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Purpose of this Board Mon Nov 11 Reliant
This is a temporary board for IC Christmas Gift posts and Santa postings. It will be up until the end of the year, at very least.

We have not yet picked a Santa Claus for this year, but when we do he will log on and lay out his rules and deadlines. Please pay careful attention and understand that his player will probably be swamped!

Do NOT begin posting on board 42 until Santa has posted and established this year's rules.

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HO! HO! HO! Wed Nov 27 Santa Claus

Hello, Multiverse!

The time has come to once again
Bring Christmas joy to all your friends!
Send your letters to Santa via @mail,
And your gifts I'll deliver without any fail!

Gifts for the young, gifts for old,
Gifts for your loved ones — and for villains, coal!
I know naughty from nice, don't you forget,
No tricksters can fool me — no one has yet!

Send your messages now, you'd better be quick,
By December 23rd, no more letters will fit!
On the next eve I'll load up my sleigh,
And deliver all gifts to be found the next day!

Here you may leave your messages, too,
Of all the gifts you're giving to friends old and new!
All gifts must be given before the New Year,
And remember — we're here to spread holiday cheer!

Santa's Mailbox is open beginning Sunday, December 1st! Special requests from you and all your alts will be taken until Monday, December 23rd! The Christmas board for your IC gift-giving will be open from December 1st - December 31st.


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Mailbox Open! Board Open! Sun Dec 01 Santa Claus

Santa's now ready to take your requests!

Don't forget to use this board for your IC gift giving! If this is your first year celebrating Christmas in the Multiverse and you need some help understanding this board's purpose — or if you were here last year and don't want to give the same gift twice! — you can find our archived 2012 Christmas board on the wiki.


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A Warmaster's Gifts Sun Dec 01 Horus

Horus doesn't celebrate Christmas for multiple reasons, but given the custom seems common across the Multiverse, he has at least given it lip service.

Karian receives a self-help book: 'Objective Thinking: Mastering Your Emotions Before They Master You.'

Tate receives a copy of one of the treasured manuals on the care and maintenance of Baneblade tanks, figuring they might be rare in Tate's time from what he's heard.

Ciaphas Cain is shipped two gifts: a set of recorded seminars on public speaking, and a single pad of paper. Bondsman, to be specific. It is noted that it is for 'autographs' and that it belonged to a poet who died some time ago.


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Gifts to Fiora (LONG) Sun Dec 01 Vruasa Telash
The first of Vruasa's gifts to Fiora is straightforward and subtle, easily-noticed by somebody who is attentive, but also easy to miss: He has taken up cooking for her, and appears to have put some effort into learning the recipes used by Keane. He's not as good as Keane was because he's pretty new at cooking things like this, but he's pretty passable.

The rest is more obvious:

  • 12 pints of Vruasa's blood, divided up into actual blood stored in captcha cards, and ink and paint made from said blood. Used in alchemy or to create ink or paint constructs, it provides an extremely high defense value against psychic powers of all kinds, especially those that seek to invade or alter the target's mind. It goes without saying that the blood is a very distinct blue.
  • 24 volumes of handwritten stories in leatherbound books. They are written in Vruasa's signature blue, and they are almost all completely unforgivably terrible. There are a few that are good by being hilariously bad, and a few that are good because they're Vruasa writing about things that actually happened in his FLARP sessions. Mostly though, they're just bad.
  • 36 audio books that Vruasa sat down and recorded himself. All of them are books that Fiora has read regularly, or read in front of Vruasa. He is actually pretty good at, "Doing the voices."
  • 48 Noir films from Afterus. There are an awful lot of these that focus on carapacians for some reason, and some of them aren't really Noir but just, 'Things in black-and-white that Vruasa mistook for noir films because he didn't look closely enough.' This includes a bizarre troll version of I Love Lucy.
  • 60 cases of TERRIBLE SWILL BEER, which the tag notes Vruasa had never seen in Fiora's bar before, and figured she might want to try.
  • 72 cases of GOOD Afterusian booze, some of which definitely came from the past and don't exist anymore.
  • 84 pints worth of troll blood paint and ink, excepting vruasa blue and royal fuschia. Some may have their own unique properties to contribute to ink/paint constructs, having come from other psychic trolls. These are clearly identified as legally obtained. Also stored in captcha cards so as not to spoil.
  • 96 pens and brushes, and variants thereof from the time periods of Afterus. Some are pretty exotic, being made with the hairs or bones of now-extinct creatures. One set is definitely made from Vruasa's own hair.
  • 108 tons of garbage dumped into Fiora's grist recycler. The actual gift is a tiny picture of said garbage tucked into a gift certificate sleeve. It reads, "It's like a gift certificate to the universe!"
  • 120 pairs of SOCKS or STOCKINGS (many striped), for every different kind of weather and situation. Some of these are gags that have been alchemized with things that make them useless or just extremely strange, and are clearly just for laughs.
  • 132 artifacts from the history of Afterus, and the development of its civilizations. There's a wide variety of them, ranging from art, to tools used by early Afterusian trolls and humans, jewelry, and objects that look as if they must have originated from SOME session of Sburb, if not theirs. These were almost certainly obtained by blatant abuse of time travel.
  • 144 books from Afterus, with heavy emphasis on the mythology that was built in the making of its Universe.
  • 400 pieces of Seadweller Troll anatomy with a note that, "King David was a fucking wriggler." Coincidentally at least one of the 144 aforementioned books mentions a mysterious troll in red doing battle with enormous numbers of the primitive seadwellers in prehistory.

On this GIANT PILE OF GIFTS, one single note is attached that reads:

Sorry, I went kind of overbo@rd.
Love, Vru@s@

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Gifts to Arthur Sun Dec 01 Vruasa Telash

A note is included: Hey PB. I put together this stuff because I thought you might want something well, you'll see. If it just upsets you I won't be mad if you just stuff it in a closet and never look at it again. I got you at least one thing that I think you'll like because of how fucking normal it is. I bet it's been a while since you had a chance to mess with anything like it.

  • Seven outfits perfectly replicating what Dad Lowell wore, with some minor variation between individual outfits.
  • A collection of amateur radio equipment, as well as recordings of carapacian radio plays produced by Media Writer.
  • A video game console called the KERNEL ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM. It is a compact black-and-white rectangle that utilizes cards very similar to CAPTCHALOGUE CARDS as a storage medium for their games. The logo on the top of the system is a square sectioned into four smaller squares with the symbols of Session 412's sprites filling each square.
  • The game that Vruasa has included with the above is a FIGHTING GAME called SUBURBAN BRAWL that features all participants of Session 412. Dad Lowell, Keane O'Brien, Mom Powers, and Dad Turner are all unlockables who are banned in every tournament ever, because they are incredibly overpowered. Included is one actual smooth-edged and comfortable official controller, and one third-party weird-ass controller with one semi-broken button despite being unopened.
  • A regibroom. It has sleek black handle with a red, diamond-tipped point and red straw. It's a fairly powerful weapon, but more importantly it has massive stat bonuses when used against nobles or royals of any kind. Appears to be alchemized from the Draconian Dignitary's spear. (UPGRADE REQUIRED?)


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Gifts to Summer Sun Dec 01 Vruasa Telash

  • The last dress that Mom Powers made, during one of the final runs in LOWAH. It was made on-the-spot for Vruasa, so it is pretty obviously made for a man.
  • A sewing kit, and a sewing machine that appears to have been alchemized with an alchemiter and a grist recycler. It works like a more limited alchemiter: Feed it grist, acquire thread.
  • Hair dye that appears to be made from troll blood, with a note that adds: 'I'm not sure you're even into this stuff @nymore.'
  • A book on troll psychology, with a strong emphasis on the psychology of the higher blood castes. Also included is an alchemized set of glasses that automatically translate the written troll language into english.


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Gifts to Others Sun Dec 01 Vruasa Telash

  • A pull-over, purple hoodie with a skaian spirograph on the front.
  • Alternative: Those too large to wear human-sized clothes get car stickers.


  • Alchemized bacon that self-heats itself when removed from the package, and accompanying captcha code.


  • An hourglass filled with white sand, infused with temporal energy approximately equivalent to that contained in the crystallized hellfire given to Vruasa the year before.


  • A flute-like instrument carved from the bones of an extinct Afterusian pokemon.


  • A handmade, fire-hardened wooden spear. It's no better than the rusty spear she gave him the prior year, but it seems like he at least remembered that something was given to him.


