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Wily Gifts Fri Dec 21 Metal Man

Kirito - Kirito gift is simple it's several polished throwing blades looking like small saw blades they are surprisingly easy to to throw and easy to handle.

X - X gets a package from Metal man it's a holo book with listing, images and bios on hundreds upon hundreds of Robot Masters all victims of the Limited Life Span law. Following that are a number of Reploids who were declared maverick but later proven innocent of being as such. There's a message attacked.

To the successor of Rock Light. I am perhaps the first wilful maverick in most versions of out world I tell you now why I do what I do why I have followed the Doctor.
I will not see our kind be slaves. I dream of a world where none of our kind will be thrown out like we were not people. Remember these people well X, learn from these mistakes
See there are no more of them. At the very least do not let them be forgotten. - Metal Man Wily unit DRW.009

Sword Man - A blade some some world or another it's made of mithril and seems to have been used somewhat but is in fine condition all things considered it comes with a simple scabbard.

Dr. Albert Wily - Wily gets a letter written by Metal Man. Check @mail

Alia - A collection of files on drone command and deployment tactics many of entries are credited to a number of other members of the Wily Amy, notable tactics by Quick Man, Turbo Man, Metal Man, Crash Man and Shadow Man. It also contains the specs for the basic Wily Army Sniper Joes and Metools. It's also got a note. Given in your era mechanloid use has changed and much of what we learned was lost. This might prove useful in your fight against the Federation. Additionally a metool helmet alloy mug.

Return X - A collection of Heavy Metal Music from his era several are by various Robot Masters who worked in the civilian Sector during Metal Man's era.

All other confed Elites active get a six pack of Wily Beer.

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Last-Minute Cyborg Panic Gift Fri Dec 21 Aelin Taurus

Having successfully procrastinated long enough to finally feel horribly guilty, Aelin has gone and bought her part-time secretary, Veiled Lily, a gift. It is a good-sized collection of murder-mystery novels from around the Multiverse.

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Replacement Gifts Fri Dec 21 Lupita Auryon

Well, as ordered by Aethra Hagano (you all have her to thank), Lupita has been taking time off from helping with the Gristmas Quests in LOSAF to take around replacement gifts to those whom have previously received dead yaks from her. They are as follows:

Mortimer & Loki - A GIANT FRICKING TREE is suddenly found in front of their little hut in Equestria; it's a large, near cretacious-age conifer, and it has been rolled and rapped in RED and WHITE and GREEN lights that flast in alternating patterns, and has been decorated in ornaments made of parts of FAYGO cans. A large box of carrots has also been left beneath the boughs of the tree, and as well, a case of Red Pop addressed to Loki is left as well.

Arthur Lowell - A not so giant tree, this one of the plastic kind, set up in his kitchen, decorated in candy canes, edible popcorn strings, and flashing lights. Beneath it are several cans of TAB wrapped in festive paper, and as well two cartons of eggnog.

Also anyone going to Arthur's house with whom Lupita has interacted will find a present labled to them under the same tree.

Laer - Several books of human sheet music that have had strange songs written in. The melodies are all alien in sound, and could be mistaken for something from a video game.(OOC:

Vinyl Scratch - The same as Laer, except the songs are quite different! (OOC:

Rainbow Dash - A pair of flight goggles and a flight helmet, as well a note that 'dude your miracle rainbows are motherfucking awesome. you must tell me more. - PA'

Vruasa Telash - Something that looks suspiciously like grubloaf; it's actually a replicator's attempt at making the Alternian delicacy, so it's probably pretty shitty, but it's at least better than Alchemized food. A note, too: 'Thought maybe youd like some actual food to eat man. - PA'

Crowraven Wolfmoon - A pair of fake troll horns on a headband, some grey skin makeup, some fake fangs, and a black wig. 'thought you could use this to like try to fit in with DL RS and PP. if anything you could use it to piss them off lol. - PA'

Loros - Some VERY choice slabs of wagyu beef steaks; rib-eye, loin, sirloin, and mignon-cut. 'thank you for the LIVER it was DELICIOUS. i killed a cow and this was some of the choice cuts! - PA'

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A Guardian's Gifts (1/2) Fri Dec 21 Auron

Each gift has a note with it. All the notes are written in Spiran, so translation may be required.

Altair: A supply of metal polish and whetstones to maintain his blades. The note reads, "I could wish that your blades stay sharp, but unless I make an effort to ensure they do, it means little. Now I can say, 'may your blades never dull'." There's also, inexplicably, a note to come to a restaurant at a specified time, with a desire for a chat. When he got there, he'd find that he has a meal paid for. A meal for two. And he has company….

Alya: A supply of salves of the kind she mentioned (she knows which ones). And also a good deal of other first-aid supplies, enough to make a good-sides First Aid Kit from. The note reads, "With what we do, injuries must be expected. Thank you for helping me." Alya also receives the same note that Altair did, inviting her to the restaurant at the same time, for a chat. …Meddling old man. At least the meal's paid for.

Anya: A Spiran Claw ( It possesses a single ability — Sensor. Hopefully it will allow her to see an enemy's weaknesses (OOC consent required to use; upgrade app may be required). The note with it reads, "Stealth and efficiency go hand in hand. Or in this case, 'hand in claw'. Strike at weak points and your opponent falls quicker."

Arthur Lowell: A broom. Spiran-made, but it's otherwise just a broom. Also a variety of items used in Al Bhed Customization. The note in the package reads, "I have heard that you use alchemy. The items included with the broom are used by the Al Bhed to make weapons and armor more effective. I hope they can be of use."

Ash: An assortment of Pokemon health items. There's even a Rare Candy or two. The note with it reads, "I took the liberty of visiting your world, and a pink-haired woman named 'Joy' told me these would be useful to all of you."

Asuna: A foam rubber sword made to look like one of Tidus's swords ( Down both sides of the blade, in Spiran, is written, "In Case of Stupid Husband". Also a small pendant in the shape of the white side of a Yin-Yang symbol, and a note — "Kirito has the other half."

Yui: A doll that's almost her size. Yui can style its hair, and it has a variety of accessories that appear to put makeup on the doll's face on when dipped in different temperature water and swabbed on the face. The note reads, "I've been told girls your age like these. I hope I have been told right."

Dan: The whole group gets something! Kildea gets a staff. But it's weighted at both ends! Gidd gets a pair of weighted greaves. Nina gets a short mantle that's weighted at the bottom. And Dan gets pair of weighted gauntlets. The note reads, "Magician or warrior, strength and endurance is important."

Fayt Ravus: A Spiran bracer ( When wearing it, Fayt might notice that he seems to be physically tougher, and seems to take less damage from magic (the bracer is a Tetra Bracer with the abilities Defense +10% and Magic Defense +10%; upgrade app may be required). Also… a book of riddles. The note reads, "The answers to the questions in this book are not wrong. Just another way of looking at the question."

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A Guardian's Gifts (2/2) Fri Dec 21 Auron

Iianor: A set of books that claim to be a compilation of someone's had-written notes. The books detail how various aspects of Spira work — magic, the Farplane, Summoners, Fayth, Aeons, etc. They're all quite long-winded and tangental, while somehow still managing to stay on the subject and convey their information. Each topic's book ends with the phrase 'And that, as they say, is that'. Auron's note reads, "There are a great many things in Spira that may be strange to those not from it. I hope this will explain a few."

Kirito: A foam rubber helm. It has "In Case Of Angry Sister/Wife" writting on it, in Spiran. There's a note with it — "You'll need this. Your sister and your wife may seek you out with their gifts." Also a small pendant in the shape of the black side of a Yin-Yang symbol, and a note — "Asuna has the other half."

Leafa: A foam rubber sword in the shape of Tidus's sword "Brotherhood" ( Down both sides of the blade, in Spiran, is written, "In Case of Stupid Brother". Auron's note reads, "Now you can hit your brother all you like."

Nasrin: An assortment of Spiran teas whose effects range from energizing, to calming, and everything in between. Also a plushie. A plushie with a white outfit and hood much like Altair's. There's a note with the plushie — "This one was Altair's idea."

Nathan Hall: A set of books that consist of a compilation of someone's hand-written notes, telling Spira's history. The /real/ history. Their long-winded, tangental nature indicates that they're much like Iianor's gift — they also were written by someone who, while being very well-spoken, was probably at least a little bit senile. The last book in the series ends with the phrase, 'And that, as they say, is that.' They are, of course, written in Spiran. Auron's note reads, "My world speaks for itself. Though I hope these will be an interesting read."

Psalm: A wooden music box. Inside is a tiny figurine of a woman in robes that resemble a Spiran Summoner's robe, with her arms outstretched, dancing. She also bears a passing resemblance to Psalm. When the box is opened, the figurine spins slowly, and the music box's movement plays the Hymn of the Fayth. The figurine is attached inside the box with a spring that lets it fold down when the box is closed. The note reads, "Your music has supported us all in Aincrad. In return, I give you music from my world."

Tomoe: A real Spiran sword ( The note reads, "'Helplessness' can always be fixed. When you clear the game, come find me."

Ysabel Thibault: Two memory spheres, with instructions on how to use them. These are the kind that record images from a person's memory, not the ones that work like a camera. Also included is a sphere-viewer so that Ysabel can play back these memories whenever she wishes. The note reads, "If the hunts I have been on are any indication, you must have been on at least one that deserves to be recorded for all time."

(OOC: If I missed anybody, I'm sorry! @mail or page and I'll try to fix that. /_n)

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Undefeated Gifts! Sat Dec 22 Undefeated Crow

Crow gets most people similar things, but they are well-made, intricate clockworks! Usually able to be held in one hand.

Krista: A box of christmas chocolates, and TWO clockwork curiosities. One is a small panther that when wound, runs about two feet and pounces an imaginary prey. The other is far more delicate, a clockwork bird of prey that has a small enchantment on it. When wound and given a fragment of Essence, it will actually fly to the nearest perch.

El'Shokah: A little mini-clockwork power armor that walks around and makes 'pew pew' noises. Also a card saying 'Sorry I called you blue space babe'

Churning Gears: All the parts for a clockwork spider and some nonsensical diagrams for assembly.

Blossom Rose: A bright cobalt clockwork cat, which sits and looks regal.

Kaminagi Setsuko: A clockwork wolf figurine that really growls and stalks.

Horizon Soul Sage: A clockwork Man in Black, which walks around and randomly makes noises that, when slowed down, turn out to be things like, 'That's on a need to know basis.' and 'That's classified.'

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SkidGifts Sat Dec 22 Skidplate

To Morg: Several pounds of candied bacon.

To Tony Stark: The Trashtalker's Thesaurus, latest edition, now with more words to cleverly describe your opponent's mother! It has a variety of colorful Lunar terms included in the back of the book

Bruce Banner: A fine selection of non-chocolate sweets, and a datadisc full of relaxing melodies from Lunar Prime.

To Natasha Romanov: A nesting dolls set. Each doll is an Avenger. Someone's been doing their homework. It goes something like Hulk>Thor>Iron Man>Captain America>Hawkeye>Black Widow>Nick Fury, and as a joke, Skidplate herself is the smallest doll.

