so I drank it for you. The bottle makes a nice display piece!'
To all known Servants of the various Holy Grail Wars (Mordred, Jack, Caster, Nero Saber, both Gilgameshes (Gigameshi?), White Saber, Arturia Saber): A small chess piece appropriate to their Servant Class, in gold. They all have a (removable) felt Santa hat sitting on them.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
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Santashshashin Tue Dec 24 Altair

Everyone in the Hashshashins receives a paid week off and a Fifty(50) credit certificate.

Nasrin- Altair's blade of Damascus, the one he originally unified with it. He has since trade it for the Sword of Eden and the sword has seen little action, maybe she can put it to better use.

Karian- A large hood his size made of bear pelts, similar to the one Connor has been using lately.

Auron- A monocle! Altair has a strange sense of humor. The real gift is.. a pink apron!! Haha, trolled again. No, beneath all those joke gifts Auron receives a brand new red robe and chocobo plushie.

Alexis- A fine Arabian charger of a deep brown color. Comes with a saddle, reigns, stirrups all labeled with the name 'Tulwar'.

Connor Kenway- A set of weapons consisting of a large Dane Battle axe and a Chinese butterfly knife with a D Guard. It even comes with a note "A western axe, an eastern blade and an American fighting style. You more than any of us are a warrior of the world. Use them well in the challenges that lay ahead."

Faruja- A thick book of Gregorian chants with a slight dried off red stain.

Sakura Kinomoto- Pink MMA finger-less gloves, a pink sweatband, a boxing bag and a copy of Karate-Do Kyohan. "Not the style we will practice but it will be a good read to get you prepared."

Saber-A replica of the Shivaji Maharaj sword.

Ruin- A steel helmet made for a horse's head, complete with a hole on the forehead for her horn.

Toph- A green hood and a pair of hidden blades. Also a jar of peas and some tea.

Tony Stark- A picture of himself taken at his birthday party. It has a label saying, 'Best gift ever'.

Frederica- A red hood and a pair of hidden blades.

Corvo- Vials of anesthetic and knock out gas along with a recipe on how to make cheap homemade numbing poison.

Keris- An encyclopedia related to all things spiders.

Reisen- A large supply of carrots and a Tewi Inaba plushie.

Lily- A lot of silk made sarees of high quality and different colors.

Zephyr- A blue hood, hidden blades and an urgorsh axe.

Kirito- A black hood and hidden blades.

Beli- A simple silver made Assassin insignia, she can pin it on a shirt or a belt buckle.

Cecily- A white hood with holes cut out for her fox ears and a pair of hidden blades.

Loki-A purple hood… but no hidden blades!? Huh, weird.

Nathan- A gray hood and a pair of hidden blades.

Aziz- A week's worth of deer jerky.

Alya- A box for her to open later.


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
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Santashshashin cont Tue Dec 24 Altair

The naughty list |(

Kirikou-A red sash, if Kilik does his research he'll find that this is something the Assassins give to their recruits after they make their first kill. A subtle insult maybe?

Nine- A Crusader bucket helmet, big enough to fit his head more than likely. It has a dried off red stain on the underside that has a faint scent of blood to it, likely of the previous owner.

Medusa- A set of herbal Arabian tea. Huh, that's actually a rather nice gift.

Kagenashi- This gift was sent to the Confederacy labeled 'To In'ei'. Hopefully they'll be able to figure out who it's meant for, but if not the gift will be lost in the mail. The gift itself is simple, just a plastic knife stained red with paint. What could it mean?

Serori- A box of dates and a note. "Enjoy now, for tomorrow we shall fight."

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