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Gipsy Gifts Sun Dec 01 Gipsy Danger
From Mako:

To Herc Hansen: A biographical book, about Sir Thomas Blamey, accompanied by a note. 'Raleigh wasn't sure what to get you, so we decided on this. You're a hero too, in your own way, a Marshal yourself.'

To Chuck Hansen: A blu-ray copy of all the Star Wars movies. 'Thanks for showing me these. I'm sure you'll enjoy them. Just remember the lessons. Don't let your emotions get the better of you. It leads to the Dark Side.'

If she got anything for her copilot or Marshal Pentacost, she makes no note of them, here.

To The crew of Apex Gryphon: A Tanto, or Japanese dagger. The saya of the weapon is engraved, with the pilot's names, in hiragana. 'You have proved yourselves as warriors. I hope the time comes when we can put our weapons aside, and not have to use them again.'

To those who've assisted the PPDC: A card, personalized to each, on traditional cardstock and done in calligraphy, thanking them for their help.

From Raleigh:

To Chuck Hansen: A large, heavy dog bone. The tag makes note that it's from a Moose. 'Alaska's got more where that came from. Hope Max likes it.'

To The Crew of Apex Gryphon: A matching set of bearskin mittens, and ushankas. 'Gets pretty cold up here, so if you visit again, bring them along.'

Raleigh has apparently let Mako handle the cards. That, and he might just be a little more lazy than she is.

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From Addie, Part 1 (edited): Sun Dec 01 Adelaide Flowers
This isn't at all complete, just a few particulars as ideas strike me. More posts will come!

The alliteratively addressed half-angel head of Heaven or Hell receives a firearm, of course. The card that comes with it just says "For Psyber, the guy who has everything - something that doesn't exist!" The firearm in question is, shockingly, a beautifully engraved Beretta 92 with a tasteful scrollwork design and not a single fleck of gold to be seen. So is its near perfect twin, differing only in serial numbers. Rosewood grips set off the silvery guns nicely, and the whole set comes in a velvet-lined presentation case.

To the various members of Joint Fighter Squadron 501, each is given a scarf similar to the one for Neuroi Girl. Various shades of pastel to differentiate each girl's, while they're all individually embroidered with their names and the JFS 501 service patch. A handwritten card for the squadron joins it, as does several classic 33 1/3 LP records from Addie's own jazz collection for Sanya. "I know it gets cold and lonely up there, hopefully this will help keep you a little warmer and remind you that everyone else is with you too."

Na'sabal Une Fang, your reward is…clothes. Floofy soft sweaters and skirts, as well as some fleece pajamas. And socks. Lots of socks. Perhaps enough to build a nest with.

Ainsley receives something that's probably entirely useless, depending on just how she uses her abilities, but maybe it'll be something she enjoys anyway. A whole (fairly expensive) pencil set, various leads and colors to help her catch a scene. As does a charcoal set, the small bricks of black, white, and colors to fill things in and maybe try something new.

More to come!

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Christmas Gifts from Faruja (part Sun Dec 01 Faruja

(Various gifts are given. All come with cards offering various well-wishes and blessings of Faram. OOC note: if I've forgotten anyone I've met ICly, please poke me and remind me! I apologize if that's the case!)

To Ainsley: One scroll, containing an invitation to the 'Languages of Ivalice' symposium in the Gariland Magickal Akademy, Ivalice, as well as the Headmaster's blessings to make use of its labs and Library.

To Lady Evangeline of the Neuroi: A Sphere. When touched, it plays violin music, piano music, and other Burmecian classical pieces.

To Toph Beifong: A White Riding Chocobo. It's nametag, in Ivalician and Braile, names it 'Faithful'. Included is a manual on the care and raising of chocobos, as well as several gysahl greens.

To the Ladies of the 501st Join Fighter Squadron: 200 rounds each of each Witch's preferred ammo, above the amount already agreed to in negotiations. Each one reads 'From Faram With Love'. Additionally, a bottle of Burmecian Rice Wine, the vintage prior to the city's sacking. The note attached reads 'To be opened upon Peace with the Neuroi'.

To Lady Sakura Kinomoto: One life-sized fuzzy doll of the esper Carbuncle, complete with mini-Emerald Shield action. A note attached reads: 'Such a warm and innocent heart should never go undefended'.

To Nine: A copy of 'On Holy Confession' by Sister Kara Alexander

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Christmas Gifts from Faruja (part Sun Dec 01 Faruja

To Ser Altair: A golden, ceremonial dagger, in the shape of an Ajoran cross. An attached note reads 'Faith is oft both shield and blade alike'.

To Lady Alya: A scroll sealed in wax, the symbol of the Glabados Inquisition imprinted on it. Once opened, it reads: 'The above, Alya, is hereby verified as human. She is in no way, despite certain anomalies, an Esper, Angel, or other lesser Servant of His Divine Authority In Heaven. Any assertions to the contrary are to be considered Heresy, and punishable by nine months of mandatory charity work. Signed, Inquisitor Sarah Diamonde'.

To Lady Adelaide Flowers: A blue stress ball, and several bottles of white and red wines. A note attached reads: 'An excellent hostess such as thyself should never be without the essentials for such a task!'

To Lady Maya: A copy of the Ajoran Holy Book, and a warm, insulated jacket.

To Ser Karian of the Space Wolves: An oversized ale glass, filled with Burmecian Stout. It requires two hands to lift, even for a space marine. A note attached reads 'Keep chilled. There is no victory without honor'.

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Christmas Gifts from Faruja (Part Sun Dec 01 Faruja

To Lady Churning Gears: One ceremonial chainsword, fully functional, gold plated. In place of the typical Mechanicum or Imperium symbols, Ajoran ones decorate the weapon. A note attached reads 'Let us discuss theology together, M'Lady, at thy convenience.'

To Dame Captain Kathryn Janeway: A year's supply of Burman Coffee, as well as two months supply of Burman Tea. An attached note reads 'A taste of my home. Try something new, hmm, dear Captain?' To Ser Aaron Smith: A miniature globe of the world where Ivalice once resided.

To Ser Auron: A whetstone. An attached note reads 'May thy blade never dull'.

To Ser Corvo Attano: A bottle of whiskey, and an invitation to a famous Ivalician hotsprings and spa. An attached note reads 'He whom doth naught honor himself, honors none. Meditate upon such, and relax, Ser. Whatever thy crimes, real or imagined, learn to love thyself once more, as surely as the Lord does. 'Tis the first step upon the road to Penance.'

To Lady Frederica: One pair of white and black sneakers.

To Lady Zephyr Windstar: Several Hi Ethers, as well as a manual on the various schools of Ivalician magic. An attached note reads 'Never hurts to expand one's horizons, hmm, my dear?'

To Heret (there's hasty scribbling throughout the first word) Lieutenant Agrias Oaks: One extremely dry and hard fruit cake. A 1000 gil coin is embedded within. No amount of cutting, stabbing, or useage of Holy Sword skills seems to be able to get it out of the cake, nor damage the fruit cake itself.

To Sers Psyber, Nathan Hall, Tyrael, and Paarthurnax: One pair, each, fuzzy chocobo slippers that 'kweh' when one walks in them.

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Gift for Aethra Sun Dec 01 Lupita Auryon
Though it's most likely that there will be gifts for others later in the month, Lupita's gift to Aethra is one that, to Lupita, is more important than others, and must thus be given first.

The gift is simply that she's found them both a new Hive, located close to the outskirts of Home city. Only a few blocks away from an Aquarium to the east, and a dog park to the north, the hive is still in downpayments. It has a large indoor pool in the basement, a modest sized lawn ring with a back patio and a small area for side gardens and a pond. Inside there's a large kitchen, a comfortably sized living room, and on the second floor the master bedroom is being set up with two recuperacoons, while the ablution block is being modified to have both a walk-in shower and a large, luxurious tub big enough to soak in. An attic loft is being rennovated to be warmer in the cold seasons, yet cooler in the hot.

To the outward viewer, it looks like Lupita just picked the biggest hive she could find in her price range, though not without reason, considering that as two who are high on the hemospectrum they both stand to live for a long time, and grow at least a foot more or so before they even reach 'middle age'. However, Aethra would easily see the hidden things no one else who knows Lupita would: she clearly put a LOT of thought into what the Hive should have, where it should be, who was going to live there. More thought than most would think Lupita capable of. Especially since all of the thought went toward what would make Aethra happy.

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Simple Gifts Sun Dec 01 Ciaran

Ciaran is content to share the holiday gift exchange only with those closest to her heart. The list is expectedly short.