The Eighth Doctor: A long letter, called 'The Truth'. It ends with 'I understannd if you're upset with me, I am not proud of what I have done, but I cannot regret it. With love, and hope — Skid.'

Sarah would recieve a selection of hand-candied fruits, delicately sugared and fresh from someone's garden.

Winry would recieve a pair of stockings. Both stockings are filled wrench polish, Working Hands hand creame, and a large container of fruity smelling bubblebath.

Those who went to Annu are given hats and mittens in proper colors. The hats are all plain watch-cap styles, hand knit. Sarah's are the funny 'hobo mitten' kind where the mitten pulls back into fingerless gloves.

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Were Gifting (1) Sat Dec 22 Laine

Surprisingly Laine has sent out her own gifts, and done a fair bit of work on them. She probably had help addressing them, but the gifts themselves are high quality Talens. These are /single-use/ magical items. As they are consumable, they probably do not need an upgrade app except where noted.

Psyber: Five Booming Stones. When held up to the throat and activated, these grant the user's voice an echoing, penetrating power that commands obedience and attention(with the former consent-only, obviously) for a few words, mimicking the use of his Voice or a Solar's powers.

Homura Akemi: Five Gnosis Flares. These are small sticks which, a few seconds after being activated, begin releasing a stream of mystical energy with no purpose other than to attract the attention of the magically sensitive. The flare continues for ten to fifteen minutes.

Himei: Three necklaces, each with anywhere from three to five wolf teeth on them. When worn and activated, the teeth on a necklace will start to yellow and grow blunt. Each tooth provides one hour of the effect, which renders any attack that Himei desires, no matter its normal lethality, into a stunning attack. This only applies to attacks Himei uses, not attacks she suffers, obviously.

Ellestaria: Four Gnosis Sticks. When broken, they provide a surge of mystical energy into the user, which presumably Ellestaria can convert to power, either magical or electrical.

Amalthea: Three large feathers. When one is worn in an article of clothing, it provides a weak mystical illusion that grants Amalthea the ability to look like a flesh and blood being. The illusion lasts for roughly four hours, after which the feather disintegrates.

Ariel: Ariel does not get Talens, but instead is granted an owl feather in amber, upon a leather necklace. When worn and provided a small but steady trickle of magical power, this Fetish allows Ariel to perceive and sometimes communicate with the spiritual manifestation of an item, if it has one. (This should work in any WoD world, and likely most Exalted worlds to talk to Least Gods and Elementals, along with any others that scene runners agree with. This item will require an upgrade app.)

Nathan Hall: Nathan's gift comes with an explicit note, which when Laine's jumbled words are worked through seems to be telling him not to tell anyone she gave him this. It is a lexicon of Garou Glyphs and their meaning. A more 'public' gift is given in the form of a scroll detailing the common hieroglyphs in use during the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt.

Priscilla: Three Emotion Stones. These require someone else to use properly, as they can record the sensations of a certain emotion donated by another being, and allow Priscilla to experience the recorded emotion for up to an hour.

Lloyd Irving: Two knotted leather cords. When wrapped around the hilt of a weapon like a sword, they allow Lloyd to strike at spirits and, with consent, can also drain magic from the foe struck to replenish his own fatigue. Each cord has six knots, one of which unravels with each successful strike.

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Were Gifting (2) Sat Dec 22 Laine

Heinkel Wolfe: Three leather bracelets with small beats on them. The beads crumble to dust once every ten minutes, so each bracelet will work for roughly two to three hours. They muffle Heinkel's nature somewhat to allow her to appear as a normal human or wolf to most magical senses, provided she doesn't do anything unnatural to break the illusion.

Kaminagi Setsuko: Two small hand-sized dolls. After spending some concentration attuning them, Setsuko may give them to any person she wishes. If that person is in danger and within roughly three hundred meters, Setsuko may remotely activate the doll and instantly interpose herself between the holder of the doll and a single attack.

Kimiko Shinobu: Three purification stones. While these are useless by themselves, when paired with someone who can help to cleanse Soul Gems, the one stone can be used to take in the corruption, taking the place of one of the two beings required for cleansing Soul Gems.

Aaron Smith: Four small pebbles. Using one and placing it upon someone(or in that person's clothing) will allow Aaron to sense their approximate distance and direction for the next 72 hours. Unlike conventional tracking, this will also tell him if they are in the Umbra and their approximate equivalent real-world location, if they are in the Penumbra.

Tony Stark: Tony doesn't get Talens, since he's entirely nonmagical in every way and couldn't use them. Instead, he gets an exotic, unknown material(created via Laine coaxing several spirits into helping her) which appears to be a high-temperature operating superconductor. There isn't much of it, but enough to be integrated into his suit if he wishes for some minor enhancements.

Mortimer Balman: A collection of not quite pure coal, with the impurities that it does have lending it some exotic and sweet flavors.

Blossom Rose: Five throwing daggers of bone, which erupt into a Gnostic burst when thrown and activated. As usual, one-use each, but they are the equivalent of a Holy attack.

Sakura Haruno: Six strips of leather with glyphs upon them. When used to bind a wound, activating them with a small amount of chakra will automatically stop any excessive bleeding and help the clotting process, inducing regeneration for that single wound equivalent to a Garou's. There is a warning that they will not work on burns.

Huang Dao: Two scrolls, one listing the Litany of the Garou. The other, marked with several warning glyphs, lists the Dark Litany of the Wyrm. This gift comes with a small note, which is actually readable: 'I thought you would be able to understand what I am and why I fight.'

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<Insert Giftgiving Pun Here> Sat Dec 22 Tesla Armadia

Nine - The yearly replacement robe and slippers. Except this time they've been made with a nanowoven fiber that will repair itself over time. So he doesn't get them destroyed so quickly this time around (hopefully).

Mortimer - Recipies for extremely flammable alcoholic drinks, because she doesn't know who else would be able to drink such things. Downside is they're all written as chemistry formulaes instead, being, you know, a mad scientist and all. And a card wishing him to enjoy his 'retirement'.

Richard Stadler - From one contingency planner to another, a book on dealing with Robot Rebellions, WestWorld scenerios and AI Is A Crapshoot in general. Because he already has zombies covered.

Vanessa Renard - A digital book on -causing- all said previous conditions. Got to keep my assistant busy after all.

Katherine Quinn - A gear belt with built-in autoloader, with instructions for setting for different calibre guns and magazine sizes. Its better suited for one-handed guns than rifles or such. Never say I didn't come through on a promise for getting someone better hardware though.

Shockwave - Digital versions of the books she gave Stadler and Vanessa. If he even has a sense of humor in there somewhere he'll get a laugh out of how illogical and absurd some scenerios are.

The Gofer Sisters - A futuristic twist on 'ship in a bottle', as the ships assembled within are models of their Hugin and Munin riding cores.

Comrade Crush - Though its not labeled as a christmas present per say, because CAPITALIST PIG HOLIDAY and all. But it's a pair of large gloves with the palms and fingertips specially treated through SCIENCE! for extra tactic grip when throwing bears or other large armed animals at the enemies of Mother Russia.

Bain - A concealable gun that's actually a very high powered taser. While he may not trek to the fronlines himself, a man of his position should always be ready to ensure he lives to profit another day… or the comfort of shock therapy on an underling that doesn't live up to muster.

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An Incredibly Shitty Christmas Sat Dec 22 Vruasa Telash


It has absolutely no value whatsoever (and indeed, it is hard to imagine that anyone would even go to the trouble of making it), is pixelated and riddled with jpeg artifacts despite being a real physical object, and is nearly as impossible to get rid of as Santa coal.


This appears to be his attempt to do what some much more rich people do and send everyone under the sun a gift.

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Presents from a SOLDIER (1) Sat Dec 22 Raven DeVanos

Solid Snake - Several hand crochet'd hats, that look like.. different colored mullets. Red, Black, Brown, Blonde, Grey, White, hot pink, teal green, Orange. All of them mullet hats. Also, a spiced rum cake homemade, accompanied by some gingerbread men cookies made to look like Snake and Otakon.

Optimus Prime - Homemade cookies using.. Engine oil and gasoline? How the hell- you know what, no, considering Raven's connections in the Multiverse, you don't want to ask HOW she did it, just that she made a large box of about 50 or so, and included some eggnog with it.
Alexis - two $100 gift cards each to the following resteraunts: SubWay, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy's, Baskin' Robbins, Dennys, Red Robin, KFC, Panda Express, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Lonestar Steakhouse.

Ash - A note: 'Lute has a recording of him and me talking about your mom's fine milkshake. You can go ahead and use that as a good reason to beat the living crap out of him, I'm sure no one will mind. - RD' There's also a handknit red ketchup cozy for Pikachu, a bottle of toilet duck cleaner for Squirtle, a strong liquor made of poison oak for Bulbasaur, and a chocolate flux capacitor for Charmander. Ash also receives a map of locations to every McDonalds in the Multiverse.

Alexis & Nova - A one week vacation pass to Undella's best resort, complete with access to the sport courts. Individually, Alexis gets a hand-made plush toy of an Arcanine that's big enough for snuggling at night, and Nova gets a hand-made plush toy of a shiny ninetales.

Gold - A single shard of glass, in a finlely wrapped box.

Psyber - A note arrives to Psyber's office: 'Thank you very much for keeping to the unspoken rule of keeping the war out of that nasty game Arthur and the kids are playing, and thank you for the help given in Annu. ~RD' Along with the note comes a voucher for two free tickets, front row, to the sports event of Psyber's liking.

Sarah - A small glass statue of a borzoi on point, and a small Galileo Thermometer in a wooden frame. A letter explains, 'I know we've both been very busy, but I do intend to see you again, Ms. Sarah, in Oxford. You're on my thoughts often and I hope your recovery will be without hassle. - RD'

Nathan Hall - Nathan receives at least a weeks' worth of prepared meals, frozen; the kind you heat and eat, all in tupperware. A note along with the meals suggests they (the tupperware) can be sent back when empty to be refilled with another week's worth of meals. There's also a thank you letter, suggesting that Raven owes Nathan very big for all sorts of things, and that should he ever need anything, he has but to ask.

Alya - Alya gets an invitation to the Raven's Nest Ranch to spend Christmas Evening Dinner with Raven and her son, and is encouraged to bring a friend, and to being Aziz with her as well. However, along with this, in case she cannot attend, Alya will find a nice, long, hand-crochet'd scarf, and a similar blanket for Alya, of golden colors.
Aziz - Aziz receives several large chunks of mammoth meat, and a mammoth bone, to be enjoyed through the new year, as well as a note wishing him well.

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Presents from a SOLDIER (2) Sat Dec 22 Raven DeVanos

Mane 6
Rarity - A hand-made Chocobo plush toy that is designed in white feathers with a purple crest and tail, with purple-indigo markings that mottle the feathers upon the wings. Its eyes are made of glued in set, polished amethyst stones in the shape of orbs. Around its neck is a small beaded necklace that when unwound is long enough to fit Rarity.

Applejack - A hand-made Chocobo plush; this one in a warm peach orange color with golden feathers upon the crest and tail, and little cinnamon red mottling on the wings. The eyes are made of glued in polished jade stones, rounded and smooth. It comes with a plush apple that can velcro to the beak or chest, with a secret pocket that holds the seeds of several earth breeds of apple.

Pinkie Pie - A hand-made Chocobo plush in cotton candy pink colors with feathers of tyrian fuchsia that decorate the crest and tail and a similar color mottling the wings. The eyes are polished stones of hematite blue glued in. It comes with a collection of balloons tied about its neck that have been enchanted to never deflate or pop.

Twilight Sparkle - A hand-made Chocobo plush toy that is designed in a shade of soft pastel purple; darker indigo purple and magenta-red feathers dock the crest and tail, spots of the same colors mottle the wings. Violet amethyst stones make up the eyes, polished bright. A book on chocobo livery comes with it.

Rainbow Dash - A hand-made Chocobo Plush toy in a soft shade of cyan color; the feathers of its crest and tail are a shimmery sort of color that never really has a defined base; depending on how its held though they seem to turn every color of the rainbow. The wings are mottled in splashes of rainbow colors. Sparkling ruby stones decorate the face for the eyes. It comes with a 4-pack of 5 hour energy shots.

Fluttershy - A hand-made Chocobo plush toy in soft pastel yellow; feathers of cotton candy pink decorate the crest and tail, and likewise mottle the wings. Soft soapstone green beads are gluced in for the eyes, round as orbs. It comes with several packets of seeds; carrots, gyshel greens, lettuce, cabbage, radishes. It also comes with a small pendant made of a carved down dragon scale; that shimmers mother of pearl on one side, and polished emerald on the other.

CMC - All three girls get small stockings full of candy canes, christmas cookies, party poppers, and beginner decks for the Pokemon collectable card game. Sweetie Bell gets Water, Applebloom gets fire, and Scoot-a-loo gets grass.

Jack - Jack will find that she has been given two warehouse sized cases of bags of nacho chips, and as well two warehouse cases of every condiment needed to make the world's most kickin' cheesy nachos. Jack will have to do the construction of her Nacho Plates herself, but now at least there are supplies.

No. 9 - Nine receives a handmade quilt; thick, stuffed with feathers to make it extra warm, and large enough to wrap around even Ten twice. Wrapped inside the quilt is a large brick of homemade fruitcake, two boxes of homemade sugar cookies in Halloween shapes. A note along with it reads, 'I know you don't like Christmas much; I hope the taste of Halloween helps a little. It's my favorite holiday, maybe it can make up for this one. ~ I miss you too ~
10 - Ten receives a small golden key, ornate in design, on a chain to hang around his neck.
7 - Seven receives a spiked dog collar with a heart-shaped lock to the clasp; Ten's key works in the lock.
13 - Thirteen gets a two-year subscription to the New Pyongyang Times Puzzle-only Newspaper, and a large box of decorative fine ink pens.

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Presents from a SOLDIER (3) Sat Dec 22 Raven DeVanos

Rose Petal - True to her word, Rave sends Rose Petal a gift, because she DID promise it. Rose petal receives a very nice, leather bound diary for writing in; the paper is colored pastel pink, and has faint white rose print on it. The diary has a padlock on it, and comes with an ornate key on a string. Included with the diary is a very nice fountain pen for writing, and a bottle of ink for refilling the pen with. Tucked inside the diary is a long gold chain, and a note: 'Thank you for always being so very polite on the radio, and for taking such good care of No. 9. - RD'

Tshallndria - For being peaceful and actively helpful with the kids of Sburb, Tshallandria is, perhaps, one of Raven's more preferred Feds. For this, Tshall gets some of Raven's best homemade cooked goods; lemon bars, gingerbread bread, sugar cookies, macaroons, dark chocolate fudge, and some cranberry walnut muffins. She also receives a bottle of sparkling apple juive and one of sparkling grape juice, to go with the sweets in lieu of actual liquor.

Loros - A note is received: 'Thank you for doing your best to keep the war outside from getting inside of the Inciphisphere and the Sburb kids' game. - SS' Along with this comes several high quality rolling papers, and at least one or two not Quiiiite legal substances labled as 'tobacco'. (They would actuall scan as high quality kush.) Also, some very nice brownies. Magic. Brownies, even.

Dr. Nathan Xiang - Xiang receives a set of very fine teas, as well as a note: 'Thank you for being someone that, while ulterly disturbing, can usually be relied upon to tell the truth. - RD'

Laer - Laer receives pictures of voodoo dolls made to look like her, all dying horrible deaths. Although along with the photo album of FAUX ELF DEMISE comes a very real gift; she has included several packages of holiday chocolates.

Jinx - Jinx gets a very warm pony-style coat, lined with warm wool and filled in duck down, which makes for a very warm coat indeed. There's also a box of cookies wrapped in the jacket, and also a hand crochet'd blanket that's big enough for her to wrap up in with someone else. 'Jinx, darling, never let yourself be a stranger. - Raven'

Bramble Patch - Bramble patch gets several seeds for various plants which cause such things as rashes, skin irritation, allergies, or that can be poisonous. She also gets a rare, rare seeds from a place called 'Xanth' for a Tangle Tree, a few seeds for Cherry Bombs, and a needle cactus.

Arthur Lowell - Arthur gets several new brooms to alchemize with, as well a fire extinguisher, an ice matera, and a fire materia. Also, several pokeballs, some magnets, and a couple of venomous snake vangs. 'Thought you could try alchemizing more brooms to use with this stuff, I hope it helps. - SS'

Summer Powers - Summer receives several small swords, a dagger, and a bunch of plush chocobo dolls of varying colors. All the plush dolls are hand-maid, and all the weapons seem to be old; as if possibly collected in times past. Also, a large black and purple hand-knit lacy-style wrap and a pair of matching black-and-purple striped gloves that go all the way up to the elbows.

Fiora O'Brien - Several very fancy ornamental ink fountain pens; several wonderful books for drawing in, and also a small set of comics based on the exploits of a gumshoe cop named Dick Tracy. Also some very wonderful crime novellas from the era of flatfoots.
Keane - $500 worth of orders for french fries, burgers, and any other of his bar foods to be cooked and sent to Arthur's house for the kids to eat, as well as any drinks they can imbibe to be sent as well.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/166 Posted Author
Presents from a SOLDIER (4) Sat Dec 22 Raven DeVanos

Valentine Turner - A hand-made rapidash plush toy in shiny colors; meaning a blue-flame colored mane and tail, and brilliant white fuzzy body. It comes with a plush pokeball, and also a small book on Rapidash that speaks of the pokemon species, where it comes from, what it eats, and has locations for places one can visit to see them live in captivity. 'I'm still sorry about what I had to do to help you with the game. I hope you and your dad find each other again. - SS'

Vruasa Telash - A large box of homemade cookies; gingerbread, sugar, chocolate chip, cranberry nut, lemon bars. A large thermos of hot chocolate is left with this, as well as several small candy canes. As well, one more official gift; a large, very rusty spear. 'Thought you could alchemize this with something for a new weapon. - SS'

Arerth Rialth - 4 24-case boxes of Grape flavored Faygo. Each case is individually wrapped in fancy wrapping paper. A note reads: 'Hope this appeases you and makes up for anything I may have done that you felt slighted for because I didn't understand your socity right away. - SS'

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/167 Posted Author
Another wtf present Sat Dec 22 Jackie Lantern

To Lute: A present wrapped in Halloween-themed wrapping paper. An orange greeting card with jagged, spidery-writing in black ink explains this was requested to be sent to Lute by an acquaintance of his. Jackie totally signs her name though, so it's not like she's trying to hide HER identity. Inside the box is a carton of egg nog. The nog has intact egg yolks floating in it, and on the inside of the yolks are spikes. Also, the carton itself is explosive and will detonate if disturbed (including opening it), generally emptying it contents on whomever is nearby. On top of that, the box is non-refrigerated, so those eggs might give salmonella poisoning! THE HORROR!

At the bottom of the card… "P.S. Not sure what her name was, but she thought of you immediately when I mentioned I was making this egg nog. Be sure to give her a great big hug in thanks~!"

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/168 Posted Author
Giftmas in Unison Sun Dec 23 Altea Saito

Both Altea and Specio have arranged Christmas Gifts for a few people.

ALTEA's gifts

NANOHA AND FATE (the Elder) receive coupons for an all-in weekend at a spa town resort.

VIVIO receives a box of chocolates

NANOHA AND FATE (the Younger) receive tickets to a romance movie aimed at younger audiences.

SUBARU AND TEANA receive tickets to a different romance movie, this one aimed at more mature audiences.

IIANOR receives a few highly flawed works of pottery, they look home made.

AI SUZUKI receives a coupon for a weekend-long stay in a mountain resort.

PETALS receives a box of chocolates.

ALYA receives a coupon for 'One free hug' and a box of chocolates.


NANOHA AND FATE (the Elder) receive a box of chocolates.

VIVIO gets a box of chocolate chip cookies.

NANOHA AND FATE (the Younger) receive the same as their older counterpart.

AZIZ gets a big, comfy, claw-resistant pillow.

KERO gets the same as Aziz, though a bit smaller.

SWEET gets a thank you note.

FAYT RAVUS gets a note saying 'I don't know what to get you, consider this an IOU for a Christmas Gift'

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/169 Posted Author
Junker Gifts Sun Dec 23 Maya

Kirito and Asuna - Both would find these in their home, A pair of weapon cases made out of simple steel in each are a sword. In Asuna's case it would be a one handed rapier the construction is simple like something made for practical and war but the weight and balance is perfect for her. The hilts are engraved with Septerran runes that would be translated into the blades' name with is Kyra. Kirito would find a one handed long sword in his made of the same style and the hilt having the same sort of runes but if they are translated they would spell out the name Marduk.

Iianor - Iianor gets a shell globe of Septerra itself it's a magitech creation about the size of a typical globe it can be activated to project holograms of the world shells as well outwards from it.

Breeze - Breeze gets a crystal made of Corite from the core layer of Septerra it's the size of her fist. She'll find if she studies it it's very good at focusing energy. It's also interestingly apparently crystallized magical energy from Mayas world if she studies there could be some uses for something like this.

Staren - a damaged but salvagable and repairable Anaklran military hover bike along with it's tech manual. Also there's a note. I thought you might enjoy a project for the new years it's a good model I'm curious to see what you do with it.

Ai - A book about the histories of the fates and the elemental lords of Maya's home world with a note inside. I learned so much about your world over the years its only fair give you some on mine. I hope you find it enjoyable reading.

Nathan - Four leather bound books on Septerra's history and two on it's magic and related magical theory.

Shir - A scarf actually made by Maya herself, it's decent quality and it's the same shade as Shir's hair.

Freya - Freya gets an typical lady junker outfit much like Mayas except the colour theme is overall bright blue rather than the mix of green brown and greys her normal ones are. It's pretty good armour all things considered.