Sir Artorias is given a chunk of Twinkling Titanite presumably collected from one of the rare and paranoid lizards living among the Great Hollow. The shining stone comes wrapped in a dark scarf obviously belonging to Ciaran — a small token of affection to be kept close.

Sif is given a hefty wyvernhide toy for him to chew to his satisfaction.

The other Knights are given small tokens related to their interests. Sir Ornstein receives candles to light his vigils, and Sir Gough is given a new carving knife suitable to his considerable size.

A donation is made to the Union's charitable coffers in honor of the Union leadership.


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Medusa's gifts Sun Dec 01 Medusa Gorgon
Dracula: A potted plant with lovely red flowers, complete with a sweet fragrance.

Serori: A gift card for an all-you-can-eat at a fancy restaurant in Urbania.

Kirikou: A book titled 'Witch hunts through the modern ages: identifying and eliminating witches'.

Ragna the Bloodedge: A stylish apron and BBQ set.

Taro Daisho: A book titled 'Introduction to pharmacology'.

Isa Reichert: A bottle of Bordeaux wine.

Fuki: A large case of jelly cans.

Andrew Detmer: A book titled 'The kingdom of Morpheus' - a book about sleep and various sleep disorders.

Loki: A first aid kit.

Reisen Inaba - Various dried herbs and a recipe in neat handwriting entitled 'stomach medicine'.

Goro, Nine, Samuel Rodrigues, Darth Vader, Yolja Odoti, Altair, Bo Holder, Madara Uchiha, Karian, Crys Gattz, Leyanne: A large set of herbal tea, some of which are good in treating fevers, headaches, insomnia and upset stomachs.

Lute - A plush Mew and a toy truck.

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Drew's Crappy Gifts! Mon Dec 02 Andrew Detmer


To Fuki:
-Whet stones. For sharpening blades, of course.
-With card: 'Be the blender.'

To Medusa:
-Brand new med-scrub coat. Lab coat. Whatever its called.
-With Card: 'Guess I messed up your jacket-thing enough that you deserve a new one. You know, from bleeding on it a lot. So, thanks.'

To Nine:
-Recordings of the fights and pranks Drew's been in. Edited to include over-the-top prat fall sounds. Woo-woo-woo-woo. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
-With Card: 'Stay awesome. Seriously.'

To Lavos II:
-A box of giant jaw breakers. Shaped like the planet Earth.
-With Card: 'Just for practice.'

To Serori:
-One free buffet coupon with purchase of a second buffet.
-With Card: 'You guys are nearly extinct, and you like to eat, right? So, two birds, one stone. Find a good one.'

To Dracula:
-One case of twenty wine glasses. Built specifically with flaws to shatter spectacularly when thrown.
-With Card: 'I heard you like this sort of thing, so I figured - why not get some designed to be thrown? Old customs are weird, but that's cool.'


To Toph:
-First: Rocks. Rocks rich in iron deposit.
-Second: 'Pinpression', a toy with hundreds of dull metal pins that you press objects into and it keeps the shape.
-Third: Bag of iron fillings and a magnet.
-Braile printed card that reads: 'Figured this might help with your metal bending thing. Also, Tony loves magnets. Make sure to leave them everywhere in his house. Especially on Jarvis.'

To Zephyr:
-A baseball and a gift card for ice cream at a particular shop in Tremorton.
-With Card: 'Thanks.'

To Sakura Kinomoto:
-More crappy J-Pop Idol posters. Of the style seen while Drew was breaking into her house with Sailor Sin.
-With Card: 'I guess you like this stuff? so, here's some more.'

To Yunomi:
-A small baby shower sign reading 'It's a Boy!'.
-A slingshot, complete with a package of stink pellets.
-With Card: 'Drew, 1. You, 0.'

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Gifts from a pyro Mon Dec 02 Frederica
What do you get people who have the money to buy pretty nearly anything they want? If you're Frederica, you give them your time. You make an effort for them, and hope that the effort goes appreciated even if the gifts themselves are quickly forgotten.

To each of the members of the Gatecrasher's Union, Frederica sends an in-game mail with a high-end food item. Delicious food, by game standards, and the sort of thing that gives a buff to a stat each character will find useful. Tanky fighters will get meaty foods to buff their health. Agile fighters get seafood. Casters get a dessert set to buff their magic, that sort of thing. None of the gifts in and of themselves are hugely expensive, but the number of players makes it something she probably had to farm yrd/ingredients for a pretty long time for.

To those who she knows outside the game, who support and appreciate her, she offers fashionable gifts that she made herself. Some might be overly cute, some might even be a joke, but each represents hours worth of work. For those who are both friends in 'real life' and in the Gatecrashers, they'll get both gifts.

A few noteworthy gifts, but by no means exhaustive:

To Rarity: A major exception for the list. Giving fashion to a fashion designer is tacky. Instead, Rarity gets a small selection of exotic and colourful fabrics.

To the Brotherhood: Each member gets a white hood, and it's reversible. Worn one way, it's plain and looks like their typical outfit. Worn reversed, each has animal ears. Altair gets wolf ears, Connor gets squirrel, Alya gets owl tufts, Nasrin gets mouse ears. Jack, J'Vassa, and Auron all get cat ears, but each gets a distinct breed.

Psyber gets fuzzy dice. Bo Holder gets a fuzzy dice cup since he already has fuzzy dice.

Zephyr Windstar and Tomoe both get full outfits, for those times they wear fashion rather than armor. Tomoe's is a short skirt and blouse. Zephyr gets a more full-length skirt, though it's cut with a slit up one side for movement and to show off a lot of leg.

Ash gets a scarf, same colour as his normal hat, and a hat that resembles Pikachu in colouration and in the ears atop it. Also poketreats.

Sarah gets a hat as well. One with well-insulated wool on the inside, and flaps that can be tied down over the ears or tucked away. Strangely, no ears on this hat.

Brad and Jenny each get a set of matching winter mittens. Kirigaya Kazuto and Yuuki Asuna get a matched pair of hats. Nozomi Houken and Sereza get matching scarves.

Faruja gets a book bag that can be worn as a backpack or, if the contents are light, attached by a clip to a belt.

Paarthurnax is a worthy challenge for a nice hat, given his neck is the size of a small house. Rising to the challenge, Fred's sending him a hat that looks like a giant caterpillar, complete with puffy segmented body (to cover the neck spikes) and wriggly dangling legs.

Abstractum.Shinrin gets a 'bed' padded with cotton and felt, to rest in during those few times when Frederica isn't wearing her.

Apologies to those not explicitly mentioned! You're not forgotten. I can send a personal page if you want me to, but I had to draw the line on the list somewhere…

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Wolf Gifts Mon Dec 02 Artorias
Artorias does not have many gifts to give, but though they are small, each seems to have been chosen or made with some care.

Ciaran is given a small dreamcatcher enchanted with protective magic. The frame is of the whitebark that Oolacile sorcerors use for their catalysts, while the net is woven from green ivy with a cream rose blossom in the center enchanted to never wither. Along the bottom are four stone pendants hanging from vines, each arrowhead pendant of dark stone decorated with swirling red patterns that give off an air of reverence and nostalgia. A fifth vine hangs from the center, supporting a torn strip of azure cloth decorated with silver designs, clearly taken from Artorias's cloak and cleaned thoroughly to make it almost as vibrant as it used to be.

As for the other Knights, Ornstein is given a small and stylized but regal lion woven from sticks and vines with a mane of drake scales, one paw perched on a wooden orb engraved with the symbol of the Lion's Ring. Gough, meanwhile, is given a hawk head of similarly woven sticks, with eyes formed by glowing white blossoms and a beak of carved drake bone.

Serori is given a talisman of pure ivory cloth bound tightly at one end with a ribbon of gold. Another long golden ribbon loops from that binding, serving as a way for the ivory talisman to be worn as a necklace. The talisman gives off a clearly holy power and serves as a protective charm against darker forces.

Tyrael is given a beautiful pearl vial with flowery etchings in gold and a golden cap. The vial is filled with holy water blessed by Gwynevere, the Goddess of Sunlight and the symbol of bounty and fertility for Anor Londo. The holy water acts as a perfect cure-all for injuries, poisons, curses, and other irregularities.

Paarthurnax is given a pendant. It's a simple bronze pendant, round and flat and hung from a loop of string. It's nothing special, but it feels like it holds pleasant and comforting memories. Probably a gesture of goodwill from the normally dragon-hating Knight.

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Christmas Gifts! Tue Dec 03 Lute

Everyone in the Confederacy recieves a box of Oreos from Lute, but a note is attached to all of these. It reads as follows.