Snake - a combat knife of the sort that Maya's always carried long as a Snake has known her. It's durable sharp, also resistant to acid, comes with a sheet as well made out of leather.

Ash - Ketchup to ward off his dread master. A more serious gift also is attached to it, data updates on various lifeforms of note she's uncovered in her recon work for the union over the last year or so. Additionally a very detail data file on native life to her world. There are a lot of helacks and insect life on her world. A lot of very large.

Morg - Helgak Bacon, 20 pounds of it.

Mort - A bottle of the Old Junker's finest booze, well it's pretty strong but the taste would be hard to place it's likely something to do with native fruit to Septerra used in it's creation over all it's pretty good stuff.

Prime - A crate of energon goodies.

The Members Thousand Dreams

All get a greeting card from Maya and baked goods of various sorts suitable for this time of year made by her and Uncle. Though they are clearly along the lines of Septerran cooking baring the cookies.
\ \\__ Maya, of the Junkers
/ _ =====< (_) >=====
\ __/

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/170 Posted Author
Special Gifts at the 11th hour Sun Dec 23 Iianor

A set of gifts for those who helped our family in it's time of need; They arrive with a small horde of Fae escorting them and singing beautiful Christmas Carols.

Amalthea and Family: They get an all expense three week vacation on the cruise liner, The Super Texas. Which is to say it's a cruise liner that caters to just about everything, and is the size of Texas. It's also the highest grade possible package available. Attached is a note: You were one of those who came to rescue me in my time of need. Words cannot express how grateful all of us are that you were able to save this life; So as a close second we decided to give you some time to do with as you please with your own family… Hopefully it can hint at how grateful we are.

Past Link: Link gets a heavily enchanted amulet, that keeps him updated on the general health, vague positions, and level of danger that that each of the Sages' descendants are in. It also works as a warding amulet, protecting him from a number of basic things, keeping his gear clean, and occasionally summoning hordes of local wildlife to attack nearby moblins. There's also a ticket for a one week all expense paid vacation for link and each of the descendants to the same cruise line that Amalthea and family are going to. Attached is a note: You and your extended family helped save my life and while we can't repay you for it. I hope these gifts let you know that we're still thinking about all of you.

Saria: Saria gets several books on druidic, shamanic, and several other types of magics. She also gets a book filled with pictures and descriptions of Sacred groves, forest cities, and various natural wonders of the Multiverse. Attached is a note: I know you already know what to do with the spell books, and the books on theory. The picture book is more complex, It's enchanted so that you can place your hand on the picture, speak the name of the location and it will take you and anyone touching you there. Merely speak the words 'I wish to return home' and it will take you home. Link also has some tickets for you the others. Enjoy! I know I've said it enough in person, but thank you for helping to save my life.

Rauru: Rauru gets a number of books on Light Magic and a small selection of books on fire magic. All of the books are amazingly well written, with fully animated pictures and an astounding grasp of the underlying principles. Plus as an added bonus, each book is able to give a verbal critique and able to help clean up the worst 'spelling errors'. Attached is a note: You've got magical talents Rauru, and a firey spirit to match, so here some books that can help you draw out that potential. I would teach you personally, but light magic really isn't my forte. Also, make certain that you bug link about the other part of my gift. I'd also like to say, yet again, thank you from our whole family for helping to save my life.

King DeDeDe: King DeDeDe receives a heavily enchanted magic hammer that allows him to wreathe it in the element of his choice, or to basically … golf an exploding blast of that element at one of his foes. There's also an enchanted picnic cloth that when spread on the ground creates a full thirty two course picnic. Feeds enough for 1/2 Kirby. Attached is a note: Thank you for coming to our aid when we needed it DeDeDe, you help that night was instrumental, and we all appreciate it greatly.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/171 Posted Author
Gifts from Gakupo! <3 Sun Dec 23 Kamui Gakupo

Karian: Another album of songs he's learned from the Skalds! Not only sung by Gakupo, though. There's a second, deeper voice in a couple of these songs. A couple that deeper voice sings solo, and some that he sings duet with Gakupo. It's not a professional singer's voice. Karian would very likely recognize that voice as Obsidian Daisho's. There are also a couple songs that are original, based on the history of the Space Wolves as told to him by the Skalds. There's a note, in Kamui's flowery handwriting. « We're still learning to coexist with each other, learning who we both are. But I'm sure we'll manage all right~! <3 » And on the back of it, writing that looks like it was done by a five-year-old with really long, pointy fingers. « I will protect him, as he teaches me to sing. »

No. 10: An assortment of recent albums and singles (there are more of the latter than the former), as well as a video recording of songs from several concerts that Gakupo has done. Along with a note. « Since you haven't been able to come and see me, I thought I'd send along highlights of some of the more recent concerts I've done. Hope to see you at one soon! <3 » Also, if Ten looks on Gakupo's website, a picture of his painting has been put up there as a December fan spotlight!

Axel Almer: Seems like Gakupo has done some home mixing! Of songs, that is. He's taken some of Axel's songs and sung duets to them. These songs are not on a CD where they can be burned and distributed. They're actually on the equivalent of a USB drive. There's a note. « I hope I can sing as well as you someday! »

Remilia Scarlet (the Unaffiliated one): Remilia receives a formal thank-you letter, written out in proper Japanese, for the Christmas gift she sent him. Also another assortment of that blood pudding, in a festive basket!

Yuna Kagurazaka: Some of Yuna's songs have been properly covered instead of just mixed, and he's tried to stay as faithful to the original song as possible. Like Axel's gift, these are not on a CD to be distributed, but on the equivalent of a USB drive. « Sadly, all I can do is sing. So that's really all I can give you, to thank you for being there when we both needed someone. »

Everyone Else:: Yes, he does have a gift for /everyone/ who wants one! Including people he has given other gifts to. A code published online, on TV and on radio directs one to a website where s/he can download one free Gakupo Kamui song of his/her choice by entering in that code. Anyone who has listened to him in previous years might note that his voice sounds a little different this time. It's less metallic, and sounds much realer.

(OOC: If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. D: I was rushing around to get this posted. And I haven't played with this character as much as I should have.)

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/172 Posted Author
Zeon Holidays Sun Dec 23 Yulia

As usual, the leaders of the various nations, countries, kingdoms, empires, principalities, duchies, etc. each receive an 'official' holiday card from the Governor and First Lady of Neo-Zeon. (If you're the leader of a government, regardless of affiliation, assume you get one!) A card is also sent to the Union Field Marshal, but since the Confederacy has that post still vacant, one isn't sent.

Yulia's fellow Children and her friends (you know who you are) receive the same card, with a note scribbled inside: 'I'm afraid I haven't been able to shop or bake this year. Consider this an IOU until Avel and I can get our people home.'

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/173 Posted Author
Christmas Caroing Sun Dec 23 Caro Ru Lushe

Nathan Hall: A fact-sphere sized cover for a spherical object, made of pink yarn and with a zipper to shut it. It won't actually muffle the noise much, though.

Mir: A framed picture, presumably made using illusions, of Miranda and Caroline looking into a camera, with the smiling Caroline sitting in front of a slightly more dour Miranda, who has a hand on her head protectively.

A note with it reads "Remember: As long as you live, if you want to be better, you CAN become a better person. Protecting your world is a wonderful thing, and I remain happy to help."

Seems Caro did find out about a bit of Mir's backstory at some point, after all.

Big Fate: A large, warm, and comfortable blanket, white and fleece and generally far too fuzzy.

Small Nanoha: Candy, and a book on the care and feeding of ferrets.

Small Fate: More candy, and a pair of fuzzy socks.

Precia: Caro seems to have been utterly uncertain of what to send, finally settling on a framed family picture of herself with Erio, Fate, and Fredreich, and a note asking to make up for lost time.

Materials: Candy. And a big thing of catnip. And a box of small bells.

The others who helped with the dives, fed or union, also all get candy. Psyber's comes with an apology that she wasn't sure what else to get him. Yuna's comes with a note reading 'Thank you for helping and caring, and sacrificing your dignity so readily.' Adelyn, GLaDOS, and Lialyn's come with notes asking them to please not shoot anyone who is trying to help in the coming year.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/174 Posted Author
Christmas Miracle For Snake Sun Dec 23 Adalinda

Whenever Solid Snake is in a place that he can receive mail/packages, there is a (thoroughly inspected) present that is wrapped in plain brown paper, with a rather plain string tied around it. Snake will be informed that this package was meant to be delivered on Christmas Eve and has been in holding in Union Elite postal service until today.

The box contains an advertisement poster for Solid Snake and Santa Claus's yearly match (for 2011), and featuring the likenesses of both. Written on the back (likely with the help of an adult, since much of the writing looks the same) are the names of many children. There is also a simple letter on a scrap of paper.

"I missed the one from last year, but I hope the orphanage can save enough for us to be there for 2012. Good luck, Mister Snake. Thank you for all you've done. I'm sure you'll win.

Your biggest fan,

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/175 Posted Author
Merry Bradmas! Sun Dec 23 Bradley Carbunkle

Huffing and puffing in the cold winter air, Brad arrives at the post office carrying a big bag of gifts and many, many envelopes…

Inexplicably, any female member of the Union or Confederacy that Brad has spoken to - even just once - recieves a signed photo of Brad. It's the season of giving and if there's one thing Brad thinks more people should look at, it's himself.

But, still, there's a few presents that aren't quite so… narcissitic going out as well:

LANCE BENSON- Operation. Yes, the silly skill game with the electric shocks and all. With it, Brad enclosed a CD of selected techno party music and - and this is strange - a book about pet ownership. "Hey Doc, now you can listen to music as you practice surgery! Have you got that pet you were talking about yet? If so, here's a book! Alright!"

DELL CONAGHER - A thick book about robotics, cybernetics and neural networks. It's filled with jargon and obviously beyond Brad's level of comprehension. "Hey Dell, thanks for all the help. This might help you out with some of that advanced robotics stuff that you couldn't help me with."

STAREN - A book on dating advice. All in all, it's a relatively harmless one - Brad's not the type to gift The Game. "Hey Staren, just in case I'm not around, this might help! It's not as good as me but, hey, what is, right?"

PEPPER POTTS - It's an Audi S5! Well, a model of one. It's a replica of the car that Brad crushed during that brief skirmish in New York. A note reads: "I'm still so, so sorry!"

NORA WAKEMAN - Jenny's mom recieves flowers. He doesn't really know what you get a scientist who has - or can make - everything she wants!

ALL OF THE ABOVE - as well as any in the Union who have helped Brad out (from training to the Jenny situation) - also receive a plate of cookies and a thank you note. Turns out, he's actually a decent cook. The thank you note, however, is replete with spelling and grammatical errors. Still, it's the thought that counts.

And finally…

JENNY WAKEMAN - Brad… hasn't found anything yet! But don't tell her! He'll be turning the Multiverse upside down to find something perfect.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/176 Posted Author
Christmasber Presents 1 Sun Dec 23 Psyber

Office Residents

Adelaide Flowers - Addie receives an immaculately maintained Browning Superposed in 12-Gauge with the complete kit and in flawless condition.

Aldebaran - To Aldebaran, Psyber gifts a Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture, which he hopes will keep her from continuing to regurgitate strange geometry on the carpet.

Hastur - Hastur has already received her gift.

Heinkel - To Heinkel, Psyber gives the greatest gift of all: Moonshine from the podunk hills and mountainfolk of New England.

Laine - Laine is given a gift that took Psyber a while to get together. It is, essentially, a badge and ID for her to carry around like a normal officer and identify herself as Union and a member of his group. However, it also transforms with her, and in her wolf form it becomes a collar with all the same information on the tag. Also it probably protects against fleas and ticks. The note that comes with it is just four words: 'Thank you for staying.'

Lilitu - Lilitu gets a go-kart modeled after the Draculamobile. It is street legal but refuses to turn on or function on office property, meaning she has to wheel it in and out of the street before she causes collateral damage.

Ysintra - Ysintra gets a composite longbow and a quiver of arrows.

Yuyuko - Yuyuko receives on ticket to the Traveling Gourmet Tour of Boston. It covers the tab at several of the nicest restaurants in the city and covers a variety of fine cuisine.

Office Employees

Adalinda - Adalinda receives a professional-quality machete with both a front blade and a serrated back edge. Probably owing to her asking him a recommendation for a weapon a while back.

Ai Genki - Ai Genki receives an iPod, mostly so Psyber can watch her puzzle the technology out.

Arthur Lowell - To Arthur, Psyber gives what appears to be .30-06 rifle carefully built into an around the handle of a broom. There's a scope on top for super precision 'Cleaning'.

Cecily - The fox is given a plate of cookies that has a spell on himself to regenerate the pastries for a duration of 96 hours from consumption of first cookie.

Eila - Eila is given a suit perfectly tailored to her size, complete with a fedora and a matching 1911 tucked into a hidden holster inside the jacket.

Hime - Hime and her whole menagerie are given a series of 'I'm with Stupid' shirts. All shirts are enchanted so that the arrows always point to Hiro. Hiro's is enchanted to always point at his head.

Himei - Himei is given a pair of knuckledusters that Psyber hand crafted. Titanium, with silver embossing and some runes across the front, they're made to be especially effective against the paranormal.

Homura - Homura receives a clip of ammo for the GAU-8. The crate it is shipped in will make a hell of an addition to Madoka's fort.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/177 Posted Author
Christmasber Presents 2 Sun Dec 23 Psyber

Office Members Cont'd

Jack - Jack is given a dapper monocle that can also be used to zoom in for precision knife throwing. It also comes with a gift certificate to Dairy Queen.

Joseph O'Reilly - Joseph receives a huge crate of trappist beers from the various monasteries in Europe.

Kiyoko Saito - Kiyoko Saito is given a Kawasaki Ninja with hydrolics that allow it to jump improbably high. It's the closest Psyber could do to filling the request she had years ago.

Madoka - Madoka's gift is a pingpong table and a note suggesting she practice against herself to get better twice as fast.

Nathan Hall - Nathan is given one of Psyber's older hand-written research journals that should at least prove an interesting read.

Na'Sabal-Une Fang - Is given a brick of coal. Also a gameboy so she can entertain herself.

Saber - Saber is given the same thing as Yuyuko was given. Booked food-based tour of Boston.

Sakura Haruno - A delivery mechanism manages to track down Haruno and give her a keycard to the office and a note: "I figure you like wherever you're sleeping, but if you wanna come join our eclectic family and live at the office, you always have a bed here."

Saya Irino - Saya receives a Keurig Coffee Machine and a box of teas and coffees. With it is a note that implies being stuck to the same course of action isn't always good.

Sayuri Yaguchi - Sayuri gets a to-her-size replica of Psyber's jacket. It comes with a note: "As close a replica as I could make it. Did not stick girl in the pocket. Merry Christmas." Wrapped in the jacket is also a custom-made Smith and Wesson 500, which has been customized to support an underbarrel blade built into it like her normal revolver.

Seras - Seras is given a different version of her normal police outfit. It was made by Psyber, is toned in black and red, has the insignia for his office on it and is slightly more modest and professional in form than her normal outfit. It's also made by him, so it probably qualifies as mid-grade flak armor.

Summer Powers - Summer's present is a particularly large wing feather that has been fastened into a gold clasp to make it a hair decoration.

Ysabel - Ysabel is given a dapper pair of slacks and dress shirt to wear while not hunting. It comes with some sensible shoes.

Office Apprentice

Beli Yo'il - Beli is given an old journal dialoguing how Psyber dealt with his youth and his movement from Heaven into being a hunter. It comes with a note 'Rising above comes from within. Not from outside. Only you can prove who you are'.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/178 Posted Author
Christmasber Presents 3 Sun Dec 23 Psyber

Session 412

Fiora O'Brien - Psyber sends Fiora some ink from a kraken. Should be pretty great for her, right?

Crepe - Crepe receives a square watermelon.

Endria - Psyber sends Endria the schematics for how to properly attach bats to her sweatshirt for the purposes of flight.

Gespie - Psyber gives Gespie a jar of Greek Fire and a notecard with the recipe.

Laer - Laer gets a relatively mundane card that says he won't kill her unless she messes with him.

Loros - Loros receives his Dungeons and Dragons books back safe and sound. They are all personalized and signed by the ghost of Gary Gygax.

Mir - Psyber gives Mir a silver bracelet with the insignia of his office and an engraving on the inside that says 'Friends can be found unexpectedly'.

Prorth - Prorth receives a custom, blue-tinted 1911.

Psalm - Psalm received the boxed set of Led Zeppelin albums.

Raven DeVanos - In a reference to an obscure joke from months ago, Raven's box contains precisely two beers. Below that is a package of beef jerky.

Sarah - Sarah receives a hand-printed card giving her One (1) Free Moment to Embarrass Psyber Without Consequences that can be used at her leisure.

Staren - Psyber's gift towards Staren is an intricately engraved bronze medallion. Along with it is a note explaining that while the magical trinket seems mundane and pointless, it carries an ancient and lost magic that allows its holder to consider their words carefully and avoid social slipups. On the back, if Staren looks at the back, is a second note explaining that such a thing does not exist as everyone makes mistakes, and that the coin is actually just a REALLY nice coin of South American Origin that Psyber got while hunting a chubacabra in Brazil.

Thionette - Thionette receives a chest with a leather tricorn hat, several jugs of rum, and Psyber's phone number.

Tshallandria - Yes, Tshallandria gets a gift. It takes the form of a 200 Dollar gift card to Dunkin' Donuts, because even Queens of Hell like donuts.

Vinyl Scratch - Vinyl Scratch gets a coupon for a free use of a professional sound studio that can be redeemed in Psyber's country.

Vruasa - Vruasa gets a meticulously drawn set of blueprints for a pole with a rope and a rotating point. It explains where to place the pole, how to secure it, and most importantly where to put the bacon.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/179 Posted Author
Christmasber Presents 4 Sun Dec 23 Psyber

Non-Classifiable Gift Recipients

Mami Tomoe - Mami receives a teaset made from engraved ivory by craftsman, with a certificate that dates it back several centuries. She also receives a note saying that if she ever wants a part-time job, she just has to apply.

Adelyn Lysen - A spice rack which contains, instead of spices, jars of mundane spellcasting and summoning ingredients, providing convenient storage for her reagents.

Kaminagi Setsuko - Setsuko receives a scroll in ancient japanese. If she gets it translated, it describes a few lost techniques of maintaining a blade. It also contains some wisdom about the life of a soldier. Psyber attached a note 'There are times when a blade must cut, and times when it must parry. A skilled warrior knows how to do both. A great warrior knows WHEN to do either. The wise warrior knows what to do when neither is an option.'

Priscilla - Owing to a comment by her on radio several days back, Priscilla receives a hand-crafted scythe made from tempered steel and in almost exact dimensions to her old scythe, with none of the powers it possessed. It comes with a card: 'You are strange and unpredictable to me. We met by happenstance, but to have seen you grow as a person fills me with pride.'

Samus Aran - Samus receives a combat knife that seems to be able to vanish into itself and hide in a space no bigger than an inch-wide cube. 'Despite all the cannons in the world, you never know when you might need a well-hidden and reliable knife'.

No. 9 - Psyber sends Nine a fully-tuned Smith and Wesson 460XVR, and a box each of .454 Casull Ammo and .460 S&W Ammo.

Elliana Fairchild - Elliana's gift is a single keycard. It allows her access to two floors of the new office building: The lobby and the residential area. It comes with a note that says 'Approach with a closed fist and you will find yourself driven away. Approach with an open heart and friendship may yet be found.'

Yaini - Yaini gets a helpful card that details when she is or is not susceptible to being hunted, so she can clearly understand. It's laminated in case she spills a drink on it.

Lloyd Irving - Lloyd Irving is given a black and white pair of Colt Single Action Armies, with underarm holsters and several pouches of ammunition. 'This gun brought so much death, yet they call it a Peacmaker. It allowed men to prey on each other so easily, yet they call it the Equalizer. All things are perspective. A weapon's will, ethics, and morality is that of its wielder.'

Yunomi - Yunomi receives, in response to her gift, a pass to Comicon and some Ramen Noodles.

Cas - Cas gets a series of new sweaters and a card bidding her to visit more often.

Caro - Caro gets a picture of the dragon she helped save, which is presently wrecking the Canadian Wilderness. However there is an attached note that no one cares, because there's so much wilderness anyway.

Aaron Smith - The government agent receives an impeccably tailored black suit, tie, and sunglasses. Along with it comes a certificate that the jacket has a storage enhancement, in-seam holsters, and the entire suit is rated as Type III ballistic armor. It's to replace the one he lost.

And those are my gifts for this year.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/180 Posted Author
Earthly Gifts Mon Dec 24 Beli Yo'il

Beli still has a few more gifts to give, finally having collected them at the last minute. Each one comes attached with a note.

No. 9: A rather heavy hardcover copy of the full text of The Divine Comedy, complete with antique illustrations of certain scenes and a silver lining to the pages. The note reads, "Thank you for being so welcoming to me. You asked me to get you something to remind you of me. This was all I could think of. Sorry if you do not read much. Book 3 is not very good either, unfortunately. Paradiso is not quite like that."

Tshallandria: A paperback copy of Paradise Lost, with a few woodcarvings of certain scenes illustrated within. "It might not be that similar to your situation, but this story reminded me of you. You may have already read it, but I hope you like it anyway. Maybe we can meet again soon."

Kurama: A paperback copy of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, also with illustrations inside. He also gets a pair of posable medieval knight figurines. "If you would like to learn what it is to be truly curageous, I think this one of the best examples I can think of. Spend some time reading it. Or I can read it to you, when you would like. Otherwise I guess you might spent a lot of time playing with the figures instead."

Yaini: A small collection of fantasy and science fiction novels, each one having several plot twists and moments of despair, but all ending on a high, successful note. "Before I got to where I am now, I used to read stories like these. I lost myself in their worlds and it gave me just enough hope to continue with my life with the hope that I may have a happy ending as well. Maybe that is what you need."