THESE ARE EXPLICITLY FOR USE AGAINST SANTA. Put them out as your cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. The filling has been replaced with TOOTHPASTE.

And that is it for Lute's Christmas Gifts for this year.


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Lily's Presents Tue Dec 03 Veiled Lily
To Polite Words: A dinner date followed by some astrology and astronomy fun.

To Bo Holder: A dinner date, followed by astronomy and astrology fun.

Richard Stadler: A lunch date, followed by a very nice machine gun because when push comes to shove you'll never know when you need to shoot someone.

Aaron Smith: Some minum of Jade, and a promise to come help out whenever he needs her.

Nathan Hall: A rare book of history from Lily's Creation to help round out his library.

Hashashins: Each gets some small charm that resembles what they represent to Lily; a griffon charm for Alya, as an example.

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A Hashshashin's Gifts (Part 1) Wed Dec 04 Alexis Maaka

Since Maaka's been rather quiet as of recent, it's come to light that she's been running herself ragged trying to prepare for the holidays. Maybe it's because she's been trying to find something besides work to keep herself busy, maybe she's bad at giving gifts. Who knows?

In any case, the list goes as this:

Altair and the Hashshashins all receive combat knives appropriate to their respective backgrounds.

Each knife also comes with a short note to go with it as well.

Altair himself acquires a Syrian dagger with his name etched in there in Arabic, Alya getting a matching one with her name etched into it in the same way. The note included is as follows - "You two deserve each other more than anyone else in this world of any other. I can only hope that the bond between you lasts well after now, no matter what happens. Far as you two ought to be concerned, the only thing true and permitted shall forever be your feelings for each other."

Connor a knife styled after those of his own people. The note itself - "It took me a while to figure out how to make this the way your tribe did, but I managed to get this together in time. Hope you find use for it, mate."

Auron will find himself getting a tanto, as appropriate. Note: "An Assassin you may be, and a damn fine one, but I have not met a man as honorable and loyal to the cause as you are, Captain Auron. I am honored to have served by your side for both the Brotherhood, and the Union."

Aaron Smith will receive an honest-to-goodness Bowie Knife. Note - "You're a good bloke, Smith. I'd hate to see someone like you out in the wilderness without a proper blade on his side. Wasn't easy to get this, but I'm sure you'll make the effort worth it."

Nasrin gets a long-knife designed that it could be used as a short-sword for someone of her height. Note - "You might already have one of these, but it never hurts to have a backup around. Besides, they suit you just fine."

Corvo acquires a Filipino Balisong (Butterfly Knife) styled after his own sword. Note - "I couldn't resist, what with that fancy folding sword you got. One of these days I'll have to see if I can reverse-engineer it for all of us, I'm feeling scientific for once."

J'vassa gets a modernized skinning knife, something a hunter like him would put to good use. Note - "A hunter without his claws is no hunter at all. This ain't fancy, but it'll last you a long time."


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/23 Posted Author
Cybersassin Gifts Wed Dec 04 Alexis Maaka

Given how much that Maaka's already gotten for the Brotherhood, she's been hard pressed to also fit in some of the None-Hashshashins while she was at it. Not that she's left the Union out entirely, anyway.

To Francesca Lucchini: Francesca gets a stainless Berreta M1934, with the symbol of the 501rst placed upon the grip itself. Engraved on the slide is an elaborate vine-leaf pattern next to the inscription of her name over a banner design. Underneath it reads '~Gratiduine di Maria~'. On the other side of said banner is a small tree with five branches. A note accompanies this: "It took me a while before I could get everything accurate, and this wasn't cheap to buy and modify, but damn if it wasn't worth it. I've already put it through its paces, and I'm sure you'll love it. Come see me in the Ring and we'll see how it works for you."

Steve Rogers will get himself a heavily customized Colt 1911A1 automatic, dated around the second world war in his world. It's been fitted with additional cocking serrations, a skeleton-hammer, ambidextrous magazine release and slide-stop, an undermounted rail with flashlight-laser combination module, tridot sighting, rubber grips, a threaded barrel for sound suppressors, and numerous other modifications. Also included are four ten-round magazines and also a Fairbairn-Sykes combat knife. Note - "I read up on some of the stuff you did back in your world, back in the nineteen-forties. Impressive stuff, really. Doubly so if all of it's accurate, including the stuff SHIELD doesn't want to get out. Either way, I figured you could use a mix of the old and new while you're in the battlefields of today. Good luck out there, Captain, you'll need it."

Noble Six receives something unusual, but certainly to her interest. She gets a pair of bracers with hidden blades installed and prepared, with a small manual on how to maintain and operate them to go with it. Note - "These are probably some of the handiest weapons I've had the pleasure of using in a long time. I imagine your people will find a way to integrate these or something, if you asked nicely. Good hunting out there, Six."

John-117 will receive a Kukri combat knife, something simple but effective to use. Cortana meanwhile will get a year's subscription to Alfheim Online as well as several bonus booster packs, including joke holiday clothes for each of the major celebrations around the world, including a Santa outfit. Maaka seems to have made copies of these outfits for Cortana to customize her own holodisplay a little should she see fit.

Ciaphas Cain will get an autograph book to pass out little notes to his -many-, -many- adoring fans. Jurgen will get a free pass to hit up a spa for the deluxe treatment, probably the best the spa can offer. Throne knows he needs to get cleaned up.

Mirae gets something nice. It's a very futuristic looking katana that Alexis used before she got a power sword from Karian and his brothers. The sword emits a high-frequency field as soon as a button is pressed, and will cut through armor much easier than any sword her world can make. "This sword was a constant companion of mine for a long time, Mirae. Make sure you take care of it while it's in your possession. That sword's done a world of good for me before, and it'll do the same for you."


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/24 Posted Author
Gifts for the Brotherhood (Part 2) Wed Dec 04 Alexis Maaka

The list continues as follows -

Karian will receive a gorgeously forged and adorned dagger with a definite wolf's theme to it, appropriately enough. The grip is long and thick enough for him to use with his powered armor's gauntlets on, and has a wolf's head thing going on from the crossguard down, like the blade is emerging from the wolf's maw or something. The blade itself is around the length of Karian's forearm, and it makes a fine off-hand weapon should he go into battle chainsword in hand. Note - "Since you supplied us with some of your kit, I figured I'd pay you back somehow. The blade has a built-in vibro frequency generator sorta like your Chapter's power swords. Goes great with those oversized chainsaws you're fond of. The Emperor protects, Wolf Lord. Make sure there's no shortage of enemies of his that fall to this blade's bite. I call it 'Fenris' Bite'."

Jack will receive a very simple switchblade, nothing fancy. Note - "It's small, but it's as deadly as any sword far as I'm concerned, just like you. I know you're probably a bloody walking cutlery as it is, but it never helps to have something that nobody'll notice. One more knife to throw at the enemy might be useful, at least."

Xander will get himself a Marine Corps issued bayonet, fresh from an armory no doubt. Note - "I can't claim to say I knew you that much, but I certainly liked the cut of your jib. I know you're the lone wolf sort and all, but it never hurts to run in a pack sometimes."

Reisen Inaba finds herself in the possession of a very unusual looking knife, like a spade polearm or something. It's a half-moon knife, for those in the know. Note - "You're a good kid, Reisen. The brotherhood's glad to have you here patching us up, same goes for the Union as well." Another note is added as well. "P.S. Yes, I'm horrible, I know. Couldn't resist the pun."

Faruja gets a very regal, but practical traveler's dagger. Gold wraps around the ivory hilt and a blade like a Stiletto's, for the classy sort of shopper of sharp things that hurt people. Note - "Far as men of the cloth go, you're alright by me, Father. Faram's blessings be upon you, or however it goes. Figured you'd like something a bit more elegant compared to most of the stuff I've been sending out."

Lily gets a very exotic, elegant sort of affair that no doubt she'll find a way to enchant or whatever. It's a slender knife, intended for quills to make pen nibs. Handy little thing. Wrapped around it is a letter - Unlike the others, this one isn't detailed on the list.

Bloody-Feather recieves an unusual but wicked looking knife, curved and resembling more a giant fang that a grip was affixed to. The grip itself is green in color, scaled in pattern. The blade is sharpened thoroughly to the point it could shear though flesh and armor alike in the right hands. Note - "A serpent needs her fangs to hunt, to kill. Figured you'd appreciate one more to use against anyone in your way, and it's stylish. No point in doing what we do without a little theatrics, right?"


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/25 Posted Author
Gifts from a Windmage. Wed Dec 04 Zephyr Windstar
A fairly standard set of gift cards, usable in most major muliversal stores are given to all Union personnel that Zephyr has met personally. However, a few personalized gifts are given to a few that she feels are very close to her.

Frederica recieves a hair bow with what looks like a stylized fox ornament. It also has a card that reads: "It's something from my homeworld. The fifth Saint often took the form of a great, flame wreathed Valrun, a fox-like being. I hope it brings you some joy."

Evangeline receives a music CD for the player she received at her Name Day. It's a collection of vocalization music from March, using only people's voices. (Acapella). The card reads: "I hope you like this, Evangeline. Your singing always makes me smile."

Faruja, though he's only a passing acquaintance, receives a beautifully crafted short sword in Marchian style. A slightly curved single edge with an oval crossguard and laquered handle grip. It's incribed on the side. "We see the Light best, when we are sunk in deepest dark." a card accompanies. "Continue being a bright Light in our world, Ser Faruja."


Karian receives a whetstone of high quality, a blade maintenance kit with oils and buffing cloth, as well as a copy of the Marchian book. "The Seven Saints." a card accompanies these gifts: "Chaplain, I hope these find you well. I wanted to share my own people's beliefs, as I feel they hold much in common with your own. P.S. You still owe me that duel."

LQ-84i(Bladewolf) receives an embossed plate of metal. On it, are the words "I hope you find what you're looking for."


Andrew Detmer receives a small axe pendent. Incribed across the blades are the Marchain Kanji for: "Eternity." the accompanying card reads. "We hold our pasts inside, forever, and the future we see is through the lens of this past. I hope you find happiness in whatever you do."

Serori receives a simple card with a giftcard inside it. "General, we have had our fallings out, but I hope you accept this as a token of my respect for you and the position you hold."

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/26 Posted Author
Addendum of the Windmage Wed Dec 04 Zephyr Windstar
(Because I'm a total ditz and forgot someone)

Ainsley is gifted copies of the Marchian books: 'Flight and Foundry, a compendium of aviation' and 'Magical Might, the companion guide to spellcraft'. A card is attached: "To my dear sister, I hope this season finds you well."

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/27 Posted Author
Summer's Gifts Thu Dec 05 Summer Powers

To Vruasa:

-A copy of the book A Christmas Carol. A note is on it: 'No idea if you've done any shit like this yet, or if maybe you already will be doing this due to me giving you this book and it already happened in the past, but. I think you'd make a great Jerk of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.'
-A recipe book of various Pub foods.
-A Make Your Own Beer kit
-One of those keyboard neckties.

To Prorth:

-A giftcard to Men's Warehouse.
-An old pair of Afterusian pistols, from back in the days of Afterusian cowboys. They match the description of a pair used by a Troll lawman from back in the day.
-A salmon print necktie.

To Arthur:

-An alchemized Christmas CD. It seems to be combined with Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, which means that all of the songs are either sung by, or sung in the style of, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.
-A model T
-A necktie with a print that is basically just a variety of different cheeses.

To Fiora:

-A number of canvases of various size. With each of them is a gift certificate for framing, by one of Afterus's most high class framing stores.
-Several bottles of fine wine. They seem to predate the creation of Billous Slick. They are aged to perfection.
-A dress that seems straight out of a Film Noir. It's quality isn't the greatest, though. But, it was handmade by Summer.

To Ash:

- Upgrade data so that his Pokedex will have data on where Afterus Pokemon live.
-A picture of a statue in the Afterusian Pokemon League Headquarters, specifically in the Champion's room. The statue is gigantic, and very dramatic looking. It appears to be based entirely off of Ash. Pikachu is even sitting on his shoulder.
-Two official Afterusian Pokemon League hats. The first actually seems to be from very close to when the Pokemon League started, probably something from Roman Times. Instead of the more modern league symbol, it has a trio of shapes based off of the three Legendary Birds. The other is a bit more modern baseball cap.
- A book on the Legendary Pokemon of Afterus. It seems to be the same familiar ones that exist in Ash's world, except they're considerably less powerful. Some accounts even say that there might be multiple of some of them, though nothing is confirmed. There aren't any mentions of any manmade legendaries such as Mewtwo, nor does there seem to be an Arceus.

To Psyber:

-What almost appears to be a .357 Magnum. But, some text on it actually says it's something else: a .357 Psyber. Yes, it's a gun named after Psyber.
-An angel print necktie.

To Raven:

- Upgrade data so that her Pokedex will have data on where Afterus Pokemon live.
-A 'coupon' of sorts, made by Summer. It's for a chance for Raven to get a vacation while Summer watches her ranch and whatnot for her.

To Nathan Hall:

-A necktie that contains all the word's of Shakespeare's works

To Hastur:
-A picture of Hastur's sort-of-child, located in the Seas of Afterus. It's accompanied by a coffee mug that says Multiverse's Best Dad. And another mug that says Multiverse's Best Mom.

To Loros:

-A star chart for the new Universe.
-A tie with a print on it that drives most people mad if they stare upon it too long.

To Staren:

-A tie that is also an Apple brand media player. Sadly, it's a first generation device, so it will likely break soon.

To Lupita:

-A warehouse of Faygo.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/28 Posted Author
A Surprisingly Unempty Christmas, Thu Dec 05 Fiora O'Brien

The horrible dark and mysterious goddess of void and also the patron of creatives and chroniclers… GIVES OUT GIFTS??!!one

TO EVERYONE IN THE MULTIVERSE, YES, YOU TOO - The »LEGSENDAIRY PNE« is an artifact of 'great power'. It is a standard Bic Ballpoint, with a strange bend in the center of it that makes holding it fucking hard. It only writes in shitty, non-straight rainbow pixels, but… It never runs out of ink? It also maeks u spel lke Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. It is INCREDIBLY SHITTY in every aspect, and literally cost negative resources to make.

To ARTHUR LOWELL - The Motivator of Eons - A calendar that just does not fucking run out, ever, no matter how many days you peel off. Also, whenever he's not looking, it always 'refills' itself up to the current date. Each day has personalized motivational statements, generally consisting of calling him awesome and a motherfucking wizard, but they can be specific, too.

To SUMMER POWERS - The Cabalette's Curlpin - This is one that is a long, long time coming. It is a simple black metal hairpin crafted out of pure darkstuff. Whenever it is placed within the hair of an individual, a whole goth setup is contextually placed over whatever the person is wearing at the time, 'overwriting' their wardrobe. Complete with gothy makeup, shoes, and an entire changing ensemble of clothes, this goths up anyone's wardrobe to perfection.

To PRORTH EDHUWI - The Neversay Notary - A simple, black card, about the size of a business card, with the consistency of a credit card, made out of a shiny black material. In glowing, flowing purple script is two phrases. "I'm Sorry" and "You Are Right". There is an attached note, which simply reads: "You'll never hear me say these, but here they are all the same. If anyone ever asks if I made this, I will deny it totally. But, sometimes, even you deserve one or both. Try not to abuse it. I'd hate for your ego to swell any more." On the note is, for some reason, a painstakingly drawn and then /erased/ spade symbol.

To VRUASA TELASH - A Handmade Advent Calendar. Yup. ((I am not typing out 25 gifts!))

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/29 Posted Author
Christmas CARDCAPTOR Cosplay Thu Dec 05 Sakura Kinomoto
This year, Sakura has received some help from her friend Tomoyo. The results are adorable.

- A ceramic mug with the Union Elite Forces logo on one side. On the other are the words "GENERALLY AWESOME". The colour scheme matches Hall's dress uniform perfectly.
- A Christmas card bearing a picture of Sakura, dressed in a UEF dress uniform - where'd she get that? - and saluting the camera, with one eye closed and her tongue poking out. The message inside reads: "You're pretty amazing, General. I hope I can be a little more like you some day."

- Goggles! Designed to look like the dark patches around a tanuki's eyes and cheeks, these protective goggles allow the user to see mana flow more clearly than usual. Text along the straps reads 'Badass Magic Engineer'.
- A Christmas card bearing a picture of Sakura dressed up as an Izzet guildmage, with a ridiculously oversized wrench slung over one shoulder, and a tanuki ear headband. The message reads "You're amazing. Keep improving and you'll be a better mage than Clow Reed one day."

To NANOHA TAKAMACHI (the younger)
- A cookbook. A bakery cookbook devoted to pastries and confectionary, designed for younger readers to get used to the idea of how baking works.
- A Christmas card, bearing an image of Sakura… cosplaying as Nanoha in her Barrier Jacket, essentially. Her Star Wand is even dressed up to look like Raising Heart. She's flashing a V sign to the camera. "I totally blanked on what to get you, sorry! Your parents are bakers, though, right? Maybe this'll come in handy."