Priscilla: The complete works of Edgar Allan Poe, which comes bundled with a small plush raven. "One day I hope to be as confident and powerful as you. In the meantime, I hope you can read these. I remember you seem to like ravens. Or crows. Are they that different?"

Altair & Nasrin: A copy of The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, in Arabic. "I cannot read this. I hope it is the right book. The shop owner told me it was, at least. In any case, you probably know these already, but I wanted to give you something as thanks. Good luck with…assassinating people."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/181 Posted Author
Round one Mon Dec 24 Adelaide Flowers

Because I wanted to get these up first, they were the easiest to decide. Addie is highly unimaginative apparently. Also I really need to freaking scene more so I can know your characters better. More to be posted tomorrow.

What better attire for a hunter perhaps than a classic trenchcoat? But not just any trenchcoat; Addie managed to find a proper screen-accurate replica of Deckard's trenchcoat from Blade Runner. Custom-fitted to him, no less. A matching velour fedora with a black and silver band goes with; a subtle bit of engraving has a winged pattern to it in the silver. Style points are important. Inside a holster worked into the jacket is a simple card saying 'Soon.' Strangely, there's also a headband with a pair of cat ears included, with a note that just says 'Anytime.'

Okay, so she had seen the movers delivering the go-kart. It gave her the idea, as did the memories of driving Draculilitu around. A proper go-kart helmet, done in black with a bat motif airbrushed in. Impressively, the helmet also includes bat-wings molded into its shape, which don't interfere with airflow at all. A fire-proofed cape goes with, because there are very few things that don't go with go-karts as well as capes do.

Something unique that she'd come across for the hunter. It's a modified lever-action Model 1885 shotgun, somewhere in between a pistol and a rifle - it's cut down in length, and has no stock, but is still a beefy piece. It's not an original antique, but is more than ready to kick some serious Ghoul butt. A fairly large supply of ammunition comes with; blessed shotgun shells to match.

Addie really isn't sure /what/ the hell to get Hastur. But there is a really nice selection of coffee blends for her anyway, just remembering the times they'd discussed it. A card apologizes for the lack of originality for the gift. "But I do look forward to debating proper tastes and strength.

The Strike Witches:
Matching knit scarves for everyone, with a simple animal pattern based on what their totem is. They're not very long, and the weave is a little wider than normal, but that helps them wrap and lock together better - it certainly wouldn't do for one to slip in-flight and foul on the propellers of the Striker Units. A supply of coffee selections for the unit is given, with a card hoping that the 501st will keep itself warm this winter. Also, Sanya gets an extra set of jazz records; the best of Duke Ellington.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/182 Posted Author
Corsair Christams Mon Dec 24 Thionette

Zev Dunewalker - A 'Steampunk Infiltration Kit'. Includes a clockwork grappling gun, strap-on spiked boot cleats, single-shot reloadable flare gun, 'ye old fashion lockpick' (crowbar), and a bottle of 'extra encouragement' (a bottle of dry whiskey). As a couple of kegs of spiced rum for her rebels back home.

Psyber - A vintage Punk-Victorian Thunderstick, a clockwork flintlock double-barreled shotgun. By the carvings in the wood stock and decorative copper fittings to the barrels its meant to be a display piece, but it does actually work. Who has a gun -just- for show after all?

Wildfire - A Punk-Victorian buccaneer cutlass, forged with just enough karmanizyte in the alloy to make it flameproof. Actually, super-heating it might make it even better at cutting, but Thionette didn't really think of that at the time.

The Sburb Crew - Arthur, Summer, Fiora and Valentine all get a set of captcha codes for various 'steampunk pirate' attire - swords and daggers, jolly rogers, seafaring longcoats, long scarves for dramatic flapping in unseen wind and the like (though the proper tricorn hat is missing and instead there's flight caps and goggles). She figured the kids will make their own EPIC LEWT out of it.

The Trolls - Thionette sent hard spiced rum home with Lupita. They can thank/curse her name later for it. >X3

Karian - She also sent a few kegs home with the Space Wolves after sharing over Mjod at the Santa-Snake fight. If nothing else they can save it for when they have guests that can't drink their extreme space booze.

Rainbow Dash - A pirate map? Actually it's a poster styled like a pirate map, with the dotted lines and obscure clues winding -all over- the map amonst various iconized landmarks before ever getting to the big X at the center of all places. At the bottom in fancy writing it reads 'Half The Treasure Is The Adventure Getting There.'

Vinyl Scratch - A record of steampunk sea shanties and other air-sailing themed music. It basically sounds like what you would expect an Abney Park album to sound like.

And to all ye pirates out there - Get a bottle of rum and a little card promising a proper crossing of swords and guns at some point. Or metal fists if they be one of those giant robot piloting types.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/183 Posted Author
Inactive Godslayer's Gifts Mon Dec 24 Evelynn Cordelia

To: Several Elites (Consent-Based): Owing to the Confederacy currently holding Phase Rock, Evelynn has spread her powers over the element of ice through countless worlds, cities and planets. This has for result that, starting when the bells toll Christmas, many worlds will find themselves with a very light blanket of snow, not enough to harm anything, but enough to put holiday cheers in worlds otherwise devoid of snow. Temperature is mostly unaffected and the snow doesn't melt into water, but rather disappears at the end of Christmas. Antimagic of any kind will easily break the spell on a per-world basis. As noted, effect is consent-based.

To: Most Confederates: Except those of abysmal rank, Evelynn sends a small paycheck bonus (along with their standard holiday bonus).

To: Psyber: A crate of rum, bearing Evelynn's seal of approval.

To: Azulean Raiders: Two crates of the aforementioned rum.

To: Nethryn Ervale: A ring with in its center an imprisoned diamond elemental.

To: Achryn Nanako: A cage full of strange and odd elementals to play with.

To: Miaka: A replica of Sasuke's troublesome sword, sans powers.

Further gifts may be sent out if I think of anything.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/184 Posted Author
Presents from Fate Mon Dec 24 Fate T. Harlaown

Elder Nanoha: a pair of earrings that bear a remarkable resemblance to Raising Heart's jewel form

Little Nanoha: a scarf with black and yellow stripes

Little Fate: a scarf with pink and white stripes

Precia: a photo album with a few pictures of Fate growing up, but mostly family pictures of Caro, Erio, and Vivio along with Fate and Nanoha

Caro: a large book entitled 'Dragons of the Multiverse'

Alicia: a selection of various types of tea; there is no sign of cream or sugar, though

Amalthea: a plush dolphin, with a note that says: 'let's have tea again sometime'

Shizune: a book of Midchildan martial arts, including Strike Arts and Shooting Arts, as well as some of the old Belkan forms. Inside is a bookmark that reads: 'Congratulations on your victory!'

Cas: a plush Rappy

Saber: a feminine (but not girly - one suited for a college-aged girl) outfit suitable for winter

Sanya: a sweater decorated with black cats

Eila: a sweater decorated with foxes in the same pattern as Sanya's

Material-S, Material-L, and Material-D receive a fruitcake. Not one of those store-bought doorstop bricks. A real homemade one, moist and sweet.
There's also a small bag of kitten treats. For the cats, not for Levi.

Everyone in Section Six: a small basket of cookies that look homemade

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/185 Posted Author
Jupiter Gifts! Mon Dec 24 Makoto Kino

Yunomi: Hand-stitched plush army man in Stadler's colors, just right for snuggling!

Stadler:A small plush tanuki, weighted to work as a paperweight or desk ornament.

Fayt: A couple books on meditation for focus.

I am *certain* I'm forgetting people.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/186 Posted Author
A Very Satan Christmas Mon Dec 24 Mister Satan

Mister Satan sends all Union Elites the following book:

"Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton PUNCH!! And 101 Other Recipes for Holiday Entertaining," the cover of which features everyone's favorite World Champion in full Santa gear. He's posed as if he's about to climb down someone's chimney with a sack of goodies. The sack is overflowing with cookies, hams, and other holiday treats.

Every copy is signed and includes an invitation to Mister Satan's Special New Year's Eve Formal Celebration Super Ball, which is a very fancy party and very exclusive.

King Raditz also receives a seasonal scarf.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/187 Posted Author
Ninja Cheer! Mon Dec 24 Miaka


Sakura Kinomoto receives, in a bamboo, laquered box, an assortment of life-size marzipan mice, and a beautiful obi in pink, with the ubiquious sakura flowers on it.

Sakura Haruno: A selection of hand-made sweets. And a note: "I am free." Signed with simply a Sharingan.

Tony Stark: In spite of never having met in person, Tony Stark would find, addressed to him and thoroughly scanned, a straight sword. Its blade is etched with cranes. Attatched is a note: "We have not met, but I have meant to send my thanks to you on behalf of one of my patients. You have given her a choice, and though it may not have been the easiest, I must thank you for it. — U. M."


Prince Lotor: An elegantly crafted sword display rack, created from ebony, that comfortably would display five swords. A note is included: "With all the weaponry being thrown around, I thought this would be an appropriate gift. Thank you for your friendship in my times of need." And it's signed, in red ink, with a stylized sharingan.

Serori: What do you get the Saiyan who has everything? Serori receives a five-foot stalk of celery, made of durasteel. It's weaponized healthfood, and its leaves are incredibly sharp.

Camille: Medical texts from Konoha, and its surrounding areas. Decoding techniques are included in a scroll. There is also Miaka's statistics, showing she's gained five pounds over the last month and is regularly eating.

Evelyn Cordelia: An elegant pair of folding fans, each painted red. On each, a different ship is sailing across an azure sea, one beneath a bright sun, the other guided by stars. The edges of each fan have a razor-thin wire on them, sharpened to a deadly sheen. There is a generic "Happy Holidays!" card, "Thank you for your continued faith in me. I shall not fail you, and I shall conquor Sasuke's abandoned folly. Regards, Miaka Uchiha"

Nine: A plushie Miaka — as a pony. Along with a promise to assemble a team of skilled volunteers, and to perform the surgeries requested — pro bono. "You punched the head of the Union in the face. For me. I cannot claim any man, living or dead, to have performed such a singular and heroic act. However, I like you alive. Please refrain from doing so again — Mi.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/188 Posted Author
Ninja Cheer: The Ninjaing Mon Dec 24 Miaka

Additional Confederates:

Rose Petal would receive, curtesy of Uchiha Post, a lovely kimono, created from pale pink silk and highlighted with frost white roses and pale colored pheasents on the long, swinging sleeves, along with a package of tabi socks and a pale green obi. Also included: A tanto blade. A girl has to defend herself, after all.

Lance Benson would receive… gift cards, to various male clothiers around the Confederate-held lands.

Jinx would NOT get a sweatshirt, oh no.

She'd get a warm blanket, covered in four-leaf clovers. In addition, there is also a round coin, with a hole punched through it. Laced with red cord, and tied to a saddlebag. "This coin brought me luck. I had it on me when I met my group in Konoha, and still when I met Camille, and Nine, and you. May it bring you good luck.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/189 Posted Author
Strike Hare Gifts Mon Dec 24 Shirley Yeager

Shirley is a bit last minute here but she manages to get a few gifts for people.
Sanya: She gets a stuffed doll of Eila and a winter hat for her night patrols. A note is attached reading: I know the nights are cold, that does not mean you have to be. Happy Holidays, Shirley."