To FATE TESTAROSSA (the younger)
- A build-a-bear sewing kit, good for making three small plushies or one large one. A note attached says "You should totally give the plushie to Nanoha once you're finished."
- A Christmas card, bearing an image of Sakura… cosplaying as Nanoha, again. It's a more action-oriented pose though! The message reads "There is no way I could pull off your look. I don't have the hair for it, and black totally doesn't suit me. Merry Christmas anyway!"

- A radio! Sleek, modern radio, with much better sound quality than the one she's been using so far. The colour scheme even matches Evangeline's own.
- A Christmas card ebaring an image of Sakura dressed up as a Strike Witch - Strike units on her feet and all. She looks like she's having a bit of trouble balancing, but managed to strike a heroic pose all the same. The message reads "Your first Christmas! I hope it was as amazing as you were hoping."

- A plushie version of the Dash card, dressed up in a removable Carbuncle outfit. When squeezed, it lets out an adorable 'kyuu!' sound. An attached note reads "The plushie goes on sale in January. The outfit was made especially for you. It's a limited edition!"
- A Christmas card bearing an image of Sakura dressed up in a yellow chocobo outfit. There's a speech bubble with "Kweh!" on the image and everything. The message reads "I don't think I know you that well. I'd like to change that!"

- A book on first aid geared towards drowning and other water-related accidents.
- A Christmas card bearing an image of Sakura, dressed up in a Brotherhood uniform, complete with hood and (fake) hidden blade. Sakura is facing away from the camera, hidden blade extended. The message reads "I make a cute assassin, don't you think?"

To SARIA (PLink's NPC)
- A packet of magically-modified flower seeds, designed to grow in any sort of terrain. There's also a booklet enclosed with tips on cross-breeding the hardiness into other sorts of plants.
- A Christmas card bearing an image of Sakura dressed up as a Kokiri. She even has fake pointed ears. She actually wouldn't look particularly out of place in Kokirit Forest. The message reads "I'd love to spend more time with you some day. Tell me how the flowers do in Hyrule!"

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/30 Posted Author
Christmas CARDCAPTOR Cosplay 2 Thu Dec 05 Sakura Kinomoto
- A red version of Link's usual outfit, with white trim. It's much warmer than the outfit Link usually wears - winter wear, one presumes.
- A Christmas card, bearing an image of Sakura dressed up as Link. She's even using her Sword and Shield cards (in their materialised forms) as props, posed as if giving the viewer a challenge. The message reads "Does Hyrule even celebrate Christmas? Merry Christmas anyway~"

To JENNY WAKEMAN (Tremorton Two)
- A Sakura Kinomoto plushie (with two extra magical girl outfits!), and a copy of the entire 'Cardcaptor Sakura' anime on DVD. "These aren't going to be released until January. So you get a sneak peek! Note: the events protrayed in the anime aren't strictly what actually happened."
- A Christmas card, bearing an image of Sakura dressed up as Jenny. It's actually surprisingly realistic! Sakura is in an action pose, one hand 'transformed' into a cannon. "It's been ages. I missed you! We need to hang out."

- A book entitled 'A Treatise on Magical Theory' by Clow Reed, edited for modern audiences by Yelan Li. This particular copy is a bilingual edition, with the text written in Mandarin Chinese and then repeated in Japanese.
- A Christmas card, bearing an image of Sakura dressed up as a magical scholar - Tomoyo has taken cues from Clow Reed and the Li family to create an outfit that wouldn't look out of place in the best magical universities in the land. If there were such a thing. It even includes a pair of tiny spectacles! The message reads "We should really get together and talk shop some time. I'm sure you have lots of interesting insights!"

Don't see your name there? Don't worry! Sakura hasn't even come close to finishing yet.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/31 Posted Author
SI Holiday Greetings Thu Dec 05 Tony Stark
As always, all employees/contractors/interns of Stark Industries receive the official company holiday card with tasteful non-denominational artwork, and an enclosed check equivalent to two weeks' pay.

All Union Elites receive another card. This year the cover is a picture of Iron Man pulling Santa's sleigh, while all eight reindeer pile into the vehicle with the big man to enjoy a well-deserved respite. The reindeer all have little martini glasses in their hoofs and appear to be toasting the superhero and enjoying themselves. The inscription inside wishes the recipient a joyous end-of-year celebration whatever it may be, and notes that, as on the previous year, Major Stark has taken his entire annual monetary compensation from the Union and made a donation to the Children of Annu fund, in everyone's name.

Any Union Elites who also contract or intern at SI receive both cards.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/32 Posted Author
Gifts from the earthbender Thu Dec 05 Toph Beifong

Tony Stark - A large crate with a note in Braille on it: "Do not open until xmas!"

Jarvis - A card written in Braille: 'I read a book you didn't tell me to read. Mery xmas."

Pepper Potts - A tea set with four cups made out green gemstone.

Buster - A bag of cat treats.

Frederica - A hoodie that has the colour and markings of a badgermole, complete with tiny ears and a long tail trailing from the back.

Rainbow Dash - A gem statue shaped like a pegasus pony.

Faruja - A scroll about earthbending, showing various stances.

Evangeline - A flute that's local to the Earth Kingdom.

Eleanor Lamb and her little sisters - Various dolls from the Earth Kingdom.

The rest of the Union all receive rocks of varying sizes and colours with goggly eyes bended into them.

Andrew Detmer - Two large super soakers.

Kilik, Fire and Thunder - A large bag of rock candy.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/33 Posted Author
More from the Windmage Thu Dec 05 Zephyr Windstar
Because of the number of people she's met, and formed even tentative friendships with, these lists will likely pop up occasionally when I'm reminded of things.

Auron receives a beautifully embroidered eyepatch. It has a Marchian kanji on it, which translates loosely to 'Eagle'. Accompanying this is a card: "Shine on, you crazy diamond. I'll be around if you need backup. Anytime."

Rainbow Dash, despite being only a passing acquaintance, much like Faruja, receives a beautifully made flight scarf. It's a plain cyan, until the end tassles, which emulate the rainbow pattern of the pegasus' mane, and also has the pony's initials embroidered in a pretty script. The accompanying card reads: "Keep on flyin' high."

Ash receives a set of fingerless gloves with reinforced along the knuckles with metal plates. The gloves are red, and the plates a polished silver. There's also a little sweater sized for Pikachu, and a bag or two of Poketreats for the others. The card accompanying it reads: "Thanks for being there for me. It meant a lot."

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/34 Posted Author
Stuff form the Stuffgetter Thu Dec 05 Fayt Ravus
Fayt made stuff again, gods help us all.

Everyone in the union Fayt knows receives a small refrigrator magnet, it works exactly like a magnet, except it'll happily stick to stone, wood or plastic just as well as metal. Unfortunatly some the magnets look a little odd, wrong colors or slight physical deformities, but they all work.

Makoto Kino: A very nice looking Green Scarf, it's been enchanted to better help keep her warm when she wares it.

Frederica: A suprisingly realistic looking fox ear headband, if she wears it, she'll find the ears actually move around and react to her mood in a fairly realistic fashion.

Metta: A shinki-sized version of the infamous 4D rubik's cube he made once (it looks like this:, along with a set of various jelly cans.

Kirito, Asuna and Tomoe: a reminder that he still owes them all an enchanted item from last year, and a figure of their ALO avatar. They don't sit on their base, but instead seem to float right above it, odd.

Youka, Sephyr, and Evangeline(X-11): Each of them gets a small bird figurine, in colors that match their clothing, touching the figurine causes it's wings to flap and the figurine to slowly orbit them untill it's picked up again.

finally, some of Fayt's employees have decided to spend some free time caroling, Fayt's emplyoees being… Fayt's employees, Their choice of songs likely leans towards the not very serious.

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/35 Posted Author
Tales of First Gift Sat Dec 07 Lloyd Irving

Arriving to Heaven or Hell via carrier dragon are three boxes marked for Psyber. The first holds a gunsword. The hilt is White Silver and swept oddly, a mix between a machete hilt and a revolver grip. The trigger assembly is polished normal Silver, while the blade itself extends outward, three feet of Topaz and White Silver. Its single edge glows with a brilliant Light, as does the revolving cylinder. Shaped like a half-moon, the blade is weighted on the opposite edge of the blade, which also holds sights. The second box holds another gunsword, this one with Black Silver in place of White, and Garnet in place of Topaz. The edge seems to ripple like Fire.

The third holds two cases of ammunition. One case is labeled Mana. The other is labeled Spells.

A note is included. "These are the first tested and working editions of the Irving Gunsword. The balance is still awkward on them to me, but I'm already forging another pair for myself. Since your gift and your blueprints led to these, I figure you should own the first two I've ever managed to get working. What you do with them is your choice. They are known as Angel's Wrath together, but separately are named Luna's Flash and Efreet's Fury. I hope you enjoy them. Lloyd."

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/36 Posted Author
Vampire Hunter Christmas Sat Dec 07 D

Beli Klum and her wife, Cecily, are sent a beautiful and highly traditional Gothic-style Crucifix to be hung in her home. Its religious meaning may not hold much meaning in D's world anymore, but its power as a holy ward against darkness remains significant.

Setsuko Kaminagi is sent an antiquated pendant featuring a trefoil knot design. There is inexplicable technology or magic incorporated into its make which causes it to shine whenever evil spirits are close. Similar pendants are carried often by Frontier travelers.

The Heaven or Hell library is gifted two books detailing the more commonly known threats native to the Frontier. The chapter on Nobles is unfortunately very small, but the books are otherwise very informative and practical.

No one else gets anything.


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/37 Posted Author
Satan Claus has come! Sat Dec 07 Mister Satan

Every active Elite in the Union receives a signed photograph of Mister Satan posing heroically, Njorun Station in the background. Some photos come with a personalized message, but most signatures come with a canned or cliched message encouraging the recipient to 'keep justice in your heart this holiday season.'

Union Command receives VIP invitations to the annual Satan Enterprises Christmas Charity Ball, a very fancy event which attracts celebrity stars from all over Earth-4555. Proceeds from the event go toward the care of war refugees who've made Earth-4555 their new home.

Yuri Stinson is sent several books! 'Daily Living with Mister Satan,' 'Meditations with Mister Satan,' 'Better Business with Mister Satan,' and 'Keep Your Marriage Strong with Mister Satan' all feature completely unasked-for advice for life's daily troubles. (Some of it's good reading, but it /is/ worth noting that Mister Satan is currently single and has not been married for some time…)

Mister Satan also makes donations to various Union-driven charities, including a generous donation made to whatever Union-sanctioned group operates free health clinics throughout the Multiverse.


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/38 Posted Author
Addendum Sat Dec 07 Mister Satan

Cell receives a Christmas card with the promise that he and Mister Satan will totally have their fight /very/ soon, /honest/.


============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/39 Posted Author
A few more from the Windmage Sun Dec 08 Zephyr Windstar
Last group, probably.

Dr. Wily receives a full set of miniature figures of his Robot Masters, and a card. "While we've had our differences. I respect your abilities as a Roboticist."

Union High command all receive a personalized card, all of them have the same message inside, though: "Thank you all for being the best commanders we could ask for."

The Strike Witches all receive personalized pendants, they have something common to the recipient, and all have a unique pattern in the metal. "These are made from a special alloy from my homeworld. It's practically useless in anything but ornamentation, but it looks pretty and never tarnishes."

(I'll probably have more, my brain lately has been a giant bucket of goop.)

============================== Christmas - 2013 ==============================
Message: 42/40 Posted Author
Demon Wind Gifts Sun Dec 08 Onikaze Kenshin
Kenshin has few people that he would give gifts to. But there are a few and their gifts are particularly meaningful:

Homura Akemi receives a hand-made katana. Carved from stone by cutting winds, the ornate katana has a blade made of wind-sheared obsidian set into a simple wooden handle and wrapped with cloth. Its blade is razor-sharp, and it comes in a saya of leather and wood, bound in hand-shaped gold. It comes attached with a note that reads simply 'Be like the elements, and greatness may be crafted in unusual places. Never forget your element.'

Kaminagi Setsuko receives a charm bracelet. Each bead was handshaped by cutting and warping winds into smooth spheres and each one is a uniquely cut and shaped gemstone. Each charm is a shaped and forged piece of a weapon from a battlefield, likely gathered from many places across the Multiverse. She can feel these battles when she wears it. The note that comes with it says 'The greatest war we wage is with ourself'.

And finally Mari Hime receives a kimono in the style of Kenshin's old world. Grafted and weaved from threads and fibers of Earth-776, it is a blend of old tradition and the new ways. The cloak shimmers and changes color when it senses her moods, reaction to her emotions and to the occasion she wears it to. Black when she is brooding, red when she is angry, blue when she is sad and so on. The only consistent pattern is that a pink set of sakura petals being blown by a breeze are patterned into the fabric as a set of pink and green weaves.

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Hateful Gifts Sun Dec 08 Mordred
SABER (ARTURIA): A model of Camelot, reproduced to the finest detail that Mordred could remember. It is also on fire. The fire isn't hot, and does not consume the model or catch on to other things, but it cannot be put out.

HIMEI+JACK: Vague death threats and a shitty red sweater vest.

KOTANA: Miniature replica of Clarent, complete with a spiked hilt that can open up to make the sword glow evil and red. Obviously a masterpiece.

ELLIANA: A dragon corpse. Mostly intact save for efficient throat wounds.

GILGAMESH: Extremely fine wine, romantic candles and two tickets for a luxury private cruise, signed Arturia (with the official Camelot seal and all).

PSYBER: Vague death threats.

KIRITO: Vague death threats and a shitty black sweater.

HORUS: A whole bunch of magical monster parts (dragon scales, etc) hunted by Mordred for the purposes of weapon and armor crafting.

No one else gets anything. You all suck.

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Are you ready to see the best gifts anyone has ever received? Because they're coming at you! And by you I mean 'assorted people that may or may not be you'.

FIRST: JACK. You know what Jack gets? Gelato. And not just like… 'some gelato'. And not 'a lot of gelato'. Gilgamesh went and paid exorbinant amounts of money to buy her a card that is somehow valid for lifetime gelato at any establishment that serves gelato. Period. It works that way. No one knows why!

SECOND: NERO. Nero gets a pony. And by pony? I MEAN PROTOTYPE ANCIENT BABYLONIAN MOTORCYCLE. It's made of gold. It goes very fast. Is it street legal? FUCK NO. Thing has horrible crash-test ratings. But it looks sweet.

THIRD: SHIZUNE NAKAMURA. Shizune gets… parades. Nonstop. Literally, Gilgamesh has paid a marching band to follow her around all throughout December and play a badass themesong everywhere she goes. He has rented streets, cars, and even parts of her school and filled it with gifts of varying values. It also has people he gave money to to constantly shower her with these gifts in the most embarassing manners.

FINALLY: MORDRED AND SABER. Mordred and Saber both get two presents. One is secret and the other is fairly obvious. The obvious present is a signed picture of Gilgamesh! He's posing atop a gold throne, shirtless, and looks totally ripped and sweet. But the secret present they both get are a pair of heartfelt letters to one another, apologizing for the past and stating desires to reconcile and make ammends. Both letters even offer to move in together and be a real family. Each letter is "signed" by the opposite. The addresses on their letters would lead them to that house Gilgamesh bought when he joined the Union. Is this some three's company shit? YOU BET IT IS.

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Additional Gift: Caster Sun Dec 08 Mordred
Caster gets a voodoo doll of herself. It is full of swords and needles. Sadly it does not work. She also receives one that's burnt, one that's crushed, one that's torn apart limb by limb, and one that's more like a puddle of liquid fabrics. Evidently, none have worked.

They come with a note saying: "This shit is garbage, so I'm just going to send you this knife. Please stab yourself with it."

There is also a knife in the packaging. It is vaguely fancy and actually a decent gift design-wise if it weren't intended for a ritual suicide.

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Caster Gifts! Sun Dec 08 Caster
Caster's time to give presents to people, though not many since she prefers to be in the background…

Lance Benson gets a gift card to a local all you can eat buffet and a note attached: "I'm doing this so you are well fed for when I need you. Do partake to your hearts content."

Shizune Nakamura gets a set of robes and a note attached to those: "Though we could not meet in the Tournament, I wish to say you still have my greatest respect. I do hope you have a good year ahead and may we meet once more."

Confederate Command from rank 3 and up get various vials filled with black liquid and once more, a note. "If you need an earthen golem, smash this on the ground and one will follow you for your work. It's not combat capable but it should prove useful to move things."

Mordred gets a very tiny drumset, shinki sized. "For your Shinki. Love you too."