Eila: Eila gets a stuffed doll of Sanya and a pair of leather gloves. A note is attached: "I know this is last minute but you are a wonderful friend. Happy Holidays, Shirley"

Francesca: Francesca gets a jacket like Shirley's and a coupon. The coupon says "IOU 1 week of fast flying fun. AKA You can use my Striker."

James Braddock: Shirley didn't know what to get him… so he gets a coupon as well. It reads "IOU A great Liberion dinner for the SAW you gave me."

(more to come as Shirley thinks of gifts.)

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/190 Posted Author
Hotheaded Trainer Gifts Mon Dec 24 Gold

Gold isn't giving out much this year as he's been kinda busy with stuff but to fellow Trainers, Gold's Pokemon deliver hot plates of Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. Attached to each is the note "Sometimes we get too busy to remember to eat and mom doesn't want anyone going without."

Raven DeVanos gets the shard of glass back with the following note, "Cute but I'm past that." Also included is a plate of hot cookies that Gold himself baked.

Cecily gets a copy of the explosives list Gold used during the rescue, including the granddaddy finale explosive with the following note, "In case you feel the need to cause a big explosion."

Lotor receives a box of Twinings of London Earl Grey tea and a box of Lady Grey tea. These boxes would pass screening as they contain nothing but the teas. Attached is the note, "I still owe you one talk at a neutral place, no strings attached."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/191 Posted Author
Critter Christmas? Mon Dec 24 Bolbox

Tshallandria - Tshallandria gets an Eohippus. A pre-horse the size of a dog, with little toes and a constantly flicking tail that never seems to stop. It's extremely shy and a bit nervous, but really sweet. It talks, but the voice doesn't get particularly loud at the best of times.

Lance Benson - Lance gets an Icarosaurus. It's tiny, like most of the gifts he's been giving, with a set of long gliding fins on it's side. It's curious and cheerful, if a bit squeaky and dim, and of course it talks like all the rest of them.

Loros - Loros gets an Archaeopteryx. It makes a concerted attempt to be somber and well behaved, and tries to be helpful, but is just a touch silly and overenthusiastic.

Lotor - Lotor doesn't get something cute and small. Lotor gets something large and horrifying, a match for his other gift, actually, to go with the Dunkleosteus he got last year. This year? Megalodon. All seventy feet of it. Because GIANT FLYING TALKING SHARK. Your argument is invalid.

Comrade Crush - Arctodus. Short faced bear. A proper riding bear, able to get up to 40 MPH and weighing just over a ton, it's legs are a bit thinner than a lot of bears, but it can run down a horse and rider and eat them. This one's a bit lazy though, with a personality like a greyhound; very layabout, with a low, thoughtful voice.

Miaka - Miaka gets an Iberomesornis, a little sparrow sized bird with a wing claw and a little dinosaur-y face. It's cute and hyperenthusiastic, although it's want to help is only offset by it's tiny size, so the most it can likely do is carry syringes and notes around. Piping, squeaky voice.

Untamed Breeze - Breezy gets a Pakicetus, one of the earliest known relatives of modern whales and dolphins. It's about the size of a small dog or a cat and generally is a funloving if disreputable sort with a perchance for stealing and eating things it shouldn't. It's voice is snarky and it tends to laugh a lot.

Mortimer Balman - Mort might already have friends but Mort gets a gift anyway. Mort gets a trilobite, because Mort seems to have issues with squishy things, so he tried to get him the hardest guy he could. It's… rather, quiet, but can technically talk. Seems a bit intimidated.

Raven DeVanos - Raven gets a baby Andrewsarchus. Poor Raven. While it's a baby now, it'll eventually get stupidly big, and is a handful and a half right now. Rather… chew happy, with a personality like an eager little kid and a curiosity to match only the strength of it's jaws.

Craig - Craig gets a Microraptor. Because Boxy thought it'd be funny.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/192 Posted Author
Argonian Gifts Mon Dec 24 Bloody-Feather

Aria Quicksteel: An enormous chest full of cheese, wine, and sharp weaponry, along with a bag of 100 coins. The chest is not particularly well-organized, and there is a knife in at least one of the wheels of cheese.

Dovahkiin Elen: A bag of cheese, delivered by mail. When she opens it, the bag explodes and thousands of wheels of cheese rocket everywhere. Somehow, Bloody-Feather managed to stuff a lot more cheese than is physically possible into a tiny space.

J'vassa: A single wheel of cheese inexplicably left balanced on his chest when he wakes up one morning.

Altair: A red feather and a dragon scale in a neatly-wrapped package.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/193 Posted Author
Season's Beatings … er, Greeting Mon Dec 24 Sagat

Yep, even Sagat is getting into the holiday spirit. Again.

Genghis Rex - A small, sealed flagon of Romulan ale. Note: "This is the strongest liquor I could manage to lay hands on. Enjoy it carefully, you're an uglier fossil than you are a living dinosaur and I don't want your lieutenants trying to avenge another defeat."
Goro - A kevlar-lined heavy punching bag, two or three times normal size. "Not like you need to work on your punching, but in case you have trouble finding convenient opponents when you need to hit something. Let me know if you break it and I'll round up some spares for you. (P.S. - Try not to fireball it; I have yet to find a punching bag that can stand up to even my Tiger Shots.)"
M. Bison, wherever he may be - A new uniform, extra-cheesy-looking (think of the live-action movie version's "off duty" outfit, except in even worse taste) in exactly his size.
Rubicante - A heavy punching bag … decorated to look like a giant fire extinguisher.
Raven DeVanos - A copy of the 2012 edition of "Jane's All the World's Fighters" … not about fighter jets, but street fighters and martial artists from Sagat's world. The included card has a note: "I would greatly enjoy a chance to test my skills and strength with you sometime."
Sakura Kasugano - A year's supply of Muay Thai training liniment (aka Namman Muay), like he gave her last year.
Any opponents he's faced this year that I'm not remembering - One jar each of Namman Muay. Instructions included recommend applying it early in a workout (after a light warm-up) and after a fight. It's meant to aid in blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good fight!

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/194 Posted Author
Gifts from Santa Mon Dec 24 Santa Claus

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the 'verse, good old Santa is back on his horse. That's figurative, not literal you see, for he truly pilots Reindeer in a sled flying free. Stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in all the Union's hopes that Saint Nick would soon be there. The Confederates were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of murder danced in their heads. Tyrael in his armor and Xiang in his lab, had just settled down for a short winter's truce, when out on Njorun arose such a clatter, and then on the Citadel, much in the same manner.

And to the windows we rise with speed of the Flash, matched only perhaps by Rainbow Dash. 'By the light of the moon!' Night Elves do proclaim, even as it drives all the Lunars insane. And then, what to wondering optics should appear, but a miniature sleigh and nine tiny reindeer, with a little old driver so lively and quick. There's no need to explain, it's got to be Saint Nick.

More rapid than warp nine his coursers they came, and with a merry chuckle he called them by name; "On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen! On Comet, on Cupid on Donder and Blitzen! And Rudolph with your nose so bright, paint the target with your laser so I can gift them mid-flight!"

And oh the gifts! How do they begin? To the home of Cell, and the perfect being within! For the test tube android thing, the socks of a king! Comfy, soft, and fuzzy and warm, they come in a basket, bright, gay, and vibrant, a garish and colorful swarm! But that's not all, they don't come alone, for the villainous being, a shirt worthy of he; lime green and with text written marvelously: "I ate the androids and all I got was this tee."

Katt is next, much to her chagrin; a blanket and pillow, and knapsack to roll it in. Some oil too, only the best of course, sent at the request of a friend to keep those legs of hers running like a horse!

Priscilla the Crossbreed, I'm told, her tail is in need. And that's why she gets a warmer. Matching white-gray, extra EXTRA fur for those cold snowy days in the painted world of Ariamis.

Stadler, first name Richard, needed a gift, I heard, to help on his zombie kill shift. A small little charm all fun and no harm sewn into the sole of his boot. Just a small trinket that renders no more than ten bites null and moot, just so Rick doesn't become Zombie food.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/195 Posted Author
Gifts from Santa 2 Mon Dec 24 Santa Claus

Loki of Asgard receives coal and a tub of lard. Three truck-fulls of each! Hopefully to him, a lesson this will teach.

Beautiful Rose Petal, a name for a flower none others can be as sweet, making a Promethean into a human is no easy feat! And that's why, for no more than a few days, until New Years I say, a little Christmas Magic can help… A human she shall be, and will find a friend in her new pet Gastly.

A gift on request, at someone else's behest, for Kagurazaka Yuna, this one is rough. A sudden burst and increase an IQ, well granting that is kind of tough! But on Christmas Day, Yuna can shout hip hip hooray with a grand cheer and a yell. Because under the tree is a Speak and Spell.

Yuna though, gifted yet again, a picture of Yuri, her old dearest friend. She's as fine as can be from all you can see, feasting all she can eat on a planet made entirely of curry. But to be a healer too, that one's a bust, the note clearly says "In your strength you must trust. I can't give you that, it simply wouldn't be fair, you must learn and see for yourself what poetential is there."

Madoka Kaname, a goddess indeed, bringing hope with a smile to those in need… For a few days she can lay down to rest. Because for all of Christmas to New Years not one Soul Gem will fall under duress. The pain of the world, the sorrow and grief, for today the avatar of hope and Magical Girls will find relief.

Akemi Homura you cheeky thing, A bunker buster, that kind of thing? Well under the tree you'll find not just one but three.

To a little pony named Dash, the one built like a horse, a simple note: 'To learn martial arts look to yourself, of course!'

Serori the Saiyan who's missing her tail, will find it has grown back true and without fail. Of course a result of this No. 9 gets a note: 'Don't forget your promise, I'll hold you to that one quote. Lest next year Christmas you'd like to get smote.'

To Elio and Noh, two gleaming shining things. 'From Santa, with love', two very special rings.

In that crazy MMO- you know, SAO- in beginner town; all the children in need, plushies from Santa they shall receive. Sasha will find, much to her relief, the church a safe zone, no hostile guildie may creep.

Four friends of Adalinda, they all get her note: of the details of Witches and all that she wrote. And for all of Christmas, that marvelous day, their Soul Gems resplendent and shining will stay.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/196 Posted Author
Gifts from Santa 3 Mon Dec 24 Santa Claus

To Lupita and Aethra, two trolls in their hive: not signs of entry, forced or connived. Instead Saint Nick, he used that old key, supplying the trolls with tons of jerky. But for Aethra, a present at Lupita's request: loads of colored fabric, only the best!

Into the lair of the Bacterians, Santa does fly, braving minions, boss-mini, and traps, let's hope it doesn't go awry! A rough tumble journey, he should have taken the car, this was really the toughest gift delivery by far! But by the girl's bedside Dark Force will find… An Xbox 360, all set and primed.