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Imperial Presents, but not really. Sun Dec 08 Nero
Because no one knows Nero's name yet, they're addressed as being from Red Saber. Otherwise, they are pretty gaudy, wrapped in red silk and gold leaf. But not everyone gets one, because not everyone is /worthy/. >:|

Nanoha Takamachi recieves a box of probably the best chocolate she's ever had. The labels are all in French, but it's clear they're from Belgium. She also gets a bottle of cherry-flavored brandy, and a crystal goblet.

The Union's other Saber recieves a 1/38th scale version of Gilgamesh's present.

Gilgamesh recieves the marble statue she made of him, that one time he exploded all his clothes off. It's delivered to Shizune's residence, but is also nine feet tall.

Mordred recieves an invitation to a duel.

Enjoy your heathen Christian holiday.

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A very angry Chirstmas Sun Dec 08 Allan Bodily
Christmas cards have been popping up all around the Multiverse, all of them curiously enough, baring the image of a scarred fist holding up a broken candy cane.

all of them whish everyone a happy holidays and depending on who you are and where you got them from? There's also either an advertisement for the Red Union… or VERY thinly veiled death threats. Considering who's sending them out? Telling the two apart can be worryingly difficult at times.

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Shinki Sized Christmas Sun Dec 08 Fuki
Fuki's presents are small since she's a Shinki but that doesn't mean she can't give them!

All Abstractum users and their Abstractums get a untrapped, uncursed, pristine looking ribbon bow. It's red, has no taint or any markings and any magic or tech scans show it's actually a genuine ribbon bow and a note: "The holidays means a truce like last year. May this spruce up the looks of your Abstractum and do take care of them, I do not wish harm upon them unless it's mine. ~Fuki" The last part being on Union only notes.

Vervi, Lisbeth and Metta get a gift card and a note: "This gift card is good for use at the Techno Urbania Shinki Shop. Get yourselves some jelly cans on my behalf. Should be good enough for a good ten cases. Give my regards to your owners and to the Tsugaru that visits. ~Fuki."

Metta herself receives something else… a shinki sized shuriken. "Something to defend yourself with, you useless Shinki. Still, happy holidays and I hope Tsugaru visits.. ~Fuki"

Saiga, Kotona and Kiki get two sets of gift cards , of a quite large amount. "This gift card is good for use at the Techno Urbania Shinki Shop. Get some upgrades on my behalf. I do hope to work with you again soon, everyone. The second gift card is for your Master to get some nice things at the local clothing store."

Nathan Hall gets a shinki sized shuriken and a note: "You're next…"

Confederate allies get a gift card to a local burger joint and ranked members get one to a local winery.

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Shinki Additions! Sun Dec 08 Fuki
Selena also gets what Saiga, Kotona and Kiki gets along with a scarf for Jinxel. "Because I like you. Keep her safe ok? ~Fuki"

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Too Much Christmas (1/3) Sun Dec 08 Serori

Field Marshal Dracula is given several presents, although not all are for him. A new spearhead is sent for Slogra, enchanted for deadly sharpness. Lord Olrox is sent a gift card to Bath and Body Works worth twenty-five American dollars (and a pot roast). Some other 'treats' are boxed along with Dracula's gifts to be distributed as he sees fit — things like shiny gems of varying quality, old coins, mediocre armaments, items of clothing, and useless toys. She's basically providing a partial resupply of the items Dracula's underlings have no doubt lost to greedy adventurers. As for Dracula himself? Serori sees to the construction of a small rose garden in one of Castlevania's lesser-visited outdoor corners. Other gifts are given privately.

Cell is sent new training wrist- and ankle-bands weighted to a ludicrous degree. He's also set up with a personalized gravity-based training challenge in the Ring of Trials — a challenge she designed herself! He is given a bounty of cured meats, sausages, and smoked cheeses, as well as high-nutrition crackers meant to pour on the vitamins and calories. Also enclosed are more indulgent treats, like chocolates shaped to resemble Mister Satan and Mister Satan's World Championship belt. Cell lastly receives a device which, when attached to a sand bag or other weight training device, can measure his strength in a quantifiable value outside 'power level.'

Lute receives his own box of shiny gems, old coins, mediocre armaments, clothing, and useless toys.

Lance Benson is given a writing implement crafted carefully from one of the bony spines Kabu occasionally sheds. Thin wire holds one of the demon-dog-thing's feathers to the stylus as decoration. It can write on any surface, and does not seem to ever run out of 'ink.'

Son Gohan is sent his own private training challenge for the Field of Trials as well as the weighted items similarly gifted to Cell. A scarlet cape and golden spaulders, attachable to any standard PTO- or Saiyan-designed chestplate, are also sent with new programming for a high-durability red-lensed Scouter. He's also given a map of a few target worlds out in the Void in need of claiming, as well as the plans for a specialized facility to someday be constructed on a particular planet he's already selected for a particular purpose. She also sends him a book she thinks he'll like and new frames for his glasses, and an elegant embroidered shawl to be sent to his mother.

Laer receives a detailed and delicate gold broach shaped to look like two acorns framed against two oak leaves. It inexplicably turns into a boat when thrown on the ground. The boat lasts for about ten hours before it turns back into an unharmed broach. No amount of cursing or confusion alters its enchantment, but yelling at the boat causes it to turn back into a broach prematurely.

Lady Tshallandria receives a pair of ruby teardrop earrings, a staple fashion item for lady villains everywhere.

Kilik receives five tickets to a 'winter wonderland'-style theme park featuring skiing, sled riding, snow tubing, and a battlefield dedicated to snowball fights. There's a nice lodge where he can go to warm up! The Twins — Fire and Thunder, Kilik's weapons — are given matching knitted hats, gloves, scarves, and little matching boots. Who he takes along on his trip is up to him, but Serori makes some recommendations about Ragna and Medusa in her card, both of whom 'could use some unwinding.'


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Too Much Christmas (2/3) Sun Dec 08 Serori

To that end, Medusa Gorgon is treated to a spa package. Everything from massages to manicures is covered. 'Being a nurse is hard,' Serori notes, 'especially for a group like this.' The gift was presumably prepared prior to Medusa's cat escaping its bag.

Cirno is given two front and center tickets to the Dine With Shamu entertainment event at Sea World. Because.

Crimson Sea and her crew are sent several barrels of good dark rum and the bootstrap molasses necessary for making more rum to their liking. Some gifts are easy!

Neo Roanoke and his crew are similarly treated to quite the well-equipped party.

Ragna is given a pair of training gloves made from pale scales he'll recognize as belonging to a creature he helped her hunt. The gloves are weighted and designed to support his wrist and knuckles while also permitting full range of motion and excellent grip. Electrical charges can be dispersed by the gloves once a grounded stance is mastered. Her card to him is surprisingly not too rude.

Fuki is given various super-itty-bitty accessories and items used for styling and prettifying Shinki hair.

Nine receives a bottle of very cheap Scotch and another of very old Scotch; one to drink, and one to savor. He also gets the promise to share both with him. In addition, he's sent a wickedly-edged combat knife practically begging to get used in a lethal fashion. 'It's been a year, after all,' her card explains. He's also sent a loaded gift card for lots of pizza, several bad movies, a pair of cozy pajamas somehow tailored to him, and cleaning supplies for his apartment.

Rose Petal is sent girly clothing for herself and her 'daughter,' Pale Eidolon.

Genghis Rex is sent armored bracers which should stretch and retain their shape and function throughout his transformations. Two other pairs are sent along in case he has subordinates he wants to equip, too. The bracers are remarkably good at deflecting or absorbing energy.

Psalm and Isa both receive similar bottles of high-quality spirits wrapped in pretty holiday ribbons. Not that Serori expects the ribbons will last long…

Prince Goro is gifted with training weights for himself and his lady, Sheeva. He is also sent a device for measuring his strength and speed to a precise degree; the device tracks his improvements over time, too. Lastly, he is sent a set of four swords, their tasseled pommels bearing the Confederacy's stylized insignia. These are functional items (and have seen battle, by the looks of them), but are intended to serve as decoration.

Sam is given a small robot dog. It is not nearly as smart as Bladewolf is, but it manages to 'sit' and 'stay' just fine. Serori's card implores him to get Bladewolf back in the ranks as soon as possible.

All other active Elites in the Confederacy are given personalized cards containing Serori's gratitude for excellent service and loyalty. She renews her pledge to serve as an adequate leader and role model (once the Christmas truce is lifted, anyway). Enclosed with the card is a box of mixed chocolates and a bonus issued from her own wallet. The bonus is greater for those of higher rank or longer service. This is in addition to any standard yearly bonus.

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