For the girls in the care of Lamb, Eleanor; interested couples looking to adopt daughters knocking upon the door!

To Maya the Junker: A special little doll. She knows what it is, it's the one she recalls.

Sorry Metal Man, your request can't be met. Coal comes natural to every Confed. But in reparation Santa leaves something more. A happy little puppy scratching under your door.

Kino Makoto you ask it again, wisdom and knowledge, last year I told you to look within! It's fine though, okay, I really don't mind. To help run your nation, an assistant you'll find. A hotline to a certain smart little elf, call him when you need advisement and help

To a girl name Mallory stuck in a coma, things seem to be in for the long haul. A teddy bear with cute little claws, any bad dreams he will maul. And for her brother, that doctor named Lance, several medical treatises of techniques quite advance.

James Braddock, Helljumper extreme, a gift that will make him most serene. Palhazen Brandy, dated and true. And that certain special shotgun, all just for you. Of course thats not all, a pack to survive, harsh conditions, all kinds, to ensure he will thrive.

Sasha Prokop'yevna, a name hard to pronounce, gets a signed bottle of North Pole Vodka, packed with alcohol in each ounce. But this bottle, the note says, is just for display; if ever opened it will go right away.

To a pair of Alchemists first names Al and Ed, presents from Winry under their beds. Automail kit and armor polish to keep them in top shape everywhere they demolish.

For Tony Stark, philanthropist millionaire playboy, a gift to bring him and Pepper Potts unlimited joy. At the beach house in Maibu, not just candy and food. Barry White is there. He'll be singing just for you.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/197 Posted Author
Gifts from Santa 4 Mon Dec 24 Santa Claus

To the Monsters of Minecraft, a token loving and maybe not so small. A banquet set down, humans invited one and all. For Christmas day, the spirit and cheer, allows humans to dine with the Mincraft Crew without fear. A delicious series of a seven course meal, and lots of melons too, because it's ideal.

Hina Kagiyama, a humble request. To be closer to the Union and help more direct in their quest. A shield of fine steel, the form this gift will take, and a note to explain, complete it will make: "Healing the mind is a task tough but noble. If it's fighting resolve you seek, now that's quite some trouble. Protecting another just as noble indeed. Resolve comes from within, nothing special you need. Just hold onto this shield when you think you're in a pinch, and believe in yourself, things'll be a cinch.

Aldebaran the Cultist, a surprising season's greeting. A flash of red and white at the next Hastur cult meeting.

Eila Juutilainen a name hard to rhyme, believe me I searched, it took quite some time. A near rhyme, the closest, was the best I could do! A dress of fine linen, pretty in white, will make Eila quite the beautiful sight. But that's not all, there is something more. A picture frame so special it can be found in no store. Sleepy kittens and cats make up its decor, bearing a cute picture of Sanya having a snore.

From Raven DeVanos, this gift is given in name. To the children of old Annu, a teddy called 'Sunrase' with a Caste Mark of blue flame. His purpose is simple, wherever he's known: to bring them smiles and memories of home.

No pets, however, on the chocobo farm, this year the kids all get stuffed animals woven from yarn.

Bradley Carbuncle, quite the pickle youre in, your girl will go crazy and the 8-balls answer was hazy? I get it, I see, thats why youve come to me, well fear not my boy I will bring you some joy. Its not much, all it is; just a little hope: A treatise on going Rampant, you should read it, this is no joke. Its complex, full of jargon, much more than you might have bargained. But with some research and work of your own, you might help Jenny stay in the Sane Zone.

Kevin Graham, your sister is sweet. For your sake she wishes you never meet defeat. From Santa a trinket small from your faith, an amulet of Aidios its power will keep you safe. The magic of Christmas imbued in this one, it will keep you from death anytime just once.

To the people of Spira, this gift is quite grand, wherever they exist, memories of Aurons demand. To recall the good times and not the bad to go to Farplane not quite as sad. To Yuna the summoner memories so fond. Of the times shared with Tidus and old Auron.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/198 Posted Author
Gifts from Santa 5 Mon Dec 24 Santa Claus

Harry the Wizard, Dresden's his name, for a day nothing goes wrong, not a single death to report where there's normally a throng. And to that effect, a day he can rest, kick back and throw down a beer from Santa's personal reserve, only the best.

To Lute, a gift, even though his letter came late. A flintlock pistol, "I'll see you next year." That's 365 days to fear.

And those are the gifts you all asked for this year. It is time for me to depart, sadly, I fear. But do not worry, in a year from now, next Christmas day, Ill be back again without further delay. So once again to the young, or those young at heart, so long til next year, oh how I hate to part.

So I tell you now, next year get a head start! Write your gifts in advance and youll sure feel smart. But thats not all, one last note I shall leave, to a bender named Jung: Yes, so do believe! And it is to her the last of the gifts, pills of Instant Courage, just chew to bits! Theres nothing real special there just so you know. Theyre sugar pills, a placebo!

There you have it, the last present request, but thats not all, theres always coal, the naughty list consisting of most in the Confederate fold. And with a ringle-jingle and a merry prance, Reindeer off each roof top merrily dance. The old elf is gone, hes now taken flight… Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
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Mechanicus Christmas Tue Dec 25 Churning Gears

Gifts from Gears! Oh boy!

Aelin Taurus - Aelin gets her very own creepy floaty Servo Skull. It takes pictures, records videos, writes memos ON ACTUAL PARCHMENT! It can also be used as a macabre cellphone. It occasionally may lick her. - "To my friend. Note: His name is Mister Inquisitus the III, and only responds to being called as such."

Undefeated Crow - A pattern schematic of a standard Bolter shell. That is to say, an armor piercing mini rocket. It has however, seemed to have been tweaked. There's a space within the design that seems to be means devised for Sorcery spells to be stored within. - "A trade. Knowledge for knowledge. Omnissiah protect your every step."

To Shas'El Sa'Cea Var Shi'ur Shokah: A relic autocannon. The couplings and fittings have been HERETICALLY modified to be linked to TERRIBLE SCUMBAG XENO TECHNOLOGY. Specifically, it looks like the massive machinegun has been modded to attach to Shokah's power armor and give her the option of solid ammunition as well as Tau energy tech. - "For a Xeno, I always did not mind your company. Omnissiah be with you."

TO THE ADEPTUS MECHANICUS of the Exalted 40k Universe - Three tons of SEMTEX plastic expplosives. To be planted in a terrorist manner within the homes of High Magi all over the planet and timed to go off specifically when no one is present. Property damage is massive, but no forges nor knowledge is harmed. The explosions dot holy Mars are visible from space. They read out a message: - "Merry Christmas. - From Severus."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
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Hearthwarming Fabulousity Tue Dec 25 Rarity

To the other Ponies—

Rainbow Dash - A pair of the ponyfied hoodies Rarity has been working on. One is in Dash's own colors, cyan blue with rainbow stripes in the trim and tie-strings. The other is darker blue with yellow lightning zigzags woven into the cuffs and trim, Wonderbolt colors. Maybe she finally got the hint that Dash would like 'hip' instead of 'frilly'…

Twilight Sparkle - A lavander cotton nightgown and matching nightcap, that has had stars and such stitched into it with a silvery thread that sparkles faintly. It's really quite warm, because lets face it, she's going to spend more cool nights stargazing or studying than actually sleeping in it.
Spike gets a box labeled 'Gemstones Across Equestria'. Looks like it was a souvenir from the Canterlot museum, but to a young dragon it's more like a deluxe Lunchables assortment.

Fluttershy - A yellow and pink picinic blanket and a matching cloth cover for a basket, for all the summer afternoons to be spent taking care of her friends in the forest.

Applejack - Also gets a large picinic blanket and basket cloth, though hers is in the colors of all the Apple family: orange, yellow, red and green.

Pinkie Pie - A big box of sequins, glitter, tacky rhinestones and an old Bedazzler. Though there's also a note reminding her to -ask- people before decorating their things, less we have any more 'incidents'. How Pinkie Pie could get a Bedazzler to work on a -car- is anyone's guess…

Sweetie Belle, Applebloom and Scootaloo - Several arts and crafts books and supplies. For their clubhouse. So they won't make a mess in her shop every time they decide to try and get 'artsy smartsy' cutie marks. x.x

Vinyl Scratch - Rarity can only tolerate so much 'wub', so instead she sent the DJ a dozen or so glow in the dark crystals of various colors to go with whatever this 'rave party' thing her or Pinkie occasionally gush about.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
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Hearthwarming Fabulousity II Tue Dec 25 Rarity

Yuna Kagurazaka - A bright silver horseshoe pendant. The horseshoe has six small stones set in it, each one in one of the Knights' primary color. It could be taken as a way of reminding her they'll always be close to her heart.

Makoto Kino - A new baker's apron and matching oven mitts of white and green, and the materials has been magically treated to make it super heat resistant. You may be royalty but don't stop doing the things that you enjoy doing for yourself.

Mortimer - Remember a long time ago when you showed Rarity those steampunkish designs as a suggestion? It took a while but that finally came through, and now Mort is the proud owner of a fine retro-victorian style longcoat and matching tophat.

Raditz - A somewhat comically sized 'no mess pake eating bib'. It has 'Just Sayian I'm Hungry!' printed in big bold letters on the front.

Jenny Wakeman - Geez, what do you get a girl that doesn't wear clothes because she's a robot? How about some metallic red bows for those 'pigtails' of hers?

Remilia Scarlet - A comfortable daycoat (aka a robe) that matchs the decor of her mansion, and a note promising to visit more often once the holiday rush is over.

Yunomi - A belt? A belt, with several gemstones set in it that will magically change color to compliment whatever outfit it is worn over. One less accessory to have to worry about matching when putting a new outfit together.

Tony Stark - She must of overheard talk about yatchs and whatnot on the radio or something, because Tony gets a toy model version of a Canterlot airship-yatch.

Raven DeVanos - A new pillow and blanket, the pillow stuffed with some of those warm chocobo feathers she'd been getting from her, and the blanket is extra-extra-large to allow room for a few frightened kids (or pokemon) on stormy nights. A smaller matching blanket is included for Aries, suitable for a sleeping basket (she still thinks Umbreon is some sort of black cat, sorry n_n;)

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
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Hearthwarming Fabulousity III Tue Dec 25 Rarity

And for the bad guys—

Jinx - A set of booties (all four hooves), hat and scarf to match those jackets she always seems to get. Because a jacket is just a fancy cover-up without some proper ~accesorizing~!

Winter Frost - A fruitcake, in the fine tradition of needing a present for someone you really don't like. That's been decorated with a ribbon and ruffly lace ring to try and pretty it up a bit. But it's still just a fruitcake. The accompanying card reads 'I was going to send you a humble pie, but this is all the Cakes had left. Of course, I still made it work. - R'

Nightmare Moon - A winter themed nightcap and several holiday banners. Because even that drafty old ruin of a castle could use some proper seasonal decor. It's delivered in a decorated bucket to put her inevitable coal in.

Lotor - A thank you card, of sorts, for the harem outfit? 'Nice costume, but Nightmare Night was so three months ago.' Zing!